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Examples of Even Evil Has Loved Ones in webcomics.

  • Captain Snow in Archipelago (of all people) has his widow and daughter, the latter of whom was born a few months after he died. He is also rather protective of his nephew... but also averted in that he murdered his mother, though he seems to regret that.
  • In Blip, Incubus and Succubus care for each other; their loyalty to each other is stronger than their loyalty to their boss. In fact, when Incubus was seriously injured, Succubus seemed willing to sacrifice herself to save his life.
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  • In Evil Plan, super villain Dr Kinesis still visits his clueless family for the holidays, and looks out for his sister, objecting to her fiance as any suspicious sibling might.
  • Friendship is Dragons features Rainbow Dash as a Chaotic Evil invoked Barbarian. When the GM argues that this means she doesn't fit the Element of Loyalty, Dash's player argues the point using this. Yes, she fully intends to do Evil and selfish things in the future, but that doesn't preclude her being faithful to her True Companions. She does what she wants, regardless of what others say, and that includes having friends she refuses to betray.
  • In Homestuck, the Pre-Scratch Trolls' secretly Token Evil Teammate, Kurloz, still cares for his ex-matesprit, even though: a) His post-scratch incarnation is pure evil; b) He's not much different in his intentions, given that he worships, with his successor Gamzee, Lord English; and c) His successor brutally killed Meulin's successor, Nepeta. He's also moirails with Mituna Captor, meaning that it's Kurloz's job to serve as Mituna's emotional crutch, something Mituna defintively needs considering his psychically self-induced brain damage.
    • Gamzee himself could also qualify in regards to Calliope. During his interactions with her as a young child, she's shown to be quite the Daddy's Girl, and he has a genuine, non-psychotic smile on his face as he hugs her.
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    • Deconstructed with Vriska's feelings for Tavros. Her confused feelings of love and poor social skills leads to her abusing and bullying him, expecting him to develop a backbone. Eventually he does stand up to her, but only after she attempts something so bad that he can't stand by and allow it, leading to her killing him.
      • Played straight later on when Vriska enters a happy relationship with the similarly jerkish Meenah. It's rather telling about both characters that the only genuine and healthy relationship they could find was with someone who was also a borderline sociopath.
  • The Order of the Stick makes it clear that an "evil" alignment does not prevent a character from having loved ones.
    • This was present in the prequel comic Start of Darkness, most notably between Redcloak and his brother Right-Eye. At one point, Redcloak chooses to side with Xykon over his brother, but comes to deeply regret that decision afterwards, and he still regrets it in the comic proper. He's since tied himself to his Mission from God at the wrist because abandoning it would mean that he killed his brother for no reason, which Xykon points out and rubs in his face. Further, the reason Redcloak is working with Xykon in the first place is that paladins from Azure City killed everyone in his village, including his mentor, his parents and his little kid sister, which has left him with a lasting vendetta against humanity, Azure City in particular, and a seething hatred of paladins.
      Miko Miyazaki: Pfft! As if the bonds of family had any meaning to a soulless nihilist who seeks to undo creation.
      Redcloak: Proof once more that you paladins have zero ranks in the Knowledge (What the Hell You're Talking About) skill.
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    • General Tarquin, Lawful Evil father of Elan and Nale, plays with this. At first, it seems like he cares about his sons, but as The Giant says, this is very misleading. It's shown that Tarquin's love only goes as far as his assumed control of them; When he learns that Elan is fine being Plucky Comic Relief and not The Hero, Tarquin's big idea is to kill Roy and the most of the Order so Elan can rise up, because if Elan's not the main hero, that means Tarquin's not the main villain. When Nale kills Malack, and makes it clear that he wants nothing from his father, Tarquin kills him because Nale won't do as he's told — he would have even forgiven killing Malack if Nale had been subservient.
    • Tarquin's right-hand Malack lost three offspring in a revolution. Even years later, he wants to be a father again but can't find another true love and is unsure about adoption. He loves children so much, that he takes Durkon and bites him to turn him into a new one. By the way, those three offspring? Nale killed them. Malack has been out for Nale's blood ever since, and if not for Tarquin's intervention he would have had it by now.
    • Enor and Ganji are fairly amoral, greed-driven bounty hunters who are willing to kill friends and family members of their collected bounties should they come asking. However, they truly do care for each other, which is another Kick the Dog moment when Tarquin orders them to fight each other in the gladiator arena, which he sent there because they "tried" to extort money from him by playing out another Star Wars reference in a long string of them.
    • Nale and Sabine seem to honestly care about each other, even though she's apparently keeping the secret about working for the Three Fiends from him.
      • Nale is also willing to attempt to fight barehanded against a vamped Durkon to protect Zz'dtri.
      • Sabine's reaction to Nale's death at Tarquin's hands is pretty telling: after a brief outburst, she explains to Vaarsuvius exactly how to negate Tarquin's most powerful teammates.
    • The ancient black dragon was probably evil before she ever decided to avenge herself against Vaarsuvius, but she had a very specific beef when Vaarsuvius killed her only son. She also mentions her mate having been killed by adventurers. Vaarsuvius is shocked when s/he realizes the extent of damage she did with her Familicide spell. In particular s/he notes that the dragon who was the ancestor of the Draketooth clan had three children with a human woman, implying a stable relationship rather than a one-time fling.
    • And the only being capable of inducing empathy in Belkar is his cat, Mr. Scruffy.
    • One of the ways Tarquin controls his soldiers is by threatening their families. On top of that, however, at one point one of the soldiers is about to do something that will make Tarquin mad, and one of the other soldiers is quick to stop him to keep him safe. Even random evil mooks are friendly with each other.


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