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    Episode 1: Mystic Mayhem 
  • The episode opens on Mayhem being tailed by two mysterious men who are barging through everyone in their path, knocking over a display rack of miniature flags to try and slow them down. Instead of bowling through them, the two men tippy-toe through the flag.
    • Listen hard enough and you can hear someone yell "'Ey, I'm shoppin' here!" when the two men bowl through the crowd.
    • The menace of the two mysterious men is undercut somewhat by the fact that they're wearing baby carriers with small dogs in them.
  • The first time we see the Turtles, it seems like they're going to go in to bust an illicit rooftop deal with the music swelling accordingly... and then stopping it it's tracks with a Record Scratch because the Turtles are actually going zip-lining over the next roof over to cannonball into its pool.
    • If you pause the episode at the right time, you can see that not only is Donatello diving in a reclining position, Leo's dabbing.
  • April's idea of covering the Turtles' tracks at the pool. A "Wet Floor" sign and a "Dry Pool" sign.
  • Raphael being distracted by the sight of Mayhem alone and afraid while parkouring across the city rooftops very quickly establishes two things. One, he's a good person. Two, he has a problem with focusing because in his distraction he slams into the side of a building.
    • Raph gets hit with the Cuteness Proximity hard when he meets Mayhem for the first time, and it bites him when it causes him to forget that he's talking to a scared animal.
    Raph: Aww. Hey little guy. (cutesy) What you doing here? (kissing noises) Come to Big Raphie.
    (Everyone else chuckles at him)
    Raph: What? Pets love me, all right? I am at one with the animals.
    (Mayhem claws his face up before leaping into April's arms)
  • The Turtles' "Plan H" when the mysterious men show up and they assume they're humans. Pretend they're nerds in costume who got lost on the way to a convention while putting on exaggerated nerd voices. Except Donnie doesn't put on a voice at all, and everyone gives him a "dude, what are you doing?" look in the middle of his bit.
    Leo: Um, excuse me sirs. Can you direct us to the local Science Fiction convention that we are currently dressed for?
    Mikey: Snazzy alien turtle outfits, huh?
    Leo: (whispering) Dude, you gotta make it to rehearsal.
    • When the two men aren't fooled, the conversation turns into a trading of threats. Donnie however, gets stuck on one point.
      Man: You do not intimidate us, with or without your fake nerd voices.
      Donnie: (offended) That was actually my real voice.
      Raph: Well, you better get intimidated, 'cause we're like nothing you've ever seen.
      Donnie: What's wrong with my voice?
  • Leo's reaction to the two men transforming into monsters and their dogs transforming into their mounts shows just how different he is this time around. You know your quip is inappropriately timed when Michelangelo calls you on it.
    Leo: So... You guys from Jersey?
    Mikey: Really, Leo?
    Leo: What? I can't make a joke in the middle of the craziest thing ever? That's how I cope.
  • Donnie's first time trying to throw his staff in Rocket configuration doesn't go so well as the engines splutter out of control sending it sailing away into the air, prompting Mayhem to teleport to go fetch it for him.
    Donnie: Hey, it plays fetch. (Mayhem teleports back into April's arms) And teleports, which is... Oh my gosh, it teleports!
  • Raph describes the monsters to Mikey as "the one who looks like a broken toaster" and "the guy who looks like a fancy trash can." Mikey's response?
    Mikey: They look exactly the same, and they don't look like either of those things!
  • Leo's Oh, Crap! reaction to one of the Dog Mounts biting the blades of his Katanas off is priceless, as is him beaning its rider with one of the hilts. What comes after that however, is golden. Even the monster stares at him afterwards as if to say "Are you okay?"
    Leo: I don't need weapons to beat you! I got my rad skills! (Tries to backflip off a concrete mixer truck and lands flat on his face)
  • Mikey being held up by a monster whose hand dwarfs his entire torso? Terrifying. Mikey proceeding to accidentally pummel himself black and blue with his own Nunchaku while the monster just stares at him doing it? Hilarious.
    • Said monster doesn't even dignify Raph with a fight, instead siccing his dog on him. Said dog proceeds to bite down on Raph's head and subject him to Metronomic Man Mashing before chucking him across the construction site.
  • When the creators of the show said that Master Splinter was inspired by Danny Devito, they meant it.
    Splinter: (In response to being asked if he'd like the TV projector set up in his bedroom) No! My butt is asleep, just how I like it.
    • When simply trying to convince Splinter out of the room doesn't work, Raph starts writing up a plan that involves ten chickens and a gallon of rubber cement, only for Leo to reveal that while Raph was talking he went and got what they needed from Splinter's "Do not Touch!" cabinet because Splinter always passes out after snacking on milk and cake.
  • Just this line. No context, just this line.
  • When asked where the Turtles and April are, Donatello's calculations reveal they're in a "Tertiary Meta-Verse" only for April to refute his claims by stating that they're actually in a hidden city deep under New York based on her scouting. Donnie's response?
  • The teenage delivery-boy's reaction to Baron Draxum mutating him into a fishman, which also leads Donnie to quip that that probably means the place he delivers from actually uses imitation crab.
    Delivery-Boy: I just got used to acne. Now this? (Runs off screaming)
    • After witnessing the mutation the Turtles begin to realize the implications of what that might mean about their origins... except Mikey who seems to think that means they might be part imitation crab.
  • Before Baron Draxum mutates said delivery-boy, he asks if the mutation will hurt. Baron Draxum imposingly tells him yes... Before sort of unsurely going "If I'm doing it right."
  • Raph's attempt at a Rousing Speech about how they don't need weapons gets derailed by April revealing she knows where to find plenty of weapons.
    Leo: (Aside Glance) Ah, thank goodness. We were so dead.
  • At first the turtles find copies of their iconic weapons in the armory, but then Raph points out the glowing magic weapons, prompting Leo and Mikey to stare at them in awe before dropping what they were going to take.
    • After a Lock-and-Load Montage featuring each of the Turtles with their new mystic weapons, the camera cuts to the staff and the soundtrack hits another Record Scratch as Donnie completely ignores it in favor of his own custom tooled Bo. He's rather attached you see.
      Donnie: (caressing his staff) I'll never let you go.
  • Baron Draxum is actually moved to tears by the perfection of the Turtles' mutations.
  • April goes full Leeroy Jenkins, complete with "Oh my gosh, she just ran in!"
  • Leo is not pleased with Baron Draxum's Combat Tentacles, looking profoundly disgusted as he trips and starts sliding down one.
  • After Donnie takes down the giant monster with his bo, he catches it and uses one end as a selfie stick.
  • Baron Draxum's attempt at a Badass Boast after wiping the floor with the Turtles is pantsed by Huginn getting knocked out of the sky by April and landing on his head.
  • Mikey accidentally activates his magic weapon, sending him careening around the room to the amazement of his brothers. Unfortunately for him, while demonstrating how he did it he activates his weapon again and starts careening around some more.
    • Raph's attempt at getting his Tonfas to do something similar leads to him blasting himself into a wall with the backblast.
    • Leo tries to see what his weapon can do, only for Draxum to deflect his attack and cause him to open a portal beneath himself and causing the exit portal to be right above the entry portal. The result? Leo falling in the same spot for a while. If you pause, you notice he's almost ready to throw up.
    • Donnie avoids the problems of his brothers due to sticking to his custom staff, only to get hit with a speeding Michelangelo.
  • Draxum's reaction, or rather lack of a reaction, to a huge chunk of rock falling towards him about to crush him.
    Baron Draxum: Aw, nuts.
  • Raph suggests "Mad Dogs" when discussing calling themselves something after "beating" Draxum. Leo hangs a lampshade on it.
    Leo: Mad Dogs? You don't think something like... Ninja Mutant Turtle Teens or... I don't know. Maybe... We'll keep brainstorming.
  • The Turtles reaction to an enormous swarm of Oozesquitos escaping through the portal to Draxum's city before it closes highlights that every mutant from this point forwards is kind of their mess to clean up.
    Donnie: Huh. That can't be good.
    Leo: We should go, people's blinds are starting to open.

