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    Other WMG Part I 
This is the same universe, or at the very least the same multiverse, as Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths.
  • Ok, I'm going out on a limb here, making a WMG guess before the series even debuts, but look at the artwork here. Martian Manhunter, especially, looks exactly like he did in that movie, which (to my knowledge) no other comic book adaptation or TV show has emulated. The others, however, also look identical. Sure, this is very, very unlikely to be true, but it seems so convenient if it were. If not, however, it would be great for a Crossover of some kind. In continuity with Young Justice, it would have to have taken place before the time YJ will happen since the Justice League in YJ has 16 members and the one in Crisis only had 6 with the idea of expanding the membership only being toyed with near the end of the film. In YJ, Superman has only been around for 10 years yet the Justice League has been fighting criminals long enough for the crooks to organize against them. Crisis just doesn't seem to fit in that timeline. There's also the fact that their Aquaman looks completely different... So apart from the similar designs the two don't seem to be all that related in continuity.
    • Not necessary; this is Earth-16 according to Word of God. Crisis on Two Earths was simply Earth-1 and Earth-2 of the DCAM (DC Animated Multiverse). Presumably, the DCAU Justice Lords timeline is 3, and DCAU mainline is either 0 or 4. That timeline that appeared in one episode of Superman: The Animated Series was 5, and 6-15 have yet to be catalogued. Maybe they're the standalone animated movies (some of which are probably one timeline), The Batman, and Batman: The Brave and the Bold.
      • Martian Manhunter's costume is based on the one he wore starting with One Year Later storyline till his death in Final Crisis
  • All the universes are in the same multiverse.
  • Not only is it the same world as Crisis On Two Earths but it will become the world of Batman: Under the Red Hood.
    • The Showcase: Green Arrow short also takes place in the future of this world.
      • The Green Arrow point seems unlikely given that Young Justice basically adapted the short's plot with KF as the hero.
      • It could still work. Who's to say this isn't Vertigo's latest attempt to kill her and that Perdita isn't a natural blonde? She was queen but not crowned in the short since her father had just died over night.
      • I always thought it happened in the past. The Green Arrow, Black Canary and Count Vertigo models are the same as in the showcase, and Vertigo's lead mook is the same as well. Showcase happened when her father died, and in YJ she is clearly Queen now. It only falls apart when you wonder why Vertigo didn't end up in jail the first time.
      • You're right it does and I can explain why:
        1. lack of evidence
      • In Showcase Perdita's father had just died and was going to her coronation so she wasn't officially queen yet, and even when she was Queen sans any evidence it would have seemed like she was trying to get rid of him. And either a regent would be put in her place or [[spoiler:much more likely and even worse: The Count himself would take the throne.]]
      • Count vertigo probably either bribed or had Merlyn kill the security in the camera room.
      • Oliver just happened to be there and saw Merlyn, a baddie that, in the short, he has beef with, exchanging money with somebody. the fact that the client was Count Vertigo and the target was Perdita wasn't something he was expecting and therefore wasn't something he had prepared/planned for.
      • technically neither was wally, but once he was—[[spoiler:, he and Perdita ( Probably mostly Perdita. '''''AS. IT. HASN'T. EVEN. BEEN. A. YEAR''''' ) hatched a plan to get evidence
        1. The sheer number of laws that he that would have surpassed his immunity in "coldhearted" would have gotten him at least a year in prison
      • only with evidence of course
        1. and finally three less than five letter words:'''''WORD. OF. GOD'''''
  • Justice League: Doom does too. Even Lois looks much like she did in an issue of the YJ comic book.

We will eventually get a team up between the original Teen Titans, in their "Titans" identities
Nightwing, Arsenal, and Tempest already have these identities, so they could have Donna introduced as the original Wondergirl who is now known as Troia and they could have Wally takeover as The Flash because Barry wants to spend more time at home now that he is going to be a new father.
  • I was going to suggest that the animated series Titans show up under Tim Drake's control. We've already got Robin and Beast Boy, plus STAR labs (Cyborg's stamping grounds).

Young Justice is an attempt to create a new Animated Universe
The Second Detective Comics Animated Universe or DCAU2 for short.
  • This isn't a wild mass guess, it's Word of God.
  • What I think the initial poster was trying to say is that this show might be the start of a continuity for a new series of animated shows for DC characters much like the DCAU was back in the 90s and early 00s. Since this first series has yet to even really get started, let along renewed for more episodes, this guess will take sometime to be proven right or wrong.
  • So far, the show has been remarkably close to the comics, even more than in the old DCAU. What few differences there are seem to be done intentionally to simplify things for a wider audience.
  • Looks like DC is going in the direction of this guess since they've recently announced a spin off miniseries of Young Justice titled Young Justice: Invasion.
    • That's not a spin-off, but rather the Arc Name for the second season.

Earth-16 will be used to show a totally different path of development for the DCU.
Ok, we know that this is within the DC multiverse, which means that even after the show ends, it'll still be around in the comics. So, they use this show to gradually eliminate the heroes and future heroes we're most familiar with, and cause others to go down wildly different paths, until Earth-16 is a very different place than Earth-0, but still made from common elements. If this is correct, the above theories about Robin dying at the end of season 1 are likely correct, and Jason Todd will later be introduced, but will grow into that universe's equivalent of what Tim Drake would have been, only with a different name (possibly as the Red Hood).

There will be a crossover with Batman: The Brave and the Bold.
In episode 51 of that series, "Bat-Mite Presents," it is shown that the title Reality Warper owns Batman memorabilia from and has viewing portals of possibly EVERY SINGLE DIMENSION IN ALL EXISTENCE THAT HAS BATMAN IN IT. Considering both series are being shown at the same time on Cartoon Network currently and that the Post-Crisis comic version of Dick Grayson IS the current Batman, Bat-Mite's appearance (complete with the art style of Brave and the Bold, which would hilariously clash with the style of Young Justice) would not only makes sense but would be a shout-out to both the comics AND to Brave and the Bold itself. How this crossover would work:

1) Episode with the Mr. Mxyzptlk as the villain going up against Superboy, but Bat-Mite intervening, first to warn that fatally harming Robin is off limits and second to deliver an EPIC beatdown when it eventually happens

2) Extremely short cameo with Bat-Mite having taken a wrong over at some dimension junction

3) Robin heavily afflicted with hallucinogenic material and Bat-Mite acting as Robin's major, if not only, ground in reality

  • The cross-over aspect is Jossed by Mitefall, the 65th episode of that series, and the series finale: not only is the series over, but Bat-Mite was Hoist by His Own Petard, being a fictional character too silly for a serious show, and so ended up fading away along with the rest of the show when it was canceled. The third option could still work for a Bat-Mite showing up, though.

The series will acknowledge the original Young Justice comic universe
The series might throw in a few Shout Outs that reference the original characters like having Robin briefly introduced to Jack Drake and his family or Artemis joke that at least she doesn't have a Stage Mom. Or they might have the team be thrown into The Multiverse and have them encounter the comic series' Young Justice.

Any interaction with alternate universes will be with a part of the established 52 Multiverse
The show is supposed to be set in Earth-16 of the DC Multiverse, so logically they can't cross with any universe outside that structure

The reason the show is on hiatus right now is because of the events
Of Flashpoint because during the events of Flashpoint Reverse Flash goes back in time to alter the history of Earth 52. In various ways as read in the series so the events that caused the new 52 multiverse to come in existence never happened. Just like it was stated in the Booster Gold comic when they said there is no alternate timelines and since the show follows real life time it can perfectly explain why it's in a hiatus. Also if the reboot gets rid of the multiverse they have a perfect explanation for why the show was cancelled.
  • Unlikely. Not only is the show no longer in hiatus, it's been renewed for a twenty episode second season.

Wally is a Time Lord.
  • Because Time Lords are very good at running.
    • And now we've fulfilled all requirements for a WMG page, thank goodness.

Young Justice is a Divergent Continuity from the Dark Knight Saga
The split between the two was triggered by Harvey Dent surviving his fall, allowing him to reveal the truth and clear Bruce's name, though a few minor differences such as Bruce's age were present before. Not much in the way of hard evidence but there are a number of similarities between the universes.
  • In a flashback in the tie in comic we see Robin fighting a blonde Two Face.
  • Gotham's portrayal as a normal looking city rather than the normal uber gothic we see in most adaptations.
  • The Joker's knifenut tendencies, outfit and bedraggled appearance.
  • Commissioner Gordon bears a resemblance to his movie counterpart.
  • The Gotham monorail is visible during the first shot of episode 1.
  • Word of god says Ra's Al Ghul was once a hero in this universe possibly alluding to his role in training Bruce. After his failure to recruit him in Batman Begins Ra's elected either Chesire or Sportsmaster as his replacement.

Young Justice is set in the same 'verse as Batman: Under the Red Hood.
Several reasons:

1) Same voice actor for both Batmans.

2) Several of the opening shots from UTRH were used in "Downtime" - so maybe the same Gotham.

3) I can't help but think that Nightwing looks like an older YJ!Robin.

4) It would be freakin' awesome, that's why.

  • Another one: in "Salvage", the apartment that Roy collapsed in at the end of the episode looked just like a slightly less dilapidated version of the apartment that, in UTRH, Jason and Bruce had their final confrontation.
  • It also appears that by season two a Robin has died judging from the shrine of the fallen.

The Time Skip is temporary and the story will jump back to 2011 sometime during the season

We'll get another time skip if we get to Season 3.
Just so it's fair that this Team get equal development as the other Team. The Team for Season Three will include Stephanie Brown as Batgirl, Solstice, Damian Wayne as Robin, Victor Stone as Cyborg, Supergirl, Bart as Impulse(if we don't get him in Season 2, if we do then Iris West), Zatana Zatara, and Rose Wilson.
  • I'd rather have Cassandra Cain as Batgirl personally, and I don't think Rose Wilson is very likely because they'd have to introduce Deathstroke, which I don't think they'll do because he is pretty similar to the show's version of Sportsmaster.
    • Stephanie is so fun, though. As for Rose, I think her relationship with the team would be interesting, considering how she acted while being part of the Titans. Not to mention Deathstroke has precog and is more of an anti-Batman. Earth-16 Sportsmaster is more of a David Cain.
  • The time skip between seasons 2 and 3 will be only a year. Conner will sacrifice his life to defeat Match at the end of season 2. Season 3 will pick up a year later with everyone still feeling the effect of his loss, similar to what happened with Teen Titans after Infinite Crisis. The show will then somewhat follow the storyline from Teen Titans, but toned down for younger audiences. For example, it will be made clear that Conner is still alive and there will be a subplot of him stuck in the future/amnesiac/whatever.
    • They should still have Tim going clone-crazy though. Because that whole future-clone arc could be really interesting. Especially if they also made it a 'Robin gets over Superboy's death' arc, because it was kinda going that way in Teen Titans, but they never fully developed it.
  • Confirmed by Word of God.
  • The Season 2 finale will have the team dissolve, due to Dick and Wally keeping secrets about Aqualad's betrayal and Artemis' death. By the next time skip, something will happen to get them back together.

G. Gordon Godfrey is really Glorious Godfrey of Apokolips.
  • I know this is probably painfully obvious to everyone who remembers their DC Mainstream Canon, as well as Justice League Unlimited, but it had to be said. Godfrey is well-known for causing political upheaval on Apokalips amongst "The Lowlies," the oppressed citizens of the Suicide Slums who toil under the heel of Darkseid and his Elite. Whenever Godfrey takes the stage, he always knows what to say to get people riled up. However, every one of his revolutions has been for his and Darkseid's amusement, and are always beaten down. Who's to say he hasn't been planted on Earth as an agent of Apokalips to turn the people against the Justice League, weakening the morale on all fronts so that Earth is vulnerable to an attack from Apokalips or whatever dark force awaits our heroes?
    • I don't think they're trying to hide that fact. It's kind of obvious
  • He's human, but a(n) (un)willing follower of Darkseid. He might even be affiliated with Intergang.
  • It looks like he's present in Darkseid's court in The Stinger to the S2 finale, so this is probably confirmed.

Aqualad made a Face–Heel Turn over the Time Skip.
My incredibly nerdy reasons:

1. Promotional material shows Aqualad wearing rather Black Manta-esque armor. See here.

2. Future episode summaries explain that the Kroloteans are getting help from an "extremely unexpected source". See here. The Krolotean base is infiltrated through an underwater door. The thing is, the Kroloteans use teleportation and don't seem to be swimmers. Why would they need a second method of entry they couldn't use?

3. Another future episode summary, seen here, has this description: "Nightwing and company try to salvage the soul of a former comrade fallen from grace." It's the episode immeadietly after the one previously mentioned, meaning that they're most likely connected. In addition, the summary mentions Nightwing specifically, implying that he'll be focused on. Nightwing would have a lot to say to a fallen Aqualad.

  • Seconded...ish. Heel Face Turn or just a falling out with everyone, I'm going to guess it has to do with Aquaman's son. In the comics, Manta's biggest claim to being Aquaman's arch-nemesis is that he killed the latter's son. Considering who Manta's son is and that Mera was pregnant 5 years the math.
  • Confirmed. Aqualad has become Black Manta's apprentice after a mission that occurred during the Time Skip that saw Tula/Aquagirl killed.
  • Jossed. He's only pretending to be a villain.

Tim Drake is the third Robin.
Jason Todd took over from Dick sometime during the Time Skip but was killed in action, possibly with the Joker. This is why Dick advises him "Just don't die" on his first mission as a team leader, he's still hurting from the loss of Jason.
  • Very likely confirmed. Promotional pictures for "Satisfaction" show four memorials to the dead members of the League/Team - Tula, Ted Kord, Artemis, and a Robin.

Aqualad is on a deep cover mission
After he found out Black Manta was his father Kaldur got [[BSOD depressed]] and could no longer trust his king but he while he wouldn't turn to the dark side it was still trying to get him to. So Batman convinced him to take advantage of the situation and become The Mole.
  • Confirmed, at least for the Fake Defector part. Only Nightwing, Wally, and Artemis know he's still a hero.

Kid Flash is now the Flash
He's not the first or the last to take up the mantel, and he was the Flash in Justice League and if the first episodes anything to go by they want to have all 7 in the league
  • Jossed. Wally retired from heroing.

SOMETHING big happened in the five years between Young Justice and Young Justice Invasion
Look at the league and the team. Five years ago, the league was a shining example for the earth, and had a great deal of trust placed in them. The people of earth seemed to genuinely see them as a force to protect them, and overall, relations were cordial and patient. As for The Team, they had a core of 8 members, with direct answering to Batman rather than any second tier leader. They hadn't beaten The Light, but they at least knew that there was a greater conspiracy in the world now. Kaldur was their cool headed leader, Artimis, M'gann and Superboy had exorcised their demons, and the team seemed calm and patient but still only a small segment of League strategy.

But 5 years later, something has been happening to The League and Team. Robin moved from Batman's shadow as he said he would in Disordered (I don't wanna be The Batman anymore). Superboy and M'Gann split from each other. Zatanna and Rocket joined the League while some of the others declined. The Team expanded Twofold. Kaldur, Artimis, Wally, Red Arrow and The Light have mysteriously disappeared from the story. Captain Atom is leading, though Batman and Superman are still present. The Team is now considered a valuable asset of The League with being part of their overall strategies quite often. Yet what's most mysterious is how frosty things have become between The League and the Media. Kate Brand, who use to reliably report on League public activities has suddenly been shut out, and Xenophobia is starting to grip the public. Some serious happenings must have occurred for things to have changed so much, and for The League to not be as concerned about The Light compared to some other threats.

  • The xenophobia can be partially explained by G Gordon Godfrey's who in the mainstream comics is actually one of the New Gods of Apokolips stirring fear on Earth for Darkseid fearmongering rants about the League and aliens.
  • Just to be contrary I'll disagree with this WMG. I say that instead of something big happening lots of small somethings happened. Gradual shifts in team rosters, leadership dynamic, and romantic relationship; the Light scaling back its activities and waiting for Phase Two; Darkseid's minions messing things up here and there. No one cataclysmic event - just life as usual.

Aqualad, Kid Flash and Artemis are (or were at one point) members of the Justice League
A lot of people have been wondering where Aqulad, Kid Flash and Artemis where in the last episode. But, according to the numbering system, there are five new members of the League, two being Zatanna and Rocket. That leaves three unaccounted for. Since Aqualad, Kid Flash and Artemis seem to no longer be members of the Team it's logical they at some point in the last five years they joined the League.

It's not clear if they joined before Zatanna and Rocket or at the same time nor if they are still members of the League.

  • A quick count shows that although there are 26 justice league members one the numbering scheme apparently only 21 are "active". At the end of "Happy New Year" we saw a total of twenty team members including all of the members of the justice league at the end of the first season except the Atom plus Zatanna, Rocket and Blue Lightning. Since we know Zatarra (number 11) isn't active that leaves four inactive members unaccounted for, possibly Red Arrow, Aqualad, Kid Flash and Artemis.

What happened to the missing teammates
  • Kid Flash contracted his "mysterious disease" that prevents him from using his super speed (as in the comics) and so reluctantly retired from hero work. He got super depressed about it and distanced himself from his friends which contributed to his and Artemis's breakup
    • Partially Jossed in that Wally is still with Artemis and doesn't seem too distanced from his friends. He has retired, though, and as of this edit we don't know why.
  • Aqua Lad learned that his father was The Black Manta and finally understood why he felt so torn between Atlantis and the surface world. After Aquaman's son was born, the king naturally started to focus more on his heir which Aqualad tried to ignore but ultimately couldn't. As the team broke apart and he was left behind, he turned to the only family that he had left, embracing his dark side
    • semi-confirmed.
  • Artemis lost her mother shortly after Wally's diagnosis. The combined stress caused her to throw herself entirely into hero work in order to have some semblance of control. Eventually, her method's crossed League Standard's (think Huntress in Justice League Unlimited) and she went solo. Now she's working to bring down the League of Shadows.
    • Jossed. She's still with Wally and has retired from heroing.
  • Red Arrow is still obsessed with finding Roy Harper, so much so that he quit hero work in order to continue searching full time. He and Chesire are hooking up.
    • Confirmed...ish. He's not exactly a hero anymore, he's still obsessed with finding Speedy, and he's married to Chesire.

The reasons for the breakup of the Supermartian ship

1. Megan slowly bonded with Lagoon Boy during the timeskip as true kindred spirits of mutual isolation from their own kind and the utter freakishness of their respective true forms.

  • Megan and Lagoon Boy bonded over their stupid catch phrases
    • "Hello, Megan!" "Neptune's Beard!" kisskisskisskisskisskiss

2. Superboy and the Cassie Sandsmark Wonder Girl bonded over mutual interests in athletic contests.

  • Alternate Reason: Superboy went with Megan to spend the holidays on Mars. However, he experiences firsthand much of the grief the White Martians are put through and thoroughly disgusted by what he sees, even more so that the Manhunter is the only one actively doing anything to bring about equality. He eventually snaps, either from seeing a White Martian being beaten to death for no reason whatsoever with no one, not even his or family, doing anything or from realizing a term he's been calling Megan the entire time on Mars is actually a racial slur. Either case, Superboy starts whooping major ass and unintentionally sparks a riot. Luckily, Superman comes by and helps Megan in calming Superboy down, and the riot is put down soon afterwards peacefully. Peace and equality between Green and White Martians becomes an actual possibility, but only because the Greens are worried that ALL Earthlings would react like Superboy did when the planet at large finds out and doing it only to as a safety precaution rather than a true, legitimate change. Megan gets angry at Connor for blowing up like he did and nearly causing a bloody race war, and breaks up with him right there. They return to Earth, and Megan, much calmer, says that she's sorry to Connor, but Connor agrees that they should stop being a couple, acknowledging that he still needs more anger management training. They become Amicable Exes from then on.
    • While hilarious, both are Jossed as of "Earthlings".
  • Superboy dumped Ms. Martian after she mind raped and/or killed Queen Bee in revenge for what happened to Beast Boy's mom.
    • And Superboy helped cover it up, which is why Beast Boy is so obviously trying to get them back together
    • Jossed in "Alienated" Queen Bee is apparently still alive and sane.
      • But is it still the same one?
      • Why wouldn't it be? We see in that same episode that the Light replaces failed members wholesale, with Black Manta taking over Ocean Master's old position. Why would they bother to replace Queen Bee with a lookalike? Even if they wanted to maintain the illusion of her still ruling Bialya, why would they let a fake Queen Bee in on their private meetings?
      • I mean that the Silver Age Alien Queen Bee could have quickly been inserted by Darkseid between the Dictator Queen Bee getting it badly by M'gann and the next scheduled meeting of the Light. But this troper does admit that it could be a real Reach.
  • Problems in bed. Superboy was initially okay with the shapeshifting as long as Ms. Martian was shapeshifting into other hot chicks, but when she wanted to do it as aqualad, superboy had no choice.

