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  • Kanna Kirishima from Sakura Wars, a rare female Big Guy — who is a musclebound type with rough-hewn manners, but also a cheerful and smiling attitude.
  • The Heavy Weapons Guy of Team Fortress 2 is this when he's on your team — on the enemy team, he's The Brute. He carries a minigun weighing over three hundred pounds which costs $400,000 to fire for twelve seconds, and cackles insanely while using it. He's most likely to be the Boisterous Bruiser, but if his presence is bigger than his physical size, think how big his presence must be.
    • With the reveals from Poker Night at the Inventory, we can mix type 5 into that... he has a Ph. D. in Russian Literature!
    • The Heavy is only a Boisterous Bruiser when he's caught up in the heat of battle, though. Outside of battle, he's a textbook case of a Type 1—stoic and aloof, a side that's mostly shown in the comics and the aforementioned Poker Night at the Inventory, but rarely in-game. The "Meet the Heavy" trailer shows both sides of him fairly well, as he goes from coldly telling his audience that he's yet to meet an enemy that could outsmart a bullet to loudly screaming and laughing on the battlefield.
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    • While not nearly as massive, the Soldier and Demoman also qualify, as Class-4s.
  • The Sly Cooper series has Murray; the team's strongman and getaway driver. He was more a burden than anything else in the first game, but really came into his own in the second and third games, wherein he was shown single-handedly knocking the stuffing out of entire armies of mooks, all while Chewing the Scenery like no one else.
    • The others even occasionally call him "Big Guy.
  • Hadrik from Magium, in virtue of being a giant (who turned into a dwarf to be able to join the tournament) is by far the strongest among the main cast in physical combat.
  • Mike Haggar is The Big Guy, for Cody The Hero and Guy The Lancer in Final Fight.
    • Later games have Maki or Dean fulfill this role, while Mike has been promoted to The Leader.
  • Dekao from Rockman.EXE (known as Dex in the American dub).
  • Bowser in Super Mario RPG and Super Paper Mario. He's also the Id in Super Paper Mario's Power Trio. He ping-pongs between being Class 1 and Class 4 — he's technically a bad guy, and he won't hesitate to remind you of this fact, but he mostly just comes off as obnoxious as opposed to downright evil.
    • His appearence in Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story is a solid Class 4, shouting about most everything while boasting stats that are almost double the M-Bros' at a lower level. Though it's understandable because he's by himself out there.
  • Zangief from Street Fighter borders on this trope but doesn't play it gloriously straight till SFV's story mode being a proud Class 4 Boisterous Bruiser.
    • Either Guile or Ken play this in the movies, is this due Zangief not being established as a good guy at the time.
    • T.Hawk is a Class 2 Gentle Giant example.
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    • Actually you can make the argument Ryu despite being usually being The Hero boils down to rule half the time, especially in the SFV story mode where he is used as the Trump Card against Bison.
    Chun-Li: Ryu, go get him.
    Ryu [nods his head].
  • Double H in Beyond Good & Evil. He's largely a Class 3 —while he acts quite tough, especially when it gets down to brass tacks, he's quite affable and fun-loving beneath it all.
  • Brick from Borderlands is this trope to a Class 1 Berserker tee. In the second game, he's more a Class 4.
    • Borderlands 2 has Salvador and Krieg, who are both Class 4. Both are openly psychotic in their own way, with Krieg in particular being so insane that he seems incapable of talking in anything but nonsense.
    • In Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel!, Wilhelm is the largest character of the group (though statistically he's more of a Jack-of-All-Stats with a leaning towards Stone Wall) though he's less of a psychotic brute and more of a taciturn mercenary. He eventually becomes The Brute for Handsome Jack by the time of the second game.
  • Halo:
    • In Halo: Reach, there's Noble Team's heavy weapons trooper Jorge-052. As an older Spartan-II, Jorge is the physically largest Spartan in Noble team standing at 7'4, 320 pounds. He's a Type-2, a Gentle Giant who is markedly more stable than most of his team-mates and has a wide sentimental streak.
    • It should be pointed out that, thanks to their bio-modifications (such as skeletal grafts) and their Powered Armor (those who have it, anyway), all Spartans can count as this compared to regular humans. It's just that, compared to Elites, Brutes, and Hunters, they're physically average at best.