    Episode 2 A: Origami Tsunami 
  • Donnie and Mikey happily getting their faces thrown into a bowl of noodles as Raph imitates Lou Jitsu.
    Donnie: Teriyaki Shake Down always gets me so... jazzed!
  • Splinter just casually slurping up the stray noodle on his face from the impact, like this happens every day.
  • Splinter thinks very highly of his sons' abilities:
    Splinter: Don't worry. Someday, you all will be great ninjas with just a little more practice... is something I'd say if I was a liar.
  • Leo appears out of nowhere and just lazily slides backwards onto Splinters chair, only to be tail-slapped off after saying the wrong thing.
    Mikey: Yo Leo! We're gonna be heroes!
    Leo: Okay, what's the plan? Solve the city's rat problem?
    Splinter: (smacks Leo out of chair) Hey now! I am standing... right here.
  • What is Leo's plan to trap the paper thieves after they steal from the last paper store in town? Construct a brand new one out of cardboard, with the paper being made from salami. Somehow, it works. The wackiness of it all is lampshaded by Donnie.
    Donnie: Are you sure this is going to hook the paper thieves? The only paper we have is salami, which is round. Paper is not round.
  • Raph being unable to stop eating the salami, even in paper form. Leo had to scold him for eating the plan, but Raph still clung to the salami, chewing away. He even ate a tracker that Donnie had placed in the salami paper. Thankfully, Donnie placed two of them.
  • After Raph saves his brothers from the giant paper ninja, Donnie and Mikey just scream as they fall, but Leo's response is special.

