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The following is a list of the episode titles and summaries of the ITV "Sitcom" "Vicious", centred on the relationship of an elderly gay couple and their friends.

Note: This page is still in progress.

Series 1

  1. "Wake": Freddie and Stuart hold a wake following the death of their old friend, Clive, who may or may not have a crush on Freddie in their youth. They also meet their young neighbour Ash, whose sexual orientation they thoroughly debate.
  2. "Cheat": When out buying Ash clothes, he, Violet and Penelope see Stuart, and presume that he is having an affair. Stuart reveals that he in fact has a job, but when Freddie jumps to the same conclusion, he lies and pretends he thinks Stuart is cheating to save his pride.
  3. "Audition": Freddie has a important audition coming up, and encourages Ash to go into acting too. But when Ash lands a much better role after just one audition, Freddie becomes jealous and depressed. Stuart hates Freddie's new behaviour, and schemes to get him back to normal.
  4. "Clubbing": After getting a job at a nightclub, Ash invites Freddie, Stuart, Mason and Penelope clubbing with him. Freddie becomes popular with Ash's friends, leaving Stuart out. But when he feels isolated because of his age, Freddie tries to make up with Stuart.
  5. "Dinner Party": Freddie and Stuart invite Ash and his new girlfriend, Chloe, over for a dinner party. Freddie and Stuart dislike Ash and Chloe's seemingly perfect, loving relationship, but begin to enjoy themselves when the cracks begin to show in the young couple's relationship.
  6. "Anniversary": Freddie and Stuart throw a party to celebrate their 49th anniversary. But when Ash accidentally tells Stuart's mother and she turns up, Stuart decides that he finally needs to tell her about him and Freddie.

Christmas Special

Christmas Special: Freddie and Stuart invite everyone over for a Christmas dinner, but things don't go smoothly. Ash creates havoc in the kitchen, Violet is bringing around yet another boyfriend, Freddie has an interesting holiday role, and a game of truth and dare reveals something that happened fifty years ago.

Series 2

  1. "Sister": Violet announces that her wealthy sister is coming to visit. So Violet and the rest of the gang stage an elaborate plan to save Violet from humiliation. But can Stuart pass as straight? And when Ash comes round to introduce his girlfriend, Jess, the two of them get a shock.
  2. "Gym": Freddie and Stuart join Ash at the gym, but get taken advantage of by a fitness instructor selling package membership deals. Meanwhile, Violet and Penelope makes themselves at home in the boys' flat when they are out.
  3. "Ballroom": The gang join Ash and Jess at ballroom dance class, where Stuart becomes the teacher's pet, leaving Freddie in a huff. And Violet gets close to the teacher in a very different way.
  4. "Stag Do": Stuart excitedly plans the wedding, putting Freddie under pressure to get an acting job to fund it. Meanwhile, Ash and Violet are both single and consider dating new people.
  5. "Flatmates: After Freddie and Stuart have a falling out, Stuart moves in with Ash and Violet moves in with Freddie. It doesn't go to plan
  6. "Wedding": It is Freddie and Stuart's big day, but a death and the arrival of Jasper, Violet's husband, ensures that things don't go smoothly.

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