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See Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for the entire franchise.

As a WMG subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

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     The Turtles 
One of the turtles will have to pretend to be Raphael for some reason
And it's going to be Donatello. For obvious reasons.
  • Maybe they all will, as a nod to how in the original version they were all wearing red

The Turtles will start wearing disguises in public
In past versions, the Turtles have worn things like trenchcoats and green hoodies in public so they can walk on the streets. In the live-action movie, Raph was even able to see a...well, a movie while wearing one. Maybe they'll start doing that in this version.

One of the Turtles (maybe Mikey) will lampshade the way the Kraang talk.
It might go something like this:
Mikey: Why do you keep talking like that?! Can't you just talk normal?
A Kraang: As I was saying before that which is not supposed to be here that is here has interrupted.
Mikey: * slaps forehead * Oy!
Kind of done in "Metalhead":
Kraang!Metalhead: "The ones that which are called turtles will now be called turtles that are... DESTROYED!"
Michaelangelo: "Phew, I was really afraid at the beginning of the sentence, but then I sort of just lost interest towards the-"
Leo imitates Kraang speech pattern, possibly as a failed attempt at humor, in "TCRI" when April notes that there are humans working in the office building which is also Kraang HQ.
Leo: Imagine if they knew who they were working for. The ones who are working for this place must punch the card that is known as the time card in the clock that is known as the clock of time.
The classic clash between Leo and Raph will be/has been discarded...
In favor of a conflict between Raph and Don, a la the 2007 movie. While Raphael snarks at everybody's expense, the only one he's openly antagonistic towards is Donnie. Compare the endings of 'New Friend, Old Enemy' and 'Metalhead': Mikey realizes that the plot of the day is his fault, and Raph goes out of his way to reassure him. The same thing happens to Don at the end of 'Metalhead', and Raph goes on about the other problems he's caused that day.
  • Wouldn't be the first time the team dynamics have been shaken up, in the IDW continuity a lot of conflict stems from Donatello's scientific outlook clashing with Splinter and Leo's more spiritual beliefs.

Donatello will find a way to become human, cue incredibly obvious "Be yourself" aesop.
He'll have spotted April chatting with a male friend (Casey?) and get jealous, thinking he could date her if only he were human. That same episode, he'll find a way to become human (Ooze-related or otherwise), and he'll start trying to woo Apri. At the end of the episode he'll be forced to go back to being a turtle (probably to save April's life) and won't have a way to turn human ever again, because Status Quo Is God.

The Turtles will have to fight a team composed of mutants they have defeated at one point.
Snakeweed appeared to be electrocuted at the end of "Rise of the Turtles, Part 2", but the ending shows his exposed heart beating again, implying that he survived the Kraang accidentally electrocuting him. Spider Bytez also vowed revenge when the Turtles defeated him in "Turtle Temper". Both mutants haven't been seen since, so it would be plausible that they are saving their comebacks for a Villain Team-Up episode. Bonus points if classic foes like Bebop and Rocksteady appear among their ranks, whether we saw their individual episodes detailing their mutations and first encounters with the Turtles at that point or not.
  • Snakeweed reappeared again as in New Girl in Town, no mention of Spider Bytez for the moment, though. This doesn't mean that in the future they couldn't team up along with Spy-Roach.
  • Based on the second season opening, a team up between Snakeweed, Spider Bytez, Rat King, and Newtralizer seems possible.
    • The Rat King is out of this equation. He was Killed Off for Real in Season 2, and his corpse appears in Season 4 to confirm he's dead.

The other Turtles will get human/humanoid Love Interests.
Donatello is already head-over-heels for April, and Leo and Karai have something going on. Mikey I think will end up with this continuity's version of the Neutrino Kala from the original cartoon. Raph's could possibly be Mona Lisa.
  • This Troper hopes for this to happen. There's not enough Interspecies Romance out there with humans involved.
  • Alternatively, Raph's could be Ninjara.
  • Another potential Love Interest for Mikey, if they feature time travel in the series, is Mitsu from the third movie.
    • Confirmed. Mikey gets Renet and then Shinigami, and Raph will get Mona.

The Turtles will be forced to break The Masquerade in order to stop the Kraang
However, unlike previous series, the citizens will actually praise these secret heroes who saved them from an alien invasion, and thus give the turtles a good name going forward. They will even inspire a certain man to take up the vigilante cause more effectively than the pulverizer ever did.

Season 2, the turtles have a road trip into Dimension X
Probably to find and save Leatherhead they will most likely run into the Neutrinos who are at war with the Kraang.
  • Or some of the main cast end up trapped in Dimension X and they will do the same thing they did fringe season 3 every second ep will be devoted to the story in the other dimension.
    • Confirmed, they do go to Dimension X to save Leatherhead.

Donnie picked up the broken test tube in Mutation Situation for an experiment
My guess is he's going to create a tracking device using the mutagen on the test tube he picked up so that the turtles can pinpoint the location of all the remaining test tubes, making it much easier for them to track them down. Also he'll use try and synthesize a cure from the mutagen samples so he can revert all the mutants back to normal.

Donnie will face some moral choices if he does find a cure
If Donnie does indeed find a cure for mutation then that would apply to all mutants, the Turtles and Splinter included. Bonus points if the cure is an all or none situation where either all mutants are cured or none are forcing Donnie to choose between giving the innocent mutants their lives back and returning himself and his brothers to turtles.
  • Even if he does make a cure there mighty be some minor side effects, especially for those who have been mutated for a long time.
    • Or the cure might only be temporary, and the mutants may have to inject themselves daily to stay in their normal forms. Over time supplies for the cure would run low, forcing the turtles to look for a way to permanantly cure the mutants, likely by breaking into TCRI to look for some specific ingredient needed to do so.
      • Or he makes a permanent cure but has limited supplies and secretly plans on saving one and turning Splinter back to Human but during or near the finale they discover April's Father and he only has the last vial left and stuck with the choice he uses it to turn Kirby back to a Human giving up the chance for Splinter to be human again.

Raphael is actually extremely insecure about himself.
  • The show seems to have been throwing a lot potential proof to back it up. The fact that he only feels comfortable talking about his feelings to a non-sentient turtle. (He's shown to be uncomfortable talking about his problems to even Splinter.) Infact quite a bit of his jerkass behavior seems to be a �sheilding mechanism" of sorts. He also has a very different set of morals than his brothers which actually seems to alienate him from them. There's also the fact that he's labeled �The Muscle" of the team, and doesn't seem to be viewed as much more than that by his brothers.

The reason the turtles are such talented ninja is because they are now directly related to Hamato Yoshi.
  • The mutagen that transforms the turtles and Splinter manages to fuse together the characteristics of any living organisms nearby. Which is why Hamato Yoshi is part man, part rat - on account of the rat that was nearby when he came into contact with the mutagen. By the same logic, the 4 baby turtles took on some of the characteristics of Hamato Yoshi. And this in part explains why the turtles grew up to be highly skilled martial artists (they inherited his abilities). Sure, Splinter still had to train them (in the same way that a person that is born as a musical genius still has to get some tutorship during childhood). But they already had the ninja skill running through their veins.
    • Not impossible, but can we really say the turtles are exceptionally talented at ninjutsu? They just train a lot, all their life. It should however be noted that Michelangelo is said to have the most talent.

Mikey will get a love interest
  • In an inversion of Donnie he will fall for a human or humanoid girl and have much better luck with her.
    • Or he could be oblivious to her feelings
    • If Mikey gets a human love interest, she'll be a Composite Character of Mitsu from TMNT III and Irma, being an Adorkable badass.
    • Confirmed. The person in question is this continuity's version of Renet in Season 3, who may have eyes for him. Then Shinigami shows up in Season 4...

Michelangelo's brain is wired to follow Dimension X logic rather than Earth logic.
When the Turtles visit Dimension X, Mike is the only one who completely gets the place, and becomes hyper-competent as a result. So it seems like the mutagen somehow affected him slightly differently than the others; it turned him into a genius by Dimension X standards... but since our dimension don't have the same natural laws or follow the same logic, Mike just comes across as a half-wit Cloudcuckoolander.

Donnie will have to use at least one of his batches of Retro-Mutagen on someone he doesn't plan to.

Admittedly, there's only two days between the creation of this one and the episode where it's likely to be confirmed or Jossed, but the promo for the next episode shows that he's created two doses (one intended for Kirby O'Neil and one for Splinter), and that it will be a while before he can make more. Obviously, Splinter's not getting de-mutated. So at least one - if not both - will get used on someone unexpected, either due to circumstance or theft. Given the episode summary, I'm going to go with April or Karai (or both). (Other options include it not working, but then why bother having two doses to begin with?, or Splinter refusing to take it for whatever reason.)

  • Jossed. The first sample ended up getting wasted and the second one nearly suffered the same fate, except April was able to force her mutated dad underneath the final drops of it at the last second, finally returning him to normal. In addition, it turns out April is immune to mutagen.

Mikey will leave his brothers out of anger and join the Foot Clan after realizing that his brothers only see him as an incompetent screw-up.
He'll overhear them saying that he screws up too much and other things that may hurt him physically and mentally. Upset, he'll leave, thinking that things back home would be better without him. Cue to Leo, Donnie and Raph slowly realizing that without Mikey around, their spirits will plummet into darkness, guilt and depression, so the only way to make things right is to find Mikey, only for Mikey, now realizing the raw talent he's been having for years, to to denounce his brothers and join the Foot Clan instead out of spite.

Futures of each of the Turtles
  • Leonardo will become the sensei of a fully-reborn Hamato Clan a la Hamato Yuta and be regarded as the most powerful ninja in the world.
  • Raphael will become a major crime fighter in New York.
  • Donatello will become one of the universe's premier scientists and make major advancements in technology and biology.
  • Michaelangelo will become one of New York's top chefs and gourmets.

At some point, Splinter will have to make a Sadistic Choice between the turtles and Miwa.
  • Even better, how about a Sadistic Choice between Miwa and April because by that point she'll probably have been trained as a ninja by Splinter?
  • This could still happen following "The Wrath of Tiger Claw".

Splinter intentionally put the turtles in the ooze
Him wanting to use them as assassins against the Shredder is part of the original comic versions canon. Also, it seems to be hinted at in the opening.
  • But at some point, he decided against it. He started seeing them as his sons. Instead he trains them to protect themselves, in case they do encounter the Shredder.

Splinter will arrive and fight the Shredder to protect his sons
Come on, how could this not happen?
  • Jossed the first time the Turtles meet Shredder; it took an errant mutation from his lieutenants for them to escape.

Whether Splinter actually is Hamato Yoshi will come into question
Our heroes will discover that it's possible Splinter was actually the rat from the flashback, and the rat touching Yoshi may have caused the mutagen to give him all his memories and skills. This question will cause Splinter to have an identity crisis.
  • If this is the case and Shredder learns of it, he'll become more furious since he won't be able to have his revenge.
    • It will also raise the question: What exactly is it that defines the identity of a person? Is it the material body? The memories? The "spirit"? Splinter will look to his Ninja philosophy for an answer, but might not find one right away, which might even lead him to questioning his own philosophical approach.
  • It will ultimately turn out that Hamato Yoshi may have died to the Kraang in the alleyway after a long fight due to holding back (Splinter took down the Rat King with two fingers.). The fight in the alleyway that Splinter remembers was a fake memory created because it seemed like the only logical outcome to it.

Splinter will have a Day In The Lime Light episode
1) It could be about Splinter and April's relationship of mentor/father figure to April and generally heartwarming

2) It will be a generally somber episode dealing with Splinter's life before being mutated and him grieving over his appearance while acting like everything is fine.

  • It'll just be about Splinter from start to finish. Just like the two episodes in Sym-Bionic Titan.

3) Splinter getting into action after the Turtles are captured by enemies and taking revenge on them.

  • Confirmed on 2 and 3.

Splinter will get a chance at using retro-mutagen but will refuse.
  • Once Donnie makes a retro-mutagen there's the question of why Splinter wouldn't use it to return to being human. So, he'll get a chance to, but will have to make a choice between using it or helping his sons or using it or giving it to someone else (Mr. O'Neil?). That, or he will have come to grips with who he is now for An Aesop about letting go of the past.
    • Jossed. He mentions in Season 2 that he "has no place in the human world anymore", and Splinter dies before he gets a chance to use retro-mutagen.

Splinter will eventually hook up with a blind woman.
She might become a recurring character, and eventually figure out what Splinter really is. When circumstances lead to Splinter admitting the truth, she tells him she knew for some time and doesn't matter to her. There might be an episode where Splinter becomes human again and even plans on proposing to her, but he fears that she might not like him as a human as she did when he's a rat. But it won't matter in the long run, since he has reverted back into a rat. And the episode ends with him throwing the ring away.
  • Jossed. Unless he comes back to life, Splinter, who is now dead, is not likely to hook up with a blind woman.

Splinter will come out...
In the season 1 finale to save his sons and fight The Shredder. The series has been building up to a confrontation between the two. Krang Prime will capture April and reveal her origins but the Turtles will save her. But then they'll be too tired to fight The Shredder, who'll have helped the Krang and was waiting for them to be vunerable]]. From there Splinter will defeat his old foe and the typical Shredder is dead, only to have survived and gone into hiding to heal his wounds plot occurs. Then in Season 2 Krang Prime will be the sole Big Bad, but numerous gang leaders will also show up to fill the void of power in an adaption of the 'City at War' arc.
  • Nothing from the trailer has jossed this yet.

     The Hamato Clan 
Either Splinter or Casey will convince April to forgive the Turtles for her father's mutation
Granted it was an accident, but either Splinter will convince her to not hold a grudge against them, probably revealing his and Karai's relation in the process, or Casey will do it if, like previous incarnations, he makes friends with Raphael.
  • If it was Casey, he may even give April a What the Hell, Hero? speech to her for not accepting their apologies or when he's mistaken them for bad guys and April not saying anything when he attacks them.
    • Confirmed. Even though Casey didn't understand the complete situation and has not met any of the turtles yet one of his talks with April is what helped convince her to forgive the turtles.

April is a Kraang
A highly advanced one that the kraang need to get the model of again, so they can finish their invasion. Because that would be one big Plot Twist.
  • Would that completely ruin the show for anyone else, or just me?
    • It's not just you.
    • Maybe she's just genetically enhanced? My theory is April's mother died of cancer and when April started showing the same symptoms, Kirby developed an experimental strain of antibodies and administered thme to April, making her highly resistant to damage, explaning not only the acid, but how she managed to keep getting up in her fight with Karai.
      • I hope this turns out to be true. Or at least the part where April's dad genetically modify her when she was younger.
    • As stated by April herself, her dads a psychologist, so his field of study has nothing to do with gen-manipulation....however we know nothing of her mother
    • Oh yeah, I forgot about that. Perhaps her mother was working on a cure for cancer and tested on April, only for her and her reaearch to "mysteriously vanish" one day. Then in a later episode it's revealed that the Krang have in fact kidnapped April's mother and they've been forcing her to develop a "cure" that would allow Dimension X lifeforms to inhabit the Earth, but the Krang need April to perfect it.
  • April might be from Dimension X, just not a Kraang but as another species that would have to be able to survive the conditions there. April the Neutrino, anyone?
  • Semi-confirmed. She's actually a mutant hybrid of human and Kraang DNA.

