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To prevent page clutter, please limit Moments of Heartwarming to those that are unique to the story, and do not originate from Steven Universe and Gravity Falls.

    Arc One 
First Meeting
  • Steven, Mabel, Dipper, and Connie all become friends within a few minutes of meeting each other.
  • Despite his dislike of the Gems, Stan seems to have a genuine friendship with Amethyst.

Magic and Mystery

  • The Gems expressing their pride over the kids finding both light cannons, despite their earlier doubts:
    Pearl: Regardless of how you found it, we can't express to all three of you how proud and grateful we are. We know we might have underestimated you earlier, but we were wrong. We're sorry.
    Amethyst: Yeah, you three make a pretty great team! We might just have to ask you guys for help next time we have a hard time fighting a monster or something!

    Arc Two 
Li'l Gideon
  • Garnet giving Mabel advice on what to do about Gideon wanting to be more than Just Friends with her.

Copies and Clones

  • Dipper, Tyrone, Steven, and Steven 2 hanging out at the end is pretty adorable, that is, until the clones meet their abrupt, tragic ends.

Bottomless Pit

  • In Dipper's story, while Steven also finds Dipper's cracked voice hilarious, he's the only one who feels bad embarrassing Dipper. Steven tries to console Dipper about his own voice cracking when he's excited. But he couldn't help but chuckle when Soos played the part where Dipper whines "STAHP IT GUUUUYYYYS!"
  • In Mabel's story, while insulting Garnet and Pearl, Stan tells Amethyst he considers her his friend, which made her blush.

Lion and Waddles

  • Dipper sacrifices his success with Wendy at the fair to not only ensure that Mabel wins Waddles. He also goes back in time to where Lion was accidentally left behind to bring him back for Steven. This scene is particularly heartwarming for two reasons: a. he accidentally meets Rose Quartz, who of course is her usual kind, sweet self and b. Dipper and Lion finally manage to get along, despite the fact that they had been at ends up until that point for the entire story.


  • Pearl decides to put her disdain for Summerween behind her and helps Steven and the others deal with the Summerween Trickster, both by helping Steven with trick-or-treating (and even getting into making up costumes with her shape-shifting ability) and by helping fight off the monster.

An Indirect Kiss

  • Throughout the chapter, we can see Stan become steadily more concerned for Amethyst's worsening condition, even if he doesn't want to openly admit it.
    Stan: You know, you can't really give up either. F-for the kid's sake, of course. Cause if anything happens to you, then he really will be crying.
    Amethyst: (backwards) It's not like I can really do much about cracking, Stan. But its nice to know you actually do care, even if you don't act like it.
    Stan: Uh... well... It'd be pretty boring of you to... ya know... kick the bucket, or whatever it is you Gems do just from falling off a cliff. Especially considering all of the crazy messes we used to get ourselves into back in the day.
    Amethyst: (backwards) Heh, yeah, those were the days... Guess now is as good a time as any to tell you... how much I wish things could be like that again...

Mirror Gem

  • Most of what Mirror!Lapis has to say to the kids.
    Mabel: Who's your favorite Mabel?
    Mirror!Lapis: Why, you are, Mabel, of course!

    Mirror!Lapis: Thanks.
    Dipper: ...I... I don't understand. For what?
    Mirror!Lapis: You-found-me.

    Mirror!Lapis: Mabel-is-hilarious!
    Mabel: Aw, thanks mirror! You're so sweet!
    Mirror!Lapis: You're so sweet!
    Mabel: No, you're so sweet!
    Mirror!Lapis: No, you're so sweet!
    Mabel: No, you're so sweet!

    Mirror!Lapis: PFFFT!
    Mabel: There's the mirror we know and love!
    Steven: You just couldn't help yourself, huh?
    Mirror!Lapis: Just for-you-guys!

Waterfall Gem

  • Stan coming to Dipper and Mabel's rescue from their respective water clones is not only a Moment of Awesome, but its incredibly sweet to see how much he really does care for the kids' safety. The rare gentleness he demonstrates while helping Dipper recover from nearly drowning is especially heartwarming:
    Stan: Just take it easy and let that big brain of yours rest for a while.

    Arc Three 
Future Vision
  • While Pearl usually has a hard time connecting with humans, even ones she's close to like Steven and the Mystery Twins, it says something that she hardly needs convincing to help free Sev'ral Timez from the grip of Mr. Bratsman. Being from a Servant Race that was treated as property back on Homeworld no doubt caused their enslavement to strike a chord with her.

On the Run

  • After Pearl and Amethyst reconcile, Dipper is inspired to talk to Wendy about the events of "Future Vision", and is pleasantly surprised she's quite forgiving now that she's put it in the past.

