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  • Happens in one Mansionverse story where the Hatbox Ghost actually summons a slew of infernal demons who insist a deal be made to justify the Inconvenient Summons. The Ghost Host manages to trick them on Hatty's behalf with some clever Loophole Abuse: when the time comes to seal the deal, he hands them the standard form for a damnation contract… the one that states the demons will take possession of the soul "once the contractor is dead". Since Hatty's already a ghost, the contract is in fact null and void.
  • Occurs twice in The Lion King Adventures:
    • In Miss the Girl, Moto makes one of these with Hago in exchange for appearing irresistible to Nala. What does Hago want in return? Simba.
    • Zazu makes one with Death in Darkness Falls in order to save his father from being executed by King Ahadi. However, Death just kills his father personally, as opposed to King Ahadi doing it.
  • In Keepers of the Elements, Courtney makes one of these with Radcliffe in exchange for powers of her own so she can get revenge on most of the Keepers, but Gwen in particular.
  • Kingdom Hearts 3: Final Stand: In chapter 27, Sora is fully prepared to make one with Xehanort by offering himself up in exchange for Eraqus, but Aqua refuses to let him.
  • In Supergirl story Hellsister Trilogy, Satan Girl is locked up in an inescapable cell when she hears a voice asking if she wishes freedom. She agrees before asking who the voice’s owner is and what it wants in exchange. Darkseid breaks her free, teleports her to his location, puts her to sleep and "harvests" her unborn child.
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  • Inner Demons has a couple of metaphorical examples. First off, Rarity outright refers to Trixie willingly agreeing to serve Queen!Twilight in her evil in exchange for power as selling her soul. Meanwhile, Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo pledging loyalty to Queen!Twilight after she ages them up and gives them their Cutie Marks fits the thematics a little better.
  • Child of the Storm has a couple of examples.
    • Lucius allying with Gravemoss is presented in this fashion, since it is patently obvious that Lucius has, at first, absolutely no idea how bad Gravemoss actually is and it is heavily implied that Gravemoss is going to turn on him the moment he gets bored. To confuse matters slightly, Lucius procures the Darkhold for him in exchange for allegiance, meaning that technically, both do deals with the devil.
    • In turn, wielding the Darkhold opens one up to possession/enslavement by its owner, Chthon, who has been... making his presence known, shall we say.
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    • The backstory reveals that Grindelwald made a series of these in order to increase his powers to (according to Loki, who would know) "godlike" levels.
  • Pony POV Series:
    • Diamond Tiara agreeing to free Discord in exchange for him curing her mother's insanity (though to be fair, she didn't know who she was dealing with until the very end). Surprisingly, Discord actually keeps up his end of the bargain, but it seems that since he swore on His Parents, he didn't have much choice in the matter — and in any case, he managed to completely corrupt Diamond and break her to his will in the process, so he still screwed her over.
    • Dark World!Diamond Tiara made one with Discord: to be driven insane and become his first Dragon in exchange for being able to be with her mother. A resurrected Scootaloo takes issue with her because of this: unlike Discord's other minions, she chose to be his minion, but got off easy. To her surprise Diamond agrees with her.
  • Played for Laughs in Sapphire Eleanor Rose Suzette de Mont vs. Canon. Charlie rather casually mentions doing this. Multiple times. According to another character, making deals with higher powers in general is fairly commonplace.
  • Since the first generation cyborgs escaped their clutches early on in Young Offender, the Black Ghost organization gets clever when it comes to the second generation. Instead of simply kidnapping people to turn into cyborgs, they find ways to get them into their debt first; that way, if they think of backing out, well... Shame If Something Happened.
  • In one Naruto story, Naruto fears that any child he has within Konoha will suffer the same childhood he had, and is thus strongly against participating in the Clan Restoration Act. The only way to get out of it is if a parent or guardian refuses on his behalf, but since he's an orphan, the closest thing he has to those are the Sandaime Hokage (who is the one forcing Naruto) and Kakashi (who praises Naruto for being lucky enough to be with multiple women, and is thus unsympathetic to his plight). Naruto is eventually forced into accepting Danzo as his guardian, who refuses the CRA on his new charge's behalf in exchange for Naruto training under him.
  • Equestrylvania: When Dirt Nap is recruited by Dracula's minions, they offer him the power to take revenge on Ponyville for shunning him by fusing him with the demon Aguni. Notably, they warn him that it will cost him his soul, but he doesn't care and accepts.
