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  • Adventure Time:
    • Hunson Abadeer is one of the most evil entities in the series (which is saying a lot, considering this is Adventure Time we're talking about) and he was sad when he found out that Marceline still begrudges him for eating her fries by hearing the Fry Song.
    • Ice King has his penguin, Gunther, whom he always carries around with him, and more or less all the other Gunthers in the Ice Kingdom. Also, before he was Ice King, he had his fiancée, Betty, whom he always called his "princess" and was visibly and verbally heartbroken when he left her.
  • Avatar: The Last Airbender Franchise:
    • Avatar: The Last Airbender:
      • Azula loves her father Ozai and is a "Well Done, Daughter" Girl just like Zuko, albeit one who's used to getting the attention she craves. She also loves her mother, Ty Lee, and Mai, though because of Ozai's teachings these feelings are twisted. According to head writer Aaron Ehaz, Zuko is the person that Azula truly loves above anyone else.
      • Iroh genuinely cared for his son Lu Ten and his brother's kids. However, he spends the series being a Cool Old Guy, so this trope only applies to when he was the Fire Nation's foremost commander.
      • The Warden of the Boiling Rock values his prison's reputation above everything else, but he also loves his niece, Mai. He's angry at Zuko for breaking up with her, but when she facilitates an escape from his prized prison and was arrested, he pulled some strings to help in hers and Ty Lee's release.
      • This trope is the sole reason Zuko took so very long to perform his Heel–Face Turn. He loved his father and wanted nothing more than to return to when his family was happy together.
      • This trope is also one of the earliest clues that Zuko wasn't all bad. For all that he's a brat who regularly mouths off to and loses patience with Uncle Iroh, Zuko does respect his abilities and teachings, and loves him enough to choose saving him over following the Avatar.
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    • The Legend of Korra:
      • The two villainous brothers, Noatak (Amon) and Tarrlok genuinely care for one another in terribly warped ways, Noatak taking Tarrlok with him to restart his anti-bending regime as a family, and Tarrlok committing Murder-Suicide to save his brother from himself.
      • And then there's their father, Yakone, who despite his cruelty ended up in a northern water tribe, with a wife who loved him just as much as he loved her.
      • Eska may not be very nice, but she still loves her brother.
      • Zaheer and P'Li's romance is very sincere and almost sweet. When she dies, he seems genuinely heartbroken. Indeed, losing her as his last material attachment allows him to "embrace the void" and achieve unaided flight.
      • In Book Four, Bataar Beifong Jr. is Kuvira's Dragon, but also her genuinely loving fiancé. Additionally, although the rift between him and the rest of his family is considerable, he cares enough about his little sister Opal to panic when he sees her right in the middle of a superweapon testing target. Sadly, Kuvira values her Empire more than him, so when he's captured by the heroes as a bargaining chip she nukes their location with the spirit cannon (for all that she looks like she's about to cry even as she does so).
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  • Rataxes in Babar is presented as a ruthless warlord, yet he's also a loving father and husband, and he even cares for his servant Basil. Of course, his cruelty is downplayed in later seasons.
  • A one-off gag in Batman: The Animated Series had Detective Bullock undercover as a Mall Santa, and got this little surprise.
    Bullock: Wait, your dad's "Mad-Dog", er, Mike McSweeney?
    • This gave him enough of a guilt trip that he hands the little girl some money out of his wallet to buy her father a present — so long as it's not a file.
    • This was the series that also invented Mister Freeze's tragic back story about trying to revive his cryogenically frozen wife.
    • The Joker sometimes seems to care about Harley Quinn, though that seems subverted by the end of the series. Harley, however, has a legitimate friendship with Poison Ivy and other Arkham inmates. At one point the Joker is planning to blow up the city, but Batman gets Harley to rebel by reminding her about them — not to mention her pet hyenas.
