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Both Steven Universe and Gravity Falls are known for making people split their sides laughing, so let's keep any Moments of Funny limited to those that came from Universe Falls itself.

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     Arc One 

The Shack Below

  • After Mabel accidentally breaks a window with her grappling hook, Stan dryly remarks "You’re just lucky I don't care enough about public safety to take it away from you."

The Temple Above

  • Steven informs the Gems that he's planning on showing Connie around the Mystery Shack.
    Steven: Can you guys believe she's never been there before?
    Garnet: Yes.
  • Stan once gave Steven a half-eaten candy bar just to get him to leave the Mystery Shack, yet he still considers him to be a nice guy.

First Meeting

  • Steven scolds Lion for jumping out on the Mystery Twins. "What have I told you about attacking people? It's rude!"

Gem Glow

  • When a sudden tremor shakes the Mystery Shack, Soos worries it's "the giant anthropomorphic groundhogs emerging from their underground city to claim the surface as their own."
    Stan: Soos, how many times do I have to tell you? There are no giant groundhogs! The groundhog that stole your sandwich last week was regular-sized.
    Soos: But what if the smaller ones are their spies?!
  • When the gems explain their biology a bit, Dipper concludes a thing and this happens:
    Dipper: So… you're basically like holograms… but with mass?
    Pearl: Exactly! That's a perfect way of putting it.
    Amethyst: Hey, Garnet, Nice mass.
    Garnet: I know.

Legend of the Giant Woman

  • When Old Man McGucket tells the townsfolk about the Gobblewonker, he describes it as having "a long neck like that bird there," referring to Pearl.
  • In addition to how cameras are lost in Gravity Falls, Amethyst eats one.
    Amethyst: Oh… I kinda thought these were snacks for later…
  • Shortly after that, Amethyst also ate some Fish Food. Just after Soos tried some and decided he didn't like it.
  • As the gang approaches Scuttlebutt Island, Steven keeps trying to encourage Pearl to fuse with Amethyst. Pearl insists "Steven, we only fuse in deadly situations. Does this look like a deadly situation to you?" Naturally, she then gets pecked at by a pelican that snuck up on her.
    Pearl: Ow! Hey! Bad pelican!
  • After Steven and Mabel sing the "Giant Woman" song, an unimpressed Dipper points out they were supposed to be on lookout duty. Right then Soos's boat nearly runs aground on Scuttlebutt Island.
    Steven: Look out!
    Mabel: We are lookout geniuses! Hamster ball, here I come!


  • Steven helps Mabel come up with ideas for her new wax sculpture. One of his contributions is "a cat with eagle wings and a top hat! He's fancy."
  • Steven befriends the thugs at Skull Fracture by playing a song. Veers into Heartwarming as well, with the gang singing along with him.
  • At the end, most of the other characters can't get over the fact Steven is in his underwear after animating the rest of his clothes to help defeat the killer wax figures.
    Grunkle Stan: Is there any reason why you aren't wearing any clothes, kid?
    Steven: Why does everyone keep asking me that?!

The Cool Kids

  • While the kids are trying to break into the abandoned convenience store, Sour Cream half-heartedly kicks the front door. When this doesn't work, he shrugs and says "Well, I got nothing."

Strong in the Real Way

  • The author managed to forget the "r" in "Shirt" at one point. Glorious typos, yall, glorious typos.
    • And the "w" in "Whole".
  • Steven boasts that with the help of the Manotaurs, he and Dipper will become "the toughest, strongest men the world has ever seen!" When the Manotaurs seem to take offense to this, he hastily adds "Aside from you guys, of course!"
  • Pearl stumbles upon Mabel trying to teach Grunkle Stan how to be a gentleman, and Mabel asks if she wants to watch. Pearl's reaction is exactly the same as her reaction to Greg asking if she wanted to "check out some buff studs" in "Coach Steven": a very blunt "No."
  • When Sugilite returns, the Manotaurs try to chase her off their property. She just throws a boulder at them, and the Manotaurs immediately realize they're in over their heads and run back into the Man Cave.

Magic and Mystery

  • Part 1 opens with Steven and Mabel singing a duet of the "Cookie Cat" jingle.
  • Mabel wildly speculates on what the inside of the Gem Temple is like, and accurately describes the Bubbled Gem Room ("full of magic lasers and sparkly lava"), Pearl's room ("entirely underwater, stuffed with swords and other sharp pointy things"), and Amethyst's room ("super messy").
  • When Stan asks if the Gems think he was born yesterday, Amethyst replies, "Compared to us, you are!"
  • Steven calls for Lion to help find the second cannon, and the big pink cat somehow pops up right behind Dipper.
    Dipper: Steven, what's Lion's deal with always trying to scare me to death?
    Steven: That just means he likes you!
  • Bill is introduced early, making some choice quips towards Yellow Diamond after the Gems destroy the Red Eye.


     Arc Two 
Li'l Gideon
  • Stan says that Gideon is "about as much a psychic as I am a flamenco dancer." Steven takes it the wrong way.
    Steven: Mr. Pines, you're a flamenco dancer? Wow, I'm learning so much about you guys today!"
  • Just like in canon, Gideon lures Dipper to the mountain-top factory with the prospect of an interview with the Gravity Falls Gossiper. How does he lure Steven to the factory? With the prospect of free ice cream.

Copies and Clones

  • Rather than Yellowtail's boat getting stuck in "It's a Wash!", it's Manly Dan's truck (which is carrying a load of wood) instead. Made all the funnier by Greg being unnerved by Dan's overly aggressive behavior.
  • Stan's nonchalant reaction to Steven and his time-clones. He then tells Steven to sort out his argument with his alternate selves before he's forced to replace the evening's live entertainment with Soos beat-boxing.
  • Amethyst admits she's attending the party just to raid the snack table.
  • Dipper's copies and Steven's time-clones being chummy with each other as they decide to band together to get back at the originals.

Bottomless Pit

  • Thanks to an ill-timed attack by some crystal shrimp, the kids, Stan, and Soos all fall into the pit. Amethyst decides to join the "fun" and jumps in after them, leaving Pearl and Garnet to be cornered.
    Pearl: Oh, Garnet, what are we going to do?!
    Garnet: Cannonball. (jumps into the pit)
  • Pearl's increasing panic over the group being stuck falling in the pit, followed by dialogue with Garnet similarly from the crossover episode "Say Uncle".
  • In the "Voice Over" story, one of the drawbacks of Dipper's new, deeper voice is that he attracts a horde of Gem monsters that are drawn to low-frequency vibrations.
  • In "Purple Puma and Tiger Millionaire", Amethyst as the Purple Puma faces off against "The Thompsonator"... AKA Thompson in a cheap robot costume, who promptly gets his butt kicked.
  • Dipper is immediately able to peg Tiger Millionaire as Steven because of the big, sentimental speech he gives about Purple Puma's backstory.
  • Steven includes Dipper and Mabel in a retelling of "Garnet's Universe", as a squirrel named Chatter and a bluebird named Chirpy (especially funny because Chatter is the hyper one and Chirpy is the grumpy one). Then he throws in Grunkle Stan as a Bear-Man who fights Garnet.
  • Steven and Amethyst have also voice their disapproval of Stan's story.
  • At the end of the chapter, not only did Stan accidentally fall into the pit again like in the episode, but Amethyst eagerly jumps back down with him for the fun of it. When Steven asks if they should help them, Garnet's the one who says "they'll be fine".

Lion and Waddles

  • Steven helps Dipper test the sky-tram at the Mystery Fair. When it crashes, Steven excitedly says he didn't know the ride had a big drop at the end.
  • While the twins and Steven are preoccupied with their time-travel plot, where are the Crystal Gems? Trying (in vain) to beat Stan's rigged dunk tank game.
  • Steven tries to assure Dipper not to worry about Lion. "He wouldn't hurt a fly! Well… except for maybe that fly he chased down and killed yesterday, but… bad example."
  • Steven isn't sure he wants to get involved in any time travel shenanigans, recalling the incident with his time duplicates in "Copies and Clones".
    Steven: As long as there aren’t going to be any crazy versions of my past selves trying to kill me… then count me in.
  • After the kids wind up in the distant past.
    Mabel: Where are we? The seventies?
    Dipper: You sent us back 150 years, genius! It's pioneer times!
    Steven: Then where are all the parrots and peg-legs?
    Dipper: That's pirate times, Steven.

