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     Revealed Fighters 
Orleander is magically inept (or disabled
She turned to Dark Magic because regular magic wasn't working for her. She needed to strike a deal with a demon to help boost her powers and make them on par with that of regular unicorns. This is why she constantly relies on a spellbook everywhere she goes and in every battle, she's nothing without it!
The Unicorn…
  • …will be an Anti-Hero. The Dev Team recently (as of this writing) dropped a mysterious, lone sillhouette of a unicorn… that is, lone except for the sillhouette of the foreboding-looking book from one of the earliest teasers, along with the subtitle, "Dark Is Not Evil, just… misunderstood." It's possible that the unicorn will be either a well-meaing mage who tries using the book's secrets for a good cause but gets in over her head, or a sort of Dark Magical Girl note  who knowingly practices in Dark Magic while still fighting on the side of good.
    • Seems to be confirmed.
  • …will be an Anti-Villain. Using the same hints as explained above, except assuming that they will be an antagonist with a sympathetic backstory and/or misguided motivations behind their actions.
  • …isn't actually a Unicorn. She's a qilin. Their are some visual similarities between the design and the example image, plus qilin are generally considered to be the Chinese equivalent of unicorns and it would probably be safer legal-wise. Though some of the qilin-esque traits also fit the profile of a classic unicorn, that still doesn't totally eliminate the possibility. There's also the matter of the qilin's inconsistent design to consider. The tall, lanky build with a somewhat lengthy neck suggests that she may be based on one of the more giraffe influenced designs of the qilin.
    • Jossed, she has been revealed as a unicorn.
    • We do get a Chinese-inspired creature as Rainbow Dash's replacement. Although she's a Longma, a dragon-horse hybrid.

Matching up the starting characters to the Friendship is Magic ponies they're replacing.
  • Arizona the Cow: Applejack. Well, she's a cow and a girl, the pun speaks for itself. She's also the "heavy" character as shown in pre-release footage.
    • Personality-wise, her description and bio matches Applejack to a tee.
  • Velvet the Reindeer: Rarity. The elves in her concept art might say "Fluttershy" but notice their absence in the pre-release footage. Also her demeanor matches Rarity's.
    • The Christmas theme Velvet has actually makes a lot of sense. Rarity's element is generosity while Christmas is a time for well… giving.
  • Paprika the Alpaca: Pinkie Pie. She appears to be bouncing in her silhouette in a manner similar to Pinkie.
    • If they decide to use the somewhat manic elements that Pinkie had from Fighting Is Magic, they could make a shout out to Llamas with Hats somewhere…
      • "Paprikaaa! That kills people!"
  • Oleander: Twilight Sparkle. The tome she has gives this away.
    • Their personalities are a bit similar. The largest difference being that Oleander actively rebels against her people's philosophies while Twilight is loyal to a fault.
  • Pom: Fluttershy. Unlike Velvet, she is shown with other animals, which are the same species as her unlike Fluttershy's unique group.
    • They look alot more like sheep dog puppies than lambs to me. One even looks to be sniffing the ground and wagging his tail.
  • Tianhou the Longma: She's the Rainbow Dash expy. What makes her different personality-wise is that there apparently isn't a hint of arrogance with her.

Rainbow Dash's replacement will be…
  • …still a Pegasus. Like Oleander who is still a unicorn but with a design closer to The Last Unicorn, the new RD could look closer to the one from Hercules with a ancient Greece vibe attached to her. Bonus point: Lauren Faust is currently working on Medusa, an animated movie set in mythological anciant Greece. Another point but which could also worked against this idea: in MLP:FiM the anciant pegasii are also shown with an ancient Greek design, which could be a fun callback but is maybe to close to the show and C&D worthy.
  • …a flying pig. A "Pigasus" if you will.
    • Jossed. It turns out that Rainbow Dash's replacement is a Longma.
    • Doesn't mean the prospect of a "flying pig" as anew character isn't out of the window.

