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     New Members of the Team General 
  • The dreadlocked kid that The Reach kidnapped is a dead ringer for Virgil Hawkins, and the team can use another long-range/energy fighter, since they currently only have Blue Beetle in that role.
    • He's already known to have the "meta-gene." Not to mention in the latest episode, he's the only one of the captured teens to attempt to fight against Black Beetle. A small showcase of heroic potential, and perhaps a little foreshadowing of his future as a team member.
    • It's confirmed to be him, and he has his powers. Which side he'll be on, however, is still up for grabs.
    • He's on the Team as of "Endgame".

  • I mean, we've already had Lobo appear in the show, and it wasn't until he was de-aged by Klarion the Witch Boy and joined the team in the original comics series that Slobo,- his slightly weaker blood-born clone- showed up. Who's to say that he won't appear later on in the show and join the Team as their Boisterous Bruiser?
    • Doubtful, Slobo would be WAY too disruptive for the Team. While the series is called Young Justice, the Team has much more in common in terms of roster and role with the modern Teen Titans than with the original Young Justice team.
    • In Season 3, Lobo gets one of his fingers cut off and it appears to be regenerating...
      • and when it does finish regenerating at the end of the season, unfortunately, the resulting copy ends up utterly destroyed. Lobo came back and blew it up.

  • Think about it for a second. Wonder Girl (Cassie Sandsmark) is being mentored by Wonder Woman, Bumblebee is studying under the Atom (Ray Palmer), so why can't Captain Atom have picked up a partner as well in the 5 years between Season 1 and Season 2? Plus, since the Team is already being run like something similar to a military covert-ops unit, wouldn't it make sense to have a military brat onboard? Someone who knows protocol, has experience with stuff like this and all that jazz?

Tim Drake and Bart Allen will join the team at a later date.
Barry will get killed off making Wally become the Flash, then Bart gets sent back. Dick gets mad and becomes Nightwing so Batman gets a new Robin.
  • Alternately, Wally becomes Kid Fate.
    • The show has a Flash Foward episode. Showing Wally as Flash and Dick as Nightwing, and possibly have Jason Todd (as Red Hood make an appearence) with (older) Superboy being forced to watch Bart and Tim.
  • (Maybe) Confirmed from an Invasion Trailer, concerning Tim. A group of teens is shown fighting a group of aliens - among them Blue Beetle III, Wonder Girl (Cassie), and either Tim Drake in his post-Infinite Crisis Robin suit, or Dick wearing an identical suite.
    • Well its not Dick since he's Nightwing.
  • Looks like Bart Allen's confirmed, too.
  • Both Confirmed.

We're going to eventually see Garth and Donna Troy.
Greg Weisman is on the record saying that Garth is Kaldur's best friend. Having those two join YJ for an episode and work with Speedy, Robin, and Kid Flash would be a wonderful Mythology Gag.
  • We've already seen Garth, but apparently in this continuity he doesn't become (or never was) Aqualad. But he goes by Tempest.
    • No he doesn't. In battle, he said " calls upon the powers of Tempest" but not once in the entire episode of "Downtime" was he addressed by "Tempest".
      • He wasn't addressed by Tempest but it's possible he'll dawn the name if he ever comes up and helps the team.
  • They couldn't show Donna (or Cassie) for legal reasons, but she was confirmed to have been on the team during the time skip. By the time Wonder Girl had been cleared for the show, it was too late in production to include them. Donna was supposed to cameo in season 2, but she was cut.
    • Confirmed. Donna Troy finally appears as Troia at the beginning of Season 3.

Starfire is going to be on the team, or at least a recurring character.
Her introduction to the series will have a similar premise to the episode "Go!" from the Teen Titans (2003) cartoon, with her hijacking the transport ship she was imprisoned in after her peace treaty enforced enslavement by the Gordanians. However, the more sensitive political aspects surrounding Starfire's enslavement will be the greater focus, with Young Justice having to forcibly watch over her as the Green Lantern Corp. and the Justice League frantically scramble to prevent a full-on invasion of Earth.
  • This troper thinks Starfire will more likely be a recurring character than part of the team. Two flying alien girls might be a little redundant, however different their characters and backgrounds are. Then again, if Megan is the team member who dies...
    • Please, no. A Replacement Goldfish situation would just be annoying.
      • Maybe she'll be in an episode reminiscent to the Teen Titans episode 'Go'. But instead of staying with the team she'll go back to her own world. Or maybe she'll crash land on Earth and accidentally fly into (who happens to have Jason Todd with him) which will end up being a reference to Redhood And The Outlaws.
      • Although Beast Boy's on the Team, I think it's safe to say that we won't see Starfire, Cyborg or Raven on the team, at least for this current second season. They'd take too much of the focus away from the rest of the Team, being basically a Teen Titans (2003) reunion. I COULD see it for a third season if the team goes public, and I could even see the Team renamed the Titans after the reveal, but not for season 2. But then again...

... The New Titans join in season 3(or maybe 4), and Deathstroke and Trigon will be Big Bads
Having lost both Zatanna and Kaldur, the Team could use a new mystical character (Wonder Girl doesn't really count, since she's more of a bruiser than a mystic), and Raven fits the bill. Her introduction allows for Trigon to be a Big Bad, and having the other New Titans (Starfire and Cyborg) would set the stage for Deathstroke to make his debut in the series.
  • Deathstroke instead debuts in season 2, though he does join the Light in season 3. Cyborg is indeed recruited in season 3 for the heroes as well, but Raven and Starfire are still absent.

Marvel will realize that Young Justice is so awesome that they will let Greg use Spider-Man again for the show and have him as a member or recurring character
A guy can dream, can't he?

Rocket will join the team.
  • She was revealed on this card from Comic Con
  • She fits the criteria all the other members have (being a teenager and being a sidekick)
  • Diversifies the cast roster (she' African American and female)
  • Her powers aren't similar to any of the other team members (except maybe Miss Martian's telekinesis)
  • She cameos in "Revelation".
    • And in "Failsafe even if it was all just a dream.

