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A fictional Fighting Game existing on AM_NK's head. It's a 2D 2on2 Tag Team Fighting Game with a round-based 1on1 option as well. It's based around the eponymous webcomic by Tom Siddell, taking characters, environments, quotes and fragments from the webcomic itself and its official artwork, a la JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle.

The gameplay differs from both 1on1 and 2on2 modes. 1on1 is the classic Three Round Deathmatch where both characters pick up a fighter and engage in a best-out-of-3 fight. 2on2, on the other hand, has a typical Tag Team setting, akin to Tatsunoko vs. Capcom, with both players choosing two characters which can be switched on-the-fly, allowing tag combos, assist attacks, tag supers and the like.


The story mode is a recreation of the comic, with one or two fights per chapter, separated by non-fighting segments called "Interludes". Other modes are the classic Arcade battles (with each character getting an own ending cutscene), the monster invasion Crash Course, the aptly-named Boss Rush mode where you have to defeat big creatures, Survival, Time Attack, Score Attack, Training, and Tutorial.

    Proposed character roster 
  • Playable characters:
    • Antimony "Annie" Carver (with Reynardine)
    • Katerina "Kat" Donlan (with Robot, Shadow 2 and the Court Robots)
    • Coyote (with the Shadowmen)
    • Ysengrin
    • Sir James Eglamore
    • Anja Donlan
    • George Parley (with Andrew "Smitty" Smith)
    • Jones
    • Zeta "Zimmy" (with Gamma Czarnecki and the Zimmingham creatures)
    • Jack Hyland (with Jenny and the Power Station guards)
  • Unlockable, Secret characters:
    • Paz Cadena-Blanco (with Bobby and the Court animals)
    • Basil, the Dreaded Minotaur of Crete
    • Donald "Donny" Donlan
    • Anthony "Tony" Carver
    • Surma Carver-Stibnite
    • Steadman, the Archer
  • Unplayable Final Boss: Jeanne.

Be aware that, because of the very nature of the game, there won't be spoilers marked. Proceed with caution if you haven't reached the end of the comic or haven't read it yet. You Have Been Warned.


This game shows examples of:

  • Action Girl: This being a fighting game, all of the playable gals qualify.
  • Adaptational Badass: Coming from a non-action webcomic, this is expected. Notable examples include Kat, Anja, Donny, Paz and Basil.
  • Ascended Extra: Donny, Tony, Paz, Basil and Steadman. They either had one chapter at best, or were never fighters to begin with.
  • Assist Character: Each of them have an own, separate health bar located above the Super bar, and can be combo'd if the player is unlucky enough.
    • Reynardine for Annie
    • Robot and the Court Robots (including Boxbot and Robox) for Kat
    • The Shadowmen (except Shadow 2) for Coyote
    • Smitty for Parley
    • The Zimmingham monsters and Gamma for Zimmy
    • The Power Station guards and Jenny for Jack
    • The Court animals and Bobby for Paz
    • The Artilleryman for Steadman.
  • Barrier Warrior: Anja's moveset is pretty defense-oriented, with tons of shields, force-fields and containment moves at her disposal.
  • Bloodless Carnage: The game features sword fighters, archers, and creatures who can grow their weapons out of their limbs. Yet, there's few to no blood shown.
  • Body Horror:
    • Ysengrin in Tree mode creates his attacks by distorting his limbs.
    • Coyote in every mode. In Small and Normal heights he has an attack where he turns into an eyeless head. One of his Level 1 attacks is the Cacodemon-like sphere he becomes in the Bonus page of Chapter 20.
  • Butt-Monkey: Boxbot as usual. This time, he's part of Kat's moveset, and he falls into the opponent's head. He's avoidable (though also unblockable) and doesn't do much damage when hit.
  • The Cameo: Every character featured in the comic is present in a way or another. If they aren't playable or assist, they can be found in the backgrounds or among the menus.
    • Tea is the menu guide and the Tutorial mode teacher, as a reference to her appearance in the bonus pages of the comic.
    • Tom's avatar is found in the Zimmingham stage.
  • Cast from Hit Points: Zimmy can summon more monsters at the cost of some health if her Stability bar is over 75%.
  • Cast of Snowflakes: The whole game. Comes with being based on a webcomic with such attention to detail. Even the roster itself has the fighters differentiating between each other thanks to their unique traits, including stance systems, character-specific assists, unique mechanics, etc.
  • Co-Dragons: Coyote and Ysengrin become this in each of the Ladders towards Jeanne.
