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Many monsters appear in media, and they all take on different forms. Their mouths are no exception as they can make creatures disturbing or scarier than they would be if they had normal mouths. This is a simple version of that where a creature's mouth-line is represented in a zig-zag pattern. This is a good way to show how twisted a creature could be, unless the monster turns out to be nice, in which case it is Dark Is Not Evil. Following that insanity rule, this sort of mouth can be done in a few versions.

  1. The mouth is a zig-zagged line but isn't as sharp as it could be, hinting at an animal-like nature (i.e. many Heartless from Kingdom Hearts apply)
  2. The mouth is very sharp looking or very long, hinting at insanity. Both can usually end in a Goth Spirals at either end of the mouth.
  3. This sort of mouth can appear in two varieties; the first is in a character's silhouette, showing how sinister they are while they are in the shadows, this smile is used a lot with the Glowing Eyes of Doom. the second is when it appears on a person's shadow which has the same effect and can be used for the same purposes. this especially works well with characters that don't have jagged mouths in the first place.
  4. This version of a Jagged Mouth is used on a character as part of their normal design. The character has intelligence, humanity etc., but it is neither animalistic nor a villain; and as a result it could unintentionally help lead the hero to misunderstand it as evil, or animalistic.

Compare with Slasher Smile, where the character's feature could have the same effect, but it does not necessarily mean they are evil. Not to be confused with More Teeth than the Osmond Family, where the character's teeth could be serrated, but the mouth line outside is straight. Compare and Contrast Bizarre Alien Biology, where the mouth line could be serrated or zig-zagged for instance, but could have a different function or place on the body, sometimes mixing this trope with Belly Mouth. Subtrope to Scary Teeth.


Examples :

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  • One Piece villain Gekko Moriah uses shadows that have these kinds of mouths using his Shadow-Shadow fruit powers.
  • Many monsters in Digimon sport this sort of mouth type.
  • Late in Land of the Lustrous, after Sensei puts Phos back together, her mouth becomes this when her mind fully breaks and becomes a villain.
  • Some Yu-Gi-Oh!'s monsters use this trope
  • The V2 Tailed Beast Shrouds in Naruto have this type of mouth.
  • In Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid Tohru manifests one when she is using her Breath Weapon or showing off her feral side in human form.
  • Godzilla Planet Of Monsters sees its version of Godzilla with his teeth as part of his jaw.

    Comic Books 
  • Spider-Man villain Carnage is often depicted with black teeth that blend into his mask, as are several other symbiotes.

    Fan Works 
  • A Diplomatic Visit: In the fourth story, The Diplomat's Life, as in canon, Rabia's form as the Pony of Shadows has fangs that blend into the rest of his face, giving him a serrated silhouette of a mouth.


    Theme Parks 

    Video Games 

    Web Animation 

    Web Original 

     Western Animation 

     Real Life 
  • Dunkleosteus was a prehistoric armor-plated fish that had these in the form of sharpened extensions of the plates on it's face, having evolved before true teeth did.


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