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  • Adam Warlock has enough strength to fight the likes of Thanos and Thor in hand to hand combat, is fast enough to fly than sound and even fly supraluminal velocities and shrug off blows from other cosmic and god-like characters.
  • Appolo from The Authority has super strength, can fly around the globe in less than 30 seconds and is durable enough to take dip in molten lava and shrug off blows from other meta-humans
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  • Aquaman is able toss cruise ships around and physically move underwater tectonic plates, swim at great speeds (at least 10,000 feet per second) and thanks to his Atlantean physiology can take blows from the likes of Superman and Wonder Woman.
  • Batman: Bane, the man who broke the Bat, is built like a truck (and that's before using his Super Serum Venom) and not only faster than he looks, but smarter, too. While his speed isn't anywhere near the upper reaches of the DC echelon, he's incredibly fast and strong compared to the majority of Batman's rogues gallery. In the Knightfall Novelization, he pulls a near Stealth Hi/Bye by going from standing over Batman to somehow being atop a roof with few toeholds on the wall 17 feet above Bats. Bats notes that it's barely possible, but he'd have had to be extremely fast since he looked down for like a few seconds.
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  • Black Bolt is a Marvel powerhouse Lightning Bruiser and while he's better known for his vocal talent his physical stats are nothing to scoff at. He's strong enough to destroy helicopters and cars with his strikes and punch around Hulk, Thing, and Gladiator. He's fast enough to intercept missiles, dodge beams of "solidified gravity" and once flew from New York into space within a few minutes (at the very least) to reach a solar flare. He's durable enough to tank a force that would've "killed a dinosaur", survived a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown from Thanos and most impressively was inside the Terrigen Bomb when it exploded and ripped a hole in space and time... and was okay afterward.
  • Captain Marvel thanks to having the strength of Hercules (further augmented by power of Zeus), the speed of Mercury and a high amount of Nigh-Invulnerability is literal Lightning Bruiser. He’s frequently matched Superman in raw might and since he lacks any Kryptonite Factor he tends to have the edge in the majority of his bouts with Clark whose Weak to Magic.
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  • Drax the Destroyer especially in his debut was strong enough to lift well over 100 tons and was comparable to The Hulk, fly at slightly slower than light speeds (around 185,620 mph) and durable enough to survive blows from Thanos and has a Healing Factor. Modern comics have dialled Drax back to the extent where he’s no longer the powerhouse he was in the 90s, though he’s still quite the Lightning Bruiser in his own right.
  • The Flash, whenever the writers don't forget how much it sucks to be punched by someone going that fast. This has varied over the years, and still varies with the writer. In Wally West's first hundred issues or so, he could usually hit no harder than a typical athlete — his aura absorbed most of the energy. As the editor pointed out, Wally would break his hands with every punch otherwise. When the Speed Force was introduced, it quickly became a catch-all answer to physics gripes; thus Wally's been delivering super-punches again, apparently using the Speed Force to sneak around Newton's third. However, all Flashes have the durability part down pat, because of their Healing Factor.
  • Ghost Rider is definitely this. With the Spirit of Vengeance and Hellfire GR is strong enough to pull whole skyscrapers down, move faster than Mjölnir (which can travel across the universe) thrown by an angry Thor and durable enough to tank a beatdown from World War Hulk thanks being completely invulnerable to everything except Holy Weapons. If that wasn’t enough Ghost Rider has even beaten up Mephisto whose a Reality Warper, Doctor Strange himself claims the Rider has “God-like” power even compared to his own sorcery and other high tiers in Marvel.
  • Green Lantern, or any Lantern of any colour for that matter. Super strength, light-speed flight and high durability is just the baseline abilities of a Power-Ring Wielder.
  • Hellboy is much faster than he looks, and being a Half-Human Hybrid who can break stone, steel and punch out humongous monsters and withstand gunfire and explosions which very much qualifies him for being a Lightning Bruiser.