The goat character might be a dahu
The dahu is a French joke-creature, described as a goat-like animal with shorter legs on one side of his body, keeping it well balanced on the side of a mountain but forcing it to always walk in one direction and go around the mountain to go back from where it started. Like the longma, it would be cool to see other mythical creatures from around the world join the cast. But please: don't make it a mime, or anything else stereotypical for that matter.

The goat will be The One Guy
Being the token male also justifies the presence of a Badass Beard. There is precedent for a female beard if the Prophet is anything to go by, but still...
  • Jossed if this stream is anything to go by, continually referring to the otherwise undeveloped goat as "she".
Oleander is going to be wrong about Dark Magic
With the vague warnings and Fred's Obviously Evil nature, the only surprise would be if she's right. Bonus points here if she becomes Brainwashed and Crazy and ends up dying. Even more bonus points if she suffers for the entire story and never catches a break. I don't want this to happen, but it's one likely scenario.

Similar to the above, Fred will start out evil, but will end up Becoming the Mask.
Similar to what happened with Discord, he'll start out manipulating Oleander, but then realize that he likes having her around, and will make a Heel–Face Turn and start being sincere in helping her.

Oleander won't end up suffering from Dark Magic, or facing a betrayal from Fred... she'll just go evil on her own accord.
Considering how Oleander using a Tome of Eldritch Lore and having an Affably Evil demon sidekick in Fred, the comparisons between her and Light from Death Note will extend to her becoming a Well-Intentioned Extremist who begins Jumping Off the Slippery Slope, and uses the Unicornomicon to kill everybody she sees as a threat, before becoming even more ruthless and psychotic than the enemies she fights: cue her ending scene mirroring Light's Killing Spree.

Every character will have their biggest flaw exploited, and will later have to overcome it.
Oleander's use of dark magic is probably coming back to bite her, but who's to say she's the only one to whom that'll happen? Most of the characters have at least one serious weakness that could bring them down. Each character will suffer a downfall when facing an opponent savvy enough to exploit her weakness. You could then be forced to play for a while as a powered-down version of that character until she finds a way to overcome that flaw. Once she does, though, she'll have a rematch against the foe who beat her and completely trounce them. Here's how it could go for each of them:
  • Arizona: She's described as naïve and reckless, so she'll probably rush into a battle unprepared and get curb-stomped. She may expect a fair fight and then get caught off-guard by some dirty trick. Afterwards, her opponent will mock her for using her head as nothing but a battering ram and leave. She'll spend some time learning to be more cautious and use skill as well as brute force, becoming a Genius Bruiser.
  • Velvet: Her main source of strength is the Ice Sprites and the magic they give her, so losing them would cripple her. Furthermore, she uses her looks rather than her personality to get them to help her. A wily villain could trick the sprites into abandoning her by appealing to their love of beauty, then betray them. Velvet would have to rescue them to get them back, forcing her to use her own strengths and giving them a more concrete reason to work for her.
  • Oleander: Obviously, her black magic is going to backfire on her, and Fhtng will betray her when she needs him the most. She'll have a Heroic BSoD where she thinks the other unicorns were right and considers giving up on magic altogether. However, she'll decide that dark magic is worth a second try, and gives Fhtng another chance. He'll realize that she's the first to care for him rather than his power and start helping her in earnest.
  • Paprika: She's obliviously affectionate towards everyone, and tends to be careless with how she expresses it. Thus, she could easily be manipulated by the predators into helping them, and will nearly doom Fœnum. Once she realizes this, she'll have a My God, What Have I Done? reaction and decide to be more careful in the future. She'll finally turn her skills and strength to the right purpose, fighting to protect those she loves and possibly even finding a way for predators and prey to live together in harmony.
  • Pom: She has her dogs do all her fighting for her, so, like Velvet, the logical thing to do would be to separate them from her. If a villain manages to scare off or steal the puppies, then she'll be left alone and mostly helpless. She'll have to learn to be brave on her own, and discover that she's a lot more clever and capable than she thought. Then, with her new courage and skill, she'll recover her puppy friends and ensure that they don't get lost again.
  • Tianhuo: A tricky one, since she's already The Atoner and trying to improve herself. Perhaps an enemy could bring up her past and convince her that she hasn't changed. She'll be driven to question whether she's doing the right thing and is truly worthy of being the Key Keeper above all others, and will back off to think things over. She'll gradually figure out how to be strong and proud without bullying others, make a good decision about the predators, and enforce it firmly.
  • Goat: Not a clue. We'll have to see what she's like first.

