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  • Superman
    • Even in comparison to the other Flying Brick heroes of The DCU, Superman is stronger, faster and tougher than the vast majority of them.
    • Likewise every other Kryptonian/Daxamite character in DC: Power Girl, Supergirl, Mon-El/Valor, Laurel Gand, Sodam Yat (who is even more so due to the addition of a Green Lantern ring!), etc.
    • Doomsday, the beast that almost killed Superman in his debut. While he's decayed somewhat, he is still a nightmarishly durable behemoth who is stronger than even Superman and can keep up with him.
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    • Vartox. While in modern comics he has powers roughly equal to Superman's, Pre-Crisis Vartox was the Always Someone Better, with strength, speed, durability, senses, etc far superior to Superman's.
  • Captain Marvel and Martian Manhunter as well, both of whom duplicate most of Superman's powers and lack most of his weaknesses.
  • Batman: Bane, the man who broke the Bat, is built like a truck (and that's before using his Super Serum Venom) and not only faster than he looks, but smarter, too. While his speed isn't anywhere near the upper reaches of the DC echelon, he's a incredibly fast and strong compared to the majority of Batman's rogues gallery. In the Knightfall Novelization, he pulls a near Stealth Hi/Bye by going from standing over Batman to somehow being atop a roof with few toeholds on the wall 17 feet above Bats. Bats notes that it's barely possible, but he'd have had to be extremely fast since he looked down for like a few seconds.
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  • The Incredible Hulk is not only the strongest one there is and nigh-invulnerable, but he's also extremely fast. So is his lover, Betty Ross, when she was Harpy and Red She-Hulk. During the Superman / Hulk crossover, Superman attempts to grapple the Hulk to calm him down, only to find himself almost instantly flung into space, causing Supes to remark, "How can someone that big be so fast?"
  • Iron Man, Tony Depending on the Writer or most accurately depending on the Powered Armour, can punch like force of a wrecking ball, move like a jet going past the sound barrier and shrug off attacks like a battle tank.
  • X-Men:
    • The Juggernaut can run at a top speed of 111 miles per hour, can run through anything, and does not tire.
    • Beast is incredibly strong (capable of going toe-to-toe with Iron Man Depending on the Writer) as well as incredibly fast and agile, thanks to his ape-like physique, which also makes him much tougher than your average human (or even mutant, for that matter).
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    • Colossus while a Mighty Glacier originally has geared more towards Lightning Bruiser in more modern comics, especially when get the Juggernaut's powers.
    • Wolverine can sometimes fall into this being strong enough to hold up elevator and throw bears around, fast enough to slice bullets and of course durable to shrug off almost everything. The Healing Factor tends to help. Other times he's merely super athletic like Nightcrawler and Gambit.
    • Rogue full stop. Thanks to her Power Parasite powers she has Super Strength, Super Speed and Super Toughness and some times Rogue has even exceeded limits of the those (Ms Marvel-Wonder Man) who she took her powers from. She's the X-Men One-Woman Army and while she does get hit The Worf Effect and Chickification a lot she's still one of the most powerful members.
    • Warpath, in his original X-Force design, hits like Colossus, moves like Spider-Man, and fights like Wolverine. Over the years, his actual powers have been hit by Depending on the Writer on everything from how powerful he is to what powers he has, but most of his incarnations are still some degree of Lightning Bruiser.
  • The Flash, whenever the writers don't forget how much it sucks to be punched by someone going that fast. This has varied over the years, and still varies with the writer. In Wally West's first hundred issues or so, he could usually hit no harder than a typical athlete — his aura absorbed most of the energy. As the editor pointed out, Wally would break his hands with every punch otherwise. When the Speed Force was introduced, it quickly became a catch-all answer to physics gripes; thus Wally's been delivering super-punches again, apparently using the Speed Force to sneak around Newton's third. However, all Flashes have the durability part down pat, because of their Healing Factor.
  • Wonder Woman:
    • Wonder Woman herself has a high level of damage resistance that allows her to No-Sell most blunt damage, a Healing Factor, is traditionally stronger than Hercules, and swifter than Mercury, (that is faster than Superman and near his strength level) with the addition of much excellent martial arts training and mastery.