Arcade Mania


  • Pearl going into full Team Mom mode when Steven goes out to trick-or-treat, and later when she accompanies the kids.
    "Wait, kids! Don't run! It's dark out here, and you might trip and fall and skin your fragile human knees!"
  • Steven is apparently so used to being in danger, he's barely phased by the Summerween Trickster's threats.
    Steven: You know, when most people do the "trick" part of trick-or-treating, they don't put a curse on people... they just toilet paper their house or something. At least that's what Amethyst does...
  • Amethyst helps Stan scare away the trick or treaters by shape-shifting into him. The act the two of them pull off together is both horrifying and hilarious.

An Indirect Kiss

  • Mabel awkwardly trying to change the subject when Connie asks about the new fence on the cliff over the Gem temple.
  • When Amethyst falls off the cliff in the flashback, she rolls all the way down the hill to the Mystery Shack.
  • After Pearl brings up Steven crying about snakes, Dipper adds that Steven was earlier crying about how beautiful the view is from the top of the temple.
    Steven: I can't help it! Gravity Falls is just so beautiful!
  • Stan's attempt to reassure Steven. "Considering how much of a sap you are, I’m sure you’ll have tears pouring all over Amethyst’s gem in no time. Wait… that came out wrong…"
  • Dipper tries to convince Mabel to take their first mission with the Gems more seriously.
    Mabel: Who do you know that’s more serious than I am?
    Dipper: Literally everyone.

Measure Up

  • After his failed attempt to steal the Mystery Shack, Gideon runs into Steven and the Gems. He rants for a bit about how he's going to get revenge on them, until eventually Garnet says "Alright, that's enough," and physically moves Gideon out of their way.
  • During the impromptu seed-spitting contest, Stan gets caught in the crossfire of Steven's "hurricane spit spin".
    Stan: Greg, what have I told you about letting your kid spit seeds all over my porch?
    Greg: I... Mr. Pines, you never told me anything about that.
    Stan: Well, write this down for future reference: I don't like it!
  • Amethyst is the one who tells Dipper about the size-changing crystals (apparently they're left-overs from a Gem weapon), and as he leaves to find them Amethyst tells herself "Yeah, there’s no way this could turn out badly."
  • Greg walks in near the end of the chapter, having found Stan's discarded fez. After nearly getting zapped by a shrink ray and seeing the Gems embroiled in a battle with the Watermelon Stevens, Greg decides to leave Stan's fez on the staircase banister and come back later.

Gems and Journals

  • Dipper's idea of trying to inspire Steven to open the door to his mother's room in the temple: "If you can't do this, no one can. Figuratively and literally, since you're the only one of us who could possibly do this."
  • Mabel tries to use the powers of Rose's room, but finds out it only responds to Steven's requests.
    Mabel: Hey, what gives? Where are my flying polka-dot puppies at?!
  • It's amusing that the Gems need some convincing to accept the kids' help when they're in the middle of struggling with the Slinker.

Mirror Gem

  • Soos finds what he thinks is a frisbee among the boxes of junk from Stan's attic. Dipper points out its just a pie plate, but Soos shrugs it off with "Well, now I have something to hold a pie in, if I ever make one." Meanwhile, Mabel finds a book full of tacky fashion tips from The '80s (Radical Fashion for Total Nerds), and instantly begs Grunkle Stan to let her have it.
  • When Robbie steals the mirror away from Dipper, it retaliates by playing the sound of Mabel blowing raspberries from earlier. Robbie freaks out, despite desperately trying to play it cool, and Wendy comments that she'd better go make sure Robbie didn't pee himself.

Waterfall Gem

  • "We're gonna go take back the falls! Or get really thirsty trying."
  • Mabel brings up some of the things they've faced over the summer, like the Gobblewonker, the Summerween Trickster, the vines from "An Indirect Kiss", and the Watermelon Stevens. "Basically, we fight a lot of monsters and plants."
  • Mabel cheers on Lion by calling him "an adorable war machine".
  • As Dipper is freaking out over the fact that Gems are aliens, a confused Lapis asks what aliens are. Mabel's response is adorably classic, and even funnier if you realize her description sounds a lot like Peridot:
    Mabel: Aliens are like these little green guys with big heads and huge eyes. Well, at least the aliens on TV are. But I don't think any of you guys look anything like that.

     Arc Three 

Irrational Treasure

  • Pearl cringes at Garnet bringing up "Pioneer Day 1968". "There were so many fish..."
  • Pearl is enjoying Stan being locked in a stockade, and lets him know it.
    Pearl: Well, well... Looks like someone finally had the common sense to put you right where you belong, Stan. You know, back in the real pioneer days, they used to lock the town's most sleazy crooks in these very stocks. So I guess this is actually quite fitting.
    Stan: Can it, Pearl! I think I've been through enough torture today. I don't need any more from having to listen to you run your yap.
  • Connie starts to have doubts about the authenticity of the history museum's exhibits when she stumbles upon "Indian pottery" that's clearly made of plastic.
  • Quentin Trembley is in fine form. He regards Lion as "polite" when he tries to shake hands and the cat just goes back to sleep, and is hardly surprised when Steven finds Rose's sword in Lion's head. "Everyone knows that lions are the best place to store one's weapons!"
    • Even better is how utterly gobsmacked Pearl is to see him again, while Amethyst and Garnet aren't surprised that he managed to preserve himself in peanut brittle.
  • Trembley's rewards for Steven and Connie are a Medal of Honor made of foil-wrapped chocolate and the original copy of the Declaration of Indepantsless, respectively.

Space Race

  • Steven is worried he won't have enough Crying Breakfast Friends stickers, since he tried to use some to decorate Lion's mane and "he ended up eating most of them." Fortunately, Mabel brought a few packs of stickers of her own.
  • Mabel tries to encourage her brother to help her and Steven build a space ship, saying "Nothing is impossible if you work hard and put your mind to it! I read that on a cat poster once." Later, when Pearl decides to help the kids and says the same thing, Mabel wonders if Pearl read the same cat poster.
  • Stan doesn't want his potential new attraction getting wrecked, but Greg doesn't want the kids to be afraid to bail out if they get in trouble.
    Steven: Contradicting advice! Understood!
  • Pearl doesn't appreciate Stan using the blowtorch to make a grilled-cheese sandwich, and asks the kids to go help Greg so she can chew Stan out. Mabel rather bluntly replies "But we wanna watch you guys fight!"
  • After Greg calls off the mission, Stan decides to go back to the Mystery Shack and order Soos to "rig me up a real fake spaceship for the tourists".

The Deep End

  • Instead of Grunkle Stan falling victim to a random wildfire, he gets pegged by a cannonball that Amethyst was going to bring to the pool, in an ill-conceived attempt to get off the floorboards stuck to Stan's back. And Garnet is the one who remarks "He'll be fine."
  • When Steven and Connie try to set up a romantic moment between Sadie and Lars, Mr. Poolcheck kills it by angrily confiscating Steven's ukulele... because it's a choking hazard. Connie argues that people don't eat ukuleles... then, apparently thinking of Amethyst, adds "at least, most people don't."
  • Amethyst joins Stan in his war with Gideon over the perfect pool chair. She lends him a full-length mirror with which to reflect light at Gideon ("Burn the child!"), and she ends up getting glued to the chair with Stan at the end.
  • Garnet spends most of the chapter lounging in the same chair at the pool, dispensing advice to other characters. When Poolcheck puts Dipper on night duty, Dipper discovers she's still there in the middle of the night.
  • When smuggling Mermando out of the pool, Mabel hears Dipper coming and tells Steven and Connie to "act natural". Steven immediately blows their cover by offering Dipper a cheerful greeting.
    Connie: Well, that is natural for Steven...
  • When Dipper gives Mermando "reverse CPR", Connie wonders why Dipper doesn't just pour the water into Mermando's mouth. Mabel replies "Because this is way funnier!"