Oleander is at risk of becoming a Bicorn.
Her fur darkened due to reading a set number of passages from the Tome of Eldritch Lore. A mark on her soul by the dark magic. The more she studies and understands the darkness, the more of its influence will be left on her until her body can no longer contain it as it is now. She'll become the Unicorn's Evil Counterpart, a Bicorn, and be one with the dark.

     New Characters 
New characters.
If the crowdfund campaign is successful enough, Mane 6 will most likely expand the roster. Considering this is a new IP, the characters may, or most likely, will not be based on characters from My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. But what sort of characters could be implemented?

There will be more than just six main characters.
To prevent the obvious Mane Six parallels. Maybe this will result in a Decomposite Character, having different traits of the pony they're based off of.
  • Kind of confirmed. One of the stretch goals revealed is a seventh character. All that's known so far is that she's going to be a goat.

The greatest and most horrible of all the carnivores will be…
  • A lion.
  • A tiger.
  • A bear. note  Preferrably the one seen in the sketch.
    • Alternatively, maybe a polar bear.
  • A saber-toothed cat.
  • A dragon.
  • A Tyrannosaurus rex.
  • It will be revealed to be something small, like a weasel or a shrew. But it will still put up a good fight.
    • Taking things even further, a flesh-eating amoeba. It probably wouldn’t fight on its own, perhaps infecting something else as a puppet.
  • A human. Hopefully, they'll be redeemed in the end, if this is the case.
  • An Andrewsarchus.
  • A yeti or sasquatch.
  • A Chimera.
    • Possibly one that is part lion, part tiger, and part bear.
  • Ammit, or something clearly based on her.
  • An Eldritch Abomination
  • A carnivorous plant. Perhaps the sheep-eating plant known as the puya? Basically, this plant wants revenge on the herbivores so it created an army of carnivores to kill them.
The leader of the Carnivores… Isn't a Carnivore at all.
It's actually an evil herbivore who intends on either taking over Fœnum or its destruction. The carnivores are merely a pawn in his or her scheme.

Each of the predators seen in the sketch will be given a different personality.
Feel free to make suggestions besides my own.
  • The panther...
    • Will have a calm, Affably Evil (or Faux Affably Evil) Soft-Spoken Sadist attitude (like a mixture of pre-reformation Discord and Shere Khan). He'll also be a trickster, and before he eats his victims, he'll set traps and put them in dangerous situations for his own amusement (sort of an extension of how real life cats play with their food).
    • Will be a Ninja-type character who tries to kill their prey with the least effort possible and try not to get detected, including hiding the victim's corpse. Talks in very few words.
  • The wolf...
    • Will be vicious, angry, and bossy, similar to Queen Chrysalis. He/she will also lead an army of other wolves who will play as Evil Counterparts to Pom's dogs.
    • Will be a Mama Wolf, and an Anti-Villain. She is very protective of her fellow carnivores particularly her family. Fights the Key Keepers to ensure everyone gets free.
  • The crocodile...
    • Will have little dialogue other than hisses, growls, and maybe the occasional speech (similar to King Sombra). Despite his animalistic behavior, he'll be a lot smarter than he looks, and will be sort of a stealth hunter.
    • Will be a bully just like Gilda, s/he will insult and boss the others around. He can do this because he's the most fierce of all the predators in spite of not being the biggest and strongest one. Most likely to have a Villainous Breakdown, unable to accept that he would be beaten by a herbivore.
    • Will have a Evil Chef theme, making one liners about cooking his foes upon victory.
  • The bear...
    • Will be a big, hulking dimwitted brute. However, as time goes on, he'll be revealed to be a Minion with an F in Evil who is more interested in eating honey, berries, and fish note  than ungulates. He might even make a Heel–Face Turn.
    • Will actually be (as a Shout-Out) smarter than the average bear. He only fights when needed and is actually The Chessmaster. No one dares disobey him because he has a track record of being right, plus he easily outsmarts any challengers to his rule who are overly reliant on brawn.