  • Gan Isurugi from Rival Schools, who's a card-carrying Class 3. Ditto school principal Raizo Imawano.
  • Largo Potter from Valkyria Chronicles is a Class 4, whose presence becomes even larger whenever vegetables become concerned. And for bonus, he uses an Anti-Tank Lance.
  • Captain Gordon, Defender of Earth!...'s lovely assistant Jennifer in Disgaea: Hour of Darkness, Taro (subverted as he's a meatshield) in Disgaea 2, Mr. Champloo in Disgaea 3, and Red Magnus in Disgaea 5. Sapphire has elements of this though she's The Chick.
  • Drachma of Skies of Arcadia is an intelligent variation of this trope.
  • Jackson “Jax” Briggs from Mortal Kombat is more often than not a Class 3 Big Guy for Earthrealm since unlike the rest of the Kombatants who use gadgets and special abilities, Jax relies on his cybernetic arms to beat the shit out of his foes.
    • Jacqui, Jax’s daughter fulfills this role for Cassie’s team in MKX.
    • Funnily enough Johnny Cage dips into this role now then as a Boisterous Bruiser.
    • Kenshi was a Class 5 Big Guy for Earthrealm during the invasion of Shinnok.
  • Kanji from Persona 4 is a textbook Class 3 (Jerk with a Heart of Gold), although like the aforementioned Heavy Weapons Guy he can and will mutate into a Boisterous Bruiser when he gets caught up in the heat of battle. Chie is a Cute Bruiser type.
  • Minsc from the Baldur's Gate series is a Chaotic Good Boisterous Bruiser type. He enjoys watching squirrels play, long walks in the forest, and beating the crap out of villains with a really big sword.
  • Guy in Final Fantasy II is a massive muscular fellow whose starting stats lean him towards a Mighty Glacier axe-wielder. Josef is the Big Guy of the Guest Star Party Members.
  • Sabin from Final Fantasy VI definitely qualifies. Also Umaro, the yeti.
  • Barret Wallace from Final Fantasy VII, ironic considering Barret was the original Rebel Leader and Cloud Strife was expected to be this trope for A.V.L.A.N.C.H.E until Cloud and Barret swap roles as Barret hates big decision making.
    • Tifa Lockhart can easily been seen as the Cute Bruiser type being more martial arts inclined than the rest of the team.
  • In Final Fantasy VIII, Zell and Selphie both fit this role, while also both occasionally becoming The Smart Guy, for different reasons. Zell is the muscled brawler and Selphie is the best with weaponry and explosives.
  • As does Steiner from Final Fantasy IX. Freya can be this if she's not being The Lancer, and Amarant becomes this as well.
  • Kimahri from Final Fantasy X is good example of this, being a Ronso and holding off Seymour Natus on the Bevelle Highbridge while Yuna and co. escape.
    • If not him, then Auron. Tall, quiet, undeniably badass and whose natural stat growth has the most strength boosts out of all of them. He wields a sword bigger than himself and doesn't flinch when Behemoths are staring him down.
  • Fran in Final Fantasy XII. Obviously the most noticeable, being a Viera, and thus having bunny ears, tends to go on berserker rages, and also literally as she towers over the rest of the party(even without the ears). In regular combat, Basch serves as the big guy, having the highest strength until Vaan catches up at extremely high levels, as well as the highest HP. Having the lowest vitality ironically makes him the best tank when combined with his high HP.
  • And in Final Fantasy XIII, Snow Villiers is the tallest human player character yet, with an inch on Barret Wallace.
    • Though Fang also counts. Like Snow, one of her two main paradigm skills is Sentinel. She's also a bit of a Blood Knight.
  • Gladiolus Amicitia fills this spot in Final Fantasy XV. Prompto even refers to him as "big guy."
  • Zaalbar and Hanharr from the Knights of the Old Republic series. Zaalbar is a quiet, shy fellow who lets Mission do the talking. (She even describes him as a "Big ol' softie") Definitely a Class 2; piss him off (or threaten Mission), and he will carve you up. Hanharr is recruit-able only by Dark Side Exiles, and is an Ax-Crazy Omnicidal Maniac who you gain influence with by ridiculing - definitely Class 1. Both of them are utter damage sponges, especially if you equip them with vibroblades.