April will start out like her Damsel-in-Distress 1987 self
But, after a few lessons in self defense from Splinter, will be able to handle herself in a fight.
  • Which will lead to a Moment of Awesome on her part
    • Confirmed. As of "Monkey Brains", Splinter will be training April in the ways of the ninja.

April is a living drawing.
In the Mirage comics, April eventually turned out to be a living drawing, brought to life with a magic crystal. In the show, the crystal April got in space turns out to be capable of bringing drawings to life. After their mutation, Wingnut and Screwloose started acting insanely possessive of the crystal, the same way April was. This may hint that she's a living drawing just like them. Being created by magic may have caused her DNA to be imperfectly created, which is why her DNA reads as "Kraang mutant". This may be why her clones came out as ooze creatures instead of flesh-and-blood humans.

April's not human.
In the Mirage comics, it was revealed that April was a case of Art Initiates Life, something her father created via the crystal eventually used by their tenant, Kirby King. In this continuity, April's father is named Kirby. That's why she's got that odd intuition Splinter noticed!
  • This troper hope that doesn't happen. But as of "TCRI", the Kraang were after her instead of her dad, for some reason.
  • I'm going on a dangerously unstable limb here and say she's Neutrino, maybe even Kala from the original show.
  • As of "Karai's Vendetta", this is pretty much confirmed. I mean, she was unaffected by an acid strong enough to dissolve a slice of pizza completely. Only solidly confirmed in Season 2 when the Turtles discover she's half-Kraang.

Casey used to be a Purple Dragon
Hun will later be introduced in season 3, and like other incarnations featuring him, he is Casey's rival. Since Casey's father is neither dead nor abusive enough to actually be Hun himself, the only other option is that he and Hun used to be friends. He may even be the friend he injured. However, it'll be revealed that the injury wasn't actually a hockey accident, but him attempting to leave the Purple Dragons. He lied to April about it because he didn't want her to know about his criminal history. Since we've never seen Casey with his arm exposed, it's plausible that he's hiding a PD tattoo. As for why the Purple Dragons they've met haven't recognized him, remember that Casey always fights with a mask and face-paint.

Casey Jones will become a vigilante because of the turtles
One or all of the turtles (maybe Raph) will save Casey from some criminals (most likely the purple dragons) and he'll be inspired to become a vigilante to protect people too.
  • He'll actually have a vigilante name also.
  • Jossed, he didn't know about the turtles before becoming a vigilante.

Casey Jones is, in universe, a Memetic Badass.
He's been confirmed for season two and the show has dropped hints of him (like recurring graffiti of his iconic mask that says "Casey Jones is everywhere!"). The fact that he's just a teenager will be The Reveal.

April and Casey have already met...
...and dated, and broken up. Not only could this lead to hilarious tension between the two (not to mention Donnie getting jealous over nothing), but this could also leave room to expand on Casey and Raph's Bash Brothers relationship.
  • Jossed.
  • Inverted, if anything, since Raph and Casey's friendship has taken a backseat to the Donnie/April/Casey Love Triangle.

April will wear a yellow jumpsuit later in the series.
Probably when she becomes a full-fledged ninja/kunoichi and starts fighting alongside the turtles.
  • A nod to the CGI movie.
  • That would be so cool...
    • Confirmed. She wears a yellow jumpsuit in the "Turtles in Space" arc in Season 4.

There will be a conflict between Master Splinter and Leonardo
  • In this show Master Splinter gives more pragmatic lessons, like seeking victory instead of fairness or makes Leonardo the leader because he asked, not because of his skills and tells Leonardo not to ask a simple "thank you" when he Leo tells about difficult it is to carry of being a leader and having to listen to constant complaints from his brothers. There's also Splinter saying "the first rule of being a ninja is, "Do no harm." Unless you mean to do harm. Then do lots of harm". While Leonardo listened to Splinter about seeking victory, not a fair fight, where will be an episode where Leonardo does something less practical, but more honorable like saving a villain or giving his opponents a chance to fight even if Leo would be in danger or something like that. Splinter will call out Leo on this and will give some pragmatic moral, but instead Leo will tell Splinter that he teaches them to be dishonorable and that he encourages them to cheat and act unheroically. At the moment of rage Leo will tell Splinter that his lessons make him no better than The Shredder. Furthermore, Leonardo will call out his brothers and Splinter for having too high expectations for him as their leader and not showing a slightest graditute and sympathy for how much he tries to be a good leader. Leonardo will go out on his own after having an argument with his mentor and brothers. This would be an interesting plotline, which would question the viewers if they support Leo's views or Splinter's views.
    • Enter Shadow Leonardo!

At one point, April will become Venus de Milo
April now has a pair of battle fans as her own weapons. She might get mutated into a turtle as a result of the Kraang's plans with her. Heck, the number 5 on her shirt could foreshadow that she will become the fifth turtle. Her mutation may be temporary or permanent.
  • Interesting theory. Donnie did say they needed a girl ninja on the team.
    • Jossed; April is immune to mutagen, plus it's very unlikely Nick would use a character that has a divisive reception at best.

Casey will be much more like his IDW version then any of his other versions.
  • As hilarious as it would be if he was like his '87 I can't see it happening this time around. I don't see him acting like his 03 self since by now that personality is just a "generic bad boy" kind of personality. Sadly most other comic versions of Casey might be too dark for this show. So imo his IDW versions would be the best fit. Troubled, but Cute with an abusive parent somehow sounds right for this version of the turtles.

  • The reason he'd become a vigilantly is because he genuinely wants to help others (albeit in a violent way) and because it'll feel like the only thing in his life he can control.

  • Raph will get separated from the others in the season 1 finale (or something similar) leading him to meeting Casey in the second season. The "Raph meets Casey" will go as usual, Raph sees Casey going to far, tries to talk him down, fails, insert hilarious fight. However they'll meet several more times (fighting Purple Dragons, or Foot grunts and slowly become Friendly Enemies which will then lead to them become good friends. It'll finish with them fighting a mutated cat (that looks suspiciously like the one that attacked Mikey.) After all this they'll declare each other their respective best friends.

  • The show may have A Very Special Episode about child abuse, or a Deconstruction and Reconstruction of Abusive Parent.

  • And of course all of this will happen before the others meet Casey so they'll be confused by his and Raph's behavior towards one another.

To give this plot an actual purpose in the series beyond pointless drama and show other ways it could have ended, all while avoiding the needless bloodshed Shredder caused. Basically Donnie is Splinter and Casey is Shredder so this could result in either:
  • Donnie loses to illustrate how Splinter would have reacted in Shredder's situation to see if he would have handled it better (as Shredder's Foil)) or if he would end up becoming a jealous wreak just like Shredder did to show the two were not so different until his brothers/Splinter/April talk him out of it.
  • Casey loses and doesn't make a big deal about it or appears to be consumed with a similar jealous rage that Shredder was until he sees how happy April is with Donnie and calms himself down to show how Shredder should have acted, by respecting April/Tang Shen's choice.

April is the only successful result of a Kraang/Human hybrid experiment.
  • The failed results look something like the Xenomorph/Human hybrid from Alien: Resurrection, and are completely feral in terms of mentality.

     The Foot Clan 
Tiger Claw will have a much friendlier, mutant lion rival
And his name shall be Lion Heart.
  • There's actually a King Lionheart in the '87 cartoon toyline. He'll originally be a lion in the zoo when the mutagen fell into him, became a humanoid after recently in contact with a caring zookeeper.

Bradford will pull a Heel–Face Turn in the season finale
Mikey will remind him how revered he was in the Martial Arts world, leading to a Heel Realization.
Mikey: Think about it, Chris! What would your fans think when they find out you've been working for that murderer (The Shredder)? I looked up to you. I respected you!

  • Jossed. Bradford will become Dogpound and later Rahzar and still work for Shredder.
    • just because he gets turned into a mutant and works for the Shredder in more than one episode doesn't mean he can't pull a Heel–Face Turn later.
    • If anything he's become even more ruthless after his mutation.
    • Rumors are he and Xever might be turned back to human again. If that happens it's possible.

Xever's behavior will prompt Raphael to try and change himself.
While "Never say Xever" had a similar idea, Xever and Raphael's similarities (their tempers and preference for violence) haven't been called on yet, and Raphael will eventually realize in yet another fight that, if he doesn't calm down a little, he will be just like Xever.

Baxter will build a suit for Fishface to allow him to walk on the ground again
The toyline pretty much confirms that he'll get some mechanical legs and something that helps him breathe. No word on whether Baxter Stockman builds it.
  • Confirmed as of "Alien Agenda". This seems to be one of the main reasons Shredder enlisted Stockman.

Baxter Stockman will build Fishface a reverse-scuba suit.
  • Xever (Fishface) needs a way to get back into the action, and Baxter can supposedly "build anything". A Running Gag will be that Fishface in the suit is a real threat, but the suit itself is about as durable as the M.O.U.S.E.R.S. were.
    • Partly confirmed. Stockman did build something that lets Xever breathe again, but we haven't seen him in action yet.
      • Confirmed. Stockman built him an exo-suit with arms and legs.

Shredder and the Kraang's leader will form a partnership
I said it first.
  • Either that, or they could be enemies like Shredder and Krang are in the IDW comics.
    • Maybe one, then the other
  • Possibly foreshadowed at the end of "Enemy of my Enemy", when Shredder captures a "pet" Kraang.
  • Confirmed. The end of "Operation: Break Out" shows Shredder working with the Kraang.

Baxter Stockman's fate.
He will either...
  • A. Transformed into a cyborg, using the Kraang tech.
  • B. Gets exposed with the mutagen, and transformed into a mutant fly.
    • Foreshadowed by Dogpound but not a confirmed fate for Stockman yet.
    • This actually happens.
  • C. A mixture of the above two.
  • D. Suffer something even worse.
    • He's be a Wangst wishing to be at peace.
      • B is the correct answer.

Baxter Stockman will become this continuity's version of Mutagen Man
Similar to how Dr. Falco became this continuity's Rat King. Mutagen Man has already been confirmed to appear in the show, and Stockman has yet to have something terrible happen to him. It would also bring together Baxter's mutation from the 1987 series with his fate as a Brain in a Jar from the 2003 series.
  • Alternatively, the Kraang that Shredder retrieved at the end of "The Enemy of My Enemy" will become Mutagen Man.
  • Jossed. Pulverizer ends up becoming Mutagen Man in "Pulverizer Returns." Stockman becomes a fly later.

Dogpound and Fishface will quit the Foot Clan
They have lost respect of the Shredder, who regularly abuses and belittles them and now has Karai to serve as his right hand warrior and season 2 will introduce us to new mutant called Tiger Claw, who will work for Foot Clan. Dogpound and Fishface will likely begin to resent the Shredder for treating them like trash and replacing them with others, questioning their loyalty to him and slowly thinking about overthrowing Shredder and/or quiting Foot Clan and starting their own criminal empire. They will probably do so when they find out that Shredder had killed Tang Shen and took Splinter's daughter away, changing her name to Karai and raised her to hate Splinter, feeling that their boss had lied to them and genuinely being repulsed by what Shredder had done to Karai. This will lead into a "City At War" storyline where Dogpound and Fishface form Big Bad Duumvirate and start making their own criminal empire, with the intention of taking over the city and destroying the Shredder. Dogpound and Fishface might also get their hands on mutagen and begin making their own mutants, resulting in debut of Tokka and Rahzar or Bebop and Rocksteady.
  • Or maybe Shredder will create Tokka and Rahzar and/or Bebop and Rocksteady as replacements for Dogpound and Fishface.
  • Never mind Tokka and Rahzar. Dogpound gets a second mutation while Shredder is Commuting on a Bus and becomes Rahzar, and Tokka appears as a completely unaffiliated one-off character just before the final to the "Turtles In Space" arc.

Actually Dogpound IS Rahzar as of 'Mikey has Shellacne', but Tokka is a different character in space and is not affiliated with the Foot

  • The original WMG is eventually confirmed, but only with Fishface/Xever in the last season, who is horrified when Shredder is brought back from the dead as a rotting zombie, and one that turns out to be a puppet of the first Arc Villain of Season 5, Kavaxas. He does a brief Enemy Mine with the Turtles by saving them from the Foot Cultists before revealing their origin and pulling a Screw This, I'm Outta Here to return to his old life. Bradford/Dogpound/Rahzar, on the other hand, remains totally loyal to Shredder and dies for it, with his revived form falling into the Netherworld during the Turtles and Tiger Claw's final fight with Kavaxas, leaving his fate unknown.

Stockman will once again be a brain in a robot body.
Yes, yes, I know Stockman will become a fly in season 2, but flies are rather fragile, and so it wouldn't out of the question for Baxter to get a more durable body... But it will be a robotic fly body, to his frustration.
  • Jossed. Shredder detonates a Mutagen clamp around his neck that he received earlier for messing up a few experiences, and he mutates into a fly outright.
Fishface will get an upgrade.
Xever is not going to want Bradford to outshine him, and now that Bradford has become Rahzar that's probably going to happen. So Xever is going to try and get his own power up. He may not want to try something as risky as another dip in mutagen though. Instead he might try to force Baxter Stockman to give him a more powerful exosuit.
  • Another possibility is that he will also accidentally get mutagen on him.
  • If he does get an upgrade, Mikey or himself will call him Tokka.

Tatsu will be brought in
They already brought in Rahzar from the movies, and rumor is they might bring in Tokka as well (either Fishface gets mutated again or Slash gets brainwashed by the Kraang) So they'll also bring in Shredder's Dragon from the movies as well to train the Foot Army and possibly be mutated as well.
  • He might be brought in from Japan after Karai learns the truth and fled the Foot. This version of Tatsu will be more of a badass than his movie counterpart. He might resemble the one in the Genesis game The Hyperstone Heist. And probably be a Composite Character with Master Khan from Back to the Sewers.
  • Confirmed. However, Tatsu doesn't appear or get mentioned at all until the second episode of Season 5, "The Forgotten Swordsman", which is after Shredder is killed. He comes in to take over the New York Foot altogether. He is indeed an Adaptational Badass, but he only lasts one episode before he's killed by Arc Villain Kavaxas.