Dr Morrow is dead.
This is a minor WMG but think about it. He's an incredibly sick man with not much time left. Red Tornado learned to care for him, felt sad when he passed away, then moved on.

The Joker is going to be progressively crazier in each of his appearances.
The Joker has been portrayed in many different ways over the years. This troper thinks there'll be a linear relationship between the time since he fell in a vat of acid or otherwise and the measure of crazy. His appearance in Revelations was still relatively early days, when other villains would actually want to team up with him for a reason other to make sure he won't be bitter.

Wally and Artemis retired because of Tula's death
They quit to make sure neither of them were killed in a mission. Or end up like Aqualad.

What happened to Ocean Master
This isn't that much of a stretch to guess that in the 5 years, Ocean Master finally decided to attempt his coup of Aquaman. And like all those attempts, he failed. Captured and imprisoned, this is why they called him "disgraced", as the one time he could prove his worth and eliminate a major nation from interfering, he chocked. Bonus points if this mission to defeat Ocean Master was what lead to Tula's death and Kaldur's Face–Heel Turn.

    Other WMG Part II 
Artemis is the daughter of Oliver Queen and an Amazon.
  • Oliver's known for having a lot of kids running around, and Artemis' costume looks a lot more like Green Arrow's than it does like Arrowette. Meanwhile, apparently Wonder Girl isn't being used because of the story they want to tell with Artemis.
    • There is a amazon in the comic books known as Artemis who is a archer and was once Wonder Woman
    • Word of God says she is not an Amazon "at all". Daughter of an Amazon would seem to fall under that.
    • Jossed. Artemis is the daughter of a disabled Vietnamese woman and someone who would hypothetically want her to kill Kid Flash.
      • Her father is Sportsmaster who showed up in Episode 3

Artemis will do a Face–Heel Turn, going bad before the end of the first season.
  • Word of God has said that Artemis is an established DC character and not an Arrowette or Wondergirl knock-off (those two will be making appearances later). So this has led to a couple fan theories on who she is. Artemiz and Artemis Crock have been suggested and both are villains. I think Artemis is going to turn bad in a season long arc and leave the team, while Secret, Arrowette, and Wondergirl will join up (the team right now is a little lite on female regulars; this would make them an even 1 to 1 ratio).
    • Artemis's father is the Sportsmaster, who appears in the third episode working for the Light.
      • Is this confirmed, or just more WMG?
      • In the comics, yes it is confirmed that Artemis is the daughter of Sportsmaster and Tigress.
      • What? Tigress (III) is the daughter of Sportsmaster and Huntress (I), if that's what you're talking about...
      • Tigress (III)'s real first name is Artemis. so, yes, that is what I'm talking about.
      • She's not Tigress' daughter (unless Tigress is a disabled Vietnamese woman), but her father could still be Sportsmaster.
      • Not necessarily. Artemis' mom is called Paula Crock in the credits and Tigress' given name is Paula Brooks later changed to Paula Crock when she got married. Artemis Crock from the comics was full Caucasian while Artemis Crock on the show is part Asian. We don't know how Artemis' mom got put in that chair so she could have still been Tigress in the past she just has had a Race Lift.

Cissie King has been kidnapped by the Light.
Ever since promotional art for Artemis first appeared, she was confused with Arrowette. Material was briefly leaked that listed Artemis' name as "Cissie King". If Artemis is in fact Artemis Crock as suspected above, she might need a cover to pose as Green Arrow's niece. As such, the Light may have kidnapped the real Cissie King to allow Artemis to assume her identity and join Young Justice. With Peter David joining the writing staff later in the season and promising that Arrowette will appear, it makes sense that the team might find her in The Light's base towards the end of the season, providing an Oh, Crap! moment and revealing Artemis as The Mole. Then for season two, Arrowette will join the team.
  • Partially confirmed, her acceptance letter in "Downtime" is addressed to "Miss Artemis Crock."
    • Jossed. She had a cameo in "Insecurity".

Artemis is Greta Hayes.
  • She'll die heroically in the first few episodes before coming back eventually as a ghost. We know Secret is appearing, and her original origin may be a bit too dark for the cartoon. She could be retooled and be the new Secret.
    • Artemis' name, at least, has been confirmed as Artemis Crock (see above).
    • And she has met Greta Hayes.

There will be a crossover with the Damian Wayne/Robin of Earth One
Through magic, dimensional portals, or good old fashioned mad science the son of Batman will come face to face with a young Dick Grayson; And it will be the most awkward team-up ever.
  • Awkward but very heartwarming.

Cassandra Cain (Batgirl III) will make an appearance.
The continuity seems to be a wonky "good bits version" of the DCU. This leaves opportunities for lots of characters. Since the series seemed to focus on how the characters have a normal life and do "teen stuff", it seems like it'd be an interesting plot for one of the most dysfunctional teen heroes out there to show up. She also had kind of a thing with Connor in the comics, which could lead to some real awkwardness. In any case, the odds are certainly there, since I believe I remember Geoff Johns saying she might make an alternate-media appearance — it's possible he meant DC Universe Online, though. Besides, us Cass fans need a break.
  • Cass is traditionally Tim's counterpart, isn't she?
  • I thought Tim's counterpart is Stephanie Brown.
  • Doesn't look likely, Batgirl in season 2 is Barbara Gordon.

Megan is a White Martian here as well.
The whole "she's The Martian Manhunter's niece" is just a cover story.
  • This theory looks like it's shaping up to be true since the New York Comic-Con preview seemed to have White Martians at Project Cadmus in the preview. Also, she is not with Robin, Aqualad, and Kid Flash when they go to investigate but shows up briefly at the end of the preview.
  • Her bio on the Cartoon Network website says that she "hides [her] true appearance." I'd fancy a guess that this one's gonna be confirmed.
  • I want this theory to be true, just to see the look in Kid Flash's face when she reveals her true appearance.
  • Alternatively, she could be a halfie. Martian Manhunter has/had a twin brother, Malefic, who, in at least one continuity, was an evil dude that certainly helped the Martian genocide come along, if not orchestrated it altogether. Megan could conceivably have Malefic as a father, and a White Martian as a mother, with the White Martian genes being dominant.
    • Actually this is half right. According to Word of God, M'Gann's mom is J'onn's sister and her dad is a White Martian. Most of her siblings are green, except one brother.
  • This doesn't completely disprove this idea, but in "Bereft" when Miss Martian doesn't remember how she got on Earth, she refers to the Martian Manhunter as "Uncle J'onn" spontaneously when Kid Flash mentions him. In order for J'onn to not be her uncle, she'd need to A) have a plan to pretend to be his niece well before she actually went to Earth and B) go out of her way to reinforce this idea to people who she only vaguely remembers as her teammates.
    • If J'onn has been her guardian/ mentor for a while, "Uncle J'onn" may simply be what she calls him, even if she only starts actually pretending to be his niece on Earth.
    • As revealed in "Secrets", J'onn had only even known M'gann for about 3 or 4 months before "Bereft", meaning that she was calling him "Uncle J'onn" before they even met.
  • This theory is supported by the episode Bereft. We get a view of a girl that looks like Megan but is from Earth and a TV character; Megan obviously copied her disguise and most of her personality that character, but with green skin to match Manhunter and their cover.
    • during that part, we also get a quick glimpse (for less than a second) of this It doesn't appear to be any of the creatures from Cadmus, Flooks similar to the white martians, and is in a rocky cave, which means it could be on mars.
      • If that's what White Martians look like then I really want to see the look on Kid Flash's face when M'gann reveals her true appearance.
    • Megan said she had twelve sisters. Green Martians are all dead in the comics, except for J'onn.. White Martians are thriving though.
      • Except Word of God states that the Green Martians are not dead in this universe.
    • Did Word of God say they're plentiful?
    • Megan mentions White Martians in the newest episode, complete with Suspiciously Specific Denial.
      • They're clearly mocking us, at this point.
  • In the episode "Failsafe", J'onn said she has the strongest telepathic mind which caused her to believe psychic training was real. Perhaps White Martian telepathic minds are generally stronger than Green Martians'. If she isn't a White Martian, maybe one of her parents are, as stated above. Perhaps because of her mixed heritage her abilities are stronger than either species.
  • "Disordered". M'gann freaks out when Black Canary says she turned white.
  • There is one way this theory can be worse: M'gann's mother is a White Martian. Her father is J'onn's Evil Twin from the comics, Malefic.
  • In "Secrets", a classmate at Megan's high school Halloween party said that Martians aren't hostile. Megan turned away with a disconcerting look on her face.
  • In the tie-in comics, she says that J'onn is the relative she's closest to and that she won a competition to be his partner. In "Secrets", Red Arrow says that Black Canary says that J'onn says that while she is his niece, he'd never met her before she stowed away on his last trip from Mars.
  • An upcoming episode "Image" is going to be M'gann-centric, and apparently include her struggling with a big secret. Everything this troper has heard about the episode, including the title, indicates it's to do with her being a White Martian.

Artemis is on the team to keep an eye on Aqualad...
Black Manta joined with Circe in a partnership to overtake Atlantis for himself and Destroy the Amazons for her. After a brutal war that killed millions both where defeated when Aquaman used the negative zone projector to banish them.Years later Circe send a message that she had just given birth to a son , by way of Black Manta. She begged Superman to let her new born baby back to Earth. Despite Wonderwomen's protest he allowed it and Aqualad ended up a ward under the watchful eye of Aquaman who never revealed his origins. Thus Aqualad's ability to manipulate water turns out to be magic based. Wonderwomen has placed Atermis as part of Young Justice to make sure that he has no plans to bring his parents back. And any sign of that , or that he will follow his parents footsteps she has strict orders to kill him.
  • ... Of course. It's so obvious! How could I have not seen it sooner?
  • If that's true, then she has failed. She decided to quit the team and as a superhero out of guilt. But Kid Flash was there to comfort her.

Speedy will return as a villain.
Because the angry young man who storms out in act one will always be outright evil by the start of act three, naturally.
  • Alternate theory: he's only pretending to be a villain to get info from the villains. Much like Connor Hawke's brief membership to the Injustice Gang.
    • Hey just being Crazy WMG but we have Cadmus as a villain, cloning, and then a female Green Arrow comes in when they just introduced Speedy. What if Artemis IS Speedy after some genentic tinkering from Cadmus...

Once the full team is established, it'll include 7 members.
Well, the Justice League has the Original 7, there seem to be 7 members of the Light, so why not these guys? 7th guy is probably Speedy...

The series will keep the plot-twist of Superboy being the clone of both Superman and Lex Luthor
This will help develop his character as torn between what he was created for and who he wants to become. There will be a climactic scene involving him and Luthor who will pull a combination of Luke, I Am Your Father and We Can Rule Together on him. This will also eventually involve Superman and finally bring some resolution to the tension between them.
  • Alternately, it will just end like it did in the original comics with Superboy briefly Brainwashed and Crazy under Luthor's influence, and Young Justice pulling an "I Know You're in There Somewhere" Fight on him.
  • Or possibly go in the other direction with Superboy going on a berserker rage on Luthor, blaming HIM for not being acknowledged by Superman, similar to how in some situations children will blame one parent to be the reason why the parent they want to be loved by does not receive it.
  • In "Disordered", when Superboy told Black Canary about his emotions during the psychic training. When he believed his friends had truly died, he wasn't grieving, he was "at peace". Likely, his Luthor side is glad to see the heroes dead.
    • His genetics being responsible for his emotional state? I don't think so.

Bumblebee's armor is at least partially derived from Blue Beetle's.
They both crawl over the wearer's body and use hand-mounted energy weapons. The armor was developed by Ted Kord and Ray Palmer, and reverse-engineering the scarab is what got Ted Kord killed.
  • Partially Jossed — Ted Kord refused to have anything to do with the Scarab and locked it up, and was killed by the Reach as a way of bringing it back into play.

Robin picked up his laugh from the Joker.
It sounds maniacal enough. My guess is that he uses it as an intimidation tactic to compensate for his sidekickness and to set him apart from Batman.
  • Fridge Brilliance: Real-life: The Robin character was created to bring light to Batman's dark.
  • Alternatively, he got overexposed to Joker's toxin at some time in the past and some of the effects lingered. It certainly sounds a bit creepy.
  • It's likely a reference to the fact that Robin was inspired by Robin Hood and Robin Goodfellow.
  • In episode 6 it was like he had a compulsion to laugh at superboy, and had to cover his mouth, and episode five when Him and flash are argueing it seems more creepy. So, he's got of Joker venom in his system and it's got lasting effect, Maybe the laugh is a warning sign of his sanity, the more he laughs, the more Joker-y he gets.
    • In episode 6 he might have just thought seeing superboy get beaten by a badass normal like Black Canary funny and tried to cover up his laughing because aqualad tried to encourage him to stop. He is just 13 afterall and not everyone can refrain from laughing when something seems really funny to them.

The Hawks are Thanagarians.
Hawkman is Katar Hol and Hawkgirl is Shayera Thal Hol. Their costumes appear more like uniforms. The Post-Hawkworld Hawks are soliders that wear uniforms. Like the original comics, they adopt the identities as Carter and Shiera Hall, museum curators at Midway City. We might even see the Golden Age Hawks, and Katar will use the "Jr." in his alias.

Robin will, at some point, be forced to do a live performance of a Jesse McCartney song.
It will not only be an Actor Allusion, but also a Shout-Out to this legendary moment in the DCAU.

Superboy can't use all his powers yet because he's using them incorrectly
In the comics, he doesn't actually have Superman's powerset, he just has a separate telekinetic set of powers that let him mimic it. If Superboy in the show is the same but for whatever reason doesn't know it yet, then that would explain why they aren't fully working yet.
  • Probably jossed. It was stated that it was his mixed DNA keeping Superboy from having his full powers. You never know though. Somthing could happen.
    • Remember that the "mixed DNA" statement was made by fork-tongued Lex Luthor and could be a lie. Superboy could gain his full powers as he ages.

Tana Moon will appear.
She's an aspiring young reporter and takes an interest in Superboy.
  • It's possible this could still happen now that Superboy broke up with Megan.

Amanda Spence will be a villain.
She's secretly working for the Light. Or she's secretly working for another evil group called "The Agenda".
  • Who?
    • The scientist from the first two episodes, the one Guardian appoints as acting head scientist of Cadmus. In the comics, Amanda Spence was a Superboy villain who ended up murdering his girlfriend Tana Moon.
  • She reappeared in "Agendas". And is pretty aggressive towards Superboy. The attack on Cadmus by the Light in "Auld Acquaintance" may be the catalyst that'll lead her into villainy.

Robin will be the most expendable.
It's a young DCU, Presumably this is Robin 1, which leads easily into him becoming Nightwing, and who better to partner him with then the other Badass Normal Red Hood? Enter Jason Todd, who is then killed by Joker, and then Tim Drake, heck if they want they can go further and have Time go off on his own and bring in Spoiler/Robin, i mean were up to what 5 Robins in DCU now right?
  • Alternately, Robin will undergo a several episode to seasonal 10-Minute Retirement due to a Heroic BSoD and return as Nightwing.
  • As of season two Tim Drake is Robin, Dick Grayson is Nightwing and there is a memorial to a Robin in Mount Justice so we can assume Jason Todd has died in the line of duty.

Young Justice will find out Robin's secret identity in a traumatic way
Robin will reveal his name is Dick Grayson when he goes after his parents' killer, and Young Justice will also find out that he's Batman's ward in addition to his protege. This will also act a Deconstruction of his motive for becoming a superhero as well as a wunderkind child soldier.

Robin doesn't have blue eyes in this version
Well, Megan lacks her green eyes in exchange for trope defying, brown eyes, and two characters already have blue.
  • He has blue eyes in the tie-in comic that came out earlier this month. Artemis may not have blue eyes given that all we've seen of her has been old promo images. They changed Aqualad's eye color from blue to gray, they could have changed Artemis' too.
    • Turns out they did change Artemis' eyes. She has black/brown eyes now.
    • They didn't actually change Aqualad's eye color. Gray eyes are known to look blue or green sometimes depending on lighting.
      • Artemis and Kaldur's changing eye colours (and Wally's sometimes-red-sometimes-brownish hair) can be attributed to colouring errors in the animating and the drawing of the comics.
    • Robin has blue eyes in "Downtime."

Superboy will eventually move in with the Kents.
Because, frankly, the Kents are the only ones capable of dealing with him and his moodiness. Plus the Kents will teach him niceness and happiness and bunnies, because the Kents are awesome Good Parents and could probably take over the world with their awesome parenting skills.
  • Given that his profile on the Young Justice website lists his secret identity as Conner Kent, this most likely will happen. The only question is when and how.
    • This theory about how his name is Conner Kent was jossed by "Targets"- J'onn gave him the name 'Kent', (M'gann though it was after Kent Nelson). But, that doesn't mean that Superboy will never move in with the Kents in the show.
  • Semi-confirmed in season two. The team stays with the Kents after their main base has been destroyed.

Superman's attitude towards Superboy is partly due to a bad encounter with Bizzaro.
  • Or perhaps he believed Superboy was created out of fears that Superman will become evil.
    • This troper does have to wonder if the rest of the Justice League has just forgotten that Superman has a poor track record when it comes to clones/doppelgangers/duplicates of any kind.
      • Except it's entirely possible that in this universe Superboy is the first clone/doppelganger/duplicate of Superman to exist.
      • Actually, he's not. Match is.

Superman's uneasiness around Superboy is due to him using his X-Ray vision to discover that not only does the clone have his DNA, but that of Luthor's as well.
Keep in mind, some origins of Superman have him living in the same town as Luthor, who for all intents and purposes seemed like a harmless, if somewhat abrasive brilliant young man. Superboy, well, seems more likely to harm than Luthor, and Superman just isn't prepared for more dissapointment.

Young Justice will have to face an army of Amazos later on in the series.
  • Professor Ivo escaped, and will obviously make more. And because there will be so many of them, they'll be taken down easily due to Conservation of Ninjutsu.
    • OOOOOOOR this will be a mid season or full season finalle. It will be Epic, and some of the teens won't survive.

Artemis is a female Connor Hawke.
  • Like Artemis, Connor (the second Green Arrow, son of Oliver Queen and a half-Korean/half-African-American woman) is blonde. His part-Asian ancestry could be close enough to Artemis being half-Vietnamese.
    • Both Miss Martian and Artemis are called the nieces of their respective adult counterparts. In the comics, M'gann is not really J'onn's niece but of a different Martian race, and it remains to be seen whether the show will reflect this. In Artemis's case, it may be possible that "niece" is also a cover... for "daughter"?
    • If Artemis does turn out to be "Connie" and she's the first one to die, perhaps Superboy later takes the name "Conner" in her memory.
      • Jossed. He took on the name Conner in "Targets" when M'gann suggested it.