  • The Incredible Hercules, who's as strong as Thor, (Banner notes that if he'd really tried, he'd have taken down the Green Scar Hulk on his own), his superior at hand to hand, and fast enough to tag Marvel's Superman analog (who, admittedly, was trying to talk Herc down) The Sentry with a Venom covered fist. Herc's only weakness is his inability to fly, unlike Thor and Sentry, but he's quick and agile enough that it usually doesn't matter.
  • The Incredible Hulk is not only the strongest one there is and nigh-invulnerable, but he's also extremely fast. So is his lover, Betty Ross, when she was Harpy and Red She-Hulk. During the Superman / Hulk crossover, Superman attempts to grapple the Hulk to calm him down, only to find himself almost instantly flung into space, causing Supes to remark, "How can someone that big be so fast?"
    • Hulk’s cousin She-Hulk is no slouch herself being to toss dinosaurs around, lift greater weights than the Thing can, move fast enough to dodge Iron Man’s attacks and tank getting smashed through entire cities and even attacks from her bigger cousin Bruce. Shulkie’s Arch-Enemy Titania is of similar mold being strong, fast and tough enough to give Jen a hard time and sometimes beat her outright.
    • A lot of Hulk’s villains and allies such as Abomination, Red Hulk, Doc Samson, A-Bomb and Skaar (his son) can move and react at high speeds despite their massive sizes as well as match Hulk in strength and toughness.
  • Invincible aka Mark Grayson can lift 400 tons, rip most villains to shreds, blitz across countries at high speed flight in seconds and as alluded to by his namesake is invulnerable to most damage. Though Mark is just a Half-Human Hybrid, his father Nolan is a Viltrimite a Flying Brick species that are even stronger, faster and tougher than him. One time when Mark combined his strength with his father and another Viltrimite they could bust through a whole goddamn planet.
    • Other aliens and characters from the same comic also fit the Lightning Bruiser bill e.g Allen the Alien and Battle Beast who are strong, fast and tough enough to give Viltrimites a run for their money. Or Dinosaurus a Genius Bruiser who can match Mark and Allen in strength and toughness and move at surprisingly speeds for his size.
  • Iron Man, Tony Depending on the Writer or most accurately depending on the Powered Armour, can punch with the force of a wrecking ball, move like a jet going past the sound barrier and shrug off attacks like a battle tank. Then there's the Extremis Suit, Mystic Suit, Thorbuster etc which further boost Tony's strength, speed, durability, and overall power to the extreme and even god-like levels.
  • Lobo, is a ridiculous Lightning Bruiser being ridiculously strong (he’s beat up Superman and pulled around being stellar mass) fast (he was able to predict Flash's movement and fast enough to chain him in the face) and tough (he’s taken planet destroying attacks with minimal damage and even if he does get hurt he’s got a Healing Factor).
  • Luke Cage while he seems like Mighty Glacier being better known for his incredible strength and durability, still has run fast enough to catch bullets with Super Reflexes and even has done flips around larger villains. When fighting Dark Avengers Cage could intercept Superia whose a Flying Brick and punch her out of the air.
  • Martian Manhunter thanks to his Bizarre Alien Biology is strong enough to overpower Superman as well as Wonder Woman and to move planets around like they can, fast enough fly around the earth as a green-blur and harden his body to point where it can absorb almost any kinetic energy. His Drama-Preserving Handicap is of course fire though this is largely Depending on the Writer, as sometimes its just a psychosomatic fear born out of the memories of seeing his family burning alive, while at other times it’s full on Kryptonite Factor for MM that debilitates his strength and leaves him vulnerable to attack.
  • The Mighty Thor is insanely strong - no one's quite figured out whether he's stronger than the Hulk, but he has a good chance, and he's gone toe to toe with Superman and the Martian Manhunter in the past and come off the better (though he later lost to Supes, as Supes knew he could take the heavy stuff. Thor didn't know that Supes could take it as well as dish it). He also flies at FTL velocity and moves fast enough to tag speedsters breaking the sound barrier.