Land Before Swine

  • Lion and Waddles are much closer since Waddles' introduction in "Lion and Waddles". Lion goes so far as trying to rescue Waddles from the pterodactyl, and becomes displeased with Stan when he attempts to lie about Waddles' abduction.

Straight to Video

  • Wendy and Steven commiserate over having both lost their mothers. Near the end, after watching Rose's home video, Wendy lets him know she's there "if you ever need to talk to someone about the whole... 'no-mom' thing".

Revenge Trip

  • All the bonding scenes between Amethyst and Stan, like the flashback to her first official visit to the Mystery Shack, back when it was called the "Murder Hut". Amethyst was even the one to inspire Stan to change the name.
  • Amethyst covering for Stan on their last Revenge Trip by claiming the whole thing was her idea, and Stan returning the favor fourteen years later.
  • After Gideon confesses to defacing the Temple, Pearl makes sure to say she owes Amethyst an apology loud enough for Amethyst to hear from her hiding spot.

    Arc Four 

Into the Bunker

  • After Amethyst adopts her new form near the end, both the Crystal Gems and the Mystery Shack crew join her in a huge, much-needed group hug.

Alone Together

  • Wendy is incredibly supportive of Stevonnie, even standing up to Kevin when he starts flirting with them.

Together Forever

  • Garnet is just as supportive of Maven as she is of Stevonnie. She's even there for them when Maven's fears of de-fusing cause her to run off in a panic.

Forever Alone

  • Garnet gives the newly-minted Steven/Dipper fusion "Stepper" a much-needed pep-talk, assuring him he's got it in himself to "find the harmony" and become a more stable fusion.
  • Dipper and Steven reconciling near the end, and reforming Stepper in order to help the Crystal Gems fight off Peridot's new Robonoids.

Rose's Scabbard

  • After Steven talks down Pearl from her depression, Dipper finds a touching note from the Author that shows Pearl inspired Rose Quartz just as much as Rose inspired Pearl.
    “If there’s one thing between the Crystal Gems that is completely without question, it’s the breadth and depth of Pearl’s unwavering devotion to Rose. Her every word, thought, and action all seem to be aimed to the goal of showing her undying loyalty to her leader. While some might call this kind of behavior obsessive or even manic, I find her dedication to be quite admirable, something that Rose firmly agrees with me on. She once told me just how much she appreciates Pearl’s endless resolve, how it serves as a constant inspiration to her to be the best leader she can be for all three of her fellow Gems. To pledge oneself to another, not out of fear, but out of the deepest sense of love and respect… its certainly understandable that such fidelity would serve as an inspiration, even to someone as inspirational as Rose Quartz herself.”

Blendin's Game

  • When the Mystery Kids ends up in the Globnar arena, Steven is more concerned about them leaving Soos by himself in the past.
    Steven: We can’t stick around here and fight in a futuristic battle to the death, no matter how cool that kinda sounds. What about Soos?
  • After Past!Greg runs ragged trying to find young Steven (who had temporarily disappeared when Present!Steven showed up in the past), Garnet gives him a brief encouraging speech.
    Garnet: Greg. Don’t sell yourself short. You may still be new at this, but if it’s any consolation, so are we. You spent all day looking for Steven, and I’m willing to bet it was all worth it to come back here and see him safe and sound.

Dipper and Lapis

  • Dipper and Lapis just hanging out and bonding. Dipper even tells Lapis his real name!
  • Although he clearly doesn't like having to do it, Dipper keeps his promise to Lapis and doesn't tell the others that's she's back.
  • Lapis befriending the human imprisoned on Homeworld by her, and her guilt at having to leave him behind.
  • Steven and Mabel's happiness at seeing Lapis again.

The Return

  • Lapis trying to defend the kids against Jasper.


  • Mixed with awesome, but the twins go to try and rescue Steven and the Gems from the Hand Ship.
  • Garnet admitting she's proud of Dipper and Mabel for being willing to risk their lives for their friends.

    Arc Five 
Full Disclosure
  • Mabel trying to reassure Dipper after ther twin witnesses Malachite.
  • Stan works with Soos to make some home-made treats and throw a little party to try and cheer up the twins. When this causes a guilt-ridden Mabel to confess to everything that happened in "The Return" and "Jailbreak", Stan assures her that he's not mad, and is even a little impressed that Dipper and Mabel snuck onto an alien space-ship.

Joy Ride

  • Robbie and Tambry get together sans Love Potion this time around, thanks to Robbie saving Tambry from the out of control pod.
    • Even if the Journal 3 book confirmed that the potions are only temporary, it's still nice to see them get together without needing help.
  • Wendy giving Dipper, who's still not quite over the events of "Jailbreak", a much-needed pep talk.

