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A list of Digimon at the In Training Level. In Japan this stage is known as "Younenki," translated as "Baby II."

The tropes listed here pertain to how these Digimon are portrayed in Bandai's profiles and across the broader Digimon canon, rather than as they are in a single work.

As the dub version is many times inconsistent, the Digimon covered here are listed by their Japanese names, with their English name(s) listed second. note 


Tropes that apply to these Digimon as a whole:

  • Bubble Gun: As with most Fresh Digimon, Bubble Blow or some derivative is the only technique available to most In-Training Digimon.
  • Cheerful Child: They're generally like this.
  • Fun Size: Only little larger than its previous level.
  • Waddling Head: With a few exceptions.

Arkadimon Baby

  • Tyke-Bomb: Arkadimon is artificially designed as a weapon, which is why it's so incredibly overpowered.


A baby dragon Digimon whose body bears a striking resemblance to a dragon. While this Digimon was only discovered recently, it has been made clear through data analysis that it contains a program code specific to ancient Digimon, and that it is related to the long-lost, ancient species of Digimon.



Blended from the data of various poisonous plants, it is a Plant Digimon which has the form of a flower bud. It usually drifts through the air carried by its leaf, and doesn't attack as long as nothing happens. If it gets angry, it will fire off its prickly and poisonous thorns.

Caprimon (Kapurimon)

A tiny Baby Digimon wearing a metallic helmet. Within the two horns attached to its helmet, it has antennae that are able to receive any radio wave or sound. Caprimon is in possession of bat-like traits, as it has weak eyesight, and produces ultrasonic waves from its mouth, recognizing the objects ahead of it from the resounding sound wave. For that reason, Caprimon is able to act irrespective of day or night.

  • Make Me Wanna Shout: It has a sound-based attack called Howling Hertz. It's powerful enough to paralyze larger Digimon.
  • Rascally Raccoon: Vaguely resembles a raccoon, complete with a fluffy, striped tail.


A lesser Digimon that only lives in clear, beautiful waters. For this reason, its form can only be seen in limited areas within the Digital World. It spends most of its day on the water's surface, and when it sleeps, it sleeps with only its face poking out from the surface. It has the sensitivity to detect the approach of opponents just from tiny movements on the water's surface, and will escape to a safe spot before it's found.

  • Bubble Gun: Its Foam Shower attack sprays bubbles.
  • Kappa: As with most of Kamemon's line, this is their inspiration.

Chibimon (DemiVeemon)

A Baby Dragon Digimon that evolved from Chicomon. Unusually for a Baby Digimon, it possesses a body, hands, and feet, and so is able to grip objects with both of its small hands, and move while hopping about with both feet. As it is very voracious, it especially likes sweet foods. Also, as it is very fond of sleeping, if you take your eyes off of it it will instantly fall asleep.


  • Kill It with Fire: Its only known attack is "Petite Holy Flare". Given Chicchimon's small size, it's probably not very powerful.

Chocomon (Kokomon)

A Digimon that grew up from Cocomon. The personalities of the robust-natured Gummymon and the docile Chocomon are opposites, but they get along very well, and always act in unison. It is an existence of unified mind and flesh, so much that if you separate the two, it will weaken due to loneliness.


A lesser Digimon that can run very quickly, if it is going straight. It is often in a wild state because it hates to be domesticated, and it is dangerous because it will recklessly charge and perform a ramming attack if approached. Its ears have grown hard and sharp, and because they also act as horns there is some small damage from its ramming attacks, though it can't turn when it's going at speed.

  • Bullet Seed: It can spit metal shards.
  • Lightning Bruiser: It spends most of its life running, and will charge at anything that approaches it.
  • Wild Child: These guys are noted as being rather difficult to domesticate.


A lesser Digimon possessing a frill on its neck. Its frill was made from a hardened portion of its hairs, and by covering its body with the frill when danger approaches, it can be used as "armor" to protect its body. Since it is full of curiosity, it has a habit of responding to anything that moves, but because it also responds to its own tail, it chases after it, and is often observed spinning in place.

