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As a story spanning an entire galaxy and covering many different perspectives, Sonic X: Dark Chaos can get a little tangled. Here are the characters introduced in the story (so far).

Note: Large numbers of unmarked spoilers below!

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    Sonic and crew 

Sonic the Hedgehog

Everyone's favorite cool blue supersonic hedgehog. Sonic acts as a bit of an Aloof Ally, often pulling Big Damn Heroes moments. Can transform into Super Sonic when he possesses the Chaos Emeralds.

  • Artificial Human: Well, hedgehog in this case. It's revealed at one point that Maledict created him as part of a plan to fight back against the angels; when he was deemed a failure, Maledict, having grown fond of him, had him sent to Mobius in a space pod, deciding to spare Sonic's life and allow him to build his own future.
  • Big Brother Mentor: To Chris and Tails.

Miles "Tails" Prower

An eight-year old fox with two tails, Miles "Tails" Prower is Sonic's best friend. He is a pilot, mechanic, inventor and sidekick to Sonic. While still humble and seeing Sonic as his idol, Tails grows up fast once he takes control of the Blue Typhoon. He forms a romantic relationship with Cosmo. Eventually, he is forced to sacrifice his life to defeat Dark Tails and save the universe.

  • Humble Hero: Even after he gains fantastic powers that surpass his friends, he still considers and defers to his friends whenever he can.
  • Interspecies Romance: With Cosmo.
  • Interrupted Suicide: That is how he and Sonic first met, expanding the backstory given in the show.

Knuckles the Echidna

Sonic's friendly rival, Knuckles is the guardian of Angel Island and the Master Emerald. Completely focused on his duty to guard the Master Emerald, Knuckles is a bit anti-social and keeps to himself. He is short-tempered and easily fooled, but he makes up for it with his courage and fists. Often the butt of Sonic's jokes.

Amy Rose

Sonic's self-proclaimed love interest, Amy is an optimistic, strong-willed girl who has a long-standing crush on Sonic and wants to be his girlfriend. While she means well, she can be a bit of a handle and often glomps Sonic. In battle, she uses her trusty Piko Piko Hammer. Turns deadly with her Hair-Trigger Temper.

Cream the Rabbit

She is very sweet and good-natured, though she misses her mother Vanilla. Cream is accompanied by Cheese, a loyal Chao who usually mirrors her feelings.

Chris Thorndyke

  • Adaptational Badass: From unleashing Death from Above with the Blue Typhoon in Episode 69 to fighting both Beelzebub and Astorath simultaneously by himself in Episode 75, he's got this in spades.
  • Fountain of Youth: Entering Sonic's world causes his age to match the amount of time that's passed in Sonic's world rather than his own.

    Eric and crew 

Eric the Hedgehog

A raging adrenaline junkie and wild card of any fight, Eric is somewhat of an enigma. Despite his undeniable strength and speed, he is so impulsive and ditzy that not many others take him seriously, and even fewer like him. However, when the going gets tough, he shows a much more badass side. He has a Super form of his own, but nobody else knows how he learned to use Chaos Emeralds.

Sonya the Hedgehog

Not to be confused with Sonia from Sonic Underground. Eric's girlfriend and closest companion, she also is the brains behind the crew. She tends to keep a calmer head compared to Amy, although she is utterly relentless in battle. She often takes over when Eric gets a bit too wild.

Mighty the Armadillo

An old friend of Sonic's, he joined Eric's crew for the love of adventure.

  • Badass Pacifist: For someone who dislikes fighting, he enjoys using explosives.
  • Technical Pacifist: He refuses to harm other people, but he makes an exception for Shroud.

Fang the Sniper

A former member of the Chaotix, Sonya hired him to come along on their ship with the promise of riches and rewards. He is notably technically minded, having developed his own weapons and tech. He is also very intelligent.

Shadow the Hedgehog

A powerful, black hedgehog who is the final result of Project Shadow, a scientific experiment headed by Eggman's grandfather Professor Gerald Robotnik under Maledict's secret control.

Alice the Cat

An orphaned girl from a planet devastated by a Shroud pandemic, Eric and friends find her clinging to life. They take her aboard their ship and introduce her as a member of their crew. She is killed by Dark Tails in Episode 72.


Maledict the Devil

One of the three gods who created the universe. He forged the Chaos Emeralds and infused them with his own power in ancient times. His decaying physical body is kept whole through extremely advanced cybernetic technology and the Altus Emerald of Power that he keeps with him. He is a consummate Manipulative Bastard and chessmaster, using his powers and sheer intelligence to rule the universe.

