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A list of Digimon at the Rookie level.

All Digimon are listed here in alphabetical order. The tropes listed here pertain to Digimon as they are depicted in Bandai's profiles, and across the broader Digimon canon, rather than as they are in a single work.

The third form of the Digivolution cycle, Rookies (referred to as Seichouki in Japan, translated as "Child") are the lowest form of a Digimon where it is able to battle as well as the lowest form they have in the card game. Typically this means they're depicted as the "default" form for most Partner Digimon. From here, the appearance of a Digimon begins to vary widely.


As the dub version is many times inconsistent, the Digimon covered here are listed by their Japanese names, with their English name(s) listed second. note 

Tropes applying to multiple Rookie-level Digimon, or Rookie Digimon as a whole:

  • Cheerful Child: They're generally like this. This stage is even called "Child" in Japan.



A reptile digimon and the original template for most of the future partner digimon. Having grown up and become able to walk on two legs, it has an appearance like a tiny dinosaur. Because it is still on the way to adulthood, its power is low, but as its personality is quite ferocious, it doesn't understand fear. It has grown hard, sharp claws on both its hands and feet, and demonstrates its power in battle. It is also a being that foretells digivolution to a great and powerful Digimon.

  • An Axe to Grind: Its Battle Hawk attack uses an axe.
  • Breath Weapon: Its Pepper Breath (Baby Flame) attack, which releases a fireball, and the attacks Triple Baby Flame and Spitfire, which release more than one.
  • Dinosaurs Are Dragons: A primarily dinosaur like, fire-breathing critter whose digivolutions tend to take on distinctly draconic appearances.
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  • Fireballs: Its preferred method of attack.
  • Fountain of Expies: The template for every draconic Rookie that usually serves as the lead.
  • Recurring Element: Agumon is the Child/Rookie form of the main dragon-like Digimon line in Adventure.
  • Series Mascot: Though unofficially, it serves the purpose as being the face of the franchise.

Agumon 2006

A unique Agumon that has bound red leather belts around its arms, it is questioned whether its growth differs from previous digivolutions. As it's still growing, its power is weak, but it has grown hard, sharp claws on both its hands and feet, and it exhibits its power in combat.

  • Breath Weapon: It has a unique fire-breath attack called Baby Burner in addition to Pepper Breath/Baby Flame.
  • Fireballs: Its Baby Volcano attack shoots exploding ones.
  • Handwraps of Awesome: With belts! They're its main distinction from the original flavor Agumon.
  • Palette Swap: Of the original Agumon. Alongside some small differences in its structure here and there, Agumon 2006 is more yellow than the original.
  • Recurring Element: This guy is the Child/Rookie form of Savers' draconic Digimon line.

Burst Agumon 2006

Agumon's 2006 incarnation is also capable of reaching the limits of its abilities via "Burst Evolution." When that happens, it glows a red aura that extends into a dragon-shape, giving Agumon the ability to fly.
  • Power Gives You Wings: Or for this case, turns your arms into wings.
  • Super Mode: And it's also one of the only Digimon in Burst Mode that isn't an Ultimate/Mega.

Agumon Hakase

Agumon Hakase is a genius Agumon that has a doctorate in Digital Monster studies from Digital World University. The badge on its chest is proof of its doctorate. Though it is said that its degree was created by Agumon Hakase itself, it certainly is knowledgeable about Digimon types and territories. Due to its peculiar accent in which it attaches "Gya" to the end of its remarks, it is thought to possibly have come from a distant locale. In some forms of media including the version of the iC virtual pet it debuted on, Agumon Hakase is sometimes listed as a Mega.

Agumon X


A plant Digimon that accomplished an evolution just like Palmon. It seems that, at noon, it opens up its arms and the flower on its head to perform photosynthesis. The aroma emitted from the flower on its head is definitely inherited from Palmon, so as usual it is intensely foul.

  • Life Drain: Its Hungry Hand attack does this.
  • Palette Swap: It's largely identical to Palmon, just with a grayish-purple flower instead of a pink one.
  • Poisonous Person: Its Gloom Dust attack is poisonous.

Arkadimon Rookie

It is a cursed Digimon artificially created based on the data of various Digimon. Its nature is to digivolve by absorbing its opponent's data, but it's not clear if it possesses any sense of self. Because these details are unknown, it is currently being investigated.
  • Deader Than Dead: Any Digimon Arkadimon kills is completely dead and gone.
  • Pint-Sized Powerhouse: Leaving aside the fact the only time Arkadimon's Rookie form has been seen it could throw down with Megas and walk away, it can still destroy Digimon utterly with its attacks, something a bit beyond the normal for almost anything below Mega level itself.
  • Sinister Scythe: Two of them for hands.

Armadimon (Armadillomon)

A Mammal Digimon whose body is covered in a hard shell. It has a carefree, charming personality, but occasionally gets hurt if it gets carried away. Just like Veemon and the others, Armadillomon is a descendant of an ancient species, so it is able to perform special Armor Digivolutions.

  • Rolling Attack: Its Diamond Shell (Rolling Stone) attack involves it curling up in its shell and rolling at high speed towards its target.

Bakumon (Tapirmon)
Attacks:Nightmare Syndrome

A Digimon which has the appearance of the Baku, said to be a dream-eating mythical beast.It is thought that it is a Digimon that developed from a medical computer for detecting brain waves, and it seems that it uses the data from humans in REM sleep as nourishment. In recent studies, it has been proven that it has the power to purge particularly bad nightmares and malignant computer viruses. Also, since it has the ability to change the captured nightmares and viruses back to normal, it is considered a holy Digimon. It wears a Holy Ring on its foreleg. Its "Nightmare Syndrome" is the same technique as that of the Ultimate Digimon, Digitamamon, but its connection to Tapirmon is a mystery.

  • Dub Name Change: Its name is changed to Tapirmon in English, since it does look like a tapir and English audiences were note expected to be familiar enough with its folkloric inspiration to get the meaning behind its original name.
  • Mind Rape: Its Nightmare Syndrome attack does this.
  • Youkai: It's a fairly direct adaptation of the tapir-like, dream-eating Baku of Japanese folklore.


A Beast Digimon which has the appearance of a bear-cub with a trademark baseball cap worn backwards. Although it is a little timid at first, it immediately becomes bosom buddies with other Digimon. However, once it begins to battle, with the uncommon physical strength and will-power it possesses—to continue battling no matter what kind of attack it suffers—it becomes a very reliable being. The ability for close combat hidden within its body is very strong, to the point that it bound its fists in leather belts so that its special punches wouldn't hurt itself.The text on its cap reads "BEARS."

  • Determinator: It'll keep fighting no matter what kind of attack it takes.

Bemmon (Vemmon)

A bizarre Digimon that looks like an alien in a space suit. It has only appeared in Digimon World 3.

  • Artificial Human: It was created to be a weapon.
  • Collared by Fashion: It has a metal collar around its neck, with a broken chain still attached to it.
  • Cyber Cyclops: It has one eye behind its visor.
  • Hollywood Cyborg: Its tail is organic, but the rest of it has a technological look. Its evolutions include more organic bits.
  • Morphic Resonance: Common to all three of Bemmom's evolutions is its purple tail.
  • Our Vampires Are Different: It's a kind of data vampire, draining the data of its enemies with its attacks.
  • Shout-Out: Its name is a reference to the bug-eyed monster (BEM) aliens of pulp science fiction.


An Amphibian Digimon with a gentle and quiet personality. But when he gets angry, his electrical powers shock anyone around him, friend or foe.

Betamon X

  • Palette Swap: Aside from a couple of extra fins and spikes on its legs, it's just a more bluish version of the regular Betamon.
  • Shock and Awe: It has an upgraded version of its default form's Electric Shock attack.