Future Vision

  • When Mabel and her friends leave for the Sev'ral Timez concert, Steven tells them "If you do find any boy-band making machine, take pictures!"
  • Pearl's initial reaction to the crowd outside the civic center for the concert, and her reaction to the excitement of Mabel, Grenda, Candy, and Amethyst ("Why are you screaming?"). Amethyst encourages her to join in the fun, and Pearl answers with a half-hearted "Ahhhh?"
  • Pearl's reaction to the incomprehensible slang used by the members of Sev'ral Timez. The boys, in turn, can't understand Pearl's Sesquipedalian Loquaciousness.
    Pearl: Do you understand a word any of them are saying?
    Amethyst: Nope, but that posing thing they're doing looks like fun!

Miss Mystery

  • When Mabel reveals she got business tips from a copy of Succeeding in Management 1983, Pearl wonders "Human business practices haven’t changed too drastically over the course of a mere thirty years, right?"
  • Pearl gets put in charge of the Mystery Shack's finances while Mabel is in charge. Steven vouches for her, saying "Pearl’s great with cash. One time she threw a whole wad of money at a bird to get it to leave her alone!"
  • The Gems turn out to not be much help running the Mystery Shack. Pearl spends all the money from the profits jar on fancy stuff she ordered off the Internet, and tries to chase down the mailman to get a refund. Amethyst (who is running tours) scares off a bunch of customers by shapeshifting into one of the Shack's more grotesque exhibits. Finally, Garnet (who's using her future vision to act as a fortune teller) drives off even more customers by telling them their worst possible futures. At least Steven manages to round up some new customers... as in, all the rowdy thugs he met at Skull Fracture in "Headhunters", who proceed to do some serious damage to the Mystery Shack.
  • When the Gremloblin goes on a rampage in the gift shop and incapacitates Amethyst (forcing Garnet to retreat), Steven tries to stay positive.
    Steven: Let’s look on the bright side of all this! We… um… uh… Actually, I really can’t think of any bright sides this time.

On The Run

  • While trying to encourage Dipper to face his problems, Mabel quotes Grunkle Stan's advice: "Man up and punch them in the face!"
  • The Pines twins want to learn more about the conflict with Homeworld, and Mabel puts it bluntly: "You guys don't have to end Gem story time here! We're always down for hearing more cool dark secrets about you guys!"
  • Steven pleads with Dipper to join him and Amethyst in running away, because "If you don't, we can't be like the No-Home Boys because Amethyst's a Gem and I'll be the only boy!"
  • After Amethyst's breakdown at the Prime Kindergarten, Dipper tries to cheer her up by saying "We still had a fun time hanging out with you today, even if we did almost die several times!"
  • Near the end, Steven sums up their adventure: "Pearl and Amethyst made up, Dipper and Wendy made up, and I learned an important lesson: that sleeping on hay is really overrated."

The Land Before Swine

  • Pearl decides to join Soos and Dipper on their monster hunt, and says they need to start with some proper reconnaissance.
    Soos: Isn't reconnaissance where all those famous artists come from?
  • Mabel's reaction to meeting the Centipeedle's new form: "She is so cute! You know, for an acid-spitting, potentially deadly monster."
  • Dipper tries correcting Soos when he keeps pronouncing the "p" in "pterodactyl". Soos argues "no one knows how to pronounce it because nobody was alive back in dinosaur days".
    Pearl: That’s an… interesting train of logic…

Straight to Video

  • While Steven is deciding on what to get from the Mystery Shack's vending machine, Wendy points out they're closing soon, and Soos adds "You don't want Mr. Pines chasing you out with the hose again like last time."
  • Stan accidentally admitting to watching The Duchess Approves.
  • When Lion breaks into the Mystery Shack, Stan tries to shoo him out. His attempt doesn't last long.
  • Mabel once again is disappointed to find something Gem-related that only responds to Steven when she tries to stick her head into Lion's mane.
    Mabel: What gives, Lion? You're not gonna let me see inside your pink grass dimension?

Revenge Trip

  • Gideon's pranks on Stan and the Gems, which involve setting free Compy (the Compsognathus Stan adopted after "The Land Before Swine", according to Journal 3) and covering the Gem temple in glitter and pink paint.
  • Pretty much all of the scene where Dipper and Mabel walk in on Stan and Amethyst planning for their Revenge Trip.
    Mabel: Are you guys gonna go rob a bank? And if so, can we come? I've always wanted to be an accomplice in a high-stakes bank robbery, just like in the movies!
    • "I'm a grown adult, and Amethyst's a grown... magical rock-person."
    • "We'll go and leave you guys to whatever most-likely illegal thing you plan on doing."
  • On finding Stan and Amethyst in the middle of the woods, Mabel wonders if they were racing against squirrels or something.
  • Garnet and Pearl cover for Stan and Amethyst after Gideon tracks down Stan's car. When Gideon, Blubbs, and Durland try to search the trunk of the Diablo for the merch Stan stole from the Gleefuls' factory, how does Garnet distract them? Shouting "Wait! Look at that!"
  • Pearl and Garnet covering for Stan and Amethyst after their car crashes itself. Pearl has difficulty calling the two "upstanding members of the community" with a straight face.
    Pearl: Thank you, Stan. But for future reference, don’t ever make us lie like that to cover for you again. I nearly gagged trying to convince myself to call you an honest citizen.


  • The chapter opens with Dipper, Mabel, and Steven playing a game of picture charades. Steven and Mabel are able to successfully guess what each others' drawings are supposed to be, even though they're just crudely-drawn rebuses: Mabel drew a cow, a Q-tip, and a person waving for "calculator", while for "laptop" Steven drew ocean waves and a blouse.
  • In a darkly-humorous way, Gideon's commercial for the "new location" of the Tent of Telepathy has him not only bulldozing the Mystery Shack, but taking a wrecking ball to the Gem temple.
  • Tired of the noise coming from Steven's smart-phone, Stan tries to confiscate it, saying "Obviously you two can’t handle the responsibility of... whatever this weird noise-box is." Then he has to give it back to Steven when he can't figure out how to stop the video playing.
  • When Bill Cipher is first summoned, he remarks that he hasn't been in Gravity Falls since his last encounter with the Crystal Gems... then adds he can't say anything else about that because of "Spoilers."
  • With the Crystal Gems away on a mission, Mabel realizes it's up to her, Soos, and Steven to save Grunkle Stan from Bill: "To the Mystery Shack!" But first Soos asks if they can get some snacks, because "You can’t fight a crazy triangle demon on an empty stomach, dudes."
    Steven: To the Big Donut!
  • Steven and Mabel express hope that there's a tiny version of Stan inside his mindscape.
  • During the flashback to Stan making Dipper chop firewood, Amethyst is there too, and she tells Stan "Yeah, the kid’s a nerd, but that’s really no reason to pick on him that much. Even if it is kinda funny." She also teases Stan about how he told her he wet the bed until he was thirteen.

Gideon Rises

  • How do Steven and the twins convince the Gems to let the Pines family stay at the Gem Temple? With gratuitous use of Puppy-Dog Eyes.
  • The following exchange between Dipper and Garnet:
    Dipper: There’s no way this is going to work out, is it?
    Garnet: It could...
    Dipper: But will it?
    Garnet: ...No.
  • Apparently, Amethyst was the one who took the picture of Stan in a devil costume that Stan insists was "taken out of context".
  • Kofi Pizza seems to be one of the few people not completely enthused by Gideon Gleeful. "This is a waste of valuable pizza-making time!"
  • Steven assures Dipper and Mabel that Stan will know just what to say to their parents.
    Steven: I'm sure Mr. Pines will think of something to tell your parents in the meantime. He’s good at—
    Pearl: Lying?
    Steven: Well, I was gonna say coming up with stuff…
    Amethyst: Yeah, that’s pretty much what lying is in a nutshell.
  • The gnomes trying to flirt with Connie. Also, they apparently once tried to sing a love song to Pearl.
  • When Stan figures out Gideon's plot, he gives a mortified Pearl a big hug.

