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A rough timeline of all the "episodes" of Universe Falls can be found here, as well as any Flashbacks/Time Travel that may take place later on in the story, and general descriptions of the episodes themselves.

Notes on Pre-Story info taken from this post and subject to change.

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Ancient History

Time Immemorial

  • Bill Cipher comes into existence.
  • Bill destroys the second dimension and takes over the Nightmare Realm.
  • The universe is born along with its countless lifeforms. (Humans and Gems included)

7000 B.C.

  • The Diamond Authority presides over the Gem Homeworld.
  • Gems arrive on Earth, their first scout ship (crash) landing in what would eventually become Gravity Falls, Oregon; the impact of their ship's landing forms a deep valley.
  • Pink Diamond establishes a Kindergarten colony on Earth; several Gem structures are built on the planet.

6000 B.C.

  • The Kindergartens are used to develop new Gems; Amethyst is formed (but does not emerge) in the Alpha Kindergarten. Jasper is formed in the Beta Kindergarten and Rose Quartz is also presumably formed on Earth.

5000 B.C. (Events not necessarily in order.)

  • Rose Quartz rebels against Homeworld; the war for Earth begins pitting the Homeworld forces against the Crystal Gems (lasts 1000 years).
  • Ruby and Sapphire fuse into Garnet for the first time and decide to stay together; Garnet joins the Crystal Gems.
  • Pink Diamond fakes her shattering and assumes the identity of Rose Quartz permenantly.
  • Lapis Lazuli is poofed, and trapped inside a mirror to be used as an interrogation tool.
  • The final battle at the Strawberry Battlefield takes place, many Gem warriors fall; Rose’s scabbard is lost.
  • The Diamond Authority makes a deal with Bill Cipher.
  • Homeworld loses the war and Homeworld Gems leave Earth; the Diamonds emit a sonic blast that corrupts many Gems in the process; Rose, Garnet, and Pearl are the only remaining Crystal Gems.
  • Forced fusion experiments commence as planning for the Cluster begins.


  • The Galaxy Warp goes inactive.
  • Era 2 of Gem production begins on Homeworld.
  • Amethyst is found in the Prime Kindergarten and joins the Crystal Gems.
  • Unnatural anomalies and strange creatures begin to congregate in the area that would become Gravity Falls.

1000 A.D.

  • Natives of Gravity Falls flee the valley, describing it as a “cursed land” following them making contact with Bill Cipher.

19th Century


  • Quentin Trembley wins the 9th Presidential Election of the United States in a literal landslide. However, his many silly and embarrassing policies lead him to be forced out of office, and William Henry Harrison is declared the 9th president of the United States.


  • Gravity Falls is founded by former president Quentin Trembley in an uncharted valley in the Pacific Northwest.


  • Drawn to the valley due to its odd properties, the Crystal Gems arrive in Gravity Falls and begin to investigate its anomalies.
  • The Crystal Gems construct the Gem Temple near the Floating Cliffs.


  • Pioneer William Dewey and the settlers accompanying him on the Oregon Trail to Gravity Falls are rescued from a gem monster by the Crystal Gems; however, Dewey is falsely hailed as the town hero due to a misunderstanding.


  • In order to cover up the fact that Quentin Trembley founded Gravity Falls (after he freezes himself in peanut brittle), Nathaniel Northwest deemed the founder of Gravity Falls and William Dewey is dubbed its first official mayor.
  • Dipper, Mabel, and Steven accidentally transport themselves back to pioneer times briefly. (As seen in "Lion and Waddles")
  • Nathaniel Northwest tricks the lumberjacks of Gravity Falls into building Northwest Manor of the false promise of allowing them into their annual party.


  • The first Northwest Party takes place, however Nathaniel Northwest breaks his promise and locks the townsfolk out. The Crystal Gems attempt to intervene over this injustice, but are ultimately too late. The lead lumberjack, Archibald Corduroy, is killed in the ensuing Great Flood of 1863 and vows revenge against the Northwests in his final breath.

Early 20th Century


  • Dipper goes back in time to recover Lion and accidentally meets Rose Quartz in the process. (As seen in "Lion and Waddles")

Mid 20th Century


  • Identical twins Stanford and Stanley Pines are born in Glass Shard Beach, New Jersey.


  • Stan and Ford start rebuilding an old ship they found in a cave.


  • Greg DeMayo is born.


  • Stan is disowned after ruining Ford’s science project, costing the family potential millions.
  • After being rejected from West Cost Tech, Ford enrolls in Backupsmore University.

Late 20th Century


  • Stan, now a solo drifter, travels in and out of the United States as a salesman and impoverished conman; he goes to prison at least 3 times.


  • Ford is accepted into the doctoral program 3 years ahead of schedule; he receives a research grant of $100000 for any field of his choice.


  • Ford arrives in Gravity Falls and begins documenting his research of its anomalies in Journal #1.
  • Ford meets Rose Quartz and the Crystal Gems; Rose and Ford become partners in researching Gravity Falls.

Before 1981

  • With the Gems' help, Ford is able to document extensive notes on Gem fusion, culture, history, biology, and weaponry
  • Rose shows Ford the remains of the crashed Gem ship. (Which he dubs Crash Site Omega)
  • Rose entrusts one of laser light canons with Ford, who hides it underground near his home


  • Rose and Ford hit a wall in their research; at this point, Ford encounters Bill Cipher, who offers to help him out by being his “muse”; Ford keeps this encounter a secret from Rose and the Gems.
  • Bill gives Ford plans for the Universe Portal; Ford and Rose begin construction on the portal along with Fiddleford McGucket
  • Ford begins to write Journal #3.
  • Ford, Fiddleford, Rose, and the Gems journey to Crash Site Omega to salvage a hyperdrive from the ship.
  • Disturbed by his encounter with the Gremgoblin, Fiddleford constructs the Memory Gun, much to Ford and Rose’s shared concern.
  • To protect their research, Ford, Fiddleford, Rose, and the Gems begin constructing an underground bunker; Rose and Ford hatch the Shapeshifter and raise it as a pet, only for it to turn on them and go rogue; they are forced to freeze it in a cryogenic tube.


