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General Trivia:

  • The Ultramen's appearance is based on The Grays and Mayan Ancient Astronauts. The red-and-silver colors are inspired by the legendary canals of Mars and a sleek space rocket respectively (Space Age idealism heavily influenced designer Tohl Narita), while their facial expression was based on Noh masks and the placid faces of meditating Zen Buddhists to emphasize their benevolence.
  • Despite being one of the most well-known traits of the Ultras, the Color Timer and three-minute rule was actually a last-minute addition when the writers for Ultraman realized the hero had no weakness, thus no way of creating tension or suspense in the fights.
  • The physical fighting style of the Ultras is inspired by Judo and Greco-Roman Wrestling, while the Christian Cross served as the basis for the position they hold their arms in when firing their beam attacks.
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  • Of the four major Tokusatsu TV series,note  the Ultra series is the only one that has not had Jason David Frank audition to play a role in an American Adaptationnote  - aside from Power Rangers, Frank originally auditioned to play the lead in VR Troopers, and almost got the part of Len in Kamen Rider Dragon Knight; however, both cases were unsuccessful due to his involvement with Power Rangersnote .

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