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  • In Aesir: Cross Wars, Azrael is really the only protagonist to qualify. He has amazing Magic Defence, good Speed, and average to slightly above average offensive stats. However, he can't take physical moves well.
  • Zephus-Hassan from The Legacy Of The Blood Ravens is a ten thousand year old assassin. With power armor and an already enhanced biology, he is considered the most dangerous enemy the Blood Ravens Space Marines face in the story. Common battlefield strategy when facing Zephus-Hassan is a general withdrawal.
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  • Several in The Bridge. Rainbow Dash as a renown speed flier but is also tough enough to last in a fight against a dragon. Princess Luna and Cadance both use a mix of their alicorn gifts, earth pony strength and pegasi flight to prove their roles. On the kaiju side, Monster X uses a martial arts training and gravity manipulation to perform feats such as back flipping onto and running along walls, while also being arguably the most durable and physically strongest kaiju on his team.
  • In Child of the Storm, Sif and Fandral are this.
    • So is Diana, who can fly, match a large Asgardian boy two years older than her for strength while outmanoeuvring him, which only makes sense since she's a pre-teen Wonder Woman.
    • Thor, naturally, who is regularly noted to be capable of moving far faster than most believe possible (plus his Shock and Awe powers make him a literal case).
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    • Among many other things, the Winter Soldier is extremely fast.
    • By Ghosts of the Past, Harry's in this category - he moves extremely fast and hits incredibly hard.
  • Equestrylvania has Whisper White, who can move so fast Rainbow Dash doesn't even see him do it.
  • A Force of Four: Power Girl's Kryptonian DNA ensures that after her cousin's demise she is the world's most powerful hero. She moves faster and strikes harder than anybody.
  • In Fractured, a Mass Effect/Star Wars/Borderlands crossover, examples abound.
    • The Reapers fit the trope—until the Trans-Galactic Republic shows up with its Star Destroyers. If Faster-Than-Light Travel is considered, hyperspace far outclasses eezo drives without mass relays, so depending on what is being measured Star Destroyers may also fit here.
    • When the heroes build anti-Reaper ships, they aim for this trope, but end up with Glass Cannons instead.
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    • Samantha Shepard fills the niche too (as most portrayals of the character do).
    • In the sequel, Shepard's combat prowess has not waned, though due to her Heroic BSoD this slides into Informed Ability territory at least some of the time.
    • Jack and Brick eventually push their students toward this fighting style, realizing an army of Glass Cannons is not the way to go.
    • Sarah is the most direct example. Not only is she stronger, faster, and more powerful than anyone else, she's close to a Physical God among mortals (making her the trope by default).
  • From Muddy Waters: When Izuku is going all out, his movements are a blur to cameras and he can replicate the same punch that his father used to grievously injure All Might.
  • A Green Sun Illuminates the Void offers several examples:
    • Mages are stuck within human physical limits, although some seem to be able to enhance themselves. Exalts like Louise and Scarron are decidedly not.
    • Irukuwu also qualifies. In human form, she's quite fast, and can kill power armored soldiers with thrown food jars, even before she starts partial shapeshifting. In dragon form, well, she's a Rhyme Dragon. Those are scary as all malfeas, even for other dragons.
  • John Freeman, in Half-Life: Full Life Consequences, is revealed as one of these in Free Man. He is capable of "killing combines with bear hands," withstanding "masheen gun" fire, and can "walk fast like the speed of light."
  • The Heart Trilogy, a series of The Hobbit and later The Lord of the Rings fanfics, has the canonical Smaug. He later gains a human form which is still superior to those of average humans in every physical property.
  • Hellsister Trilogy has Supergirl, who is the Legion of Super-Heroes' mightiest and fastest heavy-hitter.
  • In Hope for the Heartless, the Horned King is proven to be this during his fight against the Mad Pack. He's strong enough to swing a massive log over his head like a club and throw off of himself numerous wolves swarming over him. (He later states himself to be as strong as ten men at least.) He normally moves deliberately slowly, hiding deceptively well the fact that he has snake-fast reflexes, much to the amazement of the watching Avalina. He also receives many wounds from the wolves, losing much of his black substitute for blood, but he still keeps fighting and passes out only after he has killed all the thirty something wolves. It should also be noted that his endurance wasn't at the peak condition at the time: earlier he received water (which burns him) on his face and had to use his energy draining teleportation spell twice to get to the spot.
  • In A Horse for the Force, Ranma can block lightsabers for brief periods with his ki shields and tank blaster shots, along with being fast enough anyone not extremely skilled in Battle Precognition simply can't keep up and strong enough that the shockwave of a stopped punch can slam a person's head into a wall hard enough to crack said wall.
  • In Last Child of Krypton, Shinji Ikari has Kryptonian DNA, which makes him strong enough to punch Eldritch Abominations out, swift enough to catch bullets and tough enough to tank one dozen of nukes.
  • In the Mass Effect/Command & Conquer Fusion Fic Renegade, GDI soldiers — particular Zone Troopers — are tremendously heavy-hitters and mobile thanks to strength-enhancers and jetpacks. There's also the Scrin Intruders, and on top of that, Locke, a massive slab of humanity who is described as moving as smoothly and swiftly as if he were naked, not clad in a half-ton of massive power-armor.
  • In Neither a Bird nor a Plane, it's Deku!, Izuku, being a Kryptonian, is naturally this. Even at four-years-old, he was strong enough to accidentally throw Katsuki through a concrete wall, tough enough to take point-blank explosions with little issue, and fast enough to nearly catch up to Katsuki after he was thrown past the street. As a fourteen-year-old, his classmates fully expect him to be able to stop a speeding train, he only suffers minor discomfort after being stomped on by a robot T-Rex, and he can jump through an entire forest in minutes to reach the base of Mt. Fuji. While he's still inferior to All Might, Izuku's powers are only growing with each passing year and he already has a plethora of Super Senses, Eye Beams, Super-Breath, and Ice Breath.
  • In Spirit of Redemption, Eli already had great reflexes before using a reflexes gene mod.
  • Superwomen of Eva 2: Lone Heir of Krypton: Being half-Kryptonian, Asuka is faster and hits harder than any other heroine in the setting.
  • ChaosGallantmon, Daemon, Gallantmon Crimson Mode, the Nightmare and Terriermon from the Tamers Forever Series are all lightning fast Mega digimon capable of some of the most utterly devastating attacks in the series.
  • Undyne in MagicTale is not only strong enough to carry every other Familiar (including Sylphid) while jogging, but also ridiculously fast and tough enough that she breaks through a three foot thick wall of stone by jumping into it without taking a scratch. The fact she's the Gandalfr only makes her even stronger, faster, and tougher. Though her strength is a problem because everything (and everyone) in Halkagenia is much more fragile than she's used to. She has trouble walking without putting holes in the ground and once dislocated Marteau's shoulders with a friendly pat on the back.
  • In The Vampire of Steel, the group of heroes teaming up includes several baseline humans, a wtich, a supernaturally physically powerful vampire-hunter... and a Kryptonian. Kara is naturally stronger and faster than her friends, as well as nigh invulnerable.
  • In Webwork, Jade turns out to be one of these during her fight with the J-Team. Is physically powerful, has great speed with her legs and has a high enough pain threshold to ignore pain from magic attacks.
  • The Wizard in the Shadows
    • Emrys falls into this category. He moves like lightning, kills trolls in less than five seconds, but he can take hits too.
    • Harry may also qualify, due to being Made of Iron.
  • Ogres from XCOM: Second Contact are stronger, tougher and faster than even Wrex, who is himself this to most of his comrades.


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