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Examples of Break Them by Talking in fan works.

  • Ace Combat: The Equestrian War: Gilda does this to Rainbow Dash in Chapter 11. It ends as being one of the reasons that causes a Heroic BSoD to Rainbow.
    • However, it comes back to bite her hard in the butt during their second confrontation.
  • Ancient Sins: During their battle The Nothing/ Tadmir knocks down Dante and begins to bombard him with the knowledge that everyone who's ever left him, left him because he wasn't good enough. This shakes Dante enough to make him lose his focus. Despite his friends trying to convince him it isn't true, he falls for it and is killed afterwards.
  • Bucky Barnes Gets His Groove Back & Other International Incidents
    • When Natasha Romanoff catches up with Brock Rumlow in If They Haven't Learned Your Name, she beats the hell out of him with a heavy soup ladle for a while, then trusses him up and tears into him very politely and sweetly about how stupid it was of him and HYDRA to leave her alive after what they pulled. He freaks the hell out and starts spilling his guts on assorted HYDRA intel, and then Natasha makes it clear to him that she already knew everything he was going to say and that he's no longer needed. He begs her for his life because he still has intel she could use, dammit, to which she responds by taking out her knife and carving him up into steak tartare.
    • Parodied in the sequel, come as you are, when Steve Rogers trusses up a pair of hapless FBI agents sent to spy on him and the Wilsons, agents that he understandably mistook for HYDRA and would have flat-out killed if he had a knife on him and wasn't in the middle of a Virginia suburb. While waiting on confirmation that they're actually FBI, he calls them "son", and starts regaling them in his most earnest Captain America tone of voice about the poor working conditions of sitting in a tree without regular bathroom breaks and about how important it is that they unionize and fight back against that stuff. They beg him to please, please stop talking.
      Sam: "This is what happens when you try to help people. Ungrateful."
      Steve: "You can read a horse its rights but you can't make it drink."
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  • BURN THE WITCH!: Lila spends the majority of the story absolutely convinced that Hawkmoth won't actually let Witch Hunter burn her. After all, she's far too valuable an asset to him. The grim reality of her situation only sinks in when he has Witch Hunter relay a message about how her services are no longer required, wherein he casually dissects how she unintentionally exposed herself and has rendered herself effectively useless.
  • Child of the Storm:
    • Doctor Strange routinely does this, breaking Lucius Malfoy, who had been the Big Bad and apparent prime Magnificent Bastard of the first book, with the Avengers felled and the world literally at his feet... until Strange almost lazily undoes every single one his plans in the course of about an hour, before revealing to Lucius that he and his plans were only part of Strange's far greater stratagem. Lucius hits a full Villainous Breakdown.
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    • In the sequel, Sinister stares down the Dark Phoenix and an enraged Wanda Maximoff, among many others, without fear. The only person who genuinely fazes him is Doctor Strange, with whom It's Personal (very, very personal). Until he meets Professor Xavier. Kindly, sweet old Professor Xavier... who is extremely protective of his students, extremely intolerant of attempts to weaponise people, and firmly ethical as a telepath and scientist (Essex is neither). He systematically breaks Essex by pinpointing the exact reasons that he was always doomed, then calmly tells him that if Essex does not comply he will peel his mind "like an orange." Essex complies.
  • A Child Shall Lead Them: Unicron pulls this on Pterodactus Prime (formerly known as Swoop) during his "Leave Your Quest" Test, trying to turn him against the Autobots. He almost breaks him, but when Unicron tries to bring the other Dinobots into it he goes too far...
  • In Codes And Geass: Embracing Your Inner Megalomania, Trollouche is so good at this, that the writer of the story wonders if this is his actual geass. He has up to this point broken, Jeremiah, CC, Mao, Suzaku, Tohdoh, and countless others. What separates him from most example, is that the people he breaks tend to end up better for it. To use a motif in the story, it is akin to breaking a sword and reforging it.
  • A Crown of Stars:
    • Yui had a long talk with Gendo about his actions and how he had treated their children after her death. When she explained that Asuka was to their son what she was to him, Gendo sat staring wordlessly at a wall for a hour before start crying.
