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  • Idiot Hero: Darius Mason pissed him off to no end:
    "Not to dampen your sense of victory, Darius, mate, but why didn't you [fix the terraforming machine] three years ago right after it broke? You DUMB [dopeslap] BALD [dopeslap] TWAT."
  • Idiot Plot: Invoked by name when discussing Mortal Kombat X, noting that the plot only works because more than half the fights are based on the characters being too stupid to realize they're not enemies.
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  • I Do Not Like Green Eggs and Ham: When Yahtzee first played Demon's Souls, he couldn't handle its monstrous difficulty, only getting 2/3 of the way through his second post-tutorial level before throwing in the towel and declaring it to be hard enough to prevent it being any fun. Later on, after a few abortive attempts, he finally put in a serious effort to get into its Spiritual Successor Dark Souls and found himself loving it and the rest of the series wholeheartedly (in his defence, some think you really do have to work very hard to get into games in the Soulslike genre; many others think it’s quality is evident earlier), although he apparently never went back to give Demons' Souls another proper go and he counts the high barrier for entry as a negative for turning away new players and making those who get through smug.
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  • I Knew It!: invoked Subverted and Inverted in the case of The Walking Dead: He states after playing two episodes that it will surely end with either the evil military coming, or a few characters going to live on an island. The main characters do start looking for a boat in Episode 4...But it gets stolen in Episode 5. Yahtzee also laughed at the idea of anyone trying to invent a cure, or rebuild humanity. Rebuilding is essentially exactly what the people in Wellington began attempting in Season 2.
  • I Liked It Better When It Sucked: invokedHe claimed to find Sacred 3 a lot less fun than the infamous Ride to Hell: Retribution, since while the latter was incompetent drama with completely broken gameplay and therefore hilarious, the other was incompetent comedy with incredibly bland gameplay and therefore painful. He said something similar about Days Gone, which he went so far as to call "Ride To Hell, but actually functional."
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  • I Love Nuclear Power:
    "Ess-Tee-Ay-Ell-Kay-Ee-Ar: Clear Sky is set in the area surrounding an alternative post-disaster Chernobyl, where presumably the station ran on fairy dust before the meltdown and released a cloud of magic instead of boring old radiation..."
  • Impossibly Cool Weapon:
    "All you really need to know is that there is a gun that shoots shurikens and lightning. I wish I could make something like that up. It shoots shurikens and lightning; it could only be more awesome if it had tits and was on fire."
  • I'm Taking Him Home With Me: In his Yakuza: Dead Souls review Yahtzee says "I just want to take [Akiyama] home and mount him to my kitchen wall so my kids will have an appropriate role model to look at over their Honey Nut Cheerios every morning".
  • Incredibly Lame Pun: On occasion, not just of the visual variety:
    "You only get to see like one second of bare arse anyway so it's hardly going to make your mass erect" ... immediately followed in the credits with: "Yeah, this whole review was leading up to that horrible pun at the end."
    • In the Red Faction: Guerrilla review, he says in the end that game could have went pretty well if it really was based off sneaky guerilla warfare, as opposed to its focus on smashing stuff "... which is less guerilla and more chimpanzee." Followed by the credits gag "Spent ten years thinking up that last pun."
    • "...Balder's Gait." (Too Human)
    • "Fallout 3, that is!"
    • "Fallout 4-llout.
    • The Just Cause 2 review starts by lampshading this to allow him to make "Why? Just 'cause!" jokes "ironically".
      • It's then subverted the third time with "Why? Fucked if I know!"
    • "Bits of it were so boring that I almost had a NieR-death experience! Boosh!"
    • "I don't see Alice: Madness Returns making mad returns, meheh myeh."
    • In his review of Monster Hunter Tri "You play an adventurer-type showing up at the prerequisite village of immobile retards in a time when dinosaurs ruled the earth to try to be a hunter of monsters. A Monster Hunter Try, if you will."
    • Not to mention his credits pun in Alien vs. Predator: "Alias vs Editor".
    • "You like numbers? How about FOUR, as in FOUR-K YOU!"
    • In the credits of Star Wars: The Old Republic: "I'm so force sensitive I clean my swimming pool with midichlorine."
