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Ideas about the Light

1.The Light is a shadowy government conspiracy to control superhumans like an extreme version of the suicide squad.

2. The light members are from earth three and they came to Earth 16 after they were nearly defeated on earth 3 and are trying to make Earth 16 into a paradise to atone for their failure on Earth three and are fighting the justice league to get revenge by proxy.

3. The spectre created the light to bring paradise to earth after he saw what happened to the Earth after superheroes disappeared for many years and he created the light before the league existed. Also he realizes that it he makes earth a paradise superheroes would have no need to exist and he uses villains because they're willing to get their hands dirty unlike superheroes. The main reason Jim is doing this so that the spectre would no longer have a need to exist.

These ideas are all jossed by now but they could've been great alternatives for the light's motivations and existence.

The Light are Brainwashed and Crazy

This explains why they are working with a higher-than-normal amount of cohesion for a bunch of backstabbing egomaniacal supervillains, many with contradictary goals, and why they are less obsessed than they usually are with their enemies (eg. Lex Luthor seems much more sane and balanced and not constantly scheming to murder a superhero out of petty jealousy). Assuming it is Darkseid who is backing them, he probably did this so he could take control of the planet more easily by having natives do it for him in advance; they are all (or mostly) under some form of Mind Control that believe that they are ushering in a better world, but aren't thinking clearly enough to realize that Darkseid is the absolute last guy to bring that about.

The Light will work alongside with the Justice League during the Invasion arc.
It would make sense as to why they view themselves as the good guys (even if it's stretching the term a bit). They knew this invasion was going to happen and it's by extra terrestrials, thus why they're preparing an army and weaponry. I have a feeling that the invaders would be of Krytonian or a cousin species and that's why Superboy was created, in case Superman ever turned from Earth because one Superman is handful but an invasion army of them?

Also halfway or further through the second season, after invasion is dealt with, they'll do their Heel–Face Turn and now the real invasion begins: the Light's plan to conquer the world after Earth is exhausted by an alien invasion. Not that they would have that much of fight from a good portion of the populace. After all, they'd look pretty good at this point if they helped to save the planet.

The Light will all stab each other in the back
  • Following "Usual Suspects" it appears that the Light has taken over the Justice League. Now that they have control, they will start turning on each other.
    • Luthor, Savage, Bee, the Brain and Ocean Master will fight over power by trying to off each other. Ra's al Ghul will attempt something extreme to "cleanse" the world contrary to the others' wishes and Klarion will simply be disappointed in the lack of Chaos and go rogue (or even help the team) just to keep the fighting going.

The Light can predict the Future.
They abducted Lilith Clay (Omen) and are holding her prisoner while using her abilites agains't the League and the Team.

Ocean Master will exact his revenge on the group and fail miserably.

If The Light is ever caught all in one place...
The League will give Lex Luthor and Queen Bee the chance to leave if only to swear off any allegiance to the group. Both of them are the only two that capture might have serious problems with their captures (financial/legal and diplomatic respectively), and if the two of them work alone, they'd be much easier to deal with and keep an eye on. The other five range from mad scientists to international terrorists, so their capture would provoke far less of a problem compared to the other two. Of course, just because they're given an out doesn't mean either of them will take it, but it's still a possibility in the future.

The Light plan for The Reach's invasion to fail
Vandal said that Phase 2 of the plan required the Justice League alive, all they were going to do was act as The Quisling, then there wouldn't be any point in that. Recently we see that they also planned to have the team break in and find out more on what The Reach was planning, it seems likely that they want the Justice League to thwart the invasion, but plan to have them do enough damage that they rebuild the world to their liking.

The Light's grand plan
Phase 1: defeat the justice league, take control of their minds after much experimentation and trickery, and send them to rimbor in order to put earth in the galactic spotlight.Phase 2: invite The Reach on world, and partner with them to figure out how to activate a metagene. With such an activation figured out, the mass empowering and "evolution" of mankind can begin.Phase 2.5: Send Mongul to disrupt Reach control, then help push The Reach off world. Come off as heroes, and bring The Light to light as heroes.Phase 3: Using Earth as a magnet for conquerors, destroy any competition that might come our way, making earth the greatest planet in the universe.Phase 4: Get rid of those pesky league members once and for all, take control of the planet, and run it OUR way, as rulers of the universe.

The Light would have gained a massive rival on Earth.
An idea is that a rival organization with just as much power and hold in the world is challenging the Light and its goal of galactic importance. They do not care for the goal of importance in the universe, but to destroy moral order and have evil gain a foot-hold in the grand scheme of things and ultimately control all of the Earth with its blight.