  • Spin Attack: It sttacks by spinning so that its tail hits the target.
  • Tail Slap: Its attack consists of this, white a spinning charge-up to add power to the slap.


A four-legged Baby Digimon which grew up from Jyarimon. Its physical features resemble those of Tokomon, and there are powerful fangs growing within its mouth. However, unlike Tokomon, who evolves into the mammal-species, Gigimon, who evolves into the dragon-species, has a rough personality, and is ferocious despite its small size. There are even a few larger Digimon that were deceived by its small size and suffered a counterattack.


A Digimon that grew up from Zerimon. As it inherited an extremely energetic personality from Zerimon, it is both cheerful and lively. Although it is growing, it's squishy because its body tissue is as unstable as usual, but just like Zerimon, parts of its horn have hardened and it intimidates the opponent with headbutts. Its greatest change from Zerimon is that it has a body and ear-like objects coming out of its head.



A Digimon whose hat has become a copper shield, with its personality turning rougher as well. It is less vigilant than before due to its equipment becoming sturdier, adopting a fearless, forward-charging personality. However, because its shield is still only made of copper, it will land itself in trouble if it gets too aggressive.


From a Botamon, this tiny Digimon shed the fuzz covering its surface, and its body grew bigger. It is able to move around more actively, but as a Lesser Digimon, it is still unable to battle. To fend off attackers, it spews bubbles from its mouth.

  • Big Eater: They have quite voracious appetites.


A Lesser Digimon which vigorously grew a tail. As it is brimming with curiosity, it takes an interest in anything, and has a habit of rushing for whatever caught its interest.

  • Rubber Man: Its insides are mostly empty, and it's elastic like a fuzzy rubber ball.


A Lesser Digimon whose body has grown long. If it gets angry it can stretch up to nearly nine times its normal length to attack the opponent, but because it only extends forward, the opponent usually avoids it completely. It has a light body like Fufumon, and floats lightly through the air, but it is able to move relatively nimbly by paddling the air with its hands and feet.


A Small Angel Digimon that evolved from Puttimon. It likes benevolence and loves making everyone happy, contrary to when it was a Puttimon. In particular, it is referred to as the "Angel of Charity", and it specializes in bringing about feelings of "love" in every person. It is always flying around the Digital World's skies, sprinkling love on everyone while making them feel happy. It is said that even a large Digimon with great fighting spirit will cease battling once it encounters Cupimon.

  • Cute Little Fangs: Has one little fang protruding from its upper lip.
  • Light 'em Up: Its "Angel Ring" attack has it generate a ring of light from its horn and throw it at the enemy.


A Digimon that is an evolution of Leafmon, and went into a tough outer shell. On days with good weather, or when it's in a good mood, it sticks its face out of its shell and vegetates. It hangs onto high places with the ivy (hair) growing from its head, and moves by hanging onto large Digimon, but if it's over a short distance, it is also able to move by floating through the air. Due to its vegetative personality, it has a fault of not easily showing its emotions on its face. Also, as solitude is its "speciality", it has the inner fortitude to not be discouraged even if it gets worried or anxious.


A Machine Digimon with a missile for a body. The moment it evolves into Missimon, its missile is ignited and sends it flying non-stop until it further evolves into another Digimon. While it is able to adjust its flight speed to some extent, it is unable to stop moving as it will fall if it does not maintain a sufficient flight speed.



Possessing elastic skin, it is a soft-bodied Digimon that uses the protuberances on the underside of its body to toddle about. It came to be called "Motimon" from inflating its body when it gets worked up, causing it to look like a mocha. However, as a result of having a great intellect that couldn't even be imagined from its appearance, its origin is conjectured to derive from a computer's dictionary feature. It understands human languages, and it is sometimes seen freely deforming its body like it's trying to return communications.

  • Rubber Man: It can stretch and deform its body, apparently as a way to communicate.


A tiny catlike Digimon. It's always curious, and that behaviour seems to have been attached to Nyaromon as a result of its being like a cat. Although it is sometimes frivolous due to its overflowing curiosity, it also has a lonely side.

  • Jagged Mouth: Its mouth is a simple, jaggedy zigzag line.
  • Waddling Head: It's an indecently ambulatory cat head with a tail.


