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    Season 1 

1x01 & 02; Rise of the Turtles

  • Raph and Donnie sparring:
    Raph: Alright Donnie, put down the staff, and no one gets hurt.
    Donnie: You said that last time, Raph, then you hurt me.
    Raph: Yeah, but, less than I would have.
  • Splinter repeatedly stopping the Turtles before they head up to the surface & acting like an obsessive parent, culminating in:
    Splinter: Make sure you "go" before you leave! The restrooms up there are filthy!
  • The Puppy-Dog Eyes and the fact that all of the Turtles can do this, including Raph.
  • Splinter is a troll.
    Leo: So sensei, Now that we're fifteen, I think it's time for us to go up to the surface, don't you?
    Splinter: Yes.
    (Turtles rejoice)
    Splinter: And no.
    (Turtles groan)
    Raph: I hate it when he does that.
  • Later when he decides the Turtles need a leader:
    Splinter: This is a difficult decision. I will meditate on it. (shuts the door)
    Splinter: (opens door) It's Leonardo. (immediately shuts the door)
  • Mikey's reasoning for why he should be the leader instead of any of his brothers? Well, he doesn't actually have a reason, he just thinks it'd be neat.
  • Mikey's face when he takes his first bite of pizza. And his brain subsequently exploding from flavor.
    • That scene in general, really.
    Mikey: Pizz-ah?
    Donnie: Should we open it?
    Leo: Careful! It could be dangerous.
  • While waiting for the kidnappers, Mikey and Donnie start playing word games.
    Mikey: Okay. I'm thinking of something green. Greeen. Guh-reeeeen.
    Donnie: (Boredly) Is it Raphael again?
    Mikey: MAN, You're good at this!
  • Donnie facepalming, forgetting he's wearing wall-climbing spikes on his hands.
  • After getting a mini-lecture from Splinter about how there are no "right or wrong" decisions, only choices, Leo learns he was chosen as the leader was because he asked for it. Shocked, he asks if Mikey would've been an option.
  • Raph giving a heartfelt speech to his pet turtle (technically tortoise) Spike, only to swiftly start trying to beat the snot out of Mikey for ruining the moment.
    • With a wooden spoon.
  • What Leo says before they attempt to save April and her dad.
    Leo: We're supposed to stay away from people. And bathrooms (shudders).
  • Leo tips on calming .
    Mikey: Did you just slap me?
    Leo: I was calming you down!
    • Even funnier is that it's Leo who does it and not Raph.
    • Also even funnier, Leo saw this scenario earlier when Captain Ryan did it in "Space Heroes". Except that in the cartoon, it actually worked.
  • There's also the exchange before that where Mikey is trying to describe the Kraang:
    Mikey: He had a brain!
    Leo: We all have brains, Mikey...
  • In response to Donnie geeking out over April and the fact her dad is a scientist in the second episode:
    Donnie: This is awesome! That girl's dad is a scientist! I'm a scientist! Oh, she is so gonna like me!
    Snake: ...I don't think you're her type.
  • Leo explains the stakeout:
    Leo: That building has the same logo as the van that kidnapped the family, so if we wait here long enough, one of the kidnappers will eventually show his face. And when he does we'll make him tell us where they took them.
    Leo: (Face Palm) Just hit the guy I tell you to.
    Mikey: Will do!
  • After Donnie tells Raph off:
    Mikey: You got spanked. (laughs)
    (Raph bends Mikey's finger)
    Mikey: Ow! Ow! Mercy! (looks at his throbbing finger) Not cool.
  • After Raph tears the arm off a Kraang robot and uses it to barricade the door:
    Raph: What?
    Leo: You are seriously twisted.
    Raph: Thanks!
  • Snake getting annoyed with the way the Kraang speak in" Rise of the Turtles, Part 2".
  • While on The Stakeout Raph soon grows bored.
    Leo: We have to be patient.
    Raph: No, you have to come up with a better plan, 'cause the four of us standing here with our thumbs up our noses-
    Mikey: (looking at his thumbs) I don't think they fit...
    Raph: -Is pointless!
    Leo: (smugly) You sure about that, Raph?
    Raph: He just showed up, didn't he? (he did) Should've complained two hours ago.
  • April tries to escape the Kraang by faking sickness and attacking a Kraang guard. He doesn't even react when she grabs him or even when she bites him. Then he picks her off his back with one hand, puts her down, and locks her back in the cell with her dad.
    April: Well, I guess we can just sit here.

1x03; Turtle Temper

  • Anything involving Spike, Raph's pet turtle.
    Splinter: Spike, chew on your leaf if you are in the mood for a story.
    Spike: (chews on leaf)
  • Leo's solution to Mikey's complaint that "It feels like something's missing" during a Raph-free mission:
    Mikey: Ow! [Beat] Thanks.
    Leo: Happy to help.
    • Then when they infiltrate the Kraang's warehouse...
    Donnie: [smacks Mikey]
    Mikey: OW! You don't have to keep doing that.
    Donnie: There was a spider on you.
    Mikey: Well, there's a spider on you too. Come here, punk! [starts pounding on Donnie's head like a bongo]
  • The Kraang thinking that they look handsome in the video Vic took.
    Particularly since the shot in question just showed a droid woodenly blasting away with two plasma guns.
  • Leo, Donnie and Mikey about to fight Spider Bytez:
    Leo: Alright guys, prepare to dish out the mighty WRATH OF JUSTICE!
  • The aftermath of Splinter's anger management lesson: One Raph covered in suction cup arrows, and the other three having the time of their lives.
  • "Well, I think you've been punished long enough, come and join us!"

1x04; New Friend, Old Enemy

  • Mikey's attempt to return a kitten to its owner backfires very badly.
    Mikey: Hi! Here's your-
    Man: Aaah! Ugly green mutant freak!
    Mikey: But I got your cat!
    Man: Help! He's got my cat!
    • ...Then the cat attacks Mikey, and he falls off the building.
    • And then Mikey just tosses the cat away, complete with crashing sound.
    • Most of the post-cat dialogue is pretty good, too. Take, for example:
      Leo: Chris Bradford, the martial arts superstar with a chain of dojos across the country. He's your soul mate?
      Mikey: [Matches the pose on the billboard] We've got so much in common!
      Donnie: What if you stop standing like that?
      Mikey: [Beat] We'll have a little less in common. But still a lot!
      • and...
        Mikey: —and I'll show [Bradford] my secret kata, the 'Secret Kata'!
        Donnie: ...catchy.
  • Wheareas Leo, Mikey and Donnie leap across a roof in a fancy manner, Raph charges and leaps across, barreling into his brothers on the other side. And by the look on his face, he meant to do it.
    Donnie: What the heck was that? You didn't even do any flips.
    Raph: [shit-eating grin] Oops!
  • Raphael's reaction whilst Mikey gushes about Chris Bradford.
    Mikey: And then, and then Chris Bradford put on his hakama! Man, that guy can rock a hakama!
    Raph: Yeah, maybe he'll wear it again when he takes you to the prom.
  • This case of mislaid priorities midway through the episode:
    Mikey: DUDES! That was sporadic!
    Leo and Raph: Shhhh!
    Donnie: [Face Palm] That's not what that means!
  • "Ha ha! Revenge."