    • In Sniper Elite V2 he calls it at one point Sniper Elite Wee Poo, then chuckles at it.
    • Inevitably scattered everywhere in his review of Risen 3 Titan Lords, but the crowning came in his closing joke:
    It's too dull to get irate about. Or should I say P-irate. Ha haha haha, hahahaha!
    • His Splatoon review has "Still I th-ink there'll be an ink-rease in the number of Wii U sales with this ink-redible new title! God know why it keeps making ink puns, though, when everyone's very clearly throwing paint around, but that's hardly a complaint. Com-paint."

  • Indecisive Parody: One of his biggest problems with Bulletstorm was that its parody seemed to consist mostly of Better Than a Bare Bulb.
    • He cites this trope when discussing Totally Accurate Battlegrounds, noting that jokes aside, the game was a pretty complete recreation of a battle-royale shooter experience and surprisingly not that high on comedy, and the developer's continued support of the game suggested that they were at the very least taking the project a lot more seriously than a parody would suggest. He compares it to someone tricking a person into eating a joke rubber steak, and then when they confusedly keep asking why they can't eat the steak, resigning themselves to making a proper steak for the person.

  • Inferred Holocaust: invoked States that one of these most happened during Call of Duty: Ghosts where America launched a genocide against everyone that isn't a "burly white dude'' noting that the campaign only has three who you don't have to kill, two of whom die, and the people make more of a fuss over their dog dying in the game than the African American's death.
  • Inherently Funny Words: Warfighter (pa ha ha ha). In this case it's not so much that the word is funny in and of itself but rather that it's such a ludicrously silly example of Department of Redundancy Department.
  • Innocent Bigot/Hanlon's Razor: How he viewed the controversy surrounding Resident Evil 5: really shouldn't worry about this sort of thing unless there's genuine hatred behind it, and I don't get that impression. Capcom aren't bad people, they're just idiots.
  • Inopportune Voice Cracking: His voice cracks in utter disbelief when he reads out how much Call of Duty Black Ops 4's Digital Deluxe premium edition costs:
    (voice gets noticibly higher) A hundred and thirty bucks the deluxe version costs!
  • Insistent Terminology: "Jaaaaaaames" Sunderland of Silent Hill 2 fame.
  • Insult to Rocks: In his review of Godzilla, he says the graphics look more at home on the PS2.
    And even THAT is being totally unfair on the PS2!
  • Invincible Hero: He mentioned in his Batman: Arkham Asylum review that Batman's status as this tends to undermine whatever threat the enemies have and whatever horror the game is trying to evoke.
    Batman is always the least interesting character in anything he's in.
  • Irony: Yahtzee likes to poke fun at America ever now and then in his reviews. Now he lives in America since 2016.
  • Isometric Projection: He's not a fan of it, primarily because of the inevitable Depth Perplexion.
  • I Thought It Meant:
    Yahtzee: I speak of one of the most notorious disappointments in the entire history of First-Person Shooters.
    Random guy: Jesus Christ, Yahtzee. How many videos are you gonna do on Duke Nukem Forever?
    Yahtzee: No, you twat! The other one!
  • It's Easy, So It Sucks!: invoked Too many examples to count.
    • Discussed more critically with Vampyr, where he claims the game being easy undermined its dramatic thrust - the idea was that killing your close friends will make you more powerful, but he found that the game was never difficult enough that he felt like he needed to do so, which caused the main moral quandary of the game to fall flat (to the point that Reid's vampiric status almost felt like an Informed Ability).
  • It's Hard, So It Sucks!: Also brings this up with games like Demon's Souls, Dark Souls, and Bayonetta.
  • It's Personal: During the Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor review (which lasted a minute before moving onto something else) Yahtzee admits he picked it for no other reason than the box blurb saying "the Kinect had finally found its hardcore game" and "I interpreted that as a challenge":
    Caption: "The Kinect finally has its hardcore game"note 
  • It's Popular, Now It Sucks!: Joked about. invoked
    One should always support the independents, at least until they start making money, the soulless sellout fucks.
