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For the Alternative History Novel

Contains Spoilers, naturally. Ye Be Warned.

May 7, 2016- Iwo Jima Interrupt, Rumford cashiered the next day.

February 2017- the Housing Project battle, where a group of tenants wish to evict some drug dealers and prostitutes, but a court won't let them, because that would be discrimination. Rumford is hired as a consultant, leading to the formation of the Christian Marines, and ending with tarring and feathering of a federal judge.


April 2017- Rumford meets Bill Kraft after the latter speaks out at a Tea Party meeting because they're too mainstream.

2019- beginnings of US financial meltdown, runaway inflation. The "dollar bubble" bursts.

Autumn 2020- the caricature gay lobby takes over Maine, the Christian Marines arrange a mass boycott of schools and a torchlight march on the Governor's manner. Oct. 3, they record and broadcast Governor Snidely Hokem admitting to being blackmailed after getting a blowjob from a drag queen and that's the end of that. The Maine First party forms.

June 2021- the Evil Feds try and house 350 black parolees in Bangor, evicting many white families from a federal housing apartment complex. The program is announced on the 22nd of June. On the 25th, the Christian Marines have a meeting to discuss stopping it. Father Dmitri is introduced and suggests turning the apartment complexes over to Christian refugees from Egypt. This plan worked helluva fast and well, because just two days later, on the 27th is the battle of Seabasticook. When the federal troops were sent in to seize the apartments and were ambushed by a plaid militia clinging to the underside of a bridge. All the troops are taken as prisoners, zero bodycount. June 30th, in an open letter to the papers, they threaten the hostages if any further federal forces enter Maine. Feds, surprisingly, back down.


July 4th 2021- some of those parolees rape a group of nuns and butcher the children in their care. The response from the Cisneros administration is that this is just a drop in the bucket to the brutality and cruelty suffered by black people. This sparks a riot and peaceful nuns hurl the government spokeswoman from the top floor of a high-rise.

Nov 2021-March 2022 the Vermont arc. New law, juries must represent all America with a balanced mix of minorities, the local resistance calls Rumford early Nov. and he suggests locking up the system by insisting no trials take place til the law is satisfied. Gov. Fullarbottom starts importing jurors, so a Christian Marine organized recall campaign begins early Feb, results in March 7th, but the governor ignores the plebiscite. Mar 10th the Christian Marines kidnap the governor but promise to release him the day after his term expires. A massive manhunt finds no trace of the governor.


Nov 2022- Elections. the Maine First Party takes all state offices and 80% of both houses of the state legislature, inspiring the rise of [State] First parties throughout New England.

2023- Anti-smoking acts lead to a general breakdown of civilization as smokers resist and through the internet organize into a vast leaderless army. Maine revives nullification, simply declaring that federal law doesn't apply to them and daring the feds to come and try to force them. Also, runaway inflation adds six zeroes to the price of a Big Mac over the course of the year. Private ownership of gold is banned and foreign currency forcibly exchanged for dollars at some point in '23-24.

Dec. 7th, 2024- banks secretly cracked open for gold, jewlery and foreign money. Private ownership of gold is banned and foreign currency forcibly exchanged for dollars. Barter is forbidden and any items for which a receipt cannot be produced is seized by federal goons.

Dec. 27th 2024- the meeting in which Kraft, Rumford and Maine Governor Adams decide to issue their own money, selling national parks to Asians for foreign money to back it with.

March 2025- first Pine Tree Dollars issued. Federal government sets up Customs and Border Patrol to confiscate all valuable monies, like the Pine Tree Dollars, crossing the border.

July 2nd, 2025- Christian Marines take the Customs agents, the majority defect. July 4th the 13 loyalists are symbolically stripped, their butts painted red, and loaded onto a train for DC before cheering crowds.

Sept. 2025 to Feb. 2027- N'Orleans Flu pandemic begins with an 80% mortality rate. The "Great Panic" as people first flee the cities, then flee back into them chased by rural militias just as afraid of the plague.

2026- Maine amends State Constitution, requires all major issues to be decided by a general vote. 5,000 signatures necessary for any citizen to call for a referendum. Gov. Adams spearheads these reforms. In October, Adams calls a secret meeting in which he makes plans for Maine's secession.