  • In the finale of Children of Time, Professor Moriarty offers Sherlock Holmes a Sadistic Choice: Holmes's soul, or Watson's slow, tortured death. And goes as far as to have Watson's bad arm broken. Horrified and desperate, Holmes agrees.
    • Much later on, things seem to have been set right... until Moriarty kidnaps Beth Lestrade and tells her he's about to kill Holmes, Watson, and the Doctor. Beth frantically begs him not to and offers herself as a willing slave in return for their life and liberty — a deal Moriarty agrees to, almost certainly understanding how much it would hurt Holmes.
  • The Nuptialverse: Chrysalis was once a normal pegasus, until Discord offered her the power of the three pony races in exchange for destroying the Energy of Friendship (the fires that destroyed the Windigos) to allow him to enter Equestria. Notably, Chrysalis thought that he was going to turn her into an alicorn; instead, he decided it would be funnier to make her a changeling.
  • Horseshoes and Hand Grenades, has the Serpents imposing deals in order to resurrect the people they want to contract with. For example, Shun, having been killed by Ryusei, makes a contract with Vasuki but he must live till the Earth's destruction, thus never being able to be with the people he loves. Shotaro gains one with Damballa to never be hurt again, but has his body transformed into one of a Creepy Doll and his sanity shattered along with it.
  • Getting Back on Your Hooves has the Diamond Dogs agree to help Checker Monarch ruin Trixie's life in exchange for a huge payment of gems. They quickly find out Checker was somepony they shouldn't have messed with and are horrified by the methods she uses, but can't back out or she'll turn their mine into a parking lot, with them still in it. In the end they get out of it by helping the Mane Six trick her into an Engineered Public Confession.
    • Helping Hoof made one with Checker. He never earned his Cutie Mark and was being hounded by his Abusive Parent Iron Hoof for it. So he agreed to work for Checker in exchange for her helping him fake earning a Cutie Mark and a job. Checker keeps her end of the deal, but Helping Hoof was reduced to little more than her puppet to torture as she pleases. In the end he gets free by finally helping expose her and turning himself in to the guard.
  • Terminal Justice has Batman beg Mr. Black, who the League believes to be Death (they're right, he just doesn't know it yet), to spare his butler Alfred. Mr. Black uses his fragment of a philosopher's stone to give Alfred roughly fifteen more years of life. He then goes on to kill Joker, Two-face, Scarecrow, and Riddler, seemingly as payment.
  • Hivefled; the Grand Highblood and the Condesce have a hobby involving inflicting Cold-Blooded Torture on teenagers, including their own descendant, and threatening the victims' friends until they sign over their souls. The ghosts of the two thousand plus victims are bound to a pocket dimension known as the Trap, until the Grand Highblood dies and hands them over to his patron spirit, who is apparently like him only more so.
  • Diaries of a Madman: Discord forcing Celestia into one with him kickstarts the plot of the story, and he later forces several other characters into such deals to suit his own ends.
  • Discussed in Attack of the Teacher Creature:
    Hobbes: I'll pass, thank you. I'm not interested in that stuff. I didn't sell my soul to the devil.
    Calvin: Neither have I.
    Hobbes: Yes, but you nearly did once.
    Calvin: Well, it seemed like a good offer!
  • Mega Man Recut has Dr. Light accepting funding from Senator King, who is in with the Syndicate. He is not aware of this.
  • The Attack on Titan fic My Child centers around a demon named Xaphan trying to get Levi to sell his soul to him, using every method he can to persuade him. However, Levi wants none of it and basically tells Xaphan to fuck off every time. He does eventually end up making a deal with the demon to save his son from dying in childbirth, and the story ends with him being tortured in Hell for it.
  • Sonic X: Dark Chaos has quite a few from Lord Maledict;
  • Bad Future Crusaders: Despite everything that Twilight Sparkle's actions cost her, Sweetie Belle still cut a deal with her new government in order to secure her own position as leader of the Diamond Dogs — gems mined by the Dogs were used to fund the creation of Environment Equestria, who in turn assured that the valley where the Diamond Dogs live always gets the right weather to ensure they can sustain an actual society.
