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As one might expect in a Nickelodeon show, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012) has quite a few examples of Getting Crap Past the Radar.

     Season 1 to 4 
  • In "Karai's Vendetta", an amorous sea monster makes...advances...on the T-Sub. Mikey's response is what takes the cake, though:
    "Hey! We're not that kind of sub!"
  • In "Booyakashowdown", for a second it seems that Metalhead flips off the Kraang when he attacks the lobby of their building. It ends up being his Arm Cannon, but the angle of the shot and the timing make it clear that it was intentional.
  • In "Invasion of the Squirrelanoids", after eating an old, moldy pizza Raphael and Michelangelo act very much like a pair of stoners.
  • Donnie telling Mikey what the sewer water was made of in "New Girl In Town". Twice. And then called back when Mikey thinks it was a dream.
    "Forget about it Mikey, it was... just a dream."
  • In "Karai's Vendetta" while the turtles are watching tv, Donnie says something along the lines of; "Guess what April and I have been up to?" after being alone in his lab for some time. Raph's line afterwards just confirms they were ignoring the radar:
    "Who says you don't know how to show a girl a good time?"
  • "I call it a P-SHAKE!" Cue Donnie trying not to vomit.
  • In "Mikey Gets Shellacne", Fishface mentions wanting to "love like a man" again.
  • In "Metalhead": Donnie's unappreciated Your Mom burn on a Kraang, "The one who is called your mother wears the boots that are made for combat!" Translated into more proper syntax this is very close to "your mom wears army boots" which is slang for calling her a prostitute.
    • This returns in "Broken Foot", when Mikey tells Rocksteady that "[his] mom wears combat boots!"
  • "The Good, the Bad, and the Casey Jones" has a sign reading "Users are losers" appear in the background near the end of the episode. A rather blatant anti-drug message.
  • In "Fungus Humongous", Donnie and Casey are arguing and Donnie calls him a "puckhead".
    • In the same ep:
    Leonardo: What is going on here?
    Donatello: Fungus!
    Michelangelo: Language, please! There's a lady present.
  • "The Manhattan Project" has April think Casey is groping her backside when one of the baby Wormquakes rubs up against it affectionately.
  • In "Baxter's Gambit", Leonardo exclaims "BALLS (beat) of doom!" For a moment it seems as if the exclamation ends after the first word.
  • In "Plan 10", after Casey and April temporarily switch brains, April actually yells at Casey for pinching her butt.
  • In "Into Dimension X!" the Kraang, while torturing Leatherhead, say that he when they kill him he will "no longer be an irritant to our dorsal region"; Leatherhead responds, "I believe the phrase you're looking for is 'pain in the a-" before being cut-off by electrocution.
  • For the most part Kraang deaths are left rather ambiguous, with the robotic suits taking most of the damage and the squishy aliens crawling away later....that is until the opening of Into Dimension X, where we get a reaction shot from one of the Kraang the second before Leatherhead puts a spikey crystal right through the part of the suit the Kraang was sitting in. There is no blood or gore, but its still pretty clear that that one Kraang did not survive.
    • Similarly Sub-Prime Kraang gets crushed under rubble...and gives a DEATH GURGLE. Although it turns out he survived
    • Likewise, the Newtralizer's introduction involves him eating one of the Kraang by swallowing it whole. It's rather unlikely that one survived, either.
  • In "Within the Woods," Donnie gets upset when Leo makes the rest of them split up to go look for Raph, because Casey and April are assigned to search together. When Mikey doesn't get why he's upset, Donnie asks him: "What happens when two teenagers who like each other go off into the woods alone?"
    • Leo's comment about Donnie's medicine, "It tastes like it's supposed to come out of me, not into me." i.e. it tastes like shit.
  • Out of context the fact that there is a villain named "The Finger" can sound... odd to say the least. Especially since the phrase has more than one perverted meaning.
  • April completely changes outfit in "The Kraang Conspiracy". That sounds fine, until you realise she was captured by the Kraang at that time, and it's shown later that they outright intended to torture her...
  • A minor example in "Dream Beavers". When April tries to contact Donnie through his dream, she manifests as a woman on a can of coffee, who ends up looking like an adult April with an old-fifties housewife motif. For some reason, as Donnie is staring at the woman on the can, the camera is centered on the woman's breasts for about a second before the image on the can suddenly shifts to April (who has moved so that her head is now centered on the screen) telling Donnie to wake up.