  • Hoggish Greedly from Captain Planet and the Planeteers may be a supervillain, but he truly loves his son Junior. The one time his polluting put his son in harm's way, he performed an Enemy Mine with the Planeteers to fix it.
  • In the [adult swim] pilot Captain Sturdy: Back in Action, the retired villain Dr. Destructo mentions that he genuinely loves his daughter, son-in-law, and grandson.
  • Dracula's love for his wife - and subsequent rage and depression at her murder - is what kicks off the plot of Castlevania (2017). The third season later gives us Striga and Morana, who are both a pair of evil vampires bent on turning most of Eastern Europe into their personal blood farm and a loving and devoted couple.
  • Mr. Boss, from Codename: Kids Next Door, despite siding with Father and claiming to be a child-hater, has 3 kids of his own that he marks as an exception to his hatred. One of his kids is Fanny, a.k.a. Numbuh 86 of the Kids Next Door themselves, no less. In turn, Numbuh 86 also unconditionally loves her father, despite being one of the most militant, borderline Knight Templar KND agents.
  • Baron Greenback takes umbrage at Danger Mouse inserting a photo of the Baron's mother in his people personality projector (which allows him to manipulate how they act) in "'Cor! What A Picture". But once she goes on a nagging jag, the Baron tells her to shut up.
  • The Darkwing Duck episode "Time and Punishment" has Darkwarrior Duck, a Bad Future version of Darkwing. Despite having become ferociously overreactive towards anything he considers evil, Darkwarrior still has a soft spot for Gosalyn and can't bring himself to hurt her — probably because her disappearance caused his "reinvention" as a Knight Templar.
  • Ducktales 2017: It’s revealed near the end of the series that the Evil Sorceress Magica DeSpell’s hatred of Scrooge McDuck is not entirely based off a lust for power that he keeps from her. Long ago, she ruled over a village alongside her twin brother, Poe, extorting townsfolk with threat of animal transformation. She was The Dragon to his Diabolical Mastermind. Then one day, Scrooge came along for some treasure and adventure. Magica tried to blast him, only for him to deflect her spell with his lucky dime. Poe threw himself in front of her and was turned into a raven. When he mindlessly started to fly away, Magica begged Scrooge to retrieve him, promising him anything if he helped. But Scrooge cared more about looting their stolen treasure than helping, and Poe flew out the window. Magica searched for her brother for a long time, but she never found him.
  • El Tigre: The Adventures of Manny Rivera: Pumo Loco may love to wreak havoc in his super-techno sombrero battlesuit, but his fiercest moments is when he is protecting his grandson, Manny. He also loves and respects his son, Manny’s father, even though Rodolfo is a famous superhero and the only one who has ever been able to defeat him.
  • Futurama:
    Bender: All those times I said, "Kill all humans," I'd always whisper, "Except one." Fry was that one, AND I NEVER TOLD HIM SO! (sobs)
  • Xanatos of Gargoyles is extremely protective of his son Alexander and loves his wife Fox (who herself wasn't exactly a hero). When Oberon asks them to give up their son, it does not go too well.
    Xanatos: Now you know my weakness.
    Goliath: Only you would regard love as a weakness.
    • This also counts for several members of the Third Race, even if they tend to be more chaotic than straightforwardly villainous. Oberon and Titania clearly care about each other, and Titania also has a good relationship with her daughter Fox, at least before she started scheming. Puck, likewise, is an Honorary Uncle in the Xanatos family. The Weird Sisters, who may have been the real Big Bads of the series, considered Demona and Macbeth "our responsibility" and "our children" (or claimed to, at least).
    • Demona herself clearly loves her (heroic) daughter Angela—but unfortunately, this just gives her more rationalization for Killing All Humans.
  • In the DiC Entertainment G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero two-part episode "The Greatest Evil", a member of Cobra is after the drug dealer known as the Headman because the Headman has caused his sister to fall into a coma from overdosing on his drugs.