  • The government begins to take notice of odd readings in Gravity Falls due to the universe portal.
  • Ford allows Bill to possess him so he can complete calculations on the portal; Rose encounters Ford in this state and becomes increasingly concerned.
  • Fiddleford implores Ford to give up on the portal, but Ford is adamant; at the same time, Rose confides in the other Gems that she has worries over the portal herself.
  • McGucket is nearly sucked into the portal and quits the project; in order to erase his mind from the horrors he's seen, he founds the Society of the Blind Eye; his mind begins to deteriorate due to extensive use of the mind erasing gun.
  • Rose and the Gems also break off from Ford after the portal accident, all of them horrified at the danger it could pose to the Earth.
  • Ford breaks off his deal with Bill after finding out that he had been deceived; as a result, he becomes increasingly paranoid.
  • Ford entrusts Journal 3 into Rose’s care; together, they hide it on the temple hill.
  • Ford contacts Stan, who comes to Gravity Falls in response; Ford attempts to entrust Journal 1 to Stan, but is sucked into the universe portal and is lost in an alternate dimension for 30 years.
  • Rose resolves to make sure that the other two journals remain hidden to prevent Stan from reopening the portal, even if its for the sake of saving Ford.
  • Stan begins running the Murder Hut, later renamed the Mystery Shack, in Ford’s house.


  • Greg DeMayo drops out of community college to become a professional musician, under the name Greg Universe, and tours the country with his manager Marty.


  • Greg holds a concert in Gravity Falls, and Rose Quartz is the only one who attends; Greg decides to stay in Gravity Falls with Rose and the two soon fall in love.
  • Greg begins working at the Murder Hut under Stan.
  • Greg learns about fusion from the Gems and unsuccessfully attempts to fuse with Rose.


  • Bill tricks Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl into allowing him to possess them so he can finally claim Rose's Gem; Rose manages to fight him out of the trio but their minds are essentially left broken as a result of his possession
  • To fix the damage done by Bill, Rose uses the memory gun to erase the Gems' memories of Bill, the portal, and even Ford


  • After meeting and gradually becoming friends, Stan and Amethyst start going on weekly Revenge Trips with one another.
  • Jesus “Soos” Ramirez is born.


  • Wendy Corduroy is born.


  • To earn extra money, Greg takes up a second job babysitting with Rose’s help; after this falls through, Stan helps Greg out by giving him a loan to buy the car wash.


  • Stan and Amethyst finally get arrested on a Revenge Trip; Rose and the other Gems break them out of prison.
  • Rose writes a letter of farewell to Ford containing hints as to the location of the Gems' memories in the event of his return; she entrusts this letter with Greg
  • Rose leaves a tape for her unborn child behind in Lion’s mane; she also hides the Crystal Gems' lost memories there as well
  • Rose Quartz “dies” giving birth to Steven Universe, who inherits her Gem.
  • Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl kidnap Steven and steal Greg's Van temporarily to try to find out who or what Steven is. Greg and the Gems eventually agree to help Steven grow up together


  • Twins Mabel and Mason "Dipper" Pines are born.
  • Connie Mahaeswaren is born.
  • Pacifica Northwest is born.

Early 2000's


  • Gideon Gleeful is born.
  • Dipper, Mabel, Steven, and Connie accidentally travel back to Gravity Falls ten years too early while fleeing the wrath of Blendin Blandin (As seen in "Blendin's Game"). There, they discover the reason Soos hates his birthday.
  • Soos begins to work at the Mystery Shack.


  • Steven moves in with the Gems after Greg completes the house in front of the temple.
  • Gideon finds journal 2 in the schoolyard of Gravity Falls Elementary

Present Events


  • Steven summons his shield for the first time.
  • Steven and Connie meet and become friends.
  • Steven meets Lion, who follows him home and becomes his companion.

May 2012

  • Dipper and Mabel come to Gravity Falls for the summer to stay with their Grunkle Stan.
  • Dipper and Mabel fend off the gnomes during their first day in Gravity Falls.

     Arc One - Magic and Mystery 
  • Chapter 1: The Shack Below. (Chapters 1-5 all take place on the same day)
    • When it turns out to be a slow day at the Mystery Shack, Dipper and Mabel decide to go explore the mysterious temple on the hill in the woods behind the Shack.
  • Chapter 2: The Temple Above
    • After Connie and the Gems both arrive at the Temple, Steven and Connie leave for the Mystery Shack with Lion.
  • Chapter 3: First Meeting
    • After an initially confused meeting between Steven, Connie, Mabel, and Dipper due to Lion (literally) running into Dipper and Mabel, the four quickly become friends.
  • Chapter 4: The Journal
    • After the four kids decide to have a race to the bottom of the hill, Dipper, lagging behind the other three, runs into the (fake) tree that leads him to a mysterious journal.
  • Chapter 5: Gem Glow
    • A ferocious monster known as the Centipeetle Mother shows up outside the Mystery Shack, and when the Gems have difficulty fighting it, Dipper and Mabel help them, Steven and Connie fight it by looking through Journal 3 to find any weaknesses it might have.
  • Chapter 6: The Legend of the Giant Woman.
    • After Stan takes Dipper and Mabel to Lake Gravity Falls to spend the day fishing, the twins run into Steven, Pearl, and Amethyst when they go to search the area for the Water Beetle. While they do so, Dipper tries to find a legendary lake monster, and Steven and Mabel spend much of the time trying to convince Pearl and Amethyst to show off their Gem powers of "fusion" and form Opal.
  • Chapter 7: Headhunters
    • Stan cons the townsfolk into coming to the grand re-opening of the Mystery Shack's wax museum, which includes new wax statues of the Crystal Gems and himself. When someone decapitates the four new wax figures in retribution, Steven, Mabel, Dipper, and Connie all go out to find who the "murderer" might be.
  • Chapter 8: The Cool Kids
    • Wendy and all of her friends invite Dipper, Mabel, Steven, and Lars along to check out a haunted convenience store on the outskirts of Gravity Falls (which, unfortunately, is right next to a large bed of alien moss Rose Quartz once tended to). While Dipper tries to impress the older kids, Steven tries to keep everyone safe.
  • Chapter 9: Strong in the Real Way
    • After witnessing (and hearing about) Sugilite's incredible strength, Steven and Dipper go see the Manotaurs for help getting stronger, despite Pearl's distrust of them. Meanwhile, Mabel tries to make Grunkle Stan presentable for a date with Lazy Susan.
  • Chapter 10: Magic and Mystery (Arc-ender: has two chapters devoted to it.)
    • When a Red Eye shows up several miles above Gravity Falls, Dipper, Mabel, and Steven must race against the clock to find the two Laser Light Cannons that once belonged to Steven's mother, Rose Quartz, in order to destroy the interstellar probe before it can destroy Gravity Falls.