Batman planned for Young Justice to exist.
Batman knew Robin could use the Justice League's computer and purposefully left the soon-to-be members of Young Justice in the library so they would look into Cadmus and inevitably form Young Justice. An even bigger conspiracy would be if the "random" fire on Cadmus' surface floors was caused by Batman to specifically lead the "sidekicks" there. He knew what was truly happening at Cadmus and knew the heroes would find and free Superboy, and the League would have to then create a covert operation to contain the so-called renegades. This could possibly mean that Young Justice will actually function much like The Outsiders and will later serve Batman's own interests. If true, this will probably not be found out for several seasons.
  • Robin could or could not have been aware of this plan.
  • Brought to you by the man himself.

Superman will finally take charge with mentoring Superboy when his other powers begin to develop.
We know for a fact that Superman didn't develop all his powers all at once. As far as overall comic continuity goes, flights was among the last of Superman's mainstream powers gained. Superboy's still young, so he only has the basic powerset, but he'll eventually grow into them. And when he finally does gain eye beams and flight, he'll have a hard time controlling them and may even become a danger to others as well as himself. By this point, Superman will have no choice but to help Superboy through the ropes; he's the only one qualified. Reaching out to do boy when he's at his most helpless and frustrated will be a great way to kickstart their relationship.
  • At which point Superboy will start wearing a proper costume modeled after Superman's.

Artemis' real name is either "Artemis Crock" or "Lian Nguyen."
  • Think about it for a second. If she really is a mole for "The Light," then it'd make sense for her to be the child of Sportsmaster and the original Tigress. However, given her reaction and dialogue with Cheshire in "The Inflitrator," she might be the daughter of her and Green Arrow in this universe, with the creators of the show naming her after Roy and Cheshire's late daughter from the comics. It makes a lot more sense than the first one, mainly because the show's creators have already confirmed that Artemis is half-Vietnamese, and Cheshire's origns put her as a full-Vietnamese assassin who's had ties to the Green Arrow Family in the past.
  • Roy is 18...Artemis isn't far from his age.
    • Not saying she's his kid, just saying they might have used Lian's name for her civilian identity is all. Her dad might be Green Arrow for all we know.
  • As of "Downtime" it would seem she really is Artemis Crock. She opens a letter addressed to that name, anyhow.
  • Her "tombstone" in "Satisfaction" confirms that her full name is Artemis Lian Crock. And now you know where this continuity's version of Lian gets her name from.

Artemis and Cheshire are sisters.
At least half-sisters, as Artemis is apparently half-Vietnamese and the two have some sort of back story together.
  • In further evidence for this, they both seem to have a similar hair-type. If only we can get Artemis's hair out of that ponytail for more proof...
  • Artemis's Mother and Cheshire are both voiced by Kelly Hu.
  • Artemis has a sister, as confirmed in Young Justice #7, the tie-in comic when Paula Crock mentions she "lost one daughter" while she "was gone" in jail. Considering Greg Weisman once answered a question about Artemis's origin's with 'Look out for Young Justice #7' I'm pretty sure it's canon.
  • It was confirmed in "Homefront"
  • Flashbacks in Home Front further confirm this. At this point, we can also trace that Sportsmaster/Crusher Crock & Paula Brooks are their parents alongside that her mom was most likely Tigress in the past.

There will be a Dark Is Not Evil as well as Light Is Not Good
  • Since the Light represent Light Is Not Good, there will be a Good Counterpart that is not the Justice League.
  • With the cameos from Icon and Rocket and the rumor that Rocket will join the team, my money's on another Milestone immigrant, The Shadow Cabinet, a tam described by their creators as "The Justice League meets The CIA" and a sort of proto-Authority.

Artemis is Spoiler
She's a blonde Badass Normal with villianous origins and Spoiler was a ally of Young Justice. Plus this would mean that her father the Cluemaster was a member of The Light allowing a Bat-villian that wasn't as predictable as the Riddler or Ra's al ghul be a part of the group.

Red Tornado's "heart" will become an important plot point
  • Either it will be a clue to distinguish the real Red Tornado from an android double or the cartoon series will follow the comics and he will have a human life with a family.

Artemis is Linda Park.
  • Pretty much solely because they are both shipped with Wally. It's a plus that both Linda and Artemis come from Asian backgrounds. This would be a vastly different backstory for Linda, but that's why this is just a WMG.
    • The problem with that is that Park is not a Vietnamese surname.
      • True, but Word of God says that she's half-Vietnamese and half-Caucasian, and Park is also an English surname.
  • Jossed. She is Artemis Crock.
    • Though after the latest episode in which a Fakingthe Dead Artemis has her hair change to black. We just have to wait to see if she gets a fake name.

Kid Flash's habit of collecting "souvenirs" is going to come back to bite him
  • He was supposed to have passed on Dr. Fate's Helmet to someone more worthy of it. He could be punished for his Neglect.
    • Well, let's take a look at the possible DCU candidates that could come to Wally's mind:
      • Zatara: Most likely will/did turn it down
      • Zatanna: Too young, not ready for it yet
      • The Wizard Shazaam: Most likely will/did turn it down
      • Ragman: Most likely will/did turn it down
      • John Constintine: No more worthy of it than Klarion
      • Raven: Too big of a risk/temptation, especially when Trigon is active
      • Brother Blood: No
    • In short, the only possible worthy successors to spring to Wally's mind at the moment are Billy Batson (when he takes over as the next Shazaam, assuming that the events leading up to Infinite Crisis happen on schedule, which may take a while since Barry Allen's still alive and kicking) and Timothy Hunter, who's evem younger than Zatanna at the moment and in a metafictional context would draw way too many comparisons to Harry Potter from random Fan Dumb.
      • You're forgetting a candidate that Wally's sure to think of... Detective Chimp.
  • Alternately, by the end of the season, Wally will have an fully stocked Chekhov's Armory.
    • Partially confirmed in "Homefront", when Artemis used the arrow he collected against the Red androids.
      • In "Revelation" they do bring the Helmet of Fate as a Plan B.

Superboy's character development will be an inversion of his comic counterpart's development
  • Instead of becoming angstier and broodier over time, he'll lighten up and become a flirty, cocky solo Legacy Character like the 90s Superboy.

The series is doing homages to Jack Kirby's DC Comics work
  • Jack Kirby worked briefly for DC in the 1970's, creating the New Gods (and its sister series, Mister Miracle and The Forever People). He also created the series Kamandi, OMAC, Kobra and The Demon, and worked on (believe it or not) Superman's Pal, Jimmy Olsen. None of these runs lasted long, but the characters introduced in them have been reused often. In this show, so far we've seen:
    • The DNA Project (now known as Cadmus) including the characters of The Guardian and Dubbilex (both created by Kirby) from Jimmy Olsen;
    • Kobra;
    • Klarion The Witch Boy, a villain from The Demon.
    • And now, what looks like a boom tube, a teleportation system from New Gods, was shown...

It could be a coincidence so far, but it's curious to see so much of Kirby's more obscure work appear in one animated show. Let's see if anybody else from those comics shows up.

  • Technically, the stuff about Cadmus is also a reference to Superboy; Superboy was created by Cadmus in the comics, and Dubbilex was a supporting character in Superboy's comic book. Of course, that itself was probably a homage to Kirby, so it's all recursive.
  • "Disordered" includes another major Kirby homage, with the Forever People as the centerpiece of the episode.

Young Justice is just a team thrown together to appease the sidekicks
  • By which I mean their "Black Ops" title is just made to sound cool and they were assigned to this team because they didn't want any more cases like Speedy. In actuality their missions are just missions that the regular League deemed safe enough to let their kids handle. Just take a look at the fact that their missions have all been escort, recon, and fetch missions that spun out of control.
    • This actually makes sense; why would Batman trust novices with Black Ops missions? And it would be a hell of a twist, making Red Arrow be right all along.
    • But, if this really was the case, why would Batman allow the team to lead the charge to defeat The Injustice League, or let them go into an international hot zone, or partake in government counter-espionage, or lead the attacks on heavily armed super fortresses? If Young Justice was originally meant as a safe mission spot, it certainly has evolved to be a real shadow arm of the League by now.

The "Operative" The Light keeps referring to isn't a person
It's Cheshire's mask, which is laced with nanotech bots that are keeping tabs on the team.
  • It could also be that eyeball Wally swiped from the Bromwell Stikk android that was operating the "Mr. Twister" armor, since we already saw that Stikk and T.O. Morrow were able to use it to observe the suit's performance against the team, as well as detect the presence of the original Red Tornado. Who's to say that someone like the Brain or Professor Ojo (the guy with optic-blasts working for the League of Shadows/Assassins) didn't reverse engineer the connection from it to enable the eye to transmit while seemingly "off-line" as far as Young Justice is concerned?

The team will discover that Batman set up Young Justice as a decoy team to distract supervillans from his actual covert team.
  • Despite that they are supposed to be a covert operations team, in each mission so far Young Justice has resorted to the standard flashy and explosive form of superhero combat, only really using stealth during the beginning of their missions. The actual purpose of Young Justice is to distract the Light and other hidden supervillain organisations and cause them to spend their resources fighting them, while a second team, possibly a version of the Outsiders, performs actual covert work against the Light. Eventually the team will discover Batman's deception and will rebel against his authority and reorganise their team, possibly becoming completely independent of the Justice League and/or shifting their efforts to uncovering the supervillain conspiracy instead of just being sent by Batman to disrupt their activities.

Madame Xanadu will become the next Doctor Fate
  • Wally will finally pull his head out of his ass in regards to magic and pass the helmet of Fate on to Madame Xanadu who was said to have the "perfect aura" for magic.
    • Jossed.

Kaldur's mom is...
  • They never mentioned his mother but told us about Black Manta, so she's probably important. It is...
    • A random Atlantean. Either an accomplice or just stupid enough to sleep with Black Manta.
    • Aquaman a la cloning. For the entertainment value.
    • Queen Mera. But he doesn't know it. Aquaman may or may not know it. Whether it happened before or after she married Aquaman is unimportant - either way, she gave the child up. Now she regrets giving him up and is happy that Aquaman is watching over her child.
      • YJ 2011 comics confirm that Aqualad's mom is Sha'lain'a from Shayeris.
    • Siren A.K.A. Hila. Queen Mera's twin sister.

There will be an episode where a character is sent into the future.
If it’s bad, it will be one where they were killed. Or their mentor was killed.Future Me Scares Me and all go around. Depending on who will affect the others.
  • For example Robin will be either Nightwing or Batman, seeing it probably won't be him who gets sent to the future.
  • Aqualad will became the new Aquaman or the new Black Manta.
  • Wally will take up being the Flash or its him who was sent to a future where he was killed.
  • Superboy will either be dead or will be Lex Luthor’s Dragon, having taken over most of the world.
  • Roy will either have a daughter or will be Arsenal. Along with having a robotic arm.
  • Miss Martian will be a White Martian who has destroyed most of the world and is the cause of the future.
  • I'd say it's unlikely they'll have an episode with someone sent to the future. They want to avoid too many comparisons with Teen Titans, and Teen Titans had an episode like that. Robin was Nightwing and everyone's life pretty much sucked.
    • Or they could send someone even further into the future, where instead of meeting Nightwing they would meet Terry McGinnis.
      • Wrong continuity.
      • Not the DCAU version of Terry McGinnis, but rather a counterpart of him in the YJ universe.

Batman already has a Robin II
  • With Robin opperating on his own, Batman has already recruited Tim Drake as Robin II, just not informed Robin of it. When he does, Robin I will become Nightwing.
    • Jason Todd is recruited as the second Robin because as an orphan living on the streets no will miss him unlike Tim Drake who canonically has parents.
      • But Robin #1 seems to live with him. Assuming that Jason would live in Batman's house, how could Dick not know about him if Bruce had already picked him up? It's possible that Batman's already got his eye on Jason as a new sidekick, but hasn't told anyone yet, though. That would certainly make things interesting when Dick finds out...
      • Well, Tim Drake is definitely Robin now after the timeskip and Dick Grayson is Nightwing with hints of Jason Todd's death.

Batman put Artemis in Gotham Academy so that Robin could keep an eye on her.
  • A bit obvious, really. Why else would she get an exclusive scholarship when she didn't even apply? It could be part of a Batman Gambit to test Artemis and make sure she's trustworthy.

Starro lives.
As of episode 8, anyway.
  • I had the same thought, in fact i was going to name this entry just "Starro Lives Starro Lives Starro Lives *blank stare*" But more to the point they also say they reached it telepathically so my additional WMG is either Aquaman or Aqualad will have a sudden "why didn't i do this sooner" moment and use fish telepathy to stop Starro cold when he rampages, probably Aqualad as it's a power he has no demonstrated so far and would be a good power upgrade that isn't over powering and would make a CMOA.
  • Confirmed in episode 19, when the Light recovers a piece of Starro.

Slade Wilson will appear at some point
  • Possibly as an ally of the Light (or as a villain like Bane, who has his own agenda in opposition to the Light). However, he will be based more on his comic counterpart to make him distinct from his Teen Titans appearances. The name could go either way- censorship seems a bit looser for this show than for Titans, so they might be able to get "Deathstroke" through, or he might simply be "Slade" again.

Superboy's warmer behavior towards Miss Martian is partially due to how she restores his memories.

The Sphere is from Krypton
  • The Light wasn't trying to create a bridge between dimensions but were trying to move through time to further their agenda. That's why the Sphere reacted to Superboy's pain and why it automatically defended him. It recognized his Kyryptonian DNA and responded accordingly.
    • Then why did it arrive via Boom Tube?
    • Jossed, Sphere is from New Genesis.

Cheerleader!M'gann isn't M'gann
  • There's laughter that follows her catchphrase "Hello, Megan!" It's a laugh track for a show that she watched and studied Earth culture from. And since the character's name was so similiar to hers, she changed her appearance to fit the actress's, thus explaining why she's hiding her true form.
    • The television in Artemis's home actually mentions the show by name, "Hello Megan." It's probably going to be the cartoon's version of "Wendy the Werewolf Stalker."
    • There's fanon of the canon Show Within a Show, and it now has it's own page Hello Megan!.
    • The girl is also of a pale complexion, while Megan is green in Earth form. It's obviously a Show Within a Show and Megan based herself on her.

In "Downtime", Clayface beat the team by taking out Robin first.
  • Robin has probably dealt with Clayface before with Batman. So why not eliminate the most potential threat first, then finish off the rest of the team who are inexperienced with fighting against him.
    • According to the solicit for the tie-in comic, this will be Clayface's "origin." Batman and Robin have never faced him before.

Megan's actions in "Bereft" will cause some tension among the team
  • Perhaps the others felt a bit abandoned and angry after she just left them on their own to save Superboy. And this may effect their teamwork in future episodes.

Artemis is Rose Wilson, daughter of Deathstroke
  • Deathstroke's a villain who has a long history, both in comics and other media, with the junior heroes of the DCU, so it'd only make sense for him to show up in Young Justice, and Artemis has already commented that her dad trained her to kill. Not only that, Artemis's "mom" in the show is Southeast Asian, but she might not be her real mom. Rose's backstory of Deathstroke having met her mother on a mission in Cambodia would then fit, it'd make sense for Artemis/Rose's mom, to have given her to a Cambodian friend to protect her from her dad. And most of all, Deathstroke and Green Arrow have a history, so Green Arrow adopting Artemis as her protege to steer him away from Deathstroke's influence would make sense.

The robot sphere contains a new member for the team sealed inside.
  • Probably one of the alien members from the comics, like Lobo.
  • The sphere contains Krypto. A (Super)boy and his dog. It just has to happen
    • But in "Alpha Male", M'gann said: "Isn't [Krypto] already taken?", suggesting that Krypto already exists in this 'verse.
  • The Secret from "A World without Grown-ups"

At some point, a character, probably a villain, will use a giant staple gun as a weapon.
  • It's happened in the Weisman-helmed Gargoyles and The Spectacular Spider-Man, so there's a better than normal chance that one will appear here as well.
    • I was JUST about to post this.
    • Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand confirmed, as of episode 4 of the second season. Wow. Good job, guys.

Artemis is the Comedian's granddaughter
The fact that Artemis' mother is both Vietnamese and disabled points to this. Specifically, that the Comedian, existing in this version of Earth, was a member of a previous incarnation of the Justice League, possibly the Justice Society or even a group called The Watchmen, volunteered to serve his country to fight in Vietnam. From there, the events in the original story play out as usual but more historically accurate concerning the US losing the war (or ending in a draw, for those strawman politicals reading this) since the Comedian was the ONLY superhero fighting in Nam with the rest of the American heroes wanting to stay as neutral as possible.

Events as follows: 1) Comedian drowning his sorrows over the US pulling out of the country, ignoring government orders to bounce out of the country; 2) follows superheroes are to help in the evac, with at least one or two confronting the Comedian in his current sad state; 3) young pregnant farm girl comes in, wanting him to stay to take care of the baby after he knocked her up; 4) built up sorrow and anger builds up to where he shoots the girl right in the stomach right in front of the hero(es); 5) half of the heroes jump into action, with the girl being first priority and the second being kicking the Comedian's ass followed by dragging him back to the states kicking and screaming.

The pregnant farm girl, of course, dies from a combination of factors, emergency C-Section is done, and thanks to the hero(es) efforts, the baby is saved, though now disabled. Said child grows up and eventually has a daughter herself, named Artemis.....

Match will show up
Cadmus may have lost Robin, Kid Flash, and Aqualad's DNA, but they may still have some of Superboy's in reserve. Match could also add to Superboy's Character Development and help him get over his clone-related angst through a cathartic battle against his own clone.
  • Confirmed. He appeared in "Agendas".

Paula Crock was a supervillain...
... Until she was in an accident that disabled her involving Green Arrow. Green Arrow was so guilt ridden that he helped Artemis go straight.
  • And we all know how Ollie "helps" women... Bow chicka bow wow...
    • Ew.
  • Supported by the tie-in comic Young Justice #7 which reveals Paula Crock has been away for six years (heavily alluded to be in jail) apparently taking "the fall" for Artemis's father, crippling herself in the process and has made a decision to give up "the life". Also confirmed in Artemis' flashback during "Homefront"
  • Confirmed in part. Green Arrow isn't her father.

The Guardian and Speedy are related
They're voiced by the same actor, they both have the same last name, and the Guardian is Speedy's uncle in the comics. I'd say there's a strong case they could be related in this continuity too.
  • Confirmed in Agendas

The team will visit Arkham Asylum one day
I think the way the team will meet the Joker will because the League sends them on a mission to investigate why various people are disappearing from arkham. Then when they get there they realize it's a trap and the villians have taken over arkham just like in the famous video game. It most likely won't happen but it would be cool if it did it could be their halloween episode.
  • Well, they've already met the Joker, and been to Belle Reeve...

What happened to the mystery men of the 40's

1. The superheroes during the 40's killed a good amount of the supervillians and vice versa.

2. One of the multiverse crisises effected Earth 16 someway while it was in the 40's. So a bunch of heroes and villians teamed up to stop it and most of them didn't survived.

3.The public only regarded the mystery men and the J.S.A as urban legends.

4.The J.S.A could've fought in Europe during WW 2 against Nazi supervillians but they disbanded after a registration act was passed. However there is a big gap between the 1940's and the 2000's and what happened to the supervillians.