1x05; I Think His Name is Baxter Stockman

  • Leo's amazingly long and noisy fall off a rooftop, right after yelling at Mikey about being silent.
    • And right into a beehive that just happened to be in his way. It sucks to be Leo.
  • Mikey when he first gets the T-Pod. From his over reaction to polka to his dancing, it's all worth a laugh.
  • And before that:
    Raph: You're really gonna plug an advanced piece of military technology directly into Mikey's head? What if it melts his brain?!
    Donnie: It won't! And even if it did, who'd know the difference?
  • And when they track down Baxter Stockman:
    Leo: Give it up, Stockman. We don't want to hurt you.
    Raph: We don't? Did I... miss a meeting?
  • When the Turtles first see Stockman and Raph suggests attacking him:
    Leo: We don't know that he's doing anything wrong, he-he could be on his way to... church.
    Raph: Wearing powered battle armor? What kind of church is that?
  • Right after that when the Turtles sweep in... and find Stockman failing to get inside the TCRI building with his armor:
    Donnie: This is kinda sad.
    Mikey: Yeah. I don't know whether we should pound him or buy him an ice cream cone.
  • Donnie built an IPod.
    Donnie: I found an artificial AI made from, get this, SELF ASSEMBLED CHAINLINK CO-POLYMERS!
    Mikey: That's my favorite kind of co-polymer!
    Donnie: (Hysterically) MINE TOO!
  • The Turtles' explanation to Splinter on how they got so hurt.
    Leo: Oh! That, well, we were...
    Raph: Hit..
    Donnie: By a...
    Mikey: Bus?
    [Splinter quirks an eyebrow, and Mikey grins, his teeth falling out]
  • Splinter on the ramifications of the Turtles' antics with Stockman:
    Splinter: The first rule of being a Ninja is to do no harm. Unless you mean to do harm. Then do lots of harm!
  • Baxter Stockman lends himself to quite a few humorous moments in this episode. One example is this exchange:
    TCRI Employee: Is this because I fired you?
    Baxter Stockman: The copy machine was broken when I got it, uh, I mean, I don't know what you're talking about.
    • And again when Baxter tries to come up with a name for himself. One particularly funny name he makes up that is just so absurd is "Captain Punch-You-Hard". Another, which Mikey admits he likes, was "The Suitinator".
    • As the Turtles are about to start fighting Stockman, Mikey screaming "WAIT!" and the subsequent shot of the other Turtles and Stockman frozen mid-battle, all looking at Mikey... who just wanted to put the T-Pod away before he started fighting.
  • The intro itself gives Splinter a good moment.
    Splinter: How many times have I told you not to skateboard in the lair?
    Mikey: [Exchanges a look with Donnie] ...none, Sensei.
    Splinter: I shouldn't have to tell you!

1x06; Metalhead

  • Splinter messing with Donnie when the latter says he wants to upgrade his staff.
    Splinter: Hmm... a seven foot staff, interesting.
    Donnie: No, I meant using modern technology.
    Splinter: Ah, a solar-powered staff.
  • When Metalhead is first introduced we get this:
    Metalhead: (Donnie through his speaker) Take me to your leader.
    Mikey: (deadpanning) Leo, it's for you.
  • Mikey attempting a Groin Attack... against Metalhead. It works as well as you'd expect.
  • Donnie baiting the Kraang-controlling Metalhead with a Kraang-style Your Mom joke, and the Kraang taking offense and trying to insult Donnie with a Your Mom joke as well.
    • The best part may be that the taunt itself is incredibly tame once you translate it:
      Donnie: The one who's called your mother wears the boots that are made for combat!
    • Donnie spying on April using Metalhead and talking about how she won't notice... and he forgot to turn off the speakers so April hears him. He then tries to cover it up and ends up hitting the megaphone button and embarrassing himself even further.

1x07; Monkey Brains

  • Donnie and his "Hang with April" flowchart.
    Leo: (After a mystery gives Donnie a chance to ditch the guys and go investigate with April) Heh. Bet that wasn't on his flowchart... Whoa, it is. That is spooky.
  • Mikey's "Can't stop playing/Must eat Pizza" dilemma.
  • The way the lesson of the day gets derailed:
    Splinter: You must find the space between your thoughts and learn to live there. That's what Michelangelo does.
    Donnie: True... but Mikey's got a lot more space between his thoughts than I do.
    Mikey: [Picks up a piece of pizza off the floor and sniffs it] Huh! Pepperoni! [Eats it]
    Splinter: ...yes. Well... Michelangelo has his challenges too.
  • This exchange:
    Donnie: It's over, Falco, we know it was you who mutated Rockwell.
    Falco: I used him as a guinea pig.
    Mikey: Well, it didn't work. You turned him into a monkey.
    • The best part of this may be the reaction he gets. There's a second as Donnie and Leo consider what Mikey just said, look confused, and then glare over at him.
  • After being told of Donnie being beat up by a lab monkey, Leo asks if he's okay.
    Donnie: I'll be fine.
    Leo: In that case...
    [All 3 remaining Turtles burst into uproarious laughter at Donnie's expense.]

1x08; Never Say Xever

  • Mikey contemplating getting a tattoo of his face, on his face.
  • After tasting Mr. Murakami's Pizza Gyoza the turtles are so impressed their eyes not only comically bug out, but fall off and roll across the counter!
  • One of the shops the turtles pass in Chinatown is called Dim Sum and then Sum.
  • The absolutely epic derailing of Raph's lecture. (as recalled)
    Raph: Those guys only understand one kind of language.
    Mikey: Chinese?
    Raph: No! Fists!
    Mikey: What about feet?
    Raph: They understand feet.
  • "No more Mr Nice Turtle." "YES! I never liked Mr Nice Turtle."
  • After the Turtles drop the captive Chris Bradford.
    Mikey: Sorry!
    Raph: Don't apologize to him!
    Mikey: I mean... Sorry I didn't drop you HARDER!!
    Raph: There you go.
  • At the beginning of the episode, when April wants the turtles to keep up:
    Donnie: Are you saying turtles are slow?
    Mikey: That's a hurtful stereotype!
  • When Bradford starts attacking the Turtles after their attempt to use him as a hostage fails.
    Bradford: Alright, let's settle the score, pond scum!
    Donnie: We're the ones who didn't want to throw you off the roof!

1x09; The Gauntlet

  • Mikey and the smokebombs.
    • Even funnier is that Splinter plays along!
      • When Mikey first finds the smokebombs he mistakes them as eggs and one explodes in his face. As Donnie explains that they're smokebombs and not rotten eggs you can see Leo laughing and hugging Raph for support.
  • Chris Bradford's hilariously bad attempt at a Taking You with Me, which just gets him and Xever oozed.
  • The somewhat confused look Kirby O'Neil gives Donnie after he says that April is really nice.
  • Pete's attempt at extortion.
  • The Turtles "Ooooh" and Mikey's "Oh no you didn't!", after April and Donnie's mini-argument.
  • After discovering the bomb, Donnie remarks how he didn't expect it to be that complex. Leonardo then responds with:
    Leo: They're aliens from another dimension! What did you expect? A big round ball with a lit fuse that said "bomb"?!
    • Followed by Raph's typical sarcasm:
      Raphael: Boy I sure hope this argument goes on for another 4 minutes and 15 seconds!

1x10; Panic in the Sewers

  • The Shredder learning from Bradford what happened and how he failed his mission:
    The Shredder: ...They defeated you with go karts and a water balloon?
    • Made even funnier when you realize that the Shredder is more confused than angry.
  • "Doctor Prankenstein". Especially when he gets Leo.
  • Raph: I can't believe I'm saying this but, 'get it together, Captain! You're our leader, so act like one!'
    Leo: That was the anxiety ray talking.
    Raph: What, that's it? You're not gonna slap yourself?
  • Mikey's explanation of where he got the pizza at the end. Double points for him calling them out on their disgust, as pizza from a dumpster still in its box is likely more sanitary than the worms and algae they've been eating before they came up top.
    Mikey: What? We live in a sewer! Now you're clean freaks?
  • There's a brief view of April's student ID. Apparently when she got it taken, she had braces and glasses, and looked nothing like how she is today. It's rather hilarious.
  • "Okay, Spike, you'll like this show. It's called 'Does Mikey Bend That Way?'"

1x11; Mousers Attack!

  • Leo explaining the concept of a "B-Team" way of showing two Red Shirts get vaporized on a television show.
    • Even funnier, the Red Shirts getting vaporized are wearing the same colors as Donnie and Mikey's bandannas.
    • As a side note, the character representing Mikey is overweight and the character representing Donnie is a skinny, tall, alien.
  • When Dogpound is escaping from the mousers with Baxter Stockman, he grunts "Oh yeah!" as he plows through a wall!
  • Michelangelo the street dancer.
  • Dogpound taunts Fishface by tapping on the glass in Shredder's aquarium.