  • Also by Bioware is Jade Empire with Black Whirlwind. He is an unrepentant Class 4 who just shrugs with a "Meh" whenever he's told his most recent story is the dumbest thing ever told. While an effective fighter, he is far more memorable for his many colorful and incredibly violent stories.
    • You actually get to control him at one point to hold off an army.
  • Each different colour of Pikmin have different attributes in terms of strengths and weakness. The purple ones, being ten times as strong and heavy as those of any other colour, quite clearly slot into 'Big Guy' status.
  • Eddie Riggs from Brütal Legend could be Class 5. A big guy, who is smart enough to put together cars in seconds (albeit easily made cars) and supposedly able to fix anything, and build anything. In many ways he fulfills the roles of The Big Guy, The Smart Guy and The Lancer, seeing himself mostly as the Roadie to Lars' front-man.
  • The Breath of Fire series include one of these among the chosen heroes: Ox in I, Rand in II, Garr in III and Cray in IV.
  • Bentley the yeti from the third Spyro the Dragon game is a perfect Class V, charging into battle with his ice club swinging while yelling things like "Why, you brazenly avaricious, duplicitous, larcenous ursine!"
  • In Dragon Age: Origins, Sten serves as a Class 3, being a solid stoic who nonetheless has a definite soft side (enjoys art, kittens and has a Sweet Tooth). Oghren is a Class 4, a seemingly perpetually drunken Boisterous Bruiser. Shale is a cross between a Class 4 and Class 1, she lives only to crush her enemies' heads and watch the blood fountain. And to destroy all pigeons.
    • In Dragon Age II, Fenris takes this role despite being a scrawny elf. A scrawny elf that has Lyrium laced through his entire body and specializes in BFSes, that is. Whether he proves to be a Class 3 or a Class 1 mostly depends on whether Hawke pursues a friendship or a rivalry with him.
    • Aveline also fills this role, being the heavily armoured, sword and board guardswoman who acts as the protector and tank of the group. She is likely a Class 3, because she talks tough, but is also the Team Mom.
    • Dragon Age: Inquisition has the Iron Bull, who is explicitly called "The Muscle" in promo material. He's a heavily scarred Qunari mercenary, but he's really a Boisterous Bruiser whose priorities are protecting the innocent and having fun. Cassandra may also qualify, as she's a sword-and-board type whose Shield Bash can act as a battering ram. Completing the trifecta of warriors, Blackwall is another sword-and-board type who's damn near impossible to kill.
  • Mass Effect:
    • The first game has Ashley (a hotheaded, protective Action Girl who specializes in damage output) and Wrex (a Proud Warrior Race Guy who combines shotgun skills with biotic powers.)
    • In the sequel, there's the Tank-Grown krogan Grunt, the ruthless mercenary Zaeed, and the (officially) 6'6 Legion, with Jack serving as a Dark Action Girl example.
    • If Wrex survives, when you find him in in the sequel, he's on the way to re-uniting his people, a feat no one would ever believe possible. Not only re-uniting, but doing so in a way which itself should be impossible from what we've heard of the krogan race - he's taken the ever-so-important krogan traditions that have been around for longer than the human race has been civilized, beaten them until they can't stand. At least if you believe his opponents and detractors. Those very same Krogan traditions would enthusiastically agree with that approach. Beating things senseless is what the Krogan are there for.
    • Mass Effect 3 has James Vega: he's easily the beefiest human character thus far, and is built more around survivability than other characters. There's a reason he shares two of his powers with Grunt. Whenever you find him in the Normandy's shuttle bay, he's usually shown to be doing pull-ups in his down time.
  • Sophie in Tales of Graces, a Rare Female Example. Even though she is small, she has the personality and fighting capabilities.
  • Tales of Symphonia has a few over the course of the game. Kratos is this to start with; after he leaves the party, the role is taken over by Cute Bruiser Presea, later joined by Regal, who is a rather more classic example, as well as the Huge Guy of their Huge Guy, Tiny Girl dynamic.
  • Judith counts as a female example, Tales of Vesperia, being a Stripperific Blood Knight. Karol also counts, despite being a little kid, because he wields a huge (compared to him) two-handed weapon.
  • BIT.TRIP RUNNER gives us Radbot, CommanderVideo's Robot Buddy.
