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  • Teabagging your opponent will make your character do a taunt while dancing about, such as Arizona headbanging (though Velvet does a Noblewoman's Laugh, or at least the gesture, her actual voice clip isn't actually laughter), that will loop as long as you're pressing down.
  • A lot of the post-fight dialogue is this, such as Velvet being very protective of her chest fluff:
    Velvet: I will hold you personally responsible for any damage done to my floof!
  • The character-specific intros added in the December 2018 patch. Gems include:
    • When both players are Oleander:
      1P Oleander: What dark magic is this? And how do I learn it?
      2P Oleander: It's in chapter 34, you're a slow reader!
    • Tianhuo vs. Pom:
      Tianhuo: Let me hear your battle cry!
      Pom: Um...rawr!
    • When both players are Tianhuo:
      1P Tianhuo: Now to fight fire with fire!
      2P Tianhuo: I fight everything with fire!
    • Velvet getting angry that Paprika is floofier than her, and calls her a marshmallow. By the look on her face, it's the meanest thing she's ever called anyone.
    • For every interaction where Paprika is player one, whatever she does startles, angers, or scares the other character. Except for - inexplicably - Velvet, who seems to be able to understand her.
      Paprika: *crazed giggling*
      Velvet: Snuggles? Haha, get in line!
    • Paprika's interaction with Oleander: she wiggles around and makes throat gargling noises. Oleander is left at a loss for words.
      Fred: ...well I like her.
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    • Both Oleander and Fred falling for Cuteness Proximity in the presence of Pom and her puppies.
      • When Oleander is player 1:
      Oleander: *loud gasp* PUPPIES! I-I mean...prepare for battle!
      • When Pom is player 1:
      Oleander: No! You ate the last one!
  • The Tutorial Mode, thanks to Deadpan Snarker Oleander being in charge of teaching newcomers and pros alike on the mechanics of the game. She offers lessons on basic mechanics, advanced techniques, and will teach you how to play as each character... while also making fun of her competitors, and being amused by the player getting hit by surprise attacks.
    • She tries to explain Paprika's moveset, but is exasperated by the alpaca and struggles to explain how any of it works.
      Oleander: Paprika throws her weight around with some moves she calls [incoherent alpaca noises]. Everyone else calls them 'cartwheels'.
      Oleander: Sticking with her general theme of 'what', Paprika's wool seems to produce an endless supply of food. It could probably solve world hunger if it was in the hooves of anyone else, but no, let's use it to annoy Oleander instead.


  • In the lore post about Oleander, we get to see this bit when the unicorns react to her coat now being dark.
    Priestess: Oleander! Your appearance is an affront to the Magic of Light! You dare appear in this holy place in such a state? Explain yourself!
    Oleander: I-I don't know what happened! I… just woke up like this.
    Priestess: Well, I know, for one thing only can mar the purity of Light.
    Oleander: It's not what you think…
    Priestess: DARK MAGIC!
    Crowd: GASP
    Oleander: Alright. It's a little what you think…
    Crowd: GASP!
    Oleander: But –
    Crowd: GASP!
    Oleander: Seriously?
  • Velvet's own short story involves her participating in a tournament with all of the other deer to see who will go for the key. Various bits of Refuge in Audacity ensue, such as, in a log-pulling competition, her weakly pulling (complete with little "Ehn" sounds) and ordering logs removed until there's one log left.
  • The land the Alpaca come from is basically a wasteland that seeks to kill everything that lives in it. The Alpaca have survived here for centuries, using nothing but what the land provides them with and their own wool. Then Paprika comes along, and the entire race begins to consider themselves heading towards extinction.
    "Her name is Paprika. And she's going to kill us all."
  • In Pom's lore entry, she gathers up the courage to voice her opinion that, yes, the sheep SHOULD choose a champion to defend all of Fœnum! Naturally, she does a 180 when everyone chooses her as their Key Keeper.
    “Hold on, wait,” she stammers, “I-I didn’t mean it! I meant, nah, we shouldn’t help! I meant to say that’s a stink idea!”'


  • When someone asked Lauren who is the cutest character in the gamenote , they started joking about it being an exact science, Lauren eventually nailing the word "cutologist".
  • While discussing the ESRB rating of the game:
    "Skullgirls got "Teen" even with the "substance abuse"."
    "What, while developing it?"
  • In one of their work streams, they talked about how hard it was to name the characters (saying they were named shortly before the funding began). In particular, they talked about how one of Arizona's names, Dakota, was rejected not just because it sounded too human, but because it also sounded like a stripper's (stage) name.
  • In their ninth work stream, they reference the "Touch the Cow" meme associated with Arizona in a test version of training mode, by having a recolored Arizona standing there, with the words "Don't touch the cow" on the screen. Guess what they do to start the training?



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