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Story Mode

  • Arizona fights her way through Reine's Haunted Undercity, only to find the Altar of Appetence and get ambushed by a group of vicious predators, including a bear. Her response?
    Arizona: ... Okay. I jus' got one question 'fer ya'll. [STOMPS] WHO'S FIRST?!
  • Beating Oleander at the end of the Temple of the Ancestors. Not only does she have three full health bars, but in the third part of the fight, she stops holding back, using dark magic to fly around the stage and fight from a distance, and has Fred attacking from the background.
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  • The OST for the game is a massive one: there isn't just one stage theme for each stage, there's one for each stage depending on the character you're playing. The composers managed to place small reflections and variations of each theme depending on the character you're playing that reflects that character's main theme, creating a massive OST for an indie fighting game.

The Indiegogo campaign

  • Up until the final week, the Indiegogo campaign was struggling to reach even the initial funding goal. Then the floodgates opened and pledges start to pour in until all the announced stretch goals were met and surpassed. The final amount raised from the Indiegogo campaign was a whopping $587,026, a full $27,026 beyond what the final announced stretch goal required.


Actual Support from the MLP:FiM Staff

  • Lauren Faust expressed her solidarity for the game by joining the Development Team.
  • 2/10/2018: Tara Strong was confirmed as the VA for Arizona.

Brand Promotion and Awareness

  • Super Best Friends Play, a mainstream YT channel with 700000 subscribers, featured the game for Friday Night Fisticuffs (2/23/2018).note 
  • Maximillian and his friends played on stream, even facing off against one of the devs. (2/23/2018)
  • Smosh Games, a mainstream YT channel with 7.2 million subscribers, featured the game for GAME BANG (3/23/2018).
  • Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, EVO 2020 was canceled and reorganized into EVO Online with Them's Fightin Herds as one of the new online tournaments! Them's Fightin' Herds has hit the Super Bowl of Fighting Games. And one of the factors for the game being present is having better netcode compared to some of the big-name games like Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Sadly, it didn't last due certain issues.


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