5. Alan Scott could've been an member of the Green Lantern Corps.

6. The Spectre returned to heaven or purgatory and that’s why Earth 16 is the shape that it’s in.

  • As of episode 8 Jay Garrick/The first Flash has been confirmed to exist and still be alive on this Earth so guess 4 currently seems like the most plausible explination.

At some point, Shakespeare's going to influence the plot

Megan's "White Martian" comment in Target wasn't true
The whole race allusion and second class citizens stuff. She's just trying to stay away from the topic of what's really up with the Martians, and it's more like the comic version.
  • Would you admit your race was enslaving and killing the real Green Skinned Space Babes?
  • In the tie-in comic Young Justice #6 Megan claims both her parents are green but she was raised in a "liberal household". How defensive she was being is open to interpretation.

Kid Fate is coming back
Following in the grand tradition of having the Flashes being a big case of Beware the Nice Ones. Also good for character development if Wally accepts the helmet because he finally believes in magic, showing that he's maturing.

For the possible Halloween episode...
The team gets trapped or sent to a house or abandonded hospital (or for double creepiness Arkham Asylum). In it the door locks behind them and they can't open any other door or window... but they open themsleves randomly. The team is spooked out by this but they investigate further. One of them sees something personal to them in the next corridor and follow it. They turn back but the room is a different room then when they entered it. This happens more and more with even the room tilting towards the bottom. Even when they turn their backs for a second something changes in the room. No one can hear them cry for help. the team whittles down with lesser members not dissapearing. More and more noises and distractions plauge them. Personal memories of the team members missing come to life before their eyes. They also come to the remaining memebers who haven't disappeared and the members are afraid that their secrets are coming out. Then they destroy some of the walls and find out they repair themselves quickly. They break more and more until they reveal who is doing this.

Clayface hopped up on venom steroids. And if that isn't bad enough, Dr. Destiny is aiding him on favor for The Light. This Dr. Destiny being more like the DD from Neil Gaiman's Sandman. The Justice League swoops in to save the day and make sure the kids are alright. When the leave, this happens. Zatara steps in to mindwipe Clayface and Dr. Destiny. But DD, he goes furthur and mindwipes himself so much he becomes almost lobotomized. The League in turn decides for the good of the team, keep this secret. The Light goes in to comment on this saying "We may have lost a key player, we have gained something far greater".

  • This would have been awesome, but the halloween episode has already passed.

Sportsmaster paralyzed Artemis' mother.
  • Think about it, she's begging for Artemis to take the opportunity she never had because her father Sportsmaster paralyzed her, possibly after a teenage pregnancy.

Hello Megan! is a lie.
It's secretly a brainwashing programme run by "The Light".

Icon will join the Justice League
  • With Rocket showing up in concept art, it is only natural that they will add her mentor, Icon. This means that Icon will finally join the Justice League, naturally.
    • He might not be part of the Justice League, but he appeared in "Revelations"
  • Confirmed in "Usual Suspects"

In season two, every character's outfits will be updated to their post-Flashpoint threads.

The villains who are part of The Light are brainwashed
A lot of the characters act a bit more reverent about The Light than you would expect them to. When they're together, they don't quite act normal. With next season called "Invasion" and the Light plot likely not going to be wrap up anytime soon, I'm guessing that aliens are using brainwashed villains to set the ground work through these schemes for a future invasion.
  • Apokolips has been known to infiltrate criminal gangs and brainwash people...

Music Meister will appear in the show
Why? As an excuse for a Musical Episode.

Damian Wayne will make an appearance.
Yes, too early when you think about comic canon, but Young Justice is cherry-picking the best bits of comic canon, so why not? Damian will appear; Robin will have a bit of a crisis about his "father", creating a rift between them; he and Robin will have a lot of friction over who should be Robin.
  • Or, better yet, Damian's mother Talia al Ghul will be a member of the Light and her son will be a pawn in their game. They send Damian up against his father and the Young Justice team. Cue the father-son angst (between Damian, Bruce and Dick).

The members of the Light are under mind control
The way Ra's looked as he spoke of the "Light" seemed almost empty, as though he were in a kind of trance. Perhaps the "Light" is an entity that has ensnared the minds of many powerful, and evil, people and is using them to reach some kind of goal. Of course, it could even be the Genomorphs, and their whole "subjugation" was merely a ruse to throw suspicion off of them since they knew the League would eventually learn of them.
  • It's also possible that the leader of the Light (L-1, presumably, though the numbers may not reflect actual rank) is using some sort of mind control on the others in order to get a number of heavyweight supervillains together while avoiding the sort of internecine conflict that such alliances usually get mired in. Of course, when the others find out, they'll likely be less than pleased.

Dubbilex is a bad guy.
He wanted Superboy to help free his brothers, not because he wanted freedom, but because he wanted to take over Desmond's place and take over the Cadmus project. Guardian is still unknowingly being mind controlled. All of this will come back to bite the Team and the JLA in the arse later.

Artemis' dad is Oliver Queen (Green Arrow), NOT Sportmaster.
Since this is a distillation of the comics, they're allowed to take some liberties with the characters.

At the time that Artemis "happened", Artemis' mother was still the villain Tigress (think Roy and Cheshire in the comics), and Ollie's ashamed of it. Then he met his daughter (and her mother) later in life, saw how Paula (Tigress) had reformed and how she didn't want her daughter to make the same mistakes that she did, and agreed to mentor Artemis. Artemis may or may not have grown up aware of this, and may or may not have believed Sportsmaster to be her biological dad until Green Arrow came along.

Of course, neither want anyone else to know about this, so they insisted that Artemis was Ollie's niece. Ollie especially doesn't want Red Arrow to know, for fear of angering him and widening the rift between them.

Also, they're both blond.

Bizarro already exists in this 'verse
Would add a lot of weight to Superman's general attitude towards Superboy if he's already seen one clone of himself wind up going horribly wrong. Could also easily lead to an epic "battle of the Super-clones" between Bizarro and Superboy.

The Riddler will become a Chekhov's Gunman
I can't be the only one thinking this, I mean he was the only one to escape the prison.
  • He's the Riddler, so he's probably bound to figure something out before anyone else does.

The Riddler will enter an Enemy Mine situation with the heroes
To take down the light
  • Jossed. He works for The Light

Young Injustice roster predictions...
This article confirms that there will be a young supervillain team set up by the Light. Which could include:

Cheshire: wouldn't be a surprise, especially given her implied connection to Artemis

Icicle Jr.: They made him something of an interesting character in "Terrors", and it would be a shame to waste him.

  • Also hilarious for comics fans - the comic version of Artemis (Tigress III) was romantically involved with Icicle Jr.

Talia Al Ghul her father is a part of the Light so it would make sense for her to show up at some point, and this would be the perfect opportunity to introduce her in the show.

  • Talia's usually around Bruce's age, since she's generally used as a romantic interest and/or foil for him. But that doesn't mean she couldn't be mission control as a counterpart to the team's "den mothers".
    • As of Episode 35: Its Kaldur, The REAL Terror Twins, Tigress, and Icicle
Artemis will change her name
Perhaps to re-create a semi-normal life or her secret identity is discovered. Possible names:
  • Linda Park
  • Greta Hayes
  • Cissy King
  • Cassandra Cain

That weird Language Aqualad speaks sometimes....
It's his "native" language. He was part of a race of merfolk with light hair, blue eyes, and really dark skin. Their cities (and other cities where there were likewise freaky fish people, such as Lori Lemaris's people, and Topo) were destroyed by some force, and Aquaman welcomed the survivors into Atlantis with Open arms. Aqualad's race was the only one who spoke a language different from the other sea-dwellers. Aquaman learned it, and for the first time, Aqualad had someone to talk to.

The team will meet Red Tornado's family
In the comics, Red Tornado's alter-ego "John Smith" had a wife and adopted child. In the wake of his Face–Heel Turn, they'll either have to break the news to explain his disappearance, or be introduced to them by the League to make sure they know that even if he's acting like a Killer Robot now, he has people who know and love him.
  • Confirmed, in a sense. Red Torpedo and Red Inferno weren't exactly nice robots themselves. At least not until Red Tornado re-awakened their Chronic Hero Syndrome, and they pulled an Heroic Sacrifice to save humanity.
  • Though Jossed in that this version of Red Tornado has no secret identity or human family.
    • In "Insecurities", though, he's shown to be working on an android body with which he intends to take the identity John Smith.

Batman holds great respect Aqualad
He sees that there is quite alot of him in Aqualad (Like a parent of a child admiring their friend) like his stoic attitude and careful planning. He was rough on him during "Downtime" because he wanted to see how well he could commit to the team. AL was the one that lead the investigation on the mole.

The Wonder Girl seen in the trailer is actually Donna
But in an inversion of Cassie, she wears a blonde wig as Wonder Girl.

Terry McGinnis from Batman Beyond will make an appearance
He'll be sent to the past to train at bit with the Team, a la Superman in Legion Of Super-Heroes, but in reverse. He'll probably be wisecraking and a bit arrogant until the Team puts him in his place. Then he'll respect them all and tell Robin that he becomes a great hero in his own right before going back to the future.

The Brain can teleport
The device The Brain used to turned off the lights was actually a teleportation machine. The Brain is a member of The Light who has access to Kobra Venom and boom tube technology.

The Son of Hawkman and Hawkgirl will join the team as the new Doctor Fate
I figure maybe they'll have Hector Hall.
  • Which Hawkman and Hawkgirl?
    • Carter and Shiera Hall
      • Okay, just wanted to be clear. If he shows up, he won't be happy about it much. Mostly because, like in the comics, Hector resents his parents focusing too much on their careers as archaeologists and superheroes.
      • Alternately, Hector is the son of Katar and Shayera Hol. His Thanagarian name is Hro Hol, whom Shayera named after her former ex-lover.

Klarion is using Obfuscating Stupidity
In this continuity, he's both a Lord of Chaos and one of the leaders of the Light. Considering both of those, it wouldn't be surprising if his "petulant psychotic child" shtick was just a front for something much more cunning and... alien. Why the act? For one, it makes people underestimate him, and for another, what's the point of being a Lord of Chaos if you don't let yourself have a little (chaotic and destructive) fun?
  • Confirmed to a degree. In Misplaced he shows himself much more cunning and bordeline Magnificent Bastard. His "petulant psychotic child" shtick is still there, but its hinted its more of a act for shits and giggles in his part

The Light is run by an evil version of Batman
  • Because who else could think that far ahead? Alternatively, it's Xanatos himself.
    • Judging from "Revelation" the head of the Light is Vandal Savage. And who better to foresee long-term effects and benefits than an immortal?
  • You mean Owlman from Earth-3 or Wrath?

Secret will show up in episode 18 of season 1.
  • I base this off of two things: Peter David made a reference to Secret showing up, and episode 18 is named "Secrets".
    • Very likely since her brother Harm will show up in the episode.
      • Confirmed.

Klarion is actually a Mole within The Light
The reason Klarion is one of the Light in the first place is that he's actually an Agent placed there by the other Lords of Chaos to keep an eye on the Light. The reason for this is that they had predicted that the Light will possibly make a deal with an agent of Apokolyps in some form. This was proven when Queen Bee confirmed the test run of Boom Tube usage was successful, meaning more direct deals under Darkseid's approval is not far behind. The reason why Klarion would be against Darkseid is because Darkseid is the undisputed God of Tyranny and the poster boy for Lawful Evil. Though in this case Klarion is more against the "Lawful" aspect than the "evil."

The reason he's one of the Light in order to achieve this is because: 1) Obfuscating Stupidity reason as above, and 2) even though he's a being of immense magical ability, Darkseid can STILL kick his ASS, the only disadvantage is that he's still of physical being and cannot follow Klarion in the spiritual realm to finish the job.

This WMG then leads to.......

Dr. Fate will do a Face–Heel Turn
Dr. Fate has been shown to want to be in action again so badly that he's willing to overthrow the personality of ANYONE who puts on his ground to the physical realm, his helmet, and the only thing stopping him is the spirit of Kent Nelson and even then Kent has to become a pretty damn good negotiator to stop Fate every time. WHEN the forces of Apokolyps come eventually knocking on Earth's door, Fate's helmet will be on the things taken and Darkseid will forcefully end up having one of his minions put on the helmet, most likely a parademon, whom Fate will automatically choose as his successor. Nelson will obviously protest saying the mook has zero magical ability, making him unworthy, but Fate will reveal that HIS definition of worthy is actually whomever represents ORDER rather than level of power, and thus doesn't mind using basically an animal as a host since its a minion of the God Tyranny itself.

This will give out a few revelations. First and foremost is Dr. Fate's own Blue-and-Orange Morality, who places Order above all else and thus is that desperate to be useful again, even as someone's bitch. Second is the revelation that Fate was only a superhero and protected Earth because of humanity's general preference towards Order rather than Chaos and was first awakened by Kent Nelson during its more turbulent times. Lastly, the kicker, is that the Lord of Orders have been all been supportive of Darkseid since the beginning, seeing him as the grand epitome of universal order, not caring about how he goes about it.

Every member of the Team will put on the Helmet of Fate at one point in the series. We've already have two, why not the rest?
Fate: This is a powerful magical artifact, not a toy for you to share!
  • Or they'll wear him frequently enough that Fate will stop trying to body snatch them, because hey, he has six teens who are willing to regularly let him take their body for short periods of time. He doesn't need to bodysnatch.

Sphere is like that horse in Adventure Time
Except that Darkseid's in it.

...C'mon, it's hilarious.

"Conner" is a character from Hello, Megan!
Specifically, "Megan's" Love Interest. There's gotta be a reason Miss Martian just had that name ready to suggest.
  • Confirmed in "Image".

Icicle Jr. likes Killer Frost.
In "Terrors", he looked at her, took a deep breath, and said, "Here goes..."

Then he was interrupted by Ojo, but if he hadn't been, he would have gone up to her and started flirting or something.

The plot of the show is partially based off of the plots to the third season of Gargoyles and the Spin-Off series that Weisman never got to produce.

The Light, a massive conspiracy, are the main villains, and it seems that from what was published of the Gargoyle comics and what Weisman has said in interviews, the Illuminati were going to be the main villains of the third season of Gargoyles. Also, one of the planned Gargoyles spin offs was about aliens invading Earth in the future and the main characters forming La Résistance. The second season is titles "Invasion," and may deal with a similar storyline.

Robin is heading for some kind of nervous breakdown.

And it will serve to deconstruct the Kid Hero and Child Soldier tropes. Aside from some typical thirteen-year-old immaturity, he's almost scary competent at what he does. Even when he's cooperating with the group or whenever Kaldur is somehow out of commission, he tends to be the one who figures out the what and how of the situation. Yet he says himself in "Homefront" that he's been a superhero since he was nine, and Artemis calls him out for being unnaturally calm in the face of all of their friends dying. In "Failsafe," he sends Superboy on a suicide mission and uses Kid Flash's denial to manipulate him and Miss Martian into destroying an alien mothership while letting them and Martian Manhunter believe it's a rescue mission. And he denies none of it, makes no excuse. He wakes up in a cold sweat, and we know from the tie-in comics that thinking about why he became Robin (i.e., his entire family save one uncle dying, and that uncle being too injured to care for him) causes him to be unusually moody and quiet.

Greg Weisman has also said that the series will continue doing single-character focus episodes right up until ep. 124, which he revealed will be called "Performance." Dick is a performer, both in his old life as a circus acrobat, and his new life as Robin, the Boy Wonder. And what better time to reveal him as a Broken Ace than right before the season finale?

  • He did have a bit of a breakdown during his session with Black Canary in "Disordered". I wouldn't be surprised if this is building up to an even bigger one.

The Light know about whatever is coming in Invasion
And they're planning to conquer the world so that humanity can face it united, a la Grand Admiral Thrawn. None of these guys seem like the types who'd roll over to extraterrestrial conquerors, and it would be a definite reason for so many disparate supervillain masterminds to come together and legitimately work as a team (and note that they're all Earth-based, save the supernatural Klarion). Of course, this would mean that the villain of Invasion is probably not Darkseid, since he's heavily implied to be involved with them in some fashion (unless they're planning on double-crossing him).
  • Actually, all we know about the Light's extraterrestrial involvement so far is that they have Boom Tubes. That means (as suggested by another WMG above and possibly supported by the Sphere's origin on New Genesis) that they could just as easily be getting tech from New Genesis as from Apokolips. How better to play up Darkseid as a serious threat than to force both heroes and villains alike to join forces against him?
  • The problem with that is that "Disordered" outright says that Sphere was stolen from New Genesis and then delivered to the Light via Boom Tube. Unless someone on New Genesis has a really weird plan going, that makes it look like it's Darkseid and/or one of his top minions (Desaad? He did show up in "Disordered"...) that's involved.
    • It could be someone on New Genesis working with the Light without official knowledge or sanction. Maybe Orion?
      • While that theory is plausible, given that this is an alternate version of what we know as New Earth from the comics, I'd say that's highly unlikely. Orion hates Darkseid, hates anyone from Apokalips for that matter, but especially his father. There's no way he'd willingly aid him. Besides, an outright invasion of earth violates the pact that Darkseid made with Izaya the Highfather, which would cause retaliation from New Genesis against the forces of Apokalips. However, it is possible that one of the Gods of Apokalips has assumed the guise of one of those of New Genesis. My money would be on Kanto. He's a master of disguise, and an unparalleled assassin.
    • It's not Kanto, it's Metron. He's got a soft spot for Luthor historically.
  • In the season finale, Savage explains the problem with the Justice League is that it protects the status quo at the cost of natural selection. Based on that, it's unlikely Savage would be interested in creating a team to fight off an outside threat (barring, of course, hypocrisy on his part).

The statement, "You're turning white." by Black Canary, made M'Gann freak out because she didn't want anyone to know she is a second class martian.
Yes, she stated that she personally didn't think that they are second class people, but after being born into it, and constantly hearing it, you start to beleive the hype. Also J'Onn is a white martian hybreed as well. The green martian in him allows him to change his color and shape, and all of that. he fled the planet, not to become the most awesome hero on earth, but to escape the violence being done to people like him back on Mars. the fire that scares him senseless now, was caused by a pure green martin, and since we haven't seen another martian it's possible that his altered to green form is off green.
  • Half-confirmed in "Image". Megan is hiding her identity as a white martian, but she mostly seems driven by the fact that she's afraid all her friends and mentors will be terrified by her true form, and banish her.

The Riddler had already discovered a way out of The Alcatraz and was trying to share it with the other prisoners, but nobody heard him.
The Riddler's only power is his intellect, he is an Attention Whore who wanted to be respected by the villains in prison. The problem is that they were dumb enough to be in prison, so nobody respected him. When he said: "The Riddler doesn't go to any place he is not well received" and is mocked: "That philosophy doesn't let you much options", he was wrong. The Riddler always had the option of going outside.

The team of young heroes are not Young Justice, but Teen Titans.
Three of the original members are on the team (Four had Speedy/Red Arrow stayed) and there isn't any knowledge of an incarnation of one actually existing in this continuity. Considering that not once are they referred to collectively by name and many consider this team to be Young Justice In Name Only, it would explain why Dick Grayson and Wally West are on the team instead of Tim Drake and Bart Allen. This will come up in a future episode (maybe as early as the 2nd season) as a plot twist.
  • What kind of plot twist is that? "This team, who's name was never stated or anything, has a different name! Exciting!" The could start calling the team "The Awesome Guys!" and it still wouldn't be a plot twist.
    • Word of God, while it cites the Titans as an influence, has also confirmed that the team doesn't have an official name since they're not in the public eye. Young Justice is the show, but our heroes are just "the Team".

The episode "Performance" will have Robin sing one of Jesse McCartney's songs
Since they have him might as well use him.