    • Admittedly, averted by his Gears of War 2 review, in which he admits that things are often mainstream because they're good. (Or because Will Smith is in it.)
  • It's Short, So It Sucks!: invoked Inverted with Portal
    OK, it's only two to three hours long, but that's a good length for it, it means that it doesn't outstay its welcome
  • It's the Same, Now It Sucks!:invoked He tends to be particularly critical of sequels that don't add much or differ from what the original was. Examples including BioShock 2, Super Mario Galaxy 2, and, to a smaller point, Left 4 Dead 2.
  • It's Up to You: He notes that early missions in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky have a tendency to solve themselves, which is a good attempt to avert this, but a bit bizarre to play.
  • It Was His Sled: invoked Lampshaded; before pointing out the flaws of the plot of Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X., he says to stop paying attention until the "generic rock music" of the credits if you want to avoid spoilers. In the credits his avatar and a single imp hand out a series of this type of spoilers (they even start with THAT sled).
    • Generally speaking, he'll take care to avoid spoilers if he'll recommend the game, while games that earn his scorn he will gleefully invoke this trope with.
  • Jerkass Has a Point: Pretty much the premise of his reviews; he accurately points out problems in games while tearing into the developers who produced them and the consumers who continue to buy and defend them.
  • Jerkass Realization: The release of Duke Nukem Forever and his wanting to like it despite it obviously sucking led to one. Kind of.
    Even as I played, that part of me that takes an almost sexual joy in ruining other people's fun turned upon myself and said, "Yahtzee, you and I both know that you have pushed games off subway train platforms [symbolized by BioShock 2] when they had less problems than this." Oh, God, you're right! There's just no excuse for loading times this long unless you're a fucking removals van!
  • Jingle: First done as an improvised tune during a ''Let's Drown Out..." video, it became the theme for his Gaming History videos.
    ♪ Let's all laugh at an industry ♫
    ♫ That never learns anything, tee hee hee! ♪
  • Joke Exhaustion: At the end of the review of Tomb Raider, Yahtzee had vowed not to make any boob jokes, ends with him rambling on about them at very high speed, getting all the jokes that had been building up out of his system.
  • Jumping the Shark: invoked Lampshaded in the end credits of his LEGO Indy review, the first time the new, original opening and closing song was used, rather than two licensed songs:
    "Now this is all looking a lot more professional, isn't it, although I'm certain some of you pricks are already putting this down as my shark jumping moment."
  • Just One More Level: Peggle (and other PopCap Games) is described as "the gaming equivalent of premium crack cocaine."
    "I started playing Peggle in the afternoon, and emerged some time later to find the authorities had declared me legally dead."
    • After flooding prevented him from leaving his apartment and thus getting a new game to review:
    First thought: "Oh, cock! All the nearest game retailers are in the CBDnote  because some retarded pile of cartilage on the town planning department thought it'd be a great idea to put thirty EB Games shops within the same ten square yards." Second thought: "Oh, balls! With humanitarian aid selfishly obstructing the delivery services, I won't be seeing any of my imports any time soon, either!" Third thought: "Oh, goody! That means I can go back inside and keep playing Minecraft!"
    • "A good sandbox is one where you can mess about for hours after making the hollow promise to yourself that you'll stop any minute now, and inFAMOUS 2 certainly has that."
      • He also states that [PROTOTYPE 2] is the prince of jumping around time wasting. Claiming that even the mere act of getting around the city is surprisingly addicting.
    • XCOM: Enemy Unknown certainly qualifies:
    Yahtzee: "I was just going to play a bit of the next mission but I ended up playing the whole thing and then the next two"
    • Grand Theft Auto IV despite all the flaws he points out he says the game is very addicting and requires a lot of committed time and he will probably resume playing the game after his review is done.
      • However, Yahtzee seems to have abandoned this opinion since playing Saints Row 2.
    Yahtzee: [I] was spending most of my time in a blurry haze in which I mistook the slightest mental stimulation for actual fun. It wasn't until recently when Saints Row 2 came along that I remembered what a fun sandbox game is and isn't.