I am talking, of course, about The Black Glove!

The Light is an example of Enemy Mine.
Most of the Light have contradictory motives, but then again so do almost every Villain Team-Up ever. In truth, only the first three care about bettering the world, and even those three have different views on the utopia part of Utopia Justifies the Means. But they realised long ago that working together is the best shot they have at their goals. When the superheroes are either dead or under control and humanity is secured, will they finally be at each others throats. As for each of their individual motives:
  • Luthor and Vandal Savage are the most loyal to each other. Luthor is probably even more devoted to the Light's message, considering its been his motive in comics for almost thirty years, unlike Vandal Savage's New Earth counterpart.
  • Ra's Al Ghul is more interested in a habitable, safe world instead of humanity's superiority. He's joined The Light for the "better world" aspect, and doesn't care at all about humans being superior. He'll betray them if and when humanity's superiority threatens the environment, which is ironically the same rationale behind being a part of the Light(humans being safe and secure means no alien invasion every Tuesday.
  • Queen Bee just wants to keep her power base of Bialya, and prevent it falling apart. If the Light decides to no protect Bialya, she'll betray them(not because Even Evil Has Standards, but because she needs her country to be effective.)
  • Being an assassin, Black Manta is partially in it because it pays well and partially because it gives him a certain Karma Houdini status-if he's in a tough spot, the Light will bail him out.
  • As with his comic book counterpart, the Brain has no delusions of humanity's champion and no desire of a perfect world-he just wants to Take Over the World, pure and simple. The Light are rather successful in their goal, so allying with them makes his rise to power easier. The Brain is waiting for his chance to usurp them
  • Klarion is just in it for laughs. He'll probably manipulate the Light into holding the Idiot Ball to cause chaos, or feed on the chaos that a war between humans and aliens would cause.

How the Light enlisted the Injustice League
The IJL features some rather big names. It's a bit improbable that they'd be easily manipulated or willing to be The Fall Guy without some incentive, so let's speculate:
  • Count Vertigo: pretty much confirmed that he led the IJL in exchange for a favor from Vandal Savage (and we see the payoff in "Coldhearted".
  • Joker: Does the guy need a reason to cause general mayhem? Lex probably let him in on it, knowing the clown would be offended if he wasn't invited.
  • Poison Ivy: Could probably be hooked on the Light's whole "better world" shtick if they kept mum on the specifics.
  • Ultra-Humanite: It's confirmed that she (yes, she) has some connection to the Brain in her past life. Maybe he could have coerced her.
  • Black Adam: A tough one, but perhaps the Light offered him control of Kahndaq after they rule the world. In fact, Queen Bee is probably in a better position than most to ensure that happens.
  • Wotan: Klarion seems to control him, judging by "Misplaced", so he could have simply ordered him, being a Lord of Chaos and all.