    Arc Four 
  • When Mabel and Steven want to try crowd-surfing with Amethyst during the Mystery Shack's grand re-opening, Stan tells them "There'll be plenty of time for throwing yourselves at random strangers later!"
  • Mabel includes Steven and the Gems in her poster for her karaoke band "Love Patrol Alpha", including drawings of them in flashy jumpsuits.
    Amethyst: Do we really have to wear those outfits?
    Pearl: Goodness, I hope not.
  • When Powers and Trigger show up outside the Mystery Shack, Garnet tells the other Gems to be inconspicuous and try to pass as ordinary humans. Amethyst tries shape-shifting into the form of a plain-looking businesswoman.
    Garnet: Humans don't shape-shift, Amethyst.
  • Amethyst helps Dipper sneak into Stan's room, telling him to let her know if he finds anything cool, "like a dead body or a week-old sandwich".
  • For the big performance by Love Patrol Alpha, the only appropriate song for a mash-up of Gravity Falls and Steven Universe is a mash-up of "Takin' Over Midnight" and "Haven't You Noticed (I'm A Star)". "Taking Over the Stars" is as amusing as it is awesome.
  • "That was seriously the funnest life-threatening situation we've ever been in!"

The Golf War

  • Steven lists the things to like about mini-golf as including "Castles, and windmills, and having to outrun security after Amethyst jumps into the moat so she can collect all the lost golf balls and eat them all!"
  • Garnet stops Pearl from giving Pacifica a well-deserved thrashing... but when Pacifica makes fun of the golf pants she's wearing, Garnet starts to have second thoughts. Word of God is that Garnet doesn't appreciate people mocking Gem fusion, Rose Quartz, her friends and family, or her fashion sense.
  • After Connie and Mabel dramatically challenge Pacifica to a mini-golf rematch, Steven spoils the mood by cheerfully bidding Pacifica goodbye.
  • Connie tries over-analyzing her shots in order to get an elusive hole-in-one at the windmill hole. Then she discovers the Lilliputtians and throws her notes away, saying "How could I have ever factored tiny living golf people into my equations?"
  • Steven doesn't appreciate the in-fighting of the Lilliputtians. "They’re too cute and small and folksy to be beating each other up like this!"
  • Garnet and Pearl end up joining Stan and Amethyst in a "revenge trip", spray-painting insults on the walls of Northwest Manor. Pearl sprays a single line of paint and has second thoughts, but after some teasing from Stan and Amethyst she writes a long string of scathing insults about the Northwests, calling them "Snobbish, self-entitled, greedy, supercilious, upper crust, corrupt, cold hearted, thoughless, rude, arrogant elitists!"
  • Amethyst's playful frustration when it turns out the tacos Mabel found in the car were Amethyst's "car stash".

Marble Madness

  • Turns out Dipper's read the Spirit Morph Saga too, and he and Connie briefly rant about how they found the series' ending to be disappointing. The only reason they stop is because they don't want to spoil too much for Steven.
  • When Steven and Mabel go to introduce themselves to Peridot, Dipper gets dragged into it as well. After the Gems save the kids, Dipper is quick to point out that just talking to Peridot wasn't his idea.

Into the Bunker

  • Steven and Mabel briefly geeking out over Crying Breakfast Friends. This is followed by Steven's attempt to get Amethyst to continue answering the CBF personality quiz he found online.
    Steven: So, next question: "Do you get defensive when people ask you questions about the feelings you prefer to keep hidden?"
    Mabel: Pfft, I know someone who does!
    Dipper: Mabel, please...
    • There's also the implication that in UF, there are equivalents to Gravity Falls characters on the show too (Dipper and Mabel, for example, are Bawling Bacon and Sad Pear).
  • After Amethyst's first regeneration (where she's got feet for hands), she's unamused when Soos cracks a joke about her "lending a foot".
  • Not wanting to tell Stan too much about their investigations into the journals, Garnet and Pearl tell him that Amethyst got hit by a train. He just laughs it off.
    Stan: That’s like, the third time she bit it to a train, isn’t it? Sheesh, Amethyst will never learn, will she?
  • Stan, with great reluctance, getting pulled into the group hug at the end.

Fusion Fiascos: Alone Together

  • How does Mabel decide to cheer up Steven? With a "random dance party for no reason!"
  • Dipper and Mabel are there when Stevonnie first forms, and are suitably (and hilariously) baffled by her sudden appearance.
    Stevonnie: Guys, what's... what's going on?
    Dipper: That's a really good question...
    Mabel: Ok, you’re a really cool-looking mysterious stranger, whoever you are, but, uh... where'd you come from? And where did Steven and Connie go?
  • Stevonnie and the Mystery Twins reporting the new development to the Gems.
    Mabel: We saw the whole thing and it was so cool! One minute they were just Steven and Connie, and the next—
    Stevonnie: There I was.
    Dipper: And after that we were all pretty much left completely confused.
  • When Mabel sees Kevin continue to harass Stevonnie, she suggests that she and Dipper fuse and go beat the stuffing out of him.
    Dipper: You know, Mabel, that’s a GREAT plan, it really is, except... there’s just one tiny problem with it.
    Mabel: Oh yeah? And what’s that?
    Dipper: We can't fuse! We're not Gems, remember?note 

Fusion Fiascos: Together Forever

  • Steven is forced to admit that he's planning on holding a party while the Gems are away on a mission.
    Amethyst: Well, have fun with your wild party anyway, Steven! Wish I could be here to show your hundreds of guests how to really let it lose!
    Pearl: Amethyst, please. He’s not going to have hundreds of guests... are you?
  • The Mabel/Steven fusion "Maven" is hilarious from the get-go. Imagine the combined enthusiasm and insufferable cheeriness of both Steven and Mabel rolled up into one person.
    • The scene where they introduces themselves to Soos and Stan, the latter of whom they alternately refer to as either "Grunkle Pines" or "Mr. Stan".
      Stan: Fused?! You mean that crazy thing the Gems do with each other where they turn into huge broads with a bunch of eyes and arms?
      Maven: Yep! And this broad just so happens to have four of those! The eyes, I mean. We only have two arms! By the way, what’s a broad?
      Stan: Geez... Well, there’s no question about it. That’s definitely Mabel and Steven in there. Nobody else is as goofy or naive as those two.
      Maven: Aw, thank you!
    • When Maven introduces themselves to Candy and Grenda, the latter two decide to show off their "fusion" Grendy... which is just Candy sitting on Grenda's shoulders.
    • It turns out Maven can summon Steven's shield when fused... though it turns out to take the form of a combination of the shield and Mabel's grappling hook. "Grappling Shield!"
  • The fact that Soos had a picture of a Steven/Mabel fusion on him for "no reason". In fact, he apparently has a whole folder of "fusions", including one of himself and Mr. Pines called "Stoos".

Fusion Fiascos - Forever Alone

  • The chapter opens with Steven and Mabel amusing themselves by braiding Lion's mane.
    Mabel: By the time we’re finished, Lion’s mane is gonna be the prettiest portal to a secret magical tree ever!
  • Lion (with Waddles astride him) stealing Dipper's notes in order to bait him into coming to the party Mabel and Steven planned.
  • Mabel's scream of delight on seeing her brother fuse with Steven to form "Stepper".
  • There's something amusing about Stepper constantly zig-zagging between his "Dipper" side and his "Steven" side, the former of which isn't nearly as enthusiastic about the whole fusion thing.
  • When the Gems first meet Stepper, Amethyst can't help but make a joke about how Steven really gets around.
  • Pearl digging herself deeper when commenting on Stepper's extra arms.
    Pearl: It’s quite fascinating that you would have four arms, especially seeing as how you’re 75% human!
    Stepper: Fascinating? You mean it's weird, don't you?
    Pearl: Oh! No, I didn't— I was just implying that your arms are an anomaly given the already improbable chances of your existence as a fusion! Wait, that's not what I meant!
  • Stan isn't any more enthusiastic about meeting Stepper than he was about meeting Maven.
    Stan: To be honest, I didn't know either of them swung that way, but eh whatever floats their boats I guess.
  • Stepper's reaction to both Amethyst and Stan's implications. Or rather the "Dipper" side, while the "Steven" side is confused. Though considering that MiniJen says Dipper is bi-curious, it could be a case of Suspiciously Specific Denial.
  • There's a hilariously awkward moment when Wendy flirts with Stepper, then learns he's a fusion of Dipper and Steven.
  • Peridot ends up attacking the Gems with some new Robonoids, and manages to briefly get the upper hand on them and Mabel.
    "Clearly I am the one who is about to emerge from this encounter as the victor, while you all face agonizing and crushing defeat at the hands of a far superior Gem! I’m so excited about it I can hardly contain myself!"
    "Ugh! Contain THIS!" Mabel huffed, her arms pinned down, though she still managed to kick her shoe off, letting it fly right into Peridot’s holographic monitor.
    "Hey!" the green Gem exclaimed hotly, glancing down at the mark the now fallen shoe had left on the bot below her. "Your gravity connector cover scuffed up my Robonoid! Just for that, I think I’ll finish you off first, you 'Mabel'!"

