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Tori: (to Jade) "And now we're in a closet."

In the 23 years Dan Schneider worked for Nickelodeon, Victorious is considered the one show of his soaked in the most Ho Yay & Les Yay out of all of them, to the point where fans generally accept that all of the main characters have hooked up with each other at least once. Including the puppet.


  • Les Yay: With a cast made up of mostly girls, and this being a Dan Schneider show, what would you expect?
  • Jade, Tori and Cat all share a mammoth amount of Les Yay. From Season 2 onwards you might as well call Jade/Tori the Official Couple of Victorious. There's a reason they provide the image of this page.
  • From the episode "The Wood":
    Tori: ...Where have you been?!
    Jade: In your room. You've got a lot of...things in there. *makes a flirtatious biting motion in Tori's direction*
    • Not to mention they seem happy to stage a "girl fight" for The Wood producers
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  • The very first episode of the show could qualify given that it has Jade making Tori get on her hands and knees and bark like a dog.
  • Tori's locker houses a huge and particularly sexy magazine cutout of Katy Perry. And if you look closely, plastered on the inside of the door is a cutout of text. What does the text read? "I Kissed A Girl".
  • The short film for "A Film by Dale Squires" implies the two female characters are lesbians.
  • Tori repeatedly tries to get Jade to hug her.
    • Jade does hug her once… then pulls her onto the floor.
      • She likes it on the floor. She said so later in that episode.
      • Jade also hugs Tori in "Wok Star" and "Tori Goes Platinum", both times more affectionately than in the previous example.
  • In "Wi-Fi in the Sky", we see Jade's screen name. What is it? Oh, nothing. Just "Scissor Luv".
  • Jade is happy to want to 'take off' Tori's dress in "Tori Gets Stuck".
  • Helen Back Again has Cat, Tori and Jade being a family.
    • Even better, the lesson Sikowitz is trying to teach them is about Subtext.
  • Possibly in "Jade Gets Crushed" when Tori dresses up like Jade for Andre. Which raises the question: was Tori jealous that Andre was crushing on Jade instead of her or just a good friend trying to help Andre out of his dilemma... or was she sympathetic towards him harboring an impossible crush on Jade? The fact that she has easy access to a Jade costume and actually sang his Getting-Over-Her song with him, it's ambiguous, to say the least.
  • Tori getting to frisk Jade in "A Christmas Tori." With more discussion about scissors. Jade even tells Tori, "Don't be shy," with a very flirty look on her face.
    • After Jade says this, Tori looks at her with annoyed sarcasm, but then briefly looks down at her chest as if she's legitimately considering it.
    • Jade definitely looked like she was enjoying that...
    • Then she tells Tori to beg for her present...
    • Not to mention earlier, with her favorite film being The Scissoring (*COUGH*) and swinging her scissors and starting at Tori excitedly when saying the protagonist of the film started her 'scissoring' rampage with "The Pretty Girl".
  • Just moments prior to the above frisking, Tori opens the door to find Jade waiting on the other side.
    Tori: What are you here for?
    Jade: You.
  • The performance from Tori, Jade, and Cat at the end of A Christmas Tori is unfiltered OT3-fuel. Notable examples are the three girls putting their hands on the other's hips in a line, and Cat blowing Tori a kiss which she cutely "grabs" in the air before moving to flirtatiously boop Jade's nose (earning a suggestive bite from Jade.)
  • Tori says Jade looks hot in the "Freak the Freak Out" Slap photo gallery.
  • When you read the online tie-in website The Slap (the school's social networking site), you get the distinct impression that Cat has a crush on Jade. Several exchanges of comments imply that Cat is exempt from Jade's hatred of most people, so the feelings may be mutual.
  • Tori and Jade, since it seems they also get along better in later episodes.
  • Jade and Tori definitely seem to be growing a Like an Old Married Couple vibe as the show goes on, given possible lampshading in Helen Back Again and Car, Rain and Fire.
  • In "The Birthweek Song", when Tori preforms the song at Trina's birthday party, there are several female dancers dancing in front of Trina, wearing short dresses, making them seem kind of like exotic dancers.
  • In "Jade Dumps Beck", Jade mentions to Tori all the reasons why she is confused that Beck wouldn't want her back, one of them being that she's "hot". Tori agrees.
  • In "Cat's New Boyfriend", Tori dragging Cat into the janitor's closet while assuring everyone that "She likes it."