    Episode 2 B: Donnie's Gifts 
  • The mere fact that the object of rescue the turtles have in this mission is people's unmentionables.
    Raph: Alright mutant silverfish, you've eaten people's laundry for the last time!
  • Donnie's extremely fed up expression as his brothers fail to solve the silverfish problem.
    Donnie: Raph, every time you smash them they just split in two!
    Raph: I know! Isn't it cool?
    Donnie: Think, Raph, think.
    Raph: Ohh. I guess that does double the problem. Which means... double the smashing!
  • Donnie finally taking matters into his own hands:
    Raph: Nice hustle, Donnie! I knew we could deal with this as a team.
    Donnie: Actually, it was pretty much just me.
  • How in love the brothers are with the drill.
  • Mikey's Skewed Priorities.
    Learning Meat Sweats' identity:
    Donnie: You saw a celebrity chef transform into a pig mutant and you didn't tell anyone!?
    Mikey: I don't wanna burn my risotto!
    Getting sniffed out by Meat Sweats:
    Meat Sweats: Am I picking up the scent of mutant with an after-stench of turtle? I'm thinking... lime turtle tenderloin, over a bed of saffron rice.
    Mikey: Ooh, that sounds good!
    Donnie: (clasps hand over Mikey's mouth) He's talking about eating us.
    Mikey: Well excuse me for wanting to be eaten in style!

    Episode 3 A: War & Pizza 
  • At the very beginning, April is trying to get a kid out of a claw machine, baffled by how he even got in. Near the end, though, he manages to get himself out, only for April to shove him back in to keep him safe... along with another kid.
  • While being pummeled by a robot cherry come to life, Donnie has this gem:
    Donnie: You're so cute, but... so mean! Ugh, why do I always go for your type?
    • Donnie manages to beat the robot, only to have her blow herself up and become a blob of molten tomato. He is less then pleased.
      Donnie: Ugh, I'll never eat ketchup again...

