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As the main page formerly said:Hooo boy. This trope could seriously use a page just for Breakaway – we won't even mention the one-shots and the roleplay arc! The author seems to have an unhealthy love of making tributes to her favorite stories – the list just expands with each new chapter.

  • C. S. Lewis topics are a recurring shout out, such as the Walden Media Narnia films and Perelandra Avenue and Park.
  • Star Wars is another recurring shout out.
    • Windy once echoes Wedge's reaction to the Death Star: "Look at the size of that thing."
    • Zomega is also said to have a dash of Talon Karrde and Mara Jade thrown in - this becomes more obvious when you consider that one of Zomega's occupations is information brokering.
    • Speaking of Mara Jade, Warp is apparently familiar with the character.
    • Windy Terrik's name... Windy, a Tatooine friend of Luke's, and Booster Terrik, a blustery but loveable smuggler chief.
    • Speaking of names... Hayden Shaw. Hayden Christensen and Sebastian Shaw, two actors who portrayed Darth Vader...
  • Sherlock Holmes.
  • Star Trek. Chapter 10 of Breakaway takes the thing and runs with it; the chapter title is even "The Next Generation"!
    • Erin and Ricki end up discussing what TOS characters they and their dorm-mates resemble.
    • Chapter 11 is ridiculously Trek-heavy, right down to Erin, Windy, and Ricki making quips and references – even during a simulation! – including calling the First Officer “Number One”.
    • The similarities are lampshaded by Erin's thoughts: Why bother fighting it? If their lives paralleled a science fiction classic from a thousand years ago, so be it.
  • Indiana Jones is Indy St. James's hero and the source of his name. Indy's real given name is Jim. That's right: Jim St. James.
  • Eda-Ji-Kep puts Erin in mind of Teal'c from Stargate SG-1. Yes, this lampshades the fact that "Eddie" is an Expy of Teal'c.
  • Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex. Zomega intentionally resembles the Major, and Erin sings one of the anime's songs.
    • Not to mention the fact that Zurg is a full-bodied Cyborg and that cyberbrains are actually a staple of the Zeretaen race.
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  • We're not even going to get into Erin's songs. We'll just say "Enya" and call it a day.
  • Nor are we going to touch the quotes. Nope.


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