  • Tori feeling Jade's forehead, cheeks and collarbone, and being stopped with a "Having fun there?" before getting to the chest, in "Survival of the Hottest"
    • It becomes notable that the supposed rivals Tori and Jade get into each other's personal space A LOT during the show (even the vocally non-Touchy-Feely Jade)... without any complaints.
  • Tori's performance in The Great Ping-Pong Scam contains some of this.
    • Without warning or context, Tori comes back to the table and says to Jade, "Take off your dress." Not "I need to borrow your dress," just, "Take off your dress." Jade doesn't immediately say no, either.
    • And add to that Tori says the dress feels warm, insinuating that Jade is hot.
    • Not to mention in "Tori Gets Stuck", Jade returns the Les Yay with wanting to keep Tori's dress warm until she gets back from the hospital.
  • "Freak the Freak Out" brims with this trope. Jade and Cat perform a duet with a suggestive song. When they employ Tori for a comeback performance, both girls join in with her on the stage. Then, there's Trina wrestling with Haley and Tara as the episode ends.
  • Wok Star too, but more subtly. It's easy to see Jade's play and it's let me be who I am message to convince her disapproving father to let her pursue her life as an artist as a parallel for someone trying to gain acceptance or at least peace from their family's antagonism towards their sexuality. Not to mention Tori seems to be taking over the role as Jade's supportive beau as Beck sidelines for most of the episode. And then there was Jade and Tori's climatic hug.
  • A caption written to a photo posted on TheSlap by Tori:
    "Jade looks hot in this pic, but don't tell her I said so. She doesn't like when I compliment her cuz it takes all the fun out of insulting me."
  • In Prom Wrecker to get back at Jade, Tori licks the top of her punch can, and Jade still drinks it with a satisfied look on her face. This is one of 2 different episodes that show they don't really mind drinking after each other.
  • This. Posted by Dan himself, described as a "weird little Victorious pic", to blow your minds.
  • In iParty With Victorious Tori jumps on Jade's back in the awesome mash-up.
    • Tori and Carly in the same episode, they seem quite flirty during their brief interactions and Tori says to her (and Carly's) boyfriend "that Carly's really pretty, don't you think?".
  • In "Ice Cream With Ke$ha", Trina practically drags Ke$ha up to her room after her performance. Ke$ha rushes down a couple of minutes later, telling Trina she's weird. What might Trina have done in her room with Ke$ha that would make Ke$ha call her weird ...?
    • Kesha seems to hit on Tori when she asks if Tori's cheekbones are real. Keep in mind, Ke$ha is openly bisexual.
  • Jade giving Tori the once-over near the end of "The Breakfast Bunch".
    • Earlier in the episode, Jade is shown quite clearly to value Tori's association when she reacts with denial at Tori's threat to unfriend her on the Slap.
  • In "Andre's Horrible Girl", Jade posts a Slap status that says she's on a date...while she's actually hanging out with Cat. Just an attempt to make Beck jealous, or does she really consider it a date?
    • And earlier in the same episode, Jade practically begs to hang out with Cat, and when Cat finally invites her to help dog-sit, Jade says "You owe me, baby-girl".
  • "Tori and Jade's Play Date" was pretty much written to break the Les Yay meter. TWICE in the episode Tori practically rubbed her face against Jade's breasts, while playing Jade's husband.
    • By the time the episode comes around (not sure how long it's been there) Tori is wearing a thinner, subtler version of Jade's trademark blue highlights.
      • Actually, Tori's wearing feather earrings.
    • Jade yelling at Tori's butt during a deleted scene.
    • They went on a date and called each other pretty. It's practically canon.
      Jade: ...I guess...some people might say...that...from certain're...pretty.
      • Tori remarks, "You (Jade) ARE pretty," sincerely and almost immediately both divert eye contact and resume eating like both are suddenly aware of how things are coming off.
      • Even Jade saying that she likes when Tori's sad could count, since we don't know what she likes about seeing Tori sad.
    • And while they were on that date, they were hit on by two guys they weren't in to, and ended up singing them a song called "Take a Hint", which basically seems like Sorry, I'm Gay in song form.
    • Watch how Jade looks at Tori's specific "suitor". She has a similar irritability towards all of Tori's (one-episode) boyfriends...