Feb. 28 2027- signed agreement for China to develop hydroelectric dam in Bay of Fundy, and 100 year Chinese monopoly on power to the NC.

Summer 2027- July 27, Secession Crisis. Black gangs seize Newark New Jersey in days of rioting and looting. The ("good black") Christian population rise up and overcome the gangs by being even more brutally violent, and setting up a theocracy and a gallows. Aug. 3rd the Governor of New Jersey decides to charge the leaders of the Newark uprising with hate crimes, and restore the gangs to power. The National Guard is sent in on the 4th but turns and joins Newark. Aug. 5th, the President promises to send in the 82nd Airborne, Aug 8 Vermont becomes the first state to formally secede from the Union. New Hampshire secedes Aug 14th, Maine on the 22nd. 24th for South Carolina, first of the New Confederacy.

Aug 30th 2027- Conference on Northern Confederacy military doctrine and organization, just six weeks before the NC actually forms.

Sept. 2027- the Tsar's hundred WWII surplus T-34 tanks arrive at some point in the first week. The United Nations lend the U.S. Government ten trillion yen to keep it afloat and let it suppress the various insurrections. Army starts hiring gangbangers and turning them loose without training.

October 2027- Federal forces retake the Republic of Indiana, which did not raise a military for fear of provocation. Fort Wayne destroyed in a three day sack. Oct. 12th, the governors of Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont meet and found the Northern Confederacy. Somewhere around this time the New Confederacy, Libertas and Cascadia form.

December 2027- Federal forces retake Iowa.

January 2028- Federal forces retake Nebraska.

February 2028- Federal forces retake North and South Dakota.

March 2028- Federal forces retake Kansas. March 25th, President Warner announces US/Mexican "co-sovreignty" over Texas, Arizona and New Mexico. The Mexican army crosses the border two days later, to fierce resistance. These states finally secede. In response the feds destroy the Alamo in a drone strike. Texans so successful they counterstrike deep into Mexican territory, taking Monterrey on April 24th and San Luis Potosi on May 11th. April 25th the Aztec Empire is reborn and May 21st they claim Mexico City. May 23rd the New Aztecs sacrifice the US ambassador, Irving Zimmerman to the gods.

June 19 2028- Federal bombing and blockade of NC begins. Numero Uno division formed and "mobilized." Schoolyard hit and pilot captured. Gives an interview the next day about the mangled bodies of kids. June 26th, the Air Force starts train-hunting. In response NC special forces strike at airfields, kill planes and take 300 pilots hostage, while enabling a New Confederacy invasion of Washington. Federal capitol moved to Harrisburg Pennsylvania.

July 4 2028- A Russian ship tests the US blockade, is sunk. The cruiser that did the deed is immediately sunk by a Russian sub. American blockade ends as Feds back down.

July 15th, Connecticut secedes. Federal government now holds only eight states seperated by hostile territory.

Aug. 2 2028- Numero Uno division surrounded, surrenders without a shot fired. Three days later only a thousand soldiers of that division remain unhung.

Aug 6th 2028, New York secedes from the Union and joins the NC, less Manhattan, left out as a 'toxic gem.'

??? Timeline confusion.

Takes a step back, I think. July 19th Gov. Adams is assassinated and Bowen takes over, the assassins admit under torture to being US military. On the 23rd, fleeing Washington days before the invasion or the events that prompted it US President Warner is taken out by a kamikaze pilot, along with all the legitimate government. General Wesley Not-Clark declares martial law and a military dictarorship, the international community withdraws funding and support, this all takes five days and the US is done.

July 28th 2028- the Muslims conquer Boston with a vast multinational force and simultaneous uprising by Black Muslims. The UN votes to send a Muslim force there (for reasons?) and the first troops arrive within 24 hours. NC populace votes for war Aug. 15th, the Governors make it official the 16th. NC forces cross the border on the 17th of August and are fully in place by the 25th. Sept. 3rd the executions of infidels begin. Sept. 10th the Muslim navy sank with spar torpedoes and their airbase shelled into ruin. Sept 11th the enemy surrenders, their war material is seized by NC. During this time, all Christian Blacks in Mass. were shipped back to the Middle East as slaves, this information caused the Black Muslims to turn against the Arab ones and renounce their faith.

