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  • Chapter 23: Hanataro finally mans up and successfully stops Soi Fon from executing him for bringing her the wrong statue, even getting Number One to play.
    Ah. Well. It was a nice life. Maybe, when I'm reincarnated, I'll have a nice, simple life on Earth. Yeah, that'll be nice. Hanataro thought, a strange sense of peace filling his heart. He closed his eyes, and waited for the end.

    … no. No. NO! Hanataro thought. It will NOT end like this! I refuse to allow it! I haven't gotten to do anything even remotely cool for years! Well, now the pressure's on, and none of the major characters are here, and it's HANATARO'S time to shine! His reiatsu began to glow around him, reacting to his sudden burst in resolve. The cheesy 80's music began to play in the background. "I," Hanataro said bravely, "Think this statue is better than your statue!"

    "… what?" Soi Fon asked in a very, very dangerous tone.

    "Iiiiiif you wanna see some action…" The cheesy 80's music said in a considerably less dangerous tone.

    "Lady Yoruichi Shihouin. I've read her medical reports, including a full psychological profile. And I know she doesn't like standing on ceremony, and all that pomp and circumstance! She would prefer a smaller, more elegant tribute over a big, gaudy showpiece! Therefore, she would greatly prefer this small, understated statue!" Hanataro proclaimed grandly, choosing to ignore the fact that the current statue was about as 'small' and 'understated' as a rampaging elephant.

    Soi Fon stopped. She stared at Hanataro for a few long, quiet seconds (quiet except for the blaring theme music in the background). "You," she said, menace in her voice, "Pass."
  • Most of Chapter 32 DEFINITELY counts. Hitsugaya enters an Unstoppable Rage after hearing his Embarrassing Nickname just once too often and wipes the floor with, in this order: Yammy, Barragan, Aaroniero (Ok, that one wasn't awesome... That was just... embarrassing), Zommari, Grimmjow, Nnoitra and Ulquiorra. Yes, those are 7/10ths of the Espada. The other three? Stark leaves, Halibel defects and Szyael faints.
    • And he also gets Ulquiorra, an extreme stoic, to cry. If that isn't awesome, I don't know what.
  • How is Soi Fon finally defeated? The one thing that can beat The Power of Love: the power of MOM. It's no wonder everyone is terrified of Unohana.


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