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Although both shows have different events that unfold, that doesn't stop them from coming together here.

The second Light Cannon is in The Mystery Shack/One of Ford's old bunkers.
It's hinted that Ford and Rose were partners/acquaintances in the past, so it's possible that she entrusted it with him for safe keeping.
  • Alternatively, it could be in Old Man McGucket's junkyard.
  • Confirmed: It was hidden in an underground compartment near the Mystery Shack. It was also Ford who hid it there.

The UFO that crashed on GF in the past is a Gem Spaceship.
Maybe that's how the Homeworld Gems found Earth?

Bill Cipher and the Homeworld Gems are opposing forces.
Considering how the Homeworld Gems have tried and colonize and eventually destroy Earth, Bill wouldn't be too fond of them since their actions would've resulted in ruining his plans. Which is why after he's done with our planet, he'll spread Weirdmageddon to the Gem Homeworld. In return, the Homeworld Gems (especially Yellow Diamond) hate Bill for invading Gems' dreams, interfering with their plans constantly, and spreading chaos in the process. So they devise ways to destroy him permanently.
  • Jossed. The ending of "Magic and Mystery" shows that Bill Cipher and Yellow Diamond are allies and are working together. However, it seems that YD isn't very fond of Bill and makes little secret of the fact, and Word of God is that the chance of betrayal on either side is still possible.

Mabel will play matchmaker with Steven and Connie.
Because, why not? It's Mabel.
  • However, Mabel has developed a crush on Steven.

Gideon will form an alliance with the Homeworld Gems.
And he'll do it by contacting them with a Gem communicator. Naturally, Yellow Diamond would reject his offer, disgusted by the idea of working with a human. But after much pestering from Bill, she'll (begrudgingly) agree.

Connie's parents aren't very fond of the Pines family.
Mainly because they see them as a bad influence for their daughter. Unsurprising considering how Stan is a known con artist. And if they learn about how Ford also conducts dangerous scientific experiments (if he returns before "Nightmare Hospital"), they'll outright forbid Connie from hanging out with Dipper and Mabel along with confronting the elder Pines twins about it.
Dr. Mahaeswaran: Your whole family has been a terrible role model for our daughter, Mr. Pines! Encouraging her to go on these dangerous activities and teaching her all this paranormal nonsense!
Mr. Mahaeswaran: As if that Steven kid wasn't bad enough, we also have to deal with your niblings!
Stan: Hey! It's not our fault she has so much in common with that knucklehead Dipper!
Ford: And besides, this is very important stuff we're doing! She's contributing to something big!

Lion and Waddles will be a Standalone Episode focusing on, well, Lion and Waddles.
Jossed, it's the adaptation of "The Time Traveler's Pig".

The gem in Gideon's bolo tie is a trapped Gem, like Lapis was.

Instead of hiding in Steven's bathroom, Peridot will take refuge in the Mystery Shack's bathroom upstairs.
Which could lead to funny moments involving Dipper being annoyed by Peridot's Fish out of Water behavior.
  • Possibly confirmed (At least Peridot hiding in the Shack's bathroom), as the author mentions it as a possible idea here.

Steven will be Bill's main pawn throughout the story.
Considering that he's Rose's son, he might have something VERY important to his plans.

Lapis and Peridot will stay in the spare room from "Carpet Diem."
They're roommates after all. Plus, it would lead to Stan having them work in the Mystery Shack!
  • Jossed, though Peridot may end up there if something like Raising the Barn happens.
Bill is the only character in Universe Falls with ZERO redeeming qualities.
Enough said. He was already an utterly loathsome villain in Gravity Falls, but it'll ESPECIALLY stick out here due to the idealistic nature of Steven Universe.
  • Expanding on this, Bill will be the only enemy that Rose Quartz ever truly hated.
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  • Bill is so horrible that even the Homeworld Gems are disgusted by him.

Alternatively, Bill will be given Hidden Depths
Alex Hirsch has supposedly gone on record saying Bill's childhood was even worse than Stan's, although he didn't go into any details. Without necessarily giving him wiggle room for a Heel–Face Turn or fitting him for leather pants, Bill just might get more depth and nuance than he got on the show proper.

The Crystal Gems had their memories erased of Stanford Pines/the Author and the Journals.
It's why they don't remember how the Author filled in their entries in Journal 3 in "Gems and Journals".
  • Practically confirmed. In the cover art (see the Fanfic page), Rose is holding a capsule saying "Crystal Gems' memories."