Rose's Scabbard

  • Mabel tries to take home an over-sized purple saber from the Strawberry Battlefield, one that she and Dipper working together can't even budge. Mabel's initial plan to get it down the mountain from the Gem Temple involves "squirrel-driven sleds, or 'squeds'."
  • When the twins finally do get it back to the Mystery Shack (with Steven's help), they can't fit it through the door, so Stan tells them to leave it outside so he can use it as a new attraction.
  • While showing off Lion's dimensional portal in his mane, Steven pulls out an ice cream cone that Mabel asked him to store about a week ago. It's still cold and unmelted, but it has some of the pink grass from inside Lion's mane stuck to it.
    Mabel: Well, since this grass came out of a magical lion’s mane, I’m sure it’ll taste just as magical! (eats the ice cream, nearly chokes) Ugh! I was wrong! I was so, so wrong!”

Blendin's Game

  • Steven is just as comically outraged about the vending machine candy getting stuck as Dipper and Mabel. "They should make laws against this!"
  • Steven having to fend Amethyst off from the snack table at Soos's surprise party.
  • The events of "So Many Birthdays" apparently happened off-screen, and Amethyst casually recalls how Steven "turned into an old man and nearly kicked the bucket."
    Greg: I feel like maybe I should be a bit more concerned with what goes on with you and the Gems when I’m not around…
  • Amethyst found out Stan is banned from airplanes after she tried to sneak onto one disguised as him.
    Stan: Why were you trying to get onto a plan disguised as me in the first place?
    Amethyst: I have my reasons…
  • Steven thinks the time-tanium containment chamber in which he and the other Mystery Kids have been trapped could use some paint. "My vote goes to pink. Or blue. Or green. Or all three!"
  • "We can’t stick around here and fight in a futuristic battle to the death, no matter how cool that kinda sounds."
  • Young!Greg freaking out when he can't find baby Steven, worrying if Steven's somehow developed the power to turn invisible.

The Dinner Shack

  • After Garnet's failed attempt at talking with Connie's mother, Dr. Maheswaran tries calling Grunkle Stan, who is pretty much her polar opposite when it comes to parenting. Hilarity Ensues.
    Stan: So what if the munchkins were playing around with swords? I say let 'em nick each other up with those glorified pocket knives for a few rounds, get a few scratches, maybe even a scar or two. Builds character, if you ask me.
  • Much of the dinner conversations, especially when Stan reveals that he thought Dipper and Connie were dating.
  • Soos's attempts at cooking, including badly-burned breadsticks and spaghetti with ketchup. You have to feel sorry for Pearl, if she finds even eating ordinary food is disgusting, having to eat Soos's cooking while part of Alexandrite.
    "Wait, I don’t get it. Ketchup and spaghetti sauce are both made out of the same stuff, right?" the handyman remarked, grabbing a spoonful of his culinary creation to try a taste test of it, though he was quick to choke on it. "Ugh! Wrong! Wrong! Why did I ever think this was a good idea?! Ack!"
  • When Connie and Steven plan to run away together, Dipper and Mabel get caught up in the moment and join them... then as soon as they board the bus, Dipper realizes what a bad idea running away on a whim is.

Dipper and Lapis

The Return

  • Stan's annoyed encounter with Lapis Lazuli, which leads to him scolding the twins for "bringing some weird Gem thing or supernatural creature home".
    Mabel: Just for the record, Dipper was the one who brought Lapis home, so if you’re gonna yell at anyone, yell at him!
  • The townspeople have some hilarious reactions to the giant hand-ship:
    • Old Man McGucket suggests "we could build a giant robut [sic] of another giant hand, take it up there, and give it a friendly ol’ handshake!"
    • The UF version of Ocean Town is "Velocity Springs", which also suffered some unspecified but dire fate.
    • When Steven and the kids see Mayor Dewey's truck being attacked, Dipper is surprised that this is the first time the townspeople have formed an actual angry mob.
  • Powers and Trigger have an amusing tangent about the giant hand-shaped spaceship.
    Trigger: Powers, these readings are incredible! I-I’ve never seen anything like this before! It’s almost like that… that thing is extraterrestrial or something!
    Powers: Of COURSE it's extraterrestrial, Trigger. Frankly, it could be considered a UFO if we weren't, in fact, able to identify that it's a hand.
  • Soos answers the phone at his abuelita's after accidentally getting tangled in a lamp cord. Then he holds the receiver upside-down.


  • After the harrowing events that lead to them breaking into Peridot's ship, Dipper seems annoyed that Mabel still isn't taking things seriously.
    Dipper: Okay, fine, your plan worked. Now we just have to sneak all over this ship, find Steven, Lapis, and the other Gems and set them free, all while making sure we aren’t discovered.
    Mabel: Sounds easy enough.
    Dipper: Sure, "easy". Because if we are caught, then I’m sure that Peridot and Jasper would just love that two human kids snuck onto their massive alien war ship, and that they totally wouldn’t just toss us out into the deadly cold void of space without a second thought!
    Mabel: You really think so?
    Dipper: Mabel, could you at least try to keep up with me here?
  • Mabel and Dipper arguing about if they should let Sapphire go or not... until she interrupts to point out that she can hear them.
  • When Steven is surprised to see the Mystery Twins on the ship, Mabel sums things up for him: "Jasper beat us up and left us behind after saying a whole bunch of really mean stuff about your mom. But we snuck onto the ship like a pair of expert stowaways just to save you and the Gems! So yeah, we’re pretty much the most hardcore people ever."
  • Dipper's reaction to Ruby and Sapphire's lovey-dovey reunion ("This… really wasn’t what I was expecting to see on a deadly alien war ship…"). And his freaked-out reaction to learning Garnet is a fusion of Ruby and Sapphire.

     Arc Five 
Full Disclosure
  • Mabel, awkwardly trying to lighten the mood after the harrowing events of "Jailbreak", speculates that Grunkle Stan is probably staying at a super-cheap motel "with cracks in the walls, and only two channels on the TV, and a friendly hobo sleeping in the bathtub!"
  • Soos getting distracted by the light refracting off some broken glass.
  • When Pearl accuses Amethyst of never committing to "being the crocodile", Amethyst starts to bring up one of her Revenge Trips with Stan where she had to shape-shift into a crocodile.
    Pearl: And why, pray tell, would you have ever needed to be a crocodile for one of your nights of debauchery?
    Amethyst: That’s for me to know, and for that lake full of endangered fish we ransacked to never find out.
  • After making up with Dipper, Mabel calls out to Steven, because he's "the only one of us who hasn’t had a satisfying emotional resolution yet!"