  • Luke, I Am Your Father: He's revealed to be the father of Shadow and Sonic, having created them to serve as weapons against the angels.
  • A Million Is a Statistic: How he justifies devastating the galaxy.
    Maledict: I sacrificed your galaxy to end the Eternal War, to cement my rule and finally bring order upon my rightful subjects. Billions had to die, so googols of others could live.
  • Order Versus Chaos: Despite creating the Chaos Emeralds, Maledict firmly believes in imposing absolute order upon the universe - courtesy of his Demon Empire - and he will do anything to accomplish his goal.
  • Power Armor: He wears a golden one under his cloak; it actually encases a liquid bubble where his remaining organs are kept functioning.
  • Pragmatic Villainy: He doesn't want to destroy the Milky Way Galaxy outright because he understands the the resources of an entire galaxy is a very useful asset.
  • The Unfettered
  • Universal Conqueror
  • Wicked Cultured

Beelzebub, Lord of Flies

The Grand Admiral of the Demon Imperial Navy, Beelzebub is a hyperactive sex-crazed maniac who enjoys raping others including children as his favorite pastime. He is narcissistic to the point of being completely delusional. Despite his cruelty and violent hedonism, he is both highly intelligent and very cunning. He also invented rock n' roll and guitars (by accident), and he is obsessed with chocolate fudge.

Astorath, the Prince of Darkness

Chief of the Nephilim/Hell Knights and Lord-General of the Demon Army, he is somewhat dimwitted at first glance. Despite his seeming lack of intelligence, he is resolute, doggedly loyal, and A Father to His Men. Also referred to as the Lord of Battle.

Firmus D'Arnazhee

An admiral in the Imperial Navy, Maledict gives him command of an entire Legion and orders his forces to stop pursuing Sonic. He apparently lost most of his brothers and sisters in the war against the Metarex; when Maledict reveals his manipulation of the war, D'Arnazhee is so enraged that he takes out his sidearm and shoots the Devil in the back. His treason does not end well and Maledict immediately kills him.


Allysion, Goddess of Light

One of the three gods who created the universe. Her mortal shell has fully decayed, so she exists solely as a spirit bound to the Altus Emerald of Wisdom. Despite her condition, she is the unquestioned archenemy of Maledict, who she once loved as a brother, and she hopes to free the whole universe from his grasp.

Jesus Desjiliac Christos

Originally a human being from Chris's world, Jesus was secretly raised from birth to be a future leader of the Federation. Nearly executed by Roman authorities, he was resurrected with Angel medical technology in his tomb and taken away soon afterward to fulfill his destiny. Now, he is officially the supreme military and diplomatic leader of the Federation. Strongly idealistic, he does all he can to keep his allies fighting together.

Tephiroth the Three-Winged Angel

A fox who lived in the distant past, he is a distant ancestor of Tails. He is a genetic mix of both fox and Angel; he has two regular wings and a cybernetic one jutting from his back. He is a very contemplative and soft-spoken assassin for Christ, and he is definitely not a momma's boy.

Judas Iscariot

He was Jesus' closest friend/one-sided homosexual crush when Jesus originally lived on Chris's world. After Maledict showed him a vision that Jesus would create a religion that would cause terrible suffering in the future, Judas attempted to betray Jesus but immediately regretted it and hanged himself. However, before he died, he was cut down and taken from Earth to eventually reunite with Jesus. Today he is a major military leader of the Federation and is still Christ's closest friend.


The Avatar of War, ranking just under Jesus as the leader of the Federation military. He utterly despises the Demons and is perfectly willing to slaughter not only them, but everyone and anyone with them.

Muhammad the Prophet

Mentioned as the leader of the Emirate of Mecca. One of the most warlike leaders of the Federation, he is a crazed demagogue who wants to spread the religion of the Muslim god Allah across the universe.

  • Red Baron: He is known as "Mad Camel" by his opponents.


Cosmo the Seedrian

The daughter of Hertia and Luke, she was born after the destruction of her home planet on the Dandelion. Rescued by Venus when the ship was attacked by Tsali, she fled in an escape pod and eventually crashed on Sonic's world. She eventually falls in love with Tails and he gives her control of the Blue Typhoon during the final battle. She is forced to kill him in order to defeat Dark Tails.

Venus the Seedrian

Venus is the last disciple of an ancient Seedrian religious order known as the Order of Tryphon, dedicated to keeping the Seedrian race safe if anything were to happen to it. She prayed to Maledict for the power to defend her race from Tsali; he answered by taking her soul and temporarily giving her enough power to defeat him. She aids Cosmo and her friends from the shadows. Eventually, she is possessed by Dark Tails and killed by Tsali and Trinity.