1x12; It Came From the Depths

  • Mikey tries to offer everyone a pizza milkshake, leading to this exchange:
    Donnie: Okay, that could not sound less appetizing.
    Mikey: I call it a "PI-SHAKE"!(pronounced "pee shake")
    Donnie: (nearly vomits) I stand corrected.
    • On Leo's television show, the episode deals with these adorable pink fluffballs the crew has on their ship. The captain disposes of them humanely by ordering the airlock to open, and the aliens are sucked out while he sits there in his chair with a stoic look on his face, and smiles.
      Raph: You have to be the only one who likes this show.
  • Upon arriving in Leatherhead's booby-trapped hideout via a long underwater swim, Raph gets this gem:
    Raph: Whew! Sometimes, it's good to be a turtle.
    (A stop sign comes from nowhere, slicing through the air between Donnie and Leo with Audible Sharpness. Raph ducks into his shell just in time to avoid being beheaded. However, Leo and Donnie think he was beheaded until his head pops out)
    Raph: ...and sometimes, it's good to be a short turtle.
  • When Leatherhead is subdued and brought to the turtles' lair, one might expect Splinter to (rather sensibly) order him thrown out. Instead, he declares that it is alright to allow him to stay, as it is important to show compassion. Upon being asked if they still need to chain Leatherhead up so he can't get at anyone...
    Splinter: Of course. I'm compassionate, not insane.
  • Donatello tries measuring the output of the Kraang power cell and gets blown across the room leaving him with an Ash Face and a Donatello-shaped outline on the wall.
    Why am I the one who has to touch the weird Kraang stuff?!
  • After they return from Leatherhead's lair, Mikey explains to his brothers that Leatherhead is "off the chain". When they freak out at him over letting Leatherhead loose, Mikey clarifies that "off the chain" means he's calm and reasonable, which is why Mikey let him loose.

  • When Leatherhead loses control of his anger after hearing the word Kraang, Mikey calls him down in ways that are both adorable and funny.
    Mikey: (Leatherhead losing control) Whoa, Buddy! (Starts stroking back) Cleansing Breaths! (Rubs feet) Cleansing Breaths. (Massages back) Cleansing Breaths...

1x13; I, Monster

  • Mikey's ultimately futile attempts at coming up with better names for Falco than "The Rat King".
  • Also, his justified remark that Raph's insults have become too predictable.
  • The flower-and-rainbows ringtone Donnie has for April. Raph and Mikey's reaction to it is priceless.

1x14; New Girl in Town

  • When Leo tells April he met a girl, April is happy for him, but when Leo tells April that she's a member of the Foot Clan, April promptly smacks him across the face with a rolled up newspaper.
    • That entire Leo and April scene, actually, including the end where she's scolding Leo so loudly he looks like he's being buffeted by gale-force winds.
  • At the end of the episode, how do the Turtles wake up an unconscious Mikey? Leo holds a slice of pizza in front of his face.
    Leo: Works every time.
  • Earlier, Mikey also learns why the sewers stink and where fertilizer comes from.
  • Karai talks to Leo about how the Shredder doesn't really do much else than gripe about revenge and such. When Leo asks if she doesn't approve, she responds:
    "No, I'm fine with it, I'm just saying: he needs a hobby."
  • Leo's attempts to smack talk Karai. With anyone else he's confident and clever; with Karai he can't find the right words and finally sputters out, "Let's just go!"
  • Leo is awkwardly trying to explain his relationship with Karai to Raph when Snakeweed shows up, his response:
    "Oh thank goodness."
  • Near the start of the episode, Mikey sheepishly ducking out of the frame after Leo and Raph give him a combined Death Glare.
  • Donnie's snarking about Raphael's rather unimaginative tactics when confronted with Snakeweed at his lair. Rob Paulsen just nails it:
    Donnie: "Great, four times in a row—he'll never see that coming!"
  • Leo watching Space Heroes, which ends with Captain Ryan vaporizing the evil Green-Skinned Space Babe he had been flirting with. His response:
    "Oi, relationships are complicated."
  • After Snakeweed's defeat, Raph's apology at the end and Leo trying to rub it in.
    Raph: [whispering] I'm sorry.
    Leo: What's that? I couldn't hear.
    Raph: I said...I'm [screaming in his ear] SORRY!!!
    Leo: Apology accepted.

1x15; The Alien Agenda

  • Leo and Raph discussing Karai.
    Leo: They just wouldn't understand.
    Raph: You really think Donnie and Mikey wouldn't understand?
    Raph: You really think Donnie wouldn't understand?
  • Karai threatens to press a button.
    Raph: NO!
    Leo: Don't do that!
  • Near the end of the episode, we have this conversation:
    Splinter: Leonardo, you are not the first man, or turtle, to make a fool of yourself over a girl.
    Mikey: What about Donnie? *gets smacked*
    • Another from Splinter after he says he understands why Leo didn't tell them about Karai.
      Leo: I was worried you'd be mad.
      Splinter: Who says I'm not mad? (smacks Leo)
  • Bradford laughing at the malfunctioning robot legs that Stockman built for Xever.
    • "Fix this, before I bite your head off!" (gets kicked in the face)
  • When Raph asks Leo if he's going to tell their brothers and Splinter about Karai, we have this little exchange:
    Leo: No need, we had a little chat and she agreed to leave us alone.
    Raph: Right, because villains always back off when you ask them to. Maybe I'll text the Kraang and ask them to stop mutating stuff.
  • Mikey can't come up with a fitting name for the large mutant they have to fight. He decides to just go with Justin.
  • Mikey screaming like a girl (as in a stock girly scream) when the DNA fusion is in the process of creating Justin. The funniest part is that, after showing tanks of armadillo, octopus, jellyfish, and electric eel DNA, Mikey screams at the tank of cat DNA.
    • Most likely a Call-Back from when he was attacked by a kitten in "New Friend, Old Enemy".
  • Funnier if your name is Justin.
  • Leo: Let's put old mother Hubbard back in her cupboard.
    Mikey: *Face Palm*
    Raph: It literally hurts to listen to you sometimes.
  • April sends the guys a text when a Kraangdroid disguised as a female museum worker attacks her. The guys are... confused.
    Leo: Did you guys just get a mass text from April?
    All: Yep.
    Leo: Do yours also say she's being attacked by an old lady?
    All: Yep.
    Donnie: Does that count as an emergency?
    Leo: ...I guess?

1x16; The Pulverizer

  • Leo, Raph, and Mikey are arguing about who gets to drive the Shellraiser and Donnie hits all 3 of them with his bo staff, assigns Leo as the driver, and when Mikey and Raph ask why, Donnie points out that Leo's the only one who won't use the Shellraiser to hit something for fun.
    • And both agree he's right about it.
  • Pulverizer: "W-What's a Kraang?"
    Raph: "If we told you, we'd have to kill you."
    Raph: "Ya see, the Kraang are aliens from another dimension—" (Leo elbows him)
  • Donnie: "Who do we know that would be interested in stolen evil robot parts?"
    Leo, Donnie & Raph: "Baxter Stockman."
    Mikey: "Donatello."
    Mikey: "Baxter Stockman."
  • Poisoned Raph.
    Raph: I'm fine. Just fine. I love you.
    Mikey: HE'S NOT FINE!
    • Then Don and the viewers can hear Raph vomiting and Mikey's reaction:
      Mikey: I knew you ate my pizza! YOU LIAR!
    • Donnie gives Raph an antidote:
      Raph: Thank you magical unicorn.
    • Paying attention to Donatello's medical kit reveals that it's called, with marker on it, "Donnie's Box", with another sentence via markers that says "MIKEY, DO NOT TOUCH!".
  • The Pulverizer meets Splinter by crashing into his room, and Splinter lifts him out of his room.
    The Pulverizer: (Whispering) Does he know he's a rat?
    Splinter: He knows.

