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Hi there. I've been around in TV Tropes for quite a while now, but I did not have a chance to start a page about myself until February 1st, 2014. I currently live in London, UK. Not very usual for an American to move to the land of the redcoats, but still...

I enjoy many things in life. In addition to being a graduate student, I enjoy cooking and writing. I also take time off by hiking, skiing, singing, playing soccer and watching the beautiful game (Come On You Spurs!) and IPL cricket (Royal Challengers Bangalore in particular). I also enjoy watching anime and science fiction movies. Also, I play a lot of games on Mac, PC, Xbox 360 and, as of September 2014, Xbox One.

Song of the month: Little Monster by Royal Blood.

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  • Avatar: The Last Airbender: A stellar series and one that proves that the West can make cartoons epic. I'm a bit mixed on its sequel though.
  • Batman: The Animated Series: THE definitive adaptation of the famous Batman franchise. With brilliant writing, interesting characters, and awesome storylines, it's no wonder why it has since heavily influenced the franchise's comics, films, and games.
  • Over the Garden Wall: An unbelievable gem that has a well-written story, well-developed characters that are easy to attach to, and an unexpected yet cool twist to boot.
  • Rugrats: I grew up watching Nickelodeon and this series was my favorite of the bunch at the time.

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Memorable rants.

     From "A Beautiful Thread for the Beautiful Game" 
  • Crystal Palace 2 - Spurs 1, January 10, 2015
    (Palace 1 - Spurs 1) "Fuck me... a penalty for Palace after Joe Ledley is tripped. Gayle makes short work of Lloris on the spot and it's now 1-1."

    (Palace 2 - Spurs 1) Oh HELL no...

    (Full Time; standby for Rage Mode) SON OF A BITCH. Ledley's penalty will be one of the more debated points of the game but the bottom-line is after our awesome victory against Chelsea, we gave away 3 points against my ex's team. And why?! Because of Walker, Stambouli and Fazio. I'll give the former the benefit of the doubt, but he still looked like he was out of his depth against Zaha all night long. As for the other two... oh boy, angry doesn't even begin to describe my reactions to their effort and competence (or lack there of). It's one thing to get bargains from the continent but it's another if our owner wants a player (like Scheniderlin) and ends up settling with a piss-poor copycat (Stambouli). I hope we can pick ourselves to beat Burnley in the replay, but given the way our players seemed to have rested on their laurels after a Kane goal, I highly doubt it. At least Palace has actual fans... so many stadiums in the Premier League are almost like libraries these days (Arsenal and Tottenham are guilty of this).

    And I swear to FUCKING God... if I never see Fazio wearing a Spurs shirt ever again, it will be way too soon.

    (takes a deep breath)

  • Spurs 1 - Leicester 2, January 24, 2015
    "I wouldn't say today's game was disappointing at all. I, for one, am frankly embarrassed to be a Spurs fan today for losing so pathetically to the Foxes. I actually thought that we would have gotten our act together after the last few matches, and we were in the lead with Townsend's first-half goal. But our defense and forwards became so damn lazy that I just want to come to each of their houses and slap them in their faces.

    In order to see who was remotely tolerable, let's start by highlighting the ones who weren't. Fazio (yes, Poch had the balls to start that clown again) was awful, Adebayor was awful, Soldado was awful, Lamela was lame, Paulinho was awful, Dembele was awful, Chiriches was awful, Vorm was awful, Townsend was... not awful but rested on his laurels after scoring that goal. The only one who was anywhere close to decent was Christian Eriksen and I feel really sorry for him for having to work with a pair of pathetically lazy and overpaid strikers.

    And I thought our loss to Crystal Palace was humiliating. Foxes are surely going straight back down to the Championship and to crash out of the FA Cup to that team is an absolute disgrace. Each and every player and coach in our team should be ashamed of themselves for such an awful game. Sometimes, I wonder why I haven't donated my Spurs shirt... (deep breath, chugs a bottle of lager)"

  • Sheffield United 2 - Spurs 2, January 28, 2015

    (Sheffield 2 - Spurs 1) NO!!! NOOOOO!!! NOT THIS WAY! NOT THIS WAY! You're seriously telling me that after leading from a beautiful Eriksen freekick and 2-0 aggregate advantage, we're now trailing 2-1 in the match and 2-2 on aggregate?! Even if we progress via away goals after Extra Time, we just gave away a comfortable advantage YET AGAIN. Wake up, Spurs... or I'm out.

    (Sheffield 2 - Spurs 2) And apparently we did, thanks to Eriksen. But seriously, I'm through with Spurs' lack of effort in matches, league or cup. I can tolerate losses and upsets. I can tolerate not qualifying for the Champions League. Hell, I can tolerate relegation to the Championship. But you know what I can't stand? Players and coaches who don't care about the team. Don't blame this shit on Levy, oh no, he's been doing the best he could with an aging White Hart Lane and the cut-throat deals he can place. Rather, it's time for his players to step up so they won't let us down, again and again. Say what you will about Arsene Wenger and the Gunners winning only 2 trophies in the last 10 years, but at least all of them seem to give a fuck about their futility.

    And thus we progress... I don't think an upset against Chelsea's in the cards for us though. We'd be lucky to lose 2-1 in the dying minutes after leading 1-0 in Wembley honestly if we're going to blow leads to the likes of Sheffield and Leicester.

    BBC Five Live said where would we be without Eriksen. I don't know, but frankly he and Kane should just leave Spurs if that's the best everyone else in our team can do. Seriously Christian and Harry, you two are way too damn good for us...

     Beef with Aniplex USA 

  • Response to Aniplex screwing over release of official subs for Kill la Kill

    From overblown prices to triggering significant delays for subtitles on LEGAL sites like Crunchyroll, Aniplex USA is bar none the worst anime licensing company out there. I hope everyone on this forum now knows what I mean when I say they are the EA of anime, because what they are doing to the release of the English subs of this series and the prices of their physical releases of other shows is borderline criminal.

    And it's not like this is anything new, with the fiascoes that were their handling of Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Fate/Zero and the initial batch of Sword Art Online. When you can purchase 13 episodes of Attack on Titan for $100 or the entire first season of Psycho-Pass with an almost identical amount of extras found in Aniplex series for only $140, I can't say I'm surprised to hear many turning to fansubs and piracy when it comes to this and other Aniplex shows (plus the likes of Chunnibyou S2). It's as if they want fans to turn to piracy, especially if the disastrous handling of the release schedule of Kill la Kill as a result of goofing up 1 episode (which is 100% Aniplex's fault by the way) is anything to go by. This, by the way, is coming from someone who seeks legal subs whenever possible (preferably via Hulu, Daisuki, or Funimation).

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