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Heartwarming / Vicious

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  • Stuart standing up for Freddie when Chloe disrespects him and his acting career.
  • Freddie proposing to Stuart.
  • Ash saying that he considers Freddie and Stuart to be his parental figures
  • Penelope mistaking Mason for her dead husband, who goes along with it to spare her feelings. Could also be Tear Jerker.
  • Freddie defending Stuart when he expects Stuart's mother to start being homophobic. It turns out that Mrs Bixby doesn't mind, but it is still a very sweet thing for Freddie to do.
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  • When Stuart's mother dies before the wedding, Freddie and the others decide to keep this from Stuart so he thinks that his mother did see him getting married, because it is what he always wanted.
  • Stuart and Freddie dancing together in the nightclub.
  • Freddie and Stuart holding hands in the gym after convincing themselves that they will die in the gym They're stuck in their equipment.
  • Mason going along with Penelope's belief that he is her former husband Robert.
  • Freddie giving Ash advice on a girl that Ash is going out with.
  • Ash decking Violet's asshole of a husband.
  • Violet and Ash are having financial troubles and Stewart and Freddie both, without the other one knowing until later, put money that Stewart received from his mother's will into Violet and Ash's back accounts.
  • Penelope telling Mason that she is scared that she is losing her memory and Mason telling her that he is there for her and giving her a little kiss on the cheek.

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