  • The first most prominent antagonist of The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy had Nergal who went on to marry Billy's aunt, Aunt Sis, and produce their son, Nergal Jr - Billy's cousin. He still remained a villain, but was considerably more easy on Billy and often spoke of his love for his wife.
    • Mandy is a misanthropic Villain Protagonist, but she genuinely cares for Billy and Grim as well as her parents. In "Keeper of the Reaper", she's pretty dumbstruck that her parents are actually scared of her. While she does push them around and can be cold and disrespectful, her legitimate surprise implies she doesn't actually try to actively intimidate or scare her parents.
  • Jem has no real "evil" characters but the antagonists are close enough:
    • Pizzazz is a Spoiled Brat who seems to care little for anyone besides herself, though she craves her father's attention and has a subtle though disgruntled friendship with the rest of her band. A large reason why Pizzazz is even the way she is nowadays is because her father didn't give her enough attention growing up and even nowadays she is still trying to get it.
    • All The Misfits are this, except maybe Roxy and Jetta. They constantly bicker but are shown to have each other's backs. Roxy in particular has several scenes that imply she gets along most with Stormer.
    • The Stingers are manipulative, sly, and are driven by money and fame. They're also a close-knit trio of friends due to surviving on the streets together. Riot is also shown to have his mother. He gets along poorly with his father but when his mother gets sick due to their constantly fighting Riot is quick to make-up with his dad.
  • Jimmy Two-Shoes: Heloise is the most competent villain on the show, but she still genuinely cares about Jimmy.
  • Justice League Unlimited:
    • Galatea is an Evil Twin (clone) of Supergirl developed to be an assassin for Cadmus by Professor Hamilton, who himself has fallen from grace into a Mad Scientist. Despite otherwise acting like a complete psychopath, Galatea is apparently deeply attached to Hamilton, viewing him as a Parental Substitute since he was the one who created her. Before she goes to attack the Justice League Watchtower in "Panic in the Sky", Galatea gives him a hug, and says, "Goodbye, Daddy" with sincere affection; this in turn causes Hamilton to have a My God, What Have I Done? moment as he realises the full extent of what he's done to her.
    • Huntress is an Anti-Hero on a quest to avenge her murdered parents; the irony is that her father, while very loving to her, was a crime boss who was usurped by one of his own nastier lieutenants. She ultimately finds herself unable to go through with it when she discovers that the murderer has a young son whom he loves just as much.
  • Kaeloo: Mr. Cat, Olaf and Prettynote  are evil, but they all have their loved ones: Pretty has her sister, who she regularly abuses but still cares about, Olaf has his "wife" Olga (who is actually a Companion Cube , but he treats her like a real person), and Mr. Cat, ironically enough, has the show's heroes.
  • Shego from Kim Possible is implied to have this relationship with her brothers, though she won't admit it.
  • In The Little Rascals episode "Tiny Terror", even though Butch is a bully, he is fiercely protective of his baby brother.
  • Making Fiends: It is very, very subtle, but it is implied that Vendetta genuinely cares for her parents' wellbeing, but she is so obsessed with evil that she cannot even consider it consciously. This is the closest to a redeeming quality she gets.
  • Hawk Moth aka Gabriel Agreste of Miraculous Ladybug seeks to have the Ladybug and Cat Miraculous' in order to combine them so that he can gain ultimate power. He goes about achieving this by corrupting civilians and transforming them into supervillains under his control but he has a locket with a picture of his lost wife, and it's implied he desires the Miraculous' so he can use their power to get her back. And he does genuinely love his son, Adrien, despite how little he shows it.
  • Abraham Kane, the Big Bad of Motorcity, has his daughter Julie. He doesn't know she's a Burner and the Burners don't know she's his daughter. Most notable in the finale when Mike Chilton pretends to take her hostage.
  • Even though the eponymous dog in Mr. Pickles is a demonic psychopath who regularly kills people, frightens and/or has sex with other animals, and conducts satanic rituals in his doghouse, he seems to genuinely care about Tommy.