A black-scaled, Virus variant of Agumon that can evolve into a number of powerful, similarly dark Virus dinosaurs.

  • Breath Weapon: It retains its Pepper Breath (Baby Flame) and Spitfire attacks.
  • Dark Is Evil: Both BlackAgumon and its evolutions are distinguished from the typical Agumon line by being a) black in scales and name, and b) destructive Virus types.
  • Evil Counterpart: To Agumon: it's a Virus retype of the Vaccine-aligned Agumon, and can evolve into powerful Virus types such as BlackGreymon and DarkTyrannomon to contrast Agumon's own evolutions. The descriptions of the two in the Digimon Reference Book are also very similar.
  • Palette Swap: It's a black recolor of the standard orange Agumon.

BlackAgumon 2006

BlackAgumon X

  • Animal Eyes: Its eyes have slit pupils and lack a visible sclera, giving it a more feral appearance than the regular Agumon X.
  • Breath Weapon: Out of the base form's attacks, it only keeps Baby Flame, but it also gets a new attack called BB Burner.
  • Charged Attack: BB Burner uses all of the fire it stores in its mouth for a single attack.
  • Palette Swap: In keeping with BlackAgumon's evolution line, it looks like an Agumon X with DarkTyrannomon's color scheme.


A Gabumon who evolved to a Virus species. The fur it wears was made from the pelt of a viral Garurumon. Although it is violent, it turns cowardly and timid when its pelt is removed, just like the vaccine species.

  • An Ice Person: It has an attack called Black Ice.
  • Dark Is Evil: Both BlackGabumon and its evolutions are distinguished from the main Gabumon line by being a) black in fur and name, and b) destructive Virus types.
  • Evil Counterpart: To Gabumon: it's a Virus retype of the Vaccine-aligned Gabumon, and can evolve into powerful Virus types such as BlackGarurumon and BlackGaogamon to contrast Gabumon's own evolutions.
  • Palette Swap: It's a black-and-white recolor of the standard blues-and-yeloow Gabumon. Its Petit Fire attack is also red instead of blue.
  • Playing with Fire: Unlike the regular Gabumon, it uses red fire instead of blue.


  • Breath Weapon: Virus Breath and Pyro Grenade (Fire Grenade).
  • Evil Counterpart: It is an evil version of Guilmon that has embraced its viral instincts.
  • Fireballs: This version of Guilmon replaces Fireball an attack called Fire Grenade, which lets it shoot exploding ones.
  • Palette Swap: Its color scheme is the opposite of the regular Guilmon's.
  • Plaguemaster: It exhales computer viruses to attack.
  • Technicolor Fire: It breaths black flames.
  • Wolverine Claws: Knows Rock Crusher.


An old man-like Mutant Digimon wrapped in a haramaki. As a knowledgable Digimon scholar, it possesses the "Monoshiri Book", which has things about the Digital World written in detail, but it barely ever shows it. As it's poor at fighting, it's usually boisterously lively, however when push comes to shove, it's a surprisingly reliable being who instantly takes a serious look.


A Small Dragon Digimon that resides in areas isolated from the outside world by ice. Through its training in the cold, harsh lands, it is able to lift objects heavier than itself with ease. However, because its body is made mainly out of ice, its body will shrink and its power will weaken when it comes into contact with heat. Because they are usually a minority species where they live, they will tend to form very strong bonds even with Digimon of different species that they encounter. It is especially close to Gabumon.


Candmon (Candlemon)

There is a flame on its head that resembles DemiMeramon; if that flame goes out, it dies. Because of this, some say that the main body is the flame and that the wax is just a decoy.


A Digimon made up of unique plastic blocks. As a variant of ToyAgumon, it is named ClearAgumon due to the fact that it is composed of transparent blocks. Although it is cowardly, it possesses a righteous heart that doesn't condone evil.

  • Elemental Punch: Knows Mullion Punch, a fiery punching attack used by ToyAgumon
  • The Medic: Petit Heal lets it heal itself and its allies.
  • Palette Swap: With ToyAgumon, only that the pallet to be swapped is more on its transparency, rather than its color.


An Infantry Digimon belonging to the mechanized D-Brigade. The "D-Brigade" is a mechanized brigade composed of Dragon-type Cyborg Digimon, and the missions assigned to this special force are never made public. The surface of Commandramon's skin has been modified with a special texture that detects its surrounding colors in real time, and is capable of displaying a variety of camouflage patterns. As a result, it is said that most of Commandramon's "targets" do not even notice Commandramon's presence before being silenced.


A Beast Digimon born from the fusion of sun-watching data. It has an innocent personality due to its sense of justice being powerfully sincere.


  • Bee Bee Gun: It can summon swarms of bees.
  • Eyeless Face: Much like Kunemon, DoKunemon has no visible eyes.
  • Palette Swap: It's a recolor of Kunemon with green replacing yellow and purple replacing blue.


A Beast Digimon and carrier of the X-Antibody whose name is derived from "DIGITAL OR UNKNOWN MONSTER". Because it has an old-style interface on its brow, it has been conjectured to be an experimental "Prototype Digimon" from before Digimon were discovered. The personality of natural Combat Species Digimon manifests particularly strongly within it, so its combat instinct is high, and it often barks and snaps at everything, but it seems that it was tamed by someone it once bit. The data that is said to have been hidden within the deepest parts of its DigiCore, during an experiment, is the potent life-force data of the legendary beast, the "Dragon", and it is said it has the potential to grow into a mighty Digimon.


An ancient, pure-blooded Dragon Digimon that is said to be the progenitor of all Dramon-type Digimon. It possesses physical ability to a degree that could not be imagined from its small build, and both its power and its quick wits are top class among Rookie Digimon. Although its personality is ferocious, Dracomon can show its gentle side only to the others it has recognized. It has wings, but it is unable to fly because they are not sufficiently developed. Also, it has a nature whose primary trait is wanting to collect "shiny things", with an especially strange attachment to gems and metals, and it eats and assimilates its favorite things. Amongst the scales that cover Dracomon's whole body, there is one scale that is called the "Gekirin" (逆鱗?). If it's touched there, Dracomon loses its mind to an excess of anger, and indiscriminately fires its "G Shurunen".


Attacks: Eye of Nightmare, Undead Fang

It is the Dark Area's most mischievous Digimon. For the sake of a prank, it will meet the challenge unflinchingly even if it is accompanied by some risk. It once nearly got itself killed trying to graffiti the faces of all four of the Sovereigns...(it's unknown whether it succeeded). It was once a bloodsucking Digimon, but these days it forgets to suck blood, and it seems it's trying to play some kind of trick on the Royal Knights.


Attack: Fresh Shrimp, Hot Cutlets

It is a Digimon that took in food data, and maybe because it is consists of the selected ingredient data, it is a Digimon with a pure heart. EbiBurgamon is a variant species of Burgermon, and has taken in the ingredient data of fresh shrimp.

Attacks: Sparkling Thunder (Super Thunder Strike)

A Mammal Digimon that retained Tsunomon's mammal-like elements and digivolved. It's very curious and lively, and inherited its prank-loving personality from Tsunomon. Also, Elecmon possesses nine tails, and during battle, it fans out its tail like the plumage of a peacock to intimidate its opponent.

  • Amazing Technicolor Wildlife: Even more so than other Rookie Digimon, and especially more so than other mammal-based ones, Elecmon is extremely brightly — even garishly — colored.
  • Cartoon Creature: It has clear mammalian traits — the fur, the ears, the paws, the muzzle, etc. — without actually resembling any real mammal species.
  • Shock and Awe: It's Super Thunder Strike (Sparkling Thunder) attack.