     The Shredder 
Shredder will mutate himself in a season finale.
In a nod for the TMNT live action movies, Shredder is about to fall into a vat of mutagen and will be given a decision to mutate himself or be rescued by Shredder in a trouble. Shredder chose the former and mutates himself into a blobby Super Shredder.Extra: Mikey will lampshade the Clipped-Wing Angel trope but it's soon averted as Shredder is too powerful for the TMNT and their allies.
  • Nope, at least not yet, instead he kills Splinter and lets the Earth die (though this is reversed later). Though they did make Mega Shredder. But not in a season finale. He does eventually mutate into Super Shredder, but it's in the final fourth of Season 4, and he becomes Body Horror in the process.

The Shredder will die for real at some point, with no revival or Legacy Character happening.
Because some adaptations as of recent are killing off or incapacitating their big name villains indefinitely to make way for other stories and villains, and the last series had possibly the highest Shredder quotient.
  • I don't know if he would be killed permanently, but I can see Shredder being phased out occasionally while the Turtles tackled new enemies. Simply put, Shredder is the Turtle's archnemesis. Why do you think the last show had so much focus on him?
If he does get killed off, it will revealed that he has another older adopted daughter named Pimiko who not only has the same backstory as 2003 Karai, but will exact her revenge on the turtles, only her acts of vengeance will be alot more vicious.

Shredder told Karai that Hamato Yoshi's wife was his own wife, and that Hamato Yoshi was the one responsible for her death.
Notice Karai's reaction when April mentions being motherless. Fits with the "Karai is Miwa" theory.
  • To add on to that, a possibility for a future episode-Karai and April get into another fight, only this time April holds her own much better, April asks her why she hates the turtles so much, Karai tells them about their "betrayal" of her and also mentions that Yoshi killed her mother and she wants revenge. April then realizes that Karai is Miwa and tries to tell her the truth about what happened, Karai naturally dosen't believe her and continues fighting until April somehow ends up saving Karai from being killed(I.E. she tackles her out of the way of a falling object or something like that). Both of them quickly go they're seperate ways, with Karai in shock over April saving her life, then she goes looking through some files at the foot HQ, and she discovers evidence that April WAS telling her the turth, and the episode ends with close-up of her gasping in horror.
  • Secondary theory above notwithstanding, the main theory is confirmed - Karai believes that Splinter killed her mother.

Shredder will become Super Shredder.
As we've seen with Rat King, in this series mutants don't have to be biological mash-ups. Shredder is going to use some refined mutagen to become Super Shredder.
  • Confirmed. Super Shredder finally returns to the franchise on a major level in Season 4 in 2016, 25 years from his appearance in Secret of the Ooze.

If Shredder and Kraang are teaming up, Shredder will be the one in charge, unlike in 1987 cartoon.
This version of the Shredder is too baddass to be stooge of someone else, unlike in the first catoon and given the fact that he managed to intimidate a Kraang, it is unlikely that he will be Kraang lackey. Shredder will probably get Kraang's technology, he will either double cross Kraang or will terrify them so much, that they will become completely obiedient to him. Shredder will use Kraang's technology to strenghten Foot Clan, make more mutants and possibly expand influence of the Foot. Shredder might also use Kraang's tech for something very horrible, something that even Kraang would not try to do.

Shredder will find the lair, and personally go there for his absolute final battle with Splinter and the Turtles.
It could very well take place inside the dojo. Splinter may even personally welcome Shredder to his home and invite him into that dojo for a final confrontation; one of them will not be leaving the lair alive.
  • Jossed. Shredder kills Splinter on the rooftop where Shredder first met the Turtles, and the Turtles respond by killing him on the rooftop of his mansion. Shredder and the rest of the Foot Clan never learn the location of the Turtles' Lair before Shredder dies.

The Shredder will be Killed Off for Real and replaced by a Legacy Character who will be an Expy of the Fred Wolf Shredder.
  • Semi-confirmed, but the Legacy Character replacing him is in fact Dregg, who replaced him for the last 2 seasons of the original cartoon. This follows a backwards trip in time, and Dregg is marooned in space at the end of the "Turtles In Space" arc, at which point a still-alive Shredder returns. Shredder is apparently Killed Off for Real himself in the Season 4 finale, but a series of other villains take turns for the Big Bad role for the final season(for at least the first 4 episodes of Season 5, that character is Kavaxas, but the next airing, which is a double feature, brings Dregg back).

Shredder was lying about Karai being Miwa.
He realizes that what Splinter said is true. If he defeats Splinter, he'll have nothing. This is his way of still having something to lord over his arch-enemy. Besides, the only real, indisputable proof we have is Shredder's word, and he's not exactly the most trustworthy guy in the world, now is he?
  • Jossed. A handful of episodes in Season 2 and 3 make it perfectly clear that Shredder was telling the truth about Karai being Miwa.

The Shredder will be Demoted to Dragon to Kraang Prime in season 2.
  • Jossed. While they are in an alliance, Shredder is still the Big Bad. And Kraang Prime is Killed Offscreen in Season 4; at that point Shredder was the only remaining major villain who is still alive or active (but just barely). Shredder never plays second fiddle to Kraang Prime and dies himself before such a thing could happen.

The Shredder will be Demoted to Dragon by Lord Dregg when he shows up.
  • Jossed: Shredder and Dregg never cross paths; Dregg was part of the Big Bad Ensemble of the first half of Season 4, and that ensemble replaced Shredder with the Triceratons. Dregg is also a victim of an Eviler than Thou move by Triceraton captain Mozar and marooned in space, freezing. As for Shredder, he also dies in Season 4 via decapitation by Leonardo, and the death sticks in the 4th episode of Season 5 after an attempt to bring him back turns out poorly and nearly causes another end of the world scenario. Because of this, Dregg and Shredder likely will never meet in this version of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

The Shredder will attempt to contact the spirit of Koga Takuza for guidance in his fight for revenge.
And not only will Koga Takuza reject Shredder's request for guidance, but talk about how he deeply regrets the entire feud with the Hamato Clan and the bloodshed it's caused. The Shredder will, of course, reject Koga's words and continue his quest for revenge.
  • Jossed.nShredder dies before ever coming up with this idea.

Shredder will be either killed or captured, and Karai, more out of feeling guilt and responsibility rather than malice, will take over the Foot Clan and try to reform it, to the chagrin of its current members, instead of going with the Turtles.
  • This would also be in line with her original Mirage counterpart, who was actually one of the overall leaders of the Foot Clan, and maybe even the leader outright, while the original Shredder was merely a regional lieutenant and Starter Villain for the New York area and was killed in his first appearance. The original Karai was a Well-Intentioned Extremist who came to New York to bring the Clan there under control, but lost everything in the process.
  • Somewhat confirmed. Karai does replace Shredder as the boss of the New York Foot after Shredder gets a good old-fashioned butt-kicking from Splinter when his attempt to kill him in "Earth's Last Stand" becomes a Backstab Backfire, but she's not under the brain worm's control, having been freed from it in "The Fourfold Trap". She's also now working against Shredder with friend Shinigami; and Shredder's own minions are now her enemies.

The Shredder will die in the season 4 finale
After killing Splinter, the Turtles finally have enough of him and go all out against him. With rumors of season 5 being the last, it'll basically be an adaptation of the City At War Arc, with Dregg returning as the Arc Villain.
  • Confirmed on Shredder dying, apparently. Leo takes him out and brings his mutated helmet back. The Arc Villain for at least the first 4 episodes of Season 5 is Kavaxas, who revives an undead Shredder, but after he's dealt with, it's revealed that Dregg survived being tossed out the airlock by the Triceratons and he reappears as one of the other arc villains of Season 5, alongside the Newtralizer.

Karai is Miwa
She's said to be sixteen, and Splinter lost his daughter as a new born about a year before he got the guys�who are 15.
  • This is almost a certainty. Heck, the way The Shredder talks to her in the latest episode implies that he tells her a twisted version of his and Splinter's big clash.
  • This could also possibly lead to a Heel–Face Turn on her part, if she discovers the truth.
  • ...And would this make the spark between her and Leo almost like Brother–Sister Incest?
    • Gross.
      • As of "The Alien Agenda", not anymore.
      • Even so, would Nick really risk letting borderline incest air on their network?
      • Well, They Did Allow An Attempted Suicide To Air On One Spongebob Episode...
    • One has to wonder what it says about the fandom that we're more worried about the possiblity of emotional incest between two genetically unrelated individuals than we are about the fact said individuals aren't the same species....not saying thats bad of us, just makes me wonder.
      • Eh, give this fandom some slack. I'm sure cross-species shipping is nothing new.
      • Depends on a person's standards, really.
      • Because being mutated humanoid from Yoshi's DNA doesn't make them genetically his sons at all...
      • According to Word of God, no, it doesn't.
  • According to TMN Tpedia, "Miwa" means "Beautiful Harmony". And Karai used "Harmony" as an alias in "Karai's Vendetta".
  • Confirmed.

Karai will eventually side with the turtles permanently
Karai discovers that the Shredder is not her real father and that she is actually Splinter's daughter Miwa (Shredder changed her name so she wouldn't find out), once she finds out, she has a Villainous BSoD, and she ends up re-uniting with Splinter and the turtles.
  • She might not join Splinter and the Turtles right away. She'll leave New York for awhile to "think things through".
  • Confirmed in a manner. Her life does go downhill rapidly after discovering the truth, but she finally begins to recover in Season 4 and is out to destroy Shredder.

Karai's relationship with Shredder will be darker in this series
In this series, Karai might be revealed to be abused by Shredder, leading her to possibly try to kill him.
  • Confirmed. He in fact took her from Splinter, and his obsession with both her and killing Splinter eventually endangers the world and the universe, possibly. He also mutated her by accident, and eventually Shredder and Karai become sworn enemies like Shredder and Splinter, with Shredder abandoning any love he has for her just so he can kill Splinter and become more powerful.

Karai's punishment for continuing to lose Footbots and doing operations without Shredder's approval was to lose her position as head of the Foot
Aside from the angle that he needed to try something new after his minions have repeatedly failed to kill Splinter and the turtles, Shredder doesn't seem to give any other major consequences for her disobedience. Thus, when he returned, he turned leadership over to Tigerclaw as punishment for her insolence. If you won't follow orders as head of the Foot, then you'll follow orders as a subservient.

Karai won't undergo a Heel–Face Turn. Rather, she'll become a True Neutral force when she's kicked out of the Foot
Shredder's already a bit testy with her, especially if he ever tells her the whole truth about her being adopted. Tiger Claw made no secret about his dislike for her. Razar and Fishface didn't exactly appreciate how she referred to them as freaks and felt she didn't exactly deserve to take up Shredder's position/throne with their prime loyalty to him. Stockman doesn't exactly have any strong ties to her. It's like a perfect storm where if she messes up too much worse, she'll have no allies within the Foot to turn to, and thus she'll get kicked out for at least a few episodes.
  • Jossed. She makes a Heel–Face Turn, but she gets mutated and brainwashed back into the villains gallery. Then she loses the brainwashing and starts up a splinter faction of the Foot, intending to take down Shredder.

After learning the truth that she is Hamato Yoshi's daughter, Karai will betray the Shredder to side with the Turtles.
Karai will also reclaim her true name Miwa and may or may not become the show's incarnation of Venus. The Shredder deals with Karai's betrayal by recruiting a Legacy Character, but this Karai also turns against the Shredder when she develops feelings for Leonardo.

It would be a nice way of solving the problem with Karai now possibly being Leonardo's sister, blood-related or otherwise.

  • Confirmed, but she gets captured, mutated, and brainwashed back in. Then she's freed and does side with the Turtles.

Karai will form her own team consisting of Slash, Metalhead, and Leatherhead
Each of them serves as a counterpart for each of the turtles:
  • Karai to Leonardo
  • Slash to Ralphael
  • Metalhead to Donatello
  • Leatherhead to Michaelangelo
The two teams will eventually meet up, fight it out for a bit, then team up to take down a common enemy.
  • Possibly Jossed, seeing as how Slash and Leatherhead are part of the Mighty Mutanimals and Karai has been brainwashed back into the Foot Clan and then started her own Rogue Foot with Shinigami.

Karai's survival from "The Fourfold Trap" was a Chekhov's Gun because she has her mind back and is the one who directed Honeycutt to Earth, meaning she's still alive.
  • There IS some suspicion as to why the Fugitoid knew what kind of suits to give to the Turtles. If Karai DOES show up, she will have voluntarily undergone a second mutation that permanently turned her into a snake mutant, but give her full control over her mind. If she finds out what Shredder did, it WILL devastate her and effectively convince her to swear off any remaining traces of her Foot Clan human self, including the "Karai" name, and she becomes part of the group, taking the "Miwa" identity or her real father's identity. Bonus points if the name "Karai" becomes a BerserkButton.
  • [Possibly jossed on her sending the Fugitoid, since he mentioned that Bishop was the one who ordered him to find the Turtles and because the clan immediately travels back in time to 6 months before the events of "Annihilation: Earth!", but it remains to be seen if the other part of this WMG is jossed or confirmed.

Karai will be killed after she finds out the truth that she is Hamato Yoshi's daughter
Once Karai finds out that she is Splinter's daughter, she will turn against the Shredder, seeking revenge on him for what he did to her. Shredder states that she was just a nothing more than a weapon for his revenge and that he would have disposed of her anyway and now has a chance to do it and also hurt Splinter. Shredder fights with Karai and kills her in a very violent way. This will enrage Splinter and the Turtles so much that they snap and decide to actually kill the Shredder. They beat up Shredder and almost kill him, but Shredder uses mutagen on himself and becomes the Super Shredder, becoming more powerful and defeating Splinter and the Turtles easily and will proceed to attack the city, innocent people and will double cross his allies, henchmen and the Kraang. Our heroes will team up with their allies and some of their enemies, including the Kraang to stop Shredder. It will lead into an epic battle with Super Shredder. Super Shredder easily beats them all, but it turns out that Karai wasn't killed and fights against the Super Shredder, she manages to get hold on some sort of death ray, which Shredder had developed during the season, and uses it to destroy the Shredder for everything he had done to her, Yoshi and Turtles. If Karai is Killed Off for Real then it is a Splinter who destroys the Super Shredder. The season ends with Karai either being Killed Off for Real or reunited with Yoshi and becoming a regular character. Super Shredder is destroyed, and his empire is severely weakened. This leads into a WMG below..

Karai discovers the truth about her past and joins with the turtles, temporarily taking April's place
After discovering the truth about her past, Karai angrily tries to kill Shredder but ultimately fails, Shredder only spares her life in order to force her to live with her failure. With no place left to go, she joins the turtles, who are happy to have someone to fill the void left by April's absence. Gradually they become a good team, April by chance sees them together one day and gets jealous of being replaced, so she challenges Karai to a fight and ends up losing and getting injured in the process. The turtles take her back to the lair to heal, where Splinter convinces her that she has to let go of her anger towards the turtles if she ever wants to be able to fight effectively.
  • Confirmed, but it happens after April has made up with the Turtles, and she gets captured, mutated, and brainwashed right back into Shredder's service, eventually breaking free.

