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From the creators of Bratz and Lalaloopsy, everyone.

Poopsie Slime Surprise!, or known more as simply Poopsie, is a slime kit + Blind Bag Collectable brand by MGA, based on the 2010's trend of "unicorn poop". The toys usually come in toilet paper-themed packaging and usually include about 7-25 surprises depending on what you're getting. The slime is made when "Unicorn Food"note  is mixed with water. Currently there are about four ongoing lines of the Poopsie brand. These include:

  • Poopsie Slime Surprise Packs: The first and main toys produced, a mini slime kit that includes a pack of "Unicorn Food", a pack of "Unicorn Magic"note , "Unicorn Sparkle"note , a collectible mixing container parodying an existing brand, and a Talking Poo keychain that serves as a slime container.
  • Surprise Unicorn: A large unicorn doll that 'magically poops' slime when fed the unicorn food partially mixed with water along with "Unicorn Shimmer"note  There are about four unicorns to collect so far, their names being Whoopsie Doodle, Oopsie Starlight, Rainbow Brightstar, and Dazzle Darling.
    • Glitter Unicorn: Like the Surprise Unicorns, but with a glittery coating. There's two so far, them being Stardust Sparkle and Blingy Beauty.
    • Surprise Llama: Llama-unicorn hybrids with a Surprise Unicorn-like style. Like the Glitter Unicorns, there's two to get: Bonnie Blanca and Pearly Fluff.
  • Sparkly Critters: These ones come in soda can-like packaging instead, and feature small dolls based around unicorns mixed with different animals, (and as of Wave 2, anything really like the Cutie Tooties mentioned below) while also including currently two characters from the 'Surprise Unicorn' line. These ones have the slime powder already in them, so they just have to be fed water. Some will 'poop' slime, while others will 'spit' it up instead.
  • Cutie Tooties: These ones are simple figurines that come with premade slime and are packaged in a resealable bag. The character figurines are presented as practically anything mixed with unicorns, really.
  • Rainbow Surprise: Human girl dolls in which you mix the slime and put it on the doll's clothes in a form of "D.I.Y Slime Fashion". Like the Surprise Unicorns, there are four of them: Rainbow Dream, Pixie Rose, Blue Skye, and Amethyst Rae.
    • Fantasy Friends: Humanoid fairies and mermaids that are almost like the Sparkly Critters, but they only spit slime. They also fart glitter.



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