  • In "Race with the Demon!", the turtles are watching "Crognard the Barbarian", which sees the titular barbarian grabbing a centaur villain from behind and... thrusting... which is about the only way to explain what happened on-screen. This is made worse by Crognard screaming "RAH!" as a "squishy" sound plays right as the screen flashes white.
  • In "The Wrath of Tiger Claw", Raphael makes a threat against Karai before being cut off by Leonardo.
    Leonardo: Raph, No!
  • In "Vision Quest", Donnie's "Casey and April shouldn't be left alone or they'll have sex" concern comes back.
  • Raphael painting a pinup girl on the side of the Party Wagon/Turtle Van. It's nothing graphic but the fact that the writers/art directors got away with putting any kind of pinup girl in the show makes one wonder if the show actually has radars. It even appears on the toy.
  • In "Battle for New York Part 1," look at the Kraang Missile VERY closely and try to convince yourself that it DOESN'T look like a phallic symbol...
  • In "Eyes of the Chimera," while searching for their friends, April (who had been blinded and can only see through said Chimera's vision) begins to take on some of the Chimera's personality. At one point, she starts seductively sniffing Leo while very eagerly stating that she's hungry...
  • In "The Deadly Venom", Casey is bitten by a mind controlled Karai. Mikey and Raph find him and Mikey exclaims "You're gonna have to suck out the poison, dude!" Raph says, "You suck it!" Mikey stares for a second and says "That's gross, dude!" Out of context, though...
    • Even in context it's radar, considering where the bites are...
  • In "Meet Mondo Gecko", when Mikey goes into Raph's room, we see Raph sitting at the edge of the bed, his lap off-screen, looking down with a smile on his face, as he makes a repetitive motion with his arms with a corresponding squeaking noise. He turns around and shouts at Mikey to get out. The camera pans back to show he was just playing with his action figures.
  • Mikey's Pre Ass Kicking One Liner in "Annihilation: Earth! Part 2" before the Turtles, Mutanimals and allies fight the Triceratons.
    "We kick their Jurassic."
  • In the season 4 premeire, April puts on a space suit (barring a non-coincidental similarity to her 80's counterpart) and Donnie and Casey stare at her. April says they're creeping her out and then covers her chest.
    • In the middle of an asteroid field, Donnie yells "ASTEROIDS!" and Mikey tells him to watch his language.
  • Raphael comes close to saying "(he) doesn't give a flying-" before getting cut off by Donatello.
  • Scumbug's slime-spewing second mouth is placed where his anus would be, so the series is getting away with showing a villain pooping on his enemies onscreen.
  • In "The Super Shredder", as Rahzar has Mikey pinned down and hovering rather close over him, he says he's always wanted to see a turtle without its shell. Mikey's response: "You want to see me naked!? Weirdo!!!"
  • "Darkest Plight" rather graphically shows The Rat King's decaying, skeletal corpse. On screen.
    • April gets a Psychic Nosebleed while pushing back a tanker truck Super Shredder throw at her.
    • Karai tricks Super Shredder into getting in close by appealing to his twisted love for her, then punches in directly in his exposed heart, causing him to cough up a decent amount of what is highly implied to be blood note . Similarly, in "Requiem," when Splinter cuts off Super Shredder's wrist-blades, that same fluid spurts out of his wounds.
  • In the opening of "The Tale of Tiger Claw," Splinter, during a combat lesson with the Turtles and Casey, chugs an unspecified liquid from a gourd... and immediately starts acting and SOUNDING drunk, slurring his words a little.
    • And of course Tigerclaw getting his arm lopped off by Alopex. We even see the severed limb lying on the ground.
    • Similar to Splinter's drunken boxing demonstration: when a truck T-bones the Shellraiser and the driver gets out to check on them, after he sees Mikey, he glances at a can he's holding, then tosses it away with a shrug. This one's a two-fer: not only is it implied he's been drinking, it implies he was driving under the influence.
  • At the end of "Requiem", Splinter's getting impaled is filmed from the side so as to help obfuscate the gruesome wound and manner of his death.
  • In "Owari", when Fishface/Xever Montes confronts the Hamato Clan in a river, one of the puns he makes before attacking is, "I will give you bass to mouth." Remove the B from "Bass", and you get, "Ass."