     Arc Two - Mirror Gem 
  • Chapter 11: Lil’ Gideon
    • Steven, Dipper, Mabel, and the Gems all go to the Tent of Telepathy, home of Stan's nemesis "Lil' Gideon" Gleeful, a (phony) psychic. Gideon manages to convince Mabel to go out with him, and puts too much pressure on her to stop her from breaking up with him. When Steven and Dipper intervene on Mabel's behalf, they incur Gideon's fury.
  • Chapter 12: Copies and Clones
    • After finding a gem artifact that allows him to turn back time, Steven goes to a party thrown by Stan at the Mystery Shack, where Dipper has also found out that Stan's photocopying machine can make actual 3D copies of anything printed on it, including him! But Steven's plan to form a band composed of time duplicates of himself, and Dipper and his clones' plan to set up the perfect moment to ask Wendy to dance, both run into trouble.
  • Chapter 13: Bottomless Pit
    • The Gems and the Pines accidentally fall into the Mystery Shack's Bottomless Pit, where they pass the time by telling each other several short stories.
  • Chapter 14: Lion and Waddles
    • After an accident at a fair at the Mystery Shack causes Robbie to start dating Wendy, Dipper goes back with a "borrowed" time machine to try to stop the event that caused it from taking place, taking Mabel and Steven with him to help. Mabel takes the opportunity to relive the excitement of winning an adorable pet pig she calls "Waddles".
  • Chapter 15: Arcade Mania
    • When Steven and Mabel take the Crystal Gems and the Mystery Shack Crew to the Funland Arcade, Robbie challenges Dipper to a fight, and Garnet becomes hypnotized by Meat Beat Mania. And when Dipper brings the video game character Rumble McSkirmish to life to fight Robbie for him, things rapidly get out of hand for everyone.
  • Chapter 16: Summerween
    • After insulting the Summerween Trickster, the Mystery Kids, along with Pearl, Candy, and Grenda, must collect five hundred pieces of candy or be eaten by the monster. Meanwhile, Stan and Amethyst team up to scare away some obnoxious trick-or-treaters.
  • Chapter 17: An Indirect Kiss
    • Steve regales Connie with the story of how Amethyst cracked her Gem, and Steven tried to heal her using his mother's healing tears, while Dipper and Mabel accompanied Garnet and Pearl to Rose's healing spring to bring some of its water back for Amethyst.
  • Chapter 18: Measure Up
    • Steven discovers that he has the power to grow sentient watermelons. However, trouble arises when Gideon makes use of a size-changing flashlight to shrink Dipper, Mabel, and Steven down to a minuscule size and blackmails the Watermelon Stevens to aid him in his vendetta against Stan and the Gems.
  • Chapter 19: Gems and Journals
    • Steven, Connie, Dipper, and Mabel explore the Gem's temple, accidentally letting a monster loose in the process. Meanwhile, the Gems happen across Journal 3 and are shocked and appalled to find entries concerning them.
  • Chapter 20, Part 1: Mirror Gem
    • Steven, Dipper, and Mabel happen across a strange mirror with the ability to communicate with them. However, not everything about this seemingly friendly mirror is as it seems...
  • Chapter 20, Part 2: Waterfall Gem
    • After letting Lapis Lazuli free from the mirror, Steven and the twins set off along with the Gems, Connie, Stan, Soos, and Greg to restore the waterfall that Lapis stole to build a tower into space.