  • Combos: Characters can combo normals into normals, normals into specials (including Supers) and specials (including Supers) into normals. Only Jeanne can combo specials into other specials, adding to her SNK Boss status.
  • Combo Breaker: The Parry system. Parrying a normal with the polar-opposite normal (left kick with right kick and viceversa, same with punches) breaks the combo and grants a very small window for a free attack to the breaker. Only normals can be parryed, though, and only a normal attack after the parry enables a retaliation combo, while a Special (regardless of which one) acts as a combo ender. Akin to the 2013 version of Killer Instinct, if the normal retaliation attack is also parried, the Parry itself is countered and the combo can continue for a few more hits.
  • Competitive Balance:
  • Creator Cameo: Tea-san, Tom Siddell's avatar, is found in "Zimmingham" as a graffitti. Tea, the white girl accompanying him in some pages, is also present in Tutorial mode.
  • Cherry Tapping/Death from Above: Kat's "Nobody likes Boxbot". You must really suck to be killed by a falling Boxbot.
  • Developers' Foresight:
    • Characters have special intros depending on who's paired with them or who the rival character/team is.
    • Annie's throw has a different effect depending on the enemy's height and if biped or quadruped.
    • If Kat faces Zimmy and Zimmy uses her Zimmingham move, they get teleported to the Zimmingham version of the Ship from Chapter 49 instead of the regular Chapter 28 version.
    • If Gamma hits an enemy Zimmy, not only she lowers Enemy!Zimmy's Stability bar, but also nullifies her summons for a bit.
    • Parley has different entrances depending if she's on her Casual, Dragonslayer or Trainee costume.
    • Jones's Level 3 attack changes if she's on Zimmingham. Normally, she pushes the player and a bomb falls off the sky, but in Zimmingham, she calls the Power Station operators to unleash the rain, stopping Zimmingham, and bringing Zimmy back to normal.
    • Should the Annie/Eglamore team defeat Coyote, Ysengrin or both in Arcade Mode, a different transition to Annan Waters is played where Annie falls off the bridge and Eggers screams "SURMAAAAAAA!" akin to the end of Chapter 7.
  • Difficult, but Awesome:
    • Coyote can only reach his more powerful forms if he reaches Level 3. Consequently, his moveset is geared towards getting faster to these modes, with even his normal moves giving meter even on whiff.
    • Both of Ysengrin's formes have their own perks. Wise players will learn how and when to use both forms if they want to survive.
    • Zimmy's moveset is based on good micro about her Stability bar. Reaching Zimmingham requires a full Stability bar (meaning Zimmy must lose health in order to reach it) and Level 3 meter, which she can obtain quicker by sending more monsters.
    • Jones and Basil are grapplers in a game which doesn't favor this character archetype, with all the disadvantages this implies. However, they also have projectile nullification moves, and their walking speed is faster than other big characters.
    • Parley's moves aren't exactly powerful, but with some of her moves she gains meter faster than other characters. She's basically a Battery character in a 2-on-2 game, meaning her best companions are going to be characters who make heavy use of the meter such as Annie or Eglamore.
    • Anja has a defense-geared moveset. However, she also has some of the strongest normals, and her assist moves (basically, shields and forcefields) are among the most useful of the game.
  • Elemental Powers:
  • Expy:
  • Fighting Clown: Paz, an Actual Pacifist, gets turned into a Martial Pacifist in this game. Her "special moves" have her calling the animals of the Court to fight in her stead.
  • Final Boss: Jeanne.
  • Hold the Line: The Crash Course mode is geared towards resisting waves of enemies.
  • Improbable Weapon User: Tony, as a medic, can use syringes and a lot of medical supplies.
  • Interface Screw: Jack's Level 3 restricts the battle to the current screen rectangle by using the Laser Cows.
  • Late-Arrival Spoiler: Several stages and character moves (and even some characters themselves) play a sensible part in the source material's plot. The Story Mode itself is a retelling of the whole saga.
  • Limit Break: Par for the course for fighting games, each character has at least three basic moves, which have different utilities. Some are straight multi-hit attacks while others allow the characters to enter their respective super modes.
  • The Lost Woods: Gillitie Forest, The Annan Waters, the Creatures From The Ruins stage in Crash Course.
  • Mechanically Unusual Fighter:
    • Parley's moveset makes her basically a 3D character in a 2D game, with her sidesteps, Z-axis rolls, and general projectile avoidance. This is controlled by a special gauge which determines where can Parley sidestep and which effect this has on the stage.