Elecmon Purple
Attacks: Tail Dusk (Dark Tail), Jamming Thunder

An Elecmon that evolved into a Virus-species. Due to its indiscriminately mean and unpleasant personality, it dexterously uses its tails to strike the enemy.

  • Evil Counterpart: Of Elecmon, as is typical of Virus-type variants.
  • Shock and Awe: It generates electricity from its tails for both of its attacks.
  • Tail Slap: It attacks with its electrified tails for its Tail Dusk attack.
  • Palette Swap: A Virus-type variant of Elecmon with the color scheme to match, with purple and green replacing red and blue.
  • Red Eyes, Take Warning: It has red eyes instead of Elecmon's blue, and it's a much more mean-spirited and disagreeable creature than its Data counterpart.

Attacks: Scratch Smash, Falco Rush

Living up in 3 km-high mountains, it is a Bird Digimon. As its wings are not very developed, it can only fly to the extent of gliding, but since it is a powerful runner instead, it is able to run about the craggy mountains at great speed. Because it has a rough temperament, you will receive a fierce attack if you carelessly approach, so caution is necessary.

  • Bird People: As a combination of its owl-like upright stance and its arm-like, clawed wings, its design ends up being rather humanoid.
  • Foe-Tossing Charge: Falco Rush.
  • Informed Species: Despite its name, it's very clearly an owl and has few to no falcon traits.
  • Toothy Bird: Its beak is lined with incongruous pointy teeth.

Falcomon 2006
Attacks:Shuririnken (Dub:Ninja Blade)

A subspecies of Falcomon whose wings have developed, allowing it to fly freely in the air, in contrast to the normal Falcomon, who possesses powerful leg strength. Despite its ability to fly, it seems to be obsessed with making its appearance from above by flying in on a kite, like a ninja.

  • Bird People: More so than its original incarnation, this version of Falcomon is very clearly a humanoid bird.
  • Razor Wind: It can generate this.


Although it digivolved like a reptile, just like Palmon, Floramon is categorized as an unusual Digimon of the Plant type. Its whole face has the appearance of a flower, and the petal-styled shell usually protects its head like a helmet. When intruders are not around or when it's in a good mood, the petals on its head and both of its arms open up wide. It sees Palmon as its rival, and has a very prideful personality.

Attacks:Gear Stinger, 88 Call

An Insect Digimon that belongs to a mysterious aerial, covert honey base named the Royal Base. Although its daily life differs from that of other Insect Digimon, it is a strong, dedicated worker due to its personality being so cheerful. It always gets along with Plant Digimon like Palmon or Lillymon. Because the base is usually under construction, it has the duty of carrying home data left on fields of flowers or vegetation, little by little, to use as raw materials, causing it to be classified as a Virus. Also, because the base is defended by powerful Digimon, making it impossible to approach, the goal of that construction is a mystery at present. It's wisest to just run away when it uses its "88 Call".

  • Beware My Stinger Tail: Due to being a bee. It can also shoot its stinger.
  • Spike Shooter: It can shoot stingers for its Gear Stinger attack.
  • Summon Bigger Fish: If attacked, it'll summon the soldiers that guard the Royal Base, like the Ultimate level CannonBeemon.
  • Virtuous Bees: Funbeemon are described as cheerful and dedicated workers devoted to the furthering of their beehive, the Royal Base, even while belonging to the Virus attribute (note that they're considered Viruses because they consume data for the sake of the hive, not because they're inherently evil). When they evolve, they become fierce protectors of their hives.


Although it is covered by a fur pelt, it is still clearly a Reptile Digimon. Due to its extremely timid and shy personality, it always gathers up the data which Garurumon leaves behind and shapes it into a fur pelt to wear. Because it is wearing the fur pelt of Garurumon, who is feared by other Digimon, it fills the role of safeguarding itself as a result of protecting its body. When it is wearing the fur pelt, its personality does a complete 180° shift.

A beast type Digimon, like Agumon it is the template for future partner Digimon of The Lancer.

  • Breath Weapon: Its Blue Blaster (Petit Fire) attack
  • Foil: To Agumon, starting the trend of The Lancer of each anime series having a canine Digimon for a partner. Gabumon's yet to become wolf-like, however, and only dresses the part.
  • Fountain of Expies: Similarly to Agumon, it serves as the template for canine Digimon that are The Lancer of the team.
  • Horn Attack: This its preferred style of melee attack.
  • Made of Iron: That fur coat is made of mithril. No wonder it keeps such a tight grip on it.
  • Recurring Element: Despite being a reptilian Digimon, the virtue of Digivolving into the canid Garurumon and of covering itself with a canine pelt cements it as the Rookie form of the main wolf Digimon line of Adventure.
  • Shrinking Violet: Most Gabumon aren't as outgoing as the one in Adventure is, not that it's saying much. Still, they are rather shy individuals.

Gabumon X

  • Breath Weapon: It retains its Petit Fire attack from its base form.
  • Elemental Punch: It gets a new attack in this form called Petit Fire Hook, in which it uses its Breath Weapon to light its fist up.
  • Heroic Dog: It is a beast-type Digimon in this form and has a vaguely canine appearance.
  • Horn Attack: One of the only two abilities it retains from its default form is Little Horn.

Ganimon (Crabmon)

A Crustacean Digimon that stuck the metal data dissolved in the Net Ocean to its body, rapidly enhancing its combat ability. It attacks with the gigantic blade on its left foreleg and the grip of its strong right foreleg and defends with the spine-covered shell that covers itself, inflicting damage to attacking opponents, so it's a confident person with substantial self-confidence in battle. Its weak point is the soft spot on its belly, but because it's also aware of that, it never shows that chink in its armor. It likes to entrap its opponents, and has a rascally personality.

  • Attack Its Weak Point: Its underbelly is the one weak point in its armor. It's quite aware of this, so it makes a point of protecting its soft belly.
  • Trap Master: It likes to trap its opponents.

Ganimon X (Crabmon X)


A Beast Digimon that is thought to be a subspecies of the Gazimon species that grew pointed claws. With its keen movements, it specializes in "Hit and Away" attacks. The gloves on both of its hands appear to protect its claws until they are fully grown.

  • Foil: It's the main wolf-like Rookie in Savers to Agumon 2006's dragon.


A Mammal Digimon with large, sharp claws. It is bipedal, which is rare among mammal types; the claws on its forelegs likely evolved to allow its forelegs to be used as arms, therefore resulting in its bipedalism. It has an extremely aggressive temperament despite its small size, and it never warms up to humans. Although the claws on its forelegs are very effective at attacking, they are also surprisingly suited to digging holes, which it always does as it enjoys watching other Digimon fall into its pitfalls due to its mischievous personality.

  • Breath Weapon: It's Electric Stun Blast (Paralyze Breath) attack.
  • Cartoon Creature: It has traits of rabbits, cats and dogs, and its pre-evolution Pagumon is stylised and named after pugs.
  • Jerkass: Yeah, not much has changed since they Digivolved from Pagumon. Gazimon is still a jerk and a bully first and foremost.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: It's implied that there are some digidestined out there who have Gazimon as partners.

Gazimon X


An Aquatic Mammal Digimon that grew fins on its hands and feet in order to paddle through water. It is more suited for life in the water than on land, and although it swims about quickly in the water with its fins and strong hind-legs, on the ground it moves about with weak, frog-like hops. When on land it has a very timid disposition, but when in the water it displays its natural, ferocious personality.

  • Making a Splash: The ironically-named Water Cure is a water-based attack.
  • Rolling Attack: Spiral Edge, which does damage with the spikes on its back. The attack is seen in action on one of its cards.