    • Several characters do this to Shinji and Asuka -especially the latter- several times: they pointed out their flaws and their mistakes to goad them to confront their personal demons, and both pilots often reacted... badly.
  • Darth Vader: Hero of Naboo: Vader mercilessly rubs it in Maul's face that the latter is not a true Sith, and that his master also has a living master.
  • Daystar: One of Taylor's Charms allows her to know exactly what to say to inflict the maximum emotional trauma on anyone she interacts with. She developed and activated it accidentally during an argument with Glory Girl, and has kept that particular power on a tight leash ever since.
  • Dirty Sympathy: Winston Payne tells Klavier about the bet the Prosecution Office has about the latter's departure: that he'll quit his current case and tells him that due to his experience in the Prosecution Office, Payne knows of the two ways Klavier will departure: fleeing to another country or jail.
  • Doing It Right This Time: Rei broke Gendo by telling him all of his plotting, scheming and manipulating would amount to nothing, and he would fail.
    Shinji:"How much did you actually tell my father, anyway?"
    Rei:"Few details. Only that everything he had worked towards and everything he had put myself and his only son through had been for nothing, and that he would die alone and unmourned, rejected by the only person he had ever truly loved."
  • Don't Let The Darkness Consume Me: King Sombra gives one to Twilight Sparkle, but as he keeps talking it becomes increasingly more and more obvious that he's really just telling her how horrible his life has been and in the end Twilight just ends up feeling sorry for him.
  • Duel Nature: Backfires spectacularly. After getting dragged into a sparring match against Luna, Twilight Sparkle is too stubborn to give up (which, due to Luna's insensitive behavior would be humiliating at this point) and tries psychological warfare to weaken her opponent's concentration. Taunting the princess over her insecurities does distract her to the point that some of her shields dissipate. Unfortunately, it also enrages her to the point where the spar becomes a Duel to the Death, breaks through the wards that protect the audience and in the end nearly levels the building.
  • For His Own Sake has Naru deliver one to her sister Mei, accusing her of being nothing but a Spoiled Brat who doesn't give a damn about her own family. The bitter irony of this is that Mei does care about Naru; unfortunately, Naru's too self-absorbed and caught up in her own delusions to realize the lecture she's giving Mei would better be directed at HERSELF.
  • Forward: In the first "episode", River delivers one of these to Niska's henchman Volsky, and while doing so informs Niska that Volsky was about to betray him. Niska promptly has him executed on the spot, allowing Jayne to snatch Volsky's knife and use to free himself.
  • Getting Back on Your Hooves: Checker Monarch, due to her special talent being manipulation, is very good at doing these, mostly to Trixie who she has she's done it too since they were kids. No wonder the mare is a Broken Bird.
  • A Growing Affection: Hinata demands to know why Kabuto saved her during the Chunin finals (from canon):
    "The truth?" (Kabuto) said seriously, his eyes hidden by the sheen of his glasses, "It was for my pride. There you were, the first daughter of the vaunted Hyuga clan. And even though the best and brightest of the Leaf Ninja Medical Corps had had over a month to fix you, all they could do was delay the inevitable. And in five minutes, I was able to diagnose and repair the damage Neji did to your heart. I wanted to show them how weak and ineffectual they were. I helped you, to prove that I was superior. That's all."
  • HERZ: Asuka did this to Shinji accidentally seven years before the beginning of the story. She wanted to go back to Germany. He pleaded her staying and told he needed her. Unfortunately Asuka thought he was mocking her, so she called him out on everything he had done and said she hated him. It broke him down, but she did not know it at the time.
  • The Immortal Game: It's repeatedly stated that the easiest way to defeat a bladecaster is to do this to them — if they lose faith in what they're fighting for, they lose control of their blades. This is ultimately how Sir Unimpressive defeats the Cadet and how Twilight defeats Titan.
  • In Lessons from the Mountain, Maedhros falls on his knees when Manwe and Varda point out that he did exactly what Morgoth wanted him to.
    Manwe: Stand. It grieves me that you did not make use of the reprieve I granted you. Even after you saw so clearly what fate awaited you. There are indeed many chances in the world, but we had hoped you would have turned away from the path you chose.