Sock Opera

  • Dipper makes the deal partially to try and help Lapis.
  • Steven makes a deal with Bill not to tell anyone that he's possessing Dipper in exchange for him stopping in his abuse of Dipper's body. Bill doesn't hold up to his end much, but it's the thought that counts.
  • Dipper is quick to reassure Steven that the whole mess with Bill isn't his fault.

Do It For Them

  • Stan is actually supportive of Dipper learning how to use swords from Pearl. Sure, the context only makes Mabel's guilt worse, but Stan himself lampshades how rare it is for him to give Pearl a compliment.
  • Dipper finally accepting Steven's healing.

Keeping It Together

  • In honor of his first big mission since starting sword training, Pearl gives Dipper a gift: his very own sword, an "Ancient Sea Blade" Pearl scavenged from a battle during the Gem War.

Society of the Blind Eye

  • Dipper helps Steven save face by telling Connie that he asked Steven to erase his memories of Bill.
  • Old Man McGucket finds a photo of Rose Quartz, and the sight of her manages to spark a few faint, but positive memories. In fact, it helps the Scatterbrained Senior focus long enough to remember he needed the Crystal Gems' help in saving the kids from the Blind Eye.

The Ballad of Rose and Greg - Like A Comet

Northwest Mansion Nightmare

  • Pacifica goes so far as to steal Dipper's journal to keep him from tracking mud on the carpets and getting her parents mad. When she tells him "You wouldn't understand!", she's actually touched when Dipper retorts "Then help me understand!"
  • Connie giving Pacifica a pep-talk to convince her she has it in her to stand up to her Abusive Parents.
  • Just as seeing Connie and Priyanka make amends is making Steven miss his own mother, the Gems appear and cheer him up.

Not What He Seems

  • When Pearl remarks that they might have to leave Gravity Falls, or even the country, to escape the government agents, Garnet shoots that idea down, agreeing with Steven that Gravity Falls is their home.
    Garnet: This is where Rose wanted us to stay, the place she wanted us to protect after she was gone, and we're going to do exactly that, agents or no agents.
  • Despite the mounting evidence that Stan has been lying to them for years and has a secret agenda, Amethyst still tries to trust Stan.
  • Also, Steven still wants to believe Stan is a nice guy, since his mom's possible involvement must mean there's some good in Stan's secret agenda.

A Tale of Two Stans

  • Even after their argument, Ford still trusts Rose enough to ask her to hide Journal #3, even if he can't bring himself to say why.
  • Stan letting slip that he does care about Steven, basically calling him a Superior Successor to Rose, and telling Ford not to treat him as a stand-in for her like the Crystal Gems tend to do.

     Arc Six 
Lost and Found
  • Ford reading the letter Rose left for him.
  • The Mystery Kids have a much-needed moment of reconciliation, with Steven and Mabel apologizing for not trusting in Dipper, and Dipper apologizing for taking out his anger about continually being wrong on them.

Cry for Help

  • Stan, who normally tolerates Steven at best, actually confides in Steven that he's worried about Amethyst, who's barely talked to him since the events of the Arc 5 finale. Steven apologizes to Stan for all the ways Rose hurt him and the Crystal Gems, even if she thought she was doing what had to be done, and Stan says that he doesn't blame Steven for what happened in the least. Then Steven caps it off by giving Stan a much-needed hug.
  • The kids basically telling Amethyst that they planned on giving her the credit if they managed to catch Peridot.

Dungeons, Dungeons, and More Dungeons

  • Pearl getting out of her funk a bit playing with Dipper and Ford.
  • Ford making a new Cool Sword for Dipper as appreciation for his efforts.

Evergreen Motel

  • The kids trying to get Ruby and Sapphire to talk to each other again.
  • Ruby and Sapphire working together to save Stan.

The Stanchurian Candidate

  • Amethyst and Stan making up, especially when Stan says that he didn't tell her about the portal to try and spare her the same weight on her shoulders that he had.

Chille Tid, Part 1

  • Garnet reassuring Dipper, who's desperate to help free Lapis from her fusion with Jasper, that there's still a chance to free her and that he should get some rest.
  • Steven trying to deliver a message to Lapis from Dipper.

Chille Tid, Part 2

  • Garnet apologizing to Dipper for not realizing what was going on in "Sock Opera".

The Last Mabelcorn

  • Ford confiding in Steven as well as Dipper, since he would have confided in Rose.
  • Pearl and Connie standing up for Mabel after she gets told off by Celestabellebethabelle.
    Mabel: If I'm not a good person, then who am I?
    Connie: Well, I know who you are. You're Mabel; you're fun and creative and most of all, kind, no matter what that unicorn says. And you don't have to prove that to anyone, especially not her, because as far as we're concerned, that was something we all knew from the very start.