Batgirl (Barbara Gordon) will become a team member, or at least a recurring character.
Therefore introducing Robin's official love interest.
  • She made a brief cameo in "Homefront".
    • And "Failsafe".
    • Also hinted to be receiving a larger role, as indicated by Word of God at the Young Justice Wondercon panel.
  • Confirmed in the Invasion trailer.
  • Her dating Dick Grayson was hinted at, but ultimately confirmed in season 3.

Supergirl will eventually show up.
Not as a team member, since they already have a Kryptonian (Superboy) and a quirky alien girl adjusting to life on Earth (M'gann), making poor Kara doubly redundant, but as a guest star. In particular, seeing how she played off Superboy would be interesting...
  • As of the first few episodes of Invasion, M'gann is going in what looks like a considerably darker direction, and the last few episodes of season one confirmed that Superboy is half human, so that leaves the "quirky alien girl" and arguably "Kryptonian" niches open, if they want to fill them. Add in a focus on aliens in general this season, and it doesn't seem out of the realm of personality that we'll at least get a guest appearance from Supergirl.
    • Either way, Supergirl would have been a different kind of "quirky alien girl", as while M'gann was more bubbly and eager to please, Kara is more hot-headed and rebellious.
  • Supergirl could be the team "science guy" being from a very advanced race not to mention having a "genius-level intellect. and (i forgot where i got this) used to be a scientest (probably pre-crsis) on krypton. And the Genius Bruiser niche is still open.
    Supergirl who lived on Argo City for some time learned much about science and technology. Supergirl excels in engineering and has been shown at a young age to be able to reprogram advanced Kryptonian technology, like a robot, with little effort. She is even a member of the Kryptonian Science Council the ruling body of Krypton.
  • Supergirl finally appears in the season 4 finale, but she has had a Face–Heel Turn and joined the Female Furies.

The Music Meister will join the team.
Not quite the same Meister from brave and the bold of course. This is his Earth-16 counterpart who will have some notable differences. Such as:
  • He's a teenager. Duh.
  • He's a hero. Again duh.
  • He trained under Black Canary.
  • He has some additional powers like sonic scream, the ability to bombard things with so much sound vibration that the molecules disconect and become liquid or gas if he wants them to, and voice modulation.

He will of course still be able to control people with his voice. But since his voice is still changing, it's hard for him to hit the right pitch. And of course Changing Clothes Is a Free Action. And it will of course be lampshaded.

Pied Piper will join or at least team up for an episode
  • He's Wally's gay best friend, nuff said.

The real Speedy will join the team
With the reveal that Red Arrow is a clone, and the real Roy is in a Cadmus stasis tube (missing an arm no less) why not?
  • Well, he's calling himself Arsenal, but why not? He does ultimately join the team.

Robin will join the Team
I'm talking about Robin #4 Stephanie Brown probably as her other identity The Spoiler.
  • Confirmed in season 3.

Apache Chief.
  • I cite the latest episode, "Beneath", and the hints therein as reason for this WMG.
    • I was just going to post this, although it is likely they will use the name Long Shadow like the character based on him in Justice League (actual members of the "Apache" call themselves the Inde, which means the people, as opposed to the Apache, which means the enemy).
    • He's also confirmed to have the metagene. And he's got a trailer out that reveals that he does have superpowers, albeit with a more interesting twist.

John Constintine from Hellblazer
The show is dark enough for a version of him to show up, and in his own continuity he did have a relationship with Zatanna and as of the new 52 he does exist in the main DC universe, so why not make him a side character or something for an episode.

- OP here, on a theory of how to get him in to season three of the show, after another time skip of about the same period has caused the team to place Zatanna in charge of a magical deviationof the league, a Justice League Dark if you will, that deals with the mystical threats, Doctor Fate and Captain Marvel are still members of the league proper so Zatanna had to recruit most of her magical deviation, including a mad man from another dimension, the ghost of an acrobat, a fortune teller who happens to be older then she looks, and of course her old British boyfriend who has pissed off both heaven and hell.

Traci 13 will join the team
With Zatanna joining the League, the there's a niche of a full time mage needing to be filled. And along side Raven and Empress, she's one of the three most viable candidates. Plus, in the comics, she's in a relationship with Jaime Rayes, but turned down membership in the Titans, making this a golden opportunity for a Mythology Gag.
  • Confirmed that she joins for Season 3. No word on her relationship with Jaime, but they're friends so far.
    • That relationship is ultimately confirmed later in the season.

Supergirl will join
Probably for season 3 or so, it'd be cool to see how Supes and Konner react to their new cousin.
  • Assuming that the Greg Weisman two-season curse allows us to have a third season, I would love to see this.
  • While she finally appears in season 4, she is a Female Fury, negating any chance of joining the Team for the time being.

A new, original character will be added
Think about it, Kaldur was created specifically for the series, and Artemis' character was heavily modified from her comic book counterpart. It's not too far fetched to create someone new.

Aztek will show up
This one is screaming to happen. He's a hero raised by a shadowy organization that wanted to save the world...and that organization was run by Lex Luthor. It fits The Light's modus operandi so well that the only issue is that it's arguably redundant.

Inspired by the team, she starts fighting crooks dressed in purp-sorry, eggplant. Robin will be the first to discover, leading to the show re-creating the brick scene from the comics. Eventually, she joins the team.
  • Confirmed. She's joining in Outsiders.

Cassandra Cain
She is a fan-favorite, was a member (albeit reserve) of the comic books version of Young Justice, and both Robin III (her adoptive brother in the pre-New 52 comics) and Spoiler (her best friend) are on the Team in Outsiders. This one is just begging to happen at this point. The only real obstacle is the Batgirl identity, but we don't yet know if Babs is going to become Oracle in Outsiders. If not, they could just skip over that and have her be either Black Bat or Orphan, her other identities, which would work just fine.
  • Confirmed.

    Voice Actors 
Possible voice actors

    Young Injustice Roster 

  • Apart from being fairly predictable, the future appearance of an evil counterparts team confirmed by this link:

  • Obviously, Aqualad, now that he's evil or infiltrating The Light, the original Roy Harper, the one missing an arm. Match is almost guaranteed to be a member. Other likely candidates include Cassandra Cain and Jason Todd. Possibly Icicle Jr.

