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Recap / Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2012 S 1 E 25 Booyaka Showdown Part 1

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The Kraang initiate their full-scale invasion of New York City.

  • Call-Back: Traag makes his reappearance and Metal Head comes back to fight the Kraang.
  • Deadpan Snarker: Donnie gets a moment when they discover the force field protecting the portal:
    Leo: There's a force field?! Why didn't you tell me?
    Donnie: Well, because I wanted us to fail. (Beat) OBVIOUSLY, I DIDN'T KNOW!!
  • Deflector Shields: Used to protect the Portal.
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  • Department of Redundancy Department: Kraang Prime did this when announcing the invasion but she seemed to have dropped it for just third person speech.
  • Groin Attack: It's strongly implied that Fishface accidentally kicks Dogpound in the groin during their fight with Splinter.
  • Helicopter Pack: Of the wings and fans variety
  • Hostagefor Mac Guffin: Shredder use the capture April to bring Splinter to him. However this turn into Your Princess Is in Another Castle! as Shredder gave April to the Kraang as he prepares to fight Splinter.
  • Ignorant Minion: It's revealed that Dogpound thinks Splinter is the bad guy after being lied to by Shredder.
  • It's Quiet... Too Quiet:
    Kraang Guard: It is quiet. Precisely, the correct amount of quietness.
  • Improvised Zipline: The Turtles use their weapons as some.
  • Lock-and-Load Montage: A pretty cool one as the turtles prepare for their mission.
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  • Mook Horror Show: Splinter easily takes out all the Foot ninjas in Shredders doorstep.
  • Mythology Gag: Raphael used a pigeon to obstruct the screen of a Kraang’s security camera, paying tribute to the original comics. Although, in both the comic and the 2003 series, it was a pigeon puppet.
  • Oh, Crap!: Somehow, from a Foot ninja when Splinter is tearing through the Foot Clan.
  • Outrun the Fireball: When Leo destroys the Kraang teleporter, the Turtles run from the ensuing explosion.
  • Tempting Fate:
    Leo: (as the Turtles are escaping the exploding base) I can't believe it... We saved the world!
    Mikey: Yeah, and it wasn't even that hard!
    (the Kraang ship appears next to them)
    Mikey: ...I gotta stop saying these things.
  • This Is Gonna Suck:
    (two Kraangs falling from the sky)
    Kraang 1: This is going to leave that which is known as a mark.
    Kraang 2: Affirmative.
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  • What the Hell, Hero?: April criticizes Splinter for choosing to stay at the sidelines instead of joining the Turtles to fight the Kraang at such a dire time.

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