  • Maven rallying the Crystal Gems against Pyrite, inspiring them to keep fighting against probably their most powerful foe yet.
  • Garnet reassuring Pearl that them forming Sardonyx will turn out better this time.

Catch and Release

  • Mabel giving a traumatized Peridot a hug when the Gem is worried that Bill might be nearby.

     Arc Seven 
Split Up
  • Stan and Ford actually managing to get past the bitterness between them by remembering their childhood antics. It's a shame Ford ruined the mood by mentioning that the campout had to ends eventually...
  • Sapphire trying to encourage Dipper to be more supportive and trusting of Mabel's decisions.

To Con a Clod

  • Steven assuring Peridot that they aren't going to shatter her after Ford threatens to do so in an attempt to get her to talk.
  • Stan is quick to stand up for Amethyst when Peridot makes fun of her for being undersized.
    "So what if she didn't 'come out right'? I've known her for a long time, and let me tell you something about her, greenie, that even a stupid braniac like you wouldn't know: she's the best one of you Gems I've ever met, which is why I'm not gonna stand here and listen to someone like you put her down!"

Bot Battle

  • Although Pearl is still rather mortified when Peridot reveals that there are hundreds of Pearls, she's touched when Mabel says that if those other Pearls are anywhere as cool as their Pearl, she wants to see them all.
  • Old Man McGucket saves Ford's life when the latter falls out of his and Pearl's machine, and McGucket admits that while he's still mad at Ford, he also still cares about him. The two later make up and admit to their own wrong-doings in the portal incident.
  • The adorable scene at the end where Mabel is tickling Dipper and Steven with the Cluster puppet.

Three's A Crowd

  • Steven ends up fusing with both Dipper and Mabel together. While the two are still at each other's throats even in the form of "Dipevebel" (in song, no less!), being fused makes Dipper and Mabel realize just how much their sibling bond — and their mutual friendship with Steven — means to them, and the two make amends.

The Answer

  • Steven is touched when Dipper, Mabel, Stan, and Ford get him birthday presents. Mabel has a hand-made Lion plush, Dipper a mini-journal containing all the info about the Gems he could find in the journals, and Ford gives him a telescope. Steven is even touched by Stan's half-assed gift of a coupon for the Mystery Shack's gift shop.
  • Candy and Grenda being invited.
  • The scene where Connie gets Steven to confess his worries about being alienated from being a Half-Human Hybrid (and she helps him talk through them) is really heartwarming.
    Connie: You know, its funny. Whenever someone else is feeling down or upset, you’re usually the first one to do everything you can to make them feel better. But… when you’re the one who’s upset, you just… act like your own feelings don’t matter. But they do matter… to me.

Peridot and Pacifica

  • Steven and Mabel giving Peridot a refurbished cell phone as a way of apologizing for the loss of her limb enhancers.
  • Dipper reassuring Pacifica when she worries that she'll never be better than her parents.

Message Received

  • Ford taking in the view of the moon with his niece and nephew.
  • You'd think that, when it looks like Peridot is planning to betray the Crystal Gems, Dipper would take the time to gloat. Instead, he spends more time reassuring Mabel and Steven that they weren't wrong to trust Peridot and try to befriend her.

Log Date 7 15 2

  • Dipper is oddly touched when Steven demonstrates gift-giving to Peridot by letting Dipper have his Ninja Guy figurine.
  • Peridot has some extra baggage about fusion due to the Pyrite incident, and Garnet gladly helps talk her through it.

Out Too Far

  • Steven and Mabel covering for Dipper's absence with Ford. Later, the Watermelon Steven that Steven is possessing snatches Stan's wallet to distract him so that Dipper can slip away to find Malachite.
  • Dipper emphasizing with Malachite based on his experience as part of Stepper before he stabilized, asks the fusion what she, not Jasper or Lapis, wants.
  • Dipper finally reuniting with Lapis.

In Too Deep

  • Ford doing his best to reassure a terrified Mabel when the Cluster starts to emerge.
  • When Ford is skeptical of Steven trying to make psychic contact with the Cluster, Mabel is quick to stand up for him.
    "In case you guys haven’t noticed, we're kinda stuck down here without any other choices to get us out. Which is why I choose to trust Steven. After all," she smiled briefly down at the unconscious young Gem beside her, squeezing his hand just a bit tighter at this. "He's never steered me wrong before."

  • In between cooking up ways to put the UF characters (and the audience) through the emotional wringer, Jenn and her fans came up with the "Water Mom" AU, a variant on the classic "Mystery Twins separated at birth" alternate universe where Lapis Lazuli escapes her mirror early and raises an orphaned Dipper as her own child, while Mabel is raised by Grunkle Stan. It mainly exists to play up Lapis's motherly feelings towards Dipper found in the normal version of Universe Falls.

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