  • My Life as a Teenage Robot:
    • In "Humiliation 101", Jenny tries to avert an embarrassing presentation by her mother. After several failed attempts, she resorts to calling up her entire Rogues Gallery only to find they're all too busy to come to Earth and make a scene. The last on her list is Skippy the Wonder Puppet:
    • And in "Planet of the Bikers", the Dominatrix Space Bikers turn out to be a respectable elementary school staff on their home planet, and the mention that one has a kid on the way even causes Jenny to D'awww.
    • Queen Vexus is a tyrant, but she does care for her daughter Princess Vega.
    • The only reason why Misty didn’t destroy Jenny was because Jenny said she thought they were friends, showing that Misty does care for her as friend somewhat.
  • A major plot element in Ninjago. The main villain of the first few arcs, Lord Garmadon, openly adores his son Lloyd, wants him to live a normal productive life and even goes out of his way to avoid hurting Lloyd once he joins up with the heroes.
  • The Madison family in Phantom 2040 may act cold and distant, but they do truly care for each other; indeed, they actually seem to have been quite warm and close when Maxwell snr was alive, and his death led to the coldness and emotional distance exhibited by Max Jr. and Rebecca in the present, and Rebecca's main motivation in establishing Cyberville is to fulfill her late husband's vision. In one episode in particular, when it appears Maxwell snr has been resurrected, Rebecca is visibly, genuinely distraught at the idea that her son might be harmed, while Max Jr. himself cries when the unstable robot who thinks he's Maxwell snr commits suicide after remembering the truth.
  • Although his evil can be debatable, Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz in Phineas and Ferb deeply cares for both his daughter AND his arch-nemesis. For the former he spent years looking for a doll she wanted and the latter is a Friendly Enemy; when Heinz isn't doing anything evil, they hang out in his suburban backyard.
  • Kale in Princess Gwenevere and the Jewel Riders, otherwise cold and heartless, genuinely cares for her dragon, calling it her "big baby" as his "momma".
  • Cyril Sneer in The Raccoons clearly loves his son Cedric, some of his plans fail because his son is put in danger in the process and he worries for him.
  • Hordak is a tyrannical overlord trying to stamp out goodness and decency on Etheria. Similarly Imp is a selfish troublemaker who is always ready to make a bad day worse for anyone around him. But She-Ra: Princess of Power is filled with times these two have stuck their necks out for one another.
  • In the 2018 reboot, She-Ra and the Princesses of Power, we see similar affection between Hordak and Imp. Hordak also develops romantic feelings for Entrapta after the two collaborate on his portal project, and he's devastated when Catra lies to him about Entrapta betraying him. In season 4, when Hordak learns that Catra actually exiled Entrapta to Beast Island, he sheds Manly Tears and immediately tries to kill Catra. In season 5, his love for Entrapta eventually drives him to rebel against Horde Prime.
  • In The Simpsons, Chester "Snake Jailbird" Turley might be one of the most well-known criminals on the show, often taking actions dealing with convenience stores thanks to Moe stealing Mayan coin Snake had found while working as an archaeologist and planned on given them to a museum, but he’s surprisingly a good father towards his son, Jeremy, even if it means sharing his 'current' business.
    Jeremy: [riding away on a stolen bike] I'm stealing, Daddy! I'm stealing!
    Snake: [wipes away a tear] That's my little dude
  • Cybron from Skysurfer Strike Force has a very low list of morals being the show's Big Bad and trying to use his Bioborgs to take power by force. However, he loves his daughter Cerina so much, he practically begged the Skysurfers to save her.
  • Gargamel seems to care about Azrael in The Smurfs, in one episode he seems truly concerned for Azrael's disappearing, albeit trying not to show it. He also seems to have a somewhat love-hate relationship with his mother. And in episode "They're Smurfing Our Song" he's moved to tears once Sassette tells him that she loves him (as he's her creator) confessing that no one has ever told him that before.