Additional Members of the Society of the Blind Eye will include...
  • Mr. Fryman: He'd likely be dealing with a lot of stress, considering both his sons have some kind of mental illness. His older son, Ronaldo, is a Conspiracy Theorist who keeps digging too deep, and much of his erratic behavior is a result of repeated memory erasures (presumably he was a more rational investigator, like Dipper, but he's had his mind messed with so often that he starts to act more like a Real Life Conspiracy Theorist, as seen in the show). While Peedee suffers from mundane Depression. Chances are Fryman couldn't take it and joined the Society to erase his memory of their worst episodes. When the society is disbanded, he will, if only for lack of options, deal with his sons' problems head on and become a much better and responsible father than he was beforehand.
  • Mr. Smiley: He'd likely have a lot of regrets concerning his status as a has-been comedian, as well as his falling out with Mr. Frowney.
  • Onion: While he is a member, Onion never actually uses the memory gun at all. In fact, Onion may be the reason for many of the Society's members joining, as the little hellion might have been the cause of more than a few memories that people do not wish to live with. The Society made Onion a member in a semi-futile attempt to try to control him, but this action merely made his pranks and mischief far less frequent.
  • Lars: Considering the kind of insecure mess he is on the show before his Character Development kicks in, he's likely the Society's newest initiate. He probably joined to ease the problems that come with his (usually self inflicted) humiliations. But as a new member, he hasn't had time to really drink the Kool-Aid and will eventually perform a Heel–Face Turn. It would also explain why it took so long for his Character Development to kick in canonically.
    • Onion and Lars aren't members, but Fryman and Smiley are confirmed as members in "Society of the Blind Eye".

Bill shattered, or at least helped shatter Pink Diamond.
"Back to the Moon" reveals that Homeworld's plans for colonizing Earth would have resulted in the planet becoming a hollow husk, thereby dooming all organic life on it. Given that Bill views Earth as his playground and humans as his toys, letting the Diamonds destroy the planet would've put a damper on his plans so he either he shattered Pink Diamond taking on Rose's form to do so in order to set the Crystal Gems up or made a deal with Rose Quartz to make it possible for her to do so. Given that Pink Diamond's death ended poorly for both sides of the war: all but three of the Crystal Gems (Rose, Pearl, Garnet) were corrupted and Homeworld lost one of their leaders, several troops to the corruption nuke and a potential resource planet, Bill may have set this up intentionally.
  • If this is true and word got out, this could work out for the heroes. Jasper finding out that it wasn't Rose Quartz that shattered her Diamond may lead to her Heel–Face Turn and siding with the cast against Bill. In addition, this could be grounds for Homeworld pulling an Enemy Mine with the Crystal Gems/Mystery Shack gang against Bill.
  • May be Jossed by the latest episode of Steven Universe with The Reveal that Pink Diamond and Rose Quartz were one and the same and what the other Diamonds thought was Pink's "death" was actually faked by her and Pearl.

Bill will pull an Enemy Mine with the Crystal Gems/Mystery Shack against Homeworld.
We know a Homeworld invasion is coming either to retrieve the Cluster or for revenge against the Crystal Gems once the Diamonds find out that their geoweapon has been deactivated. The Crystal Gems are outmatched in numbers and technology making their chances of survival minimal hence Bill offering to make a deal with them. Possibly offering a cure for corruption to help bolster their numbers.

There will be a time skip in this story.
Gravity Falls has ended while Steven Universe is still ongoing. It would be impossible to fit in the events of both shows for one summer. Instead the story will have Dipper and Mabel spend one summer in Gravity Falls, return back to their home and then cut back to one year later with the twins coming back to revisit.
  • Minijenn does have a sequel in the works; the current story will cover events from both seasons of Gravity Falls and the first three seasons of Steven Universe (with a few episodes of season 4 thrown in). The sequel would cover the Mystery Twins' second summer in Gravity Falls, including some original stories based on Gravity Falls lore and the events of the rest of seasons 4 and 5 of Steven Universe.

Lapis will go Mama Bear on Bill.
For what he did to Steven and Dipper in "Dreamscaperers" and "Sock Opera" respectively.

