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re:View is one of the many series produced by RedLetterMedia, best know for their Mr. Plinkett reviews, Half in the Bag and Best of the Worst.

While those series are known for them reviewing films that are current releases or some of the worst of all time, re:View gives the RLM gang a chance to look back at films from the past that they want to talk about. Some they like, some they don’t, all worthy of the raucous comedy and deep analysis Red Letter Media has become known for. It also is much more stripped down compared to their other shows, with them just having a conversation largely devoid of gimmicks or storylines.

The hosts rotate every episode, with Mike Stoklasa, Jay Bauman, Rich Evans, Jack Packard and Josh “The Wizard” Davis appearing most often. Occasionally, they’re joined by a guest, like Canadian visual effects artists Jim and Colin, screenwriter Simon Barrett or Giftedly Bad filmmaker Len Kabasinski.


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