A small-sized Digimon capable of flying at low altitudes using the ear-like parts growing from its head. It is able to move those ears skilfully and use them like hands, performing gestures such as pulling its eyelid and sticking its tongue out, or slapping its rear to mock the opponent. It has a prank-loving personality. It will bully Digimon such as Koromon or Tsunomon by chasing them around.

PetiMeramon (DemiMeramon)

A Digimon that evolved from Mokumon, its entire body is ablaze due to how its DigiCore burns fiercely for a body its size. It has a wild temperament for its small size, causing its DigiCore to burn intensely, but it cannot fight properly despite its aggressive personality as its offensive power is still low. Not only that, it is still weak to water and Ice-Snow type Digimon, so it will flee the moment it encounters them. Incidentally, any relation between it and Meramon has not been made clear.

  • Fireballs: A living fireball. It attacks by spitting smaller fireballs.


A Chick Digimon that always runs about restlessly. Because it expresses its emotions in how it runs, it doesn't stand still unless it is a time when it is bored or sleeping. Because its emotions do not appear on its face, its emotions must be read from how it runs, so it is a Digimon with which making a connection is very difficult.

  • Hates Being Touched: It hates having its tails touched, much like its preevolution Puwamon, and responds to physical contact with electric shocks.
  • Shock and Awe: Its tails are electrified.

Pokomon (Viximon)

A nocturnal Baby Digimon that evolved from Relemon. Due to it only acting in the evening and on moonlit nights, it is said that its existence is close to an illusion. For that reason, it confers a kind of status among Tamers to raise a Pokomon. It will grow into an extremely heartening Digimon depending on how it was raised. It always acts to avoid public notice, and although it is difficult to capture Pokomon, who is swift and speedy despite its appearance, it will show up without thinking if you set out its favorite food of fried tofu. Its Special Move is changing into a stone that spouts a toxic gas (Sesshou-seki).

  • Deadly Gas: Its main attack involves releasing a cloud of toxic gas.


A Small Bird Digimon which evolved from Pururumon, and can now fly at low altitudes. It has small feathers growing closely packed on its body, and unusually for a Baby Digimon, it has wings. Its most charming feature is the feather ornament attached to its head, so it maintains it intently. It has a fundamentally tidy personality, but because it cannot turn its neck even if it wants to groom itself, it relies on its comrades.

  • Smoke Out: Sand-based variant. It can use its wings to stir up a cloud of sand and escape.

Pukamon (Bukamon)

A Lesser Digimon thought to be an infant form of an Aquatic Dinosaur Digimon. The way it moves resembles more of a seahorse, though. From a friendly Pitchmon, it becomes shy and flees off if approached. Its outer skin cannot yet bear the water pressure and low temperature of the deep sea, so it cannot dive deep into the ocean for a long period of time.

  • Cartoon Creature: It vaguely resembles an aquatic dinosaur or a seal, but doesn't really resemble any specific animal beyond that.


A Larva Digimon which flies freely by individually operating its three pairs of wings. It is not yet powerful, but be that as it may, it is difficult to catch because of its random flying about, which surprisingly gets the opponent completely annoyed.


A quadrapedal Lesser Digimon with spines growing from its back. It is always running around energetically, though it will sometimes appear to stop in its tracks when in reality it has just fallen asleep on the spot.

  • Keet: It's a constantly energetic little ball of fluff... except when it suddenly falls asleep.
  • Prickly Porcupine: It's a furry little critter with spikes growing out of its back.

Pyocomon (Yokomon)

A Bulb-type Lesser Digimon with a large flower blooming from its head. It is able to move by skilfully operating its root-like tentacles, and with its lightness, it can rise into the air, but only to a small height. As it is brimming with curiosity, it is restlessly stirring and its appearance seems very cute. It has a habit of living together in flocks, and it is said that due to grouping, the flocks will grow from a few to a few hundred.

  • Planimal: It's a small bulb with a flower growing out the top and that walks around on its roots.


