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And we're not just talking about the "People in Rubber Suits" kind of "funny".

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Uncategorized/General examples

  • The shows themselves have done their share of riotous comedic episodes, but many fans will agree that the absolute best are:
    • "Gift from the Sky" in Ultraman, in which Ultraman and Science Patrol try to move a ridiculously heavy kaiju called Skydon using a series of increasingly wacky plans, and...
    • "Who Am I?" from Ultraman Max, where amnesia-inducing monsters called Space Cats cause everyone (including Ultraman Max) to forget how to do anything with hilarious results.
  • Ultraman Tiga: The Final Odyssey, one of the Giants of Light shown in the flashback (depicted using a Dyna Miracle Type suit with a modified helmet) looks like he has a large handlebar mustache.
  • Apparently a Transformation Trinket Rummage Fail has become something of a Running Gag over the franchise's 50+ years.
  • The Ultraman Without Context videos, again, falls squarely into this trope. Due to the way one clip segues into another, they can sometimes end up with hysterical implications.

Meta examples

  • Ultraman rap. Set to Scatman (Ski-Ba-Bop-Ba-Dop-Bop).
  • Also, the Ultra kaiju perform Michael Jackson's Thriller.
  • Tsuburaya has also started uploading Ultraman PSAs and ads that they have produced in the past onto Youtube. Seeing that the Ultras otherwise live a not so different life from Earthlings, having white collar salaryman jobs and such, is for some reason entertaining (and comfortingly relatable, superpowers aside). Heck, some ads even show the Ultras prank each other using their powers.
  • The Ultra Brothers remind you to not use your phone during a movie.