  • "Young Injustice" appears to be the Runaways—Virgil Hawkins (Static/"Black Vulcan"), Tye Longshadow ("Apache Chief"), Ed Dorado ("El Dorado"), and Asami Koizumi ("Samurai"), who the Light attempts to recruit while pointing out that they could use their own teenage covert ops team.

Artemis's Counterpart.

  • Cheshire might be a little too obvious and wouldn't be a new character but having a member of Young Injustice unwilling to use lethal force against her counterpart would be an intresting dynamic.
    • Then again I guess Cheshire is Roy's evil counterpart
  • Rose Wilson or Cass Cain because they're Badass Normals (Well, mostly normal) like her.
    • Ultimately, Cass joins the Team as Orphan, ruling her out.
  • Young Deadshot since he's a marksman too.
    • Jossed by an adult Deadshot appearing in the tie-in comics.
  • Talia Al Ghul. Badass Normal and also the daughter of a supervillain.
    • She does ultimately appear but disconnected from direct action against the Team so far.
  • Cissie King-Jones in a kind of twist. Could also end up killing Artemis's confidence if her eyesight allows her to be a better archer.
    • Jossed with Arrowette joining the Team later on.
  • Catman is also possible, considering his similarly unpleasant past and general ruthlessness, and his history with Cheshire could be another plot point.

Kaldur's Counterpart.

  • Brother Blood or Jinx because they're magic
    • Which Jinx? Traditional comics Jinx, or Teen Titans (2003) Jinx? The latter would be awesome, cause some love-triangle situation with Wally and Artemis . . .
    • Jossed. Kaldur became the evil counterpart, Lagoon Boy became his good replacement.

Kid Flash's Counterpart.

M'gann's Counterpart.

  • Green/White Martian racial purist who hates M'gann bcause she is a white/green/hybrid
    • A similar idea presents itself with Ma'alefa'ak revamped as a terrorist, though he never stoops to the level of hating M'gann for his heritage, as they are both mixed race, and siblings.
  • Bombshell
  • Sun Girl from the Teen Titans comic "East Coast Titans" storyline and the final storyline of the main DCU Teen Titans series before the DCnU.
  • Beast Boy. As another green shape-shifter and it would be interesting to see Garfield evil.
    • Most likely Jossed as Garfield has appeared as an eight year old who admires the young super heroes.

Robin's Counterpart.

  • Damian Wayne. Bruce is 32, Dick is 13. Damian would be younger but wasn't he rapidly matured? Still, possible Unfortunate Implications from an older Talia seducing an 18-20 year old Bruce. Also he could really get inside Dick's head since he's Bruce's biological son. Would be intresting to compare it to Superboy and see how Batman and Superman react if the shoe was on the other foot.
    • Damian does ultimately appear, but he is still an infant.
  • Rose Wilson since Dick was the one who got her to join the good guys in the comics.
  • Cass Cain
    • Jossed with Cass joining as Orphan.
  • Lil' Harley
    • Or, Jokers Daughter, the original Harlequin
  • Jason Todd? Perhaps not...but a girl can dream, right?
  • Anarky
  • Scorn from The Batman
  • The Protector
  • Prometheus
  • Talon. If they feel like introducing a Mirror Universe they could easily add him, since the new Earth-3 Mirror Universe is in the same multiverse as Young Justice (2010).

Superboy's Counterpart.

  • Supergirl (Another clone, possibly with upgrades). Lacks Conner's emotional weaknesses but ultimately looses because she lacks his strengths.
    • Her appearance as a Female Fury could hint at some later animosity down the line.
    • Galatea from the DCAU?
  • Kalibak, Darkseid's son
    • Kalibak does briefly show up in season 3, but had yet to meet Superboy.
  • Bizarro, a defective prototype made before Superboy.
  • Their version of Superboy-Prime. In this case, it'll be a Tyke Bomb who was experimented on, giving him the ability to use Kryptonian powers.
  • Match. He already appeared in "Agendas" and there's no way that he's only getting a one-episode appearance.

Zatanna's Counterpart.

  • Jinx or Brother Blood (Because they're magic)
  • Black Alice
  • Gizmo

Other guesses.

  • Pretty much any Teen Titan or young hero from the comics could be a member of Young Injustice because they're bad in this universe or misguided. Wonder Girl could get her powers from Ares who is leading her astray, Raven has gone evil several times in the comics and Terra was a traitor (Though since everyone knows that from Teen Titans Go it's unlikely to be repeated here).

One of Young Justice will have a huge fight with the rest of the team and join the bad guys.
But will have second thoughts or only be undercover

There will be a cross-team romance.
  • ...This shipper is still waiting with bated breath for Red Arrow / Cheshire.
    • SECONDED! Though not as much as this shipper is for Wally/Artemis. That's funny, because Roy and Wally were best buds with a sort of older-brother thing and Cheshire is Artemis's big sister.

Harley Quinn.
Harley Quinn will be furious at the Team and want revenge for them locking her puddin' away.

Scandal Savage.
  • Her father is a member of the Light, and even if she hates him (like in the comics), it wouldn't be out of character for Savage to blackmail/manipulate Scandal. Besides, Greg Weisman has said that he wouldn't be averse to adding a gay character. They wouldn't even have to admit that she's gay (except maybe for a few moments), since it's already been proven that gay/bisexual characters are fair play if their sexuality is unmentioned (The Brain, for instance).
    • Having her as an ally is totally conceivable; while joining the Team is definitely not in her nature, she's far closer to a morally good alignment than she would like to admit.
    • Ultimately, Cassandra Savage is fully loyal to her father's ideals.