Superboy Prime will appear in the series.
He'll either show up as an insane Superboy Clone wearing Luthor's solar armor or he'll be a fan from the real world of Earth Prime that found his way to theirs, and he has a laundry list of complaints.
  • Alternatively, make it the actual Superboy-Prime. He ended up slipping through the Source and crashing into the Young Justice verse. The Light will use him as their agent, promising them that they'll send him back into his home dimension(just to show they mean it, they'll be seen already working on it.) Prime will be greatly depowered, but still able to butt heads with Superboy. Given his No Fourth Wall, he'll use it to his advantage. Expect the writers to try and make him popular.

M'gann is Haruhi Suzumiya
1) Her World view is shaped by TV2) She is insanely powerful3) Every WMG page needs a Haruhi guess

The YJ creators are Tropers.
Most of the Mole theories thrown around in "Secrets" seem to be from the Mole WMG section above.

The Team are slowly becoming a Hive Mind.
As they use their mental link more and more. Hence why they keep using each others catchphrases.

Bruce and Dick's happy father-son relationship will start to go down the drain.
Robin and Daddy!Bats are shown to have the happiest father-son relationship in YJ, but in the comics Bruce is a less-than-stellar parent. And in "Disordered", in Robin's therapy session with Black Canary, he confesses that he doesn't want to "be the Batman anymore".

So, as Superboy and Superman's relationship gets better (as this troper presumes it will eventually), Robin and Batman's relationship will start to sour slowly over over the course of the show, accumulating in a big argument, perhaps Robin leaving Bruce and maybe even becoming Nightwing (hey, a troper can dream, right?).

There will be an episode with Dick and Jason
They will be hanging out like good old buds and eating chilidogs. The episode will end with a hug with a sunset background with sad music. Tim will be stalking them.
  • This would make my life.

Teekl will cause Klarion to pull a Heel–Face Turn.
Much like the original comic series, another villain will hurt Teekl and cause Klarion to turn from being Chaotic Evil to Chaotic Neutral. This may be a member of the Light, who will deem that Klarion has become too volatile or untrustworthy as a member of the Light or use Teekl's connection with Klarion to coerce him into doing something he'd rather not do. Or it could just be a Kick the Dog moment that prompts Klarion to question his allegiance to the Light.

The Daughter of Darkseid name dropped in Justice League 6 will appear in Young Justice.

Klarion and Teekl
Those two will at one point combine to become the ravening cat beast Horrigal like they did in Seven Soldiers.

Should they do Joker again...
They will attempt to have an Author's Saving Throw to make up the disappointment of this incarnation. They could make him actually sane like the Batman Black and White story by Paul Dini and Alex Ross. They could flesh out batman more and make Joker a counterpoint to him. They could instruct Bret Spiner to improve his VA, anything like that.

Coldhearted was the Light's first genuine failure
True, there's a high probability that there was something The Light could gain from this, but from what we have right now, the Light utterly failed. Their main distraction, the snow machines were destroyed, and their true objective, giving Count Vertigo control of Latvia was also stopped by Kid Flash. In the times before, the Light at least got some information, stopped the heroes from getting something, began testing some weapon, got long term access to a location and the like. Yet for all intents and purposes, this was the first time The Light was genuinely defeated by the league. They still covered their tracks pretty well, but this is going to come back to bite the light much harder in the future, especially since they just blew it in potentially connecting Vandal Savage to The Injustice League in his attempt to slow Wally down.

Members of the Light that go solo ALWAYS FAIL
This is going by the two times the Team had faced off against members of the Light individually when they were doing their own thing outside of the larger group. First it was Klarion trying to retrieve Dr. Fate's helmet, most likely to destroy it later on, and the second involving the Brain doing genetic experiments on animals, most likely to attract any one of the Justice League for him to capture and experiment on. Both of these episodes are notable as, at the time, most of the episodes by then had a stinger at the end which showed off some furthering of the Light's plan despite the initial defeat. Denial and Alpha Male, on the other hand, did not have these stingers at all. This suggests that Klarion and Brain's plots in those episodes had nothing to do with the Light at all and were working independently at the time. This would probably hold true for Vandal Savage as well in Coldhearted as Vertigo confirmed Kid Flash suspicions Savage distracted Wally as a favor, but the follow up with Flash and Batman checking in at Belle Reeve suggests that the WMG directly above would be more plausible in that case.

Garfield Logan will not become Beast Boy because of an accident like the comics, but because of M'Gann's blood transfusion.
If you watch carefully, you'll notice that Garfield's eye color was blue before the transfusion and green afterward. It definitely did something to him...
  • His pet monkey is also biting him repeatedly during that scene...
  • This troper believes that it will still take the accident to actually catylize the change...
  • Confirmed.

Young Justice: Invasion will have an invasion... from The Light.
]]After escaping at the end of the season, with their plans foiled The Light moves on to their next plan; a full on invasion to take over Earth using Bialya and Rhelesia as home bases. Vlatava and Quarac were meant to be other places to launch attacks from, but The Team screwed that up for them. It's also possible that they'll use mass produced Superboy clones and Cobra Venom enhanced soldiers as shock troops. Possibly with Apocalyption weapons.
  • Jossed as of Wondercon 2012. It's definitely and unquestionably an alien invasion.

The reason that White Martians are discriminated against was due to their previous subjugation of Green Martians
M'gann stated that White Martians are in the minority, so like in the comics they may have ruled over Green Martians as conquerors much like white colonists. After the Green Martians freed themselves from White Martian control, they allowed the White Martians to continue to live on Mars, but heavily discriminate against them for their past crimes. If this ever comes out, the team may comment on the Not So Different aspects of this discrimination.
  • This is because only white martions may unleash H'ronmeer's curse, the illusion/sensation of burning onto Green Martians. M'gann even did this to J'onnz in the season finale.

Lobo will make an appearance
It will be both Crazy Awesome and incredibly hilarious.
  • It's confirmed he'll be in the first episode of "Invasion". We'll have to wait on the other parts, though...
    • Hopefully he'll be voiced by Brad Garrett! He may also voice Bibbo.

Roy will become an addict
Greg Wiseman was able to adapt Harry's adiction by using the Green Goblin formula instead of real drugs. Speedy has an infamous history of substance abuse in the comics, so its entirely possible he might do it here to. And Considering what happens at the end of the season, he'll have plenty of incentive.
  • Confirmed if being addicted to searching for the original Speedy counts.

Lex Luthor spiked the Shields.
More specifically, the Shields have various extra ingredients in them which makes them extra addictive, thus leading Superboy to use them more and more, eventually becoming an addict. Worse yet, as his physiology becomes more and more used to each "hit", the effects will wrong out faster and eventually leading to him crashing at a very crucial moment.......

The Team will be re-named Young Justice in the season finale.
  • If not then, during Season 2 at the latest.

During Season 2, Earth will try to ally with Mars against the impending invasion.
Earth's going to need some allies, and who better than their next door neighbors? Only there's going to be a hitch in their plan because of M'gann, as the Martian government doesn't approve of a rogue White Martian, let alone one getting valuable combat experience, and especially not one with the gall to impersonate a Green Martian. Faced with a choice between Earth going it alone or getting Martian aid, M'gaan will choose the greater good and try to surrender herself to Martian authorities. Cue her teammates causing an interplanetary incident when they decide to stage a jailbreak for her.

M'gann will get mode locked in a powerless version of her human form.
Whether as the ultimate expression of her image/self-loathing issues, or as punishment inflicted by the Martian government for a White like her impersonating a Green, M'gaan will be locked into her Megan Morse form. She'll have to come to deal with not being able to contribute to the team anymore, learning being human isn't all she thought it might be, and maybe coming to appreciate being a Martian even a White one in a way she hadn't before.

Artemis has killed people before
It stands to reason that Sportsmaster would teach his daughter how to kill along with teaching her how to fight. During the Team's memory loss in "Bereft", Artemis tells Wally she believes that Sportsmaster wants Artemis to kill Wally as part of a test, so it seems that being ordered to hunt people down is something Artemis found normal while being raised by Sportsmaster. Finally, again in "Bereft", when an amnesiac Superboy attacked Artemis and Wally, Artemis countered with explosive arrows without having any way of knowing if Superboy could withstand them.

The Light will turn out to have had genuinely good (if not exactly savory) intentions about brainwashing the Justice League
and trying to take over the world.

They know that an alien invasion is coming and wanted to take over the world quickly and efficiently so as to rally the Earth's defenses against the invaders. When the Light is defeated and carted away to prison, Luthor will probably say something like, "You think this over? You have no idea what's coming. I promise, by the end, you will wish you'd let us do our job and save the Earth. Now we're all doomed, thanks to you." as Foreshadowing for the next season.

  • You don't understand. The Light, bar Klarion are human-speciesist extremists. They triggered the alien invasion because 1) they believe we'd win and 2) they believe we'd become stronger through it. They don't realize they're fucking up a bunch of planets so Darkseid can conquer them.

Darkseid is playing everyone.
Darkseid gave advanced tech to the Light, which among other things allows them to bypass conventional means of spaceflight by boom tube. The Light uses this technology, and the justice league, to steal more advanced technology from other galactic powers, such as the Controllers, Thanagarians, Gods of New Genesis. Following this blatant act of aggression, a coalition seeks to invade and subjugate Earth. Upon moving their forces to attack our blue planet, Darkseid invades the very alien powers attacking us.

The Atom will be instrumental in the First Season Finale.

He's not in the roster when they all bowed down to Vandal's possible he evaded capture.

  • Or he was there, but just too small to notice.
  • Jossed. We see him in the season finale, being controlled by Vandal.

The six Leaguers who couldn't account for thier actions while under the control of Starro-tech (Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, John Stewart, Martian Manhunter, Hawkgirl/woman) were masquerading as the Justice Lords wherever they had been sent.
  • It's the same line-up!

Artemis really is Green Arrow's Neice, but neither know it.
The Brooks family were Vietnamese immigrants trying to escape the war. (They had a different name at the time) and they tried to escape and ended up meeting a Mr. Queen, Ollie's father. He promises to smuggle them to safety for a price. Unfortunately, they can't pay it, so he offers... well... an alternative. However, Neither of her parents were aware that Paula was actually a result of that price. And that is how Artemis has blond hair. I spent way too much time overthinking this.

Gail Simone will write an episode in Season two or a possible season 3.
It will have little, if anything to do with the myth arc, and will involve Black Canary taking Artemis out for some fun. Babs may be there too. They will end up kicking ass, taking names, and decide to do it again next friday night.

Klarion is immune to anti-Life.

The six brainwashed League members who were away for 16 hours are the reason there will be an invasion
They went to various aliens worlds and killed/humiliated/destroyed their people. Looking for revenge, the aliens will attack Earth. It supports Savage's Social Darwinist views of wanting humanity to become a cosmic powerhouse.

One of the Roys
will change his name to Arsenal
  • Either it will be the clone looking to make his own identity or the original for the same reason
  • On the topic of the Roys, perhaps the clone will take on the civilian name of Connor Hawke, the second Green Arrow in the comics. The first name could be an in-universe reference to Superboy, also a clone and his name.
    • And as Connor Hawke, he will have to dye his hair blond, which then makes it a nod to Ben Reilly.
    • Confirmed. The original Roy takes the name as of the end of "Satisfaction," leaving Clone!Roy as Red Arrow.

The Light tried to clone Batman too.

It didn't go well.

They tried to copy Superman, so it stands to reason that they'd do it to Batman as well. Being the Crazy-Prepared badass that he is however Batman staved off any risks cloing posed by adding an emnzyme to his blood that caused his DNA to degrade when removed from his body. In order to fill in the gaps in his genetic code Cadmus turned to the one man whose managaed to beat him; The Joker. Unfortunately the end result created a giggling, hyper violent, borderline pedophilic Batman with a fondness for eating rats.

His name was Crazy Steve. (If Roy's missing arm is anything to go by we'll be seeing Arsenal down the line so a run in with the Dork Age Anti-Hero version of Batman is a disntict possibility.)

Thoroughly ashamed of creating this insane abomination, the Light froze him in the vaults of Cadmus and hoped he'd never escape. Things took a turn for the worse when the damage caused by Superboy and Match woke Steve up, unleashing him on a helpless world and a very unlucky Dick Grayson (aged 12... I mean 13.)

Batman is allergic to doors.
Give me one example in the series in which Batman is directly shown to use a door (Zeta beams don't count). He's Batman, he doesn't NEED doors.

The Blue Beetle will be hit by a spell that will reveal his inner, darkest self
It will be a dentist.

The Missing 16 Hours
were the best orgy in the known galaxy. Coming soon to
  • Tonight on Channel Five: Scandal in the League. Sex tape of key members released.

Green Arrow is the Doctor.
His TARDIS is where he keeps his Zeta-Tube.
  • Artemis is his new companion and Roy is the bitter "I thought I was special, but I'm the latest in a long line" companion.

Beast Boy is the sidekick of Animal Man.
It would explain why he gets so many DC Nation shorts when this troper has never seen him in any DC animation project whatsoever.
  • The shorts are supposed to highlight lesser known heroes.
    • No, Animal Man gets so many shorts because the song is awesome. ANIMALMAN!

Blue Beetle is the sidekick of Ambush Bug
If Jaime Reyes has the scarab, it means that Ted Kord is dead, and Dan Garrett is as retired from superhering as Kent Nelson was. They are both equally light-hearted heroes, even if Jaime and his comic take themselves a little more seriously than Irwin Schwab, and both have an incect theme and Swiss Army Knife Powers. Also, they both debuted in animation in Batman: The Brave and the Bold.
  • But this continuity has been different from the main DC continuity from the very first episode, where Dick Grayson, Wallace West, and Kaldur'ahm discovered Superboy in a Cadmus holding cell, so there is no reason to assume that Jaime having the scarab means Ted Kord is dead.
    • Looks like Ted Kord's dead after all. Though the scarab is awfully bloodthirsty to have been programmed by such a relentlessly Silver Agey character.
      • Just because Jaime thinks Kord programmed it doesn't mean he did. If anything the show seems to be hinting that it IS alien tech, possibly made by the Kroloteans' "competitor"

Aqualad is a mole for the heroes
I fail to see how the same hero who told Artemis and Superboy that there parentage was unimportant would then make such a big deal about his own.
  • The situations are somewhat different. Conner and Artemis were both fully aware of their parentage - at least, Conner was eventually - and it was not kept from them by their mentors/carers. Kaldur'ahm discovered that his king, his mother and his (step-)father have all been keeping the true identity of his father from him. Plus, you have to remember that that is not the only reason that he defected - one of his best friends, and the girl he loved, died and he believes the other Team members to be the cause.
  • Confirmed.

Dick Grayson will be wearing the Batman costume soon if only for a short while
.Think about it Batman's gone to stand trial on a distant planet for his "crimes" leaving no Batman in Gotham. Dick wears the costume to keep the fear of Batman alive and to prevent impostors from trying to take up the cowl. Bonus points if Dick first turns down the cowl and then Jason Todd (who never died but is Ax-Crazy and thinks Batman is dead) tries to be Batman instead before Dick agrees to become Batman
  • Well considering M'gann and Conner impersonated J'onn and Supes, I would not be surprised if this comes up again, with him as Bats

The Light is selling out the Martians to the Reach
In Alienated, we see that "phase two" of the plan involves the Light and their newest partner, the Reach, destroying their closest competitor, the Kroloteans. The Reach do nothing that does not further their plans of conquest, so it makes sense that the Light would barter the other inhabited world in the inner Solar System to buy time for our own. Once the Reach begins to invade Mars, the Light will begin to undermine the Reach as well as the Martians.

Beast Boy
still joined the Doom Patrol first.

When Queen Bee ordered Marie Logan murdered, she never found the time to have changed her will, and thus passed custody of her son to her former co-star and still best friend Rita Farr. Since Beast Boy is one of the more recent additions to The Team (Only the Tim Drake Robin and the Jaime Reyes Blue Beetle have member numbers higher than him), that leaves plenty of time for lots of adventures with Mento, Negative Man, Robot Man, and Elastigirl.

  • I was going to propose that in this continuity the Doom Patrol are all somehow connected to Marie Logan's animal sanctuary, and they wind up opposing the Brain and his experimentation on animals.

The Kroleteans' competitor isn't the Reach, but are actually Imskians.

One of the Kroleteans mentions being attacked by a Competitor warrior after a scene of Blue Beetle and Bumblebee attacking one at a diner. We're clearly meant to think that they're referring to Blue Beetle and his Reach scarab, but maybe they were actually referring to Bumblebee, confusing her for an Imskian warrior because of her shrinking ability.

  • Possible, but unlikely due to how they reacted to him when he, Robin, and Lagoon Boy infiltrated their base and the Scarabs ability to speak the language.

M'gann's penchant for Mind Rape will have severe consequences for herself

If other Martians find out about what she did, they may demand she be deprived of her telepathy for it. In the comics, Mind Rape was one of the worst crimes a Martian could commit, and the punishment was the removal of the offender's mental powers.

Like in the comics, Godfrey is an alien and a servant of Darkseid
  • Obvious really, even without prior knowledge of his comic book counterpart.

Superboy lives with the Kents in Season 2
Superman explicitly addressed him as "little brother" in one scene, hinting that the Kents adopted Conner and he now lives with them instead of at Mount Justice.

The Question will make an apearrance as a supporting character during Invasion
Who better to have as an ally during an alien bodysnatching and illuminati plot than the biggest conspiracy nut in the DC universe?

will eventually be assigned the sidekick of Booster GoldThis may have to wait until Barry Allen makes a Heroic Sacrifice, but after that? We have two time travellers from the future with a somewhat bumbling reputation rather at odds with their eventual actual abilities.

Wally is going to have his own speech this season

In the comics, the reason wally could never go as fast as Barry was due to him thinking himself unworthy of carrying on barry’s legacy, and so he never broke the sound barrier. However, after realizing he can still honor the legacy and be his own man as well as need to help others, it lead him to finally be able to be just as fast as barry was. I think this might be the same problem in this universe, where Wally might be carrying some guilt from leaving the hero game and doing something that he didn’t feel worthy to go as fast, and one episode will be dedicated to this in the future.

  • Alternatively, I distinctly remember a "Speed disease" from one of the early Teen Titans comics that was killing Wally when he tried to use his speed, and Crisis on Infinite Earths somehow cured it. Some other equivalent may happen without Barry needing to die.
  • Or maybe the inverse of the comics happens: Wally thinks Barry has died, and it results in a "You want speed? I'll give you speed!" moment against whoever killed him.

The aliens controlling Neutron in "Bloodlines" are the Dominators.
The second season's name Invasion is a big tip-off, but the Krolotean's interests and the new aliens' experiments with the metagene are also similar to the Dominator's actions and interests in the comics.
  • Given the hints so far (appearance of Black Beetle, the Krolotean's comment about Blue Beetle being a "Competitor Warrior", and so on) it actually seems they're going with the Reach. Though those guys do enjoy invading worlds pretty much just as much as the Dominators.
  • Jossed. The competitor is the Reach, though they are given much of the Dominators' motivations.