     Arc Three - Dreamscaperers 
  • Chapter 21: Irrational Treasure
    • As Gravity Falls celebrates Pioneer Day, Dipper, Mabel, Steven, and Connie try to unravel a conspiracy about who really founded the town (and Mabel and Steven try to prove they're not "too silly"). Meanwhile, Amethyst tries to break Stan out of the stocks, much to Garnet and Pearl's chagrin.
  • Chapter 22: Space Race
    • The kids try to cheer up Pearl, who misses exploring the depths of space, by building their own space craft. Inspired by their efforts, Pearl uses a barn full of old junk to make her own working spaceship.
  • Chapter 23: The Deep End
    • On the hottest day of the summer, Steven and friends head to opening day at Gravity Falls' public pool. There, Mabel has a love affair with a mysterious boy named Mermando, Stan and Amethyst team up to take the perfect beach chair from Gideon, Dipper tries to impress Wendy by becoming an assistant life guard, and Steven and Connie try to patch up Lars and Sadie's relationship.
  • Chapter 24: Future Vison
    • Dipper and Steven learn more about Garnet's mysterious powers of "Future Vision" as Dipper investigates why Robbie is so easily able to influence Wendy. Meanwhile, Mabel and her friends discover a shocking secret about their favorite boy band, Sev'ral Timez, and team up with Pearl and Amethyst to save the boys from their evil manager.
  • Chapter 25: Miss Mystery
    • Mabel gets tired of Grunkle Stan's shabby treatment of his employees, and bets that she can make more money by running the Mystery Shack with kindness and respect. While Grunkle Stan tries to make a fortune on his favorite game show, Mabel enlists the help of Steven and the Gems in running the Mystery Shack.
  • Chapter 26: On the Run
    • Steven and Amethyst try to live on the road like the heroes of Steven's new favorite book series, The No-Home Boys, and Dipper tags along hoping to take his mind off how things are still cold between him and Wendy. But their journey takes them to a place that paints a darker shade on the history of the Crystal Gems, especially Amethyst.
  • Chapter 27: The Land Before Swine
    • Steven tries to reach out to and tame Centipeedle, one of the Gem monsters held in the temple. He ends up dragging her along on a mission to save Mabel's pet pig Waddles when the pig is abducted by a ferocious pterosaur from a lost world beneath Gravity Falls.
  • Chapter 28: Straight To Video
    • Steven finds his sleep constantly interrupted by Lion. After a sleep-over at the Mystery Shack, Steven finally realizes Lion is trying to show him a secret about Steven's Missing Mom, Rose Quartz.
  • Chapter 29: Revenge Trip
    • After being pranked by Gideon, Stan and Amethyst set out on a "Revenge Trip" in order to get even with him. Along the way, the pair reminisces about how they first met and some of their previous escapades.
  • Chapter 30, Part 1: Dreamscaperers
    • Gideon turns to desperate measures to steal the deed to the Mystery Shack, summoning a sinister "dream demon" named Bill Cipher to invade Stan's mind and steal his memories. Using a spell from Journal 3, Dipper, Mabel, Soos, and Steven journey into Stan's mind to stop Bill.
  • Chapter 30, Part 2: Gideon Rises
    • Gideon manages to steal away ownership of the Mystery Shack, forcing Stan and the twins to move in with Steven. Things look bleak for our heroes, especially when Stan decides to send Dipper and Mabel home early, and Gideon steals Journal 3 away from Dipper.

     Arc Four - The Return 
  • Chapter 31: Scary-oke
    • Stan gets the Mystery Shack back, and he and his family are prepared to celebrate with a grand re-opening party. But Stan's secret project in the basement attracts the attention of two government agents who put the Crystal Gems on edge, and Dipper's desperate attempt to impress the agents unleashes an undead horror on the Mystery Shack.
  • Chapter 32: The Golf War
    • A day at the local mini-golf course leads to a fierce showdown with Mabel and Connie facing Pacifica Northwest, one complicated by the discovery of a civilization of living golf-balls working behind the scenes. Meanwhile, Stan convinces the Gems to join him in a little "revenge trip" against the Northwest family.
  • Chapter 33: Marble Madness
    • Tension grows between Dipper and Steven and the Crystal Gems when the boys claim to have seen someone or something else using the Warp Pads. While the Gems stubbornly insist they're seeing things, Dipper and Steven's investigation leads to an unsettling discovery, and an encounter with a new enemy from the old Gem Homeworld.
  • Chapter 34: Into the Bunker
    • Steven, Garnet, and Amethyst join Soos, Wendy, and the Pines twins on a journey into a mysterious bunker owned by the Author, hoping to find clues to his identity. But a number of factors complicate the mission, including Dipper's fears over confessing his crush on Wendy, Amethyst's desire to prove herself to Garnet, and a sinister figure from a forgotten part of the Crystal Gems' past.
  • Chapter 35, Part 1: Fusion Fiascos - Alone Together
    • Steven struggles with learning how to fuse from the other Crystal Gems. But with some encouragement from his friends, Steven and Connie make an amazing discovery: Steven has the unique ability to fuse with humans! Now "Stevonnie" is out and about, ready to see what Gravity Falls has to offer them.
  • Chapter 35, Part 2: Fusion Fiascos - Together Forever
    • Steven throws a party while the Gems are away on the mission, but things take an unexpected turn when he and Mabel fuse! Is Gravity Falls ready for the unbridled enthusiasm of "Maven"? And can Maven be convinced to de-fuse, or will they want to stay... together forever?
  • Chapter 35, Part 3: Fusion Fiascos - Forever Alone
    • Steven and Mabel's attempt to help Dipper take a break from his research and unwind has an unexpected side effect when Steven and Dipper both get caught up in the moment and fuse together. But the newly-formed "Stepper" is literally of two minds about the whole "fusion" business, and an old foe rearing their pointy, sarcastic head forces the issue to come to a dramatic height.
  • Chapter 36: Rose's Scabbard
    • A trip to an old Gem memorial leads to Steven, Dipper, and Mabel learning more about Rose Quartz... and her wildly-conflicting histories with both Pearl and Grunkle Stan. But Pearl becomes increasingly distressed when the evidence of the Journal, and the kids' recent adventures, suggests Pearl wasn't the only one Rose confided in...
  • Chapter 37: Blendin's Game
    • The Mystery Kids attempt to cheer up Soos on his birthday, which he hates for some reason. But a vengeance-seeking Blendin Blandin sends Steven, Connie, and the Pines Twins on a time-hopping adventure that leads to a few discoveries about the friendly handyman's past, and to a fierce showdown in the future blood-sport known as Globnar.
  • Chapter 38: The Dinner Shack
    • The friendship between the Mystery Kids is endangered after an argument between Grunkle Stan and Connie's strict mother. The kids hope to smooth things over with a dinner party at the Mystery Shack, but between Stan's coarseness and the Crystal Gems collectively (in the guise of Alexandrite) posing as Steven's mother, can they pull it off?
  • Chapter 39: Dipper and Lapis
    • Dipper investigates a mysterious object that crashed near the cliff by the falls, and discovers an unexpected guest... Lapis Lazuli! As Lapis recovers from her journey back to Earth, she and Dipper strike up an unlikely friendship. But it turns out there's a reason Lapis left Homeworld, and it could have dire repercussions for the Crystal Gems.
  • Chapter 40, Part 1: The Return
    • Gravity Falls is sent into a panic when a mysterious hand-shaped spaceship appears in the sky. As the citizens evacuate and the Crystal Gems prepare for the awaited showdown with Peridot and her terrifying bodyguard Jasper, Steven and the Mystery Twins both have a tough decision ahead... do they flee from the overwhelming odds with the rest of the townsfolk, or do they stay and fight?
  • Chapter 40, Part 2: Jailbreak
    • In a desperate attempt to help Steven and the Gems escape the clutches of Homeworld, Dipper and Mabel sneak aboard Peridot's ship. With the help of some unexpected new friends, Steven and the Mystery Twins stage a daring jailbreak, leading to showdowns, songs... and sacrifices.