The Ethnic Superfriends.
  • As of Beneath, Queen Bee was kidnapping youths for some reason. The kids she was left with in the end were a Native American (... an actual Apache Chief, no less), a hispanic, an Asian, and an African-American. They're obviously going to get super powers corresponding to Apache Chief, El Dorado, Samurai, and Black Vulcan. The only question is whether they'll be considered Young Injustice, or just be mind-controlled enemies.
    • As of Runaways, the kidnappees are confirmed to be a reworking of Apache Chief, (Tye Longshadow) El Dorado (Eduardo Dorado), and Samurai (Asami Koizumi), with Black Vulcan replaced by Static (Virgil Hawkins). They have also been recruited by Lex Luther ostensibly to work against the Reach so this is looking very likely.

     Two New Members of the Team in Season 1 
Likewise, two new members will be joining the team during the season - one near the middle, and one at the end.
We may assume that Artemis will be the middle one. So the end one will be:
  • Wonder Girl
    • The rights have cleared up, and she's iconic...and will conflict less with Superboy's role if he gets to be stronger, but she can fly and has some magical abilities.
    • If she does show up, Donna Troy is the most likely Wonder Girl to appear because it is mentioned that Garth (the original Aqualad) is Kaldur's best friend (and therefore leaving him and, most likely Donna, in their age range), and they already have Ship Tease with Superboy and Miss Martian, so his comics girlfriend (Cassie Sandsmark, Wonder Girl II) would only add to the Love Triangle.
    • Confirmed. Cassie makes a brief appearance in the new Invasion trailer.
    • Troia, as Donna goes by, served in the background between seasons 1 and 2, but at present is just an ambassador.
  • Zatanna
    • This troper is betting the murdered character is gonna be Zatara as he was dead for decades in the comic DCU, it would be a safe assumption that Zatanna would be a member or a team ally on the show.
    • That sounds both workable and awesome. Also consider, the team already has a Badass Normal (Robin, presumably two when Artemis shows up) a speedster (KF), a Flying Brick (Superboy, though all his powers haven't come in) a psychic (Miss Martian) and a fairly versatile straight-up warrior (Aqualad), so a magic-user would fill out the roster nicely, particularly if Miss Martian, whose abilities would be the closest to magic, turns out to be one who bites it.
    • Also, why else establish that Zatara is the League's mystic?
    • An alternative to Zatanna would be her cousin Zachary Zatara.
    • All but confirmed by images leaked from the 2011 San Diego Comic Con, showing the design for a teenage Zatanna.
      • Confirmed in episode "Humanity".
      • We'll see her and Black Canary hang together because of their similar fashion.
      • Zatara isn't dead but he might as well be and Zatanna is Confirmed
  • Captain Marvel, Jr.
    • He's got a great "in" to the coming-of-age themes, and Marvel was seen on the League.
    • Miss Martian's look is very close to Mary Marvel already.
    • According to Greg Weisman himself, Freddy did serve the Team at one point, as Lieutenant Marvel.
  • Ravager
    • Probably with The Light rather than Slade in his backstory, or with Slade as a member of The Light.
      • For that matter, The Light seems like the kind of thing that his dad would be a part of.
  • The other Ravager (AKA Rose Wilson).
    • Unlikely it'll be Grant, the first Ravager, since he was a villain up to death. However, in comic canon Rose turned against her father.
  • The Ray
  • The Secret
    • For both her and the above, the writers may want a more obscure character to step in.
    • She appears in "Secrets", but she may not likely join the team. Unless they're planning something with her eventually.
  • Hawk and/or Dove
    • Both/either could add an interesting emotional resonance.
  • Kid Devil
    • Was almost a member of Young Justice in the comics, and he was Megan's best friend. Plus, he kind of looks like a gargoyle.
    • Blue Devil has appeared a couple of times already, though just cameos. If Eddie was 12 pre-time skip, around the age he decided to become Blue Devil's sidekick (which was early in Blue Devil's hero career, as Weisman indicated he was 25 pre time skip), Eddie would be at just the right age to get his powers from Neron post time skip. The time skip also gives enough time for Blue Devil to have joined and left the Justice League and accidentally kill Eddie's Aunt Marla in his deal with Neron.
  • Shining Knight (Ystina)
    • She would make a great Fish out of Temporal Water character.
    • If we get a Shining Knight, it had better be Sir Justin and NOT that cheap, female knock-off. Hinted by the existance of Firebrand, AKA Danette Reilly, AKA Red Inferno
      • One, Sir Justin isn't a teenager, two, Ystin is freakin' awesome, and three, that Shining Knight hasn't been used for a while. Also, how does a JSA member hint at a member of the Team years later?
  • Jade
    • It would be cool to have a character with Green Lantern like powers on the team.
      • Alternately Arisia could fill that role.
      • Or Kyle Rayner, since he would be around the same age as the team if comic book canon holds.
    • If Jade joins they might as well have Obsidian join too, and have him be the source of Ho Yay fanservice.
  • Blue Beetle (Jaime Reyes)
    • He was a member of the Teen Titans in the comics.
    • He's also somewhat of a popular character, being a part of DC's New 52, plus a forthcoming series possible with the DC Nation block on Cartoon Network. This Troper would be really surprised if Jaime didn't join the team, much less at least make an appearance on the show to help them out.
    • Leaked box art of the season 2 action figures feature Blue Beetle.
    • [1]
  • Secret
    • We have confirmation from one of the writers that she will be making an appearance and as a Young Justice comic original character what would be the point of her showing up without eventually joining the team?
    • She appears only in a single Halloween Episode, but at least she did appear.
  • Static
    • The top rated comment on the Young Justice comic-con video is having Static on the team.
      • It would make sense, name one other DC hero who would fit Young Justice who had his own series that ran for /4/ seasons at least.
    • It could be a Call-Back to the crossover episode with Batman, who told him he'll meet the Titans one day.
    • Footage from Season 2, someone with dreadlocks and a white mask will be appearing soon. Sounds like Virgil to me.
    • Confirmed
  • Arrowette
    • Another Young Justice original character set to appear on the show. She could possibly replace Artemis if Artemis turns out to be the villain Artemis Crock.
      • Artemis is Artemis Crock.
    • Fortunately, Arrowette did appear later, first as a civilian, then joining in season 3, confirmed.
  • Stargirl
    • She's the most popular teenage DC character who isn't on the Titans. DC and Warner certainly think she's bankable: when the JSA appeared on Smallville, she was one of the members present.
    • Appears as a civilian in season 3, but joins the heroes in season 4, so confirmed.
    • The comic book team appeared in two issues of Stars and STRIPE.
    • She could be used as a way to bring the JSA into the series if they ever want to.
  • Just a thought...Judging from how high up the number of season 1 episodes there are, Artemis' introduction is still at the beginning, not towards the middle. Also, when they said 2 more members would be added, it sounded like in addition to the current core 6. So we could get two of the above mentioned before season's end instead of just one.
    • I can't see them going more than seven members of the team; any more and there would be too many main characters for a show like this one. That's why I think at least one member of the current team will leave before this season is up to make way for a new member.
  • Cyclone
    • Red Tornado is in the show, and all YJ members so far have some connection to an established hero.
  • Golden Eagle
    • Hawkman and Hawkwoman briefly appear, and are possibly Thanagarians. Golden Eagle (Charley Parker) has yet to appear in any form of media adaptation. In this continuity, Charley Parker might even be the Hols' adopted son, just like how Uncle Dudley adopted Billy Batson. He and Roy Harper will be antagonistic towards each other (like their mentors) or, in an ironic twist, they'll be best friends.
  • Wonder Twins
  • Mal Duncan AKA The Herald
    • Seen in "Targets"
    • Also hinted at receiving a larger role in the second season, per the Wondercon Young Justice panel.
    • Confirmed, but he becomes the second Guardian, not Herald.
  • Bumblebee
    • Seen in "Targets"
    • Confirmed in Invasion trailer.
  • Empress
    • She was a member in the comics so she should appear in some way shape or form.
    • Plus, now that Zatanna has officially joined the Justice League, the team has a void to fill as far as a magic-user is concerned. Anita would be on the of the best fits for this position, especially given her skill with traditional Vodoun magic. Greg Weisman likes to encorporate a lot of world culture into his works, so adding Anita and her unique brand of sorcery to the team isn't that much of a stretch when you think about it.
  • Raven
    • Psimon exists in this continuity; AFAIR he got his powers by making a Deal with the Devil with Trigon, meaning Trigon likely exists here too, and if Trigon exists it's very likely his daughter does as well. I'd actually prefer they didn't use Raven, since even though I'm a big fan of the character her presernce would pretty much mandate doing some form of the Terror of Trigon storyline, which Teen Titans (2003) already did. Since YJ has been trying (and so far succeeding) to establish itself as having a very different identity from its predecessor, adapting a storyline TT already did seems unlikely, but the groundwork is there if they choose to build on it.
      • If Raven were to get invovled it would most likely bring in Trigon. Teen Titan fans would go berserk and (in a worse case scenerio) ratings would go down because people would be pissed they "stole the plot". If Raven does appear I bet she'll be in her ghost form and someone will give an off hand comment about Trigon.
      • Raven appears in the second "Invasion" trailer
      • Actually, that's Alanna Strange. Adam Strange's wife.
  • Beast Boy, mostly because Batman: The Brave and the Bold screwed him out of his appearance with the Doom Patrol ( on the other hand that also means he didn't die with them too.)
    • I like the idea that Beast Boy is older than the team and brought in to teach the kids about making the transition from "kid sidekick" to "adult superhero" since he's one of the few who's actually had to take that leap when he left the Doom Patrol.
    • Both Beast Boy and Wally West would bond due to their similar personalities and being redheads. Beast Boy would point out that Artemis reminds him of someone he knows.
      • He's being voiced by Logan Grove. The guy who plays Gumball in The Amazing World of Gumball. I bet he'll be more in Robin's age group. But I can still totally see him bonding with KF.
    • Jossed, mostly. He appears in "Images" as Garfield Logan, before/during the accident that causes him to become Beast Boy. It's unlikely he'll be joining the team anytime soon, seeing as he's still very young and he hasn't been orphaned yet.
      • But that doesn't mean he can't join the Doom Patrol anytime soon.
    • Confirmed. How else can you explain that big green gorilla in the Invasion trailer?
  • Kyle Rayner, for no other reason than all the other human Green Lantern Corps members are in the series, and it seems a bit odd to leave him out. Someone else above commented that he'd probably be around the right age in this canon, too.
    • Kid Lantern, anyone?
  • Argent, from the Dan Jergens run of the book in the late nineties. She appears in the "Invasion" Trailer.
    • Does nobody here know who Alanna Strange is?
  • Batgirl. The Barbara Gordon version. Since she also was in the Invasion trailer.
  • Atom Smasher
  • Jesse Quick/Liberty Belle
  • The Yolanda Montz version of Wildcat