A troublesome Digimon in the form of a small oni that loves evilness. With a nature that has no courage and a lot of slyness, it never acts alone, always clustering at bowers in the middle of the woods, a building to hide and attack from. However, once outnumbered they run away at full speed just like baby spiders dispersing. For the matter, only its intelligence is a little higher than other Child Digimon.


A Marine Animal Digimon that became able to move on land, and is covered in temperature-maintaining fur. The short, white fur that covers its body gets longer as it grows, and furthermore, it's said that it turns brown when it grows up. As for its personality, it is a naughty-boy type that fiddles with everything it sees. The red fur growing along its back from the top of its head moves according to Gomamon's emotions, and when it gets angry the fur bristles. Gomamon's claws are strong enough to easily break through solid ice, so you'll have a painful experience if you take it lightly.

Gomamon X


An ore type Digimon with powerful defensive abilities. It acquired the data of ore, improving its defense. It is mischievous with a cheerful personality. It is a little selfish, and once it gets angry it seems to have the raging temper of an erupting volcano. The ore that makes it up changes depending on environment and conceals the possibility of evolution.

  • Dishing Out Dirt: It can shoot rocks (Angry Rock) or conjure up stone pillars (Earth Shaker) to attack.
  • Rock Monster: A small humanoid made entirely of rough stones.

Gotsumon X


A Digimon which has an appearance like a dinosaur that still retains its youth. Although it is still a Rookie, its potential as a "Combat Species", something which all Digimon naturally possess, is very high, and it hides the ferocious personality of a carnivorous beast. The mark drawn on its abdomen is called the "Digital Hazard", which is inscribed on those that have the potential to cause massive damage to computer data. However, as long as this ability is used peacefully, it can probably become a being that protects the Digital World.

  • Blood Knight: It's a Combat Species, meaning it is especially ferocious in combat.
  • Breath Weapon: Its Pyro Sphere (Fireball) attack.
  • Chest Insignia: The Digital Hazard, signifying the dangerous power it's got stashed inside it.
  • Dark Is Not Evil: Guilmon is a Virus-attribute Digimon, more than likely due to how the species was created. Although the Digital Hazard symbol shows that if raised improperly it can bring about The End of the World as We Know It, most Guilmon shown are very kindhearted.
  • Elemental Punch: Its Fire Rock Breaker attack is a fiery punch.
  • Everything's Better with Dinosaurs: It resembles a draconic theropod dinosaur.
  • Expy: It's one of Agumon, mirroring its overall saurian/draconic appearance, its fire-based abilities, and its status as an anime main character's partner Digimon.
  • Foil: The dragon to Renamon's canid.
  • Fireballs: It has several attacks that shoot these.
  • Person of Mass Destruction: It and its evolutionary line carry the potential of Digital Hazard which could destroy the Digital World.
  • Playing with Fire: Its Pyro Sphere attack.
  • Recurring Element: The Guilmon line is the main draconic Digimon line of Tamers.
  • Red Is Heroic: If raised properly, it can suppress its Virus-type instincts. Otherwise, not so much.
  • Wolverine Claws: Its claws can punch through stone, which is why one of its attacks is called Rock Breaker. It also has another attack whose name translates to Sharp Claws.

Guilmon X

  • Elemental Punch: Gains a new attack called Fire Mitt that lets it engulf its claws in flames.
  • Palette Swap: It looks more or less the same as its default form except that it no longer has the Digital Hazard.


A Small Dragon Digimon that shines a cool white. Its unfettered and restraint-hating, adventure-loving way of life is probably due to Gankoomon's DNA. It faces the rigorous trials imposed by Gankoomon with an air of composure. It has a masterful sense of combat due to its lineage, and because of its training with its chaperones, the Sistermon sisters, it can more than hold its own in battle against its opponents even if they're an Ultimate.


Hagurumon is a mutant Machine Digimon shaped like a gear. There are countless gears built into its body, and the gears are constantly rotating. For that reason, if even a single gear is missing, all of the gears in its body stop rotating, and it becomes unable to maintain its vital functions. Hagurumon possesses the special ability to send a computer virus to its opponents in order to manipulate them at will, and that ability is exploited by fiendish Digimon. However, because Hagurumon itself doesn't have any sense of self, it doesn't even know it is being misused.

  • Clockwork Creature: A very simple on — it's made up of three interlocking gears with a face in the central one.

Hagurumon X

  • Mind-Control Device: Its Darkness Gear attack is the only move it retains from its default form.


A very polite Bird Digimon that is always calm, cool, and collected. Just like Veemon, it's a descendant of a special species that flourished in ancient times, so it's able to borrow the power of the "Digi-Eggs" to pseudo-digivolve to an Armor.

  • Battle Boomerang: It uses the feather in its headband as a boomerang in its Feather Strike attack.
  • It Was a Gift: The feather it carries around is said to be a gift from Garudamon.


It is brimming with curiosity and will lose sight of its surroundings once it finds something to fixate on, although it is highly cautious and will make its hard, needle-like quills stand on end when it is afraid, curling up into a ball so no sign of danger remains. However, it gets very quickly attached to those it has warmed up to, and will show them its favourite treasures it has stashed in its fur. It seems to have a habit of going on guard whenever it spots a Tailmon, due to having been bullied several times in the past.

  • Flechette Storm: It fires electrified quills at its enemies for its Lightning Fur attack.
  • Hammerspace Hair: It can store objects in its fur.
  • Prickly Porcupine: It's design based on a hedgehog and its name is derived from the French word for hedgehog.
  • Rolling Attack: Its Kenzan Dive attack has it curl into a ball and charge.
  • Shock and Awe: Its "Lightning Fur" attack has it electrify its quills, then shoot them at the enemy.



A Child Digimon which has an appearance like a demon's child. It loves pranks, so it enjoys seeing the embarrassed appearances of its opponents. Also, it is said that when Impmon appears, electrical appliances temporarily go crazy, so an electronic image going out of order or ceasing to function might be because Impmon was pulling a prank. Although it is a Digimon that loves mischief and malice, it never toadies to the strong, but stands up to them with a strong attitude. However, the truth is that it has a lonely side.

  • Elemental Powers: It's Infernal Funnel (Summon) attack creates fire and ice elementala

Impmon X-Antibody

It grew confident in its own strength after gaining the X-Antibody, causing it to start acting aloof. It wears an eyepatch and a scarf, believing they contribute to its aloof aura; removing its eyepatch will allow it to unleash its true power... which is what Impmon assumes, though that does not appear to have any actual effect on the strength of its techniques.

  • Eyepatch of Power: Which it doesn't actually need. Impmon just thinks it looks cool.


A Cyborg Digimon with a shell like a mouse.


A Rookie Digimon that digivolved from Tsumemon. Its physique has gotten larger, and with its huge mouth, it can eat away at much more data than Tsumemon could. Because it eats away at more than 100 megabytes of data per second, the data is destroyed the instant it enters Keramon. Due to its extremely cheerful personality, it thinks of its destructive actions as just part of its play.

  • Big Eater: It constantly guzzles down data at incredible rates.
  • Humanoid Abomination: It's finally beginning to gain the uncanniness of its Digivolved forms, too. The entire Keramon line also lacks an attribute.
  • Non-Elemental: Like the rest of its line, it lack an attribute and does not fall within the series' usual Data, Virus or Vaccine trifecta.
  • Obliviously Evil: No matter how destructive its actions are, it thinks it's just playing.


A Beast Digimon with the appearance of an infant monkey. It has enough strength to wield a slingshot the size of its body with ease, and confidence in its abilities to prevent its prey from escaping. It often falls from treetops due to its carefree personality. Its stylish traits are its tiger-printed outfit and its white-tipped tail.