There will be a character based on a púca who will be the equivalent of Discord.
His name could be Qaos.

Either the Ultimate Predator or a playable Predator is going to give the herbivores as a whole a massive What the Hell, Hero? moment
Predation is just as essential in nature as herbivores. Remove carnivores from even an ecosystem of mutual sapience and massive holes are created in the balance of nature. Meanwhile, carnivores may well have been forced into an even less stable system of consuming one another to continue. The herbivores suddenly aren't seeming terribly heroic at the moment when this is all factored in.

If an MLP character does get in, it won't be a pony
It'd be another species, like a Zebra (Zecora) or a Yak (Ruth).
  • Other species are certainly eligible, but they aren't going to resemble MLP characters (just look at Oleander, she's a unicorn, but not an MLP-style one). Hasbro doesn't have a monopoly on entire species.

One of the new original characters will be a male viking moose
He would be the one who lost against Velvet in the final round of the tournament deciding which deerfolk should be the Key Keeper. Since that day, he lost all the respect of his viking clan and hold grudges against Velvet. He decided he would search the key anyway, defeat Velvet once and for all and retrieve his honor. (He might be Big Mac's Expy, whose moveset was thought but not yet decided).
  • If he's going to be in a mildy antagonistic role, it would be pretty neat if he had a voice and personality similar to Prince Hans.
  • Half-jossed hald-confirmed: Blitzen fits part of this idea (being a massive deerfolk losing in the final round against Velvet) but actually fell in love with Velvet after the match. Depending of how the story goes, this could turn into an interesting Dating Catwoman situation. But he is not confirmed playable yet.

What other FIM expies might there be?
Discord and Big Macintosh have already been mentioned, but other possibilities include…
  • Spike.
    • A frost sprite who acts as a sidekick towards Velvet, and even shows signs of a crush.
  • Doctor Whooves.
    • A unicorn who has mastered time travel.
  • Zecora.
    • A mystical, shaman zebra. Basically Zecora without the rhyming.
    • Might be the proposed goat DLC, or the prophet in the backstory?
      • The prophet appears to be more of an Expy of Starswirl the Bearded.
  • Cutie Mark Crusaders
  • Trixie
    • A donkey doing magic trick. She would be nothing like Trixie in terms of personality, being more like a (cute?) Klutz.
    • A klutzy donkey would be a better fit as a Derpy expy.
    • An ordinary horse pretending to be a unicorn, complete with a fake horn and tail. She'll use stage magic tricks to fake having actual magical abilities and will have a rivalry with Oleander who will try in vain to prove that she isn't a real unicorn.
  • Little Strongheart
  • Shining Armor:
    • The unicorns' official Key Keeper, appointed to stop Oleander.

The leader of the Carnivores is…a MAN.
Because Humans Are the Real Monsters. Yes, humans are omnivores, but then, so are bears.

