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Dorm-team 76 a.k.a. Star Command's future Amazon Brigade

Erin Elisheba Frame Darkmatter

  • Fangirl: Of BLoSC and Sherlock Holmes, especially Jeremy Brett.
  • Fish out of Temporal Water
  • Forgotten Family: As one reviewer pointed out, Erin seems to forget about her family. The author admitted to the reviewer that, in the long course of writing the fic (the rewrite has been going since early 2010), she actually forgot about the Frame family!
    • Fixed with "Answers", in which Erin is revealed to be depressive, and her permanent separation from her family does not help.
  • Genre Savvy: She is not only a BLoSC fangirl who knows pretty much how events will unfold for the next two years, but she's also the only character who has purposefully lampshaded tropes in calling them by name. Since she has her terminology so accurate (the Sherlock Scan, for crying out loud!), one can infer that she herself is/was a TV Troper.

Rikaena "Ricki" Amata Sunflare

Windy Bertha Terrik

Isadore "Ice" Ellemore

Dorm-team 95

Jim "Indy" St. James

Cody Ricardo


Clutch Donnell


Team Lightyear

Captain Buzz Lightyear

Princess Miracael "Mira" Nova-Lightyear


Booster Sinclair Munchapper

Other Space Rangers

Commander David Nebula

Captain Janet Astrelle

  • Breakout Character: Previously an unnamed, blond Ranger in the series who only had a couple of lines, period.
  • The Captain: One of Star Command's few female Captains.



EVIL Emperor Zuriel Zurg

  • Cyborg: The way that the author chose to get around the problem of Zurg's half-mechanical, half-organic appearance in the show. Specifically, he is a full-bodied cyborg.
  • The Empire: Played straight, though the Zeretanaen Empire is vastly diminished by the time the series opens.
  • A Father to His Men: The narration of semi-canonical "33. Too Much" calls Zurg a “twisted sort of father figure” in Planet Z's weird family chemistry.
  • Wicked Cultured: Bing Crosby, The Sound of Music, comic books... well, it's not Wicked Cultured in the traditional sense of the word, but he's an alien emperor, for crying out loud! He's that interested in thousand-year-old human pop-culture!

Warp Darkmatter/Agent Z

Empress Arazai Zurg/Nana Zurg


Zomega/Zillah Zvezda