Nov 4 2028- CORN lays out their plan for "good blacks" to peacefully coexist with the white man. In essence by banning all nonessential Blacks from cities to segregated farms, and making any violent crime, drug possession or drug use by Blacks grounds for execution.

Nov. 17 2029- "Operation Isabella" mass forced deportation of Puerto Ricans who rioted following the CORN proposal but were encircled early and starved out inside two weeks.

?? 2028- proto-Azania moves capital to Berkley.

April 1st 2029- Deep Greener environmentalists, led by former Governor Bowen, take the Vermont State House before going down to... unusual riot gear that induces debilitating diarrhea. Deep Greeners deported.

May 15 2029- Bill Kraft elected Governor of Maine and "first among equals" of the NC governors with a suspiciously wide margin, 83% of the popular vote. Inaugurated on the 20th.

June 7th 2029, prisoner exchanges with the Arabs begin. July 23rd, first plague deaths among the returned, due to Muslim bio-weapon. Damage contained by precautionary quarantine.

Fall 2029- millions dead throughout the Middle East, the plague they planted in their prisoners breaks containment, and they enacted no quarantine on returning prisoners and so caught the NC's revenge bug.

?? 2029- Deep Green elected to all major positions of power in Cascadia cling on with both hands.

Oct 12 2029- the Slaughter at Dartmouth. Dozens of college professors killed with swords, by men in Crusader surplices, while monks chant 'Dies Irae' in the background after a speech by Kraft. Cultural Marxism no longer taught in the NC.

March 14 2031- final collapse of Pennsylvania to "orcs."

July 4 2031- former Canadian provinces of Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland, New Brunswick and Labrador join the NC.

March to Oct. 2032- New Confederacy tries and fails to restore order to Florida.

?? 2032- Cascadia outlaws meat. "Fair Discrimination" (reverse discrimination) begins in Azania.

Jan. 15 2034- NC votes to offer expertise and other nonmilitary aid to other Christian states.

March 13 2034- Rumford enters the New Confederacy.

March 29 2034- Nuking of Atlanta.

Dec. 5th 2034- Rumford is visited by a Nazi.

July 12th 2035- Rumford boards a plane to Japan. August 15th the blockade begins. August 24th they start airlifting in resistance fighters. Sept. 9th they announce they'll take surrenders and defectors, Sept. 20th an entire garrison turns their coats. Oct 7th the invasion begins and ends, the Chinese send a dud nuke to Maine and Rumford blows a ship in Beijing as a warning that they could smuggle a nuke in. The rebel leadership is deliberately destroyed by 'friendly fire' and the Pacific Northwest now belongs to Japan.

2037- Azania begins automatic abortion of all male infants.

May 21 2038- NC women start agitating against evils of Azania.

June 12 2038- Azania sends cruise missiles at the NC, to little effect.

June 22 2038- fist NC/Azania air battle. Crushing victory for the NC, due to incompetence and skittishness of female pilots.

Aug. 12th 2038 - further air-battles, further victories.

Aug 30th 2038- ground invasion of Azania by NC and New Confederacy forces begins and is almost ended by their artillery, however, coalition forces divert around.

Sept. 3rd 2038- the breakthrough and final victory over Azania. Azanian doomsday nukes thwarted by talking down the woman with the switch.

Spring 2039- Campaign to make Retroculture law is defeated, instead they shall rely on societal shaming and denial of services to enforce Retroculture. Shortly after, Rumford is recruited as an instructor in unorthodox tactics for the New Crusade.

Massive Timeskip ——

Nov 23 2053- NC Zeppelin L-370 downed in Algiers and the crew crucified. Dec. 6 the NC votes war of retaliation and this gives rise to Victoria name.

2054- Kraft dies.

2055- the trial and burning of the bishop.

May 6 2072- Rumford dies while plowing his field. On his grave he had it simply written "John Rumford- Farmer."


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