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To prevent page clutter, please limit Moments of Awesome to those that are unique to the story, and do not originate from Steven Universe and Gravity Falls.

    Arc One 
  • Dipper manages to get the Gems to listen to him when he figures out the Centipeetle's weakness is electricity, due to the information in Journal 3.
  • Opal rescues Dipper, Mabel, and Soos from the Gobblewonker, and then swiftly defeats it with a single arrow to save Steven from its belly.
  • Dipper and Steven help Pearl defeat Sugilite by distracting her.
  • Dipper, Mabel, and Steven manage to follow the clues in the journals to find both Laser Light Cannons.

    Arc Two 
  • In an Offscreen Moment of Awesome, Gideon managed to somehow steal a Gem artifact from under the Crystal Gem's noses.
  • In "Copies and Clones", Dipper and Steven work together to take out their crazed clones (who, ironically enough, had previously teamed up to get rid of the originals).
  • Pearl's story in "Bottomless Pit": "Battle of the Bleeding Moon". It depicts a rather intense battle between the Crystal Gems and a gem monster, though she is cut off before she can reveal how Rose managed to defeat it.
  • In "Arcade Mania", Garnet singlehandedly defeats Rumble McSkirmish with just a few blows in Arcade Mania after rescuing Dipper from him.
  • The kids narrowly manage to evade a Gem monster on their own in "Gems and Journals" by outsmarting it and trapping it in a tunnel.
  • In "Waterfall Gem", Stan jumps in to fight the kids' water clones and manages to do so effectively for a while. Though he is temporarily downed, he jumps right back in to save Dipper and Mabel at the last second.

    Arc Three 
  • All four of the kids pulling Rose's sword out of Lion's mane in "Irrational Treasure" is pretty epic, while the President Trembly's reaction is fittingly hilarious.
  • In "Future Vision", Pearl and Amethyst manage to drive Sev'ral Timez' cruel producer away from the Mystery Shack without even using any force, just their wits (and a bit of shapeshifting).
    • Pearl getting the above-mentioned manager arrested.
  • The majority of Stan and Amethyst's Revenge Trip in the eponymous chapter is not just funny, but also a series of Awesome Moments.
  • At the climax of "Gideon Rises", the Gems form Alexandrite and come to the aid of the Mystery Twins. Between Dipper wrestling with Gideon and Alexandrite battling the Gideon-bot, Gideon didn't stand a chance.

     Arc Four 
  • Stan fighting off the zombies in "Scary-oke" is double awesome when his actions manage to impress the Gems.
    Stan: And what are you three looking at!? Haven't you ever seen a man beat a zombie's head in before?
  • In "The Golf War", Pearl and Garnet join Stan and Amethyst on their Revenge Trip against the Northwests. When they vandalize the Northwest mansion, Pearl boldly graffitis this extensive insult on the manor's wall:
    Snobbish, self-entitled, greedy, supercilious, upper crust, corrupt, cold hearted, thoughless, rude, arrogant elitists!
  • In "Forever Alone", Steven and Dipper reconcile and re-fuse into Stepper just in time to save Mabel and the Crystal Gems from Peridot's new Robonoids.
  • In "Dipper and Lapis", the titular duo manages to fight off a group of Gem monsters together.
  • Even though they get their heads handed to them, it's impressive how Dipper and Mabel are willing to stand up to Jasper in defense of Steven and the Gems at the end of "The Return".
  • Dipper and Mabel using Mabel's grappling hook to get aboard the Hand Ship in "Jailbreak".

     Arc Five 
  • Robbie saving Tambry from Peridot's escape pod when it goes out of control in "Joy Ride".
  • In "Sock Opera, Part 2", Connie and Steven team up with Mabel to keep the journal away from "Bipper" and help wear him out in order to get Bill out of Dipper's body.
    • Steven finally standing up to Bill and refusing to let himself be bullied or blackmailed anymore.
      "All you've done since this whole thing began is threaten and hurt me and my friends, but no more! I'm done letting you get away with all these horrible, messed-up things! After all, you said so yourself; our deal is over."
  • Steven using his bubble to cushion the fall of him, Bipper, Mabel and Connie from the rafters.
  • In "Do It For Them" Dipper, despite still being wounded from "Sock Opera", joins Connie in learning how to use swords, and does pretty well despite the pain and injuries.
  • In "Keeping It Together", Dipper finally gets the chance to show off his new sword skills, and does a pretty good job pinning Peridot down long enough for Amethyst to get in a shot.
  • In “Society of The Blind Eye”, after talking Steven down from using the memory gun to erase their Bill knowledge, Dipper covers for him when Connie sees them with it.
  • Dipper saving Pacifica from one of the "Frankengems" in "Northwest Mansion Nightmare".
  • In "Not What He Seems" Steven and the Gems, with Lion's help, rescue Dipper and Mabel from the custody of Agent Trigger.
  • Amethyst keeping Garnet and Pearl away from the portal long enough to allow it to fully activate.

     Arc Six 
  • While Dipper's "The Reason You Suck" Speech towards Steven and Mabel in "Lost and Found" is a huge gut puncher, it can also be a bit carthartic for readers who dislike their selfish behavior in canon.
  • Mixed with heartwarming, but Stan managed to give Steven a much needed encouraging talk in "Cry For Help".
  • Dipper charging Probabilator with the Ancient Sea Blade in "Dungeons, Dungeons, and More Dungeons".
  • Ford, with some help from Pearl, creating the Sword of Seasons for Dipper, which can switch between Playing with Fire, Shock and Awe, Blow You Away, and An Ice Person modes.
  • In "Evergreen Inn", Ruby and Sapphire defeating Darlene without needing to fuse again.
  • Amethyst launching Stan in a Fastball Special to save the kids by transforming into a slingshot.
  • Dipper gets to use the Sword of Seasons for the first time!
  • Pearl managing to resist Bill's control in the past.
  • Pearl getting payback on a certain unicorn for her past words on Rose.
  • The group taking down Pyrite, a powerful fusion of Peridot and Bill Cipher! Dipper, Maven, and several of the Crystal Gems' fusions (Opal, Sugilite, and Sardonyx) all get their shot, and rather fittingly it's Dipper who deals the final blow, giving him some measure of payback against Bill for the events of "Sock Opera" and the aftermath.

     Arc Seven 
  • Peridot managing to actually escape from the bathroom in "Split Up", getting the drop on Mabel when she comes to check on the captive Gem.
  • Sapphire actually intimidates Gideon when she learns that Ruby has been captured, and stops him from shooting Dipper with his crossbow.
  • The big fight at the end of "Split Up", with Garnet pretty much effortlessly catching Peridot and Gideon after she reforms, and Mabel and Dipper effortlessly mopping up Gideon's goons.
    Mabel: Man, the movies lied to me. They made it look like big, tough prison gangs were hard to take out, but these guys were total pushovers. Lame!
  • Stan defending Amethyst after Peridot reveals her "defective" nature.
    "So what if she didn't 'come out right'? I've known her for a long time, and let me tell you something about her, greenie, that even a stupid brainiac like you wouldn't know: she's the best one of you Gems I've ever met, which is why I'm not gonna stand here and listen to someone like you put her down!"
  • Although it's rather sad, both Ford and McGucket make good points in their argument, and have the strength to admit it later.
  • Peridot, Dipper, and Pacifica working together to defeat the Gem mutant.
  • Ford using his blaster to keep the communications crystal away from Peridot.


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