    • It's possibly implied the two obnoxious guys courting Jade and Tori perceive them as a legitimate couple on a date, but obviously having few restraints still hit on them anyway.
    • Jade appears to slap Tori's rear-end during the performance of their song. Not to mention later she's licking her lips while walking towards Tori.
    • After "Tori and Jade's Play Date" while the credits were rolling, there was a shot of Liz Gillies about to kiss Victoria's face, while the latter was still dressed in drag.
    • At the end of the play, right before they hugged, look at Tori and Jade's faces and tell me they aren't thinking about kissing each other.
    • As evidenced here, Tori frequently wore a certain necklace up until the end of this episode, after which point Jade begins to wear it.
  • A video on has Jade and Cat in bed together in their pajamas and under the covers. The camera is turned off at one point, after which Cat has somehow convinced Jade that a bunny could survive being stepped on by an elephant.
    • There's a second video in that series. Jade slept over at Cat's again, and is very handsy when Cat wakes her up; Cat doesn't seem to mind at all. It is also said that Cat's brother is wearing Jade's bra, which makes one wonder why Jade isn't wearing it...
      • Jade actually attacks Cat out of panic and they're both screaming. They cut away quickly, so perhaps some Slap-Slap-Kiss took place before they cut back...
  • Jade's Friendly Tickle Torture to Tori in "April Fool's Blank".
  • Jade announced plans on The Slap to go a 'creepy abandoned mall' on the weekend and Tori was the only one who expressed interest in joining her. Which would mean she and Jade would be all alone in a relatively secluded area for probably an hour at minimum. That either shows a great amount of trust on Tori's part or something else...
    • They do seem to mention each other constantly on their slap updates, be it in a positive or (mostly from Jade) a negative light. Safe to say both of them are on each other mind's quite a lot...
  • Tori outright refuses Beck's attempt to kiss her in "Tori Goes Platinum", she says she doesn't want to ruin her friendship with Jade but one could wonder if Tori likes Jade more than Beck.
    • Jade didn't want to take an opportunity to sing in front of millions of people from a friend or whatever she and Tori are.
    • Also from that episode, Tori calls Jade pretty again. Jade seems pleased to hear it.
    • Both Tori and Jade seem confused as to what their relationship is.
    • Another possible bit from when Tori and Jade are talking at the end, she is very careful and nervous when approaching her, fair to say people can be nervous around other people they like. And what was the "the" in "It's a little tight around the-"?
    • Jade wearing Tori's coat when she makes her way back out to the theater's seats.
  • Possibly between Tori and Ponnie in "Crazy Ponnie". Ponnie has a Tori doll, offers to share a bathroom stall with Tori for lunch, touches Tori's bellybutton for a decent amount of time at one point and is generally obsessed with Tori. Tori certainly tried to be at least friends with Ponnie before Ponnie went all crazy on her and was similarly obsessed with Ponnie's existence and proving she (Tori) was sane.
  • This gem from Tori's slap update during Wanko's Warehouse:
    "Andre is Driving us all to Wanko's! Cat is sitting by me. She smells GOOD :)"
  • Cat and Jade get a lot of time together in Opposite Date. Apparently they regularly hang out together. Plus the sub/dom vibe between them is thick enough to cut with a knife.
  • In Three Girls and a Moose, Cat and Jade are supposed to be in direct competition over Moose. However, they seem pretty willing to work together against Tori, and at one point they both go see him at Karaoke Dokie, even though Jade could just as easily leave Cat at the Vega house.
    • The three girls being in competition but Cat and Jade teaming up to keep Tori from Moose could easily be taken as any of the three pairs, depending on how you read their motivations.
  • When Tori points at herself during Jade's performance in Tori Fixes Beck and Jade, thinking she's being called to before realizing it's Beck with a faded smile. She's still seen clapping and singing along afterwards, so while your mileage may vary this could be an example of I Want My Beloved to Be Happy and/or Did Not Get the Girl.
    • Given the jealous tension shown between them at the end of the next episode, it's far from inconceivable.
  • Jade and Tori spend the final episode Victori-Yes together. Jade lies about having plans to bake pizza with Tori to get out of her date with Beck, but even though he'd most likely have no way of knowing if she just stayed home, she actually sticks to her word and spends most of her evening at Tori's house while Tori actually attempts to make homemade pizza for them.