     The Kraang 
The Kraang have been around longer than we suspected, and have left their impression on the world.
Cryptids? More like mutants and creatures from Dimension X. The sea monster from "Karai's Vendetta" may as well have been "Nessie". Things like the Jersey Devil, the Kraken, the Beast of Gévaudan, Bunyips, and drop bears could have been such; and alleged sightings of the extinct Megatherium (giant ground sloth) could have been the Kraang's work as well.
  • Partially confirmed during a preview at the NYCC '13 panel. A clip from a future episode showed that the Kraang had been around since the beginning of time, portraying them in hieroglyphics and other ancient works.

Not all of the Kraang are evil.
We will eventually see a Kraang who opposes his kind's malevolent plans. He may reveal April's importance to the Kraang, and if he is introduced soon enough, he will call out on April for being angry at the Turtles. C'mon, an entire race can't be evil and it was rather out of character for April to be mad at the Turtles. Accidents happen, and April should have known the Turtles long enough that they would never mutate her dad on purpose!
  • Confirmed. The not-evil Kraang are in fact this continuity's version of the Utroms, with their leader, the 2012 version of Bishop, appearing in the Season 3 finale.

The Kraang are attempting to create Shoggoths as biological weapons.
Since all life on Earth is descended from cast-off shoggoth protomatter, and shoggoths are so insanely dangerous that even the mad sorcerer Abdul Alhazared was terrified of them, the Kraang are putting two and two together to recreate the ultimate biological weapon. The mutagen is designed to trigger atavistic genes to force a transformation into a shoggoth; interaction between multiple strains of DNA instead creates hybrid monsters out of "fixed" shoggoth protomatter, thus why mutants are able to survive under their own power and even sport superpowers, regardless of if they're biologically impossible (Spider Bytes as an arachnid the size of a tree) or seriously inadvisable (Snakeweed's exposed organs). Ironically, this means that Timothy is the only successful mutation thus far (turning into a formless metamorphic blob) and the turtles and Splinter are the least (being equal in power to Badass Normal humans, if unusually durable).

The true main villain of the series is...
Ch'rell, after being blasted by the technodromes laser he will have been sent across time instead of being completely disintegrated. Arriving in the current continuity and manipulating the series events, such as helping Kraang find the mutagen in the kraathatrogon and getting him mutated, manipulating him as a puppet behind the scenes. Later he will return with a new shredder endosuit and battle the turtles in a big ol' Crisis Crossover

The Kraang's base is the Technodrome
The part visible from the ground in the second part of the pilot is only the top. The rest of it is burrowed underground.
  • Somewhat confirmed. They launch their first attempt at Earth with it, which ends in failure. It returns in Seasons 2 and 3.

The Kraang's interest in scientists will lead them to target Donnie
Don himself calls attention to the parallel in the premier, with the "[April's] dad's a scientist, I'm a scientist" line, and in 'Metalhead' the Kraang recognized that he was the one who altered their technology and set it against them. There was also the very end of that episode when, after Metalhead had been defeated, the Kraang controlling it attacked Don— targeting his head, as Kraang do— without having any visible reason to do so.
  • Or, alternatively, the fact that he's a scientist and has proven his capabilities will cause the Kraang to allow Don to trade himself for Kirby, seeing it as a good deal. After his reaction to not being able/allowed to save Kirby in 'The Gauntlet' this seems rather inevitable.

The Kraang follow a philosophical doctrine that involves strict empiricist nominalism.
That's why they talk like they do. In order to even understand a general term, they have to reduce it to terms of direct sensual experience.
  • To be more precise, they think and speak in Predicate Logic. To them, nouns like "turtle" don't refer to objects directly, but to sensual properties that have to be bound to individual variables ("that", "those", and so on) to gain meaning.

The Kraang exist in a sort of Cross-Time.
It explains a lot about why the Kraang are only now launching their attack on the 2012 universe if they were previously busy with Turtles Prime, '87, 2k3 and any of the other franchises that that included them. In addition while Dimension X moves at a different rate of time than the 2012 world there is no reason why any of the other universes have to travel at the same rate or even same direction!

The Kraang are Child Soldiers.
When Kraang aren't trying to kill the Turtles or are occupied with other duties, they can be really silly and childish. They like to show off, insult each other ("In Kraang's face!"), and play with nun-chucks. And all we really know about them is that they come from another dimension, have a "Kraang Prime", and are at least as old as the Turtles. Kraang Prime could have grown (cloned?) soldiers that he could rely upon. This could explain the Kraang's speech patterns and oddball behavior. It would also provide symmetry with Splinter and the turtles: just as Splinter raised his children to be warriors that can protect themselves, Kraang Prime raised its "kids" as cannon fodder to carry its bidding.

"The Kraang" is the name of the group, not the species
The Kraang are a terrorist organization of the Utrom who take their name from their leader.
  • More likely terrorist organization of Kraangs' species from the other dimension.
    • ...Yeah, I'm saying that the species from the other dimension ARE the Utrom, and the Kraang are a group that came to conquer this dimension.
      • Somewhat confirmed, since this continuity's version of Bishop calls himself an Utrom, and they're a splinter group of the Kraang; Bishop has the original body the Kraang copied for their soldiers, and Bishop the Utrom himself looks like a Kraang.

Irma isn't really a Krang
Don't get me wrong, The Reveal in the season two finale was real, but it didn't mean what it seems to mean. instead of Irma being a Kraang the whole time April has known her as the reveal implies what's really happened is the real Irma was replaced at some point prior to "A Chinatown Ghost Story", and April and the Turtles will find her when they raid one of the Kraang bases.
  • If Irma had been a Kraang the whole time, why wait so long to kidnap April?
    • Exactly although the point of Kraang!Irma seemed to be finding the turtles lair, and April and Casey made sure to keep Irma from the turtles (which is why they had to stage an ambush to force Aprils hand). So for that reason who knows how long exactly Kraang!Irma would have stayed under cover until they got tired of waiting.
  • Jossed by Brandon Auman on his Instagram. Kraang Subprime really was Irma the entire time. There was never a real Irma.
    • Though that could be a case of Lying Creator considering there's a Plot Hole with the whole Irma twist, as Irma turning out to be a Kraang spy contradicts the scene in "Mousers Attack!" where April gets a call from Irma when at the time of that episode the Kraang still didn't know where April was. Also, April says she's known Irma for a year, but the events in "Mousers Attack!" happened two years ago.
      • "The War for Dimension X" confirms Irma was never real. Rook created the robotic body and Kraang Subprime stole the design.

The Kraang are not just in New York.
They're all around the world, and the Turtles will have to travel the world to take down their operations.
  • Confirmed. This is what convinced the Triceratons to wipe out Earth altogether in the Season 3 finale.

There will be clones at some point.
The Kraang will experiment in cloning the Turtles, who will be this series' versions of "The Dark Turtles" from Fast Forward... But the Kraang won't really be seeking Turtles. They'll be wanting to make a Shark Mutant Clone of The Shredder. Because the Shredder was brought back as some sort of Shark hybrid in the comic at one point.

The Kraang are all really Utroms that have been brainwashed by Kraang Prime
Why else would they all refer to each other as "Kraang"? Because Kraang Prime has one helluva ego.
  • Possible. An Utrom in the original Kraang suit appears in the Season 3 finale.
  • Confirmed. The Kraang are more or less rogue Utroms after Kraang Prime mutated himself and enslaved a whole lot of Utroms.

The Kraang want to keep their invasion a secret from humans from the start because we're too powerful
It's been shown time and time again that the Kraang's robot suits are easily taken down with swords and staffs. What if the reason they're pulling a secret invasion is because were it all-out war, humans would quickly overwhelm them. If nunchucks can destroy their metal, what chance do they have against guns and missiles?
  • or the metal in their suits are weaker in our universe than theirs like Kirby said our universe's physics work differently than Dimension X
  • another reason the suit we see are not built for war but infiltration plus the turtles may be stronger than humans with a lifetime of martial arts training

The Kraang have a specific reason for conquering earth
  • They are losing their war in Dimension X and need a new home world but not just that they need a planet that there enemy can't find where they can rebuild there military.

     Other Villains 
The Triceratons will be the main villains in the Turtles in Space arc.
They'll learn that the Turtles, April and Casey are still alive. Mozar wants them hunt down, just to have every last Earthling wiped out.Possibly jossed on the motive because they do an immediate jump back in time to well before the Triceratons have the pieces of the black hole generator that they used, which would preclude Mozar even knowing them, but still confirmed on them being the Big Bad of the arc. They are part of a Big Bad Ensemble with Dregg, who the Turtles have unwittingly dragged into the mess.

Lord Dregg will return
After the Triceratons are defeated, Dregg will crash land on some unknown planet and will be revealed to have survived due to being some type of cyborg (due to his robot head we see in "The Evil of Dregg") and have the Vreen come to him and take him back to Sectoid. He will attempt to gain revenge on the turtles and invade Earth, he will also recruit Baxter Stockman and Spider Bytez as Co-Dragons.
  • Confirmed. It's not known how or why he survived, but Dregg returns in Season 5 and does indeed invade Earth with the help of the Newtralizer.

Lord Dregg was a failed Kraang Experiment.

Lets take a look at Lord Dregg for a second. We never see any other alien like him throughout the series. He has an army of alien insects of varying sizes, but he is the only bug with his specific design capable of speech or intelligent thought beyond a Hive Mind. The only other hive-mind-based species we ever see is the Kraang, which were originally individually thinking Utrom before Kraang Prime’s experiments gave him psychic abilities that enslaved most Utrom and turned them into emotionless copies of himself.

Whether or not he was created from scratch using alien-insectoid DNA or if he was a random Sectoid abducted and augmented we could not really say. Lets not to forget to mention that when Dregg’s head is kicked off, not only does his body and head still work, but he has a cylindrical implant in his head, showing that he is not completely natural.

It is likely that Lord Dregg was made as a means of expanding Kraang Prime’s psychic abilities (like the experiments that led to April’s telepathy and telekinesis) and extend the hive-mind beyond his own species. It is also likely that Dregg was too dangerous to keep and study at the time and, having done the experiments halfway across the galaxy away from Earth, the Kraang evacuated back to their secret base on Earth. Meanwhile, Dregg used his Pest Controller abilities to establish his armies and establish himself as a feared presence in the known universe. After all, they tried creating shapeshifting sleeper agents and left the failed experiment beneath the O’Neill farmhouse in April’s mother’s form, so it is likely that the shapeshifter was not the only genetic experiment the Kraang had simply left to be forgotten.

It is even likely that many of Dregg’s alien insect slaves were created by the Kraang as well to act as organically grown soldiers and technology (like the bio-mechs) as a more efficient means of creating space-ships and foot-soldiers.

Pimiko will become the new Big Bad if The Shredder does get Killed Off for Real
She will have the same tragic backstory at the version of Karai from the 2003 series and will vow to avenge her adopted father. However, unlike 2003 Karai, her vengeance will be alot more sadistic and vicious, on the level of the main villain of The Dark Knight Rises. She will become such a huge Knight of Cerebus that the show will make the show Darker and Edgier that the 2003 TMNT series itself. She will kill so many innocent people that the show will have the highest body count of any Nickelodeon show, surpassing the Airbender genocide in Avatar: The Last Airbender. However, she will have a soft spot for Karai.

Hun will appear as the leader of the Purple Dragons
Word of God confirmed that Casey Jones will be introduced in Season 2. Considering his history with Hun, he'll be introduced too.
  • Confirmed, but he shows up in Season 3.

If the masquerade is broken the villains will attempt to discredit and vilify the Turtles to the public
Only for all the people saved and befriended by them to defend and vouch for them.
  • April will be the most known Turtles supporter. Similar to her 1987 cartoon counterpart. The downside to this is people (and likely her classmates) will treat her negatively and will be kidnapped by the villains (and likely normal criminals who believe the Turtles are threats to their own operations).

The Pulverizer will return and get mutated
  • He'll get exposed to the mutagen and the last animal he touched will be a turtle, resulting in either Slash or Tokka. He'll blame the Turtles for what happened to him and become their enemy.
    • Splinter's warning that Donatello will be responsible for whatever he teaches him did sound pretty ominous.
    • Probably Slash; between Splinter's warning and the bit of time the Pulverizer spent with Don alone, it seems inevitable that the show would make a Mythology Gag about "Donatello Trashes Slash".
  • Confirmed. However he transforms into the continuity's version of Mutagen Man, not another turtle. He does seem to be going after the turtles though. Whether this is because he blames them, or he's just feral now is left to be decided.

The Pulverizer is Casey Jones
He'll return after having taken a level in badass.
  • Unlikely. Casey's graffiti has been present since the prequel comics, before the series premiered, whereas Pulverizer only became inspired to fight crime after he saw the turtles months later.
    • that doesn't necessarily count this theory out though, as its unclear whether that graffiti was the mark of a seasoned fighter, or the mark of some kid that thinks way to much of himself (Not unlike the Pulverizer)
  • Jossed. It's revealed that Pulverizer's real name is Timothy, plus he gets mutated.

Hun will become the 2012 version of Tokka, or another mutant
Bradford and Xever are visually based on Chuck Norris and Jim Kelly, and both have become mutants.As Hun is visually based on Bruce Lee, it would continue the theme. That, and it would double as a Mythology Gag to what happened to 2003 Hun in Turtles Forever.
  • Jossed on Tokka, who appears in the "Turtles in Space" arc as a completely different character who is about as far from Hun and the Foot Clan/Shredder as one can get.

The blob monster/Mutagen Man is a "Null" mutation.
Earlier episodes have shown that mutations combine the subject with traits from the last non-mutant life form they touched. Pulverizer's last contacts were with Dogpound, Fishface and Donatello (all mutants) or other humans. Thus, with no other DNA to work from, the result was just severe genetic disruption. Alternatively...
  • Given that he's called Mutagen Man, I'm going with this.

The three Purple Dragons that we have seen thus far are just a small time wanna be branch of the larger gang.
The Purple Dragons is a larger organization (read: gang) that has different teams taking care of different territories around the city, and Fong, Tsoi, and Sid are just small time enforcers for the bigger organization. When word gets to the higher ups (more than likely Hun) that they have deviated from the main organization and signed on with Shredder, then said higher ups will probably come to investigate.

Lord Dregg will appear
He is most likely the boss of the Newtralizer and also he will be voice by Corey Burton doing a Tony Jay impersonation or Ron Perlman will do the voice.
  • No word on character traits, but he came up in Season 4, replacing Shredder in the Big Bad Ensemble for that season's first half (the Triceratons were the other part of it). He was voiced by Peter Stormaire rather than Perlman, who voiced his dragon, Armaggon, instead.