     Five missing members of team in season 2 
Go look at the characters page. Every team member has a numerical code announced by the computer when they enter or exit the Zeta tube. Numbers 1-9 are taken by the original six plus Roy, Zatanna and Rocket. The highest known number is Blue Beetle (B22). Assuming he is the most recent member (Quite possible) between Rocket and him are 12 numbers but only 7 team members. So where are the five missing members? And who are they?

Word of God has now revealed them all: The five missing members between Rocket and Batgirl are Tempest (Garth), Aquagirl (Tula), Troia (Donna Troy), Robin II (Jason Todd), Lieutenant Marvel (Freddy Freeman, "Captain Marvel, Jr./CM3" in the comics) and Sergeant Marvel (Mary Bromfield, "Mary Marvel" in the comics).

The five unaccounted for members of the team are...
Robin II (Jason Todd), Wonder Girl I (Donna Troy), Tempest (Garth), Aquagirl (Tula) and Speedy (the original Roy).
  • You can scratch the real Roy Harper off your list.
  • Scratch Tula off the list too, she's dead. That's one of the reasons why Aqualad "betrayed" The Team.
Jason Todd
The really obvious guess as to a missing member would be Jason joined but died. A lot of people cite Nightwing's "Don't die" line to Tim as evidence of this.
  • confirmed, more or less by the Satisfaction preview images. And you're guess seems accurate by what we've seen.

