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"There is only one truth!"

The one who sees to the single truth, with the appearance of a child, but the intellect of an adult, his name is Detective Conan!
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17-year-old Shin’ichi Kudō, son of mystery novelist Yusaku and retired actress Yukiko was well renowned as a brilliant high school detective. However, during a trip to Tropical Land with his childhood friend Ran Mōri, Shin’ichi inadvertently witnessed a deal he shouldn’t have. His guard down, he was assaulted by a mysterious assailant and forced to take an unknown poison. Instead of dying, Shin’ichi found he had regressed into a 7 year old. On the advice of his friend Professor Hiroshi Agasa, Shin’ichi took on the name “Conan Edogawa” and moved in with Ran and her washed up Private Detective and ex-cop father, Kogorō Mōri. Using gadgets invented by Agasa, Conan made Kogorō famous across Japan as ''Sleeping Kogorō''(眠りの小五郎 ''Nemuri no Kogorō'') and solves various mysteries, eventually hoping to one day expose and arrest the mysterious Black Organization, who are responsible for his predicament.

Due to numerous reasons, such as its perceived length as well as a general lack of popularity, Detective Conan only has a small but loyal fanbase in the West. However, in its home country it is a media juggernaut and a cultural icon. Authored by Gōshō Aoyama, it has been adapted into an anime, movies, OVAs, video games and live action dramas. Conan is the fourth best selling manga in history, behind One Piece, Golgo 13 and Dragon Ball. It boasts an impressive 250 million volumes in circulation globally. Since it began in 1994, well over 1000 chapters have been published and its anime adaptation, which started in 1996 has surpassed 1030 episodes and is still ongoing.

Anime and Manga

  • Detective Conan: The mystery epic written by Gosho Aoyama and its animated adaptation.

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Alternative Title(s): Case Closed