Mutagen Man will eventually loses his acidic properties.
Promotional materials seem to be making the Mutagen blue, as opposed to the green in his first appearance, and if the Kraang's headquarters are destroyed, the Mutagen might go too, and that makes Mutagen Man's existence all the more valuable... Because he's not just acid, he's living Mutagen.

Bebop and Rocksteady will eventually appear as either replacements or foils to Dogpound and Fishface.

Supporting the theory that Rocksteady and Bebop will appear at all is that the show is heavily influenced by the 1987 animated series and even has several characters from it that have either already appeared on the show (like Mutagen Man and Krang in the form of Kraang Prime) or will be showing up eventually (like Irma and Baxter Stockman's fly mutation). It's very likely that Bebop and Rocksteady will make an appearance on the new show someday if they're borrowing that much from the '87 series.

As for their being replacements of Dogpound and Fishface or being mere foils, it is known that Dogpound and Fishface are basically more competent versions of Rocksteady and Bebop. If Bebop and Rocksteady are introduced as foils, then the Shredder creates them to see if having a full set of four mutants is what it takes to defeat the four Ninja Turtles.

If Rocksteady and Bebop are created as replacements for Dogpound and Fishface, then either the Shredder eventually loses patience with Dogpound and Fishface and kills them or Dogpound and Fishface learn the truth that he killed Karai's mother and Splinter is Karai's real father and become so appalled by what their master has done that they leave him.

  • Jossed, Bebop and Rocksteady are simply extra henchmen.

The Newtralizer will make a Heel–Face Turn in either Season 2 or Season 3
  • Reason being aside from their scuffle in his debut episode, the turtles nor Newtralizer have any real reason to be enemies. As Newt only attacked Donnie because he more than likely assumed he was working for the Kraang. Also they have more to gain from being allies as The Kraang view Newt as The Dreaded and the turtles are capable of tracking kraang activity.
    • Also Newtralizer is capable of single-handedly Curb-Stomp Battle the Kraang is a matter of seconds, the turtles have to be incredibly stupid to not have an ally that strong.
      • He makes a very, very brief reappearance in "Metalhead Rewired", which hopefully gives him no possible reason for him to be the enemy of the Turtles.
      • Jossed for Seasons 2, 3, and 4. He's still smashing Kraang in Season 2, but loses an alliance with Slash when he's willing to hurt people, and he doesn't appear at all in Seasons 3 or 4, although someone from his race, Mona Lisa, is a recurring character in Seasons 4 and 5. The Newtralizer, however, will return in Season 5.

Bebop and Rocksteady's mutation will have a side-effect.
While it is clear that Anton Zeck and Steranko will both become Bebop and Rocksteady respectively and that both are obviously intelligent and competent (though Zeck is still somewhat bumbling), it is possible that the mutation might have the side-effect of making them idiots.

One example of this possibility is that Dr. Rockwell and Karai both clearly lost their humanity when they mutated, so the mutation might very well make Zeck and Steranko idiots as a side-effect of becoming a mutant warthog and a mutant rhinoceros.

The other evidence is that the bios for the action figures of Bebop and Rocksteady mention that Zeck and Steranko were mutated by the Shredder as punishment for trying to steal his helmet.

If the Shredder is the one responsible for Zeck and Steranko's mutation, then it would make perfect sense for him to prepare for attempts by the mutants to turn against him! especially if his methods included reducing their intelligence.

The Irma-bot will gain sentience and will become an ally of the Turtles... somehow.
After all, Metalhead gained a mind of its own, so there is a precedent within the context of the show.
  • I was thinking the exact same thing. My guess is that after the Turtles return to New York, they repair Irma and try to gain information from her. Eventually, the AI develops a mind of her own and considers returning to the Krang. However, her memories of April ultimately help her join the good guys.

Hun will use Mutagen on himself.
Though not in the sense he'll, say, mutate into a Turtle, but use it more along the lines of Venom to significantly increase his musculature, bringing him more in line with other incarnations of the character.

     Side Characters 
The pizza boy will be making several more appearances. Always at the wrong place at the wrong time.
He becomes a sort of Chew Toy because of this.
  • Sorta like the Cabbage Guy from Avatar: The Last Airbender?
    • Or Vinnie from Gargoyles!
      • My thoughts exactly. Especially Vinnie. We see him with different jobs each time. And always gets fired, because of the Turtles and the villains they're fighting. He'll be fired as much as Jonesy from 6teen.
      • Or the pizza boy gets mutated and becomes Pizza Face

The pizza boy in the pilot is Casey Jones
If the online comics are canon he's probably already operating as a vigilante, he's just working there part-time to fund his activities.
  • Jossed. Images and trailers depicting Casey Jones have been released, and they show that Casey doesn't look anything like the pizza boy.

Timothy was Casey's Friend
In the new episode Casey mentioned he lost a friend as well, possibly he and Timothy were friends once and Timothy went on Gung Ho about becoming a super hero while Casey ignored him thinking he wasn't being serious and just playing make believe. When Timothy became Mutagen Man, Casey feared the worst had happened since he no longer showed up at school or met with him. Since months had passed since he had been doused with Mutagen and hasn't been seen since then, Casey probably believes Timothy is dead and doesn't realize the being that attacked him and April was once his friend.
  • As neat as that would be Casey mentioned his friend was named Nick if I remember correctly.
    • With all these twist in the show I wouldn't doubt it if the friend that Casey mentioned to April was none other then his Arch-Enemy Hun of the pruple dragons. I mean come on we all know that be an interesting take on the history those two have had over the years.

Raph's pet turtle, Spike, will get bathed in mutagen.
Which will add a fifth turtle to the mix which means one of three things.

  • Spike turns out to be Slash
    • '''Confirmed.'''
      • Alternatively, he gets kidnapped shortly after becoming Slash by The Kraang and brainwashed and takes the name Tokka
  • Spike turns out to be Tokka
  • Spike turns into Tokka eventually, just like Bradford was double-mutated into Rahzar.
    • Jossed on both of the above. Spike becomes Slash, and Tokka is a completely different character that is on the opposite side of the universe from Spike/Slash.
  • Spike turns out to be a certain female turtle.
    • Jossed. Spike's male.
  • Spike simply grows larger but keeps the mentality of a normal turtle.
    • Jossed. He becomes Slash, and starts thinking like a human.

Metalhead will return, or at least the updates Don provided to it.
The Kraang will probably use ideas from Metalhead such as the flamethrowers and rocket fists, causing more trouble for the Turtles. Donatello will also become frustrated that his own design ideas are being used by The Kraang.

When Leatherhead is introduced, we'll get a ragtag team of mutant scientists
Since Monkey Brains wound up being Dr. Rockwell, mutated by his associate, we've already got two mutant scientists— if Leatherhead winds up being an ally rather than an enemy (depending on which characterization he takes after, if any) we may get a Power Trio between LH, Monkey Brains and Don. Bonus points if Stockman winds up getting mutated like his OT counterpart, even temporarily.
  • So they'll be this series' version of the Mighty Mutanimals?
  • Jossed Leatherhead is not exactly a scientist in this universe.
  • However, the Mighty Mutanimals do eventually show up in season 3 with Leatherhead as one of the members (but not the leader).

Tang Shen is the one who gave Shredder the scar.
Unlikely, what we can see of Shredder's scaring is more consistent with burns. He probably suffered them in his attack on Yoshi and Shen's home.
  • Those are burns, but Tang Shen shielded Splinter from Shredder's finishing blow, which killed her before the fire started. So jossed.

Leatherhead's owner was a younger Casey
  • He has the looks of a rebellious teenager, plus meddling parents who his beloved pet from him. Said pet eventually grows up to be a dangerously violent but goodhearted ally of the Turtles who tries to fight evil in his own way. Like owner, like pet.

Slash will form a team of Anti-Hero Psycho Rangers
In relation to the above WMG, Slash will learn about the Turtles' absence and form a replacement team. His group will consist of Tokka, Venus de Milo, and Mona Lisa (who will either be a turtle in this version, or she was a lizard that was mutated by mistake and Slash accepted her anyway). Slash would call his team The Next Mutation.
  • Somewhat confirmed, but it's not a Psycho Ranger squad. It's the Mighty Mutanimals.

Kirby (April's Dad) will pay the price for his actions
After what he pulled in The Gauntlet it's safe to safe the Kraang might decide he's outlived his usefulness as a scientist creating one or more of the following options to happen by the time the Turtles and April find him again
  • He's been mutated either
    • Keeping his human mind and memories
    • Becoming a mindless servant of the Kraang
  • He's on his deathbed as a result of Kraang experiments
  • He's already dead from Kraang experiments
  • He's been mind controlled by the Kraang to use against the Turtles
    • but manages to break free and save them most likely at the cost of his life
  • Krang ate him
In other words when April finds him he won't be the same.
  • Judging from the ending of TCRI he wasn't even needed in the first place making it more likely that he already was expendable.
    • But he has to know something. It's gotta be more than her safety he's worried about.
    • Called it! As of right now we don't know what exactly happened to him but it's obvious he's working for the Kraang
    • He gets mutated at the beginning and end of Season 2.

The Newtralizer is the real Kirby O'Neil while the rescued one is a robot.
In "Operation: Break Out", this guy comes out of nowhere with little to no explanation. Even the mutant wasp had more of a backstory. The only theoretical explanation, he's April's dad mutated into a newt and the one the turtles rescued is a robot sent to infiltrate the lair. It's just a theory but part of it might hold due to what happens in the end.
  • Jossed. As of the season 2 premiere, Kirby gets mutated into Wingnut. So he's not a robot.

The Kirby O'Neil the turtles saved is really the Fugitoid Brainwashed and Crazy
notice how speech pattern was more intelligent and polite like the fugitoid the kraang probably force him into this ruse
  • Jossed. As of the season 2 premiere Kirby gets mutated. So he can't be an android. The Fugitoid appears as a separate character at the end of Season 3 and in the first half of Season 4.

Agent Bishop will appear in Season 2 or 3
The government want to be prepared in case of another invasion like in "Booyaka-Showdown" so they form the Earth Protection Force and Bishop, America's oldest and greatest operative, will head it and he will be more of an ally to the turtles.
  • Or maybe he'll start by hunting the turtles but call it off once he sees they're the good guys.
    • Bishop's organization, the Earth Protection Force, appears in the season 2 finale, so this is increasingly likely.
    • Confirmed on him appearing, surprisingly jossed on his character. Bishop appeared in the Season 3 finale, but as a completely different character; he's an Utrom, the cousins of the Kraang, and used the body that the Kraang copied for their bots (complete with the same voice actor, Nolan North). He's also completely unaffiliated with the EPF, who did not appear at all in the Season 3 finale.

It would make the narrative for Lisa's story flow better. Also, it would be interesting to see April's reaction to her human gal pal turn into a mutant and potentially having a deconstruction of a human suddenly having their entire lives change because they were mutated.
  • Jossed. Irma turned out to be nothing but a humanoid robot operated by the Gilbert Gottfried-voiced Kraang Sub-Prime in the second season finale. Mona Lisa will be a Salamandrian (the same alien species as the Newtralizer) who appeared in Season 4, alongside the original version of the Irma bot operated by Utrom Rook.

If Mona Lisa does appear she won't be a Cute Monster Girl.
She won't have hair or Non-Mammal Mammaries. Overall her body will be much more reptilian than the original '87 incarnation. Despite this she'll be cute in the sense of having a similar face shape to the turtles and human eyes.
  • Confirmed. Her design is far more reptilian this time.
    • But she's still kinda cute.

In the case that Irma and Mona Lisa are separate characters like in their original '87 incarnations...
Irma will be Donnie's new love interest and Mona Lisa or Ninjara will be Raphael's love interest.
  • Jossed on Irma, who was really the Kraang's second-in-command, Kraang Sub-Prime, but supposedly confirmed on Mona Lisa, who appears in Season 4.

Timothy and Mona Lisa are brother and sister.
While searching for her brother, Mona later gets mutated, meets the Turtles and discovers the fate of her brother.
  • Alternatively, Mona is the neglected daughter of Vic/Spider Bytez.
  • Likely Jossed. Mona is a Salamandrian like the Newtralizer, not a human, making it very implausible for her to be related to the once-human Timothy and Spider Bytez.

Honeycutt created the black hole generator.
He seems pretty determined to destroy all trace of it in Trans-Dimensional Turtles, using a tone of voice usually reserved for My Greatest Failure. We know he's been in contact with the Utroms despite not being one. The Triceratons hate him. And being mostly-robotic and possessing a time machine, we have no idea how old he actually is.
  • Confirmed, and he pulls a heroic sacrifice for it.

Tang Shen wasn't Killed Off for Real at all. Instead, she and the upcoming character Alopex are one and the same.
My theory is Alopex's voice actress is the same one Tang Shen had in this series, Minae Noji. It's possible that Tang Shen made up her backstory to both the Turtles and Hamato Yoshi/Splinter and Oroku Saki/Shredder, having been a shapeshifting fox mutant the entire time. She somehow recovered from the wounds inflicted by Tiger Claw and then Shredder.

Slash will go through a Heel–Face Turn.
Just because he's evil in his debut episode doesn't mean he'll stay that way.
  • They did say he'd be less villainous than before.
  • Possibly as an Enemy Mine moment that ends with him and the Turtles still opposed to one another, but less likely to attack on sight.

Kirby will eventually become the fifth turtle of the group
Eventually he'll get in contact with more mutagen/Experimented on by The Kraang. Which will turn him into the fifth turtle of the group, He does have the same name as a supposed fifth turtle for the group.
  • How does he "have the same name as a supposed fifth turtle for the group." To my knowledge there wasn't a Renaissance Artist named Kirby, nor any turtle with the name in any other continuity. Also (even though she herself isn't an actual mutant turtle) April already holds this positions in the group, as evident on the 5 on her shirt. Besides, Kirby has some obvious PTSD, he wouldn't be effective in combat.
    • The fourth movie, which was never made, was going to have a fifth turtle named Kirby, named after comic artist Jack Kirby.

The season finale will be a Whole-Plot Reference to the first issue of the comic
With the Turtles fighting Shredder, only for Shredder to blow himself up in an attempt to kill the them. This will lead to Karai's introduction as a cliffhanger into season 2.
  • Partly jossed. Karai has already been introduced.
  • If anything, it's more of a Whole-Plot Reference to the season 1 finale of the 80's show: Shredder lures Splinter with holograms to fight him one-on-one while the turtles take on a giant Kra(a)ng in a battlesuit.
  • Alternatively, season 2 will be either that, introduce the Super Shredder like the second movie, or a mix of both. Although, given his popularity and lack of screen time so far this season, Shredder will most likely be presumed dead rather than actually dead.
    • No Super Shredder for Season 2.