1x17; TCRI

  • Leo imitating the Kraang along with April and Splinter's reaction.
    Leo: "The ones who are working for this place must punch the card known as the time card into the clock known as the clock of time."
  • Donnie once again getting the face-shaking treatment from Leatherhead.
    • When Leatherhead asks about the power cell, Donnie's smart enough to back away before Leo answers. It still wasn't far enough, but Leatherhead recovers quickly and pinches his cheek while reasoning that the Turtles did the best they could to defend it (they sorta didn't but they stop Mikey before he corrects him).
  • Two Kraang talking to each other. They're awfully funny despite being evil aliens from another dimension.
    Kraang "I suppose Kraang has once again been foiled by turtles and failed to retrieve that which Kraang was to retrieve."
    Kraang "Kraang is wrong, Kraang has retrieved it, in Kraang's face."
  • A Kraang picks up Mikey's nunchucks, twirls them, looks happy, hits itself, and tosses them.
  • Donnie is trying to figure out where he's seen the Kraang's insignia before and Mikey repeatedly speculates it's the Olympics. Frustrated, Donnie yells at the others to leave him alone so he can solve it, which was enough to scare even Raph and they back away. Splinter then walks up and also thinks it might be the Olympics.
    • And when Donnie yells at them, Mikey leaps into Raph's arms in the background.
  • The retinal scanner in the elevator:
    Female computer voice: "That which is known as access is granted to Kraang."
  • April: This just doesn't make sense. If the Kraang want to transform the Earth, why do they need my dad?
    Leo: Well, he is a scientist.
    April: Yeah, but he's a psychologist. He studies rats going through mazes. (To Splinter) No offense.
    Splinter: I like a good maze.

1x18; Cockroach Terminator

  • Kraang chatter.
    Kraang: "Kraang is on the Earth diet known as 'Gluten Free'. Kraang has already lost 13 Kraang units of weight."
  • Leo talking like the Kraang after ambushing them with the Shellraiser.
    Donnie: Which do we save first: the world or the English language?
  • Well, Raph's fear of cockroaches and the Turtles teasing him for it.
    Leo: Well Raph, you saved the city and faced your fear. Not bad for a Wednesday.
    Raph: Faced my fear? I conquered my fear! I looked my fear straight in the eye and obliterated it!
    Mikey: So you're not afraid of cockroaches anymore.
    Raph: Nope.
    Mikey: Good, good. Then you won't mind the one I just slipped into your shell.
    Raph: O_O *eye twitch, runs around screaming*
    Others: XD
  • Raph's plea scene.
    Raph: I'm sorry I tried to smash you, okay? I'm sorry. I've learned a very important lesson. I'll never be cruel again, just leave me alone.
    Mikey: On one condition:
    Raph: Ah! Anything!
    Mikey: Be good to Michelangelo.
    Raph: What?
    Mikey: Let him read your comics once in a while.
    Raph: MIKEY! *kicks Mikey*

1x19; Baxter's Gambit

  • When Stockman is asked why he became a villain, Stockman starts talking about his past hardships and at one point states he built a volcano for a science fair and used actual molten lava which burned down the gym and got him expelled.
    • Also, when Stockman describes himself as a sensitive, misunderstood child, Dogpound replies with a deadpan 'Well, there's a surprise.'
  • April's attempts at finding the right ninja weapon.
    Splinter: You already possess the Kunoichi's greatest weapon: The mind.
    April: When was the last time you saw someone hit a guy over the head with their mind?
    Splinter: True. Let's find you a weapon.
  • The Turtles and The Foot Clan attack the Kraang at the exact same time. The baffled reactions of The Foot Clan sell it as well as Raphael being told to be pinched to see if he's dreaming. Mikey obliges, and gets hit for it.
  • The end of the episode. Wiped out from beating Stockman and his labyrinth, the turtles and Dogpound and Fishface try to start fighting again. Only to say screw it and go home.
  • ...OF DOOM...

1x20; Enemy Of My Enemy

  • When Donnie says how cool it would be to have Karai (a kunoichi) on their side, April reminds him that she is a kunoichi (in trainingshe becomes a full one in season 4), causing Donnie to get all flustered trying to explain and he ends up telling April she's pretty before Raph finally steps in and covers his mouth.
  • Raph berates Leo for bringing Karai into the Shellraiser since she'll see all their technology. Karai sarcastically responds that they're doomed when Shredder finds out they have an ice cream cone-shaped lamp.
  • Mikey acts like the punching dummy is sentient.
    Mikey: *responding to Raph hitting it* You're pretty tough when they can't fight back.
    Mikey: *to the dummy when Raph knocks it on the ground* You'll get him next time.
  • Donnie finally getting to tease someone else for their crush.
    Leo: If Karai can pull it off.
    Donnie: Are you worried about your girlfriend? I see why you guys do that now, it's kinda fun!
  • When the Kraang craft is shot down, it flies a crash course straight at Shredder. Shredder just glares and unsheathes his blades the next shot is of him knocked into the water and sinking because of his heavy armor.
  • Karai asks Mikey what "Booyakasha" means and he doesn't know despite it being his catchphrase and says he just likes saying it. She also calls Donnie scrawny and Donnie protests, saying he's svelte.
  • Donnie and Raph gesturing to Leo to stop telling Mikey that leprechauns aren't real, earning face slaps from the two of them.
  • This conversation.
    Raph: Hey, the Stealth Bike is my thing!
    Leo: Well, now your thing is sucking it up.
    Donnie: Hey, that's my thing!

1x21; Karai's Vendetta

  • Splinter licking Raph during a demonstration on throwing your opponent off balance.
  • When the Turtles wonder how they're going to stop the Kraang's plot to terraform Earth's water, Donnie assures them that he has an awesome idea. Cue the Gilligan Cut to underwater, where we see the T-Sub's debut...and that it runs on manual bicycling.
    Raphael: NOT...awesome.
  • Donnie trying to make the T-Sub go faster...which breaks the engines off, and sends them flying away.
    Mikey: Wow, that is fast.
  • The giant sea monster from Dimension X falling in love with the T-Sub.
    Mikey: Hey, we're not that kind of sub!
    • What really drives the point home are the looks on the turtles' faces. No words can describe that utter shock and disbelief. You just have to see it for yourself.
  • Shredder's first interaction with a Kraang.
    Shredder: Do they all speak like this?
  • Mikey's victory dance.
  • The look on Leo's face when he sees that the periscope (which he has to put near his face) is a dirty old toilet seat.
  • The Kraang have a sign to show that their chemicals are highly combustible.
  • Donatello says to Leo telling them to be quiet that, "We're ninjas. We know how to be quiet." Cue his phone ringing.
    Mikey: Oooooohh, that is embarrassing.
  • Near the end, when the turtles return home after their mission, Donnie calls April to make sure she's okay. April says she is indeed okay. Donnie yells "Did you hear that guys? My sweet princess is alive!...Did I mute that?". April responds, "Let's agree you did.". After Donnie's princess comment, Raph facepalms, while Leo and Mikey bang their heads against a wall and the floor respectively.
  • "But, water gives Kraang's membrane...wrinkly fingers."

1x22; Pulverizer Returns

  • The turtles training session using each other's weapons. Leo trips himself with Donnie's bo staff, Raph hits himself with Mikey's nunchucks, Mikey throws Leo's swords in the air and nearly cuts off his feet, and Donnie pokes himself in the chin with Raph's sais.
  • Leonardo criticizing Michelangelo and Raphael on having fun in the first fight in the episode, saying "Real life is ''not'' like a video game." while Donatello noticeably goes "Hey, coins!" to an unconscious Foot Soldier in the background, with the Super Mario Bros. coin collecting sound effect being audible.
  • Donatello: Uh oh, text message from you know who.
    [Leo! Raph! Mikey?]
    Donatello: Text message from everybody but Mikey knows who.
    [Mikey gives a thumbs up.]
  • Mikey imitating Leo.
    Mikey: Look, I'm Leo. Guys, we have to be quiet, ninjas are supposed to be quiet, quiet down.
    Leo: I sound nothing like that!
    Raph: Yes, that's why we're laughing, because you sound nothing like that.