    Episode 3 B: Newsworthy 
  • Warren Stone's miserable Butt-Monkey Unknown Rival existence, wherein he still finds himself hot enough to make out with his own reflection as a worm.
  • Stone's replacement reporter casually calling him completely forgotten on live TV.
  • The search for hypnotist Mezme-Ron and his hippo, Doug, continues, cutting off as an Oozesquito is seen casually flying in the corner. In unrelated news, there's a rampaging mutant hippo on the loose stealing all the magicians' animals.
  • What's the turtles' plan for catching the mutant hippo? Dressing up as a female Hippo to catch him in a trap.
  • When Raph gets stuck in Warren's Goop Trap, Leo remarks "Not again!" many times has this happened already?
  • As Leo, Donnie, and Raph are dealing with Warren Stone and his goop trap, Mikey is cheerfully playing on the playground behind them without a care in the world, completely ignoring the situation at hand.
  • Warren Stone attempts to "attack" Leo, but causes him to only Squick out and accidentally cut him in half. Cue the turtles' very horrified expressions, only to be scared senseless as Warren Stone's severed upper half comes back to life.
    • As Warren is trying to explain his "power," clearly in pain, Donnie seems more interested about the biology of Warren's survival than Warren himself.
  • Raph lost the privilege of wearing the hippo suit after a certain Noodle Incident.
    Raph: Now, explain it to me again: why can't I wear the suit?
    Leo: Uh, we've been over this.
    Donnie: You ruined that woman's ninety-fifth birthday.
    Raph: She's fine!
  • Hypno-Potamus is initially completely taken in by Mikey in the hippo costume, calling him the "future Mrs. Hypno-Potamus." He then proceeds to make out with the suit, causing Raph to cry, Donnie to nod in approval, and Leo to gag.
    • Upon realizing that Mikey is not a female hippo, Hypno-Potamus seems to imply that this has happened to him before.
      Hypno: Pulled the ole false Jenny on me. I've gotta say, this has been the worst mating season.

    Episode 4 A: Repo Mantis 
  • Donnie having such a good time looking through garbage he doesn't hear Mikey yelling at him they should move.
    Mikey: Donnie, Donnie, Donnie! I really think we should — Donnie!
    (Mikey pulls him backward, they fall down a tower of cars)
    Donnie: Mikey, next time, I would appreciate a heads up.
    Mikey: (deadpan) Okay.
  • Jupiter Jim's Last Trip to the Moon having sixty sequels.
  • Mikey and Donnie meeting Repo.
    Repo Mantis: Who the heck are youse?
    Donnie: Oh no a mutant! Wait, we're mutants too. It's okay.
  • Todd is extremely nice, loves all his puppies, just wants to hang out with Mikey and Donnie... and has a tendency to take things too far.
    Todd: Come back again if you want to milk the puppies! They have eight nipples!
    Donnie: (horrified) NO! STOP, NO!

    Episode 5 A: Down with the Sickness 
  • The sight of big guy Raph conquering Dance Dance Revolution is wonderful. Leo casually messes with him, while Donnie and Mikey are supportive.
    Mikey: (wiping Raph's forehead while Raph continues dancing) Have I ever told you how big and beautiful you are?
    Raph: (still smiling) No, but thank you.
  • Splinter yelling how much his brain hurts, then having a loud build up to a tiny sneeze.
    Leo: Gesundheit.
    Mikey: Omigosh, omigosh, omigosh! Splinter's a zombie!
    Donnie: Mikey... Zombies are interested in other people's brains.
  • For Stage One (Fever), the brothers huddle under a comically big heat lamp. Leo is prepared, with a warm coat and hot cocoa.
    Leo: I told you guys to plan ahead, now I'm warm and toasty.
  • Leo's above sip leads to a Spit Take with the reveal Splinter has shaved off most of his fur.
  • After contracting the disease, Leo and Donnie both begin acting very odd. Leo starts being all cuddly, lovey-dovey — a stark contrast to his normal, irreverent sarcasm — while Donnie... starts acting like an evil mastermind or alien about to take over the world.
    Leo: Raphael, I love you, my brother. But you do tend to screw up at big moments. But that's what makes you, you. So bring it in guys! I'm gonna hug you til a smile comes out!
    Donnie: Make him say yesssssss! He must say yesssssss!