    • Cheetah's speed is much greater than that of the animal she's named after, and the source of her power also gives her Super Strength and toughness especially Barbara Ann, whose powers come from acting as the avatar of a god.
  • Starfire is a speedy super strong Flying Brick who can shrug off hits that would easily kill her human teammates.
  • Crux from Red Hood and the Outlaws.
  • The Mighty Thor is insanely strong - no one's quite figured out whether he's stronger than the Hulk, but he has a good chance, and he's gone toe to toe with Superman and the Martian Manhunter in the past and come off the better (though he later lost to Supes, as Supes knew he could take the heavy stuff. Thor didn't know that Supes could take it as well as dish it). He also flies at FTL velocity and moves fast enough to tag speedsters breaking the sound barrier.
    • Thor is especially notable since most of Marvel's superheroes are weaker than DC's. While Superman is extremely strong, fast and tough, so is EVERYONE in DC. Thor is a planetbuster on a planet where most strong characters (Thing, Colossus, Rhino, Iron Man, etc) can maybe lift a mountain at most, he's multiple times faster than light with intergalactic teleportation on a planet where most fast characters can barely break escape velocity, etc. Especially notable is the fact that everyone strong enough to fight him (Juggernaut, Hulk) is nowhere near fast enough to lay a hand on him, cannot fly, and have crappy ranged attacks. He also has planetary scale weather manipulation (stronger than Storm's) and magical power greater than the Silver Surfer's. Unlike Superman he has no weakness. It's pretty astounding just how much better Thor is than almost anyone else on Marvel Earth. Cosmic characters and space villains however can easily give Thor a hard time.
  • The Incredible Hercules, who's as strong as Thor, (Banner notes that if he'd really tried, he'd have taken down the Green Scar Hulk on his own), his superior at hand to hand, and fast enough to tag Marvel's Superman analogue (who, admittedly, was trying to talk Herc down) The Sentry with a Venom covered fist. Herc's only weakness is his inability to fly, unlike Thor and Sentry, but he's quick and agile enough that it usually doesn't matter.
  • Speaking of Sentry, him along with X-Men’s Gladiator and Hyperion are considered Marvel’s main Superman-expies having god-like strength, superior speed and will shrug off most attacks they receive. Also all three lack the Kryptonite Factor making them even harder to defeat.
  • Marv from Sin City is capable of avoiding gunfire, running after cars, and has even used a fair bit of agility to take down two different groups of SWAT teams. All of which defies his massive size and allows him to take down the agile and deadly Kevin, Goldie's murderer.
  • Violet from Rat Queens is a pretty redhead who is shockingly fast for her size (she's a dwarf) and packs an amazingly large arsenal of swords and other assorted implements of destruction.
  • Most mimic characters can turn into this: the Super-Adaptoid, for instance, is as fast as Quicksilver and as tough and strong as Hercules, and Amazo has Flash's speed and about four different kinds of Super Strength.
  • While Spider-Man isn't near the upper-echelons of power in comic books, among the "street-level" heroes and villains he usually interacts with, he qualifies. He can lift 20 tons over his head, has enhanced reflexes and speed (not to mention that his webs enhance his mobility considerably), and his enhanced musculature gives him superhuman durability and endurance, which is further enhanced by his status as a determinator. At top strength Spidey is One-Man Army able to Speed Blitz the whole X-Men in a two pages and even defeat Firelord barehanded viva Victory by Endurance, Spider-Man has also survived things that would kill most superhumans e.g No-Holds-Barred Beatdown from Phoenix Force-enhanced Colossus.
    • Cosmic Spider-Man dials all Spidey’s traits Up to Eleven and beyond with added benefit of Flight. Cosmic Spider can not only move faster than light but can lift things well over 100 tons, defeat Hulk and Thor as well as survive the crushing pressure of a black hole.
  • The Kingpin. A lot of people mistake his considerable size as being fat. In reality, it's all hard-built muscle and he's spent decades training himself in hand-to-hand combat. In their first confrontations with him, both Spider-Man and Daredevil made the same mistake of assuming that Fisk was a Mighty Glacier, only to be caught off guard by how fast and durable he is.


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