1x23; Parasitica

  • Donatello becomes excited after seeing a centrifuge at the Kraang base.
    Raphael: If I ever get that excited about a centrifuge, please put me out of my misery.
  • Raph, Donnie, and Mikey's attempts at getting Leo away from the wasp egg. They try luring him away with a jellybean, anchovy, and jalapeno pizza, watch an episode of Space Heroes, and Mikey wipes his butt with Leo's signed Space Heroes comic book.
  • Raph's reaction when Leo starts acting out of the ordinary.
    Raphael: Dude, you alright? Because, unmotivated bursts of anger is kinda my thing.
  • Raph's attitude toward Leo's decision about taking the egg back to the lair:
  • The montage of Mikey keeping himself in control from the virus while he finishes the antibody.

1x24; Operation: Break Out

  • Mikey accidentally revealing the entrance to the Kraang lair by driving a car off its jack.
  • Donnie insisting that Mr. O'Neil not tell Mikey that he named Newtralizer. And then when Mr. O'Neil does anyway:
    Mikey: You named something without me?!
  • "Kraang is that which they call idiotic". That is all.
  • Raphael trying to put a good word in for Donnie with April at the end is hilarious in how overblown it is. So is Donnie's reaction when it works and she hugs him!
  • Raph attempting (and failing) to open a door in the Kraang lair, and the turtle's next solution.
    Leo: Again, what would Donnie have done?
    Mikey: Hmm... Oh! *Mikey spots the Kraandroid, and snaps his fingers* (Donnie had previously opened the door by pressing the Kraandroid's face against the door's scanner, for a second one thinks Mikey has figured this out until we cut to...)
    *All three turtles repeatedly ramming the door, using the kraandroid as a battering ram*
    • And then when the alarm goes off...
      Mikey: Donnie's idea was terrible!
  • Mikey responds to Leo's question about whether or not anyone's seen Donnie with a long description of a dream he had in which he and Donnie were "Rodeo Detectives", complete with Imagine Spot of them in cowboy costumes, who solved the mystery of who stole the "Buckaroo Diamond." It was the clown.

1x25 & 26; Booyaka-Showdown

  • Two Kraang are guarding TCRI on the top, and one of them says "It is quiet. Precisely the right amount of quiet.".
  • Right after that:
    As the two Kraang are falling:
    Kraang 1: This is going to leave what is known as "a mark".
    Kraang 2: Affirmative.
  • Donnie gets a moment when they discover the force field protecting the portal:
    Leo: What? There's a force field?! Why didn't you tell me?!!?
  • In Space Heroes, Captain Ryan's plan to save his ship and crew is crazy, defies all logic, is illegal in 16 Solar Systems, and doesn't believe his mother would approve. When his plan fails, he tells his subordinates to abandon ship and when one of them salutes him and says it's been an honor, he slaps him and tells them to get out while they still have time. It also counts as a heartwarming moment for Captain Ryan of all people.
    • Also note that Ryan somehow slaps his subordinate from across the room.
  • When Donnie informs his brothers about the Kraang invasion, we have this little gem from Mikey.
    Donnie: April and I have been sifting through this Kraang chatter and well, listen to what we translated...
    Kraang: The final phase of the plan known as Kraang's invasion, shall commence in the unit of time that is 6 hours. The Technodrome shall arrive from Dimension X through the portal.
    Mikey: Are you sure this is the translated version?
  • This gem:
    Mikey: [upon seeing the Technodrome for the first time] Holy giant floating shippy-ship.
  • And:
    Mikey: [upon seeing the Technodrome; calmly] I think I speak for everyone when I say [freaking out] AAAHHHHH! AAAAHHHH!! AAAAAHHHHH!!!

    Season 2 

2x1; Mutation Situation

  • Just the fact that Donatello's mutagen detector is a classic Game Boy with working eggbeaters.
  • If you don't see it as Nausea Fuel, Kirby Bat regurgitating a rat and some plastic cups for April to eat can be this along with April refusing to eat and telling him to get her some real food. It can also double as a heartwarming moment in a somewhat twisted and disgusting way.
  • Mikey's fly costume.
    • "Buzz. Buzz."
    • The fact that he genuinely believed his brothers when they said they dressed him up as a superhero.
    • You expect him to call himself "Turtle Fly", but instead, he goes with Tur-Fly-Tle.
  • Mikey's plan to track the invisible Kraang ship: Put honey on the ship so it'll attract bees and then follow the bees. Everyone, even Metalhead who wasn't remote controlled, turned and glared at Mikey for the sheer stupidity of his plan.
    • You can notice in the background even Mutagen Men in his tank is glaring at him.
  • Leo asking Splinter how to lure a lost pet back and initially uses a cat as an example freaking out Splinter.
  • Mikey calling the mutated Kirby "Wingnut", then Donnie telling him not to assign him a monster name.
  • Funnier because in season 4 there's ANOTHER WINGNUT.
  • Mikey wonders if Kirby would bite April, turning her into an undead vampire. Needless to say, Donnie is not amused.
  • At the very end of the episode, when the squirrel takes a few sips of the spilled mutagen, it stops and whirls around, posing for the camera in the exact same stance as the Dramatic Chipmunk video. It even plays the same musical sting as the camera zooms in.

2x2; Invasion Of The Squirrelanoids

  • After Leo explains to Splinter about the mutant squirrels.
    • "I should have been in a deeper trance."
  • Splinter asks who's going to step up and scout and find the Squirrelanoids. The Turtles opt to use Metalhead instead.
  • One of the Squirrelanoids jams itself into Raph's mouth. The others strap him to a table and view his X-Rays. Donnie states they have to perform surgery to remove the Squirrelanoid before it can duplicate. He takes out a buzz saw powered by kinetic energy and Raph struggles to get free. The other turtles laugh.

2x3; Follow The Leader

2x4; Mutagen Man Unleashed

2x5; Mikey Gets Shell Acne

  • Leo's, Raph's, and Donnie's attempts at cooking breakfast.
  • This:
    Mikey: (Just saw the "turtle zits" he found) AAAAAHHHH!!!! WHAT THE—?! I'M A MUTANT!!
    Leo: Uh, he's just realizing that now?
  • Mikey says that there was no proper warning to drinking the reject batch of Retro Mutagen. Donatello turns it around to reveal multiple warnings, one of which is "Mikey, don't eat me.". Mikey still refuses to take responsibility for his mistake.
  • Leo's attempt at reassuring Mikey.
    Leo: Don't worry, Mikey. It's just part of being a teenager.
    Mikey: Have you ever had 'em?

2x6; Target: April O'Neil

  • Leo, after hearing Mikey suggest that the Kraang are building laser burritos, says that after they finish the mission, they'll get Mexican pizza with a cheeky grin.
  • Mikey and his frankly impossible shadow puppet distraction.
    • The Kraang's descriptions of the shadow puppets are also pretty hilarious.
  • The Foot Robots have difficulty on the ice, and then quickly adapt. It happens twice.
  • Casey and April's mid-fight banter.
    Casey: You got some rink rage, red!
    April: You should see me play ping pong.
  • Donnie's cell phone goes off in vibrate mode on a mission. What makes this more funny is that he clearly learned his lesson from the last infiltration mission about being more discreet, since it didn't ring.
  • Mikey accidentally causing danger with Kraang weapons. Twice. He even makes the same sheepish expression afterwards.

2x7; Slash And Destroy

  • Leo's misadventures trying to recover the mutagen canister, culminating in him being forced into a tea party with a little girl.
    • The little girl asks Leonardo if there are any other talking Turtles like him. Leonardo denies it, and then Raphael and Slash crash through the roof. Raph is baffled at what Leo is doing.
      Raphael: Leo! Having... Teatime!?!
  • Mikey's reaction to learning Spike had been mutated.
    • Followed by Raph's reaction to Mikey's reaction. A speech bubble with an ellipses inside shows up next to Raph's mouth.
  • Even after being brutally beaten by Spike, Donnie still has the energy to snark.
    Donnie: What hit me? It was like Raph only, bigger and meaner. Angrier, but... not quite as ugly.

2x08 The Good the Bad and Casey Jones

  • Casey faints when he meets Splinter due to his fear of rats. April revives him with a slap across the face. Raph makes fun of him for it and then Mikey holds a cockroach in front of his face scaring Raph into withdrawing into his shell.
    Raph: The kid's afraid of rats.
    Mikey: Kind of like you and cockroaches, huh, Raph?