    Varda: You fought so valiantly to avoid becoming Morgoth’s thrall. But did you not see that only a thrall of Morgoth would have kept your blasphemous Oath?
    Manwe: Neither we, nor Taniquetil, nor Ilúvatar ever accepted your Oath. The only Vala who would keep such blasphemy… is your Enemy. In the end, you chose the fate you feared in your captivity. In keeping your Oath, you became the thrall of Morgoth that led each of your brothers to death and torment, and robbed us all of the Light of the Silmarils.
  • Loved and Lost:
    • As soon as Rarity is rescued from the Diamond Dogs and released from the muzzle she's been forced to wear for a week, she takes offscreen her revenge on the Diamond Dogs by reminding them why they don't like to listen to her complaints. They're last seen shaking with traumatized eyes in a Troubled Fetal Position.
    • In the tenth chapter, when Commander Hildread finds the Mane Five sneaking in the castle, she tries to talk them into turning themselves in by demoralizing them with a cruel — but not entirely inaccurate — lecture about how they're unworthy of Twilight's friendship and how the Changeling invasion could have been avoided had they listened to her. This successfully demoralizes the mares… until Fluttershy, inspired from spotting a chandelier hanging above, shuts Hildread up and drops the chandelier onto her and the guards.
      Hildread: You all should've stayed where you were and never come back.
      Pinkie Pie: No way, we heard the rumors about changelings in the castle. We couldn't just ignore them and leave our friend, Twilight, in danger!
      Hildread: [laughs mockingly] You really are the funny pony! Because I heard you all didn't have any problems ignoring her warnings about the imposter bride and abandoning her at the wedding rehearsal! You all really need to stop playing heroes because you're not! Well, not anymore. You chose to ignore all the obvious signs of danger and focus more on what you could've gained if the bride had been the real thing, and as a result, you hurt your best friend, put all of Equestria in danger, and destroyed your own 'heroic' reputations all because you wanted to play dress up for a beast! [Hildread continues laughing as the ashamed Mane Five silently acknowledge her point] So now that you've all gotten a dose of reality, why don't you come along quietly so there won't be any trouble when we return you back to your places of exile? To think, Twilight Sparkle considered you all her best friends. What kind of pony would risk everything she cares about for the sake of her worthless, pathetic, annoying so-called friends?!
      Fluttershy: Twilight would!
  • In Loxare Hinder, right after learning Red Hood is actually Jason, Nightwing pleads him to come home, swearing they can "clear his name" from the many counts of murder and torture the Hood is charged with... only for Jason to brutally claim Dick never was family to him and owning to each and every murder, right before threatening the Batfamily with death if they try to talk to him again.
  • Lulu's Bizarre Rebellion: A favorite tactic of Mao, who uses his mind reading to find the best way to push people's buttons. After He acquires Anubis, the resulting geass-stand combination weaponizes this by causing his words to phyisically wound people proportionally to how much he hurt them emotionally.
  • Mean Time To Breakdown: Iwanako gives one to Emi after her Crash-Into Hello puts Iwanako into the hospital with a concussion and a bout of tachycardia. When Emi tries to apologize, Iwanako snaps:
    Look, what the hell is it you want from me?! Is it forgiveness? You may as well hit the road, because that’s never going to happen. Do you seriously think I’m okay? You nearly killed me, do you understand that? Why the hell would I ever forgive you for that? I’m not the goddamned Pope. I don’t have to grant you a tabula rasa just because you only almost ruined my whole goddamn life. And you’re seriously telling me that this isn’t even the first time that this has happened? You go to a school for the disabled and you just, what, ignored a dozen warnings? What kind of freaking idiot are you? Yes, you’re remorseful. Good for you. I don’t give a damn. How are you any different from some drunk driver who only feels bad after he finally spins out and murders half a family? And, yes, I’m not dead, thanks for noticing, though maybe you’ve knocked ten years off my life, for all I even know. And that’s not even mentioning the concussion you gave me, thanks for that. And I didn’t tell the school to do a single goddamn thing, so don’t blame me for whatever they did. Sorry, not my problem. You should have thought of that before you went sprinting through the halls. You want me to feel better? You want to make things right? You can start by getting out of my life. God knows it’s short enough already without you in it! What the hell are you waiting for? Get out. Get! Out!"