  • Star vs. the Forces of Evil:
    • Queen Solaria is the one who made Mina Loveberry, the Big Bad of season 4, into the insane monster-slaughtering Super Soldier that she is. But when Mina encounters Solaria's ghost in the series finale, Solaria silently turns away in disapproval, despite Mina's whole agenda being to continue Solaria's crusade. Why? Because Mina is trying to kill Solaria's daughter Eclipsa and granddaughter Meteora. Solaria's ghost is even shown accepting the half-monster Meteora before fading away, showing that while she hates monsters, she loves her family more.
  • Star Wars: The Clone Wars:
    • It's made clear in the end that brothers Darth Maul and Savage Opress cared for each other.
    • Otherwise ruthless hunter Garnac is shown to have a son named Yung Dar who he cares about deeply and is training in the ways of hunting. When Ahsoka accidentally kills Yung Dar in self-defense Garnac completely loses it, screaming madly while shooting at her and shouting "YOU KILLED MY SON!" over and over. This event transforms the previously impersonal conflict between Garnac and Ahsoka into a bitter and personal hunt for revenge on Garnac's part.
    • Jabba the Hutt, of all people, is revealed to have a son he deeply cares for, and would do anything to protect him and murder anyone who dares to endanger him. You could ask Ziro, Jabba's uncle, who did set him up for kidnapping, except Jabba had him broken out of jail and murdered for that.
  • The Diamonds of Steven Universe may be Evil Galactic Overlords, but they also clearly care deeply for one another, as shown with Blue Diamond's 5000-year long depression after the loss of Pink Diamond and Yellow Diamond's attempts to help Blue with her grieving, which also highlights how much Yellow herself still grieves for Pink Diamond. In the final story arc of season five, the fact that they still love Pink Diamond, even after learning she faked her death, became Rose Quartz, and then gave up her form to give birth to Steven, leads them to realize how much they hurt Pink and convinces them to stand up to White Diamond.
  • Kitten from Teen Titans has both her father, Killer Moth, and her boyfriend, Fang, doting on her.
  • Brainchild in The Tick is most proud of his villain credentials, yet he does genuinely love and care about his dog.
  • Transformers:
    • Knock Out, the Deadly Decepticon Doctor from Transformers: Prime, cares when it comes to his partner Breakdown. In "Tunnel Vision", when he mentions Breakdown's death he becomes visibly saddened, and later on in "The Human Factor", Knock Out is overjoyed when he thinks Breakdown is alive, only to become furious when he finds Silas/Cylas running around in Breakdown's corpse, wanting to dissect Silas/Cylas. He gets his wish at the end of the episode, though a later episode reveal that he came up with a better way to honor Breakdown's memory and punish Silas/Cylas.
      • During season 3 after Breakdown's death Starscream also appears to bond with Knockout. They are shown spending a lot of time together, especially in "Thirst", where they think they are about to die, Starscream gave him a It Has Been an Honor speech and is shown genuinely smiles at him, something that he never did before. (Although it is ruined later when Starscream tries to pin the blame on Knockout when he has to deal with Megatron). In Predacon Rising epilogue movie, while Knockout was already thinking about joining Autobots, it was Starscream yelling at him which made him joining them, if the hurt look on his face meant something. It seemed like Knockout viewed Starscream as a friend, but was fed up with his abuse, so betrayed him.
    • Dreadwing is also bent on revenge when he finds out Optimus killed his brother Skyquake, and more so when he finds out Starscream desecrated his corpse by raising him as a dark energon zombie. In the end, his loyalty to Skyquake's memory is greater than his loyalty to the Decepticons, and Megatron kills him to save Starscream.