    • Zimmy has an unique Stability bar above her Super Bar. Her whole playstyle depends on this bar, which rises when attacking, and Gamma can help reduce it. When the Stability bar is at 75%, Zimmy starts losing health at a worrysome rate. Needless to say, 100% drains the health bar faster while allowing her to access the overpowered Zimmingham mode.
    • Ysengrin's both forms. Tree form cannot block or jump, and has a slow walk, but he cannot be hitstun and has an obscene defense alongside a slow dash and highly damaging attacks. Wolf form, on the other hand, lacks special moves and defense but keeps the highly damaging attacks, can combo and is fast as hell. Like Coyote, he's a quadruped in a game of bipeds.
    • Coyote is also a quadruped in a game of bipeds, and has three sizes he can change with certain requirements and which have wildly different movesets.
  • The Medic: Anja can cast a healing shield as an assist-only move.
  • Mid Boss: Coyote and Ysengrin are always the next-to-last bosses in the Ladders.
  • Mineral MacGuffin: The story begins with a Foley student visiting the Forest bringing a diamond with him. The diamond has some strange powers which allows its owner to Mind Control any creature they want. The diamond falls off the bridge connecting the Court with the Forest, falling into Jeanne's hands, who uses it to control Coyote and Ysengrin, setting the events of the game.
  • Mythology Gag: Tons of moves, animations, scenes, and the like, being extracted not only from the comic itself, but also from official artworks.
    • Annie has special intros with several characters:
      Ysengrin: the reverse of her tree-climbing from Chapter 39.
      Eglamore: they both enter walking, akin to the several visits they did to the Forest.
      Coyote: Coyote's neck surrounds her, like the scene from Chapter 39.
      Parley: Smitty is talking with Annie and Parley spawns next to her, falling on her butt, mirroring the scene from Chapter 30.
      Jack: Jack escapes from some guards and crashes onto Annie, mirroring the beginning from Chapter 27.
      Donny: Both Annie and Donny enter through an etheric door, mirroring the scene from Chapter 37.
      • Her back punch while crouching is the Blinker Stone slamming she did in Chapter 21.
      • Her back punch while standing is the slam to Coyote's ass from Chapter 14.
      • While dashing or backflipping, her Etheric self can be seen helping in the move.
      • She has a defensive flamethrower move, copied from Chapter 32. The enhanced version of the Flamethrower is called Flame Rage, and she basically sets on fire her opponent as she did to the Robots in Chapter 49.
      • Her non-enhanced fireball is copied from Chapter 49.
      • Her throw changes depending on the height of her opponent, or if they are a biped or quadruped:
        If her opponent is equal or less the same height than her, she starts with her taking of Alistair from Chapter 13 and throws them like she did with Winsbury in Chapter 3.
        If her opponent is taller than her, she takes them from the arm (like she did with Zimmy in Chapter 19) and then does the Winsbury scene.
      • Her Level 1 Super has her being engulfed in flames which deal a lot of damage and gives burning status. The move itself is extracted from Chapter 48, while the burning status is inspired in Chapter 44.
      • Her Level 2 Super has Reynardine coming to help her by beating down his enemy. This references his pursuit of the bullies in Chapter 19.
      • Her Etheric Mode has her entering into Fire Elemental mode, enhancing her fire powers and adding burning status to all of her moves, akin to Chapter 44.
    • Kat enters the battlefield in the vehicle she built in Chapter 8.
      • She can call robots in order to do a lot of attacks, such as the mantis from Chapter 25 who attacks in an arc, Robox who charges at her opponent, and Boxbot who falls from the sky in a vertical way.
      • Her Etheric Mode has her crashing a lamp, turning into her Etheric self from Chapter 38, and Robot entering into the battlefield. Robot himself has many moves extracted from the Comic such as the Boston Crab from Chapter 33 and the back kick from Chapter 49.
    • Coyote has a smirk referencing his introduction in Chapter 14.
      • He has a special intro should he fight in the Court's Main Room, calling it a "rabbit warren".
      • His Large form back punch is the "Stop!" punch he did to Ysengrin in Chapter 14.
      • His Level 1 super in Regular size has him enacting the "Boo to you!" scene from Chapter 39.
      • His Level 1 super in Large size has him turning into the Cacodemon-like form he took in Chapter 20's bonus page.
      • His Level 2 super has him summoning the Shadowmen, referencing the tale of him being their creator from Chapter 14 and 36.
      • His Level 3 super in Small size is the Time Stop from Chapter 31.
      • His Level 3 super in Large size has him enclosing his enemy into a bind (like Annie's from Chapter 31 but to the whole body), then growing to the giant form and eating him like he ate the moon in Chapter 20.