2x09 The Kraang Conspiracy

  • This exchange, taking place while the Turtles watch the Kraang using their Telepathy.
    Raph: What's going on, Donnie?
    Donnie: (Lilting voice) It's a Kraang sweet sixteen birthday party... (Normal voice) How am I supposed to know?!
  • Michelangelo playing with an inactive Kraang robot suit as if it were a ventriloquist dummy.
  • One Kraang asking if the suit makes him look fat. No, really.
  • Throughout the episode, April's trying to keep up with four trained ninjas. The turtles drop down silently, then April climbs down, before awkwardly striking a ninja pose.
  • When Kurtzman shows the turtles and April a photo of baby April, Kirby has a bit of an afro.
  • According to the ID card Kurtzman stole, at least one Kraang uses the alias Norman Kraangenhoffer.
  • Michelangelo's reaction to the revelation that April is a half-human, half-alien mutant.
    Michelangelo: Aw yeah, welcome to the family!

2x10 Fungus Humongous

  • Mikey's pizza at the end has anchovies, pepperoni, and mushrooms. The others are not amused.
    Mikey: Check it out! An extra large pizza with anchovies, pepperoni, and extra mushrooms.
    Others: MIKEY!
    Donnie: You can't be serious!
    April: Okay, seriously, that is just wrong.
  • Donatello and Raphael try and get Casey to calm down after he gets spores on him. Casey then sees Donatello and Raphael, as they're telling him he's going a little nuts, be covered in rats. Rather spooky, but very comical.
  • Mikey jumping on the spores Super Mario Bros. style.
  • After Raph gets spored, Mikey tries to comfort him by giving him a hug. The problem is that Raph sees Mikey as a giant cockroach. He then pukes from this scenario.
  • Leonardo's face when the mushrooms begin randomly dancing after he got sprayed by their spores. It is the epitome of WTF!? and his eye even begins twitching!
  • Did Leo need mouth-to-mouth after defeating the mutant fungus? Absolutely not.

2x11 Metalhead Rewired

  • Mikey versus a vending machine. The vending machine wins.
  • Splinter letting the turtles out after Metalhead locks them in the lab.
    Mikey: *banging on door* Help! Killer robot on the loose!
    Raph: Knock it off, do you want Splinter to-*Splinter opens door*
    Splinter: Do you boys have any idea what time it is?! Why was the door locked?
    Leo: About that...*elbows Donnie*
    Donnie: No reason, just fooling around.
    Mikey: Metalhead tried to kill us! *gets death glares from his brothers*
    Splinter: Leonardo?
    Leo: The truth is, we have to meet April at Murakami's. Big mutant sushi problem. *the turtles run off*
    Splinter: Teenagers...
  • Mikey getting attacked by Metalhead's hands throughout the episode.
  • Metalhead driving.
    Mikey: When did you teach him how to drive? *Shellraiser starts swerving back and forth*
    Raph: You did teach him how to drive, right?!
  • Donatello and Leonardo get sucked into a Kraang portal. Raphael and Mikey's solution? Run in ready to battle, while screaming.
  • The port-a-potty scene for those that don't mind a small dose of Toilet Humor. Mikey being the only one who can open it is funny enough, especially when he starts boasting and Donatello gets irritated... but watching Donatello open it several times in a row, complete with a fart noise playing EVERY time gets increasingly funnier.

2x12 Of Rats And Men

  • The film showing just as The Rat King's giant rats attack? Food Of The Vermin (In 3D!).
  • Irma asks if April found her by following the aroma of rat feces and is about to describe what they smell like only to get interrupted by April and Casey.
  • After defeating Leo during a training session, Splinter hits the other turtles while blindfolded and says it's easy to sense loudmouths.
  • Mikey playing as mutant rat bait with a piece of cheese on his head.
  • Mikey secretly licking Ice Cream Kitty in the freezer before he notices everyone is behind him watching this, and from their point of view it looks like he's making out with himself. Everyone's expression is priceless.

2x13 & 14 The Manhattan Project

  • When investigating the cause of the quakes, Raph asks Mikey if he's thinking what he's thinking. Mikey thinks of a cute kitten, which elicits a Dope Slap from Raph. He then asks him who would have the tech to cause such quakes. Mikey just thinks of two cute kittens playing with a screwdriver. Predictably, Raph slaps him again.
  • While looking around the Kraang's multiple reality portals, Casey finds a portal to '87 New York. Even better, there's Donnie's reaction to '87 April O'Neil.
    Donatello (dreamily): Nice jumpsuit.
  • When April feels something touch her butt and thinks it's Casey, but it turns out to be a kraathotrogan larva rubbing against it.
  • More of Kraang's dialogues:
    "Surrender is optimum; Non-surrender means disintegration; which is less optimum."
    "You will continue marching from the place you are to the place you are not yet!"
    "Kraang! We have been discovered in the place that was meant to be undiscovered!"
    "It is humans known as "humans"."
  • Mikey's lame Rousing Speech to Leo and Raph after Tiger Claw takes Splinter hostage.
  • Bordering on an "out of character" moment, Xever offers Tiger Claw some refreshments. Tiger Claw requests some milk. Karai asks him about his missing tail. Tiger Claw explains that someone cut it off a long time ago and vows revenge on the person responsible and starts licking the milk out of his glass.
  • After a particularly dramatic scene, we cut to Splinter answering a phone that resembles cheese, with Leonardo on the other side in a comical fashion.
    "The cheese phone! Truly, an emergency!"
  • The Shredder finally sees Bradford again, and his first response is "You look terrible, Bradford."
  • This:
    Splinter: There is a saying: he who runs his mouth gets a face full of nunchaku.
    Leonardo: They say that in Japan?
    Splinter: They would if you were there.

2x15 Mazes & Mutants

  • Three words: "Ninja Turtles LARPing".
  • Splinter opening the freezer and Ice Cream Kitty handing him a cheese-sicle.
  • Michelangelo acting like Gollum when he obsesses over his +1 Ring of Awesome.
  • Raphael saying "I don't do rings."
  • Turkey-headed Raph.
  • When Raph and Donnie are watching Super Robo Mecha Force V, Captain Dash pulls out a weapon and blows up his enemy. Raph and Donnie look at each other have this conversation:
    Raph: Where'd he pull out the bazooka?
    Donnie: I have theories, none of them pleasant.

2x16 The Lonely Mutation of Baxter Stockman

  • April kissed Donnie twice in one day, which leads to Donnie gloating, "Eat it, Casey Jones! Eat it!" Casey retaliates by tripping him up.
  • The Batman-style Turflytle transition.
  • Mikey imagining how he'd look as a human is represented by a semi-photorealistic cut-out with a drawn orange mask.
    • Also, his human head is Greg Cipes, the guy who provides his voice for this version.
  • Baxter Stockman's attempts in defending his unsuccessful mutation experiments, such as saying that Ace Duck can fly, swim, and do tae-kwan-do and informing Shredder that he is working on plans for mutant pigs and rhinos.

2x17 Newtralized!

  • Michelangelo says he knows who would want plutonium and has an Imagine Spot of a squirrel armed with laser cannons. Raphael then yells "Do not say squirrels with lasers!"
  • Donnie reveals that he planted a Spy Roach on Slash so they could spy on him and Newtralizer. Raph gives Donnie a semi-friendly pat the back which almost makes Donnie fall off a building, and Raph comments that he thought Donnie was just getting beaten. Donnie claims he was multi-tasking.
  • The Newtralizer adjusting his translator. Slash's expression just completes the scene, especially as both of them are usually psychopaths and very serious characters.
  • "Kraang, watch out for Kraang. Stupid Kraang."
    • "This is what is known as awesome."
  • Mikey playing Pac-Man with Donnie's computer and him getting annoyed.
    Donnie: Stop eating all the Kraang locations!
  • Michelangelo fooling around with a Kraang suit's head and Donatello doing a Face Palm with a Kraang suit's arm.
    Mikey: The Kraang are getting their kraangs handed to them by those who are not Kraang.

