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  • Sonic X: Dark Chaos, a story that pretty much entirely runs on Rule of Cool, has lots of these.

  • In Episode 66, Cream the Rabbit fights Astorath the Prince of Darkness by throwing her chao Cheese right into his eyes, which leads to him falling off the ship's deck. Yes, you read that right. The Lord of Battle himself - a hulking demon lord several meters tall and the greatest of all the Hell Knights - is nearly blinded and defeated by a cute six year old rabbit. Even Sonic and Knuckles are awe-inspired.
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  • Episode 69. Pretty much all of it. Sonic and friends save the Marmolins from the Shroud in a massive battle, cumulating with a second showdown between Tails and Dark Tails.
  • The climax of Episode 73 has Tsali victorious, with the Blue Typhoon in shambles. All the heroes are either dead or incapacitated. When Tails tries to take on Tsali to protect Cosmo, Tsali responds by tearing open his chest and killing him by tearing out Tails's internal organs. All seems lost. And then, while Tsali is distracted with Cosmo, Tails turns into Shroud Tails, comes back to life, immediately regenerates all his wounds, and proceeds to tear Tsali a new asshole. At least, until it turns to horror when now-mindless Shroud Tails turns on Cosmo next...
  • Episode 75 alone has so many of these it could be called a Crowning Episode of Awesome.
    • Sonic's epic Screw Destiny moment, complete with a massive Shut Up, Hannibal! towards the devil himself.
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    • When Beelzebub and Astorath land on the Blue Typhoon to attack Sonic and friends personally, they are met by Rouge and Knuckles. Despite their brave fight, both demon lords waste no time beating them to a pulp. And then, guess who appears on the Typhoon's flight deck to stop them? Cosmo - with Venus' demonic scythe in her hands - and Chris Thorndyke. Needles to say, Beelzebub and Astorath quickly learn the meaning of Beware the Nice Ones as the unlikely fighters proceed to stop them in their tracks. Adaptational Badass barely even begins to describe it. They put up such a good fight that even after they are defeated, Astorath is so impressed with their skill he spares their lives.
    • Eric's daring rescue of the Metarex leaders and Eggman from the DSS Leviathan. They cloak the Dreadnought and deliberately crash-land into one of the Leviathan's warship hangers.
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    • The freed Eggman, Chaotix and the Metarex leaders fight their way through the Leviathan on their own, holding off legions of Maledict's most powerful warriors. Battling their way to the Dreadnought, they channel Leeroy Jenkins by simply charging out of the Demon battle group firing everything they have. And it almost works, until the Dreadnought's engines are disabled.
    • Just when the battle seems lost, a massive Angel fleet headed by Jesus Christ himself, Tephiroth, and Trinity pulls off a Big Damn Heroes and ambushes the entire Demon fleet from below them.
    • The apotheosis of Dark Tails and his transformation into Devil Tails is both utterly epic and terrifying. And the result is just as awesome. Everyone puts aside their differences in a gigantic Enemy Mine situation and unites against him. Including Maledict and Jesus, for the very first time in history.
  • Episode 76 has Maledict ascending Sonic, Shadow, and Eric to their Hyper forms. The three Hyper hedgehogs and Tsali, aided personally by both Satan and Jesus Christ themselves, go into battle against the omnipotent Devil Tails and a fleet of Shroud Omegas.

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