     Arc Five - Not What He Seems 
  • Chapter 41: Full Disclosure
    • The Mystery Kids are left reeling from Homeworld's attack on Gravity Falls. As Dipper struggles with his guilt over Lapis Lazuli's sacrifice, Mabel struggles with her guilt over keeping the events a secret from Grunkle Stan, and Steven struggles with his guilt over his friends and family getting hurt for his sake, their friendship is put to the test.
  • Chapter 42: Joy Ride
    • Wendy and her friends offer Steven, Dipper, and Mabel a much-needed break by offering to take them to the big Woodstick music festival, though Steven is reluctant to shirk his duties as a Crystal Gem, Dipper is more interested in tracking down Peridot and getting even, and Mabel is more interested in a possible match-making opportunity between Robbie and Tambry. Meanwhile, Stan tries to capitalize on the music festival as a chance to build publicity for the Mystery Shack.
  • Chapter 43, Part 1: Sock Opera, Part 1
    • Dipper tries to crack the password on the old laptop found in the Author's bunker, hoping it can unlock more of the Author's secrets... and information on Gems that he can use to help Lapis Lazuli. But when Mabel and Steven are distracted trying to put on a puppet show to impress Mabel's latest crush, tensions rise between the Mystery Twins... to the point where Dipper is ready to make a desperate deal with an old foe.
  • Chapter 43, Part 2: Sock Opera, Part 2
    • Things are looking dire when Bill Cipher double-crosses Dipper; the laptop is destroyed, Dipper is trapped on the astral plane, Bill takes Dipper's body for a pain-filled joyride, and Steven is blackmailed into keeping the whole thing quiet. Despite the grim odds, the boys must find some way to warn Connie and Mabel before Bill can get his hands on Journal 3.
  • Chapter 44: Do It For Them
    • Connie, looking to make herself more useful to the team, begins sword-training under Pearl, and Dipper, still recovering from the events of "Sock Opera", insists on joining her. But between Dipper's physical (and mental) wounds, and Pearl's rather extreme views on self-sacrifice, Steven and Mabel both have every right to be worried by this turn of events.
  • Chapter 45: Soos and the Real Girl
    • Steven and Dipper try to help Soos find a date for his cousin's engagement party. When Soos buys a dating simulation to practice talking to women, he finds the love interest .GIFfanny is a very real (and very obsessive) artificial intelligence. Meanwhile, Jamie the mailman develops a crush on Garnet, and Mabel and Connie try to gently convince him that Garnet's not interested.
  • Chapter 46: Keeping it Together
    • The Gems investigate the old Gem Kindergarten, trying to find out Peridot's plans for it, and bring along Dipper and Mabel (and Stan, who tags along to keep the twins safe). While Pearl, Amethyst, and Stan butt heads with Peridot (and Stan and Pearl butt heads with each other), Garnet and the kids make a disturbing discovery in the depths of the Kindergarten.
  • Chapter 47: Society of the Blind Eye
    • Dipper finally finds a lead in his search for the Author of the Journals, and it points to an unlikely suspect: Old Man McGucket! A sinister mind-erasing cult known as the Society of the Blind Eye might be the key to unlocking the lost memories of both McGucket and the Crystal Gems. But there are those who might be tempted by the Blind Eye's offer of a life free of troubling memories...
  • Chapter 48, Part 1: The Ballad of Rose and Greg - Like A Comet
    • On a lazy, rainy afternoon at the Mystery Shack, Greg passes the time by telling the kids the story of the night he came to Gravity Falls and first met Stan, the Crystal Gems... and the love of his life, Rose Quartz.
  • Chapter 48, Part 2: The Ballad of Rose and Greg - We Need to Talk
    • When Greg discovers that Steven has the power to fuse with humans, he relates his own experiences with Gem fusion, and how they lead to some much-needed development in his relationship with Rose.
  • Chapter 49: Northwest Mansion Nightmare
    • The Northwests hire Dipper to deal with a ghost that threatens to disrupt their big annual party, but Dipper's investigation leads him to discover just how bad the Northwests can be... and to an unlikely friendship with Pacifica Northwest. Meanwhile, Steven and Connie try to retrieve Rose's sword from Connie's mother, who's confiscated it, only to find the ghost isn't the only terrifying creature stalking Northwest Mansion.
  • Chapter 50, Part 1: Not What He Seems
    • Life in Gravity Falls is thrown for a loop yet again when Agents Powers and Trigger return to have Grunkle Stan arrested and the Mystery Shack and the Gem Temple placed under lockdown. As Stan's deepest secrets come to light, Dipper, Mabel, Steven, and the Crystal Gems must evade the government agents and discover the truth for themselves. But every clue they find seems to shake their trust in Stan further, and it all comes to a head when they discover the mysterious machine in the Mystery Shack's basement.
  • Chapter 50, Part 2: A Tale of Two Stans
    • The Author of the Journals has returned to Gravity Falls... and he's Stan's long-lost twin brother! As the Gems and the Mystery Kids try to make sense of this Earth-shaking revelation, Stanley and Stanford regale the others with their back-story: their childhood together in Glass Shard Beach, NJ and the tragic mistake that drove them apart; Stanley's struggle to survive on his own and Stanford's early days in Gravity Falls and his friendship (and falling out) with the Crystal Gems; and the day Stanford vanished into the multiverse and Stanley took his place in a moment of desperation.

