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A piece of the index's backdrop, inspired by the "Grandpa's Gonna Sue the Pants Off of Santa" number from Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer.

The Island of Misfit Christmas Specials has been an annual feature at Platypus Comix since December 2006. Every year, Peter Paltridge reviews some Christmas Specials that don't receive much attention from the general public anymore. Some of these include gems that the major networks have stopped playing, but most of them simply don't measure up to the classics, to say the least. The majority of specials covered on this site are from the 70's through the 90's, though it has increasingly covered specials from the 2000's and even the 2010's; as of 2019 the oldest special covered is The Cricket On The Hearth from 1967, and the newest is Anna and the Apocalypse from 2018. Among all the series of articles hosted at Platypus Comix, this probably has the most installments, even exceeding the comics themselves.


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