Joy Ride

  • Wendy manages to bait her friends into helping Steven and the twins clean up the ruins of Peridot's ship by breaking down the bigger pieces.
    Lee: No fair! You know how we can't resist letting out our pent-up teen aggressions through breaking stuff!
  • Buck wishes Robbie, who's lying in a ditch moping about Wendy, "Good luck with your bizarre coping mechanism."
  • Robbie's incredibly clumsy attempts at flirting with Tambry.
    Robbie: I-I was just saying that I might think you’re kind of attractive now.
    Tambry: Oh, so I WASN'T attractive before, then?
  • Thompson is as big a Butt-Monkey as ever, from getting mocked for his Overly Long Name for Wendy's crew and the Cool Kids to getting hit with rocks while the teens are messing with Peridot's escape pod to nearly getting shot with lasers when the pod goes out of control ("Why are lasers happening?!").
  • Garnet lets Stan and Amethyst go through with their hot-air balloon scheme because, even though her Future Vision showed it would (literally) go up in flames, she also saw no one would be hurt... and also because she thought it would be funny.

Sock Opera, Part 1

  • Connie and Steven hanging a lampshade on how weird it is for Gabe to make his puppets passionately kiss in front of small children.
  • Mabel drags Steven into being her wingman when talking to Gabe. The far-more-innocent Steven doesn't even get the chance to ask what a wingman is.
  • Steven suggesting "password" for the laptop's password.
  • Mabel ends up hitting up Amethyst for odd socks to use in her puppet show, and Amethyst just rolls with it.
    Mabel: Amethyst! Do you have a whole bunch of socks I can borrow? And by borrow, I mean have since I’m gonna glue hair and googly eyes onto them?
    Amethyst: Sure. How many you need?
    Mabel: As many as you got!
    Amethyst: On it!
    Pearl: You’re not even going to ask what she needs so many socks for?

Sock Opera, Part 2

  • As dreadful as the circumstances are (what with being blackmailed by "Bipper" into keeping quiet about Dipper's Demonic Possession), Steven unconvincingly trying to assure Mabel and Connie that everything is fine is rather amusing.
    Steven: Y-yeah, I'm fine! G-great, even! Super great, actually! Couldn't be better! In fact, I'm so great that they should make a whole new category of great, c-cause that's how great everything is now!
  • Amethyst only came to the puppet show because she heard there were going to be fireworks. She also brought her own popcorn, which she "found" somewhere.
  • Connie getting confused at Bill's "Sword Swinger" nickname for her.

Do It For Them

  • As grim and serious as Dipper is for most of this chapter, he almost cracks up at Mabel's nicknames for him like "Sir Dippingsauce" and "Sir Dippin' Dots".
  • Stan is actually supportive of Dipper learning sword fighting from Pearl, though he digresses a moment to say that it's not a manly art like boxing.
    • At the same time, Stan is also rather incredulous: "Dipper's learning how to sword fight? Short, sweaty, noodle arm, can barely even lift a box of snow globes, whines about a paper cut for two days Dipper?"
  • "Can’t ya see I’m trying to have a rare moment of appreciation for two total nerds over here?"

Soos and the Real Girl

  • Steven ends up trying to help Dipper get Soos a date. In place of the scene with Mabel rushing into the nearest ladies' restroom, we get Steven jumping up on a table at the food court and shouting at some women there through his megaphone.
  • While the boys help Soos, Mabel and Connie try to brainstorm a way for Garnet to let Jamie down easy. Mabel insists on adding cute pictures of kittens to their revised rejection letter.
  • Jamie trying (and failing) to valiantly defend Garnet, throwing letters at a rampaging animatronic and doing little more than distracting it.
    Jamie: T-that’s right, you cur! Taste the unflinching wrath… of mail!

Keeping It Together

  • The laundry-folding scene takes the time to hang a lampshade on Steven and Dipper's respective Limited Wardrobes (Steven because he has dozens of the same T-shirt, Dipper because he thinks laundry is a waste of time).
  • Mabel getting excited about getting to come along on a Gem mission.
    Mabel: I can’t remember the last time we’ve been on one of these that didn’t involve all of us almost dying!
    Dipper: That’s because we’ve almost died on just about every one we’ve been on.
  • Literally everyone is surprised when Stan wants to tag along on their trip to the Kindergarten. Except Garnet, and only because she has future vision. Mabel and Steven discuss the possibility of making team "Crystal Pines" T-shirts and Dipper, who's spent all morning helping Steven fold his laundry, says "Please, no more T-shirts..."
  • Pearl feebly whining in protest when Garnet allows Stan to come on their mission.
  • Pretty much all of the banter and bickering between Pearl and Grunkle Stan.

Society of the Blind Eye

  • The way the Gems express disbelief at the thought that McGucket wrote the Journals, especially Pearl continuing to do so.
  • When Dipper tells everyone to look out for anything suspicious at the museum, Amethyst wonders if some wooden "caveman forks" count as suspicious. Then she eats one of them.
  • The Gems find a suspicious-looking door while exploring the museum, and Pearl laments that it's locked. Garnet immediately punches the door open.
    Amethyst: Well, I guess that’s one way to get in...

The Ballad of Rose and Greg - Like A Comet

  • Stan lampshading his Everyone Has Standards moment about Marty, saying that unlike him, who's been called a sleaze and a creep plenty of times, Marty actually deserves to be called that.
  • How did Greg end up working at the Mystery Shack? Back when it was the Murder Hut, he accidentally ran over Stan's new sign (so new it hadn't even been painted yet) in his haste to see Rose again, and Stan forced him to take a job to Work Off the Debt. It's actually kinda heartwarming, up until Stan asks Greg if he happens to be on the run from a Colombian cartel.

The Ballad of Rose and Greg - We Need to Talk

  • When Dipper makes fun of Mabel for liking all the music from The '80s she finds in Greg's record collection, she brings up "a certain Icelandic pop group that hit their peak in the 70s then just sorta fizzled out into obscurity".
    Dipper: ...Low blow, Mabel. Low blow.
  • After Steven and Connie fuse into Stevonnie in front of Greg, Mabel manages to make things even more awkward by bringing up how she and Dipper have also fused with Steven.
  • Greg practicing his dancing while working at the Murder Hut.
  • "You wanna... 'fuse' with Rose? Is this some kind of innuendo or something?"
  • Stan may not be supportive of Greg's relationship with Rose, but he's always down to see "that bird-beaked prude" Pearl get humbled.

Northwest Mansion Nightmare

  • Amethyst overhears Steven talking about the Northwests' party because she was taking a nap in the rafters of the Mystery Shack, "Just like I do all the time."
  • Mayor Dewey schmoozing it up with Preston Northwest.
    Mayor Dewey: Preston! We're so honored to be here! Isn't that right, Buck?
    Buck: Not really.
  • The Gems taking the opportunity to "accidentally" break some things while they're at the Northwest Fest. Then they escalate to painting "SNOBS" on the roof, tearing up tapestries, and knocking over tables.
  • Dipper and Pacifica get some pretty good banter:
    Pacifica: That weird arm thing wasn't even that scary!
    Dipper: Oh, sure it wasn't. That's why you screamed in terror as soon as you saw it, right?

Not What He Seems

  • Steven and the Gems end up getting roped into Stan's fireworks party, and the subsequent water balloon fight. Amethyst baits Pearl into joining the fight by spraying her and Stan with the hose.
    Stan: Alright, now you've done it! I'm gonna... eh, forget it. You're lucky I'm too lazy to get out of this chair.
    Pearl: Well, I'm certainly not!
  • Pearl gets offended when the agents call the Gems "aliens". Garnet points out that they're technically correct.
  • When the agents threaten to bring in the Gems for questioning and experimentation ("Painful experimentation!") Garnet bluntly replies "Yeah, that's not happening," and escapes with her team-mates in tow.
  • Ronaldo once again blames the crazy goings on in town on the "sneople".
  • When Mabel first turns on the security tape, she notes the footage of Soos doing the worm.
    Mabel: Someone yelled "wormy dance".
    Garnet: It was me.
    Mabel: Hah! I knew it!

A Tale of Two Stans

  • The first meeting of Ford and the Gems, especially their wonder at his six fingers.
  • Rose's brief moment of confusion at who Stanley is.

