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Joke Exhaustion

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Bob decides to make a joke in a specific vein about a specific subject. But not just one joke, no no no, oh heavens no. He has to exhaust his entire supply of jokes and wise-guy commentary, getting them all out of his system.

The major difference between an Overly-Long Gag and Joke Exhaustion is that the Overly Long Gag is one extended gag that goes on for far too long, while Joke Exhaustion should be a series of gags that could each be told individually and still be funny. But because Bob tells them all at once, it just gets irritating. May consist of a Hurricane of Puns.


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    Comic Books 
  • In Ultimate Spider-Man, Spidey torments the Kingpin using an exhaustive written list of fat jokes. On note cards.

    Films — Animated 

    Films — Live-Action 
  • Whenever Austin Powers offs a mook, he'll rattle off a list of bond one liners about the nature of said mook's death. He generally has to be stopped by someone else before he'll move on.
  • Steve Martin's Cyrano Expy in Roxanne does this regarding his own huge nose to show up a less-clever rival's lame insult.
    • Specifically, he tells him to throw a dart, and whatever number it hit, that's how many jokes he'd make. The rival, who it turns out is a darts champion, hit a 20. (Which is the highest labeled numeric value on a dartboard.)

    Live-Action TV 
  • In an episode of How I Met Your Mother, it's revealed that Marshall wears a nightshirt to bed. Naturally, Barney makes a bunch of jokes about it (including a Peter Pan reference).
    • Also when Barney is accidentally called "Swarley" the laundry list of permutations that the gang uses to mock him is quite long.
    • Ted is trying to defend his ownership and occasional wearing of red cowboy boots, leading to this exchange:
      Marshall: Okay, today's category, Classic Westerns that Involve Red Cowboy Boots. Robin.
    • In the episode "Aldrin Justice", Ted keeps making accidental penis jokes after telling the gang that the building his boss made looks like a penis. He does something similar in a later episode when he is mistaken as a porn star and is interiewed by who he thinks is someone who works for an architecture magazine (and not the adult magazine it actually is) and makes similar Accidental Innuendoes that are sexual in nature.
  • In the opening host segment of Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Skydivers, Crow interrupts Tom Servo's planetarium presentation by cracking every single Uranus joke in his arsenal. Tom eventually snaps.
  • On Red Dwarf, Rimmer recounts the time he went on a date with a woman who had an artificial nose. In an extremely misguided attempt to break the ice, he cracked jokes about noses until she excused herself, went to the bathroom, and fled through the window.
  • If anyone tries to make a serious point to Lee Mack in Not Going Out, his stock response is to return with a blizzard of obfuscating one-line jokes and wordplays. His co-star Tim Vine is a comedian renowned for his ability to create one-line non-sequeterial jokes practically instantaneously.

  • Robots With Issues: At some point, Forte really does get sick of all the variations on 'finhead'.

    Video Games 

    Web Animation 
  • Homestar Runner: Discussed in the Strong Bad Email "road trip", where Strong Bad says that a proper road trip inside joke should be repeated until "your friends that didn't go on the road trip will want to... kill your legs... every time you bring it up."
  • At the end of the Zero Punctuation review of Tomb Raider, Yahtzee had vowed not to make any boob jokes, ends with him rambling on about them at very high speed, getting all the jokes that had been building up out of his system.
  • Ultra Fast Pony: In "The Longest Engagement", Twilight Sparkle tells Princess Cadance to kiss her ass, then she starts rattling off weird, rhyming variations on that command. At the end, she lampshades it with, "I've got more of those, and I'm not afraid to use them!"


    Web Video 

    Western Animation 
  • In Littlest Pet Shop (2012), Pepper uses various methods of splattering others with pistachio pudding, which quickly gets old for the other pets.
  • In season 4 of The Venture Brothers, Hunter and Brock are on their way from a strip club, when they mention one stripper having "sad, mournful tits". This leads to them rattling off a bunch of jokes about just how sad her tits are. In the DVD commentary, Doc Hammer says that he wrote the rest of the script first, and at that scene just wrote a note for himself saying "boob jokes" for him to fill in later.
  • In the Family Guy special "Blue Harvest", Stewie makes multiple Star Wars-themed poop jokes.
    Leia (Lois): Governor Tarkin, I recognized your foul stanch as soon as I was brought on board.
    Darth Vader (Stewie): Actually, that was me. I made a darth doody. I sithed my pants. My diaper's gone over to the dark side. I have pages of these, I can go on.
  • Spongebob Squarepants: In "Ripped Pants", Spongebob gets a laugh out of ripping his shorts while at the beach. He starts doing it on purpose, but the joke quickly grows tiresome for his friends and neighbors, especially when he goes through a convoluted set-up for a "ripped pants" joke that involves faking a near-death experience.
    Spongebob: Let's see... Lifting weights, big laughs. Frisbee in face, kills. Surfing, knocks 'em dead. Pretending to drown... no.