     Arc Six - Pyrite 
  • Chapter 51: Lost and Found
    • With Stanford's return to Gravity Falls, there's a lot of tension in the air between friends, family, and allies alike, and one burning question that hangs in the air... what happened to the Crystal Gems' memories? Did Rose Quartz really have something to do with their memories disappearing? And will the Gems want to remember what they've forgotten after all these years?
  • Chapter 52: Cry For Help
    • When the kids accidentally intercept a message from Peridot, the Crystal Gems rush to take out the communication hub with the help of Sardonyx, a showy and flamboyant fusion of Garnet and Pearl. But tensions are still high among the Crystal Gems, and a secret kept by Pearl threatens the team's bond.
  • Chapter 53: Dungeons, Dungeons, and More Dungeons
    • Dipper finally finds an opportunity to bond with Stanford over a shared love of the tabletop roleplaying game Dungeons, Dungeons, and More Dungeons. The two even end up roping Pearl, who's looking for a distraction from the tension between her and Garnet, into their game. But an accident with one of Ford's souvenirs from his interdimensional travels forces Stan, Mabel, and Steven to team up and rescue their nerdy friends and family from the clutches of the game's flagship villain, Probabilitor the Annoying.
  • Chapter 54: Evergreen Inn
    • When Stan heads out on a long-distance "Revenge Trip" with Greg (who's got business up-state), Garnet and the Mystery Kids (along with Candy and Grenda) are invited along. But Garnet's attempt to get away from the tension between her and Pearl instead causes Ruby and Sapphire to de-fuse, and now Steven and his friends have to help them reconcile... hopefully before Stan gets himself eaten by a scheming monster.
  • Chapter 55: The Stanchurian Candidate
    • When Mayor Dewey resigns from his position as mayor of Gravity Falls, an underappreciated Stan runs to fill the vacancy against Bud Gleeful, who clearly has ulterior motives that include pardoning his sinister son Gideon. But between Stan's tactless and unorthodox campaigning methods and the lingering tension between him and Amethyst (who's been reluctantly roped into being his running mate), the kids might have to resort to drastic measures to help Stan win.
  • Chapter 56: Friend Ship
    • Thanks to the combined efforts of Ford and Pearl, the Gems have a way to track down Peridot whenever she uses the Warp Pads. But their combined desperation to impress Garnet and fix the rift between them leads everyone straight into a trap... one that, ironically, may be just what they need to make amends.
  • Chapter 57, Part 1: Chille Tid, Part 1
    • After a long and fruitless night of trying to free Lapis Lazuli from her fusion with Jasper, Steven convinces the twins and the Gems to call it a night, even throwing an impromptu slumber party. But things take a dark turn when Steven's dreams lead him to make contact with Malachite... and with a certain dream demon who has some terrifying revelations to make.
  • Chapter 57, Part 2: Chille Tid, Part 2
    • The kids finally reveal to the Gems their encounters with Bill Cipher... and the Gems, in turn, reveal their encounter with Bill on the fateful night Rose Quartz was forced to erase their memories.
  • Chapter 58: The Last Mabelcorn
    • After an unsettling encounter of his own with Bill Cipher, Stanford meets with the kids and discovers they know Bill all too well. Mabel is sent on a quest with Candy, Grenda, Wendy, Connie, and Pearl to retrieve some unicorn hair for a protective spell, but her desperate attempts to prove to the unicorns she's "pure of heart" start to fill her with self-doubt and self-loathing. Meanwhile, Stanford tries to help Dipper and Steven improve their mental defenses, only for the boys to discover one of Stanford's deepest, darkest secrets in the process.
  • Chapter 59: Peridot in the Wild
    • Forced to travel on foot thanks to the Crystal Gems' monitoring the warp system, Peridot stumbles into Gravity Falls and seeks revenge against her sworn enemies... but instead finds nothing but trouble, as she butts heads with the various bizarre supernatural creatures that call Gravity Falls home.
  • Chapter 60, Part 1: Pyrite
    • When Peridot's desperate assault on the Gem Temple backfires, she's forced into a corner.. and into a deal with Bill Cipher. Now Steven, the Pines Twins, and the Crystal Gems will have to pull out all the stops on their strongest foe yet.
  • Chapter 60, Part 2: Catch and Release
    • Peridot has been defeated and captured, but Steven is still concerned about what's got her desperate to get off Earth in such a hurry. With Mabel's help, the two sneak into the depths of the Gem Temple to free the Homeworld Gem and find out more about her mission.