  • In Cell Block Tori sits on Cat for an extended period of time and spanks her (which Cat seems to enjoy), then later Jade joins Tori in sitting on Cat.
  • In "Brain Squeezers" An angry Jade grabs Tori's shirt at the chest-level... and appears to peek down it for a quick second.
  • Watch where Tori's eyes seem to frequently wander to whenever she's talking to Jade face-to-face, and where Jade's eyes often go when she's standing behind Tori
  • It's worth noting just how much Jade tends to (begrudgingly) listen to Tori. In Car, Rain, and Fire, Tori tells Jade to drive the 3 of them to San Diego and Jade obeys. In The Hambone King, she tells her friends to turn on the TV and Jade volunteers "only because [she] wants to". And in Three Girls and a Moose, when she tells Jade shut up, she immediately stops talking and even averts her eyes.


  • The constant running joke about the gang confusing Robbie's Gender
  • Robbie's obsession with how good Beck looks.
  • While watching Beck fix his car, Robbie comments on how well Beck's jeans fit. Complete with hand motions. Beck really doesn't seem to mind, either.
  • Beck saying to Robbie, "Talk to Daddy", during "A Film by Dale Squires".
    • In "Sleepover with Sikowitz", Robbie's role for Beck involved invading others' personal space. Think about it.
  • Rex excitedly calling Ryder Daniels "Hot!" in "Beggin' on Your Knees". Ryder is not the only one called that by Rex.
  • Or the picture caption where Robbie wants a copy of the dress Beck wore in "Beck falls for Tori."
  • At the end of "Stuck in an RV" rapper Fat Biscuit's crew member says "we had some times in there." Fat Biscuit replies "Don't talk about it". It be a reference to multiple things from drugs to other things.
  • The ballet class until the girl comes in, then it goes in the opposite direction.
  • Robbie about Andre's skin in "iParty with Victorious"
  • From "Jade Gets Crushed"
    Robbie: *to Andre* Nice fingering!
  • From "Andre's Horrible Girl"
    Beck:*about him and Robbie*" WE have a thing.....At a place." Robbie took him seriously and was rather excited, and apparently put on his fancy shoes "for nothing" after finding out Beck was lying to get them out of something. Not to mention they later arrive together with Robbie's fly down...
  • In "The Breakfast Bunch", when Beck is straightening Robbie's hair, Robbie reaches back to try and hug him.
  • In "Andre's Horrible Girl", both Beck and Robbie show up together where Cat's babysitting to help her fix the guitar, and Robbie looks especially annoyed, as if this "interrupted" something. Jade remarks that Robbie has his fly down. What could those two guys have possibly been doing?
  • In "Car, Rain, and Fire"
    Andre (to Robbie): Those flowers had better be for Beck!
    • Reck does seem to be one of the more popular shippings...
  • This gem from "April Fool's Blank":
    Robbie (to Tori): I think we should kiss!
    Andre: Alright, come here.
    Robbie: Not you!
  • When Sikowitz asks Sinjin and Burf to spy on Tori and the gang, Sinjin says: "It's you and me baby" and clicks his tongue at Burf suggestively.
  • Beck hosts a cooking video on The Slap where after every food he prepares a Beck-crazed suitor runs up.
  • One Sikowitz's acting exercises somehow manages this even though the people involved are a guy and a girl: Beck is playing a fast food customer and Jade is playing the male restaurant worker who blatantly hits on Beck.
  • Sinjin and Burf are strongly implied to be in a relationship, and Burf seems to have a crush on Robbie.
  • In the episode "The Slap Fight", after Tori asks why Robbie's in the Janitor's closet,
    Sinjin: Hey, I don't ask people why they're in closets'''
  • In the final episode Victori-Yes, Beck and Sinjin go to a drag race together, an activity that Beck planned as a date with Jade. Though he was reluctant to spend his evening with Sinjin, he finds himself really enjoying the company. Beck's actor Avan Jogia tweeted after the episode that "Binjin" was endgame.
    • Pretty much all of Sinjin's dialogue in that episode sounded like a double entendre.
      Sinjin: Drag race?
      Beck: Yeah...
      Sinjin: Well that just turned my light green.
      • "I'll fist to that."
  • A post from Sinjin:
    Sinjin: Just got back from my man-date with Beck!!! We had a great time. I hope we can do it again soon!
    Beck: Yeah, any time you want…. as long as you promise to never call it a "Man-Date".