Shredder and Splinter will face off by the end of the season
Resulting in the darkest episode of the season with the two enemies. Perhaps they both even kill each other (though this could be reversed somehow) and leave their respective groups leaderless. Expect that to be a huge Wham Episode.
  • In the next season, there'll be an episode where Raph is alone and helps a kid in trouble before rejoining the others. And without the Shredder, there'll be a story-arc similar to "City at War".
  • Confirmed. Trailer for the season finale shows Splinter and Shredder fighting.

There will be an episode or two (or even a recurring story theme) on the nature of Revenge.
The main characters of the episode(s) will show characters horribly afflicted by revenge, and the problems that come from it, as well as a resolution:
  • Karai wants to get back at the Turtles for breaking a deal and trying to kill the Turtles. I have no clue on a resolution, aside from her realizing that she's becoming like her dad and she'll realize that this is a bad thing.
    • Here's my idea: Karai nearly has the turtles defeated, then April step in to defend them, she ends up badly injured(even moreso then in "Karai's Vendetta")and Karai is on the verge of killing her but ends up stopping short, flashing back to April's comment about losing her mother, then she realizes that her and April are not so different and she offers a truce to April and the turtles, telling them that they are not friends but are not enemies either.
  • Baxter, who lashes out at society at length due to his own problems or the fact he's unlucky. The Turtles will tell him to stop, as he's wasting his talents going after them and the world, and will convince him that his skills can be used for the greater good and earn him the respect he thinks he deserves.
  • The Shredder, who will finally be called on for how shortsighted, destructive, and horrible he's become. He won't care and may end up dying... Before turning out to be alive, possibly in Dimension X.
  • Alternatively, Shredder will have a final encounter with Splinter and succeed in killing him. However, Shredder took a revenge that he was never entitled to, and now that he's guilty of killing both of Karai/Miwa's true parents unjustifiably, SHE and the Turtles are now entitled to take revenge on Shredder, continuing a vicious cycle as well as leaving Shredder with a "Now What?" moment.

There will be an episode without the Turtles, focused on the Foot Clan.
The premise would probably involve them going after a rogue agent (Baxter, perhaps), and elaborating upon their backstories via Flashback. This would help develop characters like Karai or Bradford, or even the Shredder, which would most likely show his own take on the events that lead to his fall.

Season 2 will have a more Foot plot
The Foot decide to take advantage the mutants popping up after "Booyaka-Showdown".
  • The Foot Elite will appear and be Elite Mooks.
    • Some more history of the Foot will be revealed.
    • Dogpound's background will be revealed.
    • Tiger Claw and Dopgpound will have a Rivalry over who is better.
    • Foot Mystics
    • Karai will start to question her loyalty to the Foot.
    • More of Splinter and Shredder's past will be unveiled including their military history.
  • Somewhat confirmed. Shredder was Put on a Bus for the first half of the season, but the Foot have started appearing more than the Kraang, and backstory was revealed.

There could be an episode similar to "Night of the Rogues" only in 2-part format
  • All the turtles past enemies unite to try and kill them for all the harm they have done to them the leader could be Dogpound or Rat King or worse both.
    • Dogpound in an attempt to regain his stature brings and trains the villains while Rat King forms strategies as well as spy on the turles in order to know when the best time to strike.

Season 2 will be darker
Season one is a new hope season 2 will the empire strikes back with the season finale putting our heroes in the ringer
  • The turtles will have cracks in their team and suffer in fighting.
  • Splinter disappears forcing Leo and his brothers to grow up fast.
  • The villains will consist of a lot os Knight of Cerebus.
  • One of the turtles will get a Game-Breaking Injury.
  • The lair will get destroyed and the turtles get separated and have to fight like never before in order to survive.
  • A bunch of their bad guys will Take a Level in Badass and form a Legion of Doom to destroy them.
  • The Kraang's allies will be deadly.
    • Confirmed.

There will be a Fetch Quest in season 2
  • The turtles will travel through Dimension X to find an ancient weapon that can destroy the Technodrome.
    • The turtles try to find the key to the Technodrome so the Kraang can't activate it.
    • Confirmed. They are searching for missing Mutagen canisters.

Season 2 either will be or will have a "character arc" for Raph.
So we've basically known Casey was going to be in season 2 since before the 1st episode aired. As many long time fans know Casey's first appearance leads to at least a little Character Development on Raph's part. However it's been confirmed that Spike will be mutated into Slash. Saying that THAT is a bit of a change in Raph's life is putting it mildly. If he doesn't get character development from that it'll be a MASSIVE miss of opertunity on the writers account. And finally there are rumors that Mona Lisa is going to legitimately appear. In the '87 series she was intended to be Raph's love interest but the writers just kinda�forgot about her after her first episode. When you add all this up it genuinely seems like he's going to get a mini arc at the least.
  • Confirmed, both Raph and Leo get some character development plus the whole thing with Slash. Jossed on Mona Lisa for that season and the next, but her Long Bus Trip ended in Season 4.

There will be an episode that flashes back to Oroku Saki and Hamato Yoshi's past.
It will deal with something far more mystic than the series' usual fair (Sixties-esque science fiction), show Saki as somewhat more sympathetic while showcasing Yoshi's own flaws. The episode will end with the fight that started their cursed rivalry, and plant hints toward Saki's own revenge-filled future, completely walking away from the heroic path he could have gone.
  • It could even be the entire episode from start-to-end.
    • Confirmed in the Season 3 episode, "Tale Of The Yokai."

Season three will feature "City At War" storyline
A continuation of the WMG above: After the Super Shredder is destroyed, his empire is severely weakened and Foot had lost many of its resources. With no clear leader, the Foot Clan will split into three different factions. The first faction is led by Dogpound and Fishface, who had rebelled against the Shredder in the season two and now are using the opportunity to take control of the Foot and take over the city. Initially, they have the most territories of all factions, but their factions consists of mostly weaker Foot members and Purple dragons and they have little to no advanced technology or weaponry. The second faction is formed by the new Shredder, who is an Expy of Fred Wolf Shredder, who was a member of Foot Clan and now seeks to take control of Foot, take over the city and later the world. He is a lot more Lighter and Softer than the previous Shredder, but still competent and dangerous. His faction consists of the Kraang, robotic Foot Soldiers, Bebop and Rocksteady, Baxter Stockman (who had mutated into a fly) and maybe other villains, like Snakeweed or Spider Bytez. Their base of operations are remains of Technodrome, which was severely damaged during the season 2 finale and have some advanced technology and weaponry. The second Shredder, while being a founder of his faction and competent on his own, might become subservient to the Kraang, as a reference to the fact that Fred Wolf Shredder took orders from Krang. Their factions is the smallest one and have the least amount of territories and manpower, but their members and minions are very strong, as oppossed to Dogpound's and Fishface's faction. The third and final faction are Oroku Saki's loyalists led by Tatsu (from the first two movies), who was loyal to Shredder and hadn't turned on him, like the other henchmen. Tatsu has Hun from 2003 Series as his right-hand man and his faction consists of Foot Elite, strongest Foot Ninjas, Tiger Claw, Tokka And Rahzar and The Rat King. Initially, they have medium amount of territories and medium amount of advanced weaponry and technology, but their strong members, powerful machinery and excellent tactical planning skills will make them the most dangerous faction and will make them the Big Bad of this storyline, or at first. They see themselves as true successor's to the Oroku Saki's empire and their primary goal is to destroy Splinter and his friends to avenge the demise of their master and finish what he started, while fighting against other factions, who they see as unworthy to take control of the Foot. They will be the most successful of all factions and will have an impact on the plot in some way or another. This will lead into a lot of battles between them and our heroes. Eventually Turtles bring down Tatsu and his followers, but Tatsu escapes swearing revenge. This leaves the 2nd Shredder's faction fighting against Dogpound's and Fishface's faction, who have become stronger and turned into Mafia-esque criminal organization and can decently hold out against the Shredder II, The Kraang and their minions and having new villains in their employ. The war will continue, resulting in many battles between the two factions and Turtles. The storyline will end with Dogpound and Fishface being taken down and their organization destroyed, leaving the second Shredder's faction as main villains for many episodes after that, with The Kraang as Big Bad and the Shredder II as The Dragon and series will become Lighter and Softer.
  • Jossed so far on that first WMG. Karai is still alive towards the end of Season 3, and she did learn the truth, but she got mutated and brainwashed. Also Jossed for the "City at War" arc occurring in Season 3, but it does occur in Season 4, at which point Karai is no longer brainwashed.

The Turtles will fight Super Shredder in the season 2 finale
There will be one scene where a dock collapses on him, and the Turtles think they won. However, he'll emerge from the wreckage unscathed, delivering a Take That! towards his anti-climactic defeat in Secret of the Ooze.
  • Jossed for Season 2. They DO confront Super Shredder in Season 4, however.

Season 3 will be based on the North Hampton arc of the comics
A preview for the finale at Comic Con showed Leonardo getting thrown into a window of an apartment, implying that he fought the Shredder and lost. The panel also hinted that the Turtles would be going outside of New York to fight mutants.
  • Confirmed for the first 10 episodes of the season, but they return to New York afterwards.

The season 3 finale was a Writer Revolt against the Merchandise-Driven nature of the show
After all, what better way to make having the problem of a large cast more manageable than to pull a kill 'em all on the supporting cast? Thanks to a new threat? Seems both gruesome and showing signs of the Writer Revolt. It also provides space for a more "unshackled" story if you're also in a new setting like space.

Transdimensional turtles was NOT the actual 1987 turtles dimension
The multiverse basically HAS to have almost exact copies of each universe, the multiverse theory is about each universe being created because of different choices leading to different paths. This fills up a good bit of plot holes in the episode, the 1987 turtles not remarking on the similarity between the episode and Turtles Forever, and 87 Krang being Kraang sub-primes cousin. Fix 1:these aren't the turtles who featured in that Crisis Crossover. Fix 2: this isn't the 1987 krang, just a Kraang related to Kraang subprime who got banished to this universe and started using a robot body like the Krang we see in the 1987 show, it also explains why Krang is trying to destroy the prime turtles when he was trying to STOP Ch'rell from doing the exact same thing.

