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Fan Fic / Prinz Von Sommerhoffnung

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On the way to school on the day before the new school year begins, Sommerhoffnung Crugah finds that someone wants her away from the premises. Once she actually gets there, she finds that she is to be part of a monster-fighting group. However, at least two factions seek to subjugate her powers for their own uses.

Prinz von Sommerhoffnung by Warp Ligia Obscura (also available at SpaceBattles) is supposed to be an Alternate Universe Novelisation Mai-HiME fanfic. It's so alternate that the character names are different... It is best described as a Mega Crossover. It follows The Stations of the Canon/Broad Strokes without adhering tightly.


Currently stands at eight chapters, but updates have been... very sporadic.

This fic contains examples of:


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