Luke the Seedrian/Dark Oak

The leader of the Metarex and Tsali's archenemy. Luke was once the leader of the Seedrians with his wife Hertia. He declared war on the Demons after hearing that they destroyed Tsali's home planet. Unfortunately, the war quickly started going badly for his people. Despairing and completely taken over by desperation, he decided to use Tsali as a template to create a weapon strong enough to defeat the Demons. His plan backfired spectacularly when Tsali escaped. Declaring that he would rather die than flee his homeworld, he and his comrades were still on their planet when Hertia cleansed it with nuclear weapons. Surviving the apocalyptic firestorm, he managed to escape with several of his closest advisors and reorganize into the Metarex.

Jave the Seedrian/Pale Bay Leaf

Luke's second-in-command from the Seedrian-Demon War and his closest friend. He is a cunning military leader and organizer.

Ceres the Seedrian/Yellow Zelkova

Strongman of the Metarex, Zelkova is a brutish hot-headed thug who serves as Dark Oak's enforcer.

Dioxin the Seedrian/Black Narcissus

Chief science officer of the Metarex. He researches the Planet Eggs and starts growing them to massive sizes in order to power the Metarex forces, and he researches the fake Chaos Emeralds developed by the Demons. He also developed the suits worn by his fellow Metarex.

Nick the Seedrian/Red Pine

A fleet commander of the Metarex. He and his entire fleet are incinerated by Maledict in Episode 64.

Quinn the Seedrian/Blue Spore

Not technically a Metarex leader, but Dark Oak's personal military attache. In Episode 75 he proposes the alliance between Sonic and the Metarex in order to save Luke and Tsali from Maledict's clutches. His ship is obliterated during the final battle with Devil Tails.

Galaxina the Seedrian

Cosmo's older sister, who was a baby when the Seedrians fled their home planet. She only appears in flashbacks; Tsali murdered her when he found and destroying the Seedrian colony ship Dandelion.

Hertia the Seedrian

Cosmo's mother and a former Seedrian leader, she unleashed a nuclear holocaust on her own home world to stop Tsali and then fled on a colony ship. Believed to be dead after Tsali destroyed the ship, one of her seeds was actually taken to Hell and Maledict had her forcibly evolved into her original body with her memories. After Maledict reveals that he had been using her all along and everyone she loved had died to further his plans, he gives her the choice to take her own life rather than face the penalty for treason. She takes it.

Daisy the Seedrian

Hertia's niece, only mentioned in Tsali's flashbacks. Before he was turned into an android, Tsali and Daisy were once very close. She ended up being one of his first victims.

  • Childhood Marriage Promise: She made one with a pre-android Tsali. It didn't end well.
  • History Repeats: Her relationship with Tsali was extremely similar to the relationship between Tails and Cosmo. And it ends just as badly.



Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik

Sonic's longtime nemesis. He boasts an IQ of 300 and is marked by his comically obese appearance.

Tsali Z'Charon

Originally a farm boy from Thyferra, his planet was annihilated from orbit by a Demon fleet. He was rescued from the carnage by the Seedrians before the Demons invaded their world, and Hertia adopted him as her son. As the war rapidly began to go badly, Luke turned to increasingly unethical and insane experiments in order to create a weapon that could turn the tide. Kidnapping Tsali and faking his death, Luke roboticized him and turned him into a battle android powered by Chaos Energy. Driven completely mad by the torture and his new-found dark powers, he escaped from the testing facility and began exterminating every Seedrian on the planet. In desperation, Hertia and a group of refugees nuked their planet to stop him, but he survived. Vowing to exterminate the Seedrians, he joined Maledict and began hunting them across the galaxy.

Prince Trinity

An arctic fox with a single tail, his home planet was glassed from orbit by a Demon fleet. Training himself until he would be strong enough to fight them, he accidentally ran afoul of Tephiroth and the Angels when he tried to spy on them for information. Instead of killing him for espionage, Jesus gives him a chance to join the Angels, and Trinity reluctantly accepts. He teams up with Tsali in order to find out Maledict's plans, and he eventually turns on Tsali. He takes part in the final battle and is killed by Dark Tails.

Dark Tails

The Eldritch Abomination known as Dark Tails was born when the souls of the slaughtered Seedrian race coalesced in the fabric of Warpspace. As he slowly grows in power, he begins to corrupt the entire galaxy with Dark Chaos Energy and Mind Rape any who resist him. Eventually, he grows to the point where even Maledict and Allysion stop their scheming to eliminate him. In Episode 75, he steals the Chaos Emeralds and uses them to fully manifest himself into the physical universe by creating a Dark Planet Egg. Eventually, he is finally extinguished, but he takes Tails down with him.


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