    Members of The Light 
The members of the Light will turn out to include several prominent DC super-villains..
Since Lex Luthor would perhaps be too obvious a choice, I'm going to go out on a limb and say that the major Superman villain on the council will turn out to be Brainiac instead. (Not that he'd be hard to guess, either. Oh, well.)
  • No doubt one of the members is Vandal Savage. Miguel Ferrer was one of the voices of the Light and he was rumored to be the voice of Vandal Savage for the series ages ago.
  • Darkseid's almost certainly not a member himself, what will a cosmic empire to run and all that, but if they plan to bring in the New Gods mythos at all, it wouldn't be surprising if he had an agent among them, to see if they could become useful to him (and just for the irony factor).
    • One of the members almost has a similar silhouette.
  • The Bat-rogues should probably be represented as well- it doesn't seem like Joker's, Two-Face's, or for that matter most of their kind of deal at all, but Ra's al Ghul might just have his hands in it, particularly if they are at least partially Well Intentioned Extremists. If both he and Savage are on the team, I would expect Ra's to draw more heavily on his The Dark Knight Trilogy incarnation, simply to avoid having him and Savage be too similar.
    • According to The Other Wiki, the League of Shadows is set to put in an appearance in Artemis's intro episode. Whether he's Light-affiliated or not, this would seem to make the odds of Ra's putting in an appearance pretty good.
    • Well Intentioned Extremists sounds likely, judging from them creating Superboy in case Superman "turns from the light" (unless you prescribe to the theory that Superman is The Mole, and by this they simply mean turning from their organisation).
  • Alternately, they could go for someone a bit more unexpected among the Bat-Rogues and put Riddler in the Light- I can see being part of a clandestine team of Chessmasters appealing to him (though his particular quirks might also lead to his being the one to ultimately spill the beans on their existence, so he might not be the smartest choice from the others' standpoint, unless he brought something really special to the table...)
    • Like maybe, the identity of Batman? That could work if he's all smug about it and doesn't say because "The greatest riddle isn't a good riddle if everyone knows the answer" since he could just as easily be bluffing. It's also possible the members of the Light don't know who each other is...
  • Black Manta could easily be on as well, considering he's Aqualad's father.
    • Episode 8 confirms he works with the Light. It's unknown if he's a member though
      • It's pretty clear that he's just a mercenary hired by them who has no real loyalty to them beyond the job they're paying him to do.
      • As of Season 2, confirmed. He's taken Ocean Master's position.
  • They might even have a mole on the League itself. The relationship of the teen heroes to their mentor organization will be central to the show. Add the Rule of Drama and...
  • Maxwell Lord.
  • Deathstroke seems rather likely, given his love of general manipulation. Also, Grodd. Again, he's one of the foremost Manipulative Bastards in the DCU, so this seems to be right up his ally. Unless he chooses to fuck them over, of course; knowing Grodd, that's not an off guess.
    • To the former: although he's not a Director member, he replaces Sportsmaster as the Light's enforcer. To the latter: Jossed. In the comics, he's just one of their test subjects.
  • Another option: before he became "Dr. Rape", Doctor Light was notable as a nemesis of teen superheroes in general. Maybe the writers plan to rescue him from his Never Live It Down status as the Big Bad behind this suspiciously-named conspiracy.
    • In the wide-angle shot of The Light near the end, the second silhouette from left seems to have a familiar piece of headgear...
  • One can hardly forget "the sorcerer Wodan," (or however it's spelled - there seems to be no canonical DC entity with a similar name, though the League all act like they know of the guy) who just happens to attempt blotting out the sun just when Cadmus' fire becomes known. Is this a new, unique villain serving The Light, or did Zatara make it up to hide his masters' secrets?
    • Most likely Zatara was referring to Wotan, Doctor Fate's arch-nemesis, whose name has sometimes been rendered as Wodan. He'd definitely be a villain requiring major hero power to take down.
  • Or maybe The Light is actually lead by a Japanese super-criminal with the power to control and kill any non-powered person in the world, assisted by a Flying Brick with phasing powers and a weakness for apples.
  • The scientist at the end of episode 3 will turn out to be T.O. Morrow, Red Tornado's creator. Since he's an Evil Scientist, he may be part of The Light.
    • ... Yes, he is. He looked and acted exactly like Morrow, and Wikipedia rightly refers to him as such.
    • "Drop Zone" confirms that Morrow was working for the Light, but doesn't say whether or not he's an actual member.
  • Given the ostensible motives of The Light, Ra's al-Ghul is definitely not an off possibility as far as membership goes.
    • Confirmed in "Targets"
  • In the end of the third episode, one member of the Light speaks in a French accent, and his silhouette is cylindrical with no visible head or neck, much like the Brain, leader of the Brotherhood of Evil.
    • Then again, the Brain isn't the only french villain with a dome-head. It could be that this villain is Emil La-Salle, better known as the teleporter, "Warp."
  • Its possible that, due to the secretive nature of "The Light," that Libra is the head of this group, like he was with the recent incarnation of the Secret Society of Super-Villains in the comics.
    • Which also fit with the Agent of Darkseid theory above, since in Final Crisis it's revealed Libra's one of the New Gods of Apokolips.
  • Two villains who can be ruled out as of "Drop Zone" are Bane and Kobra- Bane is shown to oppose the Light's interests, while Kobra is an ally of the group, but the way he talks about them and the fact that he uses Sportsmaster as a go-between pretty solidly establish he's not part of the group himself.
  • Amanda Waller. She's definitely manipulative enough and she's a Well-Intentioned Extremist. Plus, she has a long history of working with highly secretive organizations.
  • Parallax could be the leader of "The Light".
  • The Great White Shark, who works with the rest of The Light entirely out of Arkham Asylum.
  • Ocean Master.
  • Judging from the line-up below, the only thing they're missing is a magic specialist. I'm guessing either Circe or Felix Faust.
  • Word of God just confirmed that the Light has seven members. My current theories for Light members who've spoken so far and why:
    • L-1- Vandal Savage (This is Miguel Ferrier, rumored to be voicing Savage; Savage's appearance confirmed via action figure, and he's certainly Big Bad material)
    • L-2- Ra's al Ghul (Confirmed in "Targets")
    • L-3- Lex Luthor (Confirmed in "Targets")
    • L-4- Confirmed to be Queen Bee (voiced by Marina Siritis, who already talked about her role as Queen Bee).
    • L-5- Ocean Master (Has the same voice actor as Orm, introduced in an Atlantis-centered episode)
    • L-6- The Brain (Rounded silhouette and French accent. When the brain appears he seems to have the exact same voice)
      • Possibly Confirmed in "Alpha Male"
    • L-7- Hasn't spoken yet
      • This entire line-up was confirmed in "Revelations". L-7 was revealed as Klarion of all people.
      • As of Season 2, Black Manta has taken Ocean Master's place for unknown reasons.