The leader of the Predators is FHTNG TH§ ¿NSP§KBL
In the October 16th Livestream, Lauren Faust stated that mystical predators are rare, but the Big Bad is the only predator that has never been seen in the real-world before, created specifically for the game.
  • Something that lends credence to this is how, if Arizona defeats Oleander in the story mode, Fred will speak of how Arizona's ruining his plans, and how he's so close to achieving his goals, all in the same red font that the predators spoke with in the prologue. And, he even includes an Evil Laugh.

The Devourer is the last dragon.
Building on the aforementioned notion of the Big Bad being the only predator not seen in the real world, let's account for the fact that longmas are supposed to be a crossbreed of dragons and horses. Horses are from reality, dragons are not. Dragons are also predators, so they too would have been banished. Ergo, we have a particular carnivorous species established as being part of The Hold that isn't part of reality. Whittle that species down to one and we have an antagonist that can milk the sympathy card to try and manipulate the longma race, including Tianhou, urging them to honor their "familial" bond to their (alleged) progenitor... or potentially forcing them to give in their predator side through Mind Rape.

At some point, you will fight unplayable characters with movesets more identical to the Mane Six than that of their expies.

And they will be either golems or Lost Technology automatons from a now-extinct civilization. Which machine will be fought may depend on the player character used in the Story Mode, and may be fought after defeating all the other Key Keeper candidates.

  • One will be the type that sets small landmines, shoot energy blasts, and has a teleportation device.
  • One will have a energy lariat, Shockwave Stomp, and so on.
  • One will fight mainly using crystals and construction materials via a small-scale personal tractor beam.
  • One will have a teleportation device and be customized with crazy gadgets and a high amount of crushing "hugging power".
  • One will have a contingency of smaller drones that will occasionally assist it in battle, as well as a killer eye-beam weapon that needs charging.
  • One will be speed-based, can fly, and can overclock its systems when in a pinch to deal a devastating sonic boom attack.

And for a further variation, during these battles, both sides will take more damage than normal, which is explained by the machines being stronger in terms of weaponry and attack, but conversely being somewhat frail due to centuries of neglect.

An Ego Maniac Hunter will serve as a Bonus Boss.
He'll originally have no quarrel with the Foenum, as he prefers to hunt Predators for the sport of it. However, when the player manages to defeat the Ultimate Predator, the Hunter will have a Villainous Breakdown, and will try to hunt the Key Keeper for defeating the Ultimate Predator before they did, all while spewing threats of what he'll do after killing the Key Keeper:
(To Oleander): "I'll throw that stupid book into my fireplace, tear that horn off of your skull, and use it as a cup to DRINK YOUR BLOOD!!!"
(To Tianhuo): "Y'know, dragons don't exist in my world. And when I'm done with you and your kind, there won't be any dragons in THIS world either!!!"

The Predators don't actually hold a grudge for their imprisonment.
They will turn out to be SocialDarwinists of the non-hypocritical variety. They wanted to eat the herbivores, and the herbivores didn't want to be eaten. Their mutually exclusive wants and needs clashed, and the consequences were what they were. The predators still have every intention of eating the herbivores of course, but (to them anyway) it's Nothing Personal. This will turn out to be even more unnerving for the Key Keepers, since the Predators will act perfectly civil to them even while trying to kill and eat them.

The Predators will be revealed to be Evil All Along.
While they do hunt the Herbivores for food on occasion. They will reveal that most of the hunting they do is for fun. Making them pure villains.


The characters will have fan-made pallets based off of the Mane Six.
One of the contribution perks (for contributing $300) is the ability to create a custom pallet for any character you wish. Given the history of this game, this seems very likely.
  • It's possible, but the FAQ states that the custom pallets are subject to legal checks. It's a possibility, but don't expect exact design choices (Cutie Marks are out of the question for example). Personally, I want to see some Pokémon inspired pallets.
  • One of the pallets they've shown Arizona has Applejack's color scheme, so don't rule this out.

Palette-swap suggestions

Accessories available during Visual Lobby mode (besides the ones already seen).
Feel free to add suggestions.