  • Lay Down Your Burdens has an interesting example when Naruto makes a deal with the Kyuubi. Naruto doesn't want to be a jinchuuriki anymore and Kyuubi doesn't want to be imprisoned in a human, so Kyuubi teaches Naruto enough about seals that he can safely remove his seal and they can go their separate ways.
  • Uryuu does this in Alabaster Orchestra much like in canon, though his plans are apparently up in the air with Ichigo remaining loyal to the Emperor and refusing to assist him.
  • The Equestrian Wind Mage: When Ganondorf arrives in Equestria during Season 2, he recruits Grey Hoof and the Bone Fiends to serve him by offering to lift their curse in exchange for service. However, Vaati knows that they're more useful to Ganon as undead, and therefore Ganon is unlikely to hold up his end of the deal.
  • In A Protector's Pride, Yhwach made a deal with the ruler of Hell many centuries ago. Yhwach would stop aging and all of his descendants would inherit Quincy powers. In exchange, anybody killed by a Quincy goes to Hell, no matter their deeds in life.
  • Common among fics taking place in the Gravity Falls Transcendence AU, where Dipper and other demons derive their powers from making deals.
  • In Who Is This Lord Tirek You Speak Of?, King Sombra gained his dark powers by sacrificing his blood relatives to Grogar. In the present, he attempts to keep the Mane Six as Sex Slaves so that he can have a steady supply of children to sacrifice and dramatically boost his powers.
    • Later subverted when it is revealed that Grogar has no interest in souls whatsoever. He agreed to the deal because he wanted to empower Sombra so that the tyrant could plunge Equestria into darkness, and due to things that Sombra was unaware of, Grogar had a loophole in the contract so that he could always do away with Sombra later if he proved ineffective.
  • In Being Dead Ain't Easy, Yami Bakura says he'll help save Joey if he gets the Millennium Puzzle in return. Joey adamantly refuses, so Yami Bakura makes an offer to Seto Kaiba instead—Joey's life for KaibaCorp.
  • The Count's World: Dimentio strikes a very The Little Mermaid-like one with a shady Shaman in "Springtime for Dimentio," transforming him into a Boo (so he could court Lady Bow) in exchange for his voice.
  • How the plot of One Foot – Another Multiverse SI starts. After being run over by a train main character Poe makes a deal with Marvel's Mephisto to save his life not knowing who he is.
  • In Zelda's Honor, this is the underlying reason why Naar and every man in his army is able to revive from the dead moments after they die. Naar made a deal with Barrachas, a Hunger demon of the old world, loyal to Demise. In return for immortality, Barrachas requested Naar to spread the war to Hyrule and other lands to continually find fresh bodies for him to further link together using shards of the Fierce Deity Mask. This accumulation of souls would eventually be used for the revival of Demise.
  • In an untitled Ever After High fic, Milton Grimm offers Raven and Briar a deal: they can abandon their inherited destinies (which are both very bad, in different ways) if they take up each other's. They agree, but the resulting Bad Future is only slightly better than it would have been otherwise (and perpetuates the oppressive Legacy system).
  • In The Bridge, Bagan gathers several Kaiju and offers them several boons if they agree to serve him. When Grand King Ghidorah and Legion tried to tell him to shove it, his response is to send them all to their knees in pain and threaten to kill them where they stand if they don't accept. Once they accept, he keeps his word and grants them their boons. He's still screwing them over, because he told them that they would conquer the universe under his leadership, but he's really an Omnicidal Maniac and he's just biding his time until their efforts allow him to regain his full strength. Once that happens, he plans to wipe out all life, including them.
  • In Father Goose and the Black Knight, Xander and his Slayers sometimes offer demons and vampires a deal for information. The reward varies from getting a pass the next time they meet to, when they're truly desperate, picking up their tab for the next month at a given demon bar.
  • In the W.I.T.C.H. fanfic Ripples, this happens a couple of times:
    • Will/Van first makes contact with A'lek'hol'an during a near-death experience. He offers to save her and give her enhanced magical powers, in exchange for her becoming his avatar. Not having much of a choice, she accepts.
    • Phobos later frees Tracker from his imprisonment and offers him a job hunting rebels. The undead hunter agrees, but does not actively submit to Phobos' control.