The "mysterious human" who helped Lapis escape from Homeworld is, obviously, Stanford Pines.
He somehow wound up in the right dimension, but on the wrong planet, and was captured by Homeworld forces. While in prison, he met Lapis and helped her escape.
  • Pretty much confirmed in "The Return", when Lapis Lazuli briefly mistakes Grunkle Stan for her human friend from Homeworld, until she gets a good look at his hands.
    • Confirmed as of Same Old World.

"Pyrite", from the upcoming chapter of the same name, is...
  • A new fusion.
    • Confirmed. It's a fusion between Peridot and Bill Cipher.
  • A false identity assumed by Bill Cipher in order to trick Peridot and/or the Gems.
  • Peridot (or another Homeworld Gem, or a corrupted Gem) possessed by Bill Cipher (which will lead to more than a few "ASSUMING DIRECT CONTROL!" jokes from fans)
  • Bill's gemsona

If Stonemason does end up being used in the sequel, there's going to be a Shout-Out to Captain America: The Winter Soldier.
"Dipper?" "Who the hell is Dipper?"

On top of his disdain for "illegal aliens," Uncle Andy will express some Anti-Semitic grumblings about Grunkle Stan
And Stan, being Stan, will do nothing to dispel the stereotypes. If Ford is present, and Stan gets under his skin again, he'll just make things worse.
  • Possible, though it's worth noting that De Mayo is itself a Jewish name.

Mabel's decision in Not What He Seems will be partially motivated by Full Disclosure
That it's not just about Mabel's trusting nature, but that unlike Dipper and the rest, she's seen the TRUE Stanley underneath. That after knowing his comforting embrace, she now trusts him in a way the others won't.
  • Not directly confirmed, but the theme of what happened there is brought up in her thought process. In particular, the affection he gave her before it happened.

Peridot and Dipper will end up Vitriolic Best Buds along with Ford
Because let's face it. It'll take some time for Dipper to warm up to her, but all 3 of them were born to work together. 3 eggheads with big ideas and no fear to carry them out. Plus, it'd be fun to see Peridot and Dipper freak out with each other.

Rose's big sin
The Crystal Gems' memory is that Rose tried to make a deal with Bill to get Ford back, but when she realized what Bill was trying to do, then she called it off. And unlike with Dipper, she could actually walk away. But the problem was that the deal relied on the mindspace of the Crystal Gems, and THIS is why she erased her friends's memories. Something she ended up regretting, and asking Ford to help with in the event he came back.

Going off of this...

In addition to Rose erasing her fellow Crystal Gems' memories
...She also erased Pearl's memories about her role in faking Rose's "death" as Pink Diamond.

Mystery Girl will appear in the sequel as a new employee Soos has hired to help out at the Mystery Shack
With a name like "Mystery Girl," it only seems appropriate that she show up working at the Shack.

the deal the diamonds made with Bill...
  • was to get the gem responsible for her death.

In "Same Old World" Lapis will get an earful not only from Steven, but from Dipper and Mabel, after she breaks Peridot's tape recorder
Steven will be disappointed just like in canon, while Mabel will be furious that Lapis won't give Peridot a second chance or believe the kids' claims that she's changed, and even Dipper, who doesn't like Peridot all that much even after her Heel–Face Turn, will think coldly rejecting Peridot's gift and destroying her property is going too far. And given how close Lapis and Dipper are in UF, that last one will probably hurt the most.

Stevonnie doesn't have any extra body parts because their components are in love with each other
Because they're made of love, Stevonnie is the most stable and therefore normal looking of the Mystery Kid fusions. Since Steven is Just Friends with Mabel and Dipper, (their own feelings notwithstanding), their bodies don't have the standard set of eyes and limbs respectively.

There is a warp pad near Dipper and Mabel's hometown.
While Gravity Falls was a very localized series with all of the events happening in he sleepy little town - weirdness gravitating to it - Steven Universe spanned all across the planet Earth with the use of warp pads, with the later seasons set in space.

Odds are the gems will see where Dipper and Mabel's hometown is on a map and realize that Steven's friendship with them doesn't happen to end with the summer. It is likely that they'll give Dipper a warp whistle (because Mabel would likely abuse it) so they could visit Gravity Falls all year round.

Bill's actions, coupled with Steven's inability to redeem him, will exacerbate his mental health problems in the equivalent arc covering Steven Universe Future.
During Steven's mental breakdowns in the Future-analogue arc, Steven will sometimes hold a conversation with "Bill" (who may or may not be a figment of Steven's imagination) who serves as a sounding board for his worst bits of self-loathing.

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