  • New Game Plus: A downright EPIC one in Chapter 10. After returning to the past, Luffy tricked Garp into thinking he would be a Marine in order to get him to train him. When they meet after Garp learns that Luffy gained the highest starting bounty in history, Luffy defuses his anger, though not without regret at hurting the old man, thanks in part to his future knowledge and in part due to the Voice of All Things:
    Garp: (livid, with a Death Glare) Luffy.
    (everyone begins retreating from Garp)
    Luffy: (calmly) Hey, Gramps. Wow, I can see your veins from here. Have you been taking your blood pressure medicine? You know Boggart wouldn't bug you if it weren't important.
    Garp: Brat. I'm going to give you one chance, one chance, to explain yourself. If I don't like your answer, I'm throwing you into Impel Down myself until I think you've learned your lesson.
    Luffy: I had an epiphany.
    Garp: (cracking his knuckles) Oh, really? What was it exactly?
    Luffy: If I became a Marine, I would surely perish.
    Garp: (gritting his teeth so hard that they crack) That's your excuse? You were afraid to get killed? Marines lead a dangerous life, I told you that from day one. You telling me I trained a coward?!
    Luffy: You misunderstand. I did not say I would die in battle. I said I would perish. Disappear. Or maybe, if they wanted to make a point of it, executed.
    Garp: What the hell are you talking about?
    Luffy: A healthy tree may bear a bad apple, but the tree is still seen as healthy. That one bad apple is just bad luck. But only a bad seed may grow from bad soil. Its nature is decided for it by the circumstances of its creation. (looks Garp in the eye, regretfully) I may be your beloved grandson, Gramps. But nothing you do, nothing you say, nothing I say or do will change the fact that I'm his son.
    (Garp looks down in shame)
    Luffy: I'm not saying it would happen right away. It might take weeks; it might take months. Hell, it might be years. But sooner or later, they'll start to think it. That I'm a sleeper agent. Or that I'm leaking information. Or that my goddamn blood is just dirty. And it wouldn't matter if I was the Commander-in-Chief when it happened. They would kill me without a second thought, 'for the good of the world'. And there wouldn't be anything I could do to defend myself. For my sin, is existing.
    Garp: (shaking his head in denial) No, no, they wouldn't do that!
    Luffy: (hardening his heart) Baterilla! (Garp looks up in shock) Based on the rumor of a rumor, Marines spent over a year scouring the island for a sign, any at all, of a child of the Pirate King. Pregnant women were kidnapped to be put through blood tests. Infants were put through the most invasive, comprehensive battery of exams available. Any who resisted were executed. And if they had found such a child, he would have been murdered in his cradle. In the womb. This is how much stock the Government puts in a person's bloodline. Do you deny it?
    Garp: (fighting tears of anger, frustration, and guilt) Luffy, you fool! I thought of all that! I cleared everything with Sengoku! You would have had a fair chance!
    Luffy: Ah, but Sengoku isn't the top of the food chain, is he? Even he must bow to orders from Kong or the Gorosei. And it's not like he'll be Fleet Admiral forever. Can you imagine how Sakazuki would react to news of his son in the Marine ranks? His first order after being promoted would be my death warrant.
    Garp: Luffy, Kong's a good man. And I know people don't always understand why they do what they do, but the Gorosei are just. They wouldn't kill you just because—
    Luffy: Ohara. And Nico Robin. (smiles sadly at Garp's surprise) The Voice told me a lot, Gramps.
    Garp: Sakazuki isn't the only one who could take Sengoku's place! He might never find out!
    Luffy: Ah, yes. I might be spared from 'Absolute Justice.' But that doesn't mean I'm safe. Kuzan and his 'Lazy Justice' would wait a decade after he heard the truth, but eventually he would act. And with that 'Unclear Justice' of Borsalino's, he might not even go for me. He would go for Dadan and Foosha for not lynching me when I was young. (shakes his head) I'm sorry, Gramps. I know you believe in redemption, but your superiors don't. They only understand corruption. And there's not a single future where if I became a Marine I would not die.
    Garp: (desperately) Luffy...