2x18 Pizza Face

  • After Leo suggests that Mikey just make his own pizza, his eyes roll back like slot machine reels until it shows two pizzas and fish of all things coming from the corner to applaud loudly before his head explodes and pops back up.
  • Leo, Ralph and Donnie acting like stoners after eating mutagenized pizza.
    • Master Splinter just letting out a belch after Mikey pleads with him that he didn't eat the mutagen pizza.
  • Even though it was rather disturbing, Mikey eating his way out of captivity and then eating PIZZA FACE FROM THE INSIDE OUT warrants a disturbed chuckle.
  • When Mikey knocks out one of the mutant pizzas, he ties it to a chair. When the pizza wakes up, he notices a table full of sharp, metal tools and a teddy bear.
    • When Mikey finishes his Q&A with the pizza, he locks it up in the freezer with Ice Cream Kitty.
    • Honestly, that whole interrogation scene is pure gold. From Mikey playing the bad cop, tying a sentient mind-controlling pizza to a chair, asking it questions, nonchalantly eating one of its toppings and going as far as threatening to toss it in an oven. All while wearing huge black sunglasses and acting completely serious. It has to be seen to be believed.
  • "Sorry, D. Sorry, Leo. Not sorry, Raph."
  • When Mikey tries to investigate the "killer pizza mystery", he wonders how he can get his money back for the pizza that attacked him, even though it was free.
  • The sheer inanity of a giant pizza who sings about turning people into zombies so that he can then turn them into calzones that he eats.

2x19; The Wrath Of Tiger Claw

  • While trying to lead away Tiger Claw, Mikey says he knows exactly where to lead him to. Donnie's response is "I feel scared."

2x20; The Legend Of The Kuro Kabuto

  • As Tiger Claw and Bradford look for Anton, they discuss how Xever thought the two of them wouldn't get along just because one of them is a cat and the other is a dog. They both agree that Xever is an idiot and that it's foolish to hate each other for something so simple. Tiger Claw then admits that he wants to eat Xever because he's a fish. Bradford says that he also wants to eat Xever... just to shut him up.
  • Anton Zeck is pretty much a walking CMOF, with his reactions to everything.
  • We learn that Mikey WOULD have given Baxter Stockman a mutant name. It's Buzzkill.

2x21; Plan 10

  • Casey watching Super Robo Mecha Force Five Team Five Go and echoing the age old debate.
    Casey: Where are the subtitles? I hate dubbed anime.
  • After Raph and the Kraang are brain-swapped, Kraang!Raph starts asking random people where the rest of the Kraang are, with little success.
    Kraang: The Kraang this Kraang seeks are small, squishy, and rather handsome.
    Woman: Monster!
    Kraang: Indeed. looks at self in store window. Kraang is trapped in the body of a monster.
  • Casey getting briefly brain-swapped with April. He's a fan of it.
    April (In Casey's Body): Stop pinching your own butt, Casey!
    Casey (In April's body): I wasn't doing anything.
  • Raph trying to talk like the Kraang.
  • When Raph in a Kraang suit finds the others, Mikey and Casey start laughing and poking his face. Raph unsurprisingly slaps them.
  • When Raph thanks the others for saving him...
    Mikey: Did he-
    Leo: I think he did.

2x22: Vengeance Is Mine

  • During the turtles' training session, Leo attacks Mikey and Mikey starts crying about his injured arm. Leo immediately apologizes and gets a water balloon to the face. Leo starts attacking Mikey for real and their scuffle knocks down Donnie, dragging him into the fray. Raph looks on, drops his sais, and joins in on the horseplay to Karai's amusement and Splinter's dismay.
  • Karai snarking at Xever while locked up in the dungeon cell.
    Karai: Well, if it isn't the sushi I ordered.
  • This little exchange during Karai's breakout.
    Karai: Leo! Took you long enough.
    Leo: Well, we got tired of waiting for you to break out on your own.
    Raph: Is this a rescue or a romantic comedy?

2x23: A Chinatown Ghost Story

  • As Casey and Donnie are fighting over hugging April, there's a Freeze-Frame Bonus of April just looking bored with the whole situation.
  • Poor Irma getting the My Friends... and Zoidberg treatment from Casey.
  • As he is voiced by the excellent James Hong, Ho Chan is quite entertaining:
  • The Purple Dragons tell Donnie and Casey what's going on, explaining the ghost is named Ho Chan but that's really all the know about him. Cut to Donnie and Casey at a computer frustrated that searching "Ho Chan" only gets them a lot of Chinese restaurants.
  • The Freeze-Frame Bonus detailing Ho Chan's backstory. Highlights include him falling down a hill after tripping on a "small, yet very very dense turtle", his magical powers being a concussion, travelling west in search of "an even fancier hat", getting better at magic due to continually cursing anything and everything that helped him, and his wife, Wei, dying "tragically from an aneurysm caused by tea being spilled on her brand new white robe". Read the entire thing here.

2x24 Into Dimension X

2x25 & 26 The Invasion

  • Irma turning out to be a Kraang infiltrator? Shocking and a bit unsettling. Said Kraang infiltrator being voiced by Gilbert Gottfried? Actually Pretty Funny.
  • Donatello screaming "MY BABY!" when Kraang Sub-Prime destroys the Shellraiser.
  • When Donnie tells everyone to gather one thing from the lair, Mikey chooses Ice Cream Kitty, who puts up a fight when leaving by grabbing the refrigerator when Mikey is trying to put her in the cooler.
  • When Kraang Prime starts spraying perfected mutagen everywhere, it lands on a few pigeons. What creatures do they turn into? Presumably infant versions of the Rocktopus, the cute little creature that Leo looked at in "Into Dimension X".

     Season 3 

3x1 Within The Woods

3x2 A Foot Too Big

  • Raph's training session with Mikey and Donnie. Due to them being in the Forest, both of his brothers keep having prat falls into trees.
  • When Big Foot walks out of the bathroom, Raph looks inside and notices the toilet is sparkling clean, and then he looks at the bathtub with flies buzzing above it...
  • Mikey claims the chicken coop has spiders so big they could play a banjo. A picture of a giant spider actually shows up behind him and Donnie holding a banjo.
    • Can easily cross into Nightmare Fuel if you're arachnophobic, since it's a photorealistic spider, enen though it has a banjo.

3x3 Buried Secrets

3x9 Return to New York

  • Raph painting Venus on the side of the Shellraiser 2.

3x10 [[recap/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2012 S 3 E 10 The Pig And The Rhino The Pig and the Rhino]]

3x11 The Pig and The Rhino

  • Zeck constantly screaming about how much he hates being called Bebop.

3x12 Battle for New York, Part 1

3x15 The Noxious Avenger

  • Bebop and Rocksteady get a few good moments in this:
    Bebop: Man! We should be runnin' the Foot! And instead, Shredder's stuck us with Stockman's grocery list!
    Rocksteady: Is not grocery list! Is chemicals to make ultimate mind control serum for snake-girl Karai! *begins reading the list* Hmm... Reagent X, ten gallons maple syrup, five hundred packets of white sugar... Wait. IT IS GROCERY LIST!!
  • Rocksteady's reaction to spotting Joe Eyeball in the garbage:
    "Look at this! Who would throw away perfectly good eyeball?!"

3x16 Clash of The Mutanimals

3x17 Meet Mondo Gecko

3x20 Tale of the Yokai

3x22 The Creeping Doom

  • "The stuff that is the stuff must be picked off the floor, or that which is known as Donatello's head will explode."

3x23 The Fourfold Trap

  • Splinter casually walking on a giant hamster wheel.
  • Mikey and Ice Cream Kitty playing a Pokémon-like card game. Mikey loses.
    Ice Cream Kitty (via subtitles): You be a snoozer, you be a loser.
  • Mikey's trap involves him tied up underneath a toilet full of mutagen. After a drop misses him, he begins imagining what he could turn into. An image of a female Mikey pops up, complete with a Wolf Whistle.

3x24 Dinosaur Seen In Sewers

  • The turtles watch the Crognard finale without Raph, leading to two humorous moments.
    Raph: You guys aren't watching the Crognard finale while I'm on Shredder patrol, are you?