Character Return Predictions.
  • THE Krang will show up later on, and will be the master of the Kraangs.
    • It's a possibility since it's revealed the Kraang are from another dimension (Dimension X?).
      • Also, the episodes "Turtle Temper" and "It Came from the Depths" both feature members of the Kraang referring to what could be their superior. In the former, a Kraang mentions how they must show Vic's video of the Turtles "to Kraang", and the latter had a Kraang say "We must tell Kraang that Kraang's power cell was stolen from Kraang!" From the context of the two quotes, they could very well be referring to THE Krang. There's also a piece of concept art viewable on Fight the Foot after joining that depicts what appears to be Krang in his bubble walker on a monitor.
      • Confirmed. The Krang from Dimension X will appear in the season finale of the show.
      • No exactly "The Krang" but Kraang Prime.
      • Confirmed Later. Krang returns as an associate of Kraang Subprime in the "Trans-Dimensional Turtles" crossover.
  • Dogpound and Fishface will perish to the turtles at the end of season 1, and Bebop and Rocksteady replace them.
    • And after their inevitable first failure, Shredder will have the two be led by Hun, thus he takes Krang's place from the original cartoon as leading the Terrible Trio.
    • Jossed, Dogpound and Fishface are still around by season 2 thought Dogpound suffered a transformation into Rahzar.
    • Or Bebop and Rocksteady will be the Kraang's equivalent to the Shredder's Dogpound and Fishface.
      • Even better. They could work for Shredder alongside Dogpound and Fishface and the two pairs would act as each other's foils.
      • Confirmed, Bebop and Rocksteady were two former comrades of Shredder's who got mutated for harming Karai, but the Dogpound, now Rahzar, and Fishface are still on the rogues' list.
  • April O' Neil will introduce Irma to the turtles later on and she'll develop a crush on Donatello.
    • Irma's image has already appeared on April's phone!
    • Irma is now a recurring character and confirmed friend of April and Casey. She hasn't met the Turtles yet, but seems aware of their existence by the end of "The Manhattan Project".
      • April DOES introduce Irma to the Turtles after they get chased by the Foot Clan in the second season finale, but the crush part is definitely jossed. Irma immediately reveals herself to be a robot operated by Kraang Sub Prime, a Kraang spy voiced by Gilbert Gottfried whose mission it was to find the Turtles' lair and start the second invasion of Earth, wrecking the lair and causing a lot of misery in the process.
      • of course this assumes that the Kraang Irma is the only Irma, and that the "real" Irma couldn't show up later. Ironically, an Utrom suit that looks like Irma works with the Turtles in a Season 4 episode.
  • Some Utroms, related to the Kraang, show up. They go to war with the Kraang.
    • And to differentiate them, the Utroms look like brains, while the Kraangs were stripped from their bodies leaving them as brains with eyes and mouths.
    • The Utroms will have opposite views of the Kraang: In that while the Kraang probably don't seem to care to individualize (their disguises are all the same type of droll businessman) or learn about human customs and speech, the Utroms individualize themselves by assigning names, variate on their disguises, and are all too happy to learn human customs.
    • Perhaps the Kraang isn't the name of species, but their faction with the Utroms being the same race but an opposing force
      • They're probably indeed the name of a faction, but from Kraang's species that exist in their home dimension. The Kraang were banished to our dimension as punishment for their tyranny. And were stripped from their bodies as additional punishment or the result of cross-dimensional mutation.
      • Confirmed. The Utroms are reformed Kraang that have disassociated themselves from Kraang; they include this continuity's version of Bishop.
  • Kraang Prime may be a mutant Utrom that has used his/her/it's enhanced psychic influence to control the Utrom race, turning them from peaceful brain-squids to scheming, world-conquerors.
    • confirmed
  • Karai will either be Shredder's Second or Miwa's bodyguard. Or Karai will be an alias used by Miwa.
    • Karai might be Shredder's actual daughter in this continuity. She'll have some traits from Pimiko from TMNT vol. 3 by Image Comics.
      • Confirmed. Karai refers to Shredder as her father at one point.
      • That doesn't stop the possibility of her being Miwa, she could have been raised thinking that she is really Shredder's daughter.
      • Confirmed for the main and third theories but the second theory is Jossed. Karai is Splinter's daughter Miwa but was raised by Shredder and believes she is his biological daughter. Going back to the original post: Karai is Shredder's adoptive daughter, his second in command, and she has used the name "Harmony" (the translation of "Miwa") as an alias. So almost every part this WMG was confirmed or played with in some way.
    • Karai will be the same age as April and the two will form a friendship until April learns who Karai really is.
      • Confirmed.
    • She'll be a mercenary akin to one-shot (two-shot?) character Lotus from the '87 cartoon.
      • Jossed. She's a major/recurring character.
  • Casey Jones (confirmed for season two) will be an older character like Splinter and Shredder and is The Dreaded.
    • Or he'll be aged down to a teenager like April was, leading to a Love Triangle between them and Donatello.
      • Partially confirmed. Casey will be a teenager, but there's no news about a Love Triangle yet.
      • Fully confirmed. He is a teenager, and the love triangle has emerged. Although Casey and Donny seemed to have developed their own friendship/truce by the end of The Manhattan Project, both are aware of the other's feelings towards April (while April at least seems to be unaware of Donny's, or possibly willfully unaware at this point, she is certainly aware of Casey's and seems at least to have some feelings towards him). Poor Donny...
      • "Partially confirmed" April actually is well aware of donny's feelings and kisses him on the lips in the episode 'A foot too big' as shown in the little bit below:
Donny: I'm just some mutantApril: You're not just a mutant, you're my mutant.Proceeds to fully but briefly kiss Donny on the lipsApril starts walking awayDonny:I'll never understand
  • Spike will be revealed as female and later end up mutating into Venus De Milo.
    • Jossed. Spike is a he.
    • Alternatively, Spike is a male and becomes Slash, while Splinter's daughter Miwa, who has been implied to be under Shredder's wing, has a Heel–Face Turn after the Turtles tell her of her true father and mutates into Venus.
      • The latter theory is Confirmed. It has been recently reported that Spike will become Slash in the second season and will be played by Corey Feldman.
  • The pizza boy becomes Pizzaface
    • His name might be Chet.
    • Jossed on both, Pizzaface appears in "Pizza Face", and he was a pizza chef.
  • Alternatively, the Pizza Guy is Vernon Fenwick. Look at the faces. ...hey, Irma did appear, so why the heck not?
  • We know that they've got concept art for Rat King already, so I predict that also got affected by The Ooze, only instead of turning out like Splinter, he ended up a skeleton, perhaps showing how LUCKY Splinter was in his mutation.
  • Leatherhead will likewise be affected by the Mutagen, and end up an Expy of the 2003 Leatherhead in being an ally (aquatic reptiles stick together), but still with feral crocodile instincts they have to watch out for.
  • Baxter Stockman will be working with the Kraang, helping to upgrade their exoskeletons to fight the turtles, after he got rich off the mousers.
    • And he'll later try to betray the Kraang, only to be punished for his treason by being mutated into a fly. A few fights with the Turtles later, he then has to rebuild himself as a cyborg as well after sustaining horrible injuries due to his fly-like vulnerability.
      • Jossed. As of "Mousers Attack!" Baxter is still human and Shredder wants to keep him around as his personal Mad Scientist.
      • Maybe when THE Krang shows up, Baxter gets mutated.
      • Or maybe, he may invent a device that merged any living thing with him. If Michelangelo puts a fly into that device, Baxter will mutate into a fly!
      • Confirmed, but he's mutated into a fly by Shredder, who did it intentionally for several botched experiments.
  • Irma appears and transforms into the mutant Quarry.
    • Confirmed and jossed. Irma turns up in Season 2, but she's a robot.
  • Mona Lisa crops up as well.
    • Confirmed. She will appear in Season 4.
  • Ninjara might appear.
  • Wingnut may appear!
    • Sorta; April's father mutated into a bat form and Mikey wanted to name him "Wingnut", but the other turtles objected to giving him a "nickname".
    • Confirmed. He appears as a comic book character in Season 4.
  • Bog: Swamp Demon from the comic could come up.
  • Shredder will curbstomp the turtles when he first fights them. It seems to be a rule for the show's villains to show off how tough they are by beating the turtles in their first fight.
    • Confirmed. In "The Gauntlet", The Shredder nearly kills the Turtles and doesn't let them get away until he is distracted by his top lieutenants Chris Bradford and Xever's mutations into Dogpound and Fishface.
  • Ch'rell, the Utrom Shredder. What, you think being disintegrated by a giant laser could get rid of him? Guys like that always come back. He'll have his own story arc where the Turtles, the Kraang, and the native Shredder all team up to get rid of him.
  • Agent Bishop, though he'll be portrayed as having a civilian persona and an FBI agent persona, with his civilian persona seeming to be a rather carefree guy, who will end up having Pizza with either one of the Turtles or April. His FBI agent persona would... Not be outright villainous, willing to do what's best for humanity, and he would actually listen to others' opinions and if there's a better way to do something, he'll accept it.
    • Donnie gets his supplies from a military junkyard in this version. Maybe that's how he'll discover the turtles.
    • Bishop's organization, the Earth Protection Force, appears in the season 2 finale, so this is increasingly likely. As for a prediction, he will introduced at some point in season 3 as a recurring foe, and will voiced by a notable genre tv/movie actor with a distinctive, commanding/gravelly voice, such as Micheal Ironside, Lance Henriksen, or Peter Weller.
      • Confirmed. He was in the Season 3 finale, but he's in fact an Utrom, an offshoot of the Kraang, and in the body the Kraang were using, so he has their voice actor, Nolan North.
  • Alopex from the IDW comic, at least in the toyline.
    • Confirmed. Alopex is set to appear as an Arch-Enemy to Foot Clan lieutenant Tiger Claw.
  • Hun will become Slash again.
    • Jossed. Slash has been announced to be introduced as a mutated Spike. Hun didn't appear until Season 3, well after Slash's mutation had taken place.
  • Just like Dogpound, Slash gets mutated further into Tokka.
    • Jossed. Tokka is an entirely different character that actually has ZERO connection to Earth.
  • The Mighty Mutanimals will be formed, and Leatherhead, Tyler Rockwell, Pigeon Pete, Radical, Mondo Gecko, and Ray Fillet will be members.
    • Confirmed. Leatherhead, Rockwell, Pigeon Pete, and Slash are the current members.
  • Ms. Campbell is rebuilt as Chromedome.
    • Jossed. Chromedome is a completely different Kraang robot.
  • The Pulverizer's real name might be Zach.
    • Jossed. It's Timothy.
  • Usub Gerstalk will appear as an Evil Counterpart to Leatherhead while simultaneously functioning as the 1987 version.
  • Lord Dregg will appear, either as The Man Behind the Man to the leader of the Kraang or as the supernatural force of evil and sharing many traits with the Demon Shredder from TMNT 2003 series and/or with Null, corrupt corporate executive from Archie comics.
    • Lord Dregg will be part of the series' Big Bad Ensemble along with Shredder and Kraang Prime.
    • Supposedly confirmed. He's part of the Big Bad Ensemble of at least part of Season 4, but so far, he has not shown to have any of the traits from the WMG or even his 1987 counterpart, and he's on the receiving end of an Eviler than Thou via the season arc's true Big Bads, the Triceratons. He ended up surviving and returns for an episode in Season 5, but he never meets Shredder or Kraang Prime, the former of whom had already been dealt with for good before Dregg's return.
  • Bloodsucker, though probably toned down.
  • The Punk Frogs: In "Buried Secrets", the mutagen was spilt and came in contact with some frogs.
  • Antrax, an inhabitant from Dimension X that works with the Kraang.
  • Scumbug, a bug exterminator that gets mutated into a humanoid bug after a canister of mutagen fell on top of him.
  • Bugman
  • Man Ray
  • Merdude
  • REX-10

The Mutagen somehow judges the character of the being it's mutating and changes them accordingly
That would be the "Secret of the Ooze" mentioned in the theme. Let's take a look at all the known mutants so far.
  • Splinter- As far as we know he was an honorable man and a loving father/husband and so when he was mutated he kept his human mind and humanoid features (posture, fingers, etc).
  • The turtles- At the time of their mutation they were infants and so were innocent and when they mutated they gained human level sentience and intelligence.
  • Snakeweed- Snake worked willingly with aliens and helped abduct innocent people including a teenage girl and so when he mutated he became a monster; barely human anymore.
  • Spider Bytez- As Vic he was crude, crass, rude, selfish, and greedy. His greed directly caused his mutation when he went for his phone during a battle and so became a monstrous spider who spits acid, now physically able to spit out his corrosive thoughts and hatred.
  • Dr. Tyler Rockwell- He was the victim of a modified version of the mutagen against his will so it's uncertain how much this applies to him, however monkeys and people are close enough that he's still not as much a monster as Snakeweed and Spider Bytez. He was however able to regain speech soon after.
  • Pigeon Pete- He was a normal neutral pigeon before being mutated and from what we saw of him was still neutral afterwards so it's likely his mutation was 50/50 pigeon/human. Despite this, he has more human parts for a more chimerical appearance, indicating he was a fully grown pigeon instead of a baby like the Turtles.
  • Dogpound- As Chris Bradford he was incredibly loyal to Shredder and had his own twisted sense of morals so he kept a humanoid shape but because he valued strength above all he became muscular to the point that one of his arms is larger than the other. He started to become more ruthless after his first mutation, leading to his more monstrous appearance when he becomes Rahzar.
  • Fishface- As Xever he had no sense of empathy towards others and so his mutation was the only one so far that actually put his life in danger (he lost the ability to breath air as well as his legs)
  • Leatherhead- He started as a pet (in his own words) to a kindhearted owner but was eventually found and experimented on by the Krang, His mutation is humanoid but he suffers mentally due to the experiments.
    • With both Snakeweed and Spider Bytez, Snake was in a patch of weeds when he was exposed, and Vic was right next to a dangling spider.
    • This WMG is about why some mutants have more monstrous appearances than others. The mutagen causes them to reflect their inner self, the more noble the more human they look, the more wicked the less human they look.
      • It actually probably has more to do with some sort of outer interactions. As mentioned above, Snake and Vic were near weeds and spiders, and in "The Gauntlet", Bradford and Xever encountered a dog and a fish that look like their mutant forms Dogpound and Fishface.
      • Yes and Splinter was near a rat when he mutated and didn't end up a rat monster he ended up a humanoid rat man. The fact they were near the source of their mutation was on purpose that's where the source DNA came from.
    • So it would work kind of like gamma radiation was said to in some Hulk stories (how it mutates you depends on factors like personality or subconscious).
      • Yes!
    • Pulverizer lacked a strong sense of identity, first dressing as a turtle, then joining the Foot. He got turned into a formless blob monster, stripped even of what identity he had.
      • It should also be noted that Pulverizer never had physical contact with any living thing before getting mutated, as his full-body ninja costume (And, presumably, his turtle costume underneath.) was in the way. Thus, the mutagen didn't have anything to mutate him together with. That could also tie into why he didn't really become anything in particular.
  • Jossed: “Wingnut” becomes a hideous monster and loses most of his humanity despite being not even remotely evil, Baxter Stockman keeps his humanity and intelligence despite being shamelessly evil, etc.
    • Not necessarily. Kirby is not evil, but he is a weak-willed man and a coward, which could have been instrumental in his mutation: he was lacking the will force to keep his human identity. And Stockman, while evil, was highly organized and had a strong drive for greatness, while not being overly attached to the concept of humanity. So it's not just the moral compass that counts.
      • Maybe “Wingnut” ended up the way he did because he was struck directly on the head by the canister. The other mutations shown do seem to have followed this for the most part. For instance, maybe the Cockroach Terminator is mute and beastly because it was a mature roach who cared nothing for the love of its owners?
  • Tiger Claw: As a human he was an innocent child, hence he kept his humanoid nature even as he became more embittered, his strong will also helping. His honorable side remained, to the point he and the Turtles made a truce in the end, and ultimately saved him from ever ending up like Rahzar.
  • Sir Malachi: A lonesome yet friendly young person with a strong sense of identity and willpower, his mutation simply ended up as 50/50 human/pigeon, and granted him the ability to bring life to his fanciful games, so he could finally have some friends to fit in with.
  • Baxter Stockman: While an evil man for certain, Baxter was petty yet also strong-willed. So he remained largely humanoid so he could still do science things, but gained an unevenly-sized crab claw arm and has to feed like a normal fly would.
  • Karai: While she had been manipulated and lied to regularly, she was ultimately an innocent person, so she was split between an initial monstrous form that is still more humanoid than that of Snakeweed and the like, and a more humanoid form that goes into the Little Bit Beastly end rather than the Funny Animal look of her family, as she valued her humanity a lot and was rewarded for it. Regardless, she still has issues, so the mutation was left incurable but she is still able to assume her humanoid form.
  • Mondo Gecko: Was a good-hearted person who loved his pet so became a 50/50 mix of human and gecko, retaining his mental humanity.
  • Bebop and Rocksteady: While wiling to work for evil, they were ultimately good & strong-willed men at heart, so while the resulting Funny Animal appearance wasn’t deformed, their weaponry was stuck to their body as physical reminders of their violent minds. Regardless, they still had an urge to do good deep down, so remained more humanoid than someone like Xever.

The modern mutagen is much more powerful than the one used on the Turtles.
The mutants created by the modern mutagen have universally gotten more power from the transformation than the Turtles and Splinter. It gave Snakeweed and Spider Bytez enough powers to fight evenly with the Turtles, Dogpound became tough enough to shrug off getting hit by a sword, and even Pigeon Pete had a more extreme transformation than the Turtles. The Turtles, on the other limb, don't seem to be any more powerful than humans, and even Splinter has only displayed combat abilities on par with the Shredder.

The obvious conclusion is that the Kraang's modification to it have caused it to create more powerful mutants.

  • I just assumed it was because the other mutants got a heavier dosage, while the turtles just had a smaller amount.
  • Seemingly confirmed by Slash's origin. Despite only being exposed to a small amount of mutagen, he ends up with a more extreme transformation than any of the boys.

Even in-universe, Space Heroes is meant to be a parody
The show's over the top-ness and screwed morality from the Captain is intentional as is an affectionate parody of old space operas, Leo being out of the loop doesn't realize it's not meant to be taken at face value.
  • Even the title sounds like a parody, it's too generic.
  • It might just be a very old TV show.
    • Like with Star Trek, the creator of Space Heroes only made it for money. But unlike Star Trek, it never became as popular.

Magic will play a part somewhere down the road.
The show, so far, seems to mostly focus on sci-fi, but more magic may be added later on, perhaps with allusions to stuff like the Battle Nexus or Drako.

  • Shredder goes back to Asia in season 2 to find more soldiers so it wouldn't be too far to guess he will go back to foot HQ to get the foot mystics.
  • The episode with magic will be a Donatello episode with him struggling to combat and understand a force that he can't identify
    • Confirmed. We do get a Chinese sorcerer as a Villain of the Week in Season 2, and at least one arc in Season 5 concerns a magical/supernatural enemy such as Kavaxas.

Mutants other than Dogpound/Rahzar will undergo a double mutation.
  • The show is full of foreshadowing, who's to say Rahzar's double mutation wasn't foreshadowing as well? Heck, all of them could double-mutate. Following the 'double mutation turns you into an undead version of your former mutant self' pattern shown with Rahzar, some of them could look pretty awesome.
    • Wasn't there once a movie concept about all the turtles getting double-mutated?
      • That was the Red Sky season of the '87 cartoon. It's been more than a decade so I forget the details but the turtles could mutate under certain circumstances into near invincible troll-like Turtles but they lost a lot of their intelligence and were even likely to attack their allies.