A small-built but very strong Insect Digimon. It has a large horn and forefeet, and it is feared in its surroundings, but really it hates fighting and has a gentle personality. However, its strength is considerably strong, and it appears to have lifted a Tortamon in the experiment of a certain research institution.


A very unusual Insect Mecha-Digimon that was recently discovered. Insect Mecha-Digimon had not been discovered until now, and their existence itself was never even imagined. Because it will discharge 1 MV of electricity from the stun gun-shaped head and arms it possesses if it senses danger, you mustn't carelessly approach. However, it has not an aggressive personality, but a docile personality which seeks tranquility. It uses electricity as its source of nutrients, and charges electric power using its middle two legs.

Kokuwamon X

  • Power Gives You Wings: Kokuwamon X has two airplane-like wings that, if its official artwork is any indication, allow it to fly.
  • Transforming Mecha: It can transform into a jet-like shape to perform a flying charge and will stay in that form when enraged.


A Reptile Digimon aiming to become a top class swordsman among Digimon. Despite being untalkative, it is hardworking and diligently undergoes training behind the scenes. Its true appearance is shrouded in mystery, as it never removes its defensive gear. Although it has a timid personality and cries easily, it cares deeply for its friends and has a strong sense of justice, also showing its strong-willed side from time to time.


A Holy Beast Digimon that is always wreathed around a holy cartridge and never separates from it. It is said that day after day, it accumulates holy power within the earring on its left ear, and that the stored power is great enough to have influence on its next evolution. It has a calm, cool, and collected personality, conducting a precise assessment of the situation even in combat, and attaining the advantage in battle. Conversely, when it gets outnumbered, it possesses a defensive technique in which it goes into its cartridge and settles down.

  • Light 'em Up: It can emit bright flashes of light from its earring.

Kudamon (2006)

  • Gold and White Are Divine: It's a Holy Beast Digimon and has gold markings instead of purple ones. It also has a Holy Ring.
  • Light 'em Up: It can emit bright flashes of light from its Holy Ring.


A Larva Digimon which has lightning patterns all over its body. As young insectoid Digimon are very unique beings among other Digimon, its evolved form is still unclear, but it seems to be obvious from Kunemon's discovery that there exist Insect Digimon other than Kabuterimon. Although it is uncertain whether the lightning patterns on the portion considered its face can are organs equivalent to eyes, because they change shape in in accordance with its emotions, it is said that they probably are eyes. Its personality is fairly malicious.

  • Eyeless Face: It has no eyes; even if the markings on its face are equivalent organs, the Kunemon's appearance is still one highly reminiscent of an eyeless face.


A Beast Digimon which has an appearance like a real dog. It is said that the Rookie-level is the final form of artificial Digimon, and although the prevailing view says that it won't evolve further than this, there exist unconfirmed reports of it having evolved further than that, too. Perhaps, some sort of miracle might stimulate an evolution in Labramon. It is exceedingly faithful to its Tamer, and feels called to protect them.


A Plant Digimon which resembles a flower bud. It spins the leaf on its head to fly unsteadily, and is expressionless but charming.

  • Bullet Seed: Its preferred method of attack.
  • Expy: Of Palmon, serving as the plant-like partner Digimon of a central female character and having a simple, three-dots face very similar to Togemon's, Palmon's evolution. Re-Digitize further revealed that they are in fact part of the same evolution line through showing that Yuramon can Digivolve into Budmon, Lalamon's pre-evolved form.
  • Flight: Via the leaf on its head.
  • Forced Sleep: Its singing makes other Digimon fall asleep.
  • Magic Music: It can put other Digimon to sleep by singing.


A Holy Beast Digimon which has a golden coat. There seems to be very few surviving individuals, so its existence was not confirmed until recently. It is a Digimon with an extremely strong sense of territoriality, so it doesn't show mercy to those who enter its territory, even if they are the same kind of Digimon. When it is on alert, the hair on its head becomes tinged with static electricity, and it is said that it produces a sound when threatened. Liollmon wears a Holy Ring around its neck.


It is an extremely precious Rookie Digimon that is a twin to Terriermon. While Terriermon has only one horn growing from its head and has a calm but robust personality, Lopmon has three horns growing from its head and has the personality of a lonely crybaby. The way it grows is shrouded in mystery, and though it can be classified as a Beast-species Digimon from its body structure, aside from that it is still not understood. Neither of them seem like "Combat Species" Digimon, but when battling, they show that they are more powerful than they appear.

  • Foil: To Terriermon. These guys are usually born as twins.


Said to have descended to the ancient Digital World long ago, it is an Angel Digimon which has the appearance of a child. It manifested in an era in which the Digital World was still chaotic, and it is said that it brought about order and harmony. However, because of a later "Rebellion" against Lucemon, it summoned a long period of darkness. Although it has the appearance of a child, the power and intelligence it possesses surpass even that of a Perfect Digimon. It is said that Lucemon's abilities have now been inherited and split among the Three Great Angels.

  • Creepy Child: A youthful winged child, who also happens to be a megalomaniacal tyrant.
  • Face of an Angel, Mind of a Demon: Quite literally — it looks exactly as you'd expect a benevolent angel to look like, but is a cruel tyrant who seeks to bend the Digital World to its will.
  • Facial Markings: On its left cheek, as well as on its left arm, part of its torso, and its left leg.
  • Fallen Hero: Brought order to the ancient Digital World and sealed away Huanglongmon, before turning against it and becomes one its greatest threats.
  • Pint-Sized Powerhouse: Capable of fighting some of the strongest Ultimate Digimon around. Even the Warrior Ten, some of whom were capable of breaking continents in half, couldn't beat him.
  • Sealed Evil in a Can: The Warrior Ten managed to seal him in the Dark Area, at the cost of their lives.
  • The Trope Without a Title: Before its debut, he was known as the Angel Digimon that descended in the distant past, according to Huanglongmon's profile.
  • Winged Humanoid: Lucemon has twelve of them. In comparison Seraphimon, one of his replacements, has ten wings meaning that even as a Rookie Lucemon is still stronger than a Mega.


One of the "Legend-Arms", who are capable of transforming themselves into weapons. It is the only one among the Legend-Arms capable of transforming itself into a shield. It wields sturdy, steel shields on its head and on both arms, protecting it from attacks coming from any direction. As a Digimon made with protection in mind, there have been records of it protecting areas being targeted by the D-Brigade.


A Mammal Digimon born from the fusion of moon-watching data, and has an appearance like a rabbit. It can hear sounds from any distance with its big ears, but it is timid, so it develops attachments easily and can't stand being alone.



A Bird Digimon that's unable to fly, just like Penguinmon. As a Digimon brought up in tropical southern countries, it leads an always happy life. It possesses a burning enthusiasm and dances with the rhythm of the samba, and its most favourite thing is its richly coloured pelt.

  • Palette Swap: A red recolor of the purple Penguinmon.
  • Playing with Fire: It has a fire attack instead of Penguinmon's Ice Prism.
  • Underground Monkey: A tropical variant of a basic penguin creature based off of tropical birds and with fire rather than ice attacks.

Mushmon (Mushroomon)

A tiny Plant Digimon in the shape of a poisonous mushroom. Out of Mushmon's body, it grows tiny mushroom bombs, powerful with toxins, that induce every affliction. If one gets hit with these mushroom bombs, they become unable to stop laughing, their body becomes completely paralyzed, all of their memories until now vanish, and they start showing various symptoms. As its personality is extremely ill-tempered, it loves to bully the weak, but it has a shy side, and always conceals half of its face.


A Small Dragon Digimon that has bat-like wings attached to both of its hands, but is unable to fly. Despite being a Vaccine, its personality is not so much considerably rough as it is near to brutality, giving the impression that it is a brawl-loving Digimon. Even in the Digital World, this Monodramon is in the heart of most brawls enough that it seems even Ogremon is fed up with Monodramon's tenacity. Also, the horn growing behind it is said to be its weak point, but this definitely has no degree of truth.


