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Fanfic / Stand Up, the LRIG!

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Stand Up, the LRIG! is a crossover fanfiction by an author by the name of stardustdragon2011. In case you couldn't already make it out from the title alone, this particular crossover is a mix of Cardfight!! Vanguard and the selector infected WIXOSS series. The timeline for this takes place after the final episode of Legion-Mate and keeps the events of Selector infected Wixoss almost completely intact (with the exception of the fact that Akira's wish is not tainted at the start of the story), instead going for an AU of its sequel, Selector spread Wixoss with elements from the film destructed and the Peeping Analyze manga being included as it goes on.


It begins with Kai Toshiki having been summoned to the world of the Selector Battles due to the untimely (and unintentional) intervention of Tatsunagi Takuto after the latter is captured by Mayu, discovering Kominato Ruko's 'former' LRIG Tama and the fact that his Kagero units (with his deck being reverted back to its Season 1 form with a few tweaks) now allow him to partake in these Selector Battles. Hoping to get some answers by reuniting the White LRIG with her former Selector, he encounters her friends only to discover that Ruko since the end of infected during this fic has simply disappeared, with no one having any knowledge of her current whereabouts.

As Kai sets out to discover the truth of the conspiracy that he is now involved with, Sendou Aichi and a few others back home attempt to carve their own path to the world of WIXOSS to find their friend and bring him home safely in addition to rescuing Takuto from Mayu. Sinister forces lie in wait in the darker corner of the Selector Battles as Kai and the others are about to discover as all is not as it may seem, leading up to the discovery and return of a demon from the past.


Stand Up, the LRIG! provides examples of:

  • All Thereinthe Manual: For the first few chapters, Tama acts as Kai's guide to the world of Wixoss, teaching him the rules throughout his first battle against Akira using her previous experience from fighting beside Ruko prior to the start of the fic.
  • The Cameo: Kai briefly encounters Yuragi and Mako, the two main protagonists of the Re-verse Wixoss manga. Said encounter leads to him discovering that he can hear the voices of LRIGs, but doesn't know of this until he encounters Tama.


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