Mutants will eventually start receiving tons of media attention.
And people will go out looking for them, photos, capture, whatever. Some might become celebrities, and people might pressure the government to do something about the matter.
  • Confirmed with Muckman in Season 3.

The Technodrome will have a major important backstory
  • It will also be The Dreaded in this series saying that it is weapon made by an ancient race now extinct designed to destroy or change worlds but the mystery is how the Kraang got it and why they don't put it in use much.
    • Or the Kraang have lost it will be a race against time to find it.
      • The Fugitoid created it to repair enviromental damage the Kraang will use it to terraform the Earth.

Both Ninjara and Mona Lisa will appear.
  • Ninjara will come to NYC to stop some ancient evil and will refers to the turtles as "Kappas". She and Raph will have a bit of a rivalry romance going on.
  • Raph will meet Mona Lisa right after she is mutated. They'll go on an adventure, all the while Raph showing a softer side. At the end he'll ask her if she wants to live with the Hamato family since she has nowhere else to go.
    Raph: I don't think your grotesque, infact your kinda cute!
  • If they come in at the same time there'll be a love triangle and Raph will either be oblivious, scared, or smug about it.
  • If Raph has better luck with girls than Donnie or Leo it'll be lamp shaded without mercy.
    Donnie: Why does he get all the girls?
    Leo: I don't know. Maybe the universe hates us.
    • No word on Ninjara, but confirmed on Mona Lisa, who appears in Season 4 (though her character is completely different from the 80's version).

There will be a plot involving the Multiverse.
Because barring an obvious film, the series seems like it'll go into that territory. The following may happen.

  • The Turtles have difficulties telling apart the Mirage versions of themselves, with Raphael, while admiring their craftsmanship, complains that "I can't tell these guys apart".
  • A timeline quite similar to the one as seen in "Same As It Ever Was", though very toned down.
  • A Mirror Universe where the valiant Oroku Saki/Yoshi goes up against the ones who menace the streets of New York at night time.
  • Ominous Foreshadowing at future plots.
  • One of the scenes will also involve (most likely Michelangelo) meeting one of the 2003 Shredders, and promptly leaving when the Shredder starts attacking.
  • A sequel to Turtles Forever sometime in 2014.

There will be a Family-Unfriendly Death at some point.
Considering the direction this series is headed in so far, this would not be very surprising.
  • Played with in the Season 2 finale where Kraang Sub-Prime gets squashed under a piece of rubble. He returns halfway through Season 3, though.
    • Confirmed, and then some. We start with Splinter's death at Shredder's hands in the Season 3 finale, which is erased from history in "Earth's Last Stand", then he dies the same way to Shredder in a different timeline in "Requiem" (both times with visible impalement by Shredder/Super Shredder's claws), then Shredder himself is beheaded by Leo in the Season 4 finale, "Owari" (he gets a Gory Discretion Shot that was edited), and finally the Arc Villain for the first 4 episodes of the last season, Kavaxas, drains the souls of two people and their corpses are left onscreen.

The photo with Hamato Yoshi and Tang Shen will be important again at some point.
Mainly in that the Turtles will give it to Karai, and be told to keep it and think over what's been going on, and why a picture of Hamato Yoshi with her mother and a child exists.
  • Confirmed. Seeing the photo prompts Karai's temporary Heel–Face Turn, but she gets mutated and brainwashed later. When she's freed from the brainwashing, she becomes hell-bent on crushing Shredder.

In Fungus Humungous, only Leo saw his worst fear, the others only saw their most prominent irrational fears.
Leo got sprayed twice. The first time he gets sprayed, all he sees is a Disney Acid Sequence. (Whatever that means is up to you.) But after he gets sprayed a second time, THEN he sees his brothers yelling at him that he failed them. So, since all the others only got sprayed once each, then we only saw their irrational fears—not their worst fears.
  • This troper thought that April's (and to an extent Casey's) would've qualified believably as a worst fear, but maybe the spores worked differently on humans, which could be why it only showed Leo's worst fear after he got sprayed twice-

The Pan-Galactic Alliance will appear in the Turtles in Space arc.
Unlike the 2003 series which is a future version of the Earth Protection Force, this version was founded by aliens. They protect planets from the crossfires of the Triceraton-Kraang War. The President will be a Reasonable Authority Figure and a Big Good. The Alliance will be similar to the Federation from the comics and the 2003 series, resulting in a few corrupt members.
Alternately, the Federation is the only galactic government around. And each episode will have the Turtles planet-hopping, with most worlds under the rule of the Federation. The Turtles inspire the inhabitants to rebel against them, and the worlds decide to form the Alliance.
After the Earth is restored, it'll be under the protection of the Alliance.
Members of the Alliance (or planets the Turtles travel to) will be:
  • Neutrinos
  • Utroms
  • D'Hoonnib
  • Planet of the Turtles (from the 1987 series episode of the same name)
  • Lookra

  • Jossed for the most part. But the Alliance could still appear and/or planets could still band together. Also, Fugitoid mentions a Federation in "Beyond the Known Universe".

April and Karai are still alive in "Raphael: Mutant Apocalypse"—albeit in highly altered states.

  • An unforeseen side-effect of her hybrid status caused April to slowly become more Kraang-like as the years went by until she fully transformed into a Kraang. She now has to rely on a makeshift exosuit to remain mobile.
  • Like Leonardo, Karai was further mutated by the Mutagen Bomb. She ended up stuck in a larger, more monstrous version of her snake form. Her mind either became extremely twisted or is completely gone and leaving her feral, with little memory of her old life remaining.

The world of the 2012 TMNT was created as a direct result of Turtles Forever.
Because it appears to be a mix of almost every known version of the Turtles thus far. "New" characters like Snakeweed, Dogpound, Fishface, and Spider Bytez are the result of the mutant army the Ch'rell Shredder created bleeding into the new reality.
  • Or it could just be that the 2012 universe is simply another Alternate Universe alongside the original comics, the original TV series, the movies (which weren't mentioned in Turtles Forever, but still), and the 2003 series.
    • The movies were referenced with still shots representing their universe during the Shredder's explanation of the TMNT multiverse (along with the OVA series).
      • But did they show the 2012 series Turtles as a future cameo?
      • No, because it hadn't happened yet. Like the WMG says, the 2012 universe was born as a result or Turtles Forever. Prior to that it hadn't existed yet.

The Street Sharks will appear
Ok, probably not. But maybe it could happen.

John, Bobby, Clint and Coop would be teenagers going to April and Casey's school when an incident with some mutagen would (somehow) mutate them into sharks.

They would start out as rivals to the TMNT; perhaps they would even think they were the enemy. But they would eventually all become friends. The turtles would occasionally call the sharks in for backup.

Miyamoto Usagi will appear
and became something like a tradition in the franchise.
  • Usagi's appearance in the show was in part an in-house Intercontinuity Crossover, since both franchises were published by Mirage Comics at the time. With Usagi Yojimbo moving to Dark Horse Comics and the Turtles franchise being purchased lock, stock, and barrel by Nickelodeon, this may be less likely. On the other hand...
    • Not quite accurate. Usagi Yojimbo wasn't published by Mirage until the 90s, long after his appearance on the '87 cartoon, and the appearances on the 4Kids show happened well into the Dark Horse run. I suppose it would all depend on whether Nick and Stan Sakai are interested. (Stan owns UY and all related characters, not his current publisher.)
    • Jossed by Stan... for now, at least.
    • If he does appear, he'll be voiced by Roger Craig Smith, the current voice of Sonic the Hedgehog from the Sonic The Hedgehog media. It'll be a throwback to when he was voiced by the then-current voice of him, Jason Griffith, in the 2003 series.
    • Also, if he appears, it'll be for a Poorly Disguised Pilot for an Usagi Yojimbo animated series.
      • Confirmed. Usagi, however, does not appear at all until the last season.
  • Space Usagi might appear in the Turtles in Space arc.
    • Jossed. Usagi does not appear in the Turtles in Space arc.

We will see a crossover...
  • with Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness
    • They're both Nick shows (yes, Kung Fu Panda is owned by DreamWorks Animation, but still...), they're both CGI, and Kung Fu Panda takes place in an alternate universe Asia-counterpart populated by anthropomorphic animals, like Usagi Yojimbo did (allowing KFP to take UY's place in the Turtle guest appearances roster). Or...
    • This would be a perfect alternative to the TMNT/Usagi Yojimbo crossovers.
  • I'd like to see a crossover of Turtles with The Penguins of Madagascar.
  • While this troper would love to see both, I think the Penguins are more plausible. Imagine if you will, the guys are going through the tunnels, a noise is heard, Mikey turns around just in time to see four penguins quickly pass by. "Did any one else see penguins in the sewer?". Mikey promptly gets mocked for how crazy that sounds. Cut to Private saying "Did any one else notice the giant turtles?" only to be similarly mocked.
  • It's too bad that The Legend of Korra's ending soon because a 2d/3d crossover a la the Jimmy/Timmy Power Hour saga would've been epic. Bolin and Michelangelo, anyone?

The Power Rangers will appear.
Since Nick owns and airs both shows it's the perfect time to redeem the idea of a TMNT/Power Rangers crossover in animated form. Also it would be a great Shout-Out to the Power Rangers in Space crossover where the TMNT appeared.
  • We'd be lucky if the Gorangers appeared instead.
  • Unlikely. Power Rangers (and the Next Mutation series) are both owned by Saban Brands, and are airing on NICK on a third-party basis.note 
  • Photos from filming of Power Ranger***aforce show a box labeled "Donatello". And since it's from season 2, which is apparently a Gokaiger-esque anniversary series, there's a chance that the Next Mutation suits (presumably with this series' voices) may show up.
    • Maybe not Power Rangers, but the second season saw the Turtles watch a cartoon show based on Voltron.

This version's artistic and creative direction was the result of a compromise stemming from Creative Differences.
On the one hand, you have the network, who owns everything about the Turtles outright. On the other hand you have executive producer Ciro Nieli, and the staff of writers working on the show. After four episodes, the show has stopped short of switching gears between telling an action-adventure story and focusing more on teaching moral lessons to the "impressionable" viewers. It's possible that the network wanted to the show to be more of the same (i.e., just like everything else they've aired in recent years), while the actual production staff wanted to make a show that was true to franchise (albeit while putting their own spin on things, with the result being that the show took a third option, and thus resulted in the show we have now.

This show will eventually crossover with the 2003 and 1987 cartoon in 2014

We have seen just the tip of the Shipping-potential iceberg
Don likes April. Duh. April is either ignoring it or clueless. Most likely ignoring it. Not much else has developed. Yet.
  • Casey Jones' appearance will promptly rock the boat and launch a few more ships.
  • The appearance of another character, Irma, may begin the launch of a shipping fleet. An image of Irma, has already appeared as the contact calling April in Mousers Attack. Irma was "April O'Neil's boy crazy best friend," and had a "crush on Donatello" according to her 1987 character sheet.
    • Renet appears as a love interest for Mikey in Season 3, and Mona Lisa will appear in Season 4, but Irma was in fact Kraang Sub-Prime, a droid operated by a Large Ham Kraang.

There will be a live-action movie adaptation of the series.
Chris Bradford will be played by Chuck Norris, and human Hamato Yoshi will be played by Leonard Nimoy.
  • Hamato Yoshi would have to be played by an Asian, preferably Japanese.
    • Probably, but Hamato Yoshi in the series' flashbacks just looks so much like Leonard Nimoy.
      • Whether or not this happens, Leonard Nimoy won't be a part of it since he's passed away.

Radical from the Mirage comics will make an appearance
This show seems fond of Mythology Gags, and who am I kidding, it would just make this troper very happy
  • Or she will be Leonardo's love interest in the show since Karai is a flop and possibly his sister Miwa.
    • Jossed. Leo and Karai are not blood-related, so they will become the romantic couple.
  • Maybe she could be a teenage nature activist (well meaning but misplaced strawmen tendencies optional) who starts nosing around TCRI/Shredder cover organizations over suspected eco-abuse only to get in over her head.
    • Jossed. Radical doesn't exist in this show.

Post your Turtles Forever sequel idea here.

This version of the Turtles shares a universe with Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go!.
This show holds so many references to Monkey Force in Actor Allusions, Shout-Outs and recycled plots that it's almost as if they're telling us this.

  • Chiro and Michelangelo sharing a voice actor.
  • Dr. Rockwell is an obvious reference to Gibson; an Insufferable Genius talking monkey that shares a voice actor.
  • It is established that there are 6 Cosmic monsters that inhabit the TMNT Universe; Tokka, Cthuga, Cthulhu, Traag, Cudley the Cowlick and an unknown sixth member. Could the monstrous worm the Skeleton King worships be this sixth monster, or maybe its species collectively counts as this.
  • "The Weird World Of Wyrm" is a shot-for-shot adaptation of the Monkey Force episode "Meet the Wigglenog". The titular Wigglenog even even shown to be one of three "reality bending creators of chaos" alongside Wyrm, this being one of the biggest hints that this theory is true.
  • "The Outlaw Armaggon!" is a shot-for-shot adaptation of the Monkey Force episode "A Ghost in the Machinder".
  • Aliens recognize humans (calling them "Terrans") despite the fact that humanity has yet to properly master space travel, and flashbacks of Honeycutt in his original humanoid self makes him look like a human, so there are likely other planets that had evolved Human Aliens, not unlike Shuggazoom.
  • In Monkey Force, it is revealed that Earth is a separate planet from Shuggazoom and that the Earth seems to be aware of extra-terrestrial activity to notice the Skeleton King Worm. If they share a universe, this probably happened after both the Kraang and Triceratons invaded and thus the Earth Protection Force would exist at this point in time.

The Show Within a Show the Turtles will watch in season three will be a Power Rangers parody
Raph will point out the similarities between it and the Voltron parody, only for Splinter to point out that the PR parody was based on a long running Japanese show that came out long before. We'll then get a cute moment where Splinter admits that he used to watch it as a kid. There will also be a Mythology Gag about Mikey wanting to audition for it, only for the others to dismiss it as a stupid idea.

There will be a Shout-Out to the campfire scene from the first TMNT movie
The Turtles have left New York after a shameful defeat, but like in the movie, they lost Splinter in the process. Concept art shown at Comic Con included a Jason Voorhees Captain Ersatz. I think the episode will involve the Turtles going camping and ending with Splinter sending them his message.
  • The character will be DeathWatch from the Image comics.
    • Jossed: the character is a plant creature Mikey named Creep.
    • It is, however, confirmed in "Vision Quest".