A Beast Digimon with a carefree personality and a bumbling character. Although it's always spaced out with its eyes looking half-asleep, it's escape is swift when it's important. It often receives a "Rubber Snap", when Bokomon's irritated at it for being too much of a lazybones. It is a well-informed person despite its appearance, but it doesn't have very much useful knowledge. Its long johns are its favorite thing, so it's always wearing them.

NiseAgumon Hakase

A genius Agumon that has a doctorate in Digital Monster studies from Digital World University. It is said that its title is plagiarized from Agumon Hakase. It is not as knowledgeable about Digimon types and territories as Agumon Hakase, and instead it rather unscrupulously spreads lies, so caution is necessary. However, as only its feelings of rivalry for Agumon Hakase are genuine, it is diligent in not leaving Agumon Hakase any research ideas, in order to inconvenience it. From top to toe it is "Nise".

  • Authority in Name Only: It pretends to be an intellectual authority, but knows nothing of what it purports to be knowledgeable about.
  • Dark Is Evil: It's a dark blue and black recolor of the orange and white Agumon Hakase, and is an evil and unscrupulous liar.
  • Palette Swap: A variant of Agumon Hakase that's blue instead of orange and with black robes instead of white.


A larval Digimon whose skin has not yet hardened because it chooses to live underwater. It swims in lakes and rivers upstream of the Net Ocean with its large tail, and occasionally climbs up onto rocks with its developed forelegs and does vocal training. Its mostly undeveloped hindlegs act as rudders in place of its tail, which has gained propulsive power, contrary to typical organisms. It is valuable among Rookies in that it signals its upcoming evolution clearly, but since its potential for mutation is extremely high, caution is necessary in its training.

  • Bubble Gun: It can shoot bubbles from its mouth with Lullaby Bubble.
  • Making a Splash: Its Lullaby Bubble, Wrapping Bubble and Water Jet attacks all use water.

Otamamon Red

A variant of Otamamon that acquired the attribute of flame. For that reason, it prefers hot springs over cold rivers. As it loves to sing like Otamamon, it never misses out on its vocal training. Its forelimbs are powerful enough to climb up onto rocks and become reassuring weapons in battle.

  • Bubble Gun: Boiled Bubble.
  • Palette Swap: A data-attribute, fire-using variant of the normally virus-attribute, water-aligned Otamamon and it's recolored to match.
  • Playing with Fire: Its Boiled Fire attack.

Otamamon X

Since its body has become even larger, its vocals have become even louder, and the effects of its special move "Lullaby Bubble" have strengthened. It is said that because of a certain Mutant-type Mega Digimon, it looked forward to a promising future with its round body and was gifted the gorgeous crown "Prince no Osogari", and it became difficult to be attacked by the enemy due to its majestic appearance.

  • Bubble Gun: The only attack it retains from its default form.
  • Cool Crown: The stylish if not very impressively named "Prince no Osogari" ("Prince's Hand-me-Down"), which makes it look too regal to attack.
  • Use Your Head: It has an attack called Smiley Headbutt.


A Plant Digimon with a tropical flower blooming on its head. Although it digivolved like a reptile from Tanemon, it is an unusual Type which is classified as a Plant based on its outward appearances and special qualities, similar to its rival Floramon. As a Plant Digimon, it gets along with FunBeemon. During the day it opens up the flower and spreads its leaf-like arms to perform photosynthesis. It usually buries its root-like feet under the ground, and although it is absorbing nutrients, it is also able to walk. As for the flower on its head, when it is joyful or happy it will waft about a sweet fragrance, but when it is angered or senses danger, it releases a foul stench that will drive off even large Digimon.

Palmon X

  • Badass Cape: Gains a cape made of plant matter in this form.
  • Fantastic Drug: It can emit various mind-affecting gasses from its flower depending on its feelings at the time. One even causes hallucinations.


A Mammal Digimon characterized by its big ears, and is able to fly through the air by using them as big wings, but because it only goes at a speed of 1 kph, it is said that it is definitely faster walking. However, it's very popular because its appearance is cute when it is desperately flying (though it seems that it doesn't feel the same). Due to its extremely obedient personality, its trainers are well-defended. Also, even though Patamon doesn't wear a Holy Ring, it is able to exhibit its hidden holy power, and it appears to have inherited the genes of ancient Digimon.

  • Blow You Away: Its main attack, Boom Bubble (Air Shot).
  • Cute Little Fangs: Was revealed to have them in Tri. And since they can evolve from Tokomon...
  • Ear Wings: Its most characteristic physical features are the flight-capable batlike wings growing where its ears should be.
  • Flight: It's capable of this, but poor at it.
  • Holy Hand Grenade: It'll occasionally show that it has traces of the powers more commonly found in its holy Digivolutions and other relatives.
  • Magikarp Power: Sure, it looks cute, but it'll soon evolve into an Angemon.

PawnChessmon (Black)

A Puppet Digimon that was born from data leaking out of a chess game supercomputer. Its power is weak, but it is promoted when it strives for prominence, and it is an ordinary pawn that conceals the mystery that it is said to possess Mega-class power. Its catchphrase is, "I only advance!" It considers its fellows who are striving for prominence ahead of it to be its rivals.

PawnChessmon (White)

Being born from the data of a chess game supercomputer, this White variation appeared together with the Black, just as how there are two players in the game of chess colored black and white. Aside from the color difference, its attitude, power and potential is the exact same as its Black counterpart.

Penmon (Penguinmon)

Discovered within an Antarctic base's computer, it is a Bird Digimon similar to a penguin. Because it lives in an ice-covered region, it has a fault of being weak in the heat, but as it has an affable personality, it will follow after you with a waddling walk. Also, its wings have degenerated, and although it is unable to fly and its walking speed is slow, it is able to move with a speed of more than 60 kph by sliding across the ice on its belly. Also, in the water it is even able to swim using its small wings.

  • An Ice Person: It has an attack called Ice Prism that causes icicles to spring up from the ground.



A Demon Beast Digimon which inhabits the dark "Evil Forest" that is spread vast across the Dark Area. It always curls up in a treetop and sleeps often. At a glance, it seems like it's harmless, but it is a fully-fledged Demon Digimon, and there have been many injuries reported from it leaping from the treetop and attacking people as soon as they let their guard down.

PicoDevimon (DemiDevimon)

A small demon Digimon with wings like a bat. It is used by the likes of Devimon and Vamdemon. It agitates Devimon, who had been an angel-type Digimon, and is said that it could be the ringleader who drew it over to the dark side. It likes dark places, and usually it lies hidden in darkness. Its power isn't strong, but its achievement is its cunning, doing bad things here and there.

  • Drugs Are Bad: Demi Darts (Pico Darts) is one of its moves you wouldn't want to take.
  • The Corrupter: Rumored to have turned an Angemon into an Devimon.
  • Waddling Head: It's essentially a round head with stubby legs and wings.

Piyomon (Biyomon)

A Chick Digimon for which part of its wings have grown to look like arms, and it is able to dexterously operate them and use them to grip objects, but for that reason it is poor at flying through the air. It usually lives on the ground, but when danger draws near it escapes by flying away. However, since its flying ability is on the same level as Patamon, it sees Patamon as its rival. Its dream is to someday become Birdramon, who can fly freely about the sky, and it seems it doesn't want to become Kokatorimon, who cannot fly at all. As its personality is to be brimming over with curiosity, it loves to peck at the head portion of Tanemon.