Batman is a member of The Light
  • They represent his Gambit against heroes going rogue, and Young Justice is his Gambit if the Light goes rogue.
    • Can't imagine how a group of cheap copies of the heroes the Light is supposed to take down is going to themselves take down the Light without a whole crapton of Idiot Ball and Deus ex Machina. Hell, Savage on his own could solo most of the team.

Robin will in fact turn out to be a member/pawn of The Light.
This is the only interesting reason that this troper can think of on why the hell Robin mysteriously disappears during the fight with Mr. Twister and then pops back up, already fighting him. (Yes, "Twister took him" was considered. That just makes you wonder why him?)

Darkseid is covertly backing the Light
He's funneling them Apokaliptican technology- possibly without the knowledge of some individual members- so that they can take on the Justice League and DC's other heroes- but it doesn't matter to him who really wins, since his main goal is just to weaken Earth's power players and soften the planet up for conquest. He'll either make his move in the season finale (and force an Enemy Mine against him) or he'll be set up as a Big Bad for the second season.
  • Considering the fact that they had access to a boom tube, this is very possible.
  • Agreed. The presence of the boom tube pretty much proves it.

Someone from New Genesis is covertly backing the Light
Under the mistaken belief that the Light are the good guys. Everything the Light has done is a massive invocation of Light Is Good in order to gain access to New Genesis technology. Someone on New Genesis is simply trying to prevent Darkseid from conquering Earth.
  • This theory has some additional support now that we know that the Sphere comes from New Genesis. This indicates that the Light's extraterrestrial partners might indeed be on New Genesis and not on Apokolips as most viewers originally assumed from the end of "Bereft". And it's not even necessary for New Genesis to be mistaken about the Light's affiliation: the Earth-based Light villains probably aren't very keen on Darkseid enslaving their planet either, so this could easily set up an Enemy Mine situation where YJ and the Light join forces against Apokolips.
    • However, its also clear that the Sphere was stolen from New Genesis and the Forever People were trying to get it back. It's perfectly possible, and somewhat more likely, that the theives were from Apokolips and not New Genesis.
    • Simple, there are two conspiracies. Darkseid is backing Intergang while Metron is backing the Light. He's been trying to kindle the Fifth World on Earth for years now.

Orm is a double agent for the Light
Keeping with tradition, Orm will betray Aquaman in an attempt to get the throne for himself.
  • If you look at the silhouettes of "The Light" members who were speaking with Black Manta in the last minutes of "Downtime", you can see that the one in the center bares a striking resemblance to Orm's alter ego, "Ocean-Master." The signature three-pointed head-piece pretty much seals the deal.
    • This theory has much more ground in it now that Ocean Master is revealed as a member of the Light.
  • Confirmed in issue 14 of the tie-in comics. Orm is Ocean-Master.

Klarion is not actually a member of the Light.
Teekl is. He just brought Klarion along to the meeting. Doesn't like to travel without him, you know.

Hollis Longshadow is a Member of the Light
His mailbox is L34, he's an "enlightened" former tribal leader, and he's way to knowledgeable. He suggested they kidnap his grandson Ty so Cadmus/Granny Goodness could experiment on him and make him a hero.
  • Hid I.D. number is L-8, as in L+3+4=L8.

The Light considered having Bane as a member
His part in "Usual Suspects" was an initiation test... and he failed.

Captain Cold is going to play a much bigger part later on.

It's mentioned in the YMMV page that the toyline replaced Artemis and Miss Martian with Cold and Black Manta (no big loss there). Black Manta has since become a major character. With Barry and...whatever Impulse's name is (I know it but it escapes me just now) themselves being involved in a significant arc, it seems probable that one or more of Flash's most significant villains will also be playing a part.