    • Thor is especially notable since most of Marvel's superheroes are weaker than DC's. While Superman is extremely strong, fast and tough, so is EVERYONE in DC. Thor is a planetbuster on a planet where most strong characters (Thing, Colossus, Rhino, Iron Man, etc) can maybe lift a mountain at most, he's multiple times faster than light with intergalactic teleportation on a planet where most fast characters can barely break escape velocity, etc. Especially notable is the fact that everyone strong enough to fight him (Juggernaut, Hulk) is nowhere near fast enough to lay a hand on him, cannot fly, and have crappy ranged attacks. He also has planetary scale weather manipulation (stronger than Storm's) and greater power than Silver Surfer’s (see below). Unlike Superman he has no weakness. It's pretty astounding just how much better Thor is than almost anyone else on Marvel Earth. Cosmic characters, space villains and several other god-like characters listed here however can easily give Thor a hard time.
  • Ms. Marvel now Captain Marvel is a proud Flying Brick being strong enough to throw meteorites around, knock Hulk and Thanos over, fly at Mach 3 speeds and survive falling from orbit. She’s also got excellent range attacks with energy beams and a Super Mode called “Binary”.
  • Richard Rider aka Nova is easily one of Marvel’s top Lightning Bruisers. Thanks to the Nova Force he’s strong enough match blows Silver Surfer and even more impressively tear apart Annihilus, Nova can also fly at light speeds and tank blasts even from Galactus.
  • The Sentry, along with X-Men’s Gladiator, Hyperion, Blue Marvel and Sun-God are considered Marvel’s main Superman-expies having god-like strength, superior speed and will shrug off planet busting blows. Sentry, Hyperion and Sun-God in particular lack a Kryptonite Factor making them hard to defeat or kill.
  • Silver Surfer always ranks high on Marvel’s power chart: he’s incredibly strong being able to move around entire planets and slap around Thing and Hulk. Fast enough to surf in space at speeds faster than light and go through space wormholes. He’s also durable enough to tank hits from the Infinity Gauntlet, Thanos himself and even recover from being blasted by his former master Galactus. Even when Brought Down to Normal in Planet Hulk he could still wipe the floor every combatant and give Hulk a thrashing before being eventually defeated.
  • Most mimic characters can turn into this: the Super-Adaptoid, for instance, is as fast as Quicksilver and as tough and strong as Hercules, and Amazo has Flash's speed and about four different kinds of Super Strength.
  • Violet from Rat Queens is a pretty redhead who is shockingly fast for her size (she's a dwarf) and packs an amazingly large arsenal of swords and other assorted implements of destruction.
  • Crux from Red Hood and the Outlaws.
  • Savage Dragon has ludicrous super strength being able to throw buildings around like Spawn, but also once bent a bus around Hellboy to trap him. He’s also fast to dodge sonic attacks and can No-Sell bullets and explosions and even if he does get hurt he can just reattach limbs with his Healing Factor.
  • Marv from Sin City is capable of avoiding gunfire, running after cars, and has even used a fair bit of agility to take down two different groups of SWAT teams. All of which defies his massive size and allows him to take down the agile and deadly Kevin, Goldie's murderer.
    • Miho would seem like a Fragile Speedster until you take into consideration she’s overpowered Manute whose three times her size and recovered from a grenade blast at point blank range. In Family Matters she’s even more of a Lightning Bruiser as she wears Roller Skates.
    • Wallace from Hell and Back is the deadly combination of the aforementioned Marv’s strength and toughness and Miho’s speed and skill. Being a ex-vet Wallace has incredible combat prowess with guns, blades, throwing stars and enough martial arts skill that he curb stomps Manute as easily as Marv did. In the climax he goes One-Man Army on the Wallenquist Organization.
  • Spawn can rip foes, apart, toss chunks of buildings around, knock bullets out the air with his chains as well as shrug off just about anything with his Healing Factor. And that’s just Spawn’s baseline abilities and not getting into his More Dakka or even larger arsenal of demonic powers.
