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Nightmare Fuel / Them's Fightin' Herds

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  • As of the current state of the game, the final stage of Arcade Mode is a boss rush against all the basic predator enemies inside a pitch black cave with numerous fangs from unseen predators glistening in the shadows. It really sets in a Vile Villain, Saccharine Show vibe.
    • Eventually everyone gets victory animations... but the Predators don't. They just stand there staring at the defeated player if you lose. While perhaps unintentional, the effect is rather unnerving when everyone else has gotten full animations.
  • The Salt Mines 2.0 patch turned the already intimidating Salt Mines significantly more terrifying. The mines are now timed, and the longer it takes place, the darker the atmosphere gets. The music intensifies and the AI of all of the predators - both on the overworld and in battle - becomes far less forgiving.
    • Fluffers (the wolf) now has a unique ability where it summons phantom versions of the main six fighters to chase down the players. The phantom fighters are all Red and Black and Evil All Over, and are always a higher difficulty than the other predators.
  • The final phase of the Salt Mines: once the 15 minutes are up, whichever surviving player has the most salt becomes Huggles (the bear), and the game becomes a Asymmetric Multiplayer Survival Horror.
    • Every player's Life Meter will gradually bleed out, and players will have to mine salt for the small chance of regaining health. The bear gets health from beating other players.
    • The bear can see the caves perfectly, but the rest of the players will be in complete darkness, with only a ring of light around them and the exits visible. The only warning the players will get of the bear being near them is the sound of its stomping.

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