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Gungeon is a Dungeon World campaign run by Bass, as well as the general title for tabletop games run with the same group. Through seemingly complete random chance, Caprion, Eugene, Lucille, Oleander, Vivien, and Ziekte form an unlikely group of heroes.

How all six of them are still alive is anyone's guess.

Gungeon provides examples of:

Character-specific tropes:

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Player Characters

    Main party 

Caprion Uchiha Minecraft
Caprion's player token
A somewhat unpredictable, frequently rude thief with a ridiculous last name. He's been in the hot seat for crimes he didn't commit twice now.

Eugene Parvaiz Silva
Eugene's player token
A faun wizard with deep religious trauma trying to make the best of his predicament. Suffers from low self-esteem and a sense of doom, especially where his magic is concerned.

Lucille Saintiel
Lucille's player token
A kind, selfless small-town boy with a heart of gold and a self-sacrificial streak.

Oleander Marigold
Oleander's player token
A squirrel-like wizard/botanist from... somewhere. He was staying at Lililia's house when he met the party.

Vivien Argent
Vivien's player token
A beautiful, but temperamental elf from the big city... that he's never left before.

Ziekte's player token
A (strangely scaly) amnesiac cleric bound to his deity and not much else. Despite his divine allegiances, he's a rather nice guy, and something of a Team Dad.
    The Ancient Forest party 


A charismatic arcane duelist with a crooked smile and incredible alcohol tolerance.

"The Fucking Bonglord"

A skeleton. Wields his signature sword, Analdestroyer6000.
  • Dem Bones: Bonglord is a friendly(?) resurrected skeleton.
  • Famous Last Words
    Bonglord: HELLLLLLLLLLLLL YEAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH BABEYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
  • Heroic Sacrifice: Sacrifices himself to the fauns to let the rest of the party escapes.

Svetnyy Verren

The party's introverted, nerdy young cleric. Wields his grandfather's staff, Cometfall, which can be less-than-cooperative.


A strange kobold blacksmith, exiled from his home village and asked politely to live on the outskirts of Castene. Wields a pair of blackened gloves named the Wroughtscale Gauntlets.

Non Player Characters

     Lakebrace Church 

In General

Seraph/Astha Neriosma

Throne/Esben Dian

Cherub/Amadeu Vel


Lililia Sadreleth

An extraordinarily talented college student from a family of successful magic users. While passionate and (mostly) friendly, she struggles to form meaningful relationships with her peers.

Truffle Undertale

A nervous faun artist just trying to make it through the day. Very passionate about the comic "Moonmages."

Melye George Highstone

Caprion's insufferable ex from prison, as well as a prosecutor. He's not too happy about being stabbed in the eye.


A tricky magician with a penchant for illusion. Seems to have faked their own death.

Dr. Para Chess

  • Trademark Favorite Food: Chess's office is littered with cans of soup, and xe has a "soup closet" which xe apparently eats lunch in.

Detective Shields

    Trinity Academy 

In General

"really love how the trinity trios progression following bronze —> silver —> gold also mirrors their levels of insufferability "
valid bass m. (GM)

Alexis Arany

Gino Larame

    The Ancient Forest 

In General


An exhausted faun who has all but given up on her role in the forest.
  • Love at First Punch: Upon losing to Adeline in an arm-wrestling match, she proceeds to spill about half of her life story and develop a crush on her.


In general

God Is Flawed

Lumioel, God of Hope and Protector of Mortals

A popular deity and Lucille's patron.

Cxithdris, God of Rebirth and the Seasons, Lord of the Forest

The ruler of the Ancient Forest and creator of fauns and dryads.

Rembris, God of the Void, Balance, and Death, Keeper of the Gates

A concerningly carefree deity who handles souls post-mortem. Loves garlic, for some reason.

Zarcon, God of Bloody Conquest and Personal Victory, King of Dragons

A smug serpent with questionable motives who took a heavy beating courtesy of Lumioel a while back, but continues to live as Ziekte's patron for now.

Iagiel, God of Deceit and Disguise

Posed as Lumioel to usurp their following, and thus had their home garden in the Void burned down by the party.

Etari, Patron of Thieves, Lovers, and Perseverance

A dead god only spoken of in a select few legends.
  • Divine Date: Grew to love the world they oversaw due to falling in love with a mortal.
  • God Is Dead: Gave their life, along with their lover, on their final divine heist.

    Other NPCs 


A strange young man who contacted Eugene in his sleep.

Leonne Argent

Vivien's missing mother.


Truffle's contractor, and a current suspect in Meringue's murder.

Lucky Harold

"not gonna lie? harold sweep"
valid bass m. (GM)
A recurring innkeeper who appears to run the same establishment, Lucky Harold's Family Inn/Tavern, in every single steading the party visits. He spends a lot of time sweeping.


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