  • While Spider-Man isn't near the upper-echelons of power in comic books, among the "street-level" heroes and villains he usually interacts with, he qualifies. He can lift 20 tons over his head, has enhanced reflexes and speed (not to mention that his webs enhance his mobility considerably), and his enhanced musculature gives him superhuman durability and endurance, which is further enhanced by his status as a determinator. At his best Spidey is One-Man Army able to Speed Blitz the whole X-Men in two pages and even defeat Firelord barehanded viva Victory by Endurance, Spider-Man has also survived things that would certainly kill most superhumans e.g No-Holds-Barred Beatdown from Phoenix Force-enhanced Colossus.
    • Cosmic Spider-Man dials all Spidey’s traits Up to Eleven and beyond with added benefit of Flight. Cosmic Spider can not only move faster than light but can lift things well over 100 tons, defeat the aforementioned Hulk and Thor as well as survive the crushing pressure of a black hole.
    • A lot of Spidey’s Rogues Gallery can fall under this, Rhino in particular can give Hulk, Juggernaut and Thor trouble as well as move faster than a train and shrug off bullets and missiles. Spidey in most comics has to defeat Rhino pragmatically instead of just trying to out brawl him.
    • Venom and Carnage are Lightning Bruisers as well as having all of Spidey’s agility and web-slinging skill with the addition of being several degrees stronger than him and due to The Symbiote are extremely hard to put down. Venom has been clobbered by Juggernaut and Carnage once got ripped in half by Sentry but neither case was enough to kill them. Worse still they can use the Symbiote to make bladed or spiked weapons and long-range attacks.
    • The Kingpin. A lot of people mistake his considerable size as being fat. In reality, it's all hard-built muscle and he's spent decades training himself in hand-to-hand combat. In their first confrontations with him, both Spider-Man and Daredevil made the same mistake of assuming that Fisk was a Mighty Glacier, only to be caught off guard by how fast and durable he is.
  • Starfire is a speedy super strong Flying Brick who can shrug off hits that would easily kill her human teammates.
  • Sub-Mariner aka Namor is Marvel's first Lightning Bruiser (he even came out the same month as Supes). Subby is strong enough to toss around a WWII destroyers, match blows with the Hulk, fast enough to swim 60 miles per hour and fly faster than jet planes and durable enough to tank beatings from everyone from Doctor Doom to Thanos.
  • Super Skrull even compared to other mimic characters is ridiculous powerful due to having all the powers of the Fantastic Four. He’s strong enough to clobber Thor, Thing and Silver Surfer, fast enough to fly circles around Human Torch, is mistaken for a missile and is durable enough for shrug off blows from most of Marvel’s heroes and even Mjölnir. Worse still thanks to having Sue’s Barrier Warrior powers and Reed and Johnny’s stretchiness and fire powers Super Skrull can effectively defend against most attacks and has excellent range.
  • Superman
    • Even in comparison to the other Flying Brick heroes of The DCU, Superman is stronger, faster and tougher than the vast majority of them.
    • Likewise every other Kryptonian/Daxamite character in DC: Power Girl, Supergirl, Superboy, Mon-El/Valor, Laurel Gand, Sodam Yat (who is even more so due to the addition of a Green Lantern ring!), etc.
    • Doomsday, the beast that almost killed Superman in his debut. While he's decayed somewhat, he is still a nightmarishly durable behemoth who is stronger than even Superman and can keep up with him.
    • Vartox. While in modern comics he has powers roughly equal to Superman's, Pre-Crisis Vartox was the Always Someone Better, with strength, speed, durability, senses, etc far superior to Superman's.
    • Darkseid tends to be a Mighty Glacier even more so than his expy Thanos below, being much stronger Superman though he lacks speed and mobility. However in DC Rebirth when he gets rejuvenated into a younger body Darkseid becomes a Lightning Bruiser as seen in Wonder Woman 37# where fights and beats Zeus and moves at Superman-level speeds, even leaving a blur behind him.