    Episode 5 B: Mascot Melee 
  • Leonardo calling their mission Operation: Let's Hope Raph Comes Back Alive.
  • This particular highlight from navigating for Raph:
    Leo: Kid on your left, he's got peanut butter ice cream.
    Donnie: Oh no, your allergies! Evasive maneuver! Evasive maneuver!
  • The epic dance-off between the turtles and the mascots. All of it. Especially when the turtles dance together just like they did in the original 1990s movie. Also counts as a Moment of Awesome.

    Episode 6 A: Shell in a Cell 
  • Jessica Jaclyn's hammy movements and larger than life voice combined make it no wonder fandom fell in love with her.
  • Leo messing with Raph, calling wrestling bogus, then ineffectually hitting his head with his Three Star Hurricane.
  • Mikey constantly one-upping Donnie to the point where Donnie just joins Raph's side when he challenges Leo. Donnie does NOT hesitate in rubbing it on Mikey's face:
    Donnie: And Dynamite Donnie's with him!
    (knocks Mikey's sunglasses off his eyes)
    Mikey: MY EYES!
    Donnie: I am tired of you taking all my stuff, One Love! I hereby betray you and Primetime and team up with Red Reign! (produces a letter of resignation) This betrayal is my formal resignation of my managerial position in your entourage.
    "I, Donnie, hereby deceive Primetime and One Love to team up w/ Red Reign as a result of One Love blatantly taking my hype man position, stealing my high five and most of all taking the last slice of pizza! This betrayal is my formal resignation of my managerial position in your entourage."

    Episode 6 B: Minotaur Maze 

    Episode 8 A: The Longest Fight 
  • After the turtles settle in the mall to watch the event Mikey hugs his brothers together and says how much he appreciates that they're all together to enjoy this with saccharine background music. Smash cut to the four them spread out across the food court watching the event individually on separate devices.
  • Later, after a news broadcast preempts the skateboard finals, all of the brothers scream together. Mikey — sitting on Raph's back — is the last one left, continuing his "NOOOOOOOOO!" even as he slips down behind Raph's shell in defeat.
    • He then briefly pops back up, still yelling.

    Episode 10 B: Al Be Back 
  • Master Splinter begging to be in the Turtles' band, but he's refused.
    Splinter: Okay, fine. I'll just start another family and join their band.
  • Raphael having a Bad Ass Baritone voice. When Splinter questions him on it...
    Raphael: (Normal Voice) If you want to be Soul, (Deeper Voice) You got to live Soul.
  • In order to combat the horde of Albeartos, the turtles decide to utilize their "musical talents". The song starts well... before pulling a Bait-and-Switch and revealing them to be terrible musicians. The "music" is so bad that numerous Albeartos are Driven to Suicide because of it.

    Episode 12: The Evil League of Mutants 


  • As imposing as a villain as he is, it's kinda hard to take Baron Draxum seriously once you learn that he's voiced by John Cena and you start hearing the man's voice a bit clearer in his performance as Draxum.
  • From Awkward Talks with Andre "Black Nerd"'s interview
    • The mom of Mikey's VA sent him a picture of him as a kid dressed as a Ninja Turtle, and he was Donatello. (3:53)
      Mychal Smith: I never saw myself as a "Donatello" kind of a guy!
      Andre: Josh do you have a video of yourself dressed as Michelangelo? That would've been crazy.
      Mychal Smith: You do, don't lie!
      Brener: The Berenstain Bears thing is happening in my head.
    • Brener and Mychal Smith leaving the interview when they find out the interviewer Andre is wearing a Raphael shirt. (07:04)
      Brener: This is over. *stands up, tears off his non-existent mic, tosses it to the ground and walks off*
      Mychal Smith: This interview is done, you will not be getting a Michelangelo action figure, I'm out. *also leaves*

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