     Arc Six 
Lost and Found
  • Soos provides some much-needed comedy relief near the beginning. He apologizes to Wendy for keeping her up until 3 AM explaining what happened, and promises to limit himself to keeping her up at 2 AM "next time we have a bunch of truth bombs dropped on us".
  • Steven and Mabel's over-excited attempt to sum up the events of the arc 5 finale to Connie.
  • Ford's reaction to meeting Greg. While Greg is excited to finally meet Rose Quartz's old friend and Stan's long-lost brother, Ford seems a bit skeptical that a scruffy-looking guy who lives in a van won Rose's heart.

Cry for Help

  • The chapter starts with Dipper getting roped into watching a marathon of Crying Breakfast Friends. Dipper seems to be following the plot, but only so he can snark about how predictable the plot twists involving long-lost relatives and revelations about the characters' parents are.
    • Even better? This is just a week after perhaps the biggest Steven Universe Wham Episode, "A Single Pale Rose", aired, and the revelations mirror that and "Not What He Seems", which happened just a little while ago In-Universe.
  • Mabel's reaction to Peridot hijacking TVs across Gravity Falls is to wonder why anyone would give Peridot "her own weird commercial".
  • Dipper snarking that maybe Peridot is a little smarter than they gave her credit for if she managed to fix the hub. Garnet doubts it.
  • Dipper asking if Steven and Mabel know that they're talking about a pancake and a cup when they're going on about Crying Breakfast Friends again.
  • Mabel suggesting that Pearl was trying to get everyone more channels.

Dungeons, Dungeons, and More Dungeons

  • All the meta jokes regarding the Ducktective and Dogcopter crossover.
  • Mayor Dewey makes an appearance on TV, trying to reassure the townsfolk about all the disasters that have been happening lately. Unfortunately, there have been so many of them he loses his train of thought.
    Dewey: Good people of Gravity Falls! I-I know that throughout this summer, our fair town here has been plagued by a series of, er... uh, mishaps. Like this recent mysterious earthquake... or that giant hand-shaped spaceship coming a few weeks ago... or that giant robot ordeal a few weeks before that... or the lake being stolen a few weeks before that... or that scary red eyeball appearing a few weeks before that... Wait, what was I talking about again?
  • While playing DD&MD with Dipper and Ford, Pearl shares an embarrassing anecdote about Ford being menaced by the Mothman.
  • Pearl tries to mock Probabilator about how he can't eat her brain because as a Gem with a Hard Light body, she doesn't have a brain. She immediately realizes what she said, and the wizard ribs her for it.
    Pearl: Even if your ridiculous plan succeeded, you’d only have two brains to snack on anyway since I’m a Gem. Which means I don’t have a brain. (beat) Wait, I didn't mean it like that!
    Probabilitor: Oh, believe me, I'm well aware of your relative brainlessness!
  • Pearl rather likes the cape she gets when she's shrunken down into a DD&MD character.

Evergreen Inn

  • One of Stan's past "revenge trips" was prompted by his rivals covering everything in the Mystery Shack in plastic wrap. This was apparently when Greg was working there, as he chimes in with "And he means everything..."
  • Connie commenting on how the RV brochures are all from the 1970s. Mabel believes that that means that they are super accurate.
  • Mabel excitedly tries jumping between both beds in one of the rooms at the Evergreen Inn. "It's just like a trampoline, only with a huge, potentially-dangerous hole in the middle!"
  • Stan offers to break out his brass knuckles and defend Greg if the "internet man" who's selling him car wash brushes tries anything.
    Greg: Mr. Pines, we can't just beat the guy up.
    Stan: Ha! Try tellin' that to my old parole officer.
  • Sapphire's I Warned You moment after Stan blows off her warnings about Darlene.
  • After Garnet reforms, she gets in an amusing jab by saying the only reason Darlene was able to trick Stan is because he's a lot more gullible than he wants to admit.
  • At the end, Stanford sees the vandalism done to the Mystery Shack, and demands an explanation from his brother. Stan jumps back in the RV and drives away, wondering if it's too late to go back to Mystery Mountain and get eaten by Darlene.
  • Steven worries that Ruby and Sapphire will never form Garnet again. In the corresponding Steven Universe episode "Keystone Motel", he didn't worry about that, but he did worry about it in "The Question".

The Stanchurian Candidate

  • In place of the monument to the late Mayor Beffutlefumpter in Gravity Falls canon, we have Mayor Dewey commissioning a sculpture of himself and his ancestors called "Mount Deweymore" as his last act of mayor.
  • Stan complains that Dewey's "Mayor-Mobile" is the tackiest thing he's ever seen, "And considering I run the Mystery Shack that's saying something."
  • The angry responses to Stan's radio interview include an email Steven describes as having "every word Pearl's told me I should never say."
  • Steven resorts to drastic measures to convince Amethyst to help Stan with his election... namely, shameless whining and wheedling.
  • After the successful stump speech, Amethyst can't help but use the mind-control tie to make Stan bad-mouth himself and do a goofy "shady old-man dance" that ends with him splitting his trousers.
  • When the Mystery Twins pick Soos as their last-minute patsy candidate, Steven insists they at least tell him about the mind-control tie this time. Despite his earlier distressed reaction, Soos seems oddly okay with their plan.
  • Shandra Jimenez lampshading how the election was completely pointless due to Mayor Dewey deciding to stay in office instead.

Friend Ship

  • Ford assures the Gems he's "85% certain" that his experimental warp pad-disabling device won't explode and vaporize them all when he gets a chance to test it.
  • Ford's Suspiciously Specific Denial about the Gem Ship under Gravity Falls.
  • When Ford first sees Peridot, he says that he expected her to be a bit more intimidating. Dipper then snarks that they all did.
  • Dipper insisting that Peridot's escape wasn't their fault this time because she cheated with her detachable foot trick.

Chille Tid, Part 1

  • Dipper having an I Resemble That Remark! is a bit funny, context aside.
  • Dipper and Mabel make an appearance during Steven's "sitcom dream", with Mabel as a wacky Kimmy Gibbler type and Dipper as a stuffy, Literal-Minded Hollywood Nerd.
  • After amusing herself watching Pearl's projected dream of her and Rose/Greg, Mabel almost immediately falls back asleep. "Mabel out!"
  • On getting kicked out of Malachite's mind, Steven ends up in a dark void with Bill Cipher, who's the usual mix of horrifying and hilarious.
    "The whole 'endless void of soul-crushing darkness' really spruces the place up, don't you think?"

Chille Tid, Part 2

  • Amethyst rather liking Bill's tricks with gravity in her mind-scape.

The Last Mabelcorn

  • Amethyst speaking in Spanish.
  • Pearl is... not a fan of unicorns, and provides some quality snark during the girls' dealings with Celestabellebethabelle.
  • Pearl gets defensive when Mabel claims that she had "a pretty rough night last night."
    Pearl: I did not! I'll have you know that I tried sleeping for the first time last night, and even if I still don't understand the functional purpose of such an activity I'd like to think I still did a suitable job of it!
  • After hearing his own thoughts from Project Mentum, Dipper's last thought is "I might just be a little mentally unstable... Maybe I should go get some therapy or something?"
  • After getting the bag of fairy dust, Connie has some concerns.
    Connie: Has the gnome criminal justice system always been this corrupt?
    Pearl: Oh, believe me, they have.

Peridot In The Wild

  • Peridot's encounter with the Leprecorn. All of it.
  • Peridot runs into the unicorns, who have put up a sign to let the Crystal Gems know they aren't welcome. It reads "Crystal Gems: DO NOT INTERACT".
  • The Running Gag of Maurice and Celestabellebethabelle telling the third unicorn "Shut up, Barry!"
  • Peridot, upon learning what a "queen" is, agrees to become the gnome's queen to use them to get revenge on the Crystal Gems... only to change her mind when she learns that, between preparations, the ceremony, the parties, and the honeymoon, it would take 287 days.
  • Jeff trying to get Peridot to come back by saying that she could choose the honeymoon destination... as long as it wasn't a beach.
  • Peridot getting defecated on by an owl-dragon creature.


  • Pyrite's You Have Got to Be Kidding Me! reaction to Maven's arrival.
  • Maven calling Pyrite "useless" and saying "no offense".
  • Sardonyx ribbing on Pyrite, claiming they stole her bow-tie look.