  • Thanos though he can easily dip into Mighty Glacier still moves and reacts at speeds more suitable for someone half his size as well as having god-like strength and being nigh-unkillable. He’s frequently fought, kept up and overpowered other Lightning Bruisers listed here and even matched and beat his own son Lightning Bruiser son Thane who was powered by the Phoenix Force at the time.
    • Thanos’s Elite Mooks the Black Order take after him being strong, fast and damn near impossible to kill. Black Dwarf, Corvus Glaive and Promixa Midnight, in particular, invoke this being able to give the likes of Ronan, Super-Skrull, Hulk, Rogue, Hercules and Luke Cage a hard time.
  • The Thing of Fantastic Four fame can move at athletic speeds despite his size and rock-like mass. He’s frequently matched his rival the aforementioned Hulk in strength (even knocking him out on at least a few occasions) and even successfully clobbered Thor whose usually more of a Lightning Bruiser than either of them. Not to mention Thing is so durable he can No-Sell nuclear blast, hell the only material that’s breached Thing’s stoney hide is Wolverine’s Adamantium claws.
  • The Vision while not quite as impressive as his film counterpart is still able lift well over 50 tons, fly at high speeds and make his body as hard as diamond. Despite this he’s still susceptible to breaking apart on occasion.
  • Wonder Woman:
    • Wonder Woman herself has a high level of damage resistance that allows her to No-Sell most blunt damage, a Healing Factor, is traditionally stronger than Hercules, and swifter than Mercury, (that is faster than Superman and near his strength level) with the addition of much excellent martial arts training and mastery.
    • Cheetah's speed is much greater than that of the animal she's named after, and the source of her power also gives her Super Strength and toughness especially Barbara Ann, whose powers come from acting as the avatar of a god.
    • Other Amazons fit the bill, in particular Donna Troy, Cassie Sandsmark and Artemis who are strong enough to knock around Kryptonians, move faster than bullets and lasers (as well as defect them) as well as being able to survive horrific injuries due to being blessed by Hera.
  • Wonder Man has super strength to match the aforementioned Sentry, is fast enough to clear the distance between himself, a trained assassin and her target from the street to the local restaurant, and has Nigh-Invulnerability and a Healing Factor. He’s also energy manipulation allowing for some Combo Platter Powers.
  • X-Men:
    • The Juggernaut can make earthquakes with his punches, run at a top speed of 111 miles per hour, can run through anything, and does not tire. He’s also nigh impossible to kill, and will continue kicking ass even if he’s had all his skin and organs removed and is just a big red skeleton.
    • Beast is incredibly strong (capable of going toe-to-toe with Iron Man Depending on the Writer) as well as incredibly fast and agile, thanks to his ape-like physique, which also makes him much tougher than your average human (or even mutant, for that matter).
    • Colossus while a Mighty Glacier originally has geared more towards Lightning Bruiser in more modern comics, especially when getting the Juggernaut's powers.
    • Wolverine can sometimes fall into this being strong enough to hold up elevator and throw bears around, fast enough to slice bullets and of course durable to shrug off almost everything. The Healing Factor tends to help. Other times he's merely super athletic like Nightcrawler and Gambit.
    • Rogue full stop. Thanks to her Power Parasite powers she has Super Strength, Super Speed and Super Toughness and some times Rogue has even exceeded limits of those (Ms Marvel-Wonder Man) who she took her powers from. She's the X-Men One-Woman Army and while she does get hit The Worf Effect and Chickification a lot she's still one of the most powerful members.
    • Warpath, in his original X-Force design, hits like Colossus, moves like Spider-Man, and fights like Wolverine. Over the years, his actual powers have been hit by Depending on the Writer on everything from how powerful he is to what powers he has, but most of his incarnations are still some degree of Lightning Bruiser.
    • Apocalypse much like Thanos is way faster than he looks being able to tag the likes of Wolverine and Gambit. He’s also strong enough to restrain The Hulk, beat the crap out of Thor and thanks to his Celestial armour is so tough that he once laughed off a Combination Attack from X-Men and Inhumans


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