    • It's hinted rather strongly that Soundwave cares for Laserbeak. When the drone sent him an S.O.S., Soundwave drops everything and leaves immediately to go assist it, even though there was absolutely no reason he couldn't have taken a moment to finish off Wheeljack first. He also seems to be friendly with Megatron, though whether it's actually friendship or a more professional sense of loyalty (and appreciation for that loyalty on Megatron's part) remains to be seen.
    • During season 3, after everything which happened during the previous seasons, Starscream seemed to become genuinely loyal to Megatron, despite well...what he is. When Megatron dies in the finale, Starscream is enraged and tries to avenge him even though he is stopped by Shockwave
    • Predaking was the first Predacon clone made, and cares deeply for the Predacons to come after him. When his fellow Predacons were destroyed before their lives could even begin, he swore a similar extinction on those responsible.
    • There are some hints that Megatron may still care about Optimus as a friend, despite their rivalry.
    • In The Transformers Season 3, the closest thing to Decepticons having loved ones is how Cyclonus behaves towards Galvatron, who despite all the abuse Galvatron dishes out to his Second-in-command, is undyingly loyal and seems to genuinely care about his Leader.
      • If friendship counts (though some fans like to read Ho Yay into it), Starscream's bond with Skyfire is an example. Skyfire is a walking relic of Starscream's youth, before he had committed himself to evil, and he's the only character we ever see Screamer act sincerely nice to. When Skyfire "betrays" Starscream by refusing to be a Decepticon, note  the last vestige of decency in Starscream dies.
    • Transformers Beast Wars:
      • Megatron's reaction to Dinobot's Heel–Face Turn in the first episode implies that Megatron genuinely cares about Dinobot's opinion of him, and on several occasions, Megatron goes so far as to clone Dinobot in an attempt to replace him. Word of God says that Dinobot was the pinnacle of Predacon Virtue so siding with Megatron gave Megatron moral justification for his actions to other Predacons. When Dinobot turns because of Megatron's lack of honor, it actually gives Megatron pause.
      • Rampage is a powerful mass-murdering monster with cannibalistic tendencies, but when he met the freakishly deformed Transmutate, he instantly bonded with it, seeing a kindred spirit in it.
  • The Monarch and his wife Doctor Miss The Monarch (formerly Doctor Girlfriend before she got married) are frequently considered the strongest, most loving relationship in the entire Venture Brothers show, even if they are deranged supervillains.
    • Red Death is famous among the villain community for killing any and all of his arches and he is also a mild mannered family man.
  • King Myzor, villain of the obscure Vytor The Starfire Champion, is a thoroughly ruthless conqueror but has a daughter he loves even in spite of her growing rebellious tendencies.
  • Icy, Darcy and Stormy, AKA the Trix, from Winx Club are three deranged and evil witch sisters who'd kill anyone to further their goals, but deeply care about each other, and end up betraying Valtor because they had realized he was putting a rift between them to better manipulate them. Also, Icy genuinely fell for Tritannus in season 5, and it's a genuine Tear Jerker when she abandons her sisters when they can't take Tritannus' mistreatment anymore... And, worse, when Tritannus goes mad and tries to kill Icy. Thankfully, Darcy and Stormy came to the rescue.
  • Big Bad Nerissa truly loves her son, Caleb, in W.I.T.C.H.. She never outright attacks him, and even tries to keep him from harm's way on more than one occasion.
  • Wunschpunsch: Bubonic and Tyrannia might hate each other and have no qualms about casting evil spells (despite being usually too lazy to start before their supervisor shows up) but love their respective pets. Then again, unlike their book counterparts, they don't know said pets are the ones who ruin their spells.
  • The X-Men: Evolution version of Mystique seems to genuinely care for her son, Kurt, despite trying to take out the rest of the X-Men.
  • In Young Justice, Cheshire genuinely cares for her younger sister Artemis, even saving her life mid-battle. She even names her daughter after Artemis' middle name. In season two, it appears that Black Manta has grown to care for his son, Aqualad.


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