A Baby Digimon that evolved from Sakumon, and that now has two blades. Its balance has been stabilized by the blades now positioned on its left and right side, as well as with the addition of its small feet. While it has stopped rolling around and become more active, getting stuck in a ceiling or wall will cause it to be unable to move.



A Bulb Digimon which has something that looks like a plant sprout burgeoning from its head. It is a Yuramon that wandered in search of an optimal environment, then settled to the ground and evolved. Due to its extremely timid personality, if it senses an intruder's presence, it will burrow with the four feet at the base of its body, and completely bury part of its body in the ground. Once it is completely hidden underground, the thing growing from its head assume the camouflage of a plant, allowing it to defend its body from intruders. However, this is ineffective against herbivorous Digimon.

  • Planimal: A Digimon resembling a small green critter with a plant growing from its back.


A Lesser Digimon with four legs popping out under its body, enabling it to walk. Baby Digimon that have grown limbs are extremely rare, and their appearance is enormously cute. However, while it may be cute, you have to be careful, because if you carelessly stretch out your hand, it will suddenly open its mouth wide, and snap at you with the fangs growing closely packed within. Having said that, because its personality is very innocent, any malice is nonexistent.

  • Bubble Gun: Like most in-training Digimon.
  • Killer Rabbit: Suprisingly vicious for an In-Training, not that it means much since it's still just as weak as any other.
  • More Teeth than the Osmond Family: It looks cute until it opens its mouth, which is gigantic and bristling with two rows of sharp, meat-eating teeth.

Tokomon X

A rare case of an In-Training Digimon that has taken in the X-Antibody, it is often targeted by other Digimon. Even so, it has adopted a valiant personality and is discouraged by its setbacks, overcoming all odds with its small stature and increased agility.

  • Super Mode: Tokomon is unique among In-Training Digimon in that it has an X-Antibody form.


A Baby Digimon which further evolved from Kuramon. The tips of its tentacles have become claw-shaped, and its ferocity has also increased. It consumes data at a terrifying speed, causing the network to go haywire. Not only that, once it has evolved into Tsumemon, it becomes even more difficult to capture due to its fast movement speed.

Tunomon (Tsunomon)

A tiny Digimon that hardened one of the feelers on its head as Punimon. From Punimon, it has accomplished a more animal-like evolution, and is covered in tufty body hair. It is still at the peak of playfulness, and it has a prank-loving personality, but its combat instinct has not yet awakened.


A Baby Amphibian Digimon with ear-like branchia growing from both sides of its head. Although it is able to live whether on land or under water, it appears that it is rather suited for life on land. Because of its carefree personality, it is easily and frequently bullied by other Digimon. However, because of its personality, there are occasions when it mistakes it as being played with, rather than it being bullied.

  • Make Me Wanna Shout: Shock Shout. It's no good at causing damage, but it will frighten an enemy with how shrill it is.


A Digimon fused from the data of small, pet animals like dogs and cats. Because its unexpected movements are also quick, caution is necessary so that it doesn't get away, but it becomes very emotionally attached if shown affection like a pet.

  • Mix-and-Match Critters: An odd mix of a dog and a cat. It loses all feline traits once it evolves into Gaomon, however.


A four-legged Baby Digimon that evolved from Piaomon. It is said that Digimon that were created artificially basically only ever evolve up to their Rookie level, and the most commonly seen artificial Digimon is this Xiaomon. It forms attachments with people enormously easily, and among Digimon it is easiest to train.

  • Com Mons: It's one of the most commonly seen artificial Digimon, and is easy to befriend and train.
  • Precious Puppies: It looks like a tiny chibi puppy.


A lesser Digimon that evolved from Kiimon. Its personality becomes sinuous, and when it finds a Digimon having fun, it covers them using ink using its "Paint Splash", which it spews out of its mouth. Yaamon enjoys seeing the stunned Digimon.

  • Morphic Resonance: Has the pointed "jester horns" and green eyes of Impmon, its Rookie level.
  • Smug Smiler: Its default expression is a smug grin.
  • Took a Level in Jerkass: Kiimon preferred to be alone. Yaamon actively seeks out other Digimon having fun solely so it can ruin it for them. And it'll only get worse when it becomes Impmon.

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