    Mikey: *attacks a Kraang* That was for Crognard!
    Leo: You're not still upset about the finale, are you?
    Raph: I knew it!
  • The Kraang freaking out when they see Zog smashing their forces.

3x25 Annihilation Earth Part 1

  • A Kraang soldier arrives to deliver a report to Kraang Prime and Kraang Sub-Prime. And decides to break the mold we're used to.
    Kraang: Kraang Sub-Prime, that which is known as a balloon is heading for that which is known as-
    Kraang Sub-Prime: Oh, just spit it out already!
    Kraang: Okay. Look!

    Season 4 

4x1 Beyond The Known Universe

  • Professor Honeycutt bitch-slapping Raphael when the latter was shaking the former up demanding if all this was a joke. And both his and Mikey's reactions.
  • When Professor Honeycutt warns his new friends not to venture too far from the ship during their first space jaunt, and specifically tries to calls attention to his 'stern face' to show how serious he is even though he doen't sound that stern.
  • In a way, seeing the escalation of the trouble most of the turtles along with Casey and April cause at a pit stop. Epic Fail, guys.
    • The only one who didn't do anything wrong was Donatello.

4x6 Journey to the Center of Mikey's Mind

  • "Only you can prevent forest fires, well you and this roundhouse kick to an arsonist's face!"
  • Leo, Raph, and Donnie's reaction to Mikey's imagination
    Leo: Ho...
    Donnie: ...chalupa!

4x7 The Arena of Carnage

  • Mikey's "Balloonality" during the holographic training sequence; He sticks a airpump in the simulated Rahzar's mouth, then pumps it up until his head inflates and floats off his body.

4x8 The War for Dimension X

  • Donnie feels bad for leaving April and Casey behind on the ship to guard the first piece of the black hole generator. Mikey says they probably got over it by now. April is shown reading a magazine with a pouty look on her face while Casey bangs his hockey stick against the floor.

4x10 Transdimensional Turtles

  • 2012 Leo getting annoyed by '87 Leo's "Turtle Power" battle cry.
    • Even funnier when you remember how in season one he kept dishing out some pretty lame battle cries of his own.
  • This exchange between '87 Raph and 2012 Donnie:
    Raph: And you, gappy, why do you sound so weird?
    Donnie: Me sound weird? Heard yourself lately?
    • Keep in mind, both of them are voiced by Rob Paulsen.
  • Raph warns the '87 Turtles to, basically, "Stay here and be quiet or I'll pound you!". But he says it in hand signals, which are subtitled as thus:
    "Would you fine gentlemen kindly wait here? And please remain silent, or I will strike you repeatedly in the face and bodily regions."
  • When Kraang Subprime shows up after trapping all eight turtles.
    Mikey: Kraang Subprime?
    Kraang Subprime: [sexy pose] No, Megan Fox. Oh, I forgot, you're the dumb one.
  • During Kraang Subprime and Krang's conversation, the 2012 Turtles are seen beating up the Kraang droids surrounding them, while the '87 Turtles just stand there and watch.
  • Kraang Subprime learning out exactly what he was nearly a part of, since Krang never bothered to tell him.
    87 Leo: It's over! We stopped your little scheme! We deactivated all your Dimensionizers! You're finished!
    87 Mikey: That's right, dude! You won't be able to blow up our dimensions anymore!
    Kraang Subprime: Blow up?! REALITIES?!
    (Subprime glares at Krang, who grins sheepishly)
    Kraang Subprime: You've been trying to wipe out dimensions we've been trying to mutate for thousands of years?! Are you INSANE?!?
    Krang: Well, you did say "wipe out the turtles at any cost"...
    Kraang Subprime: This is why I banished you to 2-dimensional Earth in the first place. BECAUSE YOU'RE AN IDIOT! A MORON! A DINGLEBERRY! So you know what? I'm kicking you back!
    Krang: Oh no... (gets punted through a portal)

4x15 City at War

  • Splinter dramatically voices his suspicions that Shinigami is a Foot assassin (complete with Sting)... then starts nibbling on a cheese ice pop in a very rat-like manner.
  • The Chris Bradford cartoon of the day is pretty much a glorified ad for an energy drink.
  • April using her newly-learned Dragon Tail move to hit Tiger Claw "right in the fur patch." The icing on the cake? Tiger Claw mewing like a kitten right after.
  • Tiger Claw, Rahzar and Fishface trying to flee before the bombs Karai planted go off... only to get wedged in the door as they all try to go through it at once.
    Tiger Claw: Oh no...

4x17 The Insecta Trifecta

  • Two cops are at the scene of Baxter's insect break in. What they think they are fighting is a little... Skewed.
    Cop 1: What the heck are they, Jim?
    Cop 2: Dirty, filthy hippies! Let's take 'em down for the good ol' U.S. of A.!
  • Raph is hallucinating about insects attacking Mona Lisa through-out the episode. During one fight scene he breaks into a hallucination where he tries to rescue what he thinks is Mona. After pulling her out of a pile he proceeds to make out with the hallucinated Mona. That leads to this

4x23 Tokka Vs The World

4x24 The Tale of Tiger Claw

  • Splinter doing combat training using drunken boxing... while actually drunk. Also dissing the hell out of Casey.
  • Rocksteady beatboxing. That is all.

4x25 Requiem

  • The kids' faces after the disappointing finale of Chris Bradford's 2 Ruff Crew.

4x26 Owari

  • After Mikey uses one of the vials of retro-mutagen to Stockman of his mutation (without Donnie's permission), Stockman complains about being cured, since he viewed it as Cursed with Awesome. Mikey knocks the Ungrateful Bastard out in response. And then there's the exchange that follows with Donnie:
    Mikey (after knocking out Stockman): You're welcome!
    Donnie: Michael... that retro-mutagen was for Super Shredder! I only have one dose left now! Thanks!
    Mikey: Sorry D, but he didn't even say "thank you"! How ungrateful can you be?

    Season 5 

5x1 Scroll Of The Demodragon

  • Space Heroes: The Next Generation. Which contains such rib-ticklers as the insane captain Ryan blowing up some aliens out of boredom, and bitch-smacking the Wesley Crusher stand-in.

5x3 Heart of Evil

  • Mikey's names for the teams.
    • April's reaction to him calling her and Karai "Team Kickbutt Babes".

5x4 End Times

  • Mikey claims he once met Megan Fox on a rooftop. No one believes him.
  • You think after saving them from the Shredder mutants that Xever would help the team take Kavaxas down. When April asks:
    Fishface: Heck no! This is getting to be too much, even for a talking fish. Shredder is back and he is all grassland undead and disgusting. Ugh.
    [[Everyone Gasps]]
    Leo: They already brought Shredder back!?
    Fishface: Ah yes. I want to go back to a nice life of crime, stealing stuff, romancing the ladies, that kind of thing. Later, tartarugas!
  • What ultimately defeats Kavaxas, a Nigh Invulnerable dragon man from another dimension? Chewing gum.
    Kavaxus: Impossible! The seal cannot be fixed! How- How is it working!?
    Mikey: Cause I'm super dope like that fool!

5x5 When Worlds Collide

5x10 Lone Rat and Cubs

  • When Splinter is handing out weapons to the young turtles for the first time, he gives a philosophical reason for Leonardo, Raphael, and Donatello's weapon choices. When he gives the nunchucks to Michelangelo, he blanks on a good reason for a moment, before proclaiming "They're perfect for you!"

5x17 The Big Blowout



  • In the game Trick or Treat Tussle, on Nickelodeon's website, Mikey's Halloween costume is SpongeBob and he attacks by throwing Krabby Patties. Raph is a fairy princess because he waited until the last minute to find a costume, Leo is dressed as Captain Ryan, April is dressed as...the turtles, and Donnie's costume is from the renaissance era and he attacks by playing his lute.
  • Some of the concept art has a good deal of humor, particularly in Casey Jones'.
    First Psychotic Human Friend!
  • "The Final Slice," a Nickelodeon flash game is full of hilarity particularly because of how the derpy art style emphasizes how goofy these brawls for pizza slices are.
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  • The literal theme song.


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