  • Kavorka Man: When playing Tomodachi Life, he was baffled to discover that Senor Koquonfaes (a Mii he created that had manipulated the Mii face tools to have a cock for a face) ended up being the most popular Mii around, eventually shacking it up with X from Jam.
  • Kick the Dog: In his Fable review:
  • Kill and Replace: Accused Insomniac Games of murdering Valve and making a skin suit out of it.
  • Killed Mid-Sentence: In the review for Never Dead, Yahtzee and his day laborer imps go back in time and stuff the game developers into a hessian sack one by one:
    Yahtzee: "And," says another developer sticking whiteboard markers up his nose, "let's constantly put some monsters around that can instantly game over you if they suck in your disembodied head, but you can avoid it by completing a quick-time even—" [one quick-time event even says onscreen, "Press X to Not D—" before it gets interrupted by Yahtzee] Get in the fuckin' sack!
  • Lampshaded Double Entendre: Shown in the end credits for the Hard Reset review:
    I gave your mum a hard reset last night and it certainly rebooted her operating system if you know what I mean.
    • In his review of Metroid: Other M, Yahtzee describes that the video game dialogue was "not quite as far down as Hideo Kojima's level, but it would see him very clearly through a glass-bottom boat, if you know what I mean."
  • Lampshaded the Obscure Reference: Yahtzee describes the disembodied voices of Everybody's Gone to the Rapture as like "The Archers meets Quatermass and the Pit. Blimey, no one's going to fucking get that one."
  • Lampshade Hanging: The end tag on the Guitar Hero III review, regarding the art style.
    "Did no-one else think it was weird for the character in image 110 to be wearing a sling when he only has free-floating circular hands?"
  • Land Down Under: Yahtzee was born in Britain but moved to Australia, and often makes jokes about it.
  • The Last of These Is Not Like the Others:
    • Deus Ex: Human Revolution has breathtaking visuals, the impish appeal of stealth, rewarding exploration, but most importantly, you can pick up every vending machine in the building and pack them in the office of your least favorite co-worker.
    • "...Catherine, a Japanese game centrally about the difficulties of relationships, such as unexpected pregnancy, the impetus of commitment, and being chased up an infinite staircase by a giant, monstrous girlfriend trying to eat you with her butt. Did I mention it's Japanese?"
    • "... There's one setpiece in Gears Guyve that is an extended reference to the musical Hamilton of all things. You find yourself up on stage in a theater with a monstrosity. Stages lights come on and jazzy music plays as you fight it. As is often the case when a game starts singing at you, this could've been a highlight, like the Ashtray maze in Control, or that number the Joker does in Arkham Knight, or the wonderful musical sound that Wolfenstein: Youngblood makes when you smash it with a hockey stick."
  • Let Us Never Speak of This Again: The cross-dressing contest between Cole and Alex.
    • Same could be said regarding RTS games. After his experience with Halo Wars, Yahtzee has apparently decided to never touch the genre again.
    • Explained further in "On RTS", in which he explains he's not good at RTS and he doesn't like the impersonal disconnect one gets between story characters and units and the player.
  • Limited Social Circle: "I asked everyone I know and neither of them had heard of it either." (NieR)
  • Literal-Minded: At the end of his Star Wars Battlefront II (2017) review:
    Yahtzee: "Seriously, fuck EA."
    Bystander: (literally doing the EA logo from behind) "Way ahead of ya, Yahtz."
    Yahtzee: "Well, fuck them a notch less sensitively, then!"
  • Loners Are Freaks: Discussed in his column on "Hating Multiplayer Creep". It is unsurprisingly a Pet-Peeve Trope of his.
  • Longrunners: The series first began in 2007 and still continues now. In one of his streams, Yahtzee said that he thought he would make reviews for a few years until he was successful enough in his other pursuits (such as writing and making games), but producing videos weekly has become easy enough for him that he sees no reason to stop, as he can balance it with his other work easily enough.
  • Loophole Abuse: Traditionally, Yahtzee's annual Top/Bottom 5 lists only consist of games he's personally reviewed. For 2015, because he hadn't formally reviewed it yet, he shoves in a 10-second review of Undertale at the beginning of the "Top 5 of 2015" video in order to qualify it for the list.


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