    Luffy: I like to think I'm a decent guy, Gramps. But I'm not so selfless as to knowingly go to my death just so I might be able to save people. So, if the path of a Marine was barred from me, what else could I do? How could I live my life, in a world that does not want me to survive? (grins) That's when I remembered an old dream.
    Garp: No...don't say it...
  • Now You See It: Sakura is undoubtedly awesome by utterly destroying Pain verbally. Sakura destroys a single body (Yahiko's) and then gives a speech about how Pain never really wanted Yahiko back and makes him realize what a monster he's become.
  • one day at a time: Jason delivers one to to the entire League of Assassins in the penultimate chapter of the story, partly to break their devotion to Ra's and partly because he's pissed at all of them. He does this by revealing the sad fates of several of Ra's' most prominent assassins, culminating in Talia's post-mortem disownment of her father. Judging by the horrified looks everyone gives him when he's done, it works.
  • The Pieces Lie Where They Fell:
    • The Nightmare tries to do this to the Bearers. Page is the closest to being affected due to what it reveals, but the others aren’t buying it and she recovers soon as well.
    • The Nightmare tries again by taunting Page about how her family line came about. This time, she doesn't buy it at all.
  • Pokémon Reset Bloodlines has an unusual variation: Sabrina attempts to push Ash past the Rage Breaking Point in order to force him to use his Super Empowering abilities against her (he refuses to do so on the grounds that it's cheating to use them in competitive battling) by revealing what she knows about Ash's father and the circumstances of his birth. It almost works, but fortunately, Muk gives him a Cooldown Hug before he snaps.
  • Prinz Von Sommerhoffnung: when Sommerhoffnung tries to pull a What the Hell, Hero? on Ywiu and Romea, the two shut her down with this, centred on accusing her of being a Know-Nothing Know-It-All.
  • RainbowDoubleDash's Lunaverse: The final antagonist of "The Hero of Oaton" tries to give one of these to Trixie, Picturesque and her husband, but it doesn't work, partly because Evil Cannot Comprehend Good, but also because they're ignoring it really hard.
  • Shigeko Kageyama AKA Mob Reigen's mother pulls no punches when Reigen tells her just how badly he mishandled Mob(gender swapped) after the Asagiri job. He pushes Mob away when she needs him the most due to the fact that he knows she has a crush on him. The next day they fight and Mob decides to run away and live outside because she feels that nobody wants her around. While this was happening Reigen goes through the entire separation arc as in cannon and as in cannon he and Mob reconcile. She comes back to stay with Reigen and locks herself in the bathroom out of trauma. Reigen calls his mother for some help and tells her the whole story of what happened.
    Reigen's Mother: I cannot even begin to understand what is wrong with you. Is this my fault? I know I didn't do the best job raising you but this…THIS takes the cake, Arataka. This takes the cake, the pie, and the quiche too! The whole goddamned mother fucking bakery!
    Reigen: Mom, I don't want us to fight. I just want you to talk to Mob because she's been locked in the bathroom for-
    Reigen's Mother: Yeah, I heard that part, Arataka. She's been locked in the bathroom for eight hours now. Eight goddamned hours. You're just calling me now? Arataka you cannot….you cannot….never have children! I do not want grandchildren if THIS is what you call….I just…I can't breathe…And another thing! Why didn't you call me sooner? Not today but when she told you all of this…this…this! Arataka, what makes you think that you can handle this on your own? What makes you think that you can even begin to handle this? You aren't a professional, you're not even a parent. What she needs is some fucking stability in her life….something that you took away from her! This is a fourteen year old girl! This is a fourteen year old girl who has been to hell and back….and you think that this…this is about her period? Seriously? Her goddamned PERIOD?! That may….that does not invalidate everything that she's feeling right now!
    Reigen:I know that. I never said that it did, mom, I'm just out of my depth here and I thought she'd want to talk to another girl, woman, and she doesn't want to talk to her mother so I called you. Forgive for thinking that-
    Reigen's Mother: Her mother! And what does her so called mother have to say about this? Her father? Any adult in her life other than you? Wait, she hasn't got any of those, has she? Do they even know? Have you told them? I can just IMAGINE how that conversation would go. 'Oh hello, Mr. and Mrs. Kageyama? Yeah, your daughter was held prisoner and tortured by a man for half a year. Just thought you ought to know. What was I doing while all of this was going on? Well I was THROWING SALT AROUND ON NATIONAL TV! Oh, and also your daughter was HOMELESS for a couple of weeks-'If you think that you can just run away from this then you have another thing coming, Arataka. Do you hear me? I have never been so angry you in my entire life.