  • Feather Fingers: Deconstructed; its wings are formed to be capable of gripping objects, but as a consequence it's a rather poor flyer.
  • The Rival: It sees Patamon as this in terms of flying ability, as they're at about the same level in that regard.
  • Technicolor Fire: Spiral Twister (Magical Fire) tends to come out as green.

Plotmon (Salamon)

A Holy-species Digimon child characterized by its lop ears. Because it is still very young, it is unable to manifest its holy powers, and isn't even aware of its own mission. For that reason it is naturally insecure, so it can become either good or evil. However, the time will come someday when Plotmon, who was born as a Holy-species Digimon, will awaken to its mission as one of the "Virus Busters". Also, Plotmon is an experimental Digimon that was created by Digimon researchers, and because it was made to imitate the pets that live with humans, it has an appearance close to that of a real animal. Plotmon wears a Holy Ring around its neck.

  • Artificial Human: Apparently, it was designed by Digimon researchers to resemble the common domestic dog. It also received its dub name Salamon from the pet cat of one of the people working at Saban during Adventure's airing.
  • Gold and White Are Divine: Wears a Holy Ring around its neck, identifying it as a holy Digimon whose celestial elements will soon emerge should it manage to evolve past Tailmon.
  • Holy Hand Grenade: Its Happy Paw attack is one.
  • Make Me Wanna Shout: Puppy Howling.
  • Precious Puppies: It looks like a puppy despite both its prior and next form being cats.

Plotmon X (Salamon X)

Its cuteness as a pet that gives feelings of happiness to those who see it has increased.

  • Barrier Warrior: Its "Puppy Paw" technique functions as a barrier against Virus types. Or would, if Plotmon knew it had the ability.
  • Make Me Wanna Shout: The only attack it retains from its default form.



A Digimon characterized by its perturbing, flash colours. It's said to be a variant of Gabumon. Although it has a personality that's as bright and showy as the colours on its body, it apparently turns cowardly when its pelt is removed, just like Gabumon.


A Beast Man Digimon which has the appearance of a golden fox. Renamon is a Digimon whose relationship with humans is expressed bluntly, so depending on how it was raised during its time as an In-Training, it is said that it can digivolve to a Renamon of particularly high intelligence. As it is always calm, cool, and collected, it is practiced enough that it doesn't lose that composure in any situation. Its slender, tall appearance excels when compared with other Rookies, and rather than Power Battling, it makes sport of the enemy with various arts that use its speed.

  • Foil: The canid to Guilmon's dragon.
  • Kitsune: It is a magical fox-based Digimon, though this becomes more obvious when it digivolves into Kyubimon.
  • Non-Indicative Name: In the dub. Averted with its Japanese name, which translates to "Fox Leaf Arrowheads."
  • Petal Power: Its "Diamond Storm" attack actually uses sharpened leaves.
  • Recurring Element: The Renamon line is Tamers' main canine Digimon line, or at least the distant lancer-based one anyway.
  • What Could Have Been: Word of God is that it's original name was going to be Lunamon.


A Beast Digimon that, because it has an old-style interface on its brow, it has been conjectured to be an experimental "Prototype Digimon" from before Digimon were discovered. Although its body is clad in Japanese-style armor high in defensive ability, its movements are nimble, so it fights by resolutely leaping into the opponent's chest. It studies the business of combat so that it is strong enough to fight, and possesses Bushikatagi, with bravery and a soul that doesn't fear more powerful Digimon. The data that is said to have been hidden within the deepest parts of its Digi Core, during an experiment, is the ferocious combat data of the "Dragons" and "Generals" of Japanese mythology, and it is said it has the potential to grow into a mighty Digimon.

  • Recurring Element: Along with DORUmon, it's the Rookie form of one of the draconic Digimon lines of the various X-Antibody media. DORUmon is a lot more prominent, however.
  • Spike Shooter: It fires blades from its mouth with Iai Blade.

Shakomon (Syakomon)

A Digimon shaped like a bivalve covered by a hard shell. Because it rapidly developed its shell, its inner structure has become slimed-shaped like that of a Fresh. It is a cunning fellow who tempts the opponent with its cute face, and attacks them once they draw near. Also, in its closed shell state, it has such high defense as to easily deflect trivial attacks among other things.

Shakomon X (Syakomon X)


A Goblinmon whose duty is to listen to the will of God and convey that to its clan. It performs a mysterious dance during its rituals, and it is said that once it gets fired up to the maximum, it becomes able to hear the prophecies of God. It also makes use of this ritual to predict matters that are of importance to its clan.

Sistermon Blanc

A girl-shaped Digimon that looks like it's wearing a white rabbit, and is the younger sister of Sistermon Noir. In contrast to its elder sister Noir, it is slightly introverted, and it almost always hides behind its elder sister. It is caring for Hackmon just like its elder sister, and also acts as its escort. Although it is trying to diligently carry out Gankoomon's request and assist in training with Hackmon, it frequently ends up reining in its elder sister's violent manner. In order to repay Gankoomon for saving it and its elder sister, it puts all of its effort into being a chaperone for Hackmon. The triple-pronged "Cross Barbée" lance that it carries as a weapon has both an offensive side and a defensive side.


A Goblinmon that was brought up in a cold country of snow. Its warm hat and vest protect it from the cold, such that it is not bothered by it in the least. The skin on the soles of its feet have thickened to allow it to walk on snow.


A rare species of Machine Digimon. It's said to be a mutation of Hagurumon by researchers, but the truth is a mystery. Due to its computer kernel generating heat, its body has become hot enough to cause burns.

  • Action Bomb: Little Burn lets it do this.
  • Palette Swap: It's a gold-and-orange recolor of the steel-and-bronze Hagurumon.
  • Playing with Fire: Shiny Ring lets it throw fiery gears, Shine Ball shoots a fireball, Shiny Tackle shrouds it in flame and it creates a fiery explosion with Sol Calor.
  • The Power of the Sun: Its name and appearance are both themed around the Sun, and one of its attacks is named Solar Flare.
  • Wreathed in Flames: When using Shiny Tackle, it becomes shrouded in fire and charges at the enemy.


A Tropical Fish Digimon with a brightly colored body, which lives in schools within the warm coral reefs right below the equator. It's able to fly above the ocean's surface for short periods thanks to its large fins, and the sight of a school of Swimmon elegantly flying about the surface of the ocean is counted as one of the Digital World's three most scenic views. The scales that cover the surface of its body have the special characteristic of matching their coloring to the colors of their surroundings, and, if it's attacked by a gigantic aquatic Digimon, it is possible for it to camouflage itself to escape danger.

  • Chameleon Camouflage: It can change the color of its scales to blend in with its surroundings and hide from danger.
  • Flying Seafood Special: Downplayed. It can fly for limited periods of time by using its large, wing-like pectoral fins.
  • Making a Splash: Its Brine Pistol attack is water-based.


The original type of Insect Digimon who, although it has a hard shell, still has low aggression. It has one hard claw on each of its fore-legs, and four on each of its middle- and hind-legs, and in particular, the middle-legs are able to skillfully grasp objects just like a human hand. Although the other Insects at its evolution level only possess fighting spirit, it still retains its naturally friendly sentiments, and displays its carefree way of life by doing things like sniffing the scent of flowers and napping in the shade of a tree.

  • Big Creepy-Crawlies: A ladybug the size of a human child. Most of its main Digivolutions are likewise gigantic insect monsters.
  • Nice Guy: It's described as friendly and carefree.
  • Shock and Awe: Petit Thunder/Super Shocker, Rhino Spin, Dynamo Spin, and Shock Jaw all use electricity is some form.
  • Thunder Beetle: A ladybug-like creature that fights primarily with electric attacks.


