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Fanfic / Prinz Von Sommerhoffnung

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On the way to school on the day before the new school year begins, Sommerhoffnung Crugah finds that someone wants her away from the premises. Once she actually gets there, she finds that she is to be part of a monster-fighting group. However, at least two factions seek to subjugate her powers for their own uses.

Prinz von Sommerhoffnung by Warp Ligia Obscura (also available at SpaceBattles) is supposed to be an Alternate Universe Novelisation My-HiME fanfic. It's so alternate that the character names are different... It is best described as a Mega Crossover. It follows The Stations of the Canon/Broad Strokes without adhering tightly.


This fic contains examples of:

  • Broad Strokes: Name changes aside, when the first chapter ends with Sommerhoffnung NOT waking up in the middle of a school field with Dai-Ming, you know this is not going to be a faithful adaptation.
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  • But Not Too Foreign: Sommerhoffnung is half-Gothofurtoan, quarter-Ch(o)inese and quarter-Electopian, and there are others also similarly mixed.
  • Celebrity Paradox: Acknowledged in-universe. Ken-ba-ne says "Any similarity to a Get Backers ReTrievers character are coincidental", to which Spadotto shoots back "No more than my similarities to a Whitener character?"
  • Christianity Is Catholic: Averted. "You must remember that, while Catholicism is indeed the denomination of the Rancaskan Church, the Church of Thaneland that the campus' chapel is subsumed under belongs to the Presbyterian subset of the Protestant denomination."
  • Creator Provincialism: Possibly the only reason why the setting was moved to Merliona.
  • Curse Cut Short: '"I know you've heard this before, Som, but how do you live with," she pointed at Winterhandlung, "such a du..."' Fill in your own blanks as to whether it's meant to be dummkopf, dumbass/arse or something else!
  • Death Seeker: Sommerhoffnung. Implied in the sixth chapter when she seems disappointed that the Childless missed her, made explicit in the seventh.
  • Mind Screw: A series of seemingly-inexplicable images described in the first chapter. Word of God says he was trying to put the original OP into words.
    • Sommerhoffnung's recalled conversation with Timo at the end of the second chapter. Supposedly a mondegreen of the lyrics of "Mezame".
  • More Teeth than the Osmond Family: "a shadow resolved into a horrible monster that exposed more teeth than… than… than some family that cannot quite be recalled at the moment."
  • Mythology Gag: Sommerhoffnung's default outfit is based on that of Dark HiME Natsuki from the My-Otome manga.
    • Ymia makes a joke about feeling "like dusty old tomes". Remember that Ymia is a Captain Ersatz of Reinforce Eins from Nanoha.
    • "Lucky you not some sick bird, else sure big problem one!" In the original, Takumi was pretty much a Gender Flip Ill Girl.
  • Never Bring A Knife To A Fistfight: Double subverted in Ywiu's fight with the gangsters. First subversion is that she uses her own bladed knuckledusters and some of the knife-using thugs manage to scratch her. Double subversion comes when some other thugs with metal poles tag in and she flies into an Unstoppable Rage, demolishing them and turning their weapons against them. Possibly a response to Singaporean incidents where thugs with metal poles fatally wounded innocents.
  • No Conservation of Energy: Sommerhoffnung points out the sheer impracticality of energy-mass conversion, to which Ywiu mentions that their powers have Elemental Baggage and that she shouldn't be so concerned.
  • Not Using the "Z" Word: The fanfic. The author's efforts to avoid invoking the canonical names can get Narmful.
  • O.C. Stand-in: This appears to be why everyone is a Captain Ersatz.
  • An Offer You Can't Refuse: Hei-gu-la-shi being made to give up her powers. "Negotiating from such a position of weakness... is not."
  • Offscreen Teleportation: Invoked/Parodied. "If no one's observing you, you can get to places faster than you should be able to, is it not said…?" Also done when Spadotto shows up near the end of the Childless fight in the sixth chapter.
  • Oh, Crap!: He-mu-la has one in the seventh chapter. What exactly he's shitting bricks about is currently unclear. He has another in the eighth when Wedey activates her Blade Below the Shoulder.