  • The Rise of Darth Vulcan: The titular character is quite good at this, most prominently doing it to Diamond Tiara when she's his captive and Princess Luna when he's imprisoned in Canterlot. He even comments at one point that it's his one real talent.
  • RWBY: Reckoning has a mysterious enemy give a simple, yet scathing one to Darrel during the events of "No Brakes".
    What you've done… is nothing. Your accomplishments are minimal, your skills are lacking. You blunder along, believing that you further your wretched cause… but you're just a boy swinging tiny knives taped to your wrists. You think yourself a warrior… You call yourself a hero… You dub yourself a champion… You are nothing. Nothing, but a child. Nothing, but a coward. Nothing, but a waste. Nothing, but…
    [The unknown foe crushes Darrel's weapon with his bare hand.]
    ...a failure.
  • With some help from Saito (who wrote down the questions then had Louise look through his eyes), Louise breaks Henrietta in Soldier of Zero to find out if she truly needed Louise for a mission or if she was abusing Louise's Undying Loyalty to use her as an expendable pawn. Interestingly, Louise does it in part by degrading herself, noting that she's not the best mage, wisest scholar, or most experienced soldier under Henrietta's command. She's not even the only one she trusts absolutely, so why her? Henrietta responds by slapping her and insisting she will not tolerate her childhood friend degrading herself so.
  • In the Miraculous Ladybug fic Spellbound, Felix has the job of persuading Alya to stop investigating missing persons cases that he knows are caused by the fae, or else she's likely to be Killed to Uphold the Masquerade. When he clearly explains how her dogged determination to dig up facts about unknown parties with unknown resources and unknown motivations is not only a danger to herself, her family, and her friends, but is also making her more of a tabloid writer than a true investigative journalist, she's reduced to tears, but it works.
  • Stand Up, the LRIG! has Ulith deal a crushing one to Aichi, noting that his efforts to battle his way through to Mayu in order to save Takuto and the aftermath of each battle will more often than not cause great harm to his opponents. Leon even notes that hurting people with his own hands in any way possible goes against everything Aichi stands for, essentially making it so that appears that he must break his own morals if he wants to save the WIXOSS world. Then to make the 'truth' much more horrifying for him, Ulith conjures up a hallucination of a possible future caused by Aichi's hands, by using his own PSY Qualia, leading to this exchange.
    Ulith: Wonderful isn't it? After all, a similar result will be bound to happen with you, soon enough.
    Aichi: Why...? What good can come from harming other Selectors?!
    Ulith: My, you really are persistant aren't you? I already told you. This is what I live for in the Selector Battles. I'm surprised you haven't felt the same, considering you were all too willing to sell out a friend's memories just to save a meaningless world. If I recall correctly from the person who told me, Kourin was her name. That must be easy for someone whose cardfighting life has had practically no consequences on the world there.
    Aichi: B... But...
    Ulith: Oh that's right, I almost forgot. You have felt the need for breaking others before, just as I have. The first time you felt PSY Qualia enter your life, you were completely unstoppable, everyone you fought broke down before your superior might.
    Aichi gasps in horror, wondering how Ulith knew about his PSY Qualia incident from Season 1 of Cardfight!! Vanguard
    Aichi: H... How did you...?!
    Ulith: I know everything about you. It's truely a shame that Kai Toshiki had to ruin your fun back then, otherwise I'd been more than happy to take you under my wing. Much like a certain lap dog [Aoi Akira].
    Aichi: N... No! I won't hurt the people around me again! I'm no longer that same person!
    Ulith: It appears that your 2 years outside of breaking others through PSY Qualia has taken its toll on you. Perhaps this will change your mind.
    Ulith snaps her fingers, causing the girls in Aichi's hallucination to scream loudly as their cries of despair become too much for him to handle.