      • His Etheric Self turns him into a Giant Coyote who has, among other attacks, a "demonic face" like the one he put to scare Annie in chapter 39, and the mighty paw from Chapter 20.
      • His winning pose has him juggling his eyes like he did in Chapter 20.
    • Ysengrin's intro pose has him lowering his hood like he did in his introduction in Chapter 14.
      • He has a special intro against the Eglamore/Annie team where he bashes Eglamore for receiving orders from a little girl.
      • Several of his limb attacks in Tree mode are the long-range spear axe and hand claws (his back punch) from Chapter 14, the Scorpion-like spear from Chapter 26 and the several attacks over the creatures of the ruins in Chapter 44.
      • His crouching in Tree mode is the spider-like shape he took in Chapter 39 while chasing Annie.
      • His transitions between formes are taken from the comic:
        Wolf-Tree is based on Chapter 26.
        Tree-Wolf is based on Chapter 44.
    • Eglamore enters to the battle in a similar fashion to his rescue of Annie in Chapter 39.
      • His projectile in Fists mode is the Etheric pillar he threw to a possessed robot in the end of Chapter 7.
      • He has Surma's knife from Chapter 7.
      • He can nullify status effects and etheric attacks by creating a nullification field like he did in Chapter 31 in order to stop Annie's flames.
      • His Level 3 Super has him calling Sivo in order to charge at the opponent from different angles, referencing Chapter 22's Dragon slayer of the flashback and his rogat orjak.
    • Parley's costumes change her introduction.
      In her Casual outfit, Andrew is already in the battlefield, and Parley teleports falling with her butt while eating popcorn, referencing Chapter 30. An additional scene plays if Kat is her partner, also referencing that chapter.
      In her Trainee outfit, she catches Andrew by the head and scratches it, akin to Chapter 23.
      In her Dragonslayer outfit, she enters the battlefield walking alongside Smitty, referencing her first visit to the Forest in Chapter 48.
      • Her back kick is the kick she used to strip Jeanne off the Blinker Stone in Chapter 30.
      • Her throw is the throw taken from Chapter 17.
      • Her Level 2 has her unsheathing the Coyote knife tooth Annie gave to her.
      • Her Level 3 has her starting with the Unsichtbarhau combo she did to Robot in Chapter 34 and finish it with the 4-hit combo she did to Jeanne in Chapter 59.
      • Should she win a match, she catches Andrew by his shirt and starts kissing him, akin to the bonus page of Chapter 34.
    • Jones has the rock demolition from Chapter 40 as her front punch, and her concrete-smashing plain hand move from Chapter 28 as her back punch.
      • Her not being able to jump higher references her highly dense body properties.
      • She can nullify an attack by posturing like she did in Chapter 17, where she managed to avoid Eglamore's sword attack.
      • Her Level 1 super has her throwing a mammoth towards her enemy like she did in Chapter 40.
      • Her Level 3 super is the nuclear bomb which killed Mort in Chapter 47. If she's in Zimmingham, she instead calls the Power Station operators who release a rain which brings Zimmy back to normal and stops Zimmingham, referencing Chapter 19.
      • Her invulnerability to Etheric attacks is reflected in both her aforementioned posturing and her lack of an own Etheric mode plus her high resistance to Etheric attacks.
    • Zimmy is already in the battlefield with Gamma when her ally comes, referencing their introduction in Chapter 5.
      • Several of the monsters she summons have appeared in past chapters of the comic such as the monsters who sent the letter to Mort in Chapter 21.
      • She can send a faceless (Chapters 19 and 28) who stuns her enemies.
      • Although the move seems very random, she can throw any pickable object from the stage like the chair she threw in Chapter 19.
      • Gamma can help ease Zimmy's stability as well as nullifying her enemy's own powers with headbutting, referencing her time with Annie in Chapter 28.
      • Her Etheric Mode has her entering into Zimmingham. Which part of it depends on the stage, as the Ship (Paz's stage), the Court Library (Zimmy's stage) and the Power Station (Jack's stage) have different Zimmingham settings.
      • Her Level 3 changes when faced against Anthony, with a white screen where she appears from nowhere saying "Message from your little girl, mate!" and punching him like she did in Chapter 38.
      • Should she win a match, the rain starts falling, and she becomes happy, even getting the spunk out of her eyes, like the end of Chapter 11.
    • Jack enters the battlefield by running from some guards like he did in Chapter 27.
      • Once per match, he can use a device which catches his enemy and stuns them, referencing the device he used to separate Renard from his Etheric self at the end of Chapter 27.