M'gann mind rapes Kaldur which starts her redemption arc
  • Near the end of season 2, M'gann will confront Kaldur at some point and mind rapes him since she needs information from him and is short on time. She doesn't realize that Kaldur is still one of the good guys and is still angry about Artemis's death. However, once she breaks his mind, M'gann realizes that Kaldur was always on their side and that Artemis was still alive. Distraught, M'gann begins to realize just what kind of consequences her mind rapes hold. She now understands that just because they are villains does not mean they aren't people also. With this in mind, M'gann will begin her redemption arc and try to make up for abusing her powers. She will go to Kaldur and try to fix his mind. An episode will be based around a journey through his mind as M'gann tries to fix his mind. To do this, M'gann witnesses many of Kaludr's memories including the ones leading up to his fake betrayal. This forces M'gann to confront some of her own issues and the the wrongs she has committed. Finally, M'gann finds Kaldur at the center of his mind and is truly remorseful for her actions. Kaldur comforts M'gann, saying he understands and forgives her. M'gann breaks down and finally begins to move on from some of her guilt. M'gann continues to rebuild Kaldur's mind with his help but may not be able to fully heal Kaldur.
    • Alternative: M'gann mind rapes the disguised Artemis. While trying to get information on something (eg. Lagoon Boy), she'll run into her disguised team-mate. Artemis will withold the information, possibly because she's trying to stay undercover, or just doesn't know. Angrily, she'll mind rape her, too busy looking for the answers to notice anything else. At this point Kaldur will confront her, saying that he never killed Artemis- if anything, she did. Will lead to a My God, What Have I Done? moment.
  • Partially confirmed as of "Before The Dawn." M'Gann does indeed Mind Rape Kaldur only to discover the truth and is horrified.

Ted Kord knew about the upcoming Invasion
  • He figured it out while studying the Blue Beetle scarab. The invading force will be the Reach, they tracked the scarab, found that he had it but hadn't bonded with it, and so suspected that he may know too much. The Reach then co-ordinated with the Light to have Ted killed and recover the scarab before he could reveal his discovery to the Justice League. Ted managed to send the scarab away before they killed him, but it got lost on the way and ended up found by Jaime. The Light then spread false info that Ted had invented the scarab so no one would suspect alien intervention. Additionally, because Ted damaged the scarab while studying it, it doesn't bother to correct Jaime about where it came from (it can't remember coming from the Reach, knows Ted didn't invent it, but doesn't have a better explanation).
This makes it a Shout-Out to the comics where Ted was also killed for knowing too much, and nobody knew what it was until too late.

Nightwing didn't tell him, but Batman knows...
that Kaldur is actually undercover and that another team member would be joining him.

He figured it out.

Because he's Batman

  • Probably
Ted Kord...
Was murdered by an agent of Darkseid.And that's why the scarab has such a bad reaction to Apokoliptan tech.

Wally will be the reason why Nightwing's plan will be discovered.
Or rather, Walter West. Desperate to become fast enough to keep up with The Flash (And to help out the team). Wally will try that fated experiment again, this time making sure that it is an exact replica of the accident Barry had which gave him his powers. The others (Nightwing, Superboy, M'Gann) try to talk him out of it, but it doesn't matter as the recreation happens. However, when the dust clears, Wally is gone and in his place is a slightly-older version of himself dressed in a darker version of The Flash's costume. This person is Wally from another universe, Walter West (AKA Dark Flash), who's life mirrored Wally's except for a few differences: There was no plan, Kaldur really did turn evil and killed Artemis, and Wally blamed Dick for it, destroying their friendship. Finding out that this world's Artemis was killed by Kaldur, he takes it upon himself to hunt the former Aqualad to avenge her, much to the misfortune of Nightwing. Also, Walter will find out about M'Gann's "tendencies" and actually encourage her with them, which infuriates Superboy. When Dark Flash finally confronts Kaldur, Tigress will confront him, asking him if this is "What Artemis would want." Of course he would just snap at her, taking her down, and just when he goes to finish her, the disguise will fail, revealing herself to be Artemis, much to his shock. This will be the point where everyone else finds out about the ruse: The team, the league, possibly the Light.

Zatanna's Visiomorphic Pendant doesn't work on people who were present when a wearer first puts it on.
and someone else will be revealed to have been secretly present!!!!
  • The first half of this theory seems confirmed with "Darkest".

M'Gann's "tendencies" is her White Martian nature kicking in.
And it'll get worse for the rest of the season.
  • Word of God has denied that White Martians are Always Chaotic Evil, and that their differences with other Martians are mostly "cultural." Which is vague on their general alignment, but M'Gann's "tendencies" wouldn't be a matter of Villainous Lineage.
    • Then the reason for her "tendencies" are because of the death of Gar Logan's mother, the constant anti-alien bashings thanks to Gordon Godfrey, and the break-up. She's starting to feel that Earth is Not So Different with Mars.
      • "Earthlings are assholes towards aliens, and I want to fit in. Therefore, I must mind rape my way through every Krolotean I meet." Even I can't believe that MM is that shallow.

M'Gann's brother will be important.
Word of God says that among her many siblings, M'Gann has one brother who is also a White Martian. Possibly just trivia, but it would be interesting if he showed up. (My bet's on him being a villain, as sort of a stand-in/Composite Character of evil White Martians in the comics.)

Aqualad is going to publicly expose the team.
As yet another test, Black Manta will ask him to expose the team. While Aqualad will try to find a way out of it, he'll have no choice but to do so, further staining the League's public image.

Arsenal's bionic arm is gonna screw him over in a big way.
I mean, come one it's Lex Flippin Luthor
  • Given that it's Luthor, the arm will probably have negative effects on Arsenal similar to the shields he gave Superboy. And with Arsenal already showing a very anti-hero sort of ruthless ambition, it most likely won't end well for anyone involved.
    • More likely, it will just need recharging or upgrades, which Luthor will give to Arsenal. Luthor's modus operandi in this show seems a bit focused on maintaining a good public image. He will likely not even ask for anything in return, and when Arsenal starts defending him to the League / Team it will alienate them from him, pushing him to Luthor's side.
    • As of "True Colors", he's taken to ruining team missions just to spite Luthor. And yet he's still using Luthor's present to him, without even having the League attempt to replace it.

M'gann will Mind Rape Aqualad.
As far as M'gann knows Aqualad's the killer of her close friend and kidnapper of her boyfriend. M'gann's constant abuse of her powers are clearly not going to end with a happy insidant. She's used the abillity for lesser information than La'gaan's location and the entire team and then some are ready to rip Kaldur apart. M'gann does the Mind Rape for revenge and thus finds out (to late) about the plan.
  • Of course, this is assuming someone else (like, say, Cheshire) won't beat M'gann to the punch and kill Aqualad first.
  • Confirmed in "Before The Dawn."

M'gann is going to go on a Roaring Rampage of Revenge in episode 10.
  • First her boyfriend was kidnapped, then her ex-boyfriend was nearly blown up, and then her adopted brother was kidnapped? That's like a recipe for a Miss Martian perfect storm of rage! Also, this will probably lead into her bounce back arc when she does one thing too many in the rampage and thus reaches My God, What Have I Done? on that mission.
  • Confirmed in "Before The Dawn."

One of the second generation members will die, prompting one of the original generation members to chew out the Justice League
The rant will involve things like the parallels to Child Soldiers.

Black Beetle's Host
  • Since Reach scarabs need a host, who is Black Beetle? Considering his intelligence, and the fact that we have no clue how this person was actually suppose to die, I bet that it's Ted Kord. Black Beetle's secret ID was never revealed in the comics, and Ted would add another layer of drama to fighting Black Beetle.
    • My guess is he isn't human. Doesn't the reach generally only send one scarab per planet?
    • It's proven in the comics that scarabs only work one per planet. There was an issue where the Reach tried to activate many, but the scarab's only half activated. Black Beetle on the other hand was something of a mystery. He is definitely human as he is always shown to have a personal grudge against Jaime, ranging from either having known him personally (this being when Jaime didn't have many alien friends) to claiming that he is Jaime's future self. But as the original poster said, we never learned his true identity, and the reboot meant we properly never will in the comics.
    • We get brief glimpses of his actual face in "True Colors". He appears to be a member of the Reach species.
M'gann's Mind Rape of Aqualad will cause him to do a Face–Heel Turn for real
  • M'gann's Mind Rape will cause irreparable damage to Aqualad's psyche, causing him to believe he really has defected to the Light for real.
    • Addendum: It will mostly be Psimon's fault. He escaped his Mind Rape sometime during the Time Skip. Considering that he and Aqualad are nominally allies, it wouldn't be entirely odd for Psimon to help him out during his "time of need." Except Psimon scrambles Aqualad's brain further and then the series officially goes to hell after that.
    • Followup: it will take either M'gann or the Power of Friendship to make him remember his true loyalties. Maybe something involving Tula, since she did show up in the season preview.
      • Partially confirmed. As of "The Fix," Kaldur, Artemis and M'gann are working on this.
  • Alternately Artemis will do the Face–Heel Turn and get revenge on M'gann.

Cheshire will play a role in saving the comatose Aqualad.
Cheshire has sworn vengeance on Aqualad for killing Artemis. When she goes to do so, she'll find him comatose and within "Tigress's" care. Artemis confides her identity to Cheshire, both to save Aqualad's life and to reassure her grieving sister. With this knowledge, they collaborate to smuggle him out of the Light through "official channels", allowing Cheshire to find help outside the organization and therefore keep his mole status a secret, on the off-chance that it might get discovered if somebody Light-friendly served as a healer.
  • Still comatose and smuggled out details aside, confirmed.

Kid Flash will take up the mantle of Zoom
Two scenarios for this guess:
  • He becomes a good version of Zoom after rejoining the fight, opting for the name "Zoom" because A) he no longer considers himself a "Kid" at his age, and B) he feels he is unworthy of the title "Flash" - not helped by Impulse's presence - and wants to be a hero in his own right, separate from the rest of the Flash family.
  • He makes a Face–Heel Turn when Artemis gets Killed Off for Real due to Miss Martian being an Unwitting Instigator of Doom.
    • 1st one: Sweet crap, I hope not. That would be ridiculous. 2nd one: It's unlikely that anyone will be Killed Off for Real, much less Artemis of all people. This is a kid's show and they don't have the cojones.

Wally and Conner will get their powers buffed later on.
Wally will either remove the mental block in his head OR gets a power upgrade from an outside source, like lightning, making him as fast as the Flash.
  • Or the Speed Force

Conner, meanwhile, will just grow into his comic's tactile telekinesis powerset, giving him more utility and a little thing called flight.

The team will disband in the second season finale.
After the team defeat the villains of this season, they start discussing about trust issues and keeping secrets. Despite the truth behind Aqualad's supposed betrayal, the rest of the team feel they can no longer trust each other. And decide it's best that they split up.
  • M'gann and Lagoon Boy break-up. It turns out M'gann only dated Lagoon Boy because Conner broke her heart. Lagoon Boy starts hating Conner even more for it.
    • In "Cornered", M'gann ignored Lagoon Boy's call, and then she and Conner have a talk.
    • In one episode, M'gann finds out Superboy is going out with Wendy. Visibly upset, she's okay with it. It seems she and Lagoon Boy are still a couple in "Summit".
  • Wally punches Aqualad for making his Face–Heel Turn too good. He tells Aqualad he'll never trust him again. The animosity will remain by the next time skip. It would take a few episodes (perhaps half a season) to get them to be friends again.

Jossed for the most part, the entire learned learned about it in "Summit", and everything appears to be fine among the teammates. Though Beast Boy tells them no more secrets and lies.

In the next Time Skip, the team will re-form again, but will have to work hard to trust each other as a team again.

  • Alternatively, a number of senior members like Nightwing and Miss Martian will move on, either joining the League proper or simply going out on their own, with post-timeskip featuring Suspiciously Similar Substitute characters (like Raven replacing Miss Martian).

The abductees will get their own Day in the Limelight, or else form their own sqaud within the team
Based on clips in the preview, Static, Tye, and the two people who were in the same shipment all have superpowers (Well, Tye's not an absolute surety, but if you pause the clip at the right moment you can see someone matching his coloring inside the giant humanoid thing pushing the roof off the bus depot).
  • They all look like they're in the same place.
  • The teleporter and Static are in the frame together in one shot and they look like they're working together
  • Static has his saucer, which he had to get from somewhere. My bet is the team.
  • Half confirmed in Runaways. They get a Day in the Limelight but it ends with them joining up with Luthor.

Red Arrow has Arsenal's arm
Cadmus found themselves unable to duplicate fingerprints well enough to fool League security, so they grafted the full arm. It would add another stressful dynamic to their relationship.

One or More of the characters will get their own Stand
It's simple logic. Simple. Flawless. Spotless. Logic...

The Watchtower will get destroyed, either by the Light or the Reach
Not only does this make several heroes homeless again (what with the Hall of Justice being destroyed in "Cornered"), but it deprives both the League and the Team of a proper base of operations. At least, that anybody knows about.

The Scarab will reveal its name, and that it has decided to stop suggesting killing tactics
It doing so will convince Jaime to not have the scarab removed, and from then on they will become friends.

There will be an episode focusing on Tim!Robin, Impulse, and Superboy
As a homage to the original Young Justice.

Artemis's undercover identity will use Linda Park as a "real name"
Thus making her something of a Composite Character.

Miss Martian will tell Superboy about Aqualad
One of the preview clips for the season shows Superboy angry over some kind of secret. At the end of "Cornered," Superboy goes to speak with Miss Martian in private, presumably to ask her about her recently shown reluctance to use Mind Rape. In the process of her explanation, she will spill the beans about Aqualad, causing Superboy to confront Nightwing over the matter, possibly in front of the whole team.
  • All but officially stated in "The Fix."

The Reach has ties to Despero
Mighty suspicious that the Reach ambassador managed to turn off L-Ron's forcefield so easy... almost as if he knew that he could. It's not like Reach tech is universally compatible; see Jaime's scarab freaking out over Apokolips tech. Either Despero's stuff was stuff the Reach were familiar with, or that force field was Reach technology itself. Also, rather fortuitous timing on that attack, wouldn't you say? Just after the Reach arrived and were in negotiations with the League's top brass, who were conveniently unable to help with the crisis? Just when did L-Ron get that data from the "Kroloteans" anyway? In fact, where did L-Ron even come from? In any case, Despero's attack seems way too convenient to be happenstance.

The Reach is an Unwitting Pawn of the Light
Sure, the Light may act like they treat the Reach as partners, but consider this: the only way the Team managed to hurt Black Beetle, aside from using opposing Reach technology, was by Arsenal's cybernetic Arm Cannon... that he got from Luthor, a member of the Light. Now why would an ally of the Reach manufacture a weapon that specifically harms the Reach, hmm? Sure would come in handy if the Light felt the Reach were no longer welcome...
  • Or it could be the other way around, with the Reach taking over like in Impulse's Bad Future. Lex's cannon could either be coincidental, or more likely, some insurance against the aliens.
  • As of "The Runaways", Luthor sabotages the Reach's effort to reclaim their escaped "test subjects" and takes them under his wing, so looking more likely, although nothing has been confirmed.
  • "War" has Vandal Savage manipulating Mongul into attacking Earth and forcing the Reach to unveil their spaceships.

Deathstroke was contracted to form the evil Teen Titans, who are loyal to the Light
As of Season 2 Episode 13, we have both Lex Luthor commenting about the formation of his own team, and the introduction of Deathstroke/Slade Wilson as a replacement for disgruntled Sportsmaster. Coincidence? This troper thinks not.
  • May include Virgil Hawkins/Static Shock and Tye Longshadow/Apache Chief/Long Shadow, as they were among those kidnapped by the Reach and subsequently freed.
  • May even include the three Titans who haven't yet made an appearance, i.e. Cyborg, Raven, and Starfire. Less likely, though.
  • Doesn't have to be called the Teen Titans, but Deathstroke as the leader is the important part.
  • Could be used to set up an awesome throwback battle between Nightwing and Deathstroke. Actually that will probably happen anyway. Having them be opposing leaders of the two teams would be rather poignant, though.
  • Honestly, my first thought wasn't the evil Titans (which it probably will be), but the Ultimen. After all, they already have an Apache Chief/Long Shadow candidate...
  • The way that The Reach/Light have posited all the teenagers that were experimented on to help form their own team, looks like it'll include as many of the kids they kidnapped that can be coerced. Possible we'll have a race between the team and the Reach to get to the final kids.

The Reach is being played by The Light, but the Light is being played by Apokolips
Come on, considering all the appearances by Apokoliptan tech made early in the season, combined with the Scarab's incompatibility, and the constant appearances by GGG (who was apparently an agent of Apokolips in the comics) it seems inevitable that Darkseid is going to make an entrance. Personnally, I think the Light is trying to play both the Reach and Apokolips against each other and come out on top on its own... only to fail miserably because they've underestimated Darkseid.
  • And Luthor is playing Darkseid, the Reach, and the rest of the Light.

This new Martian Green Beetle is going to be a racist dick to M'Gann.
All that talk of White Martians being discriminated against in the first season, it seems natural that a new Green Martian character will show that.
  • Of course, that's assuming that he is a Green martian and not another White.
  • He looks like a White Martian (prominent pelvis, elongated limbs, three digits), and we've never seen a male White Martian before. Sure, he could be a Red Martian or a Green pretending to be a White, but really, for what purpose?
    • Word of God has confirmed that physical differences between the different Martian races in this continuity go no deeper than skin-color. A Green or Red would have those same features in his true form.
  • So far: Jossed. Which makes sense considering he works for the Reach and was putting on a front the whole time anyway.

Green Beetle lied; and is controlled by his Scarab
What he said to Jaime seems extremely suspicious. It seems more likely that he's going to try and trick Jaime into rebooting the Scarab, possibly meaning there's a way to do it without killing the host.
  • Seems unlikely to me. Green Beetle shows up and helps the Team defeat Black Beetle and tries to trick Blue into submitting to the Beetle, rather than simply helping Black take the team down (eliminating several nuisances in the process) and taking Jaime to a secure location where they can put him "on mode" on their own terms? It seems way too risky than doing things directly, especially since it left their chief enforcer open to a potential killing blow. (Seriously, I'm surprised Arsenal didn't laser his exposed face when he had the chance.)
    • Maybe he just thinks Black Beetle is a dick? Seriously, he oozes evil, even if he has his own agenda separate from The Reach, what he is going to tell Jaime is definitely not going to be kosher.
    • Subterfuge is kinda the Reach's specialty. Also keep in mind forcing Blue Beetle on mode didn't work the last time the tried it, and eliminating three young heroes , all of whom have ties to members of the Justice League is just going to make the heroes mad. Instead of eliminating several nuisances, the Reach would gain a large number of giant problems. Much better to get in close and try and manipulate Jaime so that they can reset his scarab without making it immediately obvious.
    • Another thing to note: In "The Fix", Green Beetle volunteered his thoughts rather than having M'gann probe his mind. He also used her insecurities about her recent Mind Rape to convince her to let him.
    • He's also somehow used his shapeshifting to get inside Jaime's Scarab and make it go silent. Yeah, this is totally going to hell soon.
    • Luthor said something along the lines of "sit back, and enjoy the show." Now obviously, the audience is supposed to assume that's supposed to mean Black Beetle vs. the kids. However, I think he meant GB's "show" of being a good guy. Plus, Luthor seemed to pretty much want the team to get the additive. Not only did GB help them get the additive, but he gave them a piece of information about it that the team wouldn't have gotten even if they escaped without a hitch.
    • As of "The Runaways" probably confirmed. Its still ambiguous whether the Scarab is controlling him or not but he is on the Reach's side for sure.

Alternately Green Beetle is a secret agent of the Light/Reach
Like the above WMG said he is a little bit suspicious. It's possible that the Villains knew about the scarab of Mars and recruited him secretly as a Mole to gain the Team and especially Blue Beetle's trust...then try to put him on mode.
  • Seems to be confirmed as of "The Runaways".