Wolf and The Sphere have numbers
Unlikely but might account for B10 and B11
  • Jossed by Word of God. Apparent, their designation is C, which is for pets.

Well, we DID see Cissie King-Jones in episode 23 of the first season looking admiringly at Artemis and Green Arrow...
  • Unlikely. When Green Arrow rattles off a list of people he's trained in "Satisfaction," he doesn't mention her.
  • It could still happen. Artemis decides to stay as Tigress at the end of season 2.
  • She finally appears as a hero in season 3.

They are on a covert team hunting for the real Roy/The Light
The team is supposed to be for covert ops like infiltraiton and investigation and it would also help explain where Wally/Artemis/Kaldur have gone
  • Jossed. Only Red Arrow was searching for old Roy after the timeskip.

Secret/Greta Hayes
Not likely given her YJ interpretation. Has probably already "Moved on", but could be...

Garth and Tula
Not long term members like Kaldur but could have been guest stars like Roy and Zatanna were before becoming permanent official members.
  • Tula is confirmed. She died on a mission apparently.
  • Garth is confirmed. He's a playable character in Young Justice: Legacy, and an interview with Greg Weisman confirms that he joined and left the team during the timeskip.
  • Garth's and Tula's designation numbers are B-10 and B-11, respectively, according to a recent Ask Greg post.

Bette did make a few cameos, and I can definitely see her getting herself killed considering what she's like in the comics.
  • Bette did not join during the Time Skip, but she is... ahem... still in Dick's life.

A bit of a stretch, but she apparently had a temporary Heel–Face Turn when she married Roy, so it's a possibility. (Artemis probably left just to get away from her.)

Team Massacre
All five missing members died in a totally fucked up operation, or were crippled, or quit from grief and disillusionment. Would help explain some things about the way things are after the skip... but I think everyone would be more cautious about the risks of missions than they are in Invasion episode one.
  • This might explain why Dick, Conner, and M'Gann are still members of the team (they felt a sense of responsibility for what happened) and why Artemis and Wally retired. Tula's death has already been what turned Kaldur. It would be interesting if this massacre was shown in a flashback episode to show how the original team was broken.
    • Well, plenty of the previews show Tula, so a flashback episode is very possible.
  • Doubtful, seeing as only one of the five missing members has a shrine in the grotto.
    • Two. I'm fairly sure Jason Todd is counted.
      • Definitely out, as Legacy showed the final mission before the breakup, and Tula was the only casualty. Jason was long dead by then and the other members are all alive and well, they just quit the team, and in Troia and the Marvels case were gone long before the Legacy mission.

    New members in seasons 2 and 3 
According to Weisman there will be two new Leaguers (27, 28, with 26 being Rocket) and one new Team member (B26, with B25 being Arsenal) joining. There is no comment on when they join but it's presumably before the season 2 finale.

Keep in mind that season 3, if it comes out in some form, will involve another Time Skip.

New Team member (B26)
  • Robin IV/Batgirl II (or III in the mainline pre-New 52 DCU)/Stephanie Brown or Robin V/Damian Wayne. Possible graduations as a corollary: Tim Drake joins the League proper as Red Robin, Barbara Gordon becomes the Team's Mission Control as Oracle (with The Killing Joke only lightly alluded due to being TOO dark), Dick Grayson becomes Batman II. (I mostly just want to see these guys animated at some point.)
    • Stephanie Brown appears as one of the Reach's attempted abductees—there's really no point in showing her, giving her lines, and then actually identifying her as Stephanie if she's not going to actually be Robin/Batgirl.
      • She does later join as Spoiler, but only in season 3 onward.
  • Vulcan: Miguel Devante has been passed on the Flame of Vulcan by his predecessor Erich, who will be revealed to have been killed during the Invasion in the Season 2 finale.
  • Virgil/Static. He's easily the most levelheaded of the Runaways, and maybe at some point he realizes that Nightwing fired Arsenal for a reason and decides to join the Team.
    • Confirmed.

New Leaguers (27, 28)
  • Nightwing.
  • Batgirl, possibly as Oracle (see above).

Adam Strange and Blue Devil gather with the Leagers and Team members to take care of the Reach's endgame, but it's not specified if they're official Leaguers or not..

  • 27 is actually Aqualad, now the second Aquaman. 28 is not yet confirmed, but with Steel being 36, and the appearance of Ice, Batwoman, Hardware, Katana, and Elongated Man, plus a mention of Fire, the actual number of new members is much larger.

    Season 3 and Beyond Characters 

New Team Members
  • Starfire
  • Cyborg
    • Cyborg, before his transformation (as Victor Stone) is mentioned in passing as a football player, and the Reach's "Anti-metahuman contingency" device is currently at his father, Doctor Stone's branch of STAR labs. It's quite likely that said contingency will be what leads to Vic becoming Cyborg.
      • Confirmed, courtesy of a Fatherbox, he appears in season 3.
  • Raven
  • Supergirl
    • Confirmed as a Female Fury in season 4.
  • Mary Marvel
    • An offscreen team member prior to season 2 under the name Sergeant Marvel, but ultimately shown in season 4 as a Sentinel of Magic.
  • Terra
    • Confirmed to appear, but whether or not she'll join the Team is currently unknown.
    • She does join the Team as The Mole, but has a Heel–Face Turn.
  • Jericho
  • Kole
  • Omen
  • Hawk and Dove
  • Argent
  • Pantha
  • Damage
  • Ravager
  • Bunker
  • Abuse
  • Donna Troy
    • Confirmed, she was Troia and served the Team previously, but is now a UN ambassador.
  • Vibe
    • His civilian identity, Cisco, appears, but isn't a meta yet.
  • Firestorm
  • Bombshell
  • Solstice
  • Thunder
    • Anissa appears, but she isn't a superhero yet due to being a child.
  • Lightning
    • Jennifer appears, but she isn't a superhero yet due to being a child.
  • Indigo
  • Halo
    • Confirmed in season 3.
  • Stargirl
    • Courtney appears, but she isn't a superhero yet.
    • She ultimately becomes an Outsider in season 4.
  • Equinox
  • Obsidian
  • Jade
  • Hourman
  • Sandman
  • Aquagirl (Lorena Marquez)
  • Empress
  • Jonni Thunder
  • Amethyst
  • Red Hood / Jason Todd
    • Appears as an amnesiac serving Ra's.
  • Golden Eagle
  • Chinatown Kid and the Squire, younger stand-ins for Shining Knight and Vigilante as a Shout-Out to the DCAU.
  • Jesse Quick
  • Wallace West
  • Green Lantern (Jessica Cruz)
  • Mas y Menos
  • Steel II/Starlight/Vaporlock (Natasha Irons)
  • Flamebird (Thara Ak-Var)
  • Batgirl (Tiffany Fox)
  • Misfit
  • Strix
  • Black Alice
  • Speedy (Mia Dearden/Thea Queen)
  • Connor Hawk/John Diggle Jr.
  • Stanley and His Monster
  • The Fly
  • Jaguar
  • The Shield
  • The Web