He's been highlighted as appearing in the new Batman TV show, which has been restricted by this show (they bought most of the villains). So the reverse will likely happen here, owing to the fact that they can't both own him at once.

Luthor will help the heroes in secret
Lex Luthor (and perhaps the rest of the Light) somehow know of The Reach Apocalypse and are taking precautions such as:
  • Giving Arsenal had robot arm which has proven quite effective aganst Black Beetle.
  • Getting the runaway kids from STAR to go with him (Note that he outright states that Blue Beetle became an agent of the Reach and couldn't be trusted)
Regardless of his intentions He will try to stop the Reach when they prove to be a liability. but until then he's keeping his "friends" close, and his enemies closer, helping the Team in secret to ensure that the Reach don't try any funny business. (Would also explain why he let them take the additive sample as well).

Had Season 2 not been cut short, or if there had been a Season 3, the Light would have inducted three new members to fill in their vacancies.
With Black Manta and the Brain in custody, and Ra's temporarily dead, the Light would probably not have bothered breaking the first two out of custody, and in terms of Ra's they may either have waited for him to be resurrected or just deemed You Have Failed Me and filled his spot with somebody else.

My guesses for their replacements would be any of the following: Neron (got most of the Light to sell their souls in exchange for a power upgrade, for him this would be business as usual), The Joker (a possibility, but he's perhaps a bit too Ax-Crazy to really care if Earth becomes a universal superpower), perhaps Deathstroke or Hugo Strange (the former was aiming to join, the latter seems to be one of the few minions that hasn't screwed up in some way), or Black Adam (he's been Big Bad material for many other things, this could perhaps bump him up from They Wasted a Perfectly Good Character. As an alternative, Desaad might have joined, owing to his master backing the Light, meaning he'd basically be Mouth of Sauron.

  • Some other ideas would be Black Mask (the kingpin of Gotham City who basically controls the entire underground), General Zod (when he gets his ass out of the Phantom Zone), Doctor Sivana (greatest evil scientist in the world and self-named "Wickedest Man Alive"), and maybe even Brother Blood (cult leader with a lot of followers and perfect Teen Titans add-on to Young Justice)

Klarion is possessed by The Child; his true soul is in Teekl
As Dr. Fate said; Lords of Order and Chaos require a foci to manifest in the physical plane. Dr. Fate's is the human host that wears the Mask. Klarion's is Teekl...but why would a demonic familiar be the thing that anchors him to the human world? This is because Teekl is Klarion; or rather; the original Witch Boy. The Witch Boy finally summoned up something he couldn't put down; the Lord of Chaos known as "The Child"; and it took his body and stuffed his soul into his old familiar's. Subservience has given him some common sense in order to keep his old body alive in hopes to one day regain it.

Orm/Ocean Master tried to betray the Light

The reason Ocean Master is no longer a part of the Light is because he thought trying to pick a fight with the Universe was a dumb idea, and was happy to just conquer Earth- sensible, considering what happened in Impulse's timeline. However, Ocean Master needed allies to fight his former partners, and so he confided in Black Manta. Manta saw a chance to boost his own status within the Light, and informed on Ocean Master. Ocean Master was forced to flee, and Black Manta took his place.

If Season Three ever aired, we would Ocean Master join with the heroes to try and stop the Light from screwing over Earth.

Darkseid is not a member of the Light
I should think that the names alone would indicate antagonism. Plus, all throughout Season 2, the Light intimates that they're against alien control of Earth. For bonus proof, Intergang (traditionally agents of Darkseid) is one of few villainous groups that appears to not be connected with the Light. As for the finale of that season, I can only assume that Vandal Savage betrayed the Light, that the Light plans to betray Darkseid as they did with their last two alien allies, or that I'm wrong.
  • For the most part, Jossed. While he's not a member, he does have an agreement with them, though both parties in the agreement fully expect it to end in conflict once they've achieved their respective goals.

General Wade Eiling is working with The Light
In the 80s Captain Atom run by Cary Bates, Greg Weisman, and Pat Broderick, Eiling is shown as a manipulator just like the main members of The Light. Near the end of the series, his true goals are revealed: he is aware of the galactic conflict outside of Earth and is willing to exploit alien tech to make Earth into a powerhouse against the rest of the galaxy. Considering Weisman is also producing the show and has written Eiling similarly in the comic book tie-in, it wouldn't bee too much of a stretch.

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