With one horn growing from its head, it is a Digimon shrouded in mystery. It can be classified as a Beast Digimon from its body structure, but it's still not understood what kind of evolved form it will take on. Also, it is rumored that it is sometimes born with a twin. It's a very cute type of Digimon, and from its calm behavior it doesn't seem like a "Combat Species" Digimon, but in the case of battle, it shows that it is more powerful than it appears.

  • Blow You Away: The Terrier Tornado (Petit Twister) attack.
  • Breath Weapon: It's Bunny Blaster (Blazing Fire).
  • Cartoon Creature: Suppose to be a terrier dog but the dubbers didn't relize this and thought it was another rabbit like Lopmon.
  • Ear Wings: Although it can't exactly fly with them, Terriermon can inflate its ears to use them as a parachute.
  • Everything's Better with Spinning: Terriermon's Petit Twister is started in this fashion.
  • Foil: To both Lopmon and Vmon. Terriermon and Lopmon are usually born as twins, and it along with Vmon are the only known Rookies capable of using the Digimentals of Fate.
  • Playing with Fire: Bunny Blast (Blazing Fire)
  • Recurring Element: Although it's more prominent in Tamers, where Renamon takes the place of official canine Rookie, and Wormmon is the official main secondary Rookie of 02, it's still regarded as a foil to Vmon and is as close to a main canine Rookie to 02 as it's going to get, having debuted in Hurricane Touchdown.
  • Red Oni, Blue Oni: The red to Lopmon's blue, although it's calmed down significantly since it Digivolved from Gummymon.


A Fairy Digimon that is always snuggling up to Petermon. It does its best to work with Petermon in building "Never-Ever Land", a world of children. It bounces around in the best of moods when it is with Petermon, but if it's ignored then it will angrily strike Petermon and then fly off somewhere. After that, it is happy to come looking for Petermon and meekly receive pampering. Tinkermon's wings shine, and because there is a change in the strength of the radiance when it is tense, looking at the wings' radiance is considered a good way to suss out Tinkermon's mood. It applies a paralytic nail polish to its sharply pointed, poisoned lance and nails, and if one mocks its tiny appearance, they'll suffer a massive retaliation.

  • The Paralyzer: It has poison in its nails which it uses in its Nightmare Pandemic attack.
  • Tsundere: Described as a being a Type B to Petermon.


A unique Digimon whose entire body is made up of unique plastic blocks. It is said that a child playing on the internet created it by imitating Agumon's appearance, so it is very cute. Unlike the confident Agumon, it has a cowardly side and its blocks fall apart into pieces when it is surprised. However, it possesses a righteous heart that doesn't condone evil. Also, since it absolutely loves children, it enjoys communicating with them over the Net.

ToyAgumon Black

A ToyAgumon that has been painted black. It was infected by a computer virus within the network, and turned into a toy that would bully children instead.

  • Elemental Punch: It knows Mullion Punch.
  • Palette Swap: As is typical for virus-attribute variants, it's a black recolor of its original form.


Tsukaimon resembles Patamon in appearance, but its personality is a total opposite. A rather twisted creature, it acts as a familiar for Devimon and others. Having a personality that makes it prone to brawl, it attempts to settle things with a fight immediately.

  • Evil Counterpart: It's a Virus attribute recolor of Patamon, with a nasty disposition and tendency to associate with devil Digimon to contrast Patamon's angelic line.
  • Familiar: It's known to serve as this for demonic Digimon such as Devimon.
  • Palette Swap: It's a Patamon with purple replacing orange.

Tyumon (Chumon)

A rat-like Digimon that is always feeding Scumon with unscrupulous thoughts. It has forged a strong friendship with Scumon (that said, it might be only Tyumon that thinks this) after a past incident where Scumon was almost caught in a carnivore system trap placed on the Network, and was saved by Tyumon who just happened to be passing by. While it is generally cowardly, its cunning is unparalleled and it will dash away to safety at the first sign of danger.

V-mon (Veemon)

A new species of Digimon that was discovered recently. As a survivor of a species that flourished in the Genesis of the Digital World, it is able to perform "Armor evolution," a "pseudo-evolution" using the Digimentals. Among others, V-mon is an excellent Combat Species, as it possesses hidden power, and demonstrates tremendous abilities by Armor evolving. Although it has a mischievous, prank-loving personality, it has another side with a strong sense of justice.

  • Close-Range Combatant: V-mon exclusively use punches, kicks, and headbutts. The closest thing they have to a "ranged" attack is the fact that their headbutts launch them through the air.
  • Foil: To both Wormmon and Terriermon. While all three debuted during 02's run, the insectoid Wormmon is the official lancer of the series and the two will eventually Jogress in the most well known of their possible Digivolutionary lines; and the canine Terriermon is the only other Digimon capable of using the Digimental of Fate.
  • Karmic Trickster: V-mon are known for their twin senses of mischief and justice.
  • Lizard Folk: Notably less dinosaur-ish than most of the other main Digimon.
  • Morphic Resonance: Most of Veemon's armor digivolved forms retain certain parts or limbs from Veemon's body (indicated with the color blue).


A Digimon made of a hard, hot ore. There are wings on both of its arms so it is able to fly for a few seconds, but it gets tired easily. Due to it being very passionate, the more excited it gets, the higher the temperature of its horns and claws will increase.


A Larva Digimon with a timid, cowardly personality. Just like Veemon and the others, it's a descendant of an ancient species, so it is able to perform special Armor Digivolutions, but since Wormmon is powerless when by itself, it can't possibly match up to larger Digimon. However, by armor digivolving with the power of the Digi-Eggs, it is able to manifest unbelievable power. Also, it is said that in order for the fragile larva to grow into a powerful imago, Wormmon will one day evolve into a Champion overflowing with power. You can definitely say that it is a Digimon who has hidden potential for the future.

  • Foil: The lancer to Vmon's leader/dragon.
  • Projectile Webbing: Its silk attacks include shooting needle-like web projectiles at its targets.
  • Recurring Element: The Wormmon line is the lancer Digimon line of 02, and also happens to be one of the few who isn't based on a canine. It doubles as The Smart Guy's insect 'mon.
  • Shrinking Violet: It's a timid creature that dislikes attention.

YukiAgumon (SnowAgumon)

A separate species of Agumon that inhabits snowy fields. Due to the mischievousness it inherited from Agumon, it is always happily excited like a child when it snows. Because the colour of its body is identical to the snow's, in battle it can approach the enemy to attack without being exposed.

  • An Ice Person: It can use a number of icy attacks, allowing it to pummel its opponents with micro-sized blizzards, freezing beams, hail and icy winds.
  • Breath Weapon: Its Little Blizzard attack, which sends a flurry of wind and snow spilling from its mouth.
  • Palette Swap: It's Agumon recolored white.
  • Under Ground Monkey: It's an ice-themed version of Agumon that inhabits snowy areas.

YukiAgumon (SnowAgumon) 2006


One of the "Legend-Arms" Digimon capable of transforming itself into a weapon. There is a legend about the "Legend-Arms" that goes "if held by an angel, it will save the world, and if held by a demon, it will destroy the world. Zubamon carries the "Twentiest Data", and often shouts out "I am the Twentiest!" despite not understanding what it means. It despises crookedness, and seeks out sharpness. A day where its battles, jokes and sharpness turn out well will leave it in high spirits.

Zubamon, along with its previous forms, was created for Digimon's 20th anniversary

  • Bling of War: Zubamon is covered in golden armor.
  • Chekhov's Gunman: The "Legend-Arms" Digimon were established back when Spadamon was introduced all the way back in 2010.
  • Living Weapon: Part and parcel of being a Legend-Arms.
  • Numerological Motif: 20, in keeping with it being created to celebrate the franchise's 20th anniversary.


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