    Aichi: Stop it...!
    Ulith continues to laugh into his right ear as the screams and the sight of the girls crying in agony become engraved into his mind.
    Aichi: STOP IT!
    The halluciantion is dispelled after that, but it leads to Aichi misplaying and leaving himself wide open for more attacks the following turn as he goes into a state of depression by the end of the chapter.
  • The Second Try: After Kaworu's death Gendo has Shinji and Asuka brought before him to interrogate them about their knowledge of the future. However Shinji tells him that he and everybody else will die because his plan and Yui will not return to him. The idea that he will never see his wife again is more than Gendo can bear. His first reaction is trying to convince himself that his son is lying. When it does not work, he tries to kill himself.
  • Stars Above: Desideria is an expert at this. She uses her powers to read her victims' minds, then turns their greatest flaws and insecurities against them.
  • Test Of Humanity: GLaDOS uses this on Wheatley.
    "How amusing. You're not even a real human. All you are is just a computer brain using a human as a meat puppet. That body isn't the real you. It never was. You honestly believe she would love you, anyway? After all you've done to her. She could never love you. You're nothing but a pathetic moron living a lie."
  • This Bites!: This and "The Reason You Suck" Speech are Cross' most frequently used weapons. The first instance of this trope was when he used it to force Vivi to reveal her true identity: accusing her of being rich, and once she confirmed that, he interrogated her as to why she was hunting bounties. Pacifist that she is, she broke when Cross accused her of being a bounty hunter just to cause pain.
    • Cross' words are undoubtedly his most dangerous weapon; every time someone allows him to open his mouth, it proves to be more than they can handle. Vivi's masquerade as Miss Wednesday? Broken. Smoker and Tashigi's faith in the Marine Corps' justice? Broken. Aokiji's unflappably nonchalant demeanor? Broken. Kaku and Kalifa's flawless masquerades? Broken. And those are just the ones he did on purpose.
    • Aokiji's canon lecture to Robin still counts, but it's the last words he says to Robin that really count, as they shatter Robin's faith in the crew she had found.
      Aokiji: You've found people who will protect you, Nico Robin. They're willing to take on the world for you, of that I have no doubt. But can they win? I seriously doubt that.
    • They manage to repair the damage some, but ultimately, Enies still happens.
    • Robin utilizes this against Spandam to slow him down on the Bridge of Hesitation. It doesn't turn out well for her.
  • Vale's Underground: It turns out that Penny Polendina from RWBY is a master at this when performing interrogations on criminals. It's the reason she is feared among the criminal element in Atlas. She boasts that she can bring grown men to tears with her tactics, but Ruby and Ren (understandably) have a tough time believing her. At least until they see her in action. She has a strange mix of Sugary Malice and verbal Confusion Funote  that ends up breaking Russel down just after a few moments talking to her. Even Tyrian Callows doesn't want to be interrogated by her! Commissioner Ozpin seriously worries if this kind of psychological assault could be considered a form of Police Brutality just for how effective it is.
  • Whispers: Celestia lectures a weakened Nightmare Moon on the virtues of the Elements of Harmony, straight on into a Villainous Breakdown.
  • Wings to Fly has, of all people, Lucrezia Noin deliver a rather harsh series of taunts to Zechs Merquise during the middle of a combat where they are on opposite sides. Ironically, her taunts are effective because Zechs truly does love Noin and her sudden belligerence and willingness to fire on him terrifies Zechs as she has always refused to before. His sudden confusion and doubt distract him so much he loses control of his damaged mobile suit in midflight, and only pure luck saved him from getting shot down before he regained control.
  • Wisdom and Courage: Veran does this to Link in chapter 33 in order to break his unbreakable spirit, immediately after forcing him to watch her seem to kill Zelda mercilessly and it works. It also doubles as a "The Reason You Suck" Speech.
    Veran: Do you know what I hate most about you, hero? That persistent little spirit of yours. The fact that you can live through things that would destroy others emotionally completely unscarred. But even so, everyone has a breaking point... And... I believe you've just reached yours...
  • In With This Ring, this is what Father Matias' exorcism of Paulphidian consists of, deconstructing their motives so Paul would kick the Ophidian out.

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