  • Sweetwater in Battlefield: Bad Company is a Class 5 Genius Bruiser/Smart Guy and a rare "not larger than the others" version. As the squad's SAW gunner, he does carry a larger weapon, and he's not afraid to use it. When a Russian soldier surprises him by running up to the roof just as the squad is hopping off their Blackhawk and onto it, Sweetwater, without breaking stride, hits the poor bastard clear off the roof with his SAW.
  • Tychus Findlay fills this role in Starcraft II. Even without his enormous Power Armor, which he's always wearing, he's a physically imposing guy, and comes complete with a deep but easy on the ears voice. Too bad he experiences a case of Big Guy Fatality Syndrome...
  • Bud Bison (Gonta Ushijima) in Mega Man Star Force.
  • Fear Effect. Jacob "Deke" DeCourt is big and powerful.
  • Seth fills this role in Lost Odyssey. As well as being The Lancer to Kaim, she is also the toughest melee fighter other than him.
  • Argo is a Class Two in Magna Carta 2. He's very level-headed and kind.
  • Barry Burton for Alpha Team in Resident Evil, he wields the Colt Python and Jill relies on him to pull her from trap rooms and blow zombies into smithereens. Barry is also quite the Papa Wolf making him a Class 2 Gentle Giant and mentor figure for Chris and Claire Redfield.
    • Speaking of which Chris Redfield manages to surpass Barry in sheer bulk and actually becomes this trope in Resident Evil 6 being the burliest and most grizzled member of the cast (even more so than Wesker's son Jake). Also despite Chris usually being the main hero, it's Leon S. Kennedy who defeats the Big Bad while Chris relegated to fighting other threats in RE6.
    • Parker Luciani from Resident Evil: Revelations is a very hot blooded Class 1 type Big Guy, Tsukasa Takenaka states he was even based on Barry.
  • Augustus Cole is the team's big guy in Gears of War.
  • Hannah/Hammer in Fable 2 is a Giantess type.
  • Terence from Angry Birds is a much larger version of Red, complete with a lack of special abilities. He debuted within a set of Remix levels designed around his added durability.
  • Walter in the Mental Series is larger than the other two characters, and as such can do things the others can't, such as pushing obstacles out of the way and lifting heavy objects.
  • Rhino from War Frame. He is the heaviest Warframe and stands taller than any other frame except Saryn, and his Primed variant features some serious Shoulders of Doom. He is built to fill the tank role in the group, both via his CC abilities and his enormous armor, health, and shield reserves. Aforementioned traits also allow him to use the heaviest weapons in the game without fear of making himself an easy target, since he can easily soak up the gunfire while dishing out immense damage in return.
  • In Lufia & The Fortress of Doom, Aguro's easily the largest (and only adult; Jerin is arguable) member of the party and the party's token Badass Normal.
  • Three the Hard Way has Anderson, a very powerful pit fighting champion who wields heavy weapons like axes or maces. He has the highest HP, attack and defences among all the party members, but is also the only main character that does not have a Mana meter.
  • Charlie Murder has Rex the drummer, whose unique skill involves picking up and throwing large objects like arcade cabinets. A unique spell of his makes him even bigger.
  • Fighting Force has Ben "Smasher" Jackson whose attacks do the most damage, though his character is the slowest moving of the four.
  • Farnham Fables: Prince Fredrick Flewdor is the physically strongest and most combat-oriented of the three princes of Farnham. In Episode 1, his unique item is his sword, and he's the one who defeats the rampaging boar.
  • Dragon Quest IV: In the fourth chapter, Meena and Maya, two spellcasting sisters, are supported by their family's servant Oojam. In the NES version, Oojam opens doors through sheer brute force and serves as the pure physical fighter that the sisters lack. Still visible in the remakes, although not quite so much as he now lock picks doors instead of breaking them.
  • Katsuragi in the Senran Kagura series serves as this to the Hanzo Team.
  • Sonic the Hedgehog:
    • Knuckles the Echidna serves this role for Team Sonic with his Super Strength and martial arts skills.
    • Sonic Heroes introduces the Power Type which is granted to characters with super strength. These characters are responsible for taking on foes their teammates cannot damage and breaking through obstacles. The Power Types in this game are Knuckles (Team Sonic), Omega (Team Dark), Big (Team Rose) and Vector (Team Chaotix).


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