Catch and Release

  • Not only does Steven face-plant after his attempt at a "Triple 550 Deluxe with No Cheese", but he accidentally ends up breaking Mabel's fall.
  • Mabel awkwardly struggling with her feelings about Steven.
  • Seeing Peridot so stressed out after fusing with Bill Cipher, Mabel tries to give her a hug. Peridot doesn't understand the meaning of the gesture and demands Mabel release her from her "death grip".
  • Peridot manages to make it out of Steven's house but ends up stumbling down the hill to the Mystery Shack, where she makes a mess of the house and museum before holing up in Stan's bathroom.
  • Stan is rather unimpressed when Peridot threatens him with a frying pan.
  • Stanley and Stanford keep arguing over whose bathroom, exactly, Peridot is cornered in.
  • When Peridot hears from Dipper exactly what kind of sadistic nightmare demon Bill is, her only reply is a meek "that explains a lot".

     Arc Seven 
Split Up
  • While Dipper and Mabel are trying to convince Stan and Ford to go camping without them, Garnet appears out of nowhere to back them up.
    Stan: What the— Garnet? How long have you been loitering around here like that? 'Cause you know there’s a fee for that around here.
  • Gideon taking credit for his and his goons escaping when he didn't come up with the plan at all.
  • The reactions Gideon's goons when Peridot talks back to him. Heck, that whole conversation, really.
  • Ruby and Mabel getting distracted during their search for Peridot, first by "free pie night" at Greasy's Diner, then by the games at Funland Arcade (including Ruby breaking Teens of Rage and lashing out at Meat Beat Mania). It's made even funnier by how Ruby is honestly trying to focus and Mabel keeps encouraging her to do these things.
  • Sapphire making a crack to Gideon about how she doesn't need Future Vision to know that his plan will ultimately fail.
  • Gideon ending up on the receiving end of a Rhetorical Question Blunder when Ruby, Sapphire, and the Mystery Twins escape captivity.
    Gideon: What the... how'd they escape?
    Peridot: Well, let’s see, you tied a Ruby, a Gem known for having pyrotechnic powers, up with restraints that appeared to made out of nylon, polyester, and polypropylene.
  • Gideon and Peridot arguing over which of them is the greatest foe of the Pines family and the Crystal Gems.

To Con a Clod

  • Stan gets Peridot addicted to coffee, and takes the opportunity to make her the Mystery Shack's newest exhibit: P.D. the Extraterrestrial.
  • Peridot's Bait-and-Switch Comment after trying coffee for the first time:
    Peridot: That was horrid! That viscous liquid was scalding hot! I have no idea how anyone, Gem or human, would willingly put such a foul substance into their body! Which is why I have to ask... do you have any more?!
  • Mabel tried coffee once; between the caffeine and all the sugar she put in it, she was buzzed for a week.
  • Stan and Dipper are reluctantly dragged into showing Peridot that rain is harmless... and in the process, dragged into some mud puddles.
  • Peridot demands five pots of coffee as payment from Stan and Amethyst for revealing her intel on the Cluster. The two briefly consider getting her back by tricking her into drinking decaf.
  • While roasting the other characters, what does Peridot find weird about Dipper and Mabel? "Those two look bizarrely similar to each other, to the point that I highly suspect they came out of the same exit hole!" The twins are rightly mortified by Peridot's comment.

Bot Battle

  • Mabel helps with Peridot's presentation, throwing glitter on Steven's "planet Earth" costume and being the one to make Steven's "Cluster" sock puppet. Dipper isn't impressed.
    Dipper: There was probably a much easier way to explain all of that that didn't involve using a box and a hand puppet.
    Peridot: They're called visual aids. And yes, they were necessary in getting the point of the Cluster across to these clods!
  • When Peridot says that she's a "certified Kindergartener", Dipper snarks that Peridot is certainly acting like one.
  • Dipper lampshading Peridot's Glad I Thought of It moment towards Pearl's idea to build a machine to take them to the Cluster.
    Pearl: We’d need to build some sort of machine to take us to the center of the Earth! It’ll have to-
    Peridot: Hey! I wasn’t finished speaking yet! What we need is to build some sort of machine to take us to the center of the Earth.
    Dipper: Um, that’s literally what Pearl just said.
  • Peridot getting annoyed and wondering why everyone keeps calling her an alien.
  • The chapter ends with Mabel tickle attacking Dipper and Steven with the Cluster puppet.

Three's a Crowd

  • Pearl realizing that they should have designated a spot for the drill before they moved all the stuff from the barn all over the place.
  • Pearl reminds Amethyst not to be too dismissive of the "junk" she had her gather, saying it might provide useful materials for their drill. Amethyst points out stuff like a broken whoopee cushion probably won't be very useful.
  • Ford assuming that being told about how Dipper and Steven fused is some kind of joke.
  • Steven and Mabel try to teach Peridot about eating (based on a deleted scene from "Log Date 7 15 2"), which involves sitting her in a high chair with a party hat on her head.
  • Steven and Dipper end up dancing in the air thanks to Steven's levitation powers... but when they fuse into Stepper, he ends up face-planting on the ground when he realizes he's in mid-air.
  • Peridot's outburst when she recognizes Stepper as the clod who demolished her Robonoids way back in "Forever Alone".
  • Mabel tries to one-up Stepper by "fusing" with Peridot, which ends up doing a Totem Pole Trench with her. Peridot only agrees to it because she's still mad at Stepper for the Robonoid incident and wants to get back at him. Naturally, Stepper isn't fooled for a second.

The Answer

  • Stan, cheapskate that he is, can't come up with a better birthday gift than a coupon for 5% off anything in the Mystery Shack gift shop...'s clearance bin. Steven is still touched by his gift.
  • Soos drove Wendy, Grenda, and Candy to the barn for the party, and the teen complains about having to listen to Soos blasting anime theme songs the whole ride. Candy then shyly raises her and says that she liked the anime theme songs.
  • After Steven leaves the party to be by himself, Connie finds him thumbing through his gift from Dipper, a mini-journal compiling all the info on Gems from the journals.
    Steven: C-Connie! I-I was just, uh... g-getting some light reading done?
    Connie: Out here in the woods, all by yourself?

Peridot and Pacifica

  • Peridot not knowing what pockets are, and instead using velcro straps to attach her new cell phone to herself, which Dipper lampshades.
  • Pacifica's reaction to seeing Peridot for the first time.
  • Peridot initially assuming that the dwarves were gnomes.
  • One of the dwarves really misses burgers.
  • When Pacifica learns that Preston trapped the dwarves in the mine, she'd like to say that it's a shock, but it really isn't, with his track record.
  • When Pacifica sees the Dartboard of Hate the dwarves made of Preston, she asks if she can have it.
  • The names of the dwarves are all variants of "Tony", including a second Tony.
  • Dipper snarking that Pacifica would be surprised at how few things Peridot actually knows when the heiress expresses disbelief that she doesn't know how to hang up a cell phone call.
  • Pacifica tries to suggest that Peridot use her phone as an alarm or something to distract the fusion experiment, but Peridot misinterprets the idea to mean that she should throw the phone at it. Amazingly, while the phone gets smashed, it works.
  • When Pacifica lets the dwarfs out, one of them tries to hug a duck.
  • When Pacifica wonders about the plans the dwarves have, which involve pushing an evil witch off of a cliff, Dipper notes that the witch probably deserves it.

Message Received

  • When they arrive on the moon base, Ford realizes that he probably should have given Stan a heads-up about them heading to space. Dipper, remembering the last time they tried to go into space and Stan's reaction, suggests keeping him Locked Out of the Loop.
  • While on the moon base, Mabel drags Dipper into bouncing around in low gravity with her.
  • Mabel, on seeing a mural of Yellow Diamond, can't help but point out how long her neck is. "Like a giraffe!"
  • Mabel cheeses Peridot off by drawing a smiley face on the console atop the Moon Base.
  • When Peridot uses her line about having applied "logic" to escape from the truck, Dipper yells back "Yeah! Whatever little bit of logic you actually have!" before Ford has to pull him and Mabel back.


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