     Arc Seven - In Too Deep 
  • Chapter 61: Split Up
    • Peridot's presence forces the kids to make some changes to their long-awaited plans for a camping trip; Dipper and Mabel stay behind to keep an eye on Peridot, while Steven and Connie accompany Soos, Wendy, and the Stans (and struggle to keep the tenuous peace between Stanley and Stanford). When Peridot manages to escape, Garnet de-fuses into Ruby and Sapphire to help the twins track her down... and to help them deal with another old foe of Dipper and Mabel who's also escaped imprisonment.
  • Chapter 62: To Con a Clod
    • When Ford and the other Crystal Gems fail to force any information out of Peridot on the Cluster, Stan and Amethyst decide their next best option is to trick her into giving up what she knows. Even with Steven, the twins, the trickiest prankster among the Crystal Gems, and the biggest con artist in Gravity Falls working together, getting Peridot to tell them about the Cluster won't be easy.
  • Chapter 63: Bot Battle
    • With the threat of the Cluster looming over everyone's heads, Peridot and the Mystery Shack gang prepare to build a drilling device to journey beneath the surface of the Earth and disable the Cluster. But an argument over seniority leads to Peridot challenging Ford and Pearl to a robot-building contest, and when the two try to recruit Old Man McGucket into the project, the still-bitter Fiddleford ends up siding with Peridot! The old barn soon ends up playing host to a two-on-two robot Olympiad.
  • Chapter 64: Three’s a Crowd
    • As work on the drill project begins, Steven and Dipper take the opportunity to show off to Ford Steven's unique ability to fuse with humans! But when Mabel gets jealous of Stepper spending all his time showing off for Grunkle Ford, Steven ends up bringing the bickering twins closer in an unexpected way.
  • Chapter 65: The Answer
    • It's Steven's birthday, and Garnet celebrates by regaling him with the story of how Ruby and Sapphire first met, how they first fused into her, and how Garnet first met the Crystal Gems. But the discovery that Steven has barely physically aged in years gives the young half-Gem cause for concern and threatens to spoil the celebration.
  • Chapter 66: Peridot and Pacifica
    • In order to get some titan's ore, a mineral that's super-rare on Earth but necessary to complete the drill, Dipper seeks out the help of Pacifica Northwest, with Peridot inviting herself along. But when they all sneak off to a mine owned by the Northwests in order to find some titan's ore, the trio finds themselves forced to set aside their differences in order to survive a harrowing underground adventure.
  • Chapter 67: Message Received
    • While on a mission to an old Gem moon base, some insensitive remarks by Peridot threaten her budding relationships with the Crystal Gems and the Mystery Shack crew... as does the discovery that she's stolen a Gem communicator from the base. Were Steven and Mabel wrong to trust her all along, or is there more to Peridot's plot to get in touch with Homeworld?
  • Chapter 68: Log Date 7 15 2
    • As Peridot comes to grips with the fact she told off Yellow Diamond and officially threw in her lot with the Crystal Gems, Steven and the twins take the time to sneak through Peridot's audio logs, which chronicle her various attempts to adjust to life on Earth... and her attempts to deal with Garnet.
  • Chapter 69: Crash Site Omega
    • As the gang puts the finishing touches on their tunneling machine and prepares for probably their most dangerous mission yet, Ford and Fiddleford regale the kids of their first adventure together with the Crystal Gems, exploring the wilderness of Gravity Falls and the mysterious location known as "Crash Site Omega".
  • Chapter 70, Part 1: Out Too Far
    • Steven discovers that the Watermelon Stevens have made their own civilization on Scuttlebutt Island... one that's being threatened by an escaped Malachite! As the Gems rush to defeat her (with Stanley having to give them a ride), Dipper sneaks along hoping to get through to Lapis, while Steven follows in the body of a possessed Steven-melon.
  • Chapter 70, Part 2: In Too Deep
    • When the Cluster threatens to awaken, it's up to Steven, Peridot, Mabel, and Ford to man the Gems' drilling machine and make their way deep beneath the surface of the Earth. But can brute force alone stop the enormous geo-weapon, or will Steven be able to find an alternative method before it's too late?