Voice Actors.
If the game has voice acting, having the characters sound the same as the MLP characters they were based on would be unoriginal and boring. But what sort of voices should they have?

The Ice Sprites aren't from Fœnum.
They originally came from another dimension, possibly through the same doorway that The Prophet used to imprison The Predators.

The Prophet was Fhtng's original owner.
At least as far as when he was sealed in the book.
  • He could've helped her seal the Predators away.

If the game is successful enough, it will get a cartoon series, and/or maybe even a movie.
I have no idea what it would be about, though.
  • I'd imagine a more action-adventure-oriented version of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic starring the main six fighters. Presumably against some constant threat and/or a Rogues Gallery
  • I personally wouldn't want a cartoon series. Mostly due to the drama Mighty No. 9 has been going through lately (where they've already announced a cartoon series, a spin-off and a movie before the actual game has been released). Plus I don't really want a Fandom Rivalry to develop between fans of Friendship Is Magic and this hypothetical show's fandom.
    • The Mighty drama was due to misunderstanding on how licensing works, though. And besides, it's not like both FIM and TFH can't have overlap in fans who like both for what they are.

MLP elements will eventually be modded in by the fans.
Effectively turning this game into Fighting is Magic: Tribute Edition 2.0.
  • Unlike Mugen, The Zero Engine (the fighting game engine given to Mane 6 by Lab Zero Games for this game to run on) doesn't support modding. The effort required to reverse engineer it is probably about as equivalent as creating a game engine from scratch. Not to mention that it would be insulting to Mane 6 and Lauren Faust to completely ignore the new characters (who could be just as compelling and interesting in their own right) to just mod the familiar ponies back in. Not to mention that such a mod could get Mane 6 in trouble with Lab Zero Games (since they effectively gave the engine to Mane 6 for free) and more importantly Hasbro (who wouldn't know the difference and probably think that Mane 6 went behind their backs to make the mod themselves after being given the C&D). For these grounds I don't like the idea of modding ponies back.
    • Then the modder could just openly/explicitly write to Hasbro or Lab Zero it was them and not Mane 6, in order to take the rap/liability in case it happened. Plus, it would be hypocritical of Mane 6 and Lab Zero to be mad at the modder or each other, when the former using pre-existing assets was how this game indirectly came into existence (which in itself isn't a bad thing), while the latter usually supports fans.
    • A second C&D to Mane 6 should no longer be possible since they do explicitly legally state that they are no longer related to Fighting is Magic. That said, C&D have been done specifically only to mods before (for example, Bid For Power, a mod for Quake 3 Arena that used to be Dragon Ball Z related).

If they get enough money, Mane 6 will one day license the actual ponies from Hasbro, while the new characters get to stay.
The C&D only stopped Mane 6 from using them as the starting cast. It likely didn't, however, say anything about licensing later. Similarly, trademark law's defend-or-die rule isn't so strict to stop companies from ever working with the "infringer" in any way ever again.
  • The question would be, how would the MLP characters play? After all, the new characters' fighting styles are patterned after the ones from Fighting Is Magic. So if the MLP characters were put back in, they'd either have to be given new movesets, or else just be basically cosmetic changes.
    • Moveset clones! Just change some animations and a few stats, and bam! Seriously it wouldn't take all that much. Considering how much different the characters are anyway, the original movesets for the Mane Six will probably have quite a few changes anyway, so...

There will eventually be an official or unofficial Crisis Crossover between Them's Fightin' Herds and My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

Chapter 2 will star Oleander.
  • Since chapter 1 ended after the boss fight with Oleander, it would make the most sense that her POV would be wear chapter 2 picks up. We'll see her meet up with some fighters Arizona met in chapter 1 (perhaps Paprika), while also introducing characters Arizona didn't in chapter 1 (perhaps Tianhuo). While it may feature where Oleander goes after her fight with Arizona, it could also show what she does in the time leading up to said fight.


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