New League Members
  • Vixen
  • Doctor Light
  • Fire
    • Confirmed through an offscreen mention in season 3.
  • Ice
    • Confirmed.
  • Captain Comet
  • Mister Terrific
  • Atom Smasher
  • Metamorpho
    • Confirmed as part of Batman Inc.
  • Geo-Force
    • Confirmed as an Outsider.
  • Katana
    • Confirmed as part of Batman Inc.
  • Citizen Steel
    • A Henry Heywood is mentioned as having a school named after him.
  • Crimson Fox
  • Jack O'Lantern
  • Mister Miracle
  • Big Barda
    • Confirmed! Has indeed appeared in Season 3, but during her Female Fury days. Her redemption is presumably in the works but hasn't happened yet.
  • Orion
    • Confirmed to appear, though it is currently unknown if he'll officially join the League.
    • He ultimately appears in season 4, but has yet to join the Justice League.
  • Bekka
  • Lightray
  • Tomorrow Woman
  • Zauriel
  • Black Orchid
  • Star Sapphire
  • Saint Walker
  • Indigo-1
  • Jemm
  • The Weird
  • Isis
    • A hero implied to be her appears in season 4 but has yet to join.
  • Ragman
  • The Question (Vic Sage)
  • The Question (Renee Montoya)
  • Vigilante
  • Shining Knight
  • S.T.R.I.P.E.
  • Steel
    • Confirmed in season 3.
  • Gypsy
  • Booster Gold
  • Aztec
  • Crimson Avenger
  • Animal Man
  • Doom Patrol
    • Sort of confirmed. It's not known if they were part of the league, but all of them except Mento and Robotman are dead.
  • Huntress (Helena Bertinelli)
  • Looker
    • Appears in season 3 as a brainwashed League of Shadows member, joins the Outsiders prior to season 4.
  • B'wana Beast
  • Elongated Man
    • Confirmed in season 3.
  • Green Lantern (Simon Baz)
  • Green Lantern (Kyle Rayner)
  • Brainwave (Henry "Hank" King Jr.)
  • Power Girl
  • Azrael
  • Batwing
  • Emiko Queen
  • The Crimson Fox twins
  • Blue Jay and Silver Sorceress
  • The Metal Men
  • Darla Dudley, Pedro Pena, and Eugene Choi

New Villains
  • Sinestro
  • Bizarro
  • Cheetah
  • Giganta
  • Gorilla Grodd
    • Grodd appeared in the tie in comics, but was aligned with the heroes, although he did start showing hints of his evil nature.
  • Solomon Grundy
  • Metallo
  • Silver Banshee
  • Deadshot
    • Deadshot appeared in the tie in comics as an assassin under Queen Bee's employ.
  • Killer Frost
    • The obscure original Killer Frost, Crystal Frost, was one of the ice villains in season 1, but the other two are not yet confirmed.
  • Plastique
  • Enchantress
  • King Shark
    • Named as "King Nanaue Sha'ark", he is not a villain but instead rules a province of Atlantis.
  • Killer Croc
    • Mentioned in season 4 by Onyx.
  • Rag Doll
  • Ares
  • Circe
  • Angle Man
  • Doctor Cyber
  • Doctor Poison
  • Doctor Psycho
  • Silver Swan
  • Aegeus
  • Atrocitus
  • Larfleeze
  • Arkillo
  • Captain Boomerang
    • Appears as a Suicide Squad member in season 3.
  • Heat Wave
  • Mirror Master
  • Weather Wizard
  • The Trickster
  • The Top
  • Golden Glider
  • Doctor Alchemy
  • Blacksmith
  • Double Down
  • Tar Pit
  • Cobalt Blue
  • The Shark
  • Deathbolt
  • Gentleman Ghost
  • Kanjar Ro
  • Matter Master
  • Shadow Thief
  • Copperhead
  • Fadeaway Man
  • Ibac
  • Sabbac
  • Mister Mind
  • Mister Atom
  • Brimstone
  • Chemo
  • Doctor Destiny
  • Sonar
  • Eclipso
  • The Key
  • Shaggy Man
  • Starbreaker
  • Libra
  • Queen of Fables
  • Rama Kahn
  • Amos Fortune
  • Major Disaster
  • The Elite
  • Prometheus
  • David Graves
  • Chronos
  • Bug-Eyed Bandit
  • Major Force
  • Dreadbolt
  • Byte
  • Multiplex
  • Pozhar
  • Slipknot
  • Tokamak
  • Psycho-Pirate
    • Appeared in the tie in comics of season 1 alongside Injustice League member Atomic Skull.
  • The Shade
    • Shade appears in season 3.
  • Johnny Sorrow
  • Brother Blood
  • Holocaust
  • Animal-Vegetable-Mineral Man
  • Shrapnel
  • El Diablo
  • Kali'kak
  • Silver Deer
  • Boss Moxie
  • Mister Bloom
  • Dark Opal
  • The Invisible Terror
  • Parallax

Khalid Nassour (The Doctor Fate of DC You) will appear and become the new Doctor Fate.
At some point while trying to recruit new heroes, the League and/or the Team find a recruit in a hospital; that being, Khalid (as he's a medical student) as a student intern. After finding out his mystic potential, Khalid volunteers to become the new Doctor Fate; allowing the Zataras to reunite at last while Nabu continues to fight with a host.
  • It's a more complicated answer than that, but he does ultimately appear as a Sentinel of Magic in season 4, and his becoming Doctor Fate is linked to a weekly rotation deal set up by Zatanna.