      • He can protect himself from homing attacks and have splash damage immunity by using a device like the one from Chapter 34 which fooled the Court's systems.
      • In Zimmingham, he has spiders all over him, referencing Chapter 27 and 28.
      • His Level 1 has Jenny stepping onto a drawing in the floor which catches Jack's enemy and damages him, referencing how Jenny was able to fool the Seraphs in Chapter 49.
        If Annie is Jack's partner, there's a follow-up which adds an extra hit, where Annie places her Blinker Stone into a small drone Jack made, also referencing that chapter.
      • His Level 3 has him fixing a Laser Cow who thanks him by surrounding the current fighting area in a laser field, referencing the end of Chapter 24.
    • Donny can use the etheric door-like portals to "teleport" himself to the other side of the screen like he did in Chapter 37.
    • Paz's Level 3 Super (a counterattack) has her falling to an ocean where she met with Lindsay, who smashes her opponent.
    • Jeanne's special intro with Annie/Parley has her chanting the Haiku from Chapter 30.
      • Another special intro is her against Annie, inflicting her the cheek cut from Chapter 8.
      • She can inflict bleeding on her opponent as a reference to her first encounter with Annie in Chapter 8.
      • Several of her sword attacks are taken from the comic such as Chapter 30.
      • She can protect herself from overhead attacks by placing a fencing mask like the one shown in Chapters 30 and 59.
      • She can nullify projectiles by doing her desperation attack from Chapter 60.
  • No-Sell:
    • Ysengrin has a special move which allows him to block/avoid projectile attacks.
    • Parley has the 3D Sidestep and Z-Axis Roll, which also serve to nullify projectiles. If she reaches Level 3, she can also use Coyote's tooth to nullify projectiles.
    • Jones has a similar move to Ysengrin, which allows her to go through projectile attacks.
  • Power Nullifier:
    • As Zimmy's Assist Character, Gamma can either hit Zimmy (lowering her Stability bar) or her enemy (deactivating their special powers briefly).
    • Jones's unique variation of her Level 3, which only works on Zimmingham, allows her to reset the stage to whatever stage she was battling.
  • Reality Warper: Zimmy. She has a unique Stability bar, which increases while she's fighting. Dealing and receiving damage increases this bar, allowing her to summon more monsters at the cost (in higher levels) of some health. Gamma's cooldown reduces this bar, though it also reduces the amount of monsters Zimmy can summon. With a full Stability bar, Zimmy can input her Level 3 Super where she turns the battlefield into Zimmingham, giving her permanent buffs and no health reduction for a while.
  • Shapeshifter:
    • Coyote can modify his body at will.
    • Ysengrin in Tree mode can create weapons and tools from tree branches.
  • Shotoclone: Annie. She has fireballs, a rising uppercut and a vertical wheel kick.
  • Shout-Out:
  • SNK Boss:
    • Coyote as a Mid Boss can switch at will between all of his shapes without superbar need, and has augmented stats.
    • Ysengrin doesn't need to go back to his trees when in Wolf mode, as they go to where he is. He also has higher speed in Tree mode and higher defense in Wolf mode.
    • And lastly, Jeanne, the whitest of your nightmares. Low kick attacks such as swipes don't affect her at all. She can deal damage both with her sword and her rapier, both of whom she can use at will. Rapier attacks are fast and have obscene priority over most attacks. Sword attacks always anti-air. And she doesn't flinch at all. Also, she's the only member of the cast who can combo specials into other specials, whereas the playable/unlockable cast can only combo normals into other normals or specials and viceversa. You WILL hate her.
  • Stance System:
    • Kat's Machine can switch between Aerial and Ground modes at any time.
    • Ysengrin has the Wolf and Tree forms. He can switch from Tree to Wolf at any time, but he needs to be close to his Tree in order to switch back to Tree mode.
    • Eglamore can switch between Fists and Sword stances, each stance giving him new moves and properties.
  • Super Mode:
    • By reaching Level 3 or inputting the Etheric Mode motion, Annie can switch to her Fire Elemental mode.
    • By reaching Level 3, Coyote can switch to the Defense-oriented Large form or the Offense oriented Small form. Etheric Mode also gives him the Giant mode, where he only uses normal attacks to dish out huge damage.
  • Tag Team: 2-on-2.
  • Teleport Spam: Parley, akin to Displacer!Raiden.
  • Weapon of Choice:
  • Wrestler in All of Us: Jones and Basil have movesets geared towards MMA, Wrestling and Lucha Libre.


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