Jaime's Scarab is the only one with free will thanks to its malfunction
Similar to the comics, the Scarabs in this series are AIs, but not truly sentient. Black Beetle is obviously a member of the Reach species underneath that armor, and refers to it as "my Scarab", making it clear he's the one in control and the Scarab is just a piece of technology to him. Plus, the Scarabs were designed to be activated by the Reach rather than seek out a host on their own, and there's no real reason for one to be sentient.
  • Which makes it going silent in "The Fix" an Oh, Crap! moment. They couldn't put it on mode because it refused, and now that it's silent, they can.
  • Semi-confirmed. Jaime's Scarab did have free will, but Green Beetle's "adjustments" made the Scarab a slave to the Reach again. Zatanna uses a ritual in "Intervention" to free both Blue and Green from The Reach's control.

The "Mode" in question for the Reach's plan is...
...Full Manual Control. As in total control of the scarab without its input.
  • And this helps them... how, exactly? Seems like pretty poor design for establishing invasion vanguards. "Here, have this powerful technology with great combat potential; when you've had fun, mind helping us take over your homeworld out of gratitude?" Yeah, that makes sense. Also, if "on mode" meant controlling the scarab without influence of the AI, why would it come with AI in the first place
    • Alright then explain Impulse's Oh, Crap! moment then. Something had to happen to the scared to cause the Reach Apocalypse in the first place plus it may be easier to reboot with the AI off.

One of the characters will be outed as gay.
Most likely via Word of Gay. Weisman isn't a stranger to this trope, with Lexington in Gargoyles. My money is one Blue Beetle and/or Impulse. Because seriously. I refuse to believe no one on the production staff realizes how incredibly homoerotic their relationship is.
  • Impulse being gay would not be surprising, given that he goes on the mission to Bialya with a squad of three other girls. The last time a mission took place there, Nightwing made a point of explaining that the squad was made up entirely of (straight) women to counteract Queen Bee's powers.

Jaime will have a Battle in the Center of the Mind at some point
Inevitably the Reach will try to force Jaime into being "on mode." When this happens, or after this happens, Jaime will have a mental battle with his Scarab - the good, "malfunctioning" scarab - fighting alongside him against the Reach's influence, freeing him from their control and the two developing a trustful, properly symbiotic relationship. M'Gann or another martian might help with the process, either joining in the fight or helping to initiate it.
  • Made more likely after the events of "The Runaways". Considering Blue is "on mode" and all.

All of Bart's actions have prevented the very future he's so worried about.
While it still is possible that the Bad Future still may come to pass, its also possible that everything Bart has done up to this point has pushed the timestream towards a divergent path. First, there is no mention of a superhero named "Impulse" in the current timeline's history books, nor in Bart's own, meaning his playing time-traveler in and of itself altered the past. Second, curing Neutron prevents him from ever returning or being put back under the Reach's control, ensuring that Bart Allen doesn't die by his hand to kickstart his timeline. Third, the time machine he came in. Wally, Barry, and Jay now have a stepping stone to create their own time machine (i.e., the Cosmic Treadmill), allowing them to travel the timestream and seek alternate realities where the Reach were stopped, and find a solution for doing the same. Fourth, just by telling Jaime about his Bad Future is enough to put someone as pure-hearted as he is on high-alert, making him hyper-vigilant to whatever the scarab does so it can't take over. And finally, Green Beetle's arrival. While his motives and alignment are still shaky with the team and audience at best, it is possible he's being on the level with them. There's no mention of him in either Blue Beetle or Martian Manhunter's supporting cast or rogue's galleries in comics proper, so it's possible that he's a new character created for the show.

Exactly What It Says on the Tin. All important events that will help the Reach Take Over the World will be Impulse's fault. Starting with Blue Beetle being put on mode..
  • Considering Impulse travelling back in time didn't change things for their world in his introduction, this is very likely.

Tye will end up fighting Blue Beetle
And Tye will end up crashing the mode and getting Jaime back

Luthor will try to recruit Impulse
Considering that he knows about Blue Bettle under the Reach's control and doesn't seem to trust them. He will try to recruit Impulse into his team for two reasons.
  • To plant a Mole on the Team to keep an eye on them (especially the Beetles)
  • Apart from Tye, Bart is the only one with a deep connection to Blue Beetle and His Oh, Crap! moment implies that he knows that Green Beetle moded him, like Lex.
Lex of course would want Impulse to keep this team a secret form his team leading to a similar subplot like Superboy's patches except maybe without the power ups.

A second time traveler is going to show up and save the day.
Impulse's trip hasn't done anything to seriously fix the timeline. To solve this problem, a second individual from the Bad Future will arrive and intervene. This will change the timeline enough that it ends with a relatively good outcome. This time traveler will be...
  • Neutron's future self.
  • Blue Beetle's future self. In an ironic twist, he comes back in time to ensure that the Reach succeeds, but ends up screwing them over.
  • The Legion of Super-Heroes
  • Booster Gold

Jaime is a Triple Agent intent on betraying the Reach
He is running a gambit that only he (and maybe Nightwing and Captain Atom) knows about, only pretending to be on mode so he can trick the Reach into exposing themselves, or outright destroy them. The inflections of his voice give the impression he is trying to sound angry, when the scarab always spoke mentally in flat monotone.

Further evidence: when we first see the stapler gun, the scarab comments "That tactic would be more effective if you fired through bone". In "War", during Jaime's apparent Face–Heel Turn, he fires the gun at Wonder Girl's wrists and cuffs her to the floor, instead of firing them through her. Another sign Jaime is in control instead of the scarab.

  • Um, Wonder Girl has unbreakable bracelets. Hard to fire ANYTHING past those.
  • "On Mode" does not mean the scarab being in full control of the host body, that would eliminate the need for a host body and make the reach just making robots more efficient. It's more akin to brainwashing, it's still Jaime, but now he is loyal to The Reach.
    • Actually, as stated in "True Colors", the scarab's proper function is to take full control of the host body and as confirmed in "Runaways", that's what happened to Jaime. The scarab is likely also taking full control of his mind and using his memories, similar to how the Starro-tech was controlling the Justice League in the Season 1 finale.
  • "Complications" shows clearly that Nightwing was not aware of Blue Beetle defection and takes it rather hard, even when alone. So partly jossed, at least for Nightwing being on it. But Jaime could still be holding the scarab back, if so slightly.

Darkseid forced Mongul off of his original planet.
Is this really much of a stretch?

G. Gordon Godfrey is not working for Darkseid.
Mostly because this would A) Make sense and B) Deviate from expectations. It would make more sense if he was an agent of The Light with his mission being to run his smear campaign to weaken the League in preperation for The Reach's arrival and/or to undermine any efforts the League makes against them later on. Seeing as Lex Luthor is one of their foes and has a has an image as a humanitarian in spite of everything he's done and doing, it would be a good preemptive move to safeguard his public image if Superman or the League accused him of anything.
  • Looks to me like he's working with Luthor but against the Reach. The entire pro-Reach schtick was apparently just lulling them into a false sense of security.

    Other WMG Part III 
Jaime's family is dead.
Family seems to be a pretty big theme in the second season, and yet the only times Jaime's family are even mentioned were in a flashback (Jaime talking to his mother on the phone the night he got his scarab) and once when he told Impulse his family doesn't know his secret ID. He could easily be lying about the latter, and the real reason he didn't want Bart showing up unannounced was because he doesn't want anyone to notice that he's living alone.
  • Eh, it was mentioned in the tie-in comics that Nightwing told Jaime's parents about his secret identity, and in 'True Colors' Bart mentioned talking to Jaime's mom. So Jossed.

The Team from Warworld is on Apokalips.
Think about it for a second. The League's tech confirmed both Blue and Green Beetle's story that they were pulled through a Boom Tube, due to the residual energies present in the hanger on Warworld. True, it was an elaborate lie and Blue and Green betrayed the team, but think about it for a second. The Reach Scarabs can't assimilate or properly use New God technology, since they refer to it as "incompatible" (Salvage), and it would be impossible for them to use a Mother/Father Box to summon up a Boom Tube. However, the only steady suppliers of "Black Market" New God technology- Intergang- are out of commission after what Black Beetle and Sportsmaster did to Ugly Mannheim and Whisper A'Daire for trying to double-cross the Light. This means that either the Light still has enough spare New God tech lying around that they've been keeping underwraps, or that they're getting it straight from the source, and have a secondary "Partner," one that they've had since Season One: Apokalips. And if the Warworld assault team is on Apokalips, then there's only one place they would be keeping them, and that's Granny Goodness' Orphanage.
  • Partly jossed by 'The Hunt' which shows the team imprisoned within the Warworld. Partly confirmed because does have a Father Box or two (used by Deathstroke to get the crystal?) lying around. But that still leaves the question of why there were residual Boom Tube energies present in the hangar, considering Apokalips tech can't be used by the Reach.

Sportsmaster does care about Artemis at a subconscious level.
Think about it. He says that he has to put down Black Manta to preserve his rep. Assaulting a member of the Light is essentially a death sentence, condemning him to live life on the lam and cut off from any of his contacts as they will betray him to the Light. Also, he didn't seem to care too much about all those other villains that attacked Artemis and tried to kill her without his permission. Plus, despite the entire point being about his rep: He was more than satisfied that she was playing the Light and the Reach and let them continue their mission. His reputation remains the same, defeating the purpose of going after Manta to begin with. It's only a shred of caring, but it's a lot from Sportsmaster.

the final battle
The race is on to control the crystal that controls War World. Whoever controls that giant moon controls the fate of earth (to a degree), and the sides are lining up to see who will be earth's dominating influence.

Side 1: The Justice League and The Team. Their goal is to retrieve the crystal, defeat the light and reach, and earn back the trust of the runaways, showing the earth once and for all that the league are heroes (the rimbor 6 optional). Secondary goals: retrieval of Aqualad and Artemis, and the redemption of Blue Beetle. They may bring the most to the party, but that's all depending on how the second side is playing things.

Side 2: The Light. Their goal is to hold onto the crystal to control war world and send a message to the universe that "Earth's big fish now, alien bastards!" Remove all other sides as potential threat, and finally take control of the world. Secondary goal: Kill 'Em All. At least, all outside the league, who they might need as insurance against alien menaces. May or may not also have plenty of soldiers to bring to the party, depending on how much they're throwing into this endeavor. It could be as small as 1 deathstroke, or as big as every active villain under their command.

Side 3: The Reach. Goal: Retrieve the crystal, and take control of War World in their final endgame to conquer earth. Defeat all problems, and dispatch both The Runaways and the team for their interference. Reach soldiers and Black Beetle provide their strength.

Side 4: The Runaways. Goal: Earn the respect of the league, and destroy the crystal so nobody can use it. Secondary goal: Finally get back home.

Side 5: Sportsmaster and the rogues. The splinter group lead by the old enforcer, seeking the end of black manta, and the fall of The Light.

Side 6: Mongul, who just wants his weapon back, and the reach out of the picture.

And where will this all take place? At the only place where you can have an awesome Final Battle: The streets of Metropolis. Battles will be fought, many an Enemy Mine will be formed. Legacies will be created, and the outcome will be their Grand Finale.

The Runaways will form the Outsiders
With Arsenal being kicked off the Team, their rejecting the Team's offer, and having turned their back on Luthor the Runaways will decide to become their own group of heroes, based on their own wants and needs over anyone else's. Along the way they'll meet a resurrected Jason Todd, who becomes the Red Hood, and an alien powerhouse by the name of Koriand'r, aka Starfire.
  • Since the series is almost done, this would be nice to as a spin-off.
  • Was going to suggest the same thing. Seems like it's about time for Red Hood to show up and join the anti-heroes. Also possible that he is not a true member, but rather a double agent sent by Batman to keep an eye on them.

The Bad future
It's been established in bloodlines that the world around Mount Justice is a wasteland, and the purification of Neutron only got rid of some nuclear fallout. Impulse claims that this is because the Reach takes over in the future. This indicates that ultimately The Light couldn't hold the Reach back, and they turned earth into their breeding grounds for metahumans for their armies. We also see that saving Neutron wasn't enough on THAT PARTICULAR DAY. Now, Impluse also said the main reason he went to the past was to be with Blue Beetle, and stop him from going all bad guy under the scarab.

However, here's where it gets tricky, and draws in some speculation. There's a Freeze-Frame Bonus in a teaser back when DC nation came back on the air that indicates that eventually the rimbor 8 return to earth, and fight reach warships. Second, there's the fact that in the future, there's a wrecked something from where we can see things, so this pulls into my final speculation: On the day that the justice league fights off the reach for good (because let's face it, this is a superhero show), they bring most of the fleet down over The remains of Mount Justice, and on the anniversary of that moment, we will finally get our "Crash", and for the Grand Finale we will see Earth 16 as a paradise; left ambiguous enough that it's a victory but you can't tell if it's the league who ultimately prevailed in their war, or the light.

If the Reach are defeated it will pave the way for the UP
The Light is trying to make Earth the center of the universe. Should a huge intergalactic empire that managed to go toe-to-toe with the Guardians of the Universe and Green Lantern Corps is defeated on a planet, that planet will suddenly have many people wanting to be their allies. This will pave the way for the United Planets in the eventual future.

The Reach Scientist will pull a Heel–Face Turn.

Lagoon Boy encouraged M'gann Mind Rape tendency, which is why she went out with him right AFTER Conner broke up with her.

Impulse did avert the apocalypse...but only the one caused by the Reach.

The Runaways will be the Spanner in the Works in the finale
  • There's still a scene from the DC Nation 2013 trailer that hasn't aired. They aren't in "Summit", so it looks like either that was a deleted scene or they're in "Endgame".
  • Lex Luthor losing their support is the only time to date something's gone wrong for a member of the Light. Foreshadowing?
    • That said, there's a reasonable chance that Luthor was expecting their reaction to being manipulated (again) and so hasn't actually lost anything with the Runaways departure, or if he has it's not significant in the long run.
  • Queen Bee mentions that the Light has plans for the Reach, the League, and the Team. So they don't seem to think the Runaways are any kind of threat.

Mongul was the Blue Beetle in Impulse's time.

The Reach eventually get the Blue Scarab back or duplicate it and attach it to Mongul. After all, the size, muscle mass, and general vibe from the BB of Impulse's memory doesn't fit at all with what you could imagine Jamie Reyes becoming. But they fit perfectly with Mongul, who's currently locked in stasis on War World instead of being killed. Also, Impulse mentioned that Blue was the Reach's best weapon and most powerful warrior. Among the Beetles that we know, wouldn't a psychic, shape-shifting Martian or the experienced Black who probably volunteered be better candidates than a random kid who grew into the role? However, give a scarab to someone who has Super Man-level strength and you've got the baddest of the bad.

The Team will be named Young Justice in the series finale.
  • Seems unlikely given that they dislike being considered children, and the 'Young' while accurate, could come across as derogatory and insulting to the Team. The Team doesn't exactly have a ring to it, but considering they're not in the public eye like the League, they don't really need a snappy title, merely a functional (if unimaginative) one.
    • Well, from what this troper has deduced from the tie-in comics and Word of God, the Justice League was called the Justice League before it went public, so just because the Team isn't in the public eye doesn't mean that they don't need a catchy name.

Wally is losing his powers as time goes on
His slowing down in comparison to Flash and Impulse could be because something was just slightly different about the procedure he used to get his powers, resulting in the effect being temporary. He’s become aware of this in the time skip and that’s why he seems so eager to retire from the superhero business.
  • There was such a thing as a Speed Disease in the comics, so yeah, this is plausible.
  • In "Summit" Wally mentions to Bart that he would like to see him in 'red and yellow' and take over from him, as both Wally and Artemis intend to retire for good. No proof this is because he's losing his powers, but not jossed, either.

Wally will match, or surpass, Barry's top speed in the finale
Prompting Barry to hand the mantle of the Flash to the former Kid Flash, as he's decided to retire & be a father to his soon to be born twins.
  • Jossed. In fact he dies because he's so much slower than Barry and Bart.

Green Beetle went to get the leaugers that are on trial.
He will use the recordings of the summit as evidence.
  • Jossed, Connor & M'Gann went.

The Batmen from alternates realities have been covering Gotham
Not like it hasn't happened before. And of course Bat-dad, being one of the friendly ones, won't mind.

The Reach Ambassador will help the heroes
Only to betray them, get back control, and kill the Scientist.

This show and Green Lantern: The Animated Series are in the same universe.
Green Lantern takes place before Young Justice does, during the years when the Justice League was still forming.

Wally isn't really dead
  • He's just in the Speed Force.
    • This wouldn't work since it's been stated the Speed Force doesn't exist. Maybe he's trapped between dimensions.
      • Word of God is that nobody in Young Justice has HEARD of the Speed Force and that Greg doesn't particularly like the Speed Force because it doesn't make sense to him. I think the lack of a body suggests he either changed his mind or had it changed for him. Though it's possible previous Troper is right and he's stuck between or in another dimension.
    • Looking back on it, there are a lot of suggestive details towards this theory. Him becoming see-through and then intangible doesn't really match up with absorbing energy. He didn't disintegrate when something hit him, which you'd expect, he just kind of dissipated after a while into his speed trail. Plus, the Scarab, who's not really one to mince words, says Wally will "cease" rather than "die", and when Jaime asks "Cease what?" we never hear its answer.
      • Sorry, but from what this Troper saw, his particles actually did disintegrate while he was running.
      • The problem isn't that he disintegrated. It's that he disintegrated when his body took too much energy to handle. The beam wasn't hitting him at the moment to put him beyond the threshold, so where was that energy coming from?
  • Alternately, Wally created the Speed Force as he disintegrated. We have no idea what effect the chrysalis energy was having on his body, and it's possible it created a reaction with the massive amount of kinetic energy Wally was helping to generate. This would, of course, mean that Wally returning from the dead could be very possible, and if he were to come back, he'd do so with a major boost in power.
  • Or maybe it's like Barry Allen in Crisis on Infinite Earths, (which is probably where they got the idea from), where the Speed Force is basically speedster Valhalla. So he's dead and in the Speed Force.
  • Greg's words could either imply the Speed Force doesn't exist yet or that it just doesn't exist on Earth-16. There's nothing that doesn't say it doesn't exist in other parallel universes like Earth-12's DCAU. A world in which Wally was the only Flash and was never Kid Flash and yet there's a Kid Flash costume in the Flash museum. Also, there was one time he almost disappeared from that world and said "There's this force - a Speed Force. It's calling me home." Earth-16 Wally West is Earth-12's and he's trapped in the DCAU trying to find a way back.
    • The Speed Force doesn't cross to parallel Earths, as shown when the JLA or Earth-1 went to Earth-616 & Wally found himself being outpaced by Quicksilver because he no longer had a Speed Force to access. Wally of Earth-16 would not be able to access the Speed Force of Earth-12 unless he was already on Earth-12.
    • I had meant that the Speed Force opens the portal to the space between parallel earths. Basically when he got absorbed in "Endgame" Wally got bounced into that space and the first place he exited out was Earth-12. If he had come back, then the Speed Force wouldn't come with him but would be the boost to get him into the space between worlds.
    • As of 2019, when Christopher Jones told a fan on Twitter that the Speed Force doesn't exist in YJ because Greg said so, Greg corrected him, saying that it wasn't quite what he said (which is actually incorrect, since he straight up said on his forum that it doesn't exist), so we're back to square one.

Wally can come back
.Continuing on the thought from above, Wally is still alive do to Applied Phlebotinum from the machine that disintegrated him. He's not dead, he's either trapped somewhere or is a disembodied consiousness- possibly connected to Earth's magnetic field. He's a genius, so he'll put himself back together. Like Dr. Manhattan.