The Creeper will appear as an independent hero
  • His entire existence will be a Shout-Out to Freakazoid!. The series has already saluted Static Shock and Teen Titans (2003), so it's not too much a stretch, especially since Freak's series was originally intended as a Creeper series. Perhaps he'll be approached, mid-rampage, by a gruff police officer asking "Hey, buddy, you're headed the right way for a trip down to the station. That sound like fun?" for Creeper to respond "BOY, DOES IT!"
  • While his alter-ego bothers the League, we'll also get some clips of comedy show host Jack Ryder doing a satiric impersonation of Gordon Godfrey on TV. It'll never be explicitly stated that they're one and the same, but it may be implied.

Fite 'n' Maad will appear
As government agents who keep tabs on the Team.

Amethyst of Gemworld will appear.
Funnily enough, she's going to be in the 2019 Young Justice comic run.

The Legion of Superheroes will appear.
  • Looks to be the case with the Sequel Hook at the end of Season 3.
  • Indeed they do, mainly Saturn Girl, Chameleon Boy, and Phantom Girl.

OMAC will make one appearance
I picture a Superboy-Centric episode paying specific focus to Jack Kirby's classic characters (like "Disordered" or "Agendas"). Perhaps Connor returns to Cadmus to visit his underground genomorph pals, and finds a new janitor there named Buddy Blank (in the comics, he worked for a company that made artificial people), who becomes a secret mole for a sinister agency that turns him into a villainous OMAC.

Saturn Girl is the waitress.
Both are blonde girls and Saturn Girl is one of the Legionnaires that gets to travel back in time due to her leadership position in the organization.
  • It also could very likely being Princess Projectra/Sensor. Jeckie casts illusions, and she has frequently been a member of the Legion Espionage Squad. The Espionage Squad does undercover missions for the Legion, which would explain why she is hiding out as a waitress.
  • Another likely possibility is that the waitress is Yera Allon, aka Chameleon Girl. Yera is a shapeshifter, and has also been a member of the Legion Espionage Squad. Yera Allon was in the recent Legion Lost comic, where the Espionage Squad got stuck in the present day, and in one arc they teamed up with the Teen Titans.
    • Confirmed to be Saturn Girl, one of several Legion members who time traveled to prevent Superboy's death.

The entire population of Argo City got sent to the Phantom Zone along with Kara, and either this played a role in either her falling under Darkseid's thrall or will provide a way to help her change sides.

More al Ghul family members (Nyssa and her descendants, Dusan, Mara, Ra's's uncle, etc.) as either League of Shadows members or neutral characters.
  • Seasons 3 and 4 did a lot to explore Vandal Savage's family, season 5 could do the same for R'as.
The Kandorians will show up, and, due to their Kryptonian strength, will be useful in fights despite their diminished size.
  • The tie-in comics teased that they might appear eventually, and there are a lot of Kryptonian threads still to be resolved in season 5. It might make sense to wrap them all up at once.

The comic version of Young Justice
  • If there's ever a multiverse episode, an alternate universe version of the team based on their comic counterparts (or maybe even the actual comic universe version) could meet the show's version of the team as a way to honor the original Young Justice and provide some interesting Alternate Self character parallels.

The people of Skartaris, maybe with the reveal that the kingdom came to be as another of Vandal Savage’s experiments, like Atlantis.
  • Machiste appearing as an Atlantean merman could be retconning Skartaris out of existence, but it could also be a way of foreshadowing the subterranean civilization's eventual appearance.

The un-costumed Gotham PD characters from Batman: Year One, Gotham Central, Batman: Gordon of Gotham, and various related stories could show up in an episode where un-customed mobsters or other criminals do something worthy of the League’s intervention in an effort to reestablish their power and reputation in an age of supervillains.
  • Depending on the politics of the writers, it could also be an opportunity to show large police departments trying to adapt their methods in the George Floyd era.

Jenny Sparks, Elijah Snow and their supporting characters, if the show-runners want to make Wildstorm imprint characters canon.
  • Their goals of bettering Earth could see the Light try to recruit them, although it’s doubtful they’d succeed, especially with Elijah.

Cheshire’s son Thomas Blake Jr.
  • Seeing Lian get to be a Cool Big Sis could be an interesting new aspect of her character.

The Challengers of the Unknown could discover something during one of their adventures and tell the Justice League about it to kick off a plot.

The Club of Heroes, Batman International, and the We Are Robin team will show up as grassroots vigilante groups inspired by the Justice League, with the heroes having mixed reactions about this.

DC's World War II superheroes, like Sgt. Rock and Easy Company, the Creature Commandos, The Losers, Unknown Soldier, The Haunted Tank crew, Blackhawk squadron, Steve Trevor, Rick Flagg Sr., General Glory, Commander Steel, Karin Grace, Miss America, Human Bomb, Captain Triumph, Phantom Lady, and Mr. America, at a veteran's reunion related to one of the key heroes.
  • As more and more veterans of the war die of old age every year, this show might be one of the last opportunities to feature faithful and accurate versions of those characters in a present day work.

Batman (1966) villains like King Tut, as Starter Villains after a Time Skip who the heroes view as delightfully unspectacular compared to most of their villains.

Smallville "meteor freaks" in a Canon Immigrant way, with Clark briefly meeting people like Alicia, the Weather Girls, Sarah, Ryan, Jodi, Sasha, Jeremy, Jordon, Eric, Dawn, Maddie, and Ryan during a return to Smallville for something like a class reunion.

Luthor will get thrown out of his company in season 5 due to his exposed villainy (maybe by an Alternate Self of Tess from Smallville or Lena from Supergirl (2015)), and then go off the deep end.