  • In The MLP Loops, Pinkie Pie offers one of these to Svengallop once he finally pisses her off enough. Applejack immediately leaps in to stop the deal, and states that while Pinkie Pie can deliver, it's a bad idea all around. Sure, he'd get his soul back next loop, and probably no more tarnished than it already was, but it's the principle of the thing. (Pinkie just wanted a spare soul as a chip for the next time she and the Warhammer 40,000 Elder Gods had a poker night.)
  • In the story A Dream, the main character Valiant brings himself back from the dead by making a deal with the most beloved entity he could find: Santa Claus. He briefly wishes he had made the deal with The Beatles instead.
  • The Kung Fu Panda fic The Vow plays a variant of this. Ten years following Lord Shen's banishment from Gongmen City, he's approached by Master Oogway who asks Shen to design a way to keep the fallen Kung Fu prodigy Tai Lung restrained. As payment, Oogway tells Shen the location of an abandoned mine rich in metals that are usable in crafting cannons. It's made pretty clear that Oogway considers the entire affair of transacting with the disgraced, ambitious and mass-murdering noble to be this trope, which Shen — who greatly dislikes Kung Fu masters — notes with satisfaction.
  • In Forged Destiny, this is the Greycloaks only unifying factor. The only thing their members seem to have in common is a desire to summon Salem and ask for a wish. Merlot asked for the power of the Grimm while Tyrian asked for a fair and just ruler. Neither were given what they truly wanted.
  • Adrien makes one with Plagg, the Spirit of Misfortune in Prince Charming. Plagg provides Adrien with a cursed ring that will strip Adrien of his blessing of charm and beauty each night, and as a side effect transforms Adrien into a cat-human hybrid. Adrien, in return, must provide Plagg with as much cheese as he wants for the rest of his life.
  • In one of the stories in the first Halloween Unspectacular, the Evil Syndicate (minus Vlad, who refused to even partake in such madness) makes a deal like this with Terminus and the Reapers: they'll help the Reapers get back to their own universe, and in return they'll get an agent within the Nicktoons through indoctrination (Sandy being the chosen victim). The trope is even name-dropped:
    The Syndicate, it turned out, were not doing a deal with the devil. On the contrary, a deal with the devil would have been much more moral.
    • One of these, in the form of a bet, is why The Devil gives Gaz a wish-granting pocket watch in the story "Come and See" from the eight edition. As per the Devil's arrangement with Dib, if Gaz can resist using all seven wishes in the watch (and unleashing the apocalyptic side effects of each) she'll be freed from the damnation she's already doomed herself to, but if she uses all seven wishes, she's still damned and will be immediately taken to Hell.
  • The Heart Trilogy:
    • In Heart of Fire, Sauron tries to make one with Smaug; gain gold and glory by serving the Dark Lord as the unstoppable beast of war. Not wanting to serve anyone, Smaug turns down Sauron who sends Bolg to capture Smaug's soulmate Kathryn, intending to use the Seer as a bargaining chip.
    • The last third part of Heart of Ashes has two examples.
      • After Kathryn abandons Smaug (who has lost Erebor and Thrór's treasure) for hurting her one too many times, Sauron (who's been driven away from Dol Guldur) contacts the furious dragon and offers his help in regaining Kathryn and Erebor in exchange for swearing allegiance to the Dark Lord. Smaug accepts this time and attacks Vathvael to take Kathryn back, with Sauron's taint controlling him with varying decrees of success until Gandalf contains the taint.
      • In order to get back at Smaug for killing her daughter Freyja, Andraya hands Kathryn over to Fankil who gives the witch spells for resurrecting Freyja. All this despite knowing that the demon needs Kathryn to release his father Morgoth from the void.
  • RainbowDoubleDash's Lunaverse: Over two thousand years before the story, Grogar made a deal with Tirek; one hundred pony souls in exchange for the secret to becoming a lich. There were complications, such as one of the hundred ponies dying before Grogar could sacrifice everypony in Tambelon, and the little fact that Grogar gave up his soul for the knowledge, which he needed to become a lich in the first place.
    Tirek: The deal called for one hundred souls, not ninety-nine. I cannot be held for your inability to count.
    • It then turns out there's more than one deal going on: Prince Bray of Tambelon brought Grogar to the island so he'd kill Bray's family, letting the guy become king. Grogar neglected to mention his spell would also kill everyone else on the island. And the only reason he kept Bray alive was so that Bray could help him become a lich by killing Grogar in self-defense. Can't become lich by killing yourself, after all.


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