    • Shortly after, Raph rips off Fishface/Xever's breathing apparatus, leaving him to suffocate. We also see Leatherhead drag Rahzar down into the water and come back up alone, strongly implying he drowned Rahzar.note 
    • Later on, at the end of the final battle, Super Shredder's mutated helmet being hoisted up in Leo's hands strongly implies the former was decapitated - in fact, it initially looks like he's holding Shredder's head until the camera pans to reveal the helm is empty. note 
     Season 5 
Season 5 is basically one big radar moment so far.

  • Tiger Claw's plan is to bring Shredder back from the dead using a demon (who commits two acts of On-Screen Murder) and shows him resurrecting Rahzar's dead corpse with demonic magic. There are definite elements of cult-style worship (complete with hooded monk-like robes for the Foot Clan and a torch-lit cave with a pentagram-seal on the floor), and there are scenes of Shredder's burnt and split-apart corpse, with one episode centered on Shredder's fire-blackened heart. Once revived, there is a least one scene depicting how he's still decaying, complete with worms crawling out of him. Later, Leo cuts off the zombified Shredder's arm and his head on screen with no Gory Discretion Shot whatsoever, both of which continue move on their own, again on screen.
  • This is reflected in the Show Within a Show; "Space Heroes: The Next Generation" which while a sequel to the first season's "Space Heroes", is much darker and has a protagonist that is unquestionably evil.
  • In 'Heart Of Evil', Donnie tries to kill Don Vizioso out of petty revenge twice in the same episode. He only stops when he sees his reflection in his bo-staff blade and doesn't like what he sees. Note that said blade was up against Don Vizioso's neck at the time.
  • In 'End Times', when Kavaxas makes his power play and brings about the apocalypse, many of his minions are shown to be ghosts in the form high detailed human skeletons.
  • Quite a lot in 'When Worlds Collide', mainly involving Newtralizer and Mikey:
    • Upon being told that they're headed to Earth, Mona Lisa gets a mental image of Raphael doing push-ups and a huge grin spreads across her face, to the point the Commander has to snap her out of her little daydream.
    • Newtralizer had a couple of on-screen killing sprees. He also crushed the Utrom Queen's head, blew up Rook and tried to eat Pawn and even got him in his mouth and later on disintegrated Mikey. Again all of this was on-screen.
    • Mikey got disintegrated which is played as an on-screen death, then when he reassembled himself it was in an Epileptic Trees fashion where we got to see not only his skeleton, but also his internal organs. Then we're lead to believed he died a second time. And finally when he loses his powers he end up completely naked and we see everything twice.
  • In 'Yojimbo', during the Horse Chase scene, there are multiple blink and you'll miss it moments of people been decapitated and at one point Donatello on horseback runs over a guy, almost definitely killing him.
  • 'Osoroshi No Tabi ' has;
    • A shot of Skeletal remains at the Spiders lair
    • The Tanuki reaching down their pants to pull out flaps of flesh to fly, and if it's been kept accurate to folklore, we just saw scrotums on-screen.
    • Michelangelo even at one point screams that "he's tired of these furry little nuts!"
    • The dream sequence in which every turtle gets an on-screen death and we see all of their corpses (sans Leonardo)
  • 'Kagayeki! Kintaro' features:
    • Numerous Cat Ninja and even the main characters appear to be pushed off a cliff, some presumably to their deaths.
    • Jei gets impaled with Leo's sword and it stays there for the rest of the fight. We even see its blade sticking out of his back. Then, at the end of the fight he falls off a cliff and a little skull sign and whimper are shown to confirm he's dead.
  • 'Lone Rat And Cubs' has Splinter slice and dice Kraang bots in a way that would certainly kill the Kraang inside. We also get a shot of a Kraang sliced perfectly in half. (Apparently they're all brain)
  • The Halloween arc is not too surprisingly has a quite a bit of violence including slicing mummies (which doesn't have much effect since they're already dead), including a mummified pharaoh, entering a crypt beneath Dracula's castle (which is in one of the titles) with several skeletons lumped together in a general area. Dracula is also impaled through the chest on-screen, before turning into a pile of bones.
    • On top of that, one the costumes Donnie considers features Pimp Duds.

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