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  • Colbert Bump: Despite the game's long development history while being playable around as early as February 2018, the game itself never became mainstream, having only a niche following comprised of My Little Pony: Fighting Is Magic players and fans along with the occasional brand promotion until its side tournament debut in EVO 2019. A bigger push to mainstream came with the announcement of it being picked as an official game for EVO 2020 over Super Smash Bros. Ultimate which pretty much disintegrated its obscurity in the Fighting Game community.
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  • Development Gag: One joke that's been carried over from the days of My Little Pony: Fighting Is Magic is the "Tennis Shoe" Palette Swap (a garish combination of yellow, cyan and magenta).
  • Development Hell:
    • A slight one, but it took over 2 and a half years after My Little Pony: Fighting Is Magic was C&Ded to officially announce the crowdfund campaign for Them's Fightin' Herds.
    • Even when it was finally released on February 2018, the story mode was unplayable due technical difficulties and its version number even showed that it's less than one, effectively labelling it as an unfinished released product (that's why this example's here). And then the Troubled Production comes in...
    • These recurring problems lead to Aaron Stavely being brought in as the new production manager to get things back on track, but the team has ended up continuing to miss deadlines for features such as the additional pixel lobbies and the Salt Mines 2.0.
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  • Divorced Installment: A necessity due to a C&D by HasbroLauren Faust's new character designs have nothing to do with Friendship is Magic at all.
  • Fake Brit: Alexa Kahn and Keith Ferguson, both Americans, as Oleander and Fred, respectively.
  • Fake Nationality: Since the voice actors are all American and Canadian while all the characters except Arizona are not, most of them qualify. Aside from the Fake Brits and Fake Scot mentioned here, the Scandinavian Velvet and Chinese Tianhuo are voiced by the Americans Tia Ballard and Kay Bess, respectively.
  • Fake Scot: Pom as portrayed by the Texas born Allie Moreno.
  • Fan Nickname:
    • Since Them's Fightin' Herds is kind of a mouthful and even "TFH" doesn't roll off the tongue well, some people have decided to just call it "Fightin' Herds" and some even propose to call their fanbase "Fightin' Nerds".
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    • Before the name was announced, "Fighting Ungulates" was used to refer to the game.
    • Before Shanty's reveal, she was nicknamed "Stretch" as she was made possible through stretch goals.
    • Tianhuo is often called "Tina" in match commentaries because it's easier to pronounce than her Mandarin name.
  • Jossed: Initially, only five of the characters were officially revealed - all of them except Tianhuo. It was commonly speculated that Rainbow Dash's replacement would be a playable Predator, but this was quickly disproven.
  • Shrug of God: Poor Lauren Faust receives a lot of questions about the lore when they are streaming the game, some of them being sometimes really specific (such as how much the characters weigh and how many planets are there in the game's solar system). The answer is almost always the same: "I don't know, I am still making the story, I didn't think of that yet."
  • Troubled Production: The June 2018 update on the main website revealed that there are real-life issues affecting the production crew resulting in slow or even non-existent updates. And slow the updates were: after a few monthly updates, Mane6 stopped giving updates completely. It took up until December 2018 until the next content update (which added intro and victory poses and voicelines, as well as casual matchmaking). Fans were definitely worried during that time. Aaron Stavely was eventually brought on as the new production manager precisely to remedy this, which seems to have been successful so far.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • The original game (at least with Ponies), due to Hasbro's cease and desist, which would have been freeware and released a few years earlier. Also a case of the opposite, since the original game was made using the less sophisticated Fighter Maker 2000 engine, which would result in a less polished game.
    • Velvet was originally meant to be an expy of Rainbow Dash, not Rarity, according to comments made by the developers during an early livestream. Lauren Faust envisioned her as a Christmas-styled, flying reindeer, to match Rainbow Dash's aerial battle style. However, the developers found Velvet to be a better fit for Rarity's replacement instead.
    • When trying to decide on the Pun-Based Title, one of the early suggestions was the even punnier "E-I-E-I-OW!", though it was rejected for being too focused on Down on the Farm, rather than ungulates in general.
    • When the team were coming up with the names for the characters, one of Arizona's suggested names was Dakota. The reason they didn't go with it was because it was also a human name, but it did inspire her final name.
    • More for Friendship is Magic. During one of the pre-alpha TFH streams where Faust had participated by asking and answering fan questions about the game, she mentioned that, had she known about the Longma (the horse-dragon species that Tianhuo is a part of) while working on Friendship is Magic, she would have based Discord on one, instead of making him a combination of various other creatures.
    • Velvet was originally meant to have a mechanic where her Magic recharged faster when she was further away from her opponent, to emphasize her role as a Long-Range Fighter, with the justification that her opponent's body heat was interfering with her ice magic. This was later dropped due to being too restricting, and her magic always recharges at the fastest rate.
    • The game was planned to make its EVO debut at EVO Online on 2020, but the controversy surrounding co-founder and CEO Joey Cuellar led to the dev team pulling the game from the lineup.
  • Working Title: Stampede. It is still used in the game as a "Let's Fight!" equivalent at the beginning of a match.


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