     Arc Eight - Rifts 
  • Chapter 71: Same Old World
    • With Malachite defeated and the Cluster contained, Dipper and Steven take the time to help Lapis Lazuli adjust to her new freedom... as well as help her find a place where she belongs. But when she decides to stay at the old barn, the boys might need a little help with Mabel to smooth things over between Lapis and her new room-mate Peridot.
  • Chapter 72: Hit the Diamond
    • When a band of Ruby soldiers shows up apparently looking for Peridot, Garnet de-fuses and Ruby tries to infiltrate and distract them. Instead, she ends up attracting their attention to Peridot's hiding place in the old barn, and Steven ends up challenging the invaders to a game of baseball! But between the Ruby squad's brute strength and Sapphire getting distracted flirting with the Crystal Gems' Ruby, beating the Homeworld team might be harder than at first glance, even with Stan's clumsy attempts at cheating.
  • Chapter 73: Mismatched Making
    • With the excitement of Malachite and the Cluster out of the way, the Mystery Kids take the time to relax. But when Dipper accepts an opportunity to hang out with Pacifica and get her up to speed, Mabel senses a matchmaking opportunity. But are these two insecure lovebirds ready for a relationship? If Mabel, Steven, and Garnet have anything to say about it, they might just be...
  • Chapter 74: Mr. Greg
    • When Greg earns a windfall of ten million dollars in royalties, Steven and the twins convince him to spend some of it on a trip to Emerald City, Washington... and convince Pearl, Stanley, and Stanford to come along. But will Steven's scheme to help Pearl and Greg get over their rivalry for Rose's affections, and the Stans to set aside their differences, be a success?
  • Chapter 75: Gravity Falls Drift
    • A second encounter with sleazy teenager Kevin leaves Steven filled with lingering anger, and he and his friends Connie, Dipper, and Mabel decide to get even with him. To that end, they use Greg's new car and the power of fusion to pose as a street-racing team and challenge Kevin and his posse to a street race. But winning this race won't be easy, between Steven's boiling anger and the intervention of a mischievous spirit.
  • Chapter 76: The New Stan
    • Still struggling to get Stanley and Stanford to see eye to eye, Steven thinks he's found the perfect opportunity when he unexpectedly wakes up in Stan's body one morning. But Dipper is skeptical of Steven's new use of his powers of possession, and rightly so when Steven's plan to impersonate Stan starts going off the rails.
  • Chapter 77, Part 1: Adventures in the Multiverse - The Nightmare Realm
    • Alone in his study, Ford begins to record his thirty-year journey through the dimensions beyond his own, starting with his journey into the Nightmare Realm, and his escape from the forces of Bill Cipher.
  • Chapter 77, Part 2: Adventures in the Multiverse - Adrift in the Cosmos
    • Ford recounts his travels through the multiverse, chronicling some of the strange and usual worlds and dimensions he's visited... including an alternate Earth where he discovers what might be the key to stopping Bill Cipher.
  • Chapter 77, Part 3: Adventures in the Multiverse - Home Away From Homeworld
    • Ford recounts how his travels lead him to the right dimension, but the wrong place... the Gem Homeworld! Captured by Yellow Diamond's forces, Ford is forced to escape with the help of some unlikely allies before he can make it to the Nightmare Realm and face off against his old foe Bill.
  • Chapter 78: Monster Falls
    • Steven and his friends find their attempts to rehabilitate Centipeedle interrupted by a mysterious light. When they awaken, they find everyone in Gravity Falls has been transformed into an assortment of mythical monsters... and the Gems have been transformed into monstrous half-corrupted forms! Can the Mystery Kids get to the bottom of this strange transformation and help out their friend Centipeedle at the same time?
  • Chapter 79: Alone on the Lake
    • Greg and Stan take the kids and Lapis on a boat ride around Lake Gravity Falls in an attempt to raise everyone's spirits. But Lapis and Dipper are both still bothered by the sacrifices they made to help each other, and the pain those sacrifices caused each other. It all comes to a head when Jasper tracks Lapis down and tries to threaten her into becoming Malachite again.
  • Chapter 80, Part 1: Rifts
    • When Steven sees first-hand how bad Dipper's nightmares about Bill have gotten, he offers to help. However, Dipper is deeply resentful of Steven's unhelpful meddling and afraid of Steven abusing his dream-walking powers, and stubbornly refuses. But the boys are forced to put their argument on hold when they stumble through an interdimensional rift and find themselves trapped in the Nightmare Realm... where the real Bill Cipher plans on dealing with the meddling duo once and for all!
  • Chapter 80, Part 2: Memories
    • Stepper has escaped the Nightmare Realm alive, but not only is Stepper's Gem damaged, he's lost all memory of being a fusion... including everything about Dipper and Steven! The Gems and the Pines family try all they can to get to the bottom of this mystery, but their desperation to see Dipper and Steven again leaves Stepper feeling unwanted and afraid.
  • Chapter 80, Part 3: Dimensions
    • The Crystal Gems and their allies personally journey into the Nightmare Realm to retrieve Stepper's journal from Bill Cipher's clutches. But none of them are prepared for Bill's power and ruthlessness, and it might take a desperate risk on Steven's end to save himself, his friends, and his family from Bill's wrath.

     Arc Nine - Beta 
  • Chapter 81: Theory of Weirdness
    • With the Mystery Kids still reeling from their most harrowing adventure yet, Pearl tries to distract Steven, Connie, and Mabel with an old fashioned Gem Monster hunt, while Ford tries to reach out to Dipper in his own way. But there's a lot of regrets, fears, and secrets lingering in the air, and an old enemy still lurking in the wilderness.
  • Chapter 82: Played in Reverse
    • While scouting for portals to parallel dimensions, Steven, Dipper, and Mabel get first-hand experience with one when they're pulled into another world... one that's not as friendly as it first seems. In a dimension where heroes are villains, foes are friends, and Steven is the son of Rose Quartz's greatest enemy, can the Mystery Kids save their dimension from... themselves?
  • Chapter 83: Greg the Babysitter
    • Greg regales the kids with the story of how he came to leave the Mystery Shack and work at the car wash, a story that involves a young Greg, a curious but confused Rose Quartz, five kids, and one big babysitting job gone hilariously wrong.
  • Chapter 84: Crack the Whip
    • While Pearl and Garnet try to track down Jasper, Amethyst is left in charge of Steven, Dipper, and Connie, who were hoping to spend the day practicing their fighting technique. But her and Stan's attempt to teach the kids how to fight in the moment and "go with the flow" turn into a dangerous showdown against Jasper herself. Meanwhile, Ford and Mabel team up with Peridot and Lapis to find more dimensional portals, but the two Gems instead find a new friend.
  • Chapter 85: Opposites Attract
    • When a portal opens up right in the middle of Steven's living room, the Mystery Kids (with Pacifica in tow) end up in another new dimension, one where a group of Mystery Kids who are quite unlike them are spending winter vacation in the town of Gravity Rises. While the kids awkwardly bond with their counterparts (and the Crystal Gems deal with the fact that in this dimension, Garnet is a ruthless Homeworld agent and Peridot, Lapis, and Jasper are the Crystal Gems), Pacifica must face a ruthless evil version of herself.
  • Chapter 86: A Rock and a Hard Place
  • Chapter 87: Bismuth
  • Chapter 88: It's All Relativity
  • Chapter 89: Double Date
  • Chapter 90, Part 1: Beta
  • Chapter 90, Part 2: Bubbled


     Arc Ten - Vs. the Future 

     Arc Eleven - Weirdmageddon 
  • Chapter 1: Welcome to Weirdmageddon
  • Chapter 2: Alone at the End
  • Chapter 3: Out of the Bunker
  • Chapter 4: Escape from Reality
  • Chapter 5: Love Like You
  • Chapter 6: The Rise of the Resistance
  • Chapter 7: Take Back the Falls
  • Chapter 8: Wheel of Destiny
  • Chapter 9: Of Diamonds and Demons
  • Chapter 10: The Universe Falls
  • Epilogue 1: Everything Stays
  • Epilogue 2: Somewhere in the Woods

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