If there was a third season, Wally would come back, but as the Black Flash.
Before your brain shuts down from the sheer absurdity of this theory, let it be said that, with the liberties taken in Earth-16 with regards to character backstories and dynamics (many of them for good, might I add), it's not quite as impossible as it sounds. It doesn't hurt that, at one point in the comics (after Barry's return), Barry temporarily became the Black Flash's replacement due to Professor Zoom tampering with the Speed Force; notice that Wally's "death" mirrors Barry's death/absorption into the Speed Force from Crisis on Infinite Earths, only inverted to a degree. As per the above, Wally might have even ended up creating the Speed Force (or something similar) in some fashion thanks to the event. Whether or not Wally comes back as a villain depends on where the creative team would've wanted to go with the story, if absorbing the excess energies of the Reach's Magnetic Field Disruptors had any detrimental effect on Wally's sanity, if the story went with the recurring idea/suggestion that the Black Racer (one of the New Gods) and Black Flash were one in the same, and if Wally's actually dead to begin with.
  • Well... Kid Flash's costume does have that camouflage mode...
  • The idea of giving Wally a Face–Heel Turn is an idea that this troper is very fond of. Maybe he could even come back as Reverse-Flash or Professor Zoom

If there was a season 3, Wally would be resurrected using a Black Lantern ring
Darkseid would team up with Nekron and bring about events similar to Blackest Night. Since the black rings choose hosts specifically to mentally disturb their opponents,what better manner of psychological warfare than perverting Wally's body to battle The Team? However a I Know You Are In There Somewhere fight with either Artemis or Nightwing...

Wally would be cured and given either a blue or white ring, causing him to become a Christ figure
Would also be an interesting Mythology Gag, given his Uncle's position as both in the comics.

Alternatively... Wally went to the future
He didn't actually die in the season finale and he didn't get disintegrate. What actually happened was that he was motivated to run faster. He couldn't keep up with Flash and Impulse and that drove him to run faster than he's ever gone before. Unfortunately, it worked a little too well and he surpassed Flash and Impulse to the point that he ended up traveling through time and into the future. Impulse's future, to be exact.

Season 3.
Ok, so I know this is going to be opening up fresh wounds, but this is the place where you can guess about plotlines Greg could have put down if Young Justice had reached one last season. You could do this with The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes!, so do so here.

By the way, Spoilers.

  • Dog Days of Summer: The season premiere. Set 5 years after Endgame, the league has grown to a bursting point. Many team members have finally moved up to join their ranks, while the team itself is shrinking, as members come, go, and eventually get back in good graces. The season begins with new team member Stargirl joining the ranks, introduced to the team working aboard the watchtower.
    • Several of the heroes have graduated to the league: Bumblebee and Guardian for 2 examples. Nightwing also was given a spot, but requested staying out of the limelight.
    • The League is growing tenfold, with several of the less obvious heroes joining the big league such as Fire, Ice, The Question, Steel and Metamorpho.
    • The Light is still at large, and Luthor is currently Secretary-General Luthor, who, despite the league's great irritation, has created a relative peace on earth 16. Luthor strengthened Earth's capabilities, sharing some reach technology with some upper level governments, while also secretly reorganizing the light for open war later in the season.
    • Godfrey's still going on earth, and as a result, the Justice League's still in rather shaky waters, though thanks to their work with the reach, not shunned at this point. Also, it too 3 years, but the world finally forgave blue beetle for being a reach pawn.
  • Shadows: Setting up several running threads for this season, this episode deals with how The Team is a Shadow team, and how no matter how much good they might do, they'll always be overshadowed by their mentors/superiors. The occasion for this? The criminal Shade is leading a crime spree, and in a dynamic not used nearly as often in this show, Superman, Batman, Nightwing, Red Robin and Superboy are called in to investigate. While the Team players are out working hard, they get overpicked by their mentors using their skills/powers to such a degree that they almost feel irrelevant. The main thrust of the episode is bringing The Team into the light, as Shade points out at the end that Young Justice's original purpose is essentially worthless now that The Light is taking them seriously after what happened at the summit. Thus, in a very public and risky gesture, the whole team reveals themselves on Godfrey's show to answer some questions on what they've been doing these last 10 years. However the deeper secret at play here is that during the mission, Nightwing sees some shadows that are unlike anything he'd seen before, and thus begins his quest to rescue Wally West from the shadowy Speed Force.
  • Family: The Arrow family (Green Arrow, Red Arrow, Arsenal, Tigress, Cheshire, the new active Arrow member Arrowette and Lian, who's too young to fight, but acts as comic relief) is called in to investigate a Lex Corp transaction suspected of connections with Darkseid. The family hasn't been all together in years, so there's still some obvious tension, particularly between Arsenal and Green Arrow. Thankfully, this trip is just what they need, as it turns out the shipment is being guarded by Light families as well. The Terror Twins, Icicle Sr. and Jr., Shimmer and Mammoth are all there protecting an incoming shipment of light tech, as well as preparing for the arrival of Kalibak to inspect earth. In an unexpected twist, this will also mark the return of Sportsmaster, who actually defeats Kaliback, restoring his reputation, but he leaves right afterwards to show that they'll always be a wall between him and the rest of his family. This marks the League's first real knowledge of Darkseid, and in the debrief before the end, Blue Beetle comes forward with the scarab to explain everything the reach knew about Darkseid as they prepare for a new war. This also will mark the reconciliation of Arsenal and Green Arrow, and the episode ends with the whole family going out on a hunt together.
  • Future Shock: Booster Gold comes to play with the Team, but Bart is obviously anxious to know if anything's changed from the future he came from. Booster seems more invested in the glory of being a hero, but the current KF keeps pushing until the end of the episode. After the two defeat The Rouges(Mirror Master, Weather Wizard, Heatwave, Captain Cold and Captain Boomerang) with help from Blue beetle, Booster comes clean that the future is still in flux. More repaired with no nuclear fallout and less carnage, but the planet was still devastated after the Light got in a crossfire....with Darkseid. In addition, a mysterious...something rescues Booster during the episode, and Nightwing continues to search for evidence of the life of Wally West being still out there.
  • Doomsday: A retelling of The Death of Superman, only changed. In this instance, doomsday doesn't die, but is rather sent to another dimension by Dr. Fate in a desperate attempt to save Zatanna from him. However, in the process, the helm of nabu is knocked off, meaning that Zatara gets a break, but tells his daughter that he needs to return to being Dr. Fate because "the world still needs him". He also includes the obligatory So Proud of You speech that he got to see her grow up into a gifted magician and woman. Technically filler, but also provides a key plot point about how Luthor's growing wary of continuing their partnership with Darkseid, who unleashed doomsday on the planet to test plausibility for HIM to fulfill his goal of subjugating the universe.
  • Echos: A kind of Call-Back episode to the last couple seasons, as in a unique twist, the original Team is called in to investigate a new Injustice League. Lead by Icicle Jr, seeking one last chance to get in well with The Light, this IJL seeks old fashioned world domination yet again, but uses a combined assault of apokalyptian technology, the plant creatures, and the blockbuster/venom fusion to attack major cities, seeking money and control in the process. The original team's goal is to storm their headquarters in Mongolia (after getting a tipoff from Sportsmaster, who's still walking that fine line between villain and Anti-Hero), and stop these recurring villains once and for all. This again adds to the Wally Subplot, as while sneaking around, Nightwing picks up traces of an energy he never experienced before, and brings the data back for the techies to analyze.
  • Pairs: The Sergeant and Lieutenant Marvels, the wonder twins, black lightning, static, Aqualad, Lagoon Boy, and Nightwing go off on a mission to deal with an attack by a new team of intergang warriors: Bloodsport, Riot, Toyman, Prankster, Hellgramite, Radion and their leader: Lex Luthor. The main thrust is that this is a sort of "clean up" operation, as when Bruno and Whisper were taken out 5 years ago, their absence lead to a slow decline in the strength intergang had overall. And as of such, the Team (with Black Lightning along as a senior member) are called in to stamp them out once and for all, to remove another piece of the light's from the board. It is a difficult fight, particularly since Riot can clone himself to take on all of them at once, but they eventually take down the last of the members, confiscating their technology, and locking up their members one last time on a new supervillain prison that was created by the league: The Slate. Unfortunately, the slate is...contreversial to say the least, and its presence is actually hurting the league's image a lot. Further, Nightwing helped lead the pairs to victory, but he's still somewhat distracted during the fights examining the many technologies owned by intergang. At the end of it all, Luthor escapes (again), but the organization is essentially dead at this point. And in examining the technology available, Nightwing has an idea to use boom tube technology to try and find a way to bring Wally back from the dead.
  • Too Far: Darkseid outgambits Savage, wrestling control of War World from him, and making certain Clarion is no longer his "lap dog". (perhaps giving him an omega beam to the face) Lex Luthor in turn abandons him to his fate, saying that savage pushed things too far, and now HE will be the leader of the light. Having spent much of the timeskip accumulating power, credence and publicity, the remaining light members fall in behind Luthor, leading to savage's ultimate Villainous Breakdown about nobody being competent or smart enough to follow his vision all the way through. At about that point, the Justice League will capture him, and put him in a special cell where he'll be forced to watch earth become the center of the universe, but peacefully.
  • Oblivion: Darkseid's forces invade Earth, putting down planet crackers to create new lava pits. One is placed near Mount Justice, and it actually partially activates, coating the sky in a soot layer (hence explaining the state of mount justice after Neutron "crashed"). The League is stretched to a breaking point fighting the enemies
  • Usurper: Mongul is freed from his cell on War World, revealing that HE was once lord of apokalips. To that end, he found the war world, and decided to slowly build a power base before returning to invade his old kingdom in order to restore it to HIS vision. Taking place after Oblivion, the team is forced to rely on Mongul for helping create a plan in order to defeat Darkseid's forces, despite the obvious fear that he'll turn around and use War World to destroy Earth afterwards.
  • Power: The final battle with Darkseid. Time is of the essence, as Darkseid tries to bring about hell on earth. The League and team converge on his position, with an agreement to let Mongul have War World back if he'll promise to stay out of earth space. In one of the definitive moments of the series, we get a moment of awesome from superman when he manages to knock back both mongul and darkseid with his fists at once.
  • Immortal: The next couple episodes are in the vein of Transformers Prime, where they happen simultaneously as the league and team spread out to defeat the light once and for all. This particular episode focuses on their efforts to defeat Ra's Al Gul once and for all.
  • Magic: Spearheaded by Dr. Fate, several heroes go after Klarion to convince him to cause chaos elsewhere rather than make earth more miserable.
  • Long Live the Queen: Queen Bee's last stand in Bialya. Having taken a political misstep in outing herself as a member of the light, she is attacked by the sanctioned Justice League in her own nation, leading to the somewhat amusing, somewhat dangerous situation of both trying to capture queen bee, while also trying to resist her powers.
    • There'll be a fight between Miss Martian and Queen Bee. Megan is pushed to use her psychic powers to Mind Rape her, but at the last second, with Superboy talking her out of it, she refused to go through that dark path again.
  • Engagement: A double pun. While this marks the definitive end to shipping (somehow) for a couple, it also marks the beginning of the battle royale as the light makes its last stand against the league.
  • Forever: The Series Finale, in which the light is FINALLY given full comeuppance for their 13 years of scheming. After taking down their Legion of Doom in what is the biggest battle sequence of the entire series, the light is slowly dismantled piece by piece. Ra's is taken care of in a more permanent way, Klarion is convinced to leave the light's service, Luthor and Queen Bee are taken before the UN for Crimes against Humanity, and Vandal Savage after all this time, is Killed Off for Real, witnessing Mankind rejecting the destiny he had planned for them. Includes a brief "Where Are They Now?" Epilogue to show who got out of the game for good, and what heroes decided to keep fighting supercriminals wherever they might spring up.
    • And maybe a brief glimpse of the Legion of Super-Heroes.

Young Justice is the outcome of the animated version of Crisis on Infinite Earths
Word of God says the viewer can interpret DCAU as the animated Earth-1 and Batman: The Brave and the Bold as the animated Earth-2. (You can even see Terry very briefly at the end of "Night of the Batman") There might've been some kind of adaption of the crisis that created YJ as an outcome. (Yes, I know B:TBATB was still going while Young Justice aired, but Batman Beyond took place after Justice League, right?)
  • Word of God is that it's Earth-16, so there's still at least 15 other extant universes.
  • Apparently both the DCAU and YJ continuity are part of the New 52's multiverse as Earths-12 and -16 respectively. [1]

The Justice League was initially kept secret in order to prevent organizations like the Light from forming.
Word of God is that when they first formed, the Justice League kept their existence a secret from the rest of the world. It wasn't until the Joker exposed them that they moved out of Mount Justice and set up the Hall of Justice. The reasoning for this was that if the supervillains realized that the heroes had started working together, they might step up their game and escalate the conflict. Keep in mind, the main reason the Light formed was in response to the Justice League.

The Scarab thinks of prefixes the same way as season 1 Robin
Because this is WMG, and why are people always deceased, why isn't anyone ever just ceased?

The Team's official name is the Legion
And it is a predecessor to this universe's Legion of Superheroes. A bunch of young super powered soldiers? Can't be a coincidence.

Wally didn't die...
He travels through the Speed Force and ends up becoming the Flash we see in JusticeLeague. That's why no one ever mentions a Barry Allen, and why when he gets absorbed into the Speed Force when fighting Brainiac/Luthor that it was "calling him home"

In the original timeline that Bart comes from, Barry dies and Wally becomes the Flash
We know that Reactron kills Barry in the original timeline, so in this timeline, Wally replaces him as the Flash, similar to Crisis.

Season 3 plot ideas
  • Raven appears to try and assemble the Titans so she can stop Trigon.
  • Nightwing will be operating on his own in Bludhaven and meets Starfire when she crashes on Earth.
  • The League gains possession of a Mother Box and send it to Star Labs where an accident happens that leads to the creation of Cyborg and Vibe gaining his powers.
  • A Superman focused episode where Supergirl is introduced.
  • A Batman focused episode where Red Hood is introduced and focuses on Jason Todd's history with the Team.
  • A Wonder Woman focused episode that introduces Donna Troy and elaborates on her history with the Team. The villains could be Doctor Psycho, Doctor Poison, and Doctor Cyber and there will be a humorous discussion about all of them having a doctor title.
  • A Green Lantern focused episode that could introduce the other Lantern Corps and will end with Sinestro being approached by Lex Luthor.
  • A Flash focused episode that will touch on the theme of legacy, especially that of the Flash. The Speed Force will be introduced or at least hinted at. The villains will be the Rogues and Cobalt Blue.
  • An Aquaman focused episode that will focus on Tempest and what he's been up to. Lorena Marquez will be introduced and have powers connected to the Clear. Ocean Master will return as the villain.
  • A Martian Manhunter episode that will focus on a Red Martian, most likely Jemm, arriving on Earth after being inspired by the heroics of Martian Manhunter and Miss Martian.
  • A Green Arrow focused episode that will introduce Arrowette.
  • A Captain Atom focused episode where he finds out that the Dilustel experiments that empowered him are still being done and they create Bombshell. The villain will be Major Force.
  • A Captain Marvel focused episode that will introduce Mary Marvel and Isis. The villains will be Black Adam, Ibac, Sabbac, Doctor Sivana, and Mister Mind.
  • A Hawkman focused episode that will open up a plot thread involving the JSA. The villains will be Gentleman Ghost, Shadow Thief, Matter Master, and Fadeaway Man.
  • An Atom focused episode that showcases the Atom legacy and will introduce Atom Smasher and Damage. The JSA Atom will be referenced. The villains will be Chronos and Bug-Eyed Bandit.
  • A Blue Devil focused episode where the character is finally explored and introduces Kid Devil.
  • An Adam Strange episode will introduce Equinox from Justice League United.
  • A Justice Society episode that will introduce several associated legacy characters. The villains will be Vandal Savage and the Injustice Society.
  • An Hourman episode
  • A Sandman episode
  • A Stargirl episode
  • A Mister Terrific episode.
  • A Batgirl episode where she is crippled because of the Joker and begins the road to becoming Oracle.
  • A Robin episode that will introduce Spoiler or Cassandra Cain who will start on the way to becoming Batgirl.
  • A Superboy episode where he's injured or his DNA starts breaking down and must seek out Lex Luthor for help. Said help will result in Conner starting to age and gaining his tactile telekinesis. At the end the beginning of Bizarro is seen.
  • A Wonder Girl episode where she is either empowered by Ares or gains the Silent Armor to combat Trigon. The villains will be Ares and Cheetah, who will be approached by Lex Luthor.
  • A Kid Flash episode where he will actually enter the Speed Force to defeat an enemy and encounter Wally.
  • An Aqualad episode where he will gain the hairstyle he had in the comics.
  • A Miss Martian episode where she will be looking into metahuman experiments on children that the Light are continuing through stolen Reach research and will introduce Kole, Argent, Bunker, Solstice, and Terra.
  • Nightwing will be captured and held captive in Markovia. The League's inability to help will cause Batman to form the Outsiders.
  • An episode that somehow involves the future Batman, Terry McGinnis.
  • John Constantine makes an appearance, voiced by Matt Ryan again. His animated design from the Justice League Dark movie and Constantine webseries already fits right in, since it's by the same character designer.
  • Psimon will once again end up in a paralyzed/catatonic state for a long time.

Arsenal will buddy up with Jason Todd
We know Jason Todd exists in this continuity and was briefly part of the team. We know his traditional bad relationship with Batman would make for a good parallel to Arsenal's with Green Arrow. Both incarnations of the Team already paired generations of sidekicks together, so this seems fairly logical. Too much like the maligned "Red Hood and the Outlaws", you say? Meh. They managed to take something from "Rise of Arsenal" and make it pretty cool.

Beast Boy will get a new voice actor for Season 3.
Not that Logan Grove's portrayal is terrible, but in case his voice isn't proportionate to Beast Boy's new age. They did the same thing with Captain Marvel and his true form Billy. Who do you think should take Logan's place, and be more original than Greg Cipes.
  • Suggestions
    • Jeremy Shada
    • Will Friedle
  • Jossed. Greg Cipes is returning.

There will be a crossover with Scooby-Doo.
Because Weisman said he wanted it, and Vietti already put in a cameo of the girls in Scooby Doo Wrestle Mania Mystery.
  • It could be a Broad Strokes of Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated.
    • Confirmed as of "First Impression", although it's more of a homage/heavy reference than an adaptation.
  • Scooby being smart and able to talk yet people treat it as an Unusually Uninteresting Sight could be excused as him being a lab experiment and Velma having given him cybernetic implants or only the Gang can understand Scooby because of some sort of supernatural magic relating to his nature as an Anunnaki descendant.
  • Professor Pericles is also a cybernetically-enhanced lab animal.
  • Daphne & Velma transferred from Ridge Valley High to Coolsville/Crystal Cove High.
  • Daphne gets Adaptational Intelligence because the stakes are higher in this version.
  • Either Fred's parents are normal, criminals, or (wannabe) supervillains. Alternatively, they could Composite Character Mayor Jones and Donald Jones/Professor Huh? and use his mom from BCSD, which would funnily enough be similar to Artemis's situation with her parents.
  • There was a previous Mystery Incorporated, just like in SDMI.
  • Vincent Van Ghoul seems to be just an actor like in SDMI, but it turns out that he's secretly a sorcerer.

Vandal Savage is still eats his kids in this continuity
He orders that his daughter be given a funeral fit for the gods. Considering his age, there's no reason he couldn't have been a part of a cult that practiced funerary cannibalism. Or even a very twisted eucharist. He probably sticks to eating the ones he can't get any use out of anymore.

The Light caused the death of the Doom Patrol
  • The Light's ranks included the Brain and Monsieur Mallah, traditional enemies of the Doom Patrol, so it's possible that the Brain used some of the Light's resources to get rid of the Patrol. And given Deathstroke and Sportmaster are implied to